but i work hard for this xd

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You've probably heard this one before but "There are 30 cows in a field and 28 chickens. How many didn't?"

nope!! never heard this one but i’m intrigued :D

whats everyone thoughts for this one??

please do send in the answer (and maybe a bit of an explanation cause i just cant work this one out!!! XD)

also thankyou for sending in a riddle :) i know everyone loves them and its hard to find good ones its really appreciated 

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Sorry in advance for a silly question. William's a trauma surgeon and he's wondering what field of medicine do you practice? P.s. I don't know why he's not asking himself but here I am.

Ah it’s nice to meet another medical alter =D 👋🏻 say hello for me

I’m a GP (general practitioner) currently

I wanted to be a paediatrician but realised I would inadvertently well up when a child or baby was in pain - my paternal instincts were too strong essentially and just not appropriate for work xD

I moved on then to working on A&E and absolutely loved it - I rode the adrenaline of being an emergency medicine doc (I suppose a trauma doctor in the US)

Problem is the hours were long and night shifts were included which meant I barely saw my family

Made some hard decisions and had to leave that line of work - I get paid more now and essentially my work is 9-5 at this plush private practice but I do very much miss A&E work and I’d love to go back as a consultant someday

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So while we impatiently wait for Episode Prompto, where are some of the places you've taken the Regalia Type D to jump?

I tried bringing it on some of the arches in Duscae but I couldn’t manage to get up any of them D: Then I found a beautiful looking rock near the Cauthess Coernix Station and discovered that any rocky incline feels like I’m peddling a mountain bike on the wrong gear uphill, and I just kinda…. hoisted myself over the edge so it was not as exciting as I hoped….

So I decided “Fuck it, I know where I can go” and I took off to Taelpar and leaped into the pit by Lestallum XDDD

During all this, I was streaming to @mikakuruyame and I let her customize the Type-D…. XD

I haven’t picked it back up yet cause I then had to go to PT and I haven’t played since returning (in case it would somehow magically delay the ps store updating or something I KNOW THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS BUT–)

How ‘bout you? >:D


Flatline: Type-III

The medic-themed TF Zine submission by @dailydurian and I! Writing and colors by me (except the theme song… Albie did that lol), drawn and lettered by Albie! Starring Flatline, Omega Spreem, and Quickmix. We’re very excited to share it with you! We learned a lot during the creative process. Thank you very much for having us in the zine! Hope you all enjoy \^_^/

The Schuyler Sisters 

Hamilton 1920s!AU (finished ver.)

This was fun to do even though colouring was hard work XD I’m still trying to figure out my colouring style but I’m happy how this turned out


I ran with the idea of young Loki being adopted at a much older age, by Odin. Arriving in Asgard it must have been so exciting to see the city for the first time, especially since Loki only knew the ice-cold winters of Jotunheim. But also lonely and confusing, being away from home for the first time, his parents slain and his future unknown to him ;___;. Mixed feelings. I hope I captured that?!

The look is based on the young version of Loki, from Marvels “Trials of Loki”. I loved his undercut for a while, and yeah…I did shave my head for this XD. I’m not setting myself any limits when it comes to Loki and his different looks.

His look is based on this little panel:

I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!? Please tell me if you did, I worked hard on this! <3 Thank you!

Well,I don’t know how to use tumblr, but, I wanna tell you something.

Hi~! in first place, i don’t speak inglish, I’m trying to. 

(Plus, I wanted send you this before, but, my last count don’t work, so I erase that :’c ) 

Now, i’m nervious, heh, the thing is; The first time I saw your draws, I like them. I knew you art when you worked in the story about Peaper Jam and Fresh    (That then you do the first “Freshpeaper” :3 ) , then, i’m start to seach you, it be hard to me, Afternoon three days, finally, I found you tumblr, and I remember I was like: “Ohh no, its all in inglish! :’c “ that’s beacuse, before know you, the inglish was a rock in my shoes, and I hated xD even so, I read the stories, the things you’ll create 2 weeks afther and all before. And, slowly, i’m start to understend!! Even my mom was surpriced Hahah, you help me to like english too much, and that wasen’t all!! To understend better Jammy and Fresh histori , i’m start to order they, like “time line” and, well, thats be Soooo hard, at the same time I was arranging, you stand creating.                             In first place, I wanna just order that Story, but even if others don’t have sentence for me, they are cool too, and I think “Well, why not? i’m gonna order all her draws! cause their are amazing!” Aaaaand here comes my best Breaking-Brain-Ever, cause you have a lot crazy ideas! XD and that is great! but i’m didn’t know how to do them “time line”, again, i’m start to read all the asks of others, an then I understood beter, too beter.                                         I’m notice, one day, when I was end finally! that you draw a LOOOOT  of draws every day, that only makes me feel special, you work was soo ofthen, and then I felt you’re more than amazing, ¿awesome? I dont know, just Wooah.      Every day, start to be an habit visit you tumblr to order new draws, start to look more their faces, your own stile, you inpired me! For 2 years i had “Pain tool sai” in my computer, and  I nerver use to nothing, but, in dicember, of last year i’m start! and I like :3 making my own caracters, chibis, was soo cool.                I like a lot things of you do, more specifically, the faces and expressions you make, or you line art, and the design of your caracters, and others factors, you humor XD and how, “WOAHHH” is for me little things then others maybe don’t care  to much, like you know inglish, french, and well, the last was.. uh ¿arabian? Soo sorry, I dont remember too well (/-\) after you, I’m start to look others cool artists, like jakei and joku for example, but you’ll still my favorite artist, you do too much for me, and I want to say you THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! <3 afther this, maybe I can ask you  things like normal followers XD 

Yup, 2.222 pictures only yours :’D and couting, Love U~!  


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30- THANK YOU - Let’s all appreciate @loverofpiggies! Draw her & Geno together in any way you want!

FIRST OF ALL, Thank you very much CQ for your hard work, entertainment and funny stuffs. You totally RADICAL-FANTASTIC neighBROhood. You made us FEEL FEELINGS everything on your Aftertale comic and gave us inspiration on your work. You did a great job and you put a heart onto it tho it’s funny when you make them suffer XD such savage >w> but I love it, you just being YOU ! THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH YOU’RE THE BEST CQ.

(Sorry of mess up, I’m so tired *DED*)

Genoary Challenge by awesome @shinydiamondblog

Geno and Fresh Sans belongs to @loverofpiggies


“ Do you think I’m poor because I want to be? Do you think I’m jobless because I hate working? I thought someone should have mercy on us after so many tries. Why is it always 100 against 1? What am I supposed to do? I did everything you told me do. What am I supposed to do when it’s not working out?”

Me? Draw in a consistent style??
Me? Draw more than just same person over the course of two months??
I think not…

I haven’t posted any art here for while. It’s okay. You only missed some @ogchanyt fanart.


Since I’m lacking content at the moment, here’s something I’ve been working on in my personal time lately

First- translations may be off. (Heck I think Jack’s name is in Chinese, not Japanese but ><) I tried my best to get the closest translations I could from many different resources, it was the best I could do considering I don’t speak or know how to write in Japanese. Forgive me, I worked hard on them xD)

I love Youtubers, and I love Dangan Ronpa: Boom. Why not combine them?

I tried to look back on Youtubers either with what they’ve said about their past/what they would be doing if they weren’t a Youtuber/Things that suit their personality/interests. Here’s what I came up with:

Jack:  Musical Technician: Someone who works with electronic equipment used in the recording and performance of music.

Cry: ???

Dan: Trouper: An actor or other entertainer, typically one with long experience.

Phil:  Horticulturist: Someone who uses vast scientific knowledge to cultivate and propagate plants.

Should I continue this? Feel free to inbox requests for your favorite Youtubers!


(i mean after that i drew miles kissing phoenix on the cheek but the art was fugly so im not adding it lmao but this was fun-)

Soo idk i just wanted an au where miles didnt leave and now their teens or whatev and phoenix kinda confessed with a dumb tshirt and miles is like omg whut m8. yep pls take my crap art haha- i worked hard xD

All about SVT interview - Jun

Casting experience
I met the manager when I was walking to the convenience store with friends, so I was street casted, and went to Korea. They asked me if I knew After School and Son Dambi-sunbaenim, we then shot some videos, and then I got in. At first I was only curious, but then it became increasingly interesting, so I wanted to continue.

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