but i wonder what he's hiding from her

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Hi there! I was wondering what happened to Seiji and Mika at the end of the novels. Are they still together? Seiji fell in love with her for real or he's still accepting her feelings while waiting to find his true love interest (Celty's head)? And what about Mikado and Anri? Were they able to get together confessing all the secrets they were hiding from each other?

Please read at least volume 13 and Durarara SH rather than asking me.

Otherwise my FAQ covers what happens to the Trio. For Seiji and Mika I severely doubt Seiji fell in love with Mika but I can’t remember off the top of my head what happened with them and am too tired to look sorry 8U Just read the novels and you’ll know all you want to know promise. 

Sense8: Riley and s2

I’ve been thinking about Riley and what skill(s) she might bring to the cluster in season two. Quite likely she’ll be taking care of Will who it looks like will have to kept constantly drugged to keep Whispers from connecting with him. 

Before Angelica died we saw that she was using drugs and when Whispers found her he said “so that’s how you were hiding from me.” Riley being the sensate with by far the most experience using street drugs I wonder if she’ll work to find a combo that allows Will some independence without worry of Whispers breaking through. Perhaps she’ll work with Kala who only got two scenes of helping the other sensates? 

It would also be interesting to see what this would do to Will, the former cop, with an alcoholic father. It also probably means he’ll be taking a backseat to all the sleuthing he did in s1, which should give the other sensates more screen time.

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Smiling at the fact that it was summer, Chopper approached the young woman before him, poking her leg a few times in order to get her to look down. His wide smile never faded as he stood to hide the volleyball behind him. "Come to the beach and play with me!" He demanded playfully before awaiting a reply.

The girl in the wheelchair frowned momentarily, wondering what was poking her leg. She briefly considered calling out to Lelouch but then recalled he was not home today; seriously, where had he ran off to this time…? Nunnally felt lonely at times, even with the footsteps of maids flickering about. “…I’m deeply sorry, but do I know you? I cannot seem to recall your voice.” She was utterly puzzled by whoever had arrived- perhaps it was someone she had known from very little and had forgotten?

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Do you ever wonder if rachel is the one behind everything? she could be the drugger working with jefferson. I know there's probably a lot of holes in this theory, but i thought about looking at everything from a different perceptive.

It can be possible. There is still a chance that Jefferson and Rachel are working together and that he is hiding her. Or that she is forcing him to do what she says. Always expect the unexpected!

Secret Magic-Chapter One

Summary: What if magic wasn’t allowed in Fiore? The ten percent of the population gifted with powers are forced to hide, otherwise they are executed. But luckily, there are guilds to protect them from the council (summary and title may be changed later).


“Just a minute!”

Lucy sighs and looks around the small, oddly looking store she’s standing in. Rows of small Christmas themed knick-knacks like ornaments and snow globes decorated the shelves. It’s the middle of August, why are these here? She wonders.

“Sorry about that.” Lucy directs her attention back to the man standing in front of her. “What would you like?” He asks.

“I was wondering if you knew how to fix this.” Lucy says while holding out a gold broken key. “It was my mother’s.” She explains.

“It will just take me a minute.” He says while walking to the back of the store. Lucy nods just as the door to the shop opens. A man with spiky salmon-colored hair and onyx eyes walks up to the counter.

“Hey.” He says with a large toothed grin.

“Hello.” Lucy says while taking a quick glance and the scarf hung around his neck. The shop owner slowly comes back to the other side of the counter and holds out Lucy’s key.

“I’m sorry miss, but I can’t figure out how to fix this. I’ve never seen this type of metal before.” He apologizes.

“That’s okay, thanks anyways.” She mumbles while taking the key from the man. Just as she’s about to leave, she feels a hand tug at her wrist. Lucy turns to meet the face of the man that walked in earlier. “What is it?” She asks him. Instead of responding, he grabs the key out of her hand. “Hey that’s-”

“Where did you get this?” He asks dumbfounded.

“It’s my mother’s. She gave it to me.” Lucy answers.

“And you are…?” He asked for her name.

“Lucy.” She replies. He decides not to ask about her last name.

“Have you seen her use it before?”

“Use it? No. I figured it was just to a jewelry box or something.” She admits. “There were ten of them. This one is broken though, so I came in to get it fixed.”

“You can’t just go to a shop and get this sort of thing fixed!” He laughs. “You really don’t know what they’re for? I guess your mother must have not told you…” He pauses for a moment then nods his head as if he were making an important decision. “I’m Natsu Dragneel.” He flashes her another grin and gives her the broken key back. “Come with me!” Natsu says while pulling Lucy out of the store.

“Hey! Wait!” Lucy exclaims.

“Follow me.” He commands. “Do you have the other nine keys with you?”

“Yeah of course…” She answers.

“Great!” Natsu exclaims while they enter a forest at the edge of the city.

“Where are we going?” Lucy asks.

“To Fairy Tail of course.” He answers as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

“Fairy Tail?” He nods his head.

“You have those Celestial Spirit Keys, so you must be able to use them. If not, Gramps may be able to help you, or Levy could give you a book on it if you like to read.”

“Celestial Spirit Keys…” Lucy whispers, looking down to her hand. “You didn’t explain to me what Fairy Tail is yet.”

“It’s a guild. A magic guild.” He says while smirking at the second part. Lucy gasps.

“You can’t be serious! I don’t have magic, it’s outlawed!” She screams. But then her eyes suddenly widen. What if someone hears us…I could get killed.

“If your mother used those keys, you might be able to as well, so come on, hurry!” He urges.

“I’m running as fast as I can…” She complains while looking at her inadequate footwear. They continue to run for what seems to be forever, until they approach a large building in, what must be, the center of the forest. Lucy’s jaw drops. “So this is a magic guild…”

“What are you waiting for, let’s head inside.” Natsu says while gripping the door handle. Lucy nods her head in response and grabs onto the other handle. Is this what you wanted when you gave me those keys, momma? I can’t believe I have magic! My life will never be the same from now on; hopefully it turns out better this way.

“Ready, Lucy?” He asks.

“Yeah!” Lucy says with a nod. They both begin to turn the door handles.

“One, two, three!”

 A/N: And that’s it for chapter one! What did you think? This chapter was really short (probably the shortest chapter I’ve ever written); the other ones should be longer. I just wanted to get it started up. I’m not sure how long this is going to end up being because I don’t have the whole thing planned out, however I do have some ideas for the future. I would love some constructive criticism if you have anything that could help me write better, and let me know if you liked it (it will probably help me update faster knowing that there are people who like my story)! Thanks for reading!

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"I'm the thing that monsters have nightmares about." (Dimitri)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Starters

“Funny, I thought that was my father,” she muttered, deciding if she wanted to pick a fight with this twin or not. This alliance could have gotten off to a better start. There had to be more to these boys, and she was determined to find it out before she said goodbye to them.

Dmitri didn’t hide his disdain for the idea of finding Ravyn, something Rebekah might never understand. Her protectiveness over her best friend brought out a fierce need to put him in his place. “If you plan on giving me nightmares, I’ll wake up and make you pay for it.” She moved to turn away from him, finding she had nothing nice to say.

Then she paused and wondered aloud, thinking it unlikely he’d answer anyway, “what do you have nightmares about?”

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The ginger yangire stood at some distance from the male, a small smile on her face "Hello there.." Rena extended her hand "I don't believe we've met yet, Rena Ryuugu, pleased to meet you Mr...?"

The redhead arched a single brow in silent confusion and inquiry, briefly wondering why this unfamiliar child was approaching him. Still, somewhere in the back of his mind, Roman recognised that he had an image to maintain, and that it wouldn’t be wise to make any sudden movements before he was certain of what he was dealing with. 

“Torchwick.” He answered at last, hiding a grimace as he strode forward to take hold of the girl’s hand. Roman leaned forward slightly as he raised Rena’s arm, pressing a small kiss to the back of her palm. Hs single visible eye never strayed from hers, and a small smirk crossed his features.

Truly, he was the devil in designer clothing.

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                Do you and your muse get along?

Roland and I get along like a house on fire. You know when I’m not thinking of ways to hurt him or use him to cause the Regina muses of tumblr great heart break. Though he usually is the one coming to me like “How do we break her heart today? What’s the evil plan?” You can say I am corrupting him very well, Killian thinks they have a little serial killer on their hands that one hand wonder has NO idea!


It makes me sick to think that Jefferson in episode 2 right before Kate jumps and Max talks to him about Rachel, he says “What about Rachel?” And “I miss Rachel too.” YOU SICK FUCK!!! And how can such a human being shoot a teenage girl right in the fucking brains with no hesitation?!!!?!?! This guy is fucking psycho omfg I’m not ok right now and all those disturbing photos in the episode just fucked me up

I wonder how come only Rachel died and Kate was able to live? Now I feel bad for doubting her because I thought she was hiding more info from Max…

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I wonder if it's possible for Sam to get away from the killer in the basement. Does it really matter which door she goes out of, or does he get her either way? And if she does escape, what happens to the scene where Chris and Ashley find her unconscious?

If you have her hide at the last QTE instead of continuing to run, she hides and the killer approaches trying to bait her out by saying “here pussy, pussy, pussy” (WHICH BY THE WAY IS SO BIZARRE BECAUSE HE SHOULD PROBABLY BE SAYING KITTY BECAUSE PUSSY MEANS VAGINA) and then he leaves if you don’t move, so I think she escapes then but I’ve never seen past that part.

I’m assuming if she isn’t captured, Chris and Ashley might find her hiding, or they find something else and are then kidnapped. Maybe Sam helps them out of the trap?

I went to my aunt today and it was great! I was scared first cause I was sure I’d end up staying silent the whole time but I ended up having a nice talk with my aunts there and we ate pizza together! The only thing that was bad was that my mum told to not accept any presents from my relatives. She didn’t tell me her reason tho. But I still accepted presents. My dad hides them from me. “She’s insane.” is what he told me about mom. I can’t see this being a lie. It’s pretty much true, there’s no denying that. It’s making me nervous and anxious but well… Other than that, today was wonderful!