but i work hard for this xd


“Slaying a castle-sized, ghost like Dark Magic Wyvern shouldn’t be much harder than hunting, say, a bear? A big angry bear. That’s it.”

{{ Here is Rik, a (almost) normal human living in one of my own universes of the medieval-fantasy variety. I’ve had him and his fellows in my head since I was… 12 years old. I think you know that feeling. XD

The Wyvern he’s talking about though… you might have seen it if you’ve ever laid your eyes on my main art blog. It’s one of my favs.

They are not meant for rping but rather storytelling; even though I’m unsure how either would truly work so… Might as well show you slices of this stuff since I still like it.

By the way, it’s hard to draw characters that don’t look like those I already have. u^u

If you want to see more of him, add Rik’s name in your Alt! ask~ }}

Random Saturday Thoughts

- I’m doing another yuzuvier thing. FML. This time I’m hoping to polish it more, inspired by the fabulous writing of @fieryrondo and @azriona. It’s hard, y’all! (Also, sorry to @azriona, should be working on her story not on mine, lol)

- when Yuzuru wears those individual toe socks, he looks like he has 10 toes in each foot. XD It is weird af. Also don’t think I don’t catch the visual refs they used for Yuuri in YOI…

- I’m gonna go for a run in a bit

- finished watching Tokyo Ghoul last night. Thanks a lot Hanyu. Thanks a lot.

- but I’m enjoying Free! immensely. As heart warming as YOI (but less convoluted/developed).

Annoucament :3

Okay Guys! I’ve decided a thing LOL xD

I made an AO3 Account ! It’s still in WIP but here it is so, expect to see some of my works in here, I might even post my TR: AoD Sequel in there (Speaking of witch I still need to update it xD) But we’ll see xD

But it will be hard because Tuesday arrives to me Mass Effect Andromeda *w* The Hype is Real :D xD 


( bad English :,D )

I am scared XD

Ok I want to be honest I love undertale I love the game but the fandom eeehhh the fandom is bad….
I am sorry but that is truth a lot of my work get stolen
a lot of people upload it as a video without created me
bad peoples “make” me do things I hate by saying “oh I will die if you don’t do that” and “why are you don’t talk with me ” (not as a joke )
Dont you think I am busy with life family college like that make me cring so hard when you “ordering” me !
There are sweet people who ask me without rushing me or calling me names
And I respect every art from every fandom
But I see people go hating on them saying
“ you can’t draw sans like that he is like this THIS this ”
“ DONT ship torial with asegor she is just for sans ”
“ undyne is so strong you can draw her as……atc ”

like STOP Don’t tell people how they draw
Don’t steal their art
Don’t make them do stuff they don’t want

I am scared one day I will leave the undertale and all because of the fandom

This game is beautiful please don’t rewind it by being angry at others for there work
The game teach us how we care and respect so please do that….


Flatline: Type-III

The medic-themed TF Zine submission by @dailydurian and I! Writing and colors by me (except the theme song… Albie did that lol), drawn and lettered by Albie! Starring Flatline, Omega Spreem, and Quickmix. We’re very excited to share it with you! We learned a lot during the creative process. Thank you very much for having us in the zine! Hope you all enjoy \^_^/


Alright guys, here it is. I have managed to compile art from roughly the past ten years. This was quite the trick seeing as back in the day I drew only traditionally and rarely posted anything. I didn’t get a tablet until I was 18. 

So here is my progress as seen above. I’ve been drawing a lot longer, but this year marks ten years of posting online with my work. I was honestly hoping to see more improvement than I do with these and it’s a little disheartening, but I wanted to show you guys where I’ve come from, and hopefully you’ll be with me as I continue to work hard to improve. c: 

My old art is mostly up on my old Deviantart Hazumi-Yuki. Someday I’ll just nuke that account. XD


“Be but sworn my love,
and I’ll no longer be a Capulet.” - Romeo and Juliet

Marinette and her Romeo Act 2, Scene 7 

Act 1:

Act 2:


I’ve put the [FAQ] for this series up on my main page.

SO! Big update! and the conclusion of Act 2! Where’s the rest? Act 3 will come after a hiatus where I plot properly.

I’ll also take the opportunity to work on some other projects to refresh myself before diving back in.

Thanks for reading along and all your kind words and support! Apologies of I’m slow to answer your queries, I’ve been working very hard on this and actually am due at work in 15 minutes XD.

Also I took the initiative of uploading a basic video of this to youtube: https://youtu.be/gYAg-AXbpdU

[EDIT] So because of reposting I decided to post Act 3 in one go once I’ve completed it. Also because it’s a huge project 38 planned pages it’d going to take months to complete. Nothing before the end of May.

Such a Simple Concept
Brian H. Kim
Such a Simple Concept

From Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Raid the Cave.

There are gonna be a lot of episodes premiering very rapidly this month, so I won’t be posting as many cues, unless something like super mega awesome and music-heavy happens in the episode, in which case I’ll indulge.

Best moment from a super cool episode, with Glossaryck being his usual cryptic self. Loving that Star is dipping down and finding new levels to her magic. But there’s real sadness in this scene – imagine working so hard to rescue a friend (or someone you consider a friend) and discovering that person didn’t want to be saved in the first place.

30- THANK YOU - Let’s all appreciate @loverofpiggies! Draw her & Geno together in any way you want!

FIRST OF ALL, Thank you very much CQ for your hard work, entertainment and funny stuffs. You totally RADICAL-FANTASTIC neighBROhood. You made us FEEL FEELINGS everything on your Aftertale comic and gave us inspiration on your work. You did a great job and you put a heart onto it tho it’s funny when you make them suffer XD such savage >w> but I love it, you just being YOU ! THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH YOU’RE THE BEST CQ.

(Sorry of mess up, I’m so tired *DED*)

Genoary Challenge by awesome @shinydiamondblog

Geno and Fresh Sans belongs to @loverofpiggies


Since I’m lacking content at the moment, here’s something I’ve been working on in my personal time lately

First- translations may be off. (Heck I think Jack’s name is in Chinese, not Japanese but ><) I tried my best to get the closest translations I could from many different resources, it was the best I could do considering I don’t speak or know how to write in Japanese. Forgive me, I worked hard on them xD)

I love Youtubers, and I love Dangan Ronpa: Boom. Why not combine them?

I tried to look back on Youtubers either with what they’ve said about their past/what they would be doing if they weren’t a Youtuber/Things that suit their personality/interests. Here’s what I came up with:

Jack:  Musical Technician: Someone who works with electronic equipment used in the recording and performance of music.

Cry: ???

Dan: Trouper: An actor or other entertainer, typically one with long experience.

Phil:  Horticulturist: Someone who uses vast scientific knowledge to cultivate and propagate plants.

Should I continue this? Feel free to inbox requests for your favorite Youtubers!

Who says I can’t be serious? Oh wait, never mind!

I just like adding extra stuff just because I can~ :P

Hurrah, I’ve finally figured out how to make GIFs that doesn’t go over the 2MB limit! I was getting frustrated but then I discovered that Photoshop can make things a whole lot easier– I can even put two scenes into one no problem! :D It’s a little bit faster than it actually is, but it will do!


“ Do you think I’m poor because I want to be? Do you think I’m jobless because I hate working? I thought someone should have mercy on us after so many tries. Why is it always 100 against 1? What am I supposed to do? I did everything you told me do. What am I supposed to do when it’s not working out?”


imsebastianstan Lance prepares. Part 3. Let’s go. #thebronze is out now. Today. Go check it out. Please. You need to. We worked hard for the money. @themelissarauch knows. Gonna be at Lincoln square after the 7 pm show and amc village 7 after the 815pm show in person to answer a few questions. Or talk about sex. #nyc. Love you!

Watch out Cas! Pap has been attacked by vicious Froz! Now he would have a hard time, guess he will stay in such position forever now XD jk

Something just before sleep. Simple thought of having to wake up at 4am to work already makes me this tired and i wish i had time to color cuz this idea was walking after me for some time…. oh well, maybe next time~

DAMN and just no i noticed its not fully cleaned…ahhh fuk.

HF Papyrus © @heavenfell-au
Image and Froz © Me, do not use in any way.


Originally posted by korea-underqround

Word Count: 456

Genre: Fluff

Request:  a scenario where jay park changes your voicemail (a funny but cute one like “hey this is jay, leave a message cause she’s can’t get the phone now, unless you are her ex-boyfriend or something”) XD

“Have you seen my phone?” I asked my best friend as we both laid on the couch, watching a movie that was currently playing. I got up slightly to see if it was under me, but nothing.

I didn’t have work today, neither did Jay, but as we were both making breakfast he got a call from the company, asking him to come over. I didn’t complain though, I knew that he had to work extra hard, I mean, he was the CEO of his own company. So I didn’t really complain. Instead I told him to wait a few so I could feed him at least.

I called my best friend to spend the day together and now we were currently looking for my phone. I looked under the couch but nothing at all.

“Here, give me your phone” I said, putting my hand out so she could give me her phone, while the other one was on my waist, looking around to see if I spotted it somewhere.

I didn’t feel anything, I knitted my eyebrows and looked at her confused.

“You want my phone?” She had a look of horror. I clicked my tongue and rolled my eyes at her unnecessary reaction as I took her phone from her pocket. She pouted and I just smiled to myself.

I went to the contacts and clicked on my name. it rang and rang until I heard Jay’s voice. Confused, I was about to respond when-.

“Hey, this Jay, Y/n’s amazing loving Boyfriend. Leave a message after the beep, unless you’re her ex. If you are then how bout you call on February 31st

I started to laugh at the voice mail and shook my head.

“Goofball” I whispered to myself as I was about call once more.

“Found it!” She cheered while holding my phone up.

Couple of hours later I heard the door open and close. It was 11:17 so I knew it was Jay. I was changing my shirt when I felt hands wrap around me. I smiled as I felt his warm lips press against my bare shoulder. I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled up at him while giving him small pecks on his chin.

“Why are you still up?” He asked while kissing my forehead.

“Waiting for you, I mean, I’ll always wait for my “amazing loving boyfriend” I said pulling away and putting my shirt on.

“So you heard it” He laughed while sitting on the bed.

“Yes, and it was extremely cheesy, but also sweet” I laughed while going behind him on the bed and giving him small pecks all around his neck.

“Let go to sleep” I whispered against his skin.


Wasn’t ready to do another challenge so soon, but here we go! A clothes swap featuring the Boneheads!

The biggest challenge for me was to get as many of the suit-wearing boneheads to wear something else for a change.


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