but i would look like such a poser

Musicals By Their Best Insults
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Phantom of the Opera:</b> "Carlotta must be taught to act, not her normal trick of strutting round the stage. Our Don Juan must lose some weight- it's not healthy in a man of Piangi's age. And my managers must learn that their place is in an office, not the arts."<p/><b>Les Misérables:</b> "Master of the house? Isn't worth my spit! Comforter, philosopher and lifelong shit! Cunning little brain, regular Voltaire. Thinks he's quite a lover but there's not much there What a cruel trick of nature landed me with such a louse God knows how I've lasted living with this bastard in the house!"<p/><b>Wicked:</b> "I hope you're happy. I hope you're happy, too. I hope you're proud how you would grovel in submission to feed your own ambition!"<p/><b>Hamilton:</b> "Sittin’ there useless as two shits. Hey, turn around, bend over, I’ll show you where my shoe fits!" & "SIT DOWN JOHN YOU FAT MOTHERFUCKER!<p/><b>Heathers:</b> (<i>this entire musical is an insult</i>) "Freak! Slut! Burnout! Bug-eyes! Poser! Lard-ass!" & "SHUT UP HEATHER!"<p/><b>Love Never Dies:</b> (<i>this entire musical is an insult to humanity</i>) "Look at you, deep in debt. Stinking drunk, pitiful [...] Look at you, foul as sin. Hideous, horrible." & "Beauty sometimes goes unseen. We can't all be like Christine."<p/><b>Grease:</b> "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee. Lousy with virginity. Won't go to bed 'til I'm legally wed. I can't; I'm Sandra Dee"<p/></p>
Calum Hood Smut - If You Don't Know

Pairing: Calum and Y/N

Word Count: 6.6k+

Rating: R

Requested: Nope!

Because let’s be real, virgin Calum is underrated and I think we all needed this a little bit.

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Went looking for seasonal inspiration for the Christmas story I’m working on and found this festive, green gem on the racks. Nailed it! =D I got the fun idea to try to squeeze out a fresh, yule time horror classic for the freaks like me and thought that maybe I could get it done (in full, including uploaded to createspace (Amazon)) by Christmas. The chances of that are about as good as me meeting up with the the stud on my shirt for pancakes and crapes, especially while battling these fucking migraines (which is why I haven’t been blogging much the past 3 months). But at least it gives me something to do while I’m stuck at home most of the time. 

The story is based around a couple of somewhat oddball, stoner teens – small town kids who’re urban in dialect and flavor, or in other words, black. It dawned on me how few white writers have the balls to write black characters as main characters who actually talk like most African-Americans do (unless they’re doing some historical piece or something). Sure, there’ll be a token black character in most story lines, but if he/she actually acts “black” then it’s usually comedy relief.

I adopted the hip-hop culture in my early teens and all the general “swag” that came with it, which made it pretty difficult as a young adult to communicate with average white adults (still is, to be honest). When you speak with an urban accent you’re immediately labeled as ignorant and/or fake/poser, which can be worse. Wait… I’m getting off topic here… The point is, I have a lot of experience with urban or “hip-hop” dialog and there’s not a lot of use for it in novel writing, so when I was brainstorming on characters I thought, “Yoooo! Why not make one of my dudes black?” Then: “Wait… That’s what every ‘non-black’ writer does to seem ‘progressive’… Why not make the majority of the main characters black? Boom!”

You see, the reason us “scurry-ass” white folk typically don’t is that we’re terrified that some angry black woman is gonna jump up and yell out “Oh hellll, nah! Who you think you is, white boy?! Thinkin’ you can speak for us black folk like you know a thing about livin’ yo’ life bein’ a person of color… Pshh!” lol Or, even more likely “I’m am just so appalled and enraged by this. What does this…man…think? That all black people speak without pronouncing their g’s? That none of us have ever made it through grade school? I’ll have you know…” lolol Which, to be honest, is a definite possibility. But it doesn’t scare me. I’m too sharp to fall for that silly bullshit. Most people who cry out shit like that are just looking to try to make themselves out to be heroes when really they’re just perpetuating their own brand of ignorance fueled by shit they’ve seen on fucking soaps. Number one: this is fiction. It’s no different than me writing a story that takes place in the 1500′s, as far as whether or not I have the “right” because I have or have not walked in their shoes. Number two: Don’t be fucking stupid. That’s just a pathetic argument in attempt for attention. lol Number three: Being someone who is white but elected to represent a fashion and lifestyle that was predominately ruled by blacks and other minorities, while not being the “ignorant poser” or “violent cliché” I was commonly misjudged as, I really do know what it’s like for people to look at you like you’re trying to snatch their bag or stick them for their wallet when you would sooner jump in front of a bullet for them despite the fact they don’t deserve it. Shit… Off topic again. lol 

The point is, I’m having a lot of fun getting to unleash the hip-hop flavored beast in me, while still toning it down to stay true to the characters. I wanna Try to make this bloodied up holiday bonanza a goofy stoner comedy that walks the line between witty and skillful wordplay and downright ridiculous Christmas gore. So, fans of Christmas horror, keep your fingers crossed I can pull this shit off in time to make it available by Dec. 25th. I guess if it’s a few days late, that would be fine too, but, either way, get hype, people! Especially those of you out there who are a little like me and have some hip to there hop but never get any of that in the stories you read. This isn’t (well, still undecided…but…) necessarily gonna have any hip-hop in it, but the dialog is urbanesque (is that a word? …It is now…). It’ll be a breath of icy and copper wind with a minty bite that’ll pep you right up. So look alive, soldiers! Death is gonna be gift wrapped this year, and it might have your handle on the tag. \m/ 

Oh, and in case you miss any further posts concerning the story, it’s gonna be called A Christmas Caracassing. If you’re into to dark, bloody humor, you’re gonna love it. -cc


(updated the pic with a cool background called Shelled_layers_by_Worlockmolly. Prologue and first chap in the story nearly done. Head still hurts but trying to stay productive. Soldiering on.)

For the first time in my life,

I thought i found something worth placing my faith and a lot of energy into (depression makes this hard). Black tumblr seemed like a shining beacon amongst anti blackness we all face and my own personal problems i faced.

For the first time, i thought i found something real and something that would be a sort of break from my life while educating me… However, i was wrong.

Black tumblr is just a manifestation of the shit and personalities i (we) face irl: controlling people, negative ppl, assholes who dictate rules that i don’t have to follow but they swear that i need to, guilt trippers, liars, posers, colorists, people in denial, mfs looking for an argument so they can “Drag” you and tout their new found knowledge about social issues in relation to the black struggle with a focus on elitist attitudes toward others because they’re more woke, and this hive like mind that seems to be a big issue.. List goes on.

I did meet some lovely people here, but a lot of BT is a sham and this is just my findings. I will always ride for my people, but don’t ignore fuckery cuz u love ur people

26 years: a retrospective

Today I enter the latter years of my 20s. 26 years old. I’m twice over a teenager, which got me to thinking about those special years.I’m not going to write a hypothetical letter to my teenage self. I considered it, then realized 14-17 year-old Victoria would have dismissed and secretly resented the person I’ve become. Not because I have become a worse person over the years— quite the opposite, I hope. But I now possess many qualities Teenage Me hated (envied).

Allow me to give you a brief overview of Teen Victoria, for those who haven’t known me long, or those I never let behind the veil.First thing you need to know about Teen Me is that she was a pretender. She thought that if she showed any weakness at all, people wouldn’t like her, so she would mask all her pitfalls and fake perfection. She wasn’t very good at making friends (I’m still not), so she decided people with lots of friends were posers. She wasn’t good at conversation, so she pretended aloofness directly correlated to intelligence, and those who talked a lot were stupid. She didn’t know how to dress herself and thought she looked ugly, so she wore the same outfit every day and excused it as being “comfortable.” She thought happiness came easy, so she never tried at anything and faked a smile.

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my mum being an anti-fashion punk her whole life got some dumb ideas drilled into me from when i was a child. when i first tried to wear like. clothes to communicate 2 other people what kind of music i was into and stuff when i was prob 13 or 14 or something she would make fun of me and tell me im wearing a “uniform” for having on a band shirt and skinny jean cutoffs and vans? and parting my hair far on the left to get the swoopy metalcore look lol. like just pretty normal clothes tbh. but i think ive kind of changed her perspective by emphasising the diy aspects of crust and stuff lol?? she acted really childishly tho like imagine calling your kid a poser for wearing a band shirt. anyway dressing up and being extra is really fun

Rhiannon, Chapter 2, Part 27: Celebration

Chapter 1: Scars | Imprisoned | Tattoos | Jigsaw | New | Eavesdrop | Lion | First | Laugh | Tired | Progress | Fire | Language | Hope | Triangle | Wrong | Rollercoaster | Bruise | Sing | Passion | Expression | Suspect | Heartbreak | Hopelessly | Brink | Freedom

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Simon D x You - Oneshot

„Can I help you?“ You asked the stranger who was wandering around the store like a lost puppy. He was dressed in black from head to toe, except for his snapback, which was red. You liked his street style and you couldn’t deny that he also was quite attractive. However, you didn’t approach him because you had ulterior motives in your mind. You were simply doing your job and that was helping customers to find the things they were looking for. 

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Norman Reedus - Geeky Interview

You work on The Walking Dead and you can honestly say it is the best job you have ever had in your entire life. During your time on the show you have fallen for Norman Reedus and he has also fallen for you, but the two of you are scared that if you got together and then broke up that it would ruin your friendship or have an impact on your job on the show. The two of you have an interview together at the San-Diego Comic-Con and you end up getting really geeky which Norman finds adorable. After the interview, Norman tells you everything and you have to decide whether or not to take the next step in your relationship.

Norman x Reader

Requested by Anon & @killianjonesgirl1

A/N: I also did a version of this with Jeffrey Dean Morgan which you can find [Here]. It is based on this interview with MTV. I hope you enjoy!

Warnings: Little bit of swearing, Fluff and feels!

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips regarding a thought process on how to visualize in 3 dimensions? Most of my drawings feel flat as I don't have a firm grasp on volume and perspective, but when I try to work with these, I have a hard time processing how I should think about it. I've traced and observed and drawn hands for a while but I can never seem to grasp that they're three dimensional objects that have a variety of space to move in. I've tried a few different artists and their tutorials to no avail.

So I’m gonna assume since you’ve looked at tutorials and such, that you’ve already seen the ones that just try to break down hands into basic shapes. It’s hard to think of a hand rotating in space, but it’s easy to think of a cube and a couple of other cubes moving around in space.

It sounds like those tutorials aren’t working out for you, which I totally understand. Sometimes it takes a little while for things to ‘click’ (when I was first starting out, no matter how many tutorials I looked at for how to draw noses, I COULD NOT UNDERSTAND).

I would honestly say at this point, like… download a free 3D modeling tool that has built-in human models (I KNOW poser does, for instance) and actually look at how those hands move. Watch videos, or movies of people and watch how their hands move. Pause the video and scrub through frames. Get a friend or a family member, record them rotating their hands on, say, your phone, and then really scrub through those frames and try to figure out wtf is happening. 

One thing I used to do was on my commute to work… I’d ride the BART all the way in to work, and I’d actually look at people’s faces. I’d see their variation, how they were built, and I’d try to incorporate that into my work. You could do the same, except study hands. 

Sometimes tutorials don’t work. Sometimes you need to kind of experience things hands-on to understand. That’s what I’d recommend. Go outside of tutorials at this point and observe. Tutorials, to me, are really there to lay a really BASIC foundation, then to make polish to a foundation you already have. Tutorials combined with observation can make all the difference. Step back from them.

My friend and I thought up the BEST Miraculous Ladybug episode last night.

I ask you to imagine: The Ember Island Players Episode of Miraculous Ladybug

It would be so beautiful

  • It’s a tribute play to Ladybug
  • But it was written, directed, and produced by Chloe, so of course it’s HORRENDOUS
  • Adrien would 100% pull a Sokka and go backstage to give the Chat Noir actor better cat puns
  • He would subsequently spend the rest of the play exerting all his willpower not to die laughing at said cat puns
  • Ladybug in the play drooling over Chat Noir while Marinette rolls her eyes into oblivion
  • (Adrien is fantasizing blissfully)
  • Ladybug in the play being totally enamored of Chloe and getting tied up in her own yo-yo - which is an actual yo-yo - while fighting an akuma so Chloe can rescue her
  • (Let’s be real if Chloe wrote the play it’s really a play about Chloe and the first act would basically be extolling her virtues)
  • (Marinette is gagging to Alya and hoping she’s not being too obvious)
  • Adrien is also a character in the play who is of course Chloe’s love interest
  • (Adrien in the audience is sinking progressively lower in his chair)
  • Totally inaccurate and awful portrayals of the akumas (Dark Cupid is totally incompetent, Evillustrator is obsessed with Chloe, not Marinette, they all have horrible costumes)
  • Former akuma victims looking to their friends in horror and asking “…Was that really what I was like?”
  • Sassy poser Hawk Moth
  • Gabriel Agreste attending under the guise of supporting one of Adrien’s friends (is really there to see if it possibly gives him as Hawk Moth any clue to LB&CN’s secret identities) so Adrien is just slowly dying inside both because of the portrayal of him and of Chat Noir
  • Alya contrived to get Adrien and Marinette to sit next to one another in the audience so they’re both trying to semi-conceal their reactions from one another so it doesn’t give them away and then Marinette has to deal with talking to Adrien on top of that
  • Poor Sabrina had to stage manage it and also serve as the awful narrator

Please let this happen Satan take my soul just take it

Review of JUPITER ASCENDING by Jib Janeen, Jupiter Spy

You should DEFINITELY see this movie. If you like wasting money on weird convoluted stories about humans. Maybe you do. I don’t know your life, dude.

Like basically the whole thing is about some lady named Jupiter (insulting and appropriative, btw) instead of the planet, which is whatever. And also her guyliner-wearing space werewolf bodyguard/boyf who spends most of his screentime zooming around on rocket skates or scowling. Sometimes both at once. Sometimes without a shirt, so hey, not a total wash.

Anyway, Jupiter-the-lady-not-the-planet is a secretly a space princess or something? And the space royalty of space are whispery vampire elves with gross lips that live in a bubble in the red spot of Jupiter. You know, that place where NO ONE LIVES BECAUSE IT’S A GIANT HURRICANE THAT’S BEEN HAPPENING FOR THREE CENTURIES? Guess how that turns out? Super great for everybody, right? You are bad at guessing, pal.

Somebody snuck a plot in at some point, your basic “Soylent Green is wrinkle cream” kinda metaphor for… capitalism or something? Look, humans, WE GET IT. You guys have problems. You don’t need to project them all over the galaxy. Or the ‘verse,’ as you nerdlords keep calling it for some reason. Is this a twenty-first century thing? Even James gave that dorky phrase up lightyears ago.

Look, okay, all the shots of glorious Jupiter did KIND OF make me homesick. Same for the long periods of spaceships blowing chunks of scenery into teeny chunks of rubble. Ah, the good old days…

Factually, though? About a zillion miles off the mark. Like there’s some cyberpunks just hanging out for no real reason when they weren’t even a thing until the 24th century of your ridiculously convoluted earth calendar? Ugh, read a history book. That dropped through a time portal. Get it together. There was also zero mention of actual period-specific Jupiterian operations on Earth at that point—which… is good, because there… totally weren’t any of those. So, uh, kudos to you-dos!

At least the costume department did some OKAY research on Jupiterian fashion, even if it’s super dated. Like, wow, 2980s much? I’m pretty sure I wore that lavender number that Jovian poser had on halfway through the movie to the Ammonia Thunderstorm Season Formal dance in junior spy high. Yikes. I mean, I rocked it, but that’s not surprising. Also those clothes would maybe have looked better on ACTUAL JUPITERIANS instead of hoarse creepy humans that look like they’re made out of wax, spite and Downton Abbey reruns. So anthrocentric.

Quick trigger warning: More uses of the J slur then I’m comfortable with. Don’t bring your kiddoes.

i used to sell comics to, uh, the drummer (andy hurley) when i worked at, uh, midtown comics in new york. [arin: what’d he read?] shit i uh, don’t remember but he was legit. he was not a “poser” fan um, ‘cause he would come in and buy like stacks and stacks every week. and he had a really attractive girlfriend … and she would look /very/ bored while he excitedly leafed through his comics. he was a cool dude! he was super nice [arin: aw that’s nice!] yeah! and that made me like fall out boy more.
—  danny avidan on game grumps, talking about andy hurley (source)

From the video that brought you the infamous head torch frivolity comes another of the world’s great natural wonders: the form-fitting blue long-sleeve of glory.

Often a humble and overlooked garment, one should not underestimate the soul-crushing powers of a ¾ length t-shirt. This particular example gains its traction largely from the way it highlights the wonderful pec muscle action happening underneath - ten out of ten experts would recommend this, because, you know, science and stuff.

I would also like to commend Tom on his choice of such a bright blue. He may not be aware of this (though we certainly are), but blue is a terrific colour for bringing out the eyes. Okay, I’m pretty certain that he did not deliberately pick this shirt with the knowledge that it would bring out his eyes. But happy accidents happen in this world, my friends, and this is one of them.

Lastly, a comment on the stance. Is it entirely necessary to stand like a catalogue model even in casual, everyday situations? That second photo is just uncanny, with the hand-on-hip and the light brushing of the jaw… No wonder he always looks so comfortable on the red carpet: he’s a natural poser.

anonymous asked:

If youre not an ice climber, why would you even post ice climbing pictures? Seems like a poser move to me.

I’m not a man, but I’ll still post pictures of men. I’m not a dog, but I still like looking a dog pictures. I don’t live in California, but will still always post pictures of Yosemite. 
I’m not an ice climber, but I will certainly try it. 
My blog yo, my blog. 

I have made this at one time I came to the office very early and I am intrigued by how it would like to look at before and after my typography. I thought, at first, that it won’t look very good but I am pleased with the finished product. ^_^

Anyhow, I really like this quote from Hank Green and given time, I will be able to enter the world of nerdfighteria. They’re really very awesome people and decreasing worldsuck.

PS. I hope I don’t look like a poser, with all the TFiOS fame but I am really a fan of John Green since two years ago.

heyitstafrey  asked:

Hey there I'm an animation student from NC and I've been watching RT stuff since middle school. I really enjoy RWBY and would love to work with you guys in the future! Do you have any advice for someone looking to be a part of the crew one day?

1. Learn Poser

2. Learn THE SHIT out of Poser

3. Just be awesome and put A LOT of time into your work. The likelihood of you being noticed is directly proportional to the amount of effort you put into it. Don’t just aim to be exactly like those you admire, aim to be BETTER than them.

4. Be passionate about your work. It requires lots of hours and many roadblocks, problem solving and fits of rage and frustration. It’s not the most glamorous career, but when everything comes together it can truly be the most rewarding.


6. Try to get your work noticed by the staff when you think it’s production quality. Use those forums. Interact with them on Twitter or FB. Oh! Try to reach Shane! He may appear shy and not talk much, but he is a treasure trove of animation know-how and an all-around badass person.

8. Build a kick-ass portfolio or reel. Make it stand out from your fellow students by any means necessary. People instantly notice when it’s student work or professional work, so try not to follow the herd too much.

9. Don’t be a dick in the forums or in social media. WE SEE ALL.

10. There is no 7.

11. Learn more Poser.

12. No matter how many roadblocks you hit or ho many times you feel you’re not good enough, or want to quit, do not stop. I forbid it. You are forbidden from quitting.

Unless you win the lottery, then fuck everything else and go on a cruise.

There you go. Like I said, I’m not an animator, but my career (3D artist) has many parallels with animation and we often go through the same struggles. I hope this helps you somewhat.

Godspeed, young adventurer.

anonymous asked:

I feel like I should distance myself from the goth subculture. Mostly because how it seems as if it's become that if you don't dress the part, have your make up and hair in a certain way, that you are not goth. I used to a Tumblr, but left because I felt as if I shouldn't define myself as a goth because I have no talent in DIYing, hair and make up nor do I dress the part. It pains me that I can't even be accepted in a subculture that I feel connected to all because I can't look a certain way.

I struggled with this same issue for a long time. When I first got into goth all I heard was that you have to have black hair, pale skin, wear corsets and only ever wear black. There was also a whole list of bands I could only listen to and I should be really careful not to like any “poser bands” or other genres. (Back then some bands were seen as gateways to the subculture but if you kept liking them and your music taste didn’t “evolve” people would roll your eyes at you. And funnily enough the “goth bands” that people said you should only listen to weren’t bands like Siouxsie and Bauhaus, but bands like Mayhem and Nightwish.)

I didn’t have black hair, I didn’t have money for nice clothes, and I enjoyed pop just as much as I did gothy music. (I’m still all those things, now I’ve just found more bands and have had years to grow my wardrobe.) I didn’t look typically goth for absolutely ages, I can barely do my make-up and I definitely can’t do my hair, and even now as I’m sitting here you wouldn’t guess I’m a goth by the way I’m dressed. Because I don’t have colourful hair or body modifications, I look very “normal” unless I’m dressed up but that doesn’t make me any less of a goth. 

It took me a long time to realize that all those people who were saying I should restrict myself to fit the stereotype were dead wrong. And when I realized that I don’t have to look like the stereotype (nothing wrong with that though, if that’s your preferred style keep looking amazing!), I was able to fully embrace my style and let it come naturally. And that has made all the difference and that’s why I embrace myself the way I am and am just as comfortable both all gothed up and dressed down.

One of the reasons that I’ve loved being on Tumblr is that I have seen the true diveristy of the goth community. Sadly, there are those who discourage others and feel the need to be negative about the appareances of others, but if you do your best to see past that you’ll find the huge amount of gothy folk on here who are just like you. We have every haircolour, we have goths of multiple races, we have people who love to DIY and those who hate it, those who love clichés and those who do their best to avoid them, those who are gothed up 24/7 and those who can only do so on occasion… The gothgoth tag is a good place to see selfies from all kinds of goths (though there is some drama there every now and then) and not many of them look how people would first imagine a goth to look.

I’ve said this before but I’ll repeat: We love the same music, the same literature, the same aesthetics… Fashion and looks are just a fraction of the subculture. Just because you don’t “look the part” it doesn’t take away all the other things you enjoy in the subculture.
Please don’t be discouraged from enjoying the things you like and think you are not accepted because a fraction of you doesn’t fit the stereotype. I’m sure that if you keep doing what you do, many of us here on Tumblr will gladly welcome you into the community (:

(Also, people: Support babybats and those who are experimenting with styles, all it takes is one like on a selfie. It might not have been the greatest Siouxsie make-up you’ve seen but they’ll already feel more accepted into the community and encouraged to try more. I get these kind of messages way too often and the best way to fight the negativity is to show support, even if it’s as little as a like.)

In her first-ever column for ELLE.com, Jaime King proposes a solution to end the girl-on-girl hate.

Jaime King, actress (films such Pearl Harbor and Sin City; TV shows such as Hart of Dixie), model (everything from Abercrombie to Chanel), wife, and mother (baby number two is on the way) has been in the limelight since she was 14. And after two decades in the industry, the 35-year-old hybrid is ready to speak out about the obstacles women face in and out of the industry—from body shaming to online abuse. In Xo, Jaime, a new bi-monthly column for ELLE.com, King will break down how and why these issues should change. In part one of her two-part first column, here, King talks about the lack of women who support other women. She explains her struggle with it, why it’s toxic, and how changing her view of herself led to the friends she has now (a.k.a. the Taylor Swift girl gang):

I don’t know if you remember your first experience, like in school where you were bullied or talked about, but, for me, I was 12 or 13. I was pretty, and I looked a certain way, but I didn’t have the money and I didn’t have the address. I was very creative—and in Omaha, where I grew up, that wasn’t something that was really acceptable. You had to be a cheerleader or a jock at the school that I went to, and I remember the feeling at that point, like, Oh, okay. What do I do? Maybe if I change the way that I am, if I try to be more like my sister…My sister was very popular and she was accepted. I knew if I emulated her then finally people would love me. I started doing my hair and doing my make-up like her. I started stealing her clothes so that I could try and look like her—whatever I could do to get out of feeling like I would never, ever possibly belong. And then, the interesting thing is, it got worse. People said I was a poser, that I was trying to be something that I wasn’t. I didn’t understand. If I’m not acceptable how I am and I’m not acceptable when I fit into what you look like, then how am I ever going to be acceptable to you? It wasn’t the boys who were bullying me; it was the girls. And it’s very similar to the way that it is now. Most of the bullying women suffer in social media or the workplace—the body shaming, the ageism, the talking about the way someone dresses—comes from other women.

We live in a society now where we don’t have to be that way to each other. It’s not like back in the day where we were competing for the hand of the heir of the throne. The experiences I’ve learned by having very strong women around me—women like Lena Dunham, Taylor Swift, and Jessica Alba—is that there can be a group of strong, creative women without competition between us. The thing that solidifies us is this idea that, no matter what, we will always support each other. People find that fascinating about our friendships, like it’s some sort of odd thing. And it really shouldn’t be.

Little girls who are 10 or 11, 12 years old—kids like my nieces—are being bullied (and bullying) at a much earlier age. They’re picking it up from the media: Those reality shows that are completely based on women degrading other women, calling each other ‘bitch’ and 'crazy motherfucker.’ And that one word, 'crazy,’ has a very big charge for me—the idea that women are crazy because we are naturally sensitive, intuitive, and emotional. Those are a few of our gifts, right? But people say, Okay, if you really want to make it in the workplace you can’t cry, and if you really want to be CEO, you can’t be emotional. To me, that’s such bullshit. Women are shutting down these natural, beautiful parts and are becoming hardened because of it. They become anxious, depressed, bitter, and resentful, and they start looking at the world through this very cut and dry, black-and-white space. They start taking each other down, bashing each other. How do we find the balance between being sensitive, intuitive, emotional as women but also strong, clear, vibrant, and focused? I think we’re still trying to figure that part out.

When I talked with my sister—my sister and I are very close—she told me that she was miserable in school. She was bullied, and I had no idea because my sister was the head of the drill squad; she was homecoming queen; she was everything that I thought I had to be. I remember my mother distinctly saying to me, God you were so happy. I remember what a happy child you were until you turned about 12, 13. The minute you thought about what other people thought about you was the minute that your life turned into a living hell.

I thought if I went into modeling, I would escape this unending feeling of not belonging. Then I realized that I didn’t feel any different. No matter how successful I was, I still didn’t feel like I fit in. And then I was like, Wait a second. What is this thing? Because clearly it’s not about success. Clearly it’s not about people telling you you’re beautiful or having money and all that stuff. I started to have that awareness that it was a gift that I never fit in. Had I fit in, I don’t know if I would have ever left Omaha. It wasn’t until I really started to understand that who I am is enough that I started to attract people who knew that they were enough. Slowly but surely, I started to develop a really great group of friends that were all uniquely individual—all totally different, and you’d never think that we’d all be together, but we are. It’s because we all had to go about things in a strange and unique way to find out who we were.

Women need each other more than ever. To me, there is nothing more profound than a deep conversation with one of my girlfriends. It’s so reinvigorating and refreshing because we get to be each others’ sounding boards. It’s my experience that men need to be acknowledged, they need to be told that they’re doing well, but women need to be heard. What I’m proposing is that women let go of this idea that there’s only space for one of us.

There’s space for all of us.