but i would like to give it a go

If you are a young person in a fandom, PLEASE tell ppl that you’re younger than them. Don’t even specify your age! Don’t let older people get buddy-buddy with you!

If someone is 18 and you’re 13 and they try to be best buddies with you, don’t let them be! I don’t care how mature you think you are, you need friends that aren’t 5 years older than you! Believe me when I say this: you need friends your age!

People are letting their guard down in regards to strangers on the internet, and people will take advantage of that! Do not give personal info out (phone number, address, full name) to people you don’t know in real life!

Going to High School with Ethan and Grayson would include

A/N (This is more like dating them in highschool but whatever lol)


✰ Ethan being the “Savage Student” with a dash of “Best Friend”

✰ I feel like he’d occasionally prank the teacher just for shits and giggles

✰ Him always being late to classes due to football practices

✰Him tripping his way into classes

✰Racing each other during track

✰1 on 1 basketball tournaments between the both of you during gym

✰ Sharing his headphones with you on the bus

✰ Accidentally giving you the wrong earbud

✰ Always sitting next to each other at lunch

✰ Which also seems to always cause mini food fights between the both of you

✰ Always talking to each other during class

✰ Which returns in the both of you most likely getting separated daily

✰ Yelling each others names throughout the hallway

✰Sneaking out of classes to watch netflix behind the bleachers

✰Watching him and Grayson during football practice

✰ Always taking the bus together, or carpooling together

✰Also bopping on the ride to school

✰ Him defending you, from any type of bully

✰ But also teasing you relentlessly throughout the school day

✰ Almost causing an explosion in chemistry

✰ Teachers absolutely hating the both of you, when your forces combined

✰ Always being hyper around each other

✰  Drawing messy sketches of each other during art class

✰  Doing homework together and procrastinating the entire time

✰ But somehow always getting a good grade on your projects together

✰ Holding his hand while you pranced throughout the hallway

✰ Napping in class 

✰ Him always attempting to tutor you if you were struggling in classes

✰ But always somehow, forgetting it was a tutoring session and just makeout with each other the entire time

✰ Sneaking into the library to listen to music together

✰ Just completely enjoying yourselves, as long as you had each other it was all fun and games.


✰ I feel like he’d be a fair mix between the “Class Clown” and “Day Dreamer” student

✰ Him giving you piggyback rides during gym

✰ Him getting yelled at for giving you a piggyback

✰ Writing cheesy songs for each other during music

✰ Him trying to seduce you with his “mad” cooking skills in culinary

✰ You, always helping him with English if he needed it

✰ Always teasing Ethan whenever you passed him in the hallways

✰ Ethan always whistling at the both of you as you walked the halls

✰ He’d walk you to every class you had, even if it wasn’t his class

✰ Always sitting in between his legs, while you were on the field

✰ Him constantly giving you cheesy pick up lines to cheer you up in the morning 

✰Are you my Appendix? Because I have a funny feeling in my stomach that makes me feel like I should take you out.

✰  Leaving little notes in your locker

✰ Every class you’d have together he would just stare at you

✰  And when you were away, he’d spend his classes thinking about what the both of you would do after school

✰ He’d always play with your hair, if you were leaning on his shoulder

✰ Always cheering him on during football games/ practices

✰ Always being lab partners

✰ Trying to beat each other during competitive activities like volleyball, dodgeball. basically any ball sport you’d attempt to destroy him

✰ Him serenading you with his piano skills during music class

✰ Making every student surrounding the both of you cringe, with your adorableness 

✰ He’d always give you his extra cookie, or juice at lunch

✰And let you cut him in the lunch line

✰ Always doing homework together

✰ Him going to any sport, or band meets you had

✰ Doing drama together, and ending up as the leads

✰ Matching outfits

✰ Wearing his jacket all of the time

✰Him tying your shoes for you if he saw they were untied

✰ Actually being the cutest couple to walk the halls

Things I Am Tired Of Explaining..

1. There is no cure.  
I have two chronic illnesses, both incurable.  Why?  I don’t know.  I can’t answer questions about why I’m STILL sick, or why the medical industry has not found a cure yet, nor if they will ever find one.  I am not the Doctor, I am the patient.

2. My relationship with the shower.
I CANNOT shower everyday.  More like every 2-3 days.  I am already twice as slow in getting most everyday tasks done.  With the shower, I spend aaaages getting the temp just right, then I have to take off my clothes and get my towels, THEN all the bending and stretching etc Not to mention being confronted with my naked malfunctioning body.  Showering is emotional and tiring.  It’s not that  I don’t care about my hygiene, but I care about my finite spoons and using them for more important, less overwhelming tasks.

3. Why plans change last minute.
OK here’s the thing.  My entire day is based around the toilet.  Going to the toilet HURTS!  After bathroom-ing I have to sit and cradle myself, most likely crying, waiting for the pain to stop.  In my home we know when I say I’m going to the toilet, that’s my flatmates cue to get the microwave going with three wheaties for when I am done.  I cannot plan ahead for exactly when I will need the bathroom, so it sucks for me to have to ring people and say “yeah, um, that thing I said I would come to…yeah, I went to the toilet and can’t come”.  I donnot know why it hurts, most likely the endometriosis I have on the bowels. Sadly, my physical symptoms don’t give me a day off just because someone has planned something.

4. Why I am always poor.
Two words - chronic illness.  How often do you visit the pharmacy?  Maybe once every few months, or once in awhile when you’re struck with the flu?  I have to go weekly.  I didn’t ask for these illnesses, but it’s somehow my financial responsibility to manage them.  That includes the gym, the pharmacy, appointments with doctors and specialists AND all the ‘healthy’ foods I have to eat to suppress symptoms.

I will never ask anybody to feel sorry for me.  I just ask for a little patience and understanding.  Someone once said a few years ago that being friends with me is hard because I have to cancel plans, stay at home a lot etc I PROMISE you I am having a harder time BEING me.  I am not  a burden, I am just trying to find my way.

You Have A Fight


Chanyeol had come home to see a shirt hanging off the side of the sofa, a male’s shirt to be specific. He had always been insecure with your relationship because he could never believe that he’d be lucky enough to land someone like you so even when you told him that you hadn’t been cheating, he found it hard to believe you








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With his overworking and sleepless nights, Kyungsoo had become more irritable recently and had been taking it out on you. Of course, the outcome wasn’t a pleasant one as you retaliations lead to a spiteful fight





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Kai had known he had gone too far once you rushed out of the room and into the bathroom, slamming the door after you. All he could hear was your harsh whimpers as he sat down on the ground leaning against the other side of the bathroom door. He was still upset but now with himself because he had made the one he loved cry

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It was Sehun who started the fight, getting annoyed when seeing you hanging around this other guy. He was never a possessive boyfriend and what let you talk to anyone but at this particular time didn’t like the way you guys were acting

(Y/N): Come on, don’t make a scene

Sehun: I don’t care! How do you think I feel seeing you flirting with another guy?!

(Y/N): I’m not flirting with anyone Sehun! Who do you think I am?!

Sehun: I really don’t know anymore!

(Y/N): I’m not even going to try speaking to you when you’re being a fool

*you walk off*

Sehun: Where are you going?! Running off to your boyfriend?!

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You and Suho had been involved in fights with each other before but this one was your worst yet. It seemed almost as though each of you had had enough and didn’t want anything to do with each other

(Y/N): Sulking will fix none of this

Suho: I’m not sulking

(Y/N): You obviously are!

Suho: Well at least I have a reason to when my girlfriend’s acting like a bitch!




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Yours and Xiumin’s debate would have soon turned into a heated argument in your bedroom as the rest of the guys were in the next room. They could hear the two of you but wouldn’t dare get involved and you guys didn’t care if anyone heard in that moment. You were both too angry

Xiumin: How low can you possibly get??

(Y/N): Low?? Xiumin I’ve done nothing but been reasonable with you and then you go and make it all about yourself like an asshole!




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It would be the early hours of the morning in which you were both having a continuous argument. In the end Baekhyun had just decided to ignore you all together, your words entering one ear and out the other




It was even more difficult for Chen to cope with the argument because of the fact that you both worked for the same company. The next day he would see you, staring at you as memories floated into his head. He was still angry so his staring came out more as a spiteful glare

*you notice his mean look*

(Y/N): How mature of you *sarcasm*

Chen: Don’t you dare try bringing our argument to work in front of my friends. We’ll deal with this later

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Ever since your heated argument the other day, you and Lay haven’t been on speaking terms. Little did you know that he was dying to hear your voice again. Lay knew how angry you still were so didn’t dare make a move until you had at least calmed down a little. All he could do was look at you from a distance and relive the fight in his mind, hating himself for it

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((The BATIM twitter has been posting ominous letters spelling out something since yesterday.


It’s something related to chapter 3, could be “BEWARE THE INK DEMON” or maybe just “BEWARE” or maybe its “BEWARB” or maybe they’re trolling and they’re gonna spell “BEWBS”. only time will tell. or, if you want a crazy illuminati crack theory, here you go:

BEWARE THE INK DEMON has 17 letters. We got two letters yesterday, one at noon (12:30 actually but w/e) and one at five. If we get another post at noon and another post at five like yesterday, in addition to the one already posted, we will have 3 letters in one day. Going by that trend the entire phrase would be spelled out by Sunday, which is close enough to the last Tuesday of the month (I’m riding the Tuesday train to the grave or until a dev says otherwise) that they could drop a release date that Sunday, give us a couple days to get hyped, and then release the game itself on that last Tuesday.

People thought they were going to spell out “BENDY”, but the W throws that off unless the ink demon’s name is now BEWNDY or some bullshit. But what are the tag lines we’ve seen all over the place? ‘beware the ink demon’? yeah.

am I looking far too deep into things? probably. will I stop? nahhh…))

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bro ok Order of the Phoenix is on rn and i was thinking of msa izu/ku cause of the earlier asks - how do you think izu/ku would get along with the divination teacher, Trelawny?

msa izu/ku doesnt even go to divination class because it seems like such a waste of time. the one time he does go in, i can just imagine trelawney lays eyes on him, immediately gives him a prophecy, and collapses on the floor in front of the entire class. the class stares. izu/ku stares at trelawney. “soooo,” he says finally. “does that happen a lot here? is that normal?” 

“I really, really, really hope that’s not blood.” - Tyler Bate

I took this prompt drabble request over from @imnobodiesbitch. It was requested by anon.

You can find my other writings here: Masterlist

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Last year Tyler played a prank on you on Halloween and this year, you’re determined to get your revenge.

Of course you would need accomplices. Trent and Pete are more than happy to help you when you told them what you had in mind.

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Harry's sexuality and race

A thought occurred to my friends and I when we were talking.

What if Harry’s bisexual?

I mean he goes into lots of detail about how handsome Cedric and Sirius are…

And what if he’s not even white?

It was never pointed out in the book that he was.

I think the wild and unruly hair on his head could have been an Afro don’t you?

James Potter could have been black, making Harry mixed race. That would give Dursley’s another reason to hate Harry and his family because they seem like the type of people to be racist.

(Btw, most of the credit for these thoughts go to my friend skypalacearchitect)


Characters: Tom Holland, Y/n

Songs: Twentytwofourteen by The Album Leaf 

im planning on doing a mini seris with this, thats why its kinda short and to the point, im not sure if i like it, let me know what you think!!


Oh yeah, sure, Mum. I’ll go give lessons to the kid down the street! Which kid in particular would I be giving my free time to exactly? Tom? Tom Holland? The incredibly annoying kid down the street? I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even care to learn to play the guitar for crying out loud!

Your pace grew slower which each step closer to his house. You have been dreading this day for a week. Not only was Tom incredibly annoying to you, but he also happened to be your ‘ex boyfriend’ from sixth grade. Everyone had that relationship that wasn’t really a relationship, but you all thought it was. You only talked when you passed in the halls and when you saw each other after school. You two ‘dated’ for a year and half and went on one measly date that ended up with you getting grounded. You ended it after several failed attempts to fix whatever you two even had.

You have not spoken since, an occasional ‘hello’ or ‘how are you’ if you see each other but nothing over the top. Tom grew up to do his own thing, like you did yours. Which is what got you into this situation. Although, this wasn’t your fault. Your mum and his have remained somewhat friend’s throughout the years and apparently during one of their Mum-Brunches with all of the other little Mums in town, she brought up that you played guitar and how fabulous you were, and Nikki mentioned that Tom had been wanting to learn to play.

Since you only lived two streets down you got there in just the right time. 4 pm, what an odd time. You kicked up the front steps and knocked on the door, immediately shoving your frigid hands back into the pockets of your jacket. It just had to be freezing out, of course.

Soon enough, you were greeted with a warm smile as the door opened. Nikki welcomed you in, wanting you to get warm as soon as possible. Bless her soul. You stepped into the mud-room and began taking off your shoes and jacket. No matter how cold it was outside, they always had the heat up to what felt like a hundred degrees. As you put your jacket on the coat rack, Nikki called for Tom at the bottom of the stairs.

“I have to run a few errands, I hope you don’t mind.” She looked back to you, smiling wide as if you and her son had been best friends for years, like you didn’t find her son to be a complete and utter nescience. You smiled back.

“Not at all, I think we will be okay.”

You heard a couple thumps and bangs and running around upstairs before finally hearing a door close and what seemed to be a calm, cool, and collected Tom descending the stairs. He hopped the last two steps and swung around the banister, not looking at you yet. You didn’t either. You kept your eyes on Nikki, you wished she would stay. Besides, where are all this kid’s brothers?

“Okay, Tom. I’ll be back, behave, please.” She turned to Tom, kissing his cheek and him returning the favor with quick ‘loveyoutoo’. Nikki beamed at you once more before exiting out of the door, leaving you two by yourselves.

For a few moments, you both sat there in silence. Not looking at each other, you focused on your shoelace and him on whatever was around his feet. You looked up for a moment to see if he was going to speak, but were met with his eyes and you quickly darted yours away.

“So, your mom told mine you had your own guitar? I didn’t bring mine.” You finally spoke.

“You didn’t bring your own?”

“Well, no. I don’t want to get damaged or anything of the sort.”

“I’m not that reckless.” Tom said monotone, you laughed at the joke.

He sighed before walking down off the platform and into the hallway, waving for you to follow him.

He led you to the living room where you saw a little stand with a guitar that looked like it was top of line. Maybe even better than yours. You marvel at it for a moment, looking at the designs and the way it was crafted. You hadn’t noticed you made an audible ‘Woah,’ Until you hear Tom snickering behind you.

“Okay, so I have never really taught anyone before so I don’t know how this will turn out but…” You trailed, not really sure where to end that sentence.

Tom nodded and was watching intently. To be honest, you didn’t even think that he would be interested in this. You thought his Mum set this up for him, that it was her idea. But that preconceived notion changed quickly as he watched your fingers glide across the strings. Not even really playing anything but just getting a feel for the instrument.

“Do you know the parts of a guitar?” You asked, he shook his head. “Well, this is the neck, pretty self explanatory, these lines, they are frets. You use these to tune to the guitar, and these are bridge pins.” You speak, pointing to everything you said. Tom nods.

The next two hours suprised you. Tom actually listened. He learned a lot in a short amount of time, and not once did he really annoy you as bad as you thought. A few comments here and there made you groan or roll your eyes but nothing to the point of wanting to bash his head with the instrument.

Maybe he wasn’t incredibly annoying as you once thought. Maybe he wasn’t the kid you once knew. Well, obviously, everyone changes from when they were eleven, but Tom was different. Tom was just…Tom. He was always out there, energetic, the class clown, the guy who didn’t care much for school, and everything you hated but it seemed to have faded and you were actually sad. Maybe because that’s what made him, him and as much as you loathed it, the thing that you loathe more was people becoming things they aren’t. Maybe he changed, maybe he made himself change. Who knows.

Plus, it’s only been two hours. Who knows if he is just putting on an act.

“Do you want anything to drink?” He asked you, putting down the guitar back into the stand.

“Actually, yeah. A water would be nice.” Tom half smiled and started walking to the kitchen, you following close behind. Opening the fridge and sticking his head inside, you sat at the counter.

“So, what have you been up too recently?” Tom asked, handing you a ice cold water and taking one for himself while leaning on the counter across from you.

“Nothing, really. I don’t do much, I’m a bit of a bore.” You laugh and he smiles.

“You play guitar, and pretty good I might add. You ever think of starting a band of some sort? Doing something with it?”

“To be honest, no. What about you? Anything up with you lately?” You make a face as soon as you say it, realizing you completely forgot about it. “Nevermind.” You turn  light shade of pink and look down at your cap.

“Yeah, that. It’s so surreal.”

“Can’t imagine it wouldn’t be.”

Silence fills the air. Not in a tense way but in way that is comforting. Things had been so awkward for a while but you could really start to feel more comfortable around him. You start laughing.


“Do you remember. . going to the cinema-”

“Shut up.” Tom whines and puts his hands in his face.

“And you were so keen on impressing me,” you giggle, recalling the first ‘date’ you and Tom ever had. “It was a great faceplant into the ground.”

Tom groans and puts his head down, also recalling the embarrassing moment. Thinking back to it, you had not even noticed it wasn’t an act to do that, but he actually fell and fractured his nose. You see him start laughing to himself and pick his head from up from counter.

“Well, if we are playing this game. Do you remember when-”

“No, shut up. I already know what it is!” You groan as he did and feel yourself turn a million shades of red.

“Y/n, you put yourself in a shopping cart and made me push you around the parking lot,” he couldn’t contain his laughing, he had to stop several times to even form a sentence, which made you laugh harder at your own embarrassment. “I let go, and you went flying into the guardrail and just went, WHOOSH!”  He motions what it looked like you did.

You both laughed it off for a couple seconds, remembering the only two things that you both ever did as past boyfriend and girlfriend.

Are you sure this is the Tom you hated for years?

“We should hangout again sometime, and not just guitar lessons.” He proposes, sipping his water.

Not responding you looked at him. A soft smile was plastered on his face, waiting on an answer to his question. You thought for a moment.

Was it really that bad of an idea?

“I think that’d be fun.”

Hey I would like to tell u all the reason I’m going to hell:

the other night I was smoking with my brother and his friends and I was already quiete toasted n I needed the lighter sos I asked one of them “hey can u pass me that pickle bic, so I can give it a pickle flic, and pickle rip”


I recently learned of a small local business that is offering freshly made health meals.  You can stop in and pick up one from their shop or you can order in advance to have several ready to go.  She provides all the macro info, ingredient info etc.  It seems like a nice option to have. 

Food is my biggest struggle so I thought maybe giving this a try would help me on a few levels:

1. Give me the sense of getting out to eat (or having take out) without feeling bad about the unhealthy choices I would make.

2. Perhaps give me a better sense of controlled and reasonable portions.

3. Give me some ideas of things I can make for myself in the future, to change up my current routine.

All of the options are really reasonably priced and so I put in a order for 4 of the entrees and few snack like items.

I got a Burrito Bowl, Chicken Florentine, Italian Goulash, and Bruschetta Chicken w/Asparagus.  The snack items are sweet/salty bites and a carrot cake oatmeal thing.

I just picked up my order and when I got home I had the Burrito Bowl which was REALLY good.  And then I tried one of the sweet salty bites and it was super delicious. 

I think the portion adjustment will likely be the thing I have to really get used to as I could probably have kept eating a few more of these if I had them.  But like I said I am really hoping this can help me get things in line over here.

it’s still so weird to think you’re supposed to go to college right after finishing high school and i do think that works for a lot of people AND is better to do it like that but shit i barely graduated high school. i was so drained and then my parents bribed me into going straight to college so i did and i think that’s part of why it fucked me up and i failed bc i never took a break. but i also feel like that could easily be me making excuses. i know i was lazy and didn’t give a shit but i just really don’t think it helped to be pushed into it when i really wanted/needed a break and now i dont know if i will ever go back. maybe nothing would be different but there’s a little part of me that wonders if i just waited a year or two and THEN went to college for the first time…. maybe things would have ended up so differently. or maybe i would have just flunked out again who knows

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I just got a pool in my backyard which got me thinking what'd it be like to go swimming with Warf. Would he swim with you? Play around in the water? How would he react to seeing his S/O im a swimsuit/bikini?

(First off: you’re a lucky duck to get a pool~ and secondly, this is gonna get goofy XD )

Wilford is the type to wear one of two swimsuits. If he’s just going to sunbathe he’s going to wear a banana hammock. We all know he would! Don’t give me those looks! It’s Wilford we’re talking about!

When he wants to actually swim he’ll wear that old school one piece for men. You know, with the tank too attached to the shorts? That!

Seeing you in your swim suit, well, he’s going to need to jump into that cold water real quick ;) followed shortly after by dragging you in with him so he can whisper in your ear just how ravenous you’ve made him.

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Yo, i need some advice on how to get a binder without my parents knowing, and without any friend help. I have some sort of a plan... which is to somehow aquire one of those visa cards by saving the money my mom (she is extremely transphobic) gives for snacks (roughly ten dollars every 2 weeks), then take it to my dad's house, figure out what time his mail comes and how to aquire the key, fast ship it, and get it into the house and hidden. is this a good plan?

Kai says:

If your mom is extremely transphobic like my parents are, and she finds out, it could be not really safe for you, so I would recommend going for compression sports bras (won’t out you, still help to flatten chest). You can use PE/sports/yoga/jogging/running/even swimming as excuses to get one. or comfort as well. my parents found my binder, threw it away, and then starting being really really unsupportive after that so it was a huge risk for me and didn’t pay off.

However, if you still want to do this, you can indeed get one of those visa cards at a grocery store or conveninece store (take note that it costs some money to activate so you would need a little more money than the cost of the binder and take into account shipping and tax).

Mail can vary a lot! mail and packages may come at different times of the day, so if your dad is also not supportive, I would not recommend this.

Also, if you can’t acquire the key that may pose a problem.

I’m not really going to say if it’s a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ plan. I personally would not do recommend doing this, but again it is your decision in the end. It seems like you have thought about this a lot. If you choose to go through, this could work but it’s pretty risky. Take care, and good luck.

My new head!canon:

Belle, Adam, and PUPPIES

-A cousin Adam actually likes has a dog who just had puppies. She writes, asking if Belle and Adam would like one after they’re weaned.

Of course Adam and Belle would!

-Adam goes to visit his cousin (leaving Belle in charge of the castle) and comes back with the entire litter of five.

-“Adam– love, we said one!”

“But darling, look at them! I didn’t have the heart to separate them.”

“What are we going to do with five of them?”

“Give them a home, of course! :-) It’s not as though we don’t have enough room. They can run around the gardens to their hearts’ content!” :-D

Belle looks skeptical.

“Just give it time. You’ll come around,” Adam says.

-Everyone in the castle LOVES the puppies, even Frou Frou.

-Madame De Garderobe makes a collar for each of them– each one is a different color so the puppies can be told apart.

-Belle sees Lumiere and Plumette playing with them.

-She sees Chip playing with them, including trying to teach them how to fetch.

-Chapeau plays with them.

-Maurice plays with them.

-Madame De Garderobe and the Maestro play with them.

-She sees Cogsworth patting each of them on the head, telling them, “Good dogs” and giving them treats when he thinks no one’s looking.

-But it’s seeing them with Adam that really melts Belle’s heart. They follow him everywhere, wagging their little tails.

-One day, she’s sitting out in the garden reading, when Adam appears in her line of vision, grinning and jogging, the puppies chasing after him.

He plops himself down onto the ground, and soon, the puppies are climbing all over him, licking his face. He laughs as he pets them.

Smiling, Belle marks her place in her book and closes it. She sets it on the bench and goes over to Adam. She sits down.

Noticing her, Adam sits up and smiles back. Two of the puppies crawl into his lap. He pets them. The other three go over to Belle, wagging their tails. Belle smiles and pets them before taking each of them into her lap.

“I told you you’d come around,” Adam says shrewdly, his bright blue eyes full of happiness and a bit of triumph.

“And so you were right,” Belle says. “You’ve always wanted a pet, haven’t you? But he never let you have one.”

“You’re right. He didn’t. Animals were banned in the castle. Madame and the Maestro didn’t adopt Frou Frou until after my father died…I shouldn’t have been surprised he wouldn’t let me have a dog. Everything I wanted was wrong…Compassion for animals was weakness in his opinion. Of course, I disagreed… Maman always said you can discern a lot about someone’s character by the way they treat animals,” Adam replies.

“She was right," Belle agrees.

-It isn’t long before the puppies can be seen following Belle around the castle and its grounds.  

FREE walk-in flu shots

Apparently my hospital gives walk-in flu shots to all its’ members! It might be a good idea to get now that spoopy season (aka flu season) is just around the corner. I just found this out last week and thought it would be a good idea to share in case any of you would benefit from it. Stay safe and avoid getting super sick!

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So I know that you most likely don't plan on continuing coliver 10-year-reunion fic anytime soon, but I am too into it to not know the possible ending to that. So I wanted to ask you for just a headcanon on what you think could happen to them in the end... :)

Ahhhh for you, Anon, I will think of a plausible ending for it!
Fic in question is right hurr or you can find it on my tumblr here, and give me validation :’)

So, Connor would go back home, to Atlanta, after all that. But Oliver and him actually keep up communication this time. They aren’t trying to make it work, they’re just being friends, and somehow staying in contact with Oliver with this mindset really helps Connor. Though there is this obvious lack of energy to respond much… Connor blames it on backed up cases, Oliver blames it on his own job and the complexities of fatherhood.

But if he’s being honest with himself, Connor knows he’s just afraid of slipping up and lamenting over how much he misses Oliver. His smile, his glasses, the way his fingers fly over a keyboard, or how the last time they met was the best sex of his life.

He instead asks about Tala. And Oliver finally admits that sometimes she wonders where “Connah” had gone.

Then comes the Skype chats. A rare occasion turns into a almost weekly video chat with Connor, the purple under his eyes more pronounced in the laptop light, and Oliver with Tala pushing her way into the frame.

Suddenly Connor is there for school stories, her first sleepover, and Tala’s birthday (she got to stay up extra late for that one). Until one fateful night, after about half a year of this going on, Tala is getting sleepy so Connor tells her, 

“Night, babe.”

Tala, of course, thinks nothing of it. She just turned 3.

Oliver is silent when he disconnects the video, and Connor swallows, his heart beating fast. A few minutes later, he gets a phone call.

“Don’t call her ‘babe.’“ Oliver’s voice is a harsh whisper.

“I-I’m sorry,” Connor stammers, rolling over in bed and standing up to pace. “It was just-”

“You’re not in any position to call my daughter ‘babe.’ She’s mine, not yours.”

“You’re right.” Connor pulls a hand through his hair. It’s starting to thin, not that he’s noticing that right now. “It just slipped out, it won’t happen again…”

He couldn’t tell Oliver how attached to Tala he’d gotten. How eager he was now to talk, not only to Oliver, but to his daughter too. How every time she smiled, Connor did too, even if he’d only survived on 3 hours of sleep and coffee. How she was the spitting image of Oliver when she laughed, eyes closed and the corner of her lips nearly touching her eyes.

How, she continued to call Connor “Connah,” just out of spite, as both Oliver and Connor had tried patiently correcting her.

She was Oliver’s daughter, but that didn’t mean Connor couldn’t feel protective and caring of her too.

The remainder of the year flies by and Oliver has cut back on the Skype calls, personal talk, and on general contact, period. Until December arrives and Connor realizes they’ve never tried discussing their relationship status. Connor understood it was dangerous territory, but knew Oliver was the kind of guy to be forward about it, if he had found someone new.

He also never spoke of Kent again, Connor wondered if he still made regular visits. He wondered… if Tala asked about him.

To wrap this up, Connor decides to visit for New Years (he knew it would be pushing it to visit on Christmas). Where he tells Oliver his mind is made up. If Oliver wants to try and make this work between them, Connor is ready and willing to quit his job right now, and move back to Philly to be with him and Tala. He pours his soul out, it’s probably the most emotional he’s ever been… all while speaking in a rushed whisper that conveys hurt and guilt and sincerity and love.

It’s gut wrenching when Oliver pushes him away, mumbling a “be serious,” before the ball drops and Tala is prancing in the living room, throwing confetti and celebrating the new year.

Then a few weeks later, while Connor is busying prepping a new client, he gets a text from Oliver:


And that’s how they both end up moving to California. Boom.

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Okay so it started out as a fun idea but I’ve had five anons asking my why I didn’t tag people in the drabbles and why I didn’t add the tags such as “jethro gibbs x reader” & “tony dinozzo x reader” etc in not a very nice way.

I was at my sisters from Sunday morning - Wednesday afternoon on holiday. I couldn’t take my laptop because my Mum and I share it. So therefore I didn’t have my list of normal requests to do. I did as many as I could on the run up to me going away plus I posted a one-shot. I only had my phone to work with while up there.

So I thought to myself, okay, I feel like writing, I wanna give you guys something but nothing that would mean finding a gif and setting it all out on the post like I usually do. So I thought I’d open up the ask box to little drabble requests. I got quite a few and I wrote out quite a few. I specified that I couldn’t tag anyone in them because I didn’t have my tag list and I didn’t know it off by heart and didn’t wanna miss anyone out (apologies for being so forgetful at the time I didn’t think of going back to other posts and writing them down). I also specified that they wouldn’t feature on the masterlist which weirdly freaked a few people out. Idek why?

Anyway. Fast forward to when I got home, before I’d unpacked & even before I’d gone for a pee after a two and a half hour drive (without any stops) I jumped straight on the laptop and tagged near enough all of my “ask drabbles” with the appropriate stuff like “dwayne pride x reader” and so on before my other family turned up at my house.

I really don’t see why I’ve gotten anon hate for trying to do something fun and different. I don’t normally do a drabble request thing without a prompt list so it was new to me too but I thought it worked out well?? Idk.

Sorry for ranting but it bugged me and annoyed me a bit.

- Monkey 💜😕

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who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite

Oh, Elain.

I still feel conflicted about her because she feels very under-developed. She has these moments where it’s like “wait for it, maybe she’s gonna… have a personality!” but then it doesn’t always fit what we know about her. I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt, since Nesta is so protective. It can’t be for no reason, right?

That maybe sounded kinda mean, so I want to clarify that I don’t dislike her. I just don’t think that we know much about her beyond that she is Nice and Likes Flowers. And now she has new powers that she’s gotta work out. I dunno, I think that a lot of people like her because of that, and that’s cool, I would just like to see more? tbh I like Nesta more as a character, even as unlikable as she can be sometimes, because I feel like there are layers there. And with Elain I’m like hi, thank you for basically being a blank slate because it makes fic easy to write. :) 

Sorry, I can’t like all the characters :(

Put a fictional character in my ask