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Fleeting Moments

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader

Word Count: 900

Warnings: No warnings, just fluff!

Summary: Dean plans a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for the reader.

Author’s Note: Okay, this one was supposed to be an Imagine but I got carried away (as usual) and now it’s just a cute one shot for Valentine’s Day! I hope you guys like it :) Feedback is appreciated!

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     Dean’s rough hands brushed your cheeks as you stumbled forward on your seldom used heels, your boyfriend’s strong presence behind you the only assurance you needed that you would stay upright with your most relied upon sense snuffed out.

     “Okay, almost there,” Dean said beside your ear. “Keep your eyes shut.”

     His hands fell away from your face and found their way to your waist, lifting you off your feet and setting you down at – you could only assume – the bottom of the kitchen’s tiny set of stairs.

     “And …” Dean guided you forward and into the room. “Now.”

     Your mouth fell open and your heart skipped a beat. You couldn’t believe what you were looking at.

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The Crown weighs heavy (Ch.2)

Negan x Reader Rated: M Chapters: 2/?

A/N: Hey, guys! Thanks for the likes and comment last time :) I really appreciate it. Quick notes: This is a Reader placeholder story. If you would prefer an already named character head over to fanfiction.net :) as the rules don’t allow Y/N stories lol so I had to wing it over there. Same exactly story, just a more fleshed out character. Also, I had fun writing this chapter. I gained a lot of inspiritafion from the comics, but it alludes to the show as well also I apologize if the format looks weird…I’m really trying to get this whole Tumblr thing :(.


Your head was spinning, and you were doing your best to stay awake. The pain was overwhelming you, and the blood loss wasn’t helping either. All you wanted was to crawl back in your bed, and sleep forever. But, considering the latest turn of events that wasn’t likely to happen. You jolted up a bit when you heard the door of the RV slam hard against its side, signaling that whoever was inside was now on his way towards you. Parker was still holding you tightly, making sure you weren’t able to move out of your kneeling position. If you weren’t so out of it, you would’ve fought to be out of this degrading position. The sound of boots crossing over the dirt made you look up, until you could barely register the shape of a rather tall man standing in front of you. Your vision was slowly glazing over, but you attempted to tilt your head back when you saw a bat moving towards your face. You winced when you felt a slight pain in your chin, realizing that it was the bat, only this time you clearly saw the barbed wire wrapped around it.

He lifts your chin up with his bat, smiling down at you as he speaks. “Hi. I’m Negan.” His voice was eerily calm, and your E/C eyes glanced up at him, breathing coming out in shallow spurts. You didn’t even really register his name, too busy trying to keep yourself from giving in to your feeling of faint. You couldn’t speak, breathing hurt enough as it is, but even then the fear that was in you was enough to keep your mouth shut. When you didn’t respond to his introduction, he only scoffed before looking you over. Eyes trailing down your face before he rubbed his beard in thought. “Well, my my my!” He put emphasis on the last word, laughing to himself as he removed his bat from your chin only to pace around in front of you. “Looks like we hit the jackpot fellas!” He gestured to you with a gloved hand, looking around at his men as he laughed. “When’s the last time you saw a woman this god-DAMN beautiful?” You could hear laughing coming from all around you, but you didn’t dare look up. At this point you were hoping for a quick death delivered by his hands. Anything to stop the pain of your wound, and the constant ridicule coming from the people around. Your thoughts were broken when you saw steel toed boots come up in front of you, the man crouched down to your level. The grin he had earlier was still plastered on his face, pearly white teeth showing as he stared at you.

“What’s your name, sweetheart? I’m absolutely dying to know.”

When you didn’t immediately answer him, he grabbed your face roughly making you look directly at him. “Come on now, gorgeous. You killed two of my men, the least you could do is tell me your name?”

You swallowed, and tried to form a coherent sentence, but only gibberish was coming out. He made a clicking noise with his mouth, clearly becoming a bit frustrated by your lack of cooperation with him. His hand moved from your chin to your shoulder, gripping it tightly and willing your body to move a bit more up. “Now I’m being nice here, sweetheart. So-“ He cut his sentence short as his eyes trailed down your body, finally taking notice of the blood soaking your tank top.

“Shit!” He laughed, “Now that don’t look good, must be hurting like a mother fucking bitch.” If you were hoping for any sympathy from him, he wasn’t giving it. That grin never left his face. That was until his eyes landed on your chest, taking note of your ripped shirt. You saw his jaw tighten, and that twinkle of amusement in his eyes quickly faded away. He lifted himself up, standing tall once again in his commanding stance. His hand flew up to his face, stroking his beard as he let out a small laugh and gesturing at all his men.

“What the fuck are we doing here? What are we trying to achieve?!”


“For fuck’s sake, don’t just goddamn stand there! Someone answer me!”

A man to his right spoke, “I’m not sure what you mean, sir?”

Negan shook his head and twirled his bat around, clearly not satisfied with anyone at the moment. “Never mind, Simon. Don’t answer that. There’s no fucking way any of you pricks understand the bigger picture here. We’re trying to build a fucking community! We all got to work together to accomplish that. But!” He pointed up, trying to convey the importance of what he was about to say. He shook his hand as he let his gaze fall upon Parker, and Craig.

“But, we cannot begin to accomplish this if we have sunk to such…in-fucking-human levels!”

He suddenly moved forward, hand grasping Parker’s shirt in an unforgiving grip. “Repeat after me. We. Don’t. Rape.” His espresso eyes were cold, anger raging behind them as he stared directly at the man who so gleefully assaulted you. Parker was panicking in Negan’s grasp, fumbling for words as he tried to express his innocence. “I didn’t rape her, sir! We just fooled around with her for a bit! All in good fun!” Craig was looking at the scene playing out before him, nodding his head reluctantly as Parker spoke. Negan threw him to the ground, that devilish smile appearing on his lips once more. “All in good fun? Did you hear that, sweetheart?”

You looked up at him, sweat dripping down your forehead making your h/c hair stick to your skin. He twirled his bat in front of you, stopping it just directly next to your face. “This is Lucille, sweetheart. And, she is awesome.” You gave him an odd look, eyes darting from Lucille to him over and over again. A deep chuckle left him as he winked at you. “Don’t worry, babygirl. She isn’t thirsty for you.” At that, you heard Parker start backing off, his thick boots kicking into the ground as he tried getting away. Apologies, and pleas rolling off his tongue as Negan began to move towards him. He began repeating Negan’s words earlier, trying anything to get him to stop advancing on him.

“We don’t rape! We don’t rape!”

Negan barked with laughter, lifting Lucille over his head. “Come on now, you stupid fuck. Have some dignity.” And with that Lucille came crashing down onto your assailants head, making you gasp and cringe as his blood splattered onto your face. You kneeled there in shock, mouth agape as fear set into your body. Any doubts that you had of that actually happening were silenced as Craig fell to the ground in his own fear, trying in vain to move away from Negan and his Lucille. Time seemed to slow down around you, and you were trembling as the only sounds that were making it through to you were those of Lucille coming down on Parker repeatedly. Your heart quickened, and you felt on the verge of hyperventilating as the darkness began to overcome you in your state of shock and pain. The last thing you remember was the feeling of your body hitting the ground, and Negan’s voice carrying across the wind.

“Simon, doesn’t Craig look a little cold? How about we fucking warm things up a bit?”



Your eyes drifted open, the fog of consciousness rushing over you as you darted your eyes around your current settings. You didn’t move, trying to focus on the voice calling to you.


“Logan…?” You tried lifting yourself with your hand, only managing to get one shoulder up before falling back onto the soft surface of something. You groaned, trying to focus on the sound of your brother’s voice calling to you. You leaned over trying to grab at anything you could get your hands on but only succeeded in falling, slamming rather hard into the floor. If anything could wake you up from your dream, that was it. You groaned in discomfort, sitting up and realizing slowly that you were in a bedroom. You scanned the room in confusion. This can’t be real, you thought. It was a rather large room, and it seemed completely untouched by the world outside. A large painting hung over the fireplace, and the windows were decorated with fine curtains. Everything in this room was immaculate, and you found yourself shifting out of the sheets that fell with you on the floor needing to explore this a bit more because you weren’t quite sure you believed it was real. As you hoisted yourself up, you winced and held your side. You looked down and found in place of your large gash, a bandage. Odd. You decided to ignore that for now in place of finding your clothes. You were currently only in lounge shorts and a rather thin tank top. Comfy for sure, but not ideal for the harsh world you lived in. You held onto the side of the bed as you got up, walking around the room in awe. You let your fingers glide delicately across the mahogany furnishings throughout the room. It all felt so odd, this wasn’t the way things were supposed to be now. Even in your home the wood was rotting. You startled when you heard footsteps approaching the doors, panic setting in you managed to find a scalpel in a bin next to the bed. You reached for it and hid on the side of the door, waiting for whoever was coming. The door slid open, and as soon as you saw someone you tried to rush them. But they were much quicker than you, and overpowered you with no issue. They grabbed your wrist and twisted you to their front, and the force made you fall to the ground. You let out a yelp when you hit, pain radiating towards your now stitched wound. You held onto that side, and scrambled to get up.

“Well, well, well, seems you are getting better, sweetheart.”

You heard a deep laugh coming from behind you and the sound of boots thumping against the floor as they advanced on you. When you glanced up you gasped and felt all blood drain from your face. He must’ve noticed because his lips stretched into a very knowing smirk.

“Now now…none of that here, darling. There’s nothing to be scared of. I’m not gonna hurt you, I’m not a fucking monster.” He said that last part with that same smirk on his face which didn’t exactly ease your worries.

“I don’t make a habit of preying on the weak, especially beautiful women.” You scoffed at that. And he leaned down, extending his hand out to you. It was at this moment you really had time to take in his appearance, considering last night you were basically unconscious. He was a tall man, clad in a leather jacket and a red scarf. For this day and age he actually carried himself rather well. His salt and peppered beard was well kept, clothes crisp and cleaned. Being honest with yourself, he was rather handsome looking. But, it was a fleeting thought for you, he was after all a murderer. You gripped the scalpel in your hand tighter, not forgetting this is the same man who bashed one of his own into the ground with a bat named ‘Lucille’. Granted, that man was a lowlife son of a bitch who deserved it. But, still. This man was clearly capable of killing in the most brutal of ways. You launched forward and clumsily swung the scalpel around, just trying to aim for him. And he only laughed as he begin backing away and dodging your feeble attempts at an attack. Your next step was weak, and you found your body giving out as you stumbled forward, but he caught you in his arms and held you tight before you fell to the ground again. Your back was pressed against his leather clad chest, his strong arms holding you a little too tight for comfort. His gloved hand pulled the weapon from you tossing it aside and his breath ghosted over your ear.

“Now darling, if you want things to end with you in one piece I suggest you cut this shit, and listen.” You stiffened, clearly uncomfortable with the proximity, you could practically feel the hairs of his beard tickling your skin.

But when he noticed no sign of struggle from you he pushed you towards the bed, your body falling onto it. He paced the room, hands casually in his pockets, while he smiled to himself. He turned to you and spoke so suddenly and confidently. His smile widened and he placed his hand on his chest.

“I’m going to assume you were too fucked up last night to remember, so I’ll forgive you this once, doll. But, let me introduce myself again. I’m Negan.”

You gave him a skeptical look, and he walked forwards and leaned down a bit to be at your level.

“See, doll. This is where you tell me your name. I’m assuming your parents taught you better than this.” You stayed quiet, not wanting to give any information that you didn’t deem necessary.

He clicked his tongue at you in a mock way of disappointment. “I just saved your precious ass, brought you to our damn good doctor, had you stitched up and even gave you a nice bath to clean you up.” He laughed when he saw the disturbed look on your face at that last part.

“Don’t worry, doll. I’m a perfect gentleman, the doctor’s assistants helped with that.” You sighed in relief at that. You didn’t want to imagine being unconscious while some stranger put his hands all over you, and by the way he looked at you, you knew he’d probably enjoy that. And it seemed he picked up on your thoughts because he grinned at you in such a charmingly annoying manner.

“But, if you ever need a helping hand with that in the future. I’m your man. I’ll even be gentle.” You felt your face flush at his words, and he only seemed to be spurred on by that. A deep look of satisfaction coming over his dark eyes. He kneeled in front of you, placing his hands on either side of your body. “Now, don’t you think I deserve a little cooperation here, darling? I kept my hands to myself and even managed to save your life. So, cut the fucking silent treatment and tell me who the fuck you are.”

You stared at him, and even though that smile was still on his face you felt your spine shiver in slight fear. His tone was a total different story, and you wondered how he managed to still smile amongst threatening someone. No matter how vague those threats were. You nodded softly.


He tilted his head back in consideration. Repeating your name a few times, letting it settle on his tongue. He stood up, and looked down at you. “That actually sounds right.”

Then he pointed at himself again, “Now who am I again, darling?” You gave him an odd look, but answered anyway. Sensing that this man probably had very little patience. “Negan.” You said.

He smirked. “That’s right, darlin’ and boy do I love the way it rolls off that pretty fucking mouth of yours.” You let out a quiet sigh of annoyance, not really wanting him to hear it for fear he’d harm you.

“Now don’t forget that, sweetheart.” And his face turned serious. “Because, that’s the name of the man you goddamn belong to now. All your shit in that house you were holed up in, that belongs to me. The knife you killed my men with? That belongs to fucking me. Which by the way was so not cool. Decent fighters are hard to come by now days, so I’d very much appreciate it if you kept your pretty little self from killing any of them again.”

He paused and looked down at you, waiting for a response. You only stared at him in disbelief. Who the hell did he think he was to waltz in here and decide you were his property. Like some random piece of garbage you find at garage sale.

You glared up at him, and in a defiant tone said “I don’t belong to anyone.” Which in hindsight was a mistake. He suddenly gripped your chin rather hard, making you wince as he pulled your face closer to his own. You could feel his hot breath brush against your cheek. You grabbed at his hand trying to pry it off you but he held you still.

“Listen, doll face. And listen very fucking well because I hate repeating myself. I own you. And for your own good, you better fucking start accepting that right now. Because I’d hate to leave a mark on that pretty face of yours.”

Your breathing quickened in fear. It could all be empty threats from him. After all, why save your life just to take it. Not to mention he said he doesn’t make a habit of hurting beautiful women, then again that could be simple flirting on his behalf. But, you weren’t going to test him. You meekly nodded. Hands trembling a bit as he looked you over. He gave you another one of his charming smiles, running his tongue across his bottom lip.

“Now that’s my good girl. So, tell me. Who owns you?”

You swallowed the lump in your throat, and reluctantly spoke. Ignoring the raging anger building up inside you.


“Me, what?”

“You…” You opened your mouth, the words not wanting to come out. You exhaled and shakily said, “You own me.”

“That’s right, sweetheart. That’s right.” He smiled triumphantly down at you. Bringing his leather gloved hand to stroke your cheek. You stiffened at his touch, feeling very much like a play thing to a cat. He walked away from you and to the large windows across the room. You heard him bang on them, signaling to someone outside before coming back over to you.

“Docs gonna look after you for a bit. Until you can manage to get yourself up again, without falling the fuck over.”

You knew you probably shouldn’t have asked, but everything was coming at you so fast right now. And you weren’t completely comfortable with the direction.

“Why are you doing this?”

Negan turned to look at you, having stopped on his way towards the door. “We make it a habit of knowing every group, every person that walks around these parts. I don’t know how long you were at that piece of shit house, but you managed to evade my men long enough to hide some pretty serious stock there. Now, I could simply take it all as payment for having killed two of my men, and let you be on your merry fucking way, or I could take it all anyway and keep you as well and use you as I see fit. The way I fucking see it, you’re more useful right next to me.”

You only looked down, thinking over his words as he reached for the door handle. While his offer, or more like demand, didn’t seem too terrible you didn’t much care for him. He was an arrogant prick, who acted like the world revolved around him. And being honest, he frightened you just a bit. He was charming for certain, but he meant business. And you were sure getting on his bad side wasn’t something to be taken lightly. Especially after what you witnessed last night. And yet, if it wasn’t for him you wouldn’t be here right now. You could’ve easily died from an infected wound, which in this day wasn’t hard to do. So you looked back at him and nodded. Having come to that agreement that you would help him gather whatever it is he seemed to need. Before he could leave you spoke, “thank you…” he hummed in response, looking over at you, sensing you had more to say.

“Thank you, for not just, ya know…leaving me there to die.”

He smirked, “You’re welcome, sweetheart. Don’t make me regret it.” He winked at you, and exited the room leaving you to your thoughts. You wanted to pretend all of this was ok, that despite his attitude and vague threats you’d be fine. But, you couldn’t help but listen to that nagging voice in the back of your head telling you otherwise, and to be careful.

Just then the door opened and you swung your head towards it, hearing a man call your name.

“Hi, y/n. I’m Dr. Carson. Or you can just call me Harlan.”

He smiled at you, and you couldn’t help but smile back. It was quite possibly the first genuine smile you’ve been given since the beginning of all this.

“Thank you…Harlan. I’m assuming all this was you?” You gestured towards your sutures. Giving him a grateful smile. He nodded and walked over to you, grabbing a pair of gloves and removing some of the bandaging. “It looks like it’s healing up well, not quite yet to be removed but you’re a strong one.” He replaced the bandages and cleaned around the area a bit. Before removing his gloves and speaking.

“I know you’re probably eager to get out of here, must be quite a shock for you. Running into the saviors then finding yourself here.” He gave you an apologetic look, sighing before taking a seat in a chair nearby.

“And where exactly am I?…and who are the saviors.”

He brushed a hand through his hair and cleared his throat.

“Well, this would be Hilltop. It’s our colony, a couple of us built it a while back. It’s not much, but now days it counts for something. As far as the saviors go, well….all I can tell you is that they mean business. They’re Negan’s group. Who you pretty much just met. When all this first started there was a small group of men whose duty it was to kill the roamers. They protected us. Eventually, that group turned into the much larger group and called themselves the saviors. And they answer only to Negan.”

You lifted your eyebrows and titled your head a bit in affirmation. How could you forget that man? So he was their leader then? Fitting. He let off an aura of power, commanded attention just at the very mention of his name.

“So, you work for them?” He didn’t need to spell it out for you, judging by the look on his face after even mentioning the Saviors you knew the agreement they must have had wasn’t a fair one. Or a safe one. Not shocking.

The doctor nodded his head, leaning forward in the chair and clasping his hands together. “We do what we can here. Do as you’re told, you survive. I’m not saying it’s fair or right, but it’s just how it works now. Just…just be careful.” He got up, and poured a glass of water for you from a nearby pitcher. He brought it over to you with some pills.

“I’d hate to see you die after having just patched you up.” You let out a small laugh, grabbing the water and swallowing the pill. Assuming it was an antibiotic to stave off infection.


He nodded gesturing to the bathroom.

“Feel free to use the facilities at any time, I’d advise you against walking out of the room for now. You need rest, I’ll have Jesus bring in some food for you later. I wish I could say you’ll be here for a while, but I have a feeling Negan will be back for you.” His lips lifted in a small smile, but you could tell it wasn’t genuine. And you knew it had to be because of Negan. He felt sorry for you, as to why, well…your imagination could conjure up a few reasons. You heard the door close and you just lied back in the bed, staring up at the ceiling.

“Fuck me.” Was all you could manage to muster.

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Incapable of Love

Summary: Before his big plan, Kai decides he’s going to stay on the down low for a bit, which means he needs somewhere to hide out for a while. Since no one usually walks onto your doorstep asking for help, you’re not sure what to do when you see a familiar face behind your open door. However, that’s not what spooked you. The declaration of emotions coming from the one person who you thought was incapable of love, is what got to you. 

Pairing: Kai Parker x Reader

Universe/Fandom: The Vampire Diaries, CW.

Word Count: 1,540

Warnings: Not anything important, sort of fluffy Kai, a little heated make-out session. ;)

A/N: This is my first EVER Kai Parker imagine, so excuse me if there are any mistakes or errors. Feedback would be extremely appreciated, and I’m very open to writing more Kai imagines, or even other fandom imagines, such as The Flash (ofc), DC, Marvel, Supernatural, and TVD. Lemme know what you think! Hope you enjoy! 

Originally posted by hoyuelina

Kai knew before he took action in his big, miraculous plan that he needed a moment to think. Now, being a sociopath doesn’t always mean that you’re crazy and dangerous - sometimes it means that you just need help - but in Kai’s situation, danger is exactly what it means and more. So he wasn’t surprised when he watched your eyes grow wide in fear at the one person you promised to never get involved with again while he was standing on your doorstep. 

But Kai was never one to back down from a challenge, and your promise to stay away from him was a challenge he knew he would always be willing to take. 

“Hey, doll face.” Kai greeted you with a wide, sinister smile that he knew you could never resist. And he was right. Almost instantly, you felt your knees grow weak at your feet, but you stood your ground, wrapping your arms around your chest to show you were not backing down from this fight. 

You had shifted your weight on your feet before greeting Kai with a hissing tone. “What are you doing here, Parker?” Your tone was enough to put Kai on the edge, considering he had a soft spot for you since the moment you two met, and silently he panicked, thinking you weren’t going to let him in. But somewhere deep inside him, he knew you would always be there for him. Which is exactly why he came to you now, more than ever. 

“I just need a place to stay for a bit. Do you mind, doll?” he motioned inside your house, his voice as smooth as caramel. But you weren’t going to crack that easily. 

“Get lost, Kai.” You hissed, before slamming the door shut on his face. But before the door could completely close, Kai’s foot interrupted the impact, making you groan. 

His voice echoed in your ears, a sound you silently missed, but wished would disappear. “Come on, Y/N. You know I’m not leaving until you let me in.” You had wished that weren’t the case, but it was, and he knew just how to get you to crack, which made your blood boil. A loud groan from deep within your throat, then you found yourself opening the door wide enough for him to slip past. 

Kai entered with a heart-melting grin, pleased in himself at getting you to back down. He always loved to get you mad, something he took pride in himself for. However, he always neglected the fact he thought it was cute when he saw the crease between your eyebrows.  

“If you touch and, or, break something, I swear I will break every bone in your body and feed them to the wolves in Mystic Falls.” Kai laughed at your threat, his head falling back and eyes closing. You admired the view for a second before snapping yourself out of it, turning away from Kai and heading to your kitchen. 

Kai saw how you looked at him, and his lungs suddenly lost all the air in them, and he felt unable to breathe. But he pushed the feeling away, following you into the kitchen, and grabbing a grape from your coffee table on the way there. “There are no wolves in Mystic Falls. Y/N.” he said, popping the green grape into his mouth before chewing on the luscious fruit. 

“Then I’ll just have to call Damon, and give him the pleasure of doing it himself.” you suggested, but you and Kai both knew that you’d never do that to him. 

As if reading your mind, Kai shook his head with a chuckle and grabbed your hand to lead you to the living room. “We both know that’ll never happen, Y/N.” his voice and the heat radiating on your intertwined hands caused an involuntary shiver to run down your spine. Kai felt it and smirked at the affect he had on you, then made you sit down on your couch. He smiled down at you, giving you his most charming look as he caressed your cheek slowly.

“Sit.” You ordered, pushing his hand away from your now burning face. Kai obliged, now sitting thigh to thigh with you on the couch. “Why are you here, Kai?” you asked, and Kai’s jaw locked immediately. You tensed at the well known habit. 

You and Kai had a different relationship than most of the relationships Kai had. Kai never cared about anyone before. However, when you entered his life, he knew that you were his weakness and his strength. His only weakness. So whenever Kai needed somebody, you were the person he always went to. As for you, Kai always held a special place in your heart. You took him under your wing after you found out he was a sociopath, and soon after, you fell in love with him. So, whatever Kai was planning, you knew you could get him to tell you sooner or later. Getting it out of him sooner rather than later was your plan, in this case. 

“Kai, please. Don’t do anything that would get you and other people killed.” You begged, but Kai looked away, a sign that he wasn’t going to listen to you. But you weren’t giving up that easily. You sighed before grabbing Kai’s hands in yours and placing them on your lap, which caused him to look back to you with pleading eyes. 

“Y/N, you know I can’t do that.” 

“Why not, Kai? Remember when we first met?” You brought the memory back to the surface and Kai shaked his head at you. 

“That was different-” 

“How so, Kai?” You cut him off, sitting straighter in your seat and sending a squeeze to his hands. He was now rapidly shaking his head, but refusing to look at you. “You were going to kill me, Kai. You were! You had the knife against my throat, ready to watch my blood pour from my body, but you stopped. You stopped yourself from hurting me, and if you can do that, then you can-” 

“THAT WAS DIFFERENT, Y/N, AND YOU KNOW THAT!” Kai finally snapped, ripping his hands from yours and abruptly standing up from the seat he was in. You flinched, ready for the Kai that everyone - besides you - knew well, but he never came. Instead, Kai tried to calm himself, thinking about your smile and the stories you constantly told him about when you were a kid. And slowly, his rapid heartbeat slowed down to a pace he was recently familiar with. The pace he always got around you. 

“Kai…” there was a begging tone in your voice, and Kai snapped his head toward you, hating that tone. But instead of acting upon that hatred, he just stood there, admiring the shape of your lips and repeating your soothing voice in his head. And Kai closed his eyes, imagining the feeling of your lips on his, and he panicked again. These feelings were new to him, so he wasn’t sure how to act upon them, but hearing your voice soothed him all the less. 

“Kai, what are you thinking about?” Slowly, you had stood up from your seat, not wanting to alarm the boy standing in front of you, and tiptoed over to him. Silently, you placed your hand on his cheek, soothing the tense muscles there as Kai felt your touch on his skin. Then, unexpectedly, his eyes snapped open, and you saw a softness in them that you never noticed before. Gasping at the sight, you removed your hand from his cheek, but didn’t move another bone in your body. 

But Kai moved. The shaking hand that stood next to his thigh just a second ago was suddenly in your hair, and you felt him move your head towards his until your lips connected. The gasp that escaped your mouth was breathless, and you soon found yourself kissing him back. His lips were soft against yours, almost angelic. You soon felt his tongue drag against your bottom lip, and you allowed him to trace every inch of your mouth. The feeling made you sigh, and you were soon threading your fingers through his hair, lightly scratching at his scalp to get a reaction out of him. 

And that’s exactly what you got. The grip he had in your hair tightened only slightly, and a groan vibrated from deep within his throat as he felt your nails scrape against his scalp, silently loving the feeling. Then you both pulled away from lack of oxygen, and it felt like the whole world just stopped. It was just you and Kai, staring into each others eyes as both of you try to process what just happened. 

“It was different with you, Y/N. It’s always been different with you.” Kai whispered, slowly thumbing your cheek as you squeezed his biceps, still trying to process all of this. 

“I thought you were incapable of love.” Kai chuckled lowly at this, still remaining close to you as he brought the hand that was rubbing your cheek down to your shoulder. 

“So did I,” he squeezed your shoulder, starting to massage it. “but like I said, it’s always been different with you.

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Coran my man !

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: he’s the true team mom
worst quality: i actually cannot think of anything i dislike about Coran
ship them with: King Alfor!
brotp them with: Allura, and Lance
needs to stay away from: lifting Balmeran crystals. did you see what that thing did to the poor guy’s back? yikes man
misc. thoughts: Coran deserves soooooo much more appreciation in the fandom. he’s such a great character and has so much potential. i love him and he reminds me of my grandpa a whole lot


Error 400 (bad request) Fresh_Hell


Last time I made myself a Fatal_Error wallpaper people seemed to enjoy using it too, so I figured maybe you guys would like a Fresh_Hell drawing as a goody for this blog reading so many followers to use as a wallpaper or whatever. Or not! It’s totally up to ya’ll :D

Thanks so much for all of your support, encouragement, and excitement towards this blog and the comic! It really motivates me to stay determined and to do the very best I can :) I can’t say enough how much I appreciate ya’ll <3

I hope you enjoy, and take care!

Exo describing Exo’s relationship with their S/O.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

Xiumin - (Luhan)  “They go together really well, and I’m so glad that he found someone like that. He really deserves it.” 

Xiumin would love the fact that Luhan had found someone. They’d known each other for a very long time, and he’d appreciate all the things you two did together, even with the excessive amount of pda.

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Luhan - (Sehun) “I honestly didn’t think they’d last at first. They’re both so young, but it seems like he found his soulmate. His soulmate that he’s constantly kissing. All the time.”

A part of Luhan loved your relationship and the fact that you guys had gone through so much together and stayed strong, but the other half would hate the constant kissing and hand holding.

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Kris - (Xiumin) “Xiumin is the oldest hyung, and I’ll admit that I thought he’d never find anyone, but I’m glad he did.”

Kris would pretend that he didn’t really care, when in reality he did. He’d known Xiumin for a while, and to see his hyung happy with the girl of his dreams always brought a smile to his face.

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Suho - (Lay) “Lay is one of the kindest and lovable people I’ve ever met and I always feared he wouldn’t find somebody as good as him, but he did and I’m very happy about that.”

Suho wouldn’t be able to hide his happiness when he learns Lay and you are together. He’d probably try to get to spend as much time with the two of you as he can, but he’d also be careful to give you some alone time.

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Lay - (Baekhyun) Baekhyun has had problems with relationships before, but I’m glad that’s not the case anymore. He truly deserves a girl like her.”

Lay would be delighted when he hears Baekhyun is with someone, but when he hears it is you Baekhyun’s dating, he’d be over the moon. He’s very honest, so he’d say what he thinks out loud, not a single bad thing about the two of you.

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Baekhyun - (D.O) “It was about time Kyungsoo found somebody who’d distract him so he’d stop hitting me with that baseball bat. Jokes aside, they fit each other perfectly.”

As much as he’d try to look like he’s disgusted whenever he sees the Kyungsoo and you together, he’d secretly be on top of the world that his friend has found happiness. He’d always be there if the two of you ever needed anything.

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Chen - (Chanyeol) “We’ve just gotten ourselves the fourth beagle and I really like Y/N, she’s so much fun! I’m glad Chanyeol has found somebody like her.”

Chen and Baekhyun would probably be the happiest ones when the group hears the news that Chanyeol is in a relationship because that means they have somebody to join them when playing jokes on the youngest beagle. He’d probably be best friends with you in no time and treat you like a sister.

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Chanyeol - (Tao) “Our maknae has found a girl before me, and a beautiful and kind one, if I may add. I’m very happy for him, he really deserves Y/N.”

Now this boy would constantly tease the younger about you when he finds out about your relationship and Tao would most of the times regret ever tedlling him, but at the same time, Chanyeol would always be there if the two of you needed anything. That’s what friends are for, anyways.

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D.O - Chen “Jongdae is one of those people whom you think should never find somebody like them to be with, but he has and I think they are perfect just like that.”

D.O wouldn’t say anything about Chen’s relationship with you if he wasn’t asked first, but wouldn’t be shy to say what he really thinks. You two are perfect and deserve each other and that’s it. Only seeing the two of you happy together would be enough to warm D.O heart and make his day.

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Tao - (Kris) “The two of them go so well together, it’s like they complete each other! I wish I can find somebody like that, just like Kris-hyung.”

Tao might be a bit jealous of you at the beginning because you spend more with with Kris than he does, but he’d accept you soon enough and the two of you would be best buddies in no time. Kris had better watch out for the possible pranks Tao and you can pull off, though.

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Kai - (Suho) “He’s always taken such great care of us, and it’s amazing he finally has someone to do the same for him.”

Kai has always felt bad for Suho because he was always in the background when it came to their group, but with you, Suho would always be in the forefront. He’d feel like the leader was meant to be with you forever.

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Sehun - (Kai) “Kai and Y/N are actually a really good couple. I feel very comfortable with them and I like being in their company.”

He would stay pretty quiet about the whole situation and not address it unless somebody else does first because it’s not his business to begin with, but would be very happy on the inside and try to spend more time with the two of you.

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- Admin Lene

With the amount of hate going around on everyone’s blog, it discourages me to stay active on here. However I feel like if we were to quit doing what makes us happy and to stop making new friends with each other, then the haters will win. I feel like some of us have been through the ringer for no reason. You guys are truly incredible people who don’t deserve it and I don’t like seeing people attack my friends with ludicrous statements that are irrelevant. 

If anyone would like to, I want this to be an appreciation post! Just tag everyone and tell them you love them! 
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I love you all!!!

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Summary: Fluffy drabble on Phil appreciating Dan’s slightly chubby tummy.

Word Count: 387

Genre: Fluff (with some pre-smut)

TW: Pre-smut

Based off of this prompt:

A/N: So, this is my first phanfic, and I think I like it, and I hope you guys do too! I don’t know, I like writing, so I thought I would give a shot at phanfic. :)

Phil had always loved the way Dan looked in bed. He loved how Dan’s body would twist and turn because of Phil’s touches and how sweat would run down his temples because Phil would never stop. Dan allowed Phil to see him in all his naked vulnerability – a gift that Phil would always appreciate. Tonight was no different.


Dan looked like a mess. His body was writhing on the bedsheets, his hair stayed plastered to his forehead, and his mouth panted for air. He was incapable of doing anything but absorbing the feeling of Phil’s lips as they ran their course down his body, sucking a little at the skin of his collarbones. Meanwhile, an excited Phil brought his hands further down Dan’s body, finding the bottom of his shirt and tugging upwards.

He smiled at what he found underneath. Phil’s eyes studied Dan’s body and he remembered his love handles and back rolls and little mole underneath his right nipple. Dan’s body shifted, and Phil saw the slight jiggle of his pudgy little tummy, and his smile grew even wider. He was enamored by all of Dan.

Forgetting about the foreplay, Phil leaned down and laid sloppy kisses all over Dan’s stomach. He used his mouth to draw a line of love across Dan’s chubby lower stomach and then planted lighter, butterfly kisses underneath his ribs. He even popped a little kiss on Dan’s belly button for good measure.

Looking up, Phil saw Dan staring down at him, confused. The younger boy wasn’t expecting Phil to wrap his naked body under a cocoon of love.

Dan let out a giggle. “What are you doing?” he said. “You’re ruining the mood.”

Phil smirked at that and looked at Dan with warm eyes. “Mmm, but you have such a cute belly,” he declares. “I can’t help myself.”

Dan smiled big and wide with crinkles by his eyes and a soft-spoken “Thank you” on his lips. Never had he received a gift as wonderful as Phil.

Phil nodded in response and slowly found his way back to Dan’s lips, determined to finish what they had originally started. Both boys had smiles on their faces, thinking about the gift of happiness they had unknowingly given each other.

A/N: Thanks for reading!

I would like to request a match up for my oc Malaki. He is a big nature lover and very outdoors kind of guy. He is 18, straight, 5'8" and 143 lbs. He loves nature and is very kind and caring towards animals. He is a rather happy guy and rarely gets down. He is always up for adventures and exciting activities like sky diving and rock climbing. He is very inexperienced with most types of technology.

Originally posted by thewaterlord27

I’d pair Malaki with Zarya!

Look at this girl; you don’t get a body like that staying inside all day. She’d absolutely love to go on adventures with him! Sky-diving? Sign her up! Don’t even give her a parachute! Rock climbing? She can do it in her sleep!

Zarya would greatly appreciate Malaki’s near-unshakable enthusiasm. There aren’t a lot of people like that anymore, especially not after the Omnic Crisis. His bubbly attitude would be very appealing, and his love for animals would earn him bonus points in her book!

She isn’t the gentlest person, though, so she’d probably be more content to watch him interact with an animal than get involved… 

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-mod Viena

Apparently I’ve made some people upset that have either messaged or sent me asks. I would like to formally apologize. Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to figure out how to talk to people. I hope you know I appreciate you guys more than you know and I love you all very much. Just give me some more time to try to get my stuff under control, I promise I’ll respond, I’m just in the middle of a lot of stuff and I feel too overwhelmed to try to talk to people about it. I love you guys and all your caring, you are truly amazing. Stay safe and strong, my darlings 💚 and thank you for your patience

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I'd just like to ask you and your followers if you all could please go on twitter and IG and leave a nice comment for Alycia because these assholes who live in their mom's basement with no life are still sending hate to Alycia and her friends on social media. And people on here give ADC shit for staying away from social media smh It's for her own mental health and emotional safety! I would too. Please take a minute to send some love to this angel who literally gave us Lexa.

Srsly if you guys see any of these fake accounts report them, because they have been harassing her nonstop and make sure to fill her comments with some appreciation. These assholes really have a lot of time in their hands to send false information about someone who has been nothing but kind to her co-workers.

PSA for all my friends

It’s rare that I post things about my personal life here on Tumblr. I’m going through some very rough times right now, and I don’t know how to deal with it. My heart is broken and I’m hurt. If anyone wants to know the whole story, then we can talk on the messenger.

I just want you guys to know that I love you all very much and I’m grateful every day for all of you. You all have been so wonderful to me and I couldn’t be happier about that. What would make me happier is if we lived close by each other and we could actually see each other in person. Even though the ones I don’t follow, but who do follow me, I appreciate you as well.

And right now, I need you all. Because I don’t know what to do and I’ve tried so hard to stay strong, but I can’t :(


I’m gonna be up close and personal with you guys because though I know some people won’t care to read this, my good friends on here i feel would like and or appreciate this. And hey, maybe if you’re in the same boat as me, then maybe you’ll enjoy this.

My best friend and I went to the mall and we had a deep conversation about lgbtq+ and being gay/lesbian/bisexual, etc. I told her about my situation with my ex, and how they were transgender and it was hard for me to stay with them because I fell for them as a man first, and because of that experience I thought I didn’t like women all together. Fast forward to 6 months later, and I find myself staring at girls, wanting to hold them, having crushes on cute girls I see here and there. And even before our relationship, I had multiple crushes on women.

Well I asked her what this meant - did this mean I was bisexual and just because I didn’t stay with my ex after they were in the process of transitioning, that didn’t mean I didn’t like women? She said to me “honestly, yeah. I mean don’t ever feel like you have to fit yourself in a box. You don’t even have to label yourself if you aren’t sure or comfortable yet.”

I just looked at her and smiled. And just said “I’m confident to say I am bisexual, and I guess I wasn’t proud before because I had a tinge of guilt that I didn’t stay with that person. It wasn’t even because they wanted to be a woman. I knew a completely different person in the beginning of the relationship, and I shouldn’t feel guilty for the simple fact that they and I were both just changing and growing. 

Moral of the whole story - don’t feel pressured to label yourself. If you aren’t sure where you stand on the gay - not gay spectrum, don’t feel pressured. Give yourself this time to explore, and just be open to any and every circumstance. That’s the lovely thing about sexuality, you get to explore different possibilities, have different experiences with different ranges of people, and when the time comes, you’ll know where you stand. :) 

I’m on mobile but I wanted to ask before I forgot: how do yall feel about multi muse blogs? I’m considering taking all of my babies and putting them into one blog (except flynn, he would stay right here because there’s just so much on his blog). Would you guys interact with a multi muse? I just have a lot of characters I love and I don’t want a blog for every single one bc that’s a hassle.

I’m not positive how many of you still follow me, but this is Charlie back in action! I’ve decided to revamp the blog and bring it back and be your guys’ friend again! I know I haven’t been a very good one.

With that said, the blog has become helpguineapig instead of helpcorgi since I am the only one running the blog. I’m currently trying to find a new theme and some new art (help would be much appreciate) so hang tight.

In the mean time, feel free to send in questions. Thanks to the old buds who stayed with us, and welcome to all the new ones!

much love,


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i think it's really cute that your girlfriend writes and dedicates her stories to you you can tell she really cares about you and it's sweet. i'm sure you already appreciate it but ahah i just figured i would tell you that my friend and i read her fics and we think you guys are adorable so um good job? stay cute!!

I KNOW IM LITERALLY SO BLESSED TO HAVE SUCH A TALENTED GIRLFRIEND WHO WRITES SUCH BEAUTIFUL FICS FOR ME AHHHHH. and thank you that’s really the sweetest thing ever, we’re gonna do our best to stay cute haha. also thanks to you and your friends for reading my girlfriend’s fics we both appreciate it very much :)

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I think you are gorgeous. I would really love to ask you out if I'd met you. I like the way you talk. You sound like such a great companion. And I love the artistic side of you. I'm actually a hobby photographer too. I am trying to stay a virgin until marriage. I'm really faithful in a relationship...I appreciate the most. Would you have a relationship with a guy that would not be able to have penetration sex with you? What if I'd only caress you, kiss your body and masturbate you?

Lmao wait so no sex ever even after marriage? And i would take anything rn horny af