but i wonder what he's hiding from her

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Nodding she gulped “and you might not come back from” she finished for him. Tears formed in her eyes but she refused to let them fall “don’t you think I’ve thought of those things?” She drew in a shaky breath remembering the nights she had lain in the dark wondering if he was alright whenever she heard of another hot spot in the news. Each time she wondered if he’d be deployed to help cool things off and if he did go would he come back?

“I know you probably have,” he pulled her close “I just need to be sure you understand what kind of life I’m asking you to have if you still want me. Can you handle this? I have no right asking anyone to live on pins and needles. I know how difficult that is. I know how hard it was for my Mom to hide the fear and the tears from us kids when we were growing up.”

“What got her through those days?” she asked.

“Love for my Dad and us kids” Phoenix shook his head “my Mom’s a tough cookie.”

“So am I,” Teasha told him a firmness in her voice that wasn’t there before “I’m willing to stick by your side if you’ll let me. I can’t promise not to worry because I’d do that regardless of what you did for a living.”

“You mean that? Really, really mean that?” he asked pulling a stray strand of her hair and tucking it behind her ear.

Nodding “I do” she leaned into him wrapping her arms around him “If you let me I could even fall in love with you.”


For @secretpoet21…kind of a part two to this imagine. (Also, have an angry Draco) Enjoy!

“Hey Y/N,” a boy in her year jeered, “Are you a bit cold there?”
She quirked a brow. “Why would I be?”
“From hiding under your brother’s shadow,” he mocked.

Y/N clenched her jaw and turned away. The group of Slytherin boys laughed. She didn’t want to deal with this right now. Obviously, the boys who were teasing her had other ideas.

“Look at that. It’s like she needs her brother around to even talk.”
“Wonder what it’s like riding on a coattail.”
“How many passing grades did ya get just from bein’ related?”
“Has he scared all your dates away?”
“Shut it,” Y/N growled quietly.
The main one halted his laughter. “So she speaks.”
“I said shut it,” she repeated a bit louder.
“Oh, and what’r’ya gonna do? Get Harry over here to shoo us away?”
“Why don’t you all just shove off,” a new voice called loudly.
The main mocker scrunched his eyebrows. “Calm down, Draco. It’s just the lesser of the Potters.”
“And she said to shut it,” he added quickly, “I suggest you do so before I get someone else involved.”

Y/N just watched with surprise as the three boys stood and began to leave. After they had left, she shifted her eyes to her boyfriend. A smirk painted itself onto her features. Draco came and plopped down next to her.

“I never thought I’d see the day a Malfoy defending a Potter,” she teased.
He smirked back. “All I saw was someone defending his girlfriend…Are you alright?”
She gulped and nodded. “I should be.”
He kissed her temple. “Well, don’t listen to them. They just can’t see how wonderful you are as your own person.”
She gave a small chuckle. “Their insults weren’t even original.”

Draco joined in. Y/N gently laid into his chest as he continued to comfort her. Even though they kept quiet about their relationship, they still managed to watch out for the other. She interlaced her fingers with his in their quiet moment of solitude.

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I wonder if Ren’s Semblance comes with an ability to sense emotions.

Like, he basically cancels out what people feel to hide them from the Grimm right? And he could sense Tyrian from almost a mile away.

Tyrian was probably really excited about finding Ruby and really looking forward to throwing her at Salem’s feet.

What if Ren was sensing Tyrian’s murderous intent/sadistic glee instead of just “danger” in general? Grimm probably have emotions too, but more along the lines of “kill” and “eat” and “desire for destruction” and nothing as clear cut as a human/faunus emotion.

Would be more in line with what we’ve seen of his Semblance so far. At least that’s my opinion.

Ok, now here’s the thing.

Yes, I’m mad that such a beautiful, emotional, happy moment is tainted by the dark secret hanging over their heads. I expected that this “secret” that Emma would find out Killian was hiding from her was the ring. But I did not expect that to prompt a proposal so soon. I figured she would be happy and maybe hinting at wanting to get married and wondering when he would do it, and he would be brooding and trying to find the best time to tell her, and her joy would elevate his angst by comparison.

But she decided to tell him, thinking that’s what he needed courage for, and I get that that must have felt like the worst time to break the news of his secret. I didn’t expect him to be able to ruin that moment with his secret. I don’t really blame him for it, as much as I wish it didn’t have to happen this way.

But what I can’t stop fuming about is the way they worked it into this episode. Or, rather, didn’t really work it in at all. We get one brooding scene in the very beginning. AND THEN A WHOLE FREAKING EPISODE OF SOMETHING NOT AT ALL RELATED. The struggle with Rumple and Gideon and Baelfire doesn’t even mirror what Killian is struggling with. We don’t get a half-way scene dealing with Emma or Killian to carry through the angst, even. A whole episode in which I spent worrying about other characters’ choices, and then at the very end, BAM! Big moment. A moment that should have been payoff for either an Emma or Killian (or both) centric episode - just pasted on the end like an afterthought.

Am I the only one that feels like this? It felt completely off to me. I think I would have much rather ignored the whole engagement matter for the whole episode, and picked it back up next week than to have it rushed like this. They better be planning something ten-times bigger for later, I swear.

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“I simply wonder why you kept me.”

There’d been so much blood.

Logically, Lafeyette knew there would be. From an impulsive perspective, she’s not sure what she’d been expecting. Arelian had pulled the scalpel from his shoulder himself. Lafeyette had drawn the bath.

She’s been rubbing her hands raw in the sink. They’re a different sort of red now and she can’t quite stand the color. The crimson of his coat doesn’t do a damned thing to hide the stain, she thinks bitterly as she eyes it on the floor.

He’s motioning her over with his right hand and holding his shoulder with his left. There’s a dull hiss as he scrubs at the edge of a wound and it makes Lafeyette wince. She’s holding a towel when she says, “I simply wonder why you kept me.” It tastes bitter in her mouth.


“How do you do it?”

“Hmm?” She set down the cloak she had been working on and glanced over her shoulder. He was sitting on the futon, shoulders hunched, the dark curtain of his hair hiding his face from her view. In his right hand was a picture frame containing a certain photo that had already caused its fair share of mischief and mayhem. She wondered, wryly, what sort of existential crisis it was going to cause this time.

“How do you do it?” He repeated, mistaking the inquiring tone of her voice for something else.

“I heard you the first time. How do I what?” She assumed he was most likely not asking about her sewing, terrible as it was.

“How do you… talk to her like that?”

She turned towards him. She had an idea of where this was going now.

He continued on. “Whenever I do she gets this look on her face, like she was expecting someone or something… better.”

“She knows that you aren’t- that our situation isn’t like the others.”

“That doesn’t mean she wants it to be like this.” She wants a father who’s like the dobe, someone who’s more open. Who’s more… giving.“

She sighed. "You know as well as I do that you’ve given her far more than what Naruto possibly could. Give her some time, she’s still young. I know you’re trying your hardest but this- this is still something that will take a long time to process.”

“I’ve already let too much time pass. This is something I should be doing now. I just…” He looked down at the floor, frustrated. His hand was clenching the picture frame so tightly it was a wonder that it hadn’t shattered by now.

She went over to him and sat down by his side, leaning her head against the stump of his left arm. Gently taking the picture frame from his hand, she looked at the photo that was displayed in the middle of the frame. Even after all the trouble it had caused, all the things it had insinuated in their daughter’s mind, she could not bring herself to throw it away. For her it served as a reminder of the boy he once was, a boy who tried to convince himself that people were either a means to an end or irritating obstructions to his lofty goals. It was also one of the few photos that she had of him during their teenage years and she was loathe to part with something that precious.

“What works for me won’t always work for you,” she said slowly, “talk to her like you did to to me- don’t just talk to her. Show her. She might not get it at first but she’ll come to realize it eventually.”

He looked at her for a brief moment and turned his head away, looking off into the distance. His hand was fidgeting at the hem of his vest.

“I envy you sometimes, you know.”

“Not all the time?” She gave his shoulder a playful squeeze.

“I’m serious.” He brushed her hand off his shoulder.

“You always are.”

“You can do this like it’s nothing. You and the dobe. You two make people want to… to, I don’t know, you two always manage to say the right words. The only way I can go about doing these things is either being indirect about it or bludgeoning it to death with all the subtlety of the dobe at a newly discovered ramen joint.”

“That’s not always a bad thing, Sasuke-kun. It worked for me.”

“That says more about you than it does for me. Sarada might not have as high a tolerance for my bullshit as you do.”

She gave an exasperated sigh. Her husband, not content at just being one of the the most formidable fighters in this world, also seemed to constantly strive for the title of the world’s most brooding man.

"What’s this really about?” She crossed her arms over her chest and leaned back into the futon.

"I want what you have,” he said bluntly. “I want my own daughter to look at me the same way that she looks at you. I don’t want her to resent me.” He stood up abruptly. “And I don’t know if these things will ever be possible.”

“Wait!” Her hand reached out to grab at his vest. He turned to look at her.

“I- I-” She stammered, fumbling for words. He was so wrong about this. Even if she said all the right words and did all the right things, sometimes it just wasn’t enough. It was a lesson that had been drilled into her head ever since the night that he’d left the village. “Please, Sasuke-kun,” she finished lamely.

She glanced up at him and saw the soft expression on his face. He turned away from her again and this time she let him go.

“I don’t want to mess this up anymore than I have to. Out of all the things that I’ve done, you and her are the only things in life that I know for sure that I got right.” With that said, he walked out of the room.

As she looked at his retreating back, emblazoned with the red and white crest of the Uchihas, she couldn’t help but think:

Like father, like daughter.

Imagine single dad Ashton living on the same floor as you and whenever you come home late at night you can hear his little girl squeal and giggle and wonder what’s going on behind that door right across from you until one night his little girl knocks at your door and asks you “to hide me from daddy, so he can’t bring me to bed” and you her the faint voice of her daddy counting and usher her into your apartment quickly so while you two sit together and wait for Ashton to finally knock on your door you start to talk and she tells you that “it was all daddy’s idea, he said you are cute and wants to take you away or something and he said if I hide here he could start making you giggle just like me and I like that cause you are beautiful” and this words totally made you blush because who couldn’t resist that handsome guy from across the hall and the lovely giggly small lady on your couch right there “so I am supposed to act as nice and sweet as possible so you like me and him too” and right in that moment you hear the footsteps stop in front of your door and deciding that you heard enough, so you open that door looking Ashton straight in the eye “so when and where?” and he just looks at his daughter “but sweetcheeks you weren’t supposed to tell her, remember your and my little secret” and the next day he stood at your doorstep with a bouquet of flowers looking handsome as ever complementing you and let’s just say you found a lovely little family that night

Sometimes when I am sitting on a crowded bus, I look at the people around me. I wonder how many are in secret pain. I wonder if the nervous girl sitting next to me is hiding that she has been raped. I wonder if the man before me with the sad eyes has lost someone he loved. I wonder why the lady hiding behind her book is crying silently to herself. And in a few years from now, I wonder how many of us are going to be dead, and how many tragedies are yet to befall the rest. This is what makes me always want to be kind to strangers. Some call me stupid. Some call me naive. But this, this is what makes me human. And I cling to it with whatever I have left within me to hold on.
—  Crowded Buses | Nikita Gill

“Do you ever think about her?” She couldn’t help but ask.

“All the time. I always wonder about her.” He let out a gentle smile as his mind wandered.

“What do you wonder?” She stared at him with curiosity.

“I wonder if she still lies on the floor outside and stares into the sky each night because of that time her mom told her those tales when she was young. I wonder if she still despises white roses because of how they remind her of her best friends funeral.” He looked up at her, holding back tears. “And I wonder if she still says ‘forever and always’ even though ours never lasted.” A tear fell from his eye as he wiped them quickly, attempting to hide his sadness.

—  J.L || An excerpt from a book I’ll never write.
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you ever wonder what direction the manga is going in? I mean it just looks like a mess that's exploding left and right with spontaneous character entrances and deaths, it looks like JK Rowling's "Deathly Hallows" gone crazy. Hell, it even feels like Ishida is rushing a bit because he made too many important characters, and this puts off the character entrances of even more memorable and nostalgic characters from TG getting a backseat...(1/2)

2/2) It makes me wonder what the end goal will look like, b/c if you remember I was working on Ren (still am, waiting and watching to see how tgre works out and what the hell ishida’s up to) and was trying to consider how she’d fit in the storyline (together with Hide who is alive and working behind the scenes with her to be reunited w/ kaneki) when I suddenly had an awesome idea that could finally unite ghouls and humans together: a common enemy.

(3/2) I think ghouls and humans won’t really get along unless there’s significant reason to prompt them to work together. Lots of ideas pointed me to the fact that it’d be far more reasonable to set up a scapecoat to pinpoint ghoul-human anger at (ex: Washuus/Furuta/clowns) so the two would work together & begin to get along (ex: WW2, Code Geass, etc.) But then Kaneki could also be the scapegoat. There was a tg calender pic of him w/ a crown of thorns, and JC died “for humanities sins”

I wonder that every time spoilers come out. But I’m being hypercritical because I’m bitter about Hide; thus, my opinions tend to be heavily biased. I don’t mind character introductions, if done right. Arakawa-sensei managed to utilize a variety of characters throughout her manga without needlessly killing character where the deaths had little to move the plot forward. Nina’s, Hughes’, Captan Buccaneer’s, and Fuu’s death all made sense, and the way it was done was not abrupt and not ineffective, as their death contributed to later events and because it had an impact on readers. They weren’t easily forgot. It’s not the case with TG since characters die left and right, and nothing was ever done with them.

You’re probably right about the scapegoat thing, but I think something needs to be done with the CCG and V in order to achieve change and unity among ghouls and humans. The CCG needs a change from within, like a coup, and stop Furuta. Kaneki could be the scapegoat, but people already view him as the enemy, and I don’t know how he’d be able to bring people together (maybe I need to watch code geass to see what happened)

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Damnation seize my soul if i give you quarter, or take any from you.

from xx | @jackrxckham
// accepting!

Eleanor doesn’t bother hiding the roll of her eyes. She should have expected some sort of dramatic response when she’d called to Jack Rackham out from the streets into the tavern for a word. Indeed, damnation could seize his soul for all she cares, for the attention he’s gathered them. So much for this being a quiet request. The people nearby glance between them, noisy marketplace chatter suspended, wondering what had started this confrontation and eager to see more.

Eleanor glares at them, and him. “Mister Rackham,” she nods toward the interior and heads for the bar, trusting he will follow. “This really isn’t what you think it is. I’m not asking for quarter, neither am I giving you any. Not you specifically, anyway. All I’m asking,” she says, pasting on the smile that she reserves for people who test her patience, “is that you ask your captain to the tavern tonight, preferably after I have finished closing up the place.” She continues with a slight shake of her head to discourage his interruption. “For a lead,” she specifies, enunciating every word. Good god, did everyone think she only had that on her mind?

Kuri sat in a blood stained boat surrounded by empty sake bottles, arrows and a strange doll. She had narrowly escaped the authorities and looked as though she was planning her next move. 

 The owner of the boat, Matsuda Motonaka, who had valiantly saved her life sat across from her. It had been an hour since the two had met and only a few words had been exchanged between the both of them: “Hop in my boat if you want to live!” and “I owe you one!” was all that was said.

Moto surveyed the girl and wondered what was on her mind. She had just crossed blades with three of the daimyo’s greatest swordsman and lived to tell about it. He could only guess she was wondering where to hide out next.

This couldn’t have been farther from the truth. The only thought that had been constant on Kuri’s mind was more food and saki.

Amor - Neymar

    “You’re completely smitten! He’s got you wrapped around his finger!” my friends exclaimed causing a bright red blush to run across my cheeks. 
    “That’s a little bit exaggerated don’t you think?” I asked them hiding myself from their childish taunts. 
     “What did he say?” my friend asked snatching the letter that arrived alongside the pot of roses that arrived at my apartment earlier that morning. “Amor. The most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I wake up every morning wondering how I got so lucky.” 
Shut it Jess!” I exclaimed unable to hold back my own giggles at her theatrical rendition of Neymar’s note. “You’re just jealous.” 
    “Amor! Amor! I love you so, I love you so!” my two best friends dramatically danced around the room sending me into a fit of laughter.
     “But in all honesty,” Jess told me, collapsing to the floor in front of me. “He’s good for you. He really cares about you.”
    “Everything about him just feels so…” I trailed off looking for the appropriate word. 
    “Right?” Jess suggested. 
    “Yeah. Everyday, whether he’s in town or half way across the world, he makes me feel special,” I told her. “I mean, he sent me roses this morning for no reason at all.”
    “I guess you’re not the only one that’s smitten.” she suggested nudging me in the side . 
    Neymar and I began dating over 6 months ago, but we had only recently become public. Dating one of the best footballers in the world could be difficult for some people to accept, but Neymar had been by my side the entire time. There hadn’t been a week in over 2 months in which I hadn’t received a gift from him at home or work. 
    “Speaking of lover boy,” I exclaimed breaking the comfortable silence. “You two idiots need to leave because I have lunch date.”
    “Ooh!” my friends said jumping up from the ground. “Good luck… amor.” 
    I jumped up behind them, pushing them towards the front door as they burst out laughing at their own childish banter. 


    When I saw Neymar enter the small french restaurant, I couldn’t help but smile. Even after all this time, I felt like a teenager falling in love for the first time every time I saw Neymar. When his eyes met mine, a smile grew on his face and he quickly made his way to the table I was seated at.
    “You look beautiful amor.” Neymar said as he approached me, placing a gentle kiss on my cheek before taking a seat in the chair in front of me. 
    “You don’t look too bad yourself.” I told him trying to hide the blush across my face. 
    “So, I’m guessing you got the roses this morning?” he asked, taking a sip of water. 
    “I did. They’re beautiful.” I said resting one of my hands gently on his. “That was quite the letter as well.”
    The smile on his face quickly vanished and was replaced with a look of worry. “You hated it.” 
    “What?!” I exclaimed. “NO! I loved it! I really did!” 
    His face immediately relaxed. “It wasn’t too much?” 
    “No Ney, I loved it, really.” I assured him squeezing his hand. “Even my friends liked it… amor.” 
    The familiar name made Neymar chuckle. “What can I say? I’m quite the romantic.” 

I hope you liked it! 

Seven Devils In Your House

Pairing: Sister!Reader

Words: 1,182

Request: Hullo! I was wondering if you could do a sister!reader prompt where she’s a half sister, and she was hunting with John before he died and she was on her own? Reader looks all cute and Little Susie Home-maker, with the floral dresses and baking pies and cute aprons and kitten heels, but she’s a serious badass. Like, she hides knives on her thighs and can kill a man with her pinkie. Or one of her knitting needles. Love your blog!! - Anonymous

Author’s Notes: Thank you, anon! I really hope you like what I came up with. Title taken from Seven Devils by Florence and The Machine. If ya’ll have any request, send them in! – Haley xx

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I smoothed out my apron from leaning over and sliding a pie inside the oven. I took off the oven mitts and went to work on cleaning up the mess I’ve made. Dean has been hinting for the past few weeks that a homemade apple pie would help him and Sam work more efficiently. I know that was complete bullshit, but he’s my brother, so I made him a pie.

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Girl Meets Legacy (Rucas One Shot)

‘Girl Meets Legacy’ Summary: Riley Matthews has been hiding a big truth from Lucas Friar for months. But, like her father once said, “The truth always has a way of coming out.” When Lucas learns the truth, what will he do? I bet we’re all wondering what’s gonna happen next…

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Her breathy voice unfurls down the line like smoke. It’s like there’s a direct line from Roy’s ear to his groin. He grips his phone a little tighter.
Roy: Not yet. We should be back tomorrow night. I’ve missed you like crazy, honeypie. So I was wondering if I could see you tomorrow night at The Pony, around 10 o'clock…
He can tell Sonia he’s going to the gym. Not that he should feel under any obligation to hide anything from her after the way she’s been acting, but still…it never hurts to be able to claim moral superiority.
Crystal: I can’t see you for another two weeks, sweetcheeks.
Roy: What?
If he grips the phone any tighter he’s going to crush it. He glances towards the door and lowers his voice.
Roy: What? What are you talking about? I can’t wait two weeks. Why?
Crystal: Ugh, it’s a long and boring story but Carla and I and two other girls pulled a prank on a client and it went a bit wrong and he almost ended up being boiled alive in the jacuzzi and management was a teensy-weensy bit upset and gave us two-week suspensions as an example to the other girls. As well as fining us each 10K to cover their losses. It really sucks but what can you do? Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time, right?
Roy: This is the most fucked-up thing I’ve ever heard. Alright, come and see me at my office on Monday. Who’s going to know?
Crystal: Management always finds out, Roy. Have you forgotten what happened to your beautiful convertible 6 years ago? 
Roy is silent. He changes hands and wipes his palms on his jeans.
Crystal: And don’t think I won’t find out if you go to the Pony and see some other girl, Roy. Because I will find out. And your punishment will be worse than almost being boiled alive in a jacuzzi.
Roy swallows.
Crystal: You just have to suck it up, babycakes. I’ll see you in two weeks. Okay?  

He looks up at the sky
and wonders if she sees the same stars;
if their light haunts her
the same as him.

She hides from those pinpricks of light,
too afraid of what they whisper
in twilight hours
about broken promises and cracked dreams.
—  can you wish on this kind of falling star? - M.M.

Chapter 03 Excerpt:

He watched Felicity cross the same path the man did, giving the guard the password with more confidence than he thought she felt and soon, the sound of chatter and music filled his ears.

It was the worst feeling in the world, not knowing what was going on around her, but this was something neither Oliver Queen nor the Arrow could take care of, so he had to sit and listen to Felicity put herself in danger. He shook himself from the distracting thoughts, focusing back on the mission.

“What do you see?” he asked from his place on a fire escape.

“Six armed guards, two pit bosses and a floor man.” Her voice was steady, almost relaxed and Oliver wondered if she’d gotten control over her emotions or if she was just that good at hiding things from him. “No slot machines. How do you call yourself a casino without any Lucky Sevens?”

“Felicity, focus,” he reminded her gently. “I’ll be with you the entire time.”

“Thanks,” she sighed. “It feels really good having you inside me.”

Her words immediately drew the most perfect scene in his mind: Oliver pressing her against a wall, her red dress rucked up around her waist and her panties on the floor. His mouth attacking her neck while her hands dug at his shoulders as he thrust inside her. He felt desire pooling at the pit of his stomach.

“I bet it does,” he replied with a groan. Instead of trying to furiously backpedal in order to fix her faux pas like she usually did, a surprised gasp left her lips.

The sound she made didn’t help his state of mind.

“Did you just…”

“Felicity,” he all but pleaded. “The mission. Please.”


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