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The drabble game #16 with Barry Allen please

16. “Do you hate me or love me? Make up your mind!”

“Hey Y/N, are you taking that Meta story?” Iris came up to your desk and asked.

“Yeah, I started working on it yesterday.” You said not looking away from the computer screen.

“Well, I was wondering if you could give The Flash some credit for saving people.” Iris clapped her hands together and smiled at you.

“Why???” You asked confused.

“Because he always does his best to save the city and he is a hero. Everyone looks up to him…well everyone except you.” She whispered that last part but you heard her anyway.

“Iris, you spend so much time trying to get me to approve of a man who hides his face. I have a pretty good idea of what he is after and why he does it, besides, not everyone has had the luck of being saved, when that black whole appeared in the sky many people got sucked into it. Zoom killed Barry’s dad and The Flash couldn’t do a thing to stop him.”

You, Iris, and Barry had been close friends since you could remember. Barry loved Iris, Iris loved someone that wasn’t Barry, and you loved Barry. Some love triangle huh?

A few months ago, when Eddie passed away Iris and Barry began to act strange towards you. Barry drifted apart from you, but you guys still talked once in a while, well that was until you two had a fight over the distance he was keeping from you and he basically said he hates you. He seemed to keep in touch with Iris though. You figured he found out you were in love with him and decided that he didn’t want to be close to you anymore.

“…tonight then?” Was all you were able to catch from the dark haired beauty.

“What?” You asked hoping she could clarify what she just said.

“You didn’t hear a word I said did you.” That was more a statement than a question.


“I said you, Barry, and I should go out tonight and get some drinks. It’s about time you guys start talking again.” Iris repeated what she had said earlier.

You crossed your arms and bit your lower lip. “No, I have to follow up on the Meta human story. Plus, in case Barry didn’t tell you; he can’t stand me. The last time we talked he said, and I quote: ‘You wouldn’t understand, I can’t stand being close to you.’ Did he tell you that?”

Iris looked down. You knew Barry told her what happened that night, he always told her everything. She pulled out her phone and dialed a number.

“Hey Barry… do you want to hang out tonight with Y/N?… yeah just the three of us, just like the old times…okay eight o'clock then.” She hung up and smiled at you. “He seemed fine to me.”

“You should’ve said you wanted him there at seven thirty. He’ll be late.” You said and she smacked her forehead.

“You’re right.” She laughed.


“It’s 8:09, where the hell is he?” Iris asked you looking at her watch.

“Told you he’d be late.” You said taking a sip from your martini.

“Hey girls.” Came Barry’s voice from behind. Your eyes met but only for a split second before he looked away.

“Where were you?” Iris asked.

“Uhh… I lost track of time I guess.” He replied and sat down eyeing you for a second too long.

“So, are you guys going to just glance at each other all night or are you guys gonna finally talk?” Iris pointed out to both of you.

“How are you Barry?” Of course the first question came from you, it always did.

“I’m good, been busy at the… uh CCPD. And you?” He asked, his eyes were glued on you.

“Good, I have been very good.” You say. Thinking to yourself that you were such a liar.

“Iris said you were taking on a story about Meta Humans.” He said lightly pouting.

“The chief says my point of view on The Flash and Meta humans is different, he said to make it into an article, so I will.” You were about to continue but Barry’s phone went off.

“Excuse me.” He said.

He walked off to answer it and came back to grab his jacket. “I gotta go.” He looked at you but you just looked away dissatisfied.

“I’ll go with you.” Iris said and you watched as Barry nodded in her direction.

“I have to go too.” You grabbed your jacket and without saying another word you left the bar.

You got home and ran in the shower; Barry was so distant, like he wanted to keep away from you.

The hot water relaxed your body and allowed you to think about everything that had happened prior to Henry Allen’s death.

Barry hadn’t been the same since then. You remembered how you were in your apartment and got a call from Joe informing you about the situation. They never told you how Zoom got to Henry, how he died, or why The Flash was with him but couldn’t save him. It didn’t matter to you because Barry was destroyed and he wouldn’t let you get close.

As you stepped out of the shower you heard someone knocking at your balcony, but how was that even possible if you were on the 30th floor? You wrapped your robe around your body and pulled the curtain blocking the view to the side.

The Flash.

You opened the window and saw he was actually pretty tall, you could tell he was recently in a fight due to all the dust that covered him.

“What are you doing here?” You asked.

“I came to see you, to tell you the truth.” His voice stuck realization in you.

“Barry?!” You couldn’t believe it, he was The Flash. He was the man who defeated Zoom, the man who witnessed his own father being murdered, the man you loved with every beat of your heart.

“May I come in?” He asked and you moved aside letting him in. Once inside he pulled back his mask so you could see his face. It really was him.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You asked sitting on the edge of your bed.

“I didn’t want to put you in danger.” He answered taking a step towards you.

“But Iris knows, I wasn’t going to tell anyone. You just let me be here and worry about everything that was going on. I wanted to turn everyone against The Flash for not saving Henry! I loved you. Why Barry? Why?!” The tears began to fall uncontrollably. You felt betrayed and although you had been denying it to yourself all these months, you felt like you were pushed aside.

“Because I wanted to protect you. Zoom, Reverse Flash, Snart, they all targeted you, they knew you were important to me, they knew I loved you! I don’t want to risk your life, I’d die if anything were to happen to you again. I love you so much Y/N, and that puts your life in danger.” He looked away from you.

“Last time we talked you said you couldn’t stand me. So what is it Barry Allen? Do you hate me or love me? Make up your mind!” You yelled a little louder than necessary.

“I love you. I love you so much I hate you.” He was standing in front of you in a flash, ducked down so he was at eye level with you.

“I tried getting close to you, I tried everything to help you. What I hate the most about this is that I can never hate you. I thought that The Flash was a coward who got cold feet at the sight of Zoom, I hated the fact that because he didn’t stop him you had to suffer. I know now, that if you’re the Flash there’s no way he is who I thought he was.” You whispered, you didn’t want to touch this subject with him anymore but you needed closure. “Thank you, and I’m so sorry for the way that I talked that day.”

“For what? I’d do anything to keep you out of harm’s way, but there’s only one way I could ever forgive you for saying all those hurtful things that day.” He leaned down to kiss you and you met him half way there.  Both of you kissing away your pain and giving in to that love you felt for one another.

He lightly pushed you backwards not detaching his lips from yours. Your hand wrapped around his neck while his own untied the knot holding your robe together.

Author’s Note:

There will be a part 2 following another request for this story. It was a bit long but i hope you like it and sorry for the delay.


For @secretpoet21…kind of a part two to this imagine. (Also, have an angry Draco) Enjoy!

“Hey Y/N,” a boy in her year jeered, “Are you a bit cold there?”
She quirked a brow. “Why would I be?”
“From hiding under your brother’s shadow,” he mocked.

Y/N clenched her jaw and turned away. The group of Slytherin boys laughed. She didn’t want to deal with this right now. Obviously, the boys who were teasing her had other ideas.

“Look at that. It’s like she needs her brother around to even talk.”
“Wonder what it’s like riding on a coattail.”
“How many passing grades did ya get just from bein’ related?”
“Has he scared all your dates away?”
“Shut it,” Y/N growled quietly.
The main one halted his laughter. “So she speaks.”
“I said shut it,” she repeated a bit louder.
“Oh, and what’r’ya gonna do? Get Harry over here to shoo us away?”
“Why don’t you all just shove off,” a new voice called loudly.
The main mocker scrunched his eyebrows. “Calm down, Draco. It’s just the lesser of the Potters.”
“And she said to shut it,” he added quickly, “I suggest you do so before I get someone else involved.”

Y/N just watched with surprise as the three boys stood and began to leave. After they had left, she shifted her eyes to her boyfriend. A smirk painted itself onto her features. Draco came and plopped down next to her.

“I never thought I’d see the day a Malfoy defending a Potter,” she teased.
He smirked back. “All I saw was someone defending his girlfriend…Are you alright?”
She gulped and nodded. “I should be.”
He kissed her temple. “Well, don’t listen to them. They just can’t see how wonderful you are as your own person.”
She gave a small chuckle. “Their insults weren’t even original.”

Draco joined in. Y/N gently laid into his chest as he continued to comfort her. Even though they kept quiet about their relationship, they still managed to watch out for the other. She interlaced her fingers with his in their quiet moment of solitude.

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He looks up at the sky
and wonders if she sees the same stars;
if their light haunts her
the same as him.

She hides from those pinpricks of light,
too afraid of what they whisper
in twilight hours
about broken promises and cracked dreams.
—  can you wish on this kind of falling star? - M.M.

Imagine single dad Ashton living on the same floor as you and whenever you come home late at night you can hear his little girl squeal and giggle and wonder what’s going on behind that door right across from you until one night his little girl knocks at your door and asks you “to hide me from daddy, so he can’t bring me to bed” and you her the faint voice of her daddy counting and usher her into your apartment quickly so while you two sit together and wait for Ashton to finally knock on your door you start to talk and she tells you that “it was all daddy’s idea, he said you are cute and wants to take you away or something and he said if I hide here he could start making you giggle just like me and I like that cause you are beautiful” and this words totally made you blush because who couldn’t resist that handsome guy from across the hall and the lovely giggly small lady on your couch right there “so I am supposed to act as nice and sweet as possible so you like me and him too” and right in that moment you hear the footsteps stop in front of your door and deciding that you heard enough, so you open that door looking Ashton straight in the eye “so when and where?” and he just looks at his daughter “but sweetcheeks you weren’t supposed to tell her, remember your and my little secret” and the next day he stood at your doorstep with a bouquet of flowers looking handsome as ever complementing you and let’s just say you found a lovely little family that night


Her breathy voice unfurls down the line like smoke. It’s like there’s a direct line from Roy’s ear to his groin. He grips his phone a little tighter.
Roy: Not yet. We should be back tomorrow night. I’ve missed you like crazy, honeypie. So I was wondering if I could see you tomorrow night at The Pony, around 10 o'clock…
He can tell Sonia he’s going to the gym. Not that he should feel under any obligation to hide anything from her after the way she’s been acting, but still…it never hurts to be able to claim moral superiority.
Crystal: I can’t see you for another two weeks, sweetcheeks.
Roy: What?
If he grips the phone any tighter he’s going to crush it. He glances towards the door and lowers his voice.
Roy: What? What are you talking about? I can’t wait two weeks. Why?
Crystal: Ugh, it’s a long and boring story but Carla and I and two other girls pulled a prank on a client and it went a bit wrong and he almost ended up being boiled alive in the jacuzzi and management was a teensy-weensy bit upset and gave us two-week suspensions as an example to the other girls. As well as fining us each 10K to cover their losses. It really sucks but what can you do? Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time, right?
Roy: This is the most fucked-up thing I’ve ever heard. Alright, come and see me at my office on Monday. Who’s going to know?
Crystal: Management always finds out, Roy. Have you forgotten what happened to your beautiful convertible 6 years ago? 
Roy is silent. He changes hands and wipes his palms on his jeans.
Crystal: And don’t think I won’t find out if you go to the Pony and see some other girl, Roy. Because I will find out. And your punishment will be worse than almost being boiled alive in a jacuzzi.
Roy swallows.
Crystal: You just have to suck it up, babycakes. I’ll see you in two weeks. Okay?  

Chapter 03 Excerpt:

He watched Felicity cross the same path the man did, giving the guard the password with more confidence than he thought she felt and soon, the sound of chatter and music filled his ears.

It was the worst feeling in the world, not knowing what was going on around her, but this was something neither Oliver Queen nor the Arrow could take care of, so he had to sit and listen to Felicity put herself in danger. He shook himself from the distracting thoughts, focusing back on the mission.

“What do you see?” he asked from his place on a fire escape.

“Six armed guards, two pit bosses and a floor man.” Her voice was steady, almost relaxed and Oliver wondered if she’d gotten control over her emotions or if she was just that good at hiding things from him. “No slot machines. How do you call yourself a casino without any Lucky Sevens?”

“Felicity, focus,” he reminded her gently. “I’ll be with you the entire time.”

“Thanks,” she sighed. “It feels really good having you inside me.”

Her words immediately drew the most perfect scene in his mind: Oliver pressing her against a wall, her red dress rucked up around her waist and her panties on the floor. His mouth attacking her neck while her hands dug at his shoulders as he thrust inside her. He felt desire pooling at the pit of his stomach.

“I bet it does,” he replied with a groan. Instead of trying to furiously backpedal in order to fix her faux pas like she usually did, a surprised gasp left her lips.

The sound she made didn’t help his state of mind.

“Did you just…”

“Felicity,” he all but pleaded. “The mission. Please.”


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‘Superior Iron Man’? Tom Taylor, you need to stop.

After reading this post I had to go look up wtf is going on, and so I found this gem off Marvel.com itself:

“[…]the old Tony is back. Arrogant. Cunning. Witty. Superficial. Completely self-obsessed. Superior.“

As someone who’s read all his original Tales of Suspense and is working her way through the rest, I’m wondering who this “old Tony” is considering he’s, y’know, absolutely nothing like he was for decades before now.  Arrogant?  Sure, often to hide the crippling insecurities.  Cunning?  Yep.  Witty?  Hell yeah.  Superficial?  Only when he’s emotionally imbalanced and desperate for a distraction, using that perception itself from other people as a distraction from his real goal, or as a cover-up for what he thinks are unforgivable human flaws because it doesn’t hurt if you don’t let it matter, and your weaknesses can’t be used against you by nearly everyone in your life ever.

Now, I don’t really subscribe to the whole ‘write what you know’ for a number of reasons, but who thought someone this inept would be good to write for a guy whose entire life centers around science, engineering, and technology?

“I’m not the most scientifically-minded guy. I was always the kid in science class who forgot if you put a hot test-tube under cold water it exploded. Either that or I was the kid in science class who liked seeing test-tubes explode.“


Also: “Tony Stark knows the ending of arcs I haven’t even plotted yet.”  No, that’s not Tony being a futurist, that’s called lazy fucking writing.

From here: “I’d argue someone doesn’t have to be likeable for a reader to enjoy the book.“  This is true, to an extent.  Many of us have That Character We Love to Hate, but there has to be something in that character with which people can resonate, however dark or disturbing it may be.  Characters with no real possible points of sympathy aren’t just unlikeable or even “entertaining,” they’re just assholes whose stories we suffer in order to get to the good stuff in which that character is completely absent.  Is Tony perfect?  Hardly.  But this isn’t even Tony Stark anymore.

“His life is about to become a non-stop party surrounded by perfect people who fawn over him, and he’s pretty happy about this.”

Aah, yes, just like “the old Tony,” who partied hard and stole race cars…when his life was yet again shattered and he used this kind of ~superficiality~ as an emotional crutch.  Apparently Tony’s so good at putting on a front that even the writers have fallen for it.

marvelentertainment, I’m seriously considering getting a Twitter just to snarl at the fucktruck who claims to be a goddamn writer not just of a beloved character he’s methodically mauling but a writer with little concept of character development or the character-reader relationship meant to keep people coming back.  This isn’t edgy, this isn’t revolutionary, this isn’t giving us new insight into the character.  For all the money I’ve sunk into the Iron Man comics, not just recent runs but the old ones you can only find from collectors and backroom bins…well, at least I don’t have to worry about wasting money anymore.

The worst part is that people are blaming the character rather than the bad writing.  If you wanted to bring in new fans and keep the old ones, I’d love to know your strategy, because so far you’re doing the exact opposite of that. 

“Do you ever think about her?” She couldn’t help but ask.

“All the time. I always wonder about her.” He let out a gentle smile as his mind wandered.

“What do you wonder?” She stared at him with curiosity.

“I wonder if she still lies on the floor outside and stares into the sky each night because of that time her mom told her those tales when she was young. I wonder if she still despises white roses because of how they remind her of her best friends funeral.” He looked up at her, holding back tears. “And I wonder if she still says ‘forever and always’ even though ours never lasted.” A tear fell from his eye as he wiped them quickly, attempting to hide his sadness.

—  J.L || An excerpt from a book I’ll never write.
Instagram: JaydeLaws
Blog: Jaydelaws.wordpress.com

- Sweet Eternal Alchemy, I was afraid he would never let me go. - Zojja said as she and Rox crossed the doors to the lab. The officer’ apology were not ending, happily someone called him and he was forced to go. - I hope he will not be there when we will leaving. I need to be quickly, parents really insisted at seeing me today… I wonder what was hap- - Zojja said, but she didn’t finished, as she saw familiar silhouette near one of the machines. Before she said anything, the scientist turned back and as soon as he saw Zojja, his face turned confused, but quickly cleared up, as he smiled.
- Zojja Saavera. Nice to see You.
- Snaff! - Zojja said without hiding her happiness; She didn’t suspect to meet any of her friends from the times before war when she was studying in College, but now he was here, same as he was years ago; Only his sight looked more mature. Zojja grinned. - It’s good to see You in one piece. I am surprised You are here, didn’t Your parents sended hip for You?
- Of course they did. - Snaff said, rolling his eyes up, while still looking at the machine and project he was working moments ago. - I can’t go to home now, because of Herifas attack we need to produce more of the Warbots, Emperor wish. We tried to make them better… But it is hard to do with Your designs. Clean, simple, not wasting energy. - He said, looking at Zojja’ blueprints in which this particular lab was covered; Even  if this was long ago, Zojja still felt blush on her cheeks when people were complimenting her designs, as something useful and incredible. - Since You are here, I am sure You- - Snaff started, but loud crash interrupted him; Him, Zojja and Drox turned their heads in the location of the noise, and heard cursing in old almarian language.
- … There is someone who You would wish to meet also. - Snaff said, smiled and left Zojja directing into the noise source, and he get back to work.

a story of icarus (or not)

Zankyou no Terror | Twelve/Lisa, Nine
Summary: When did she start trusting a terrorist?
Notes: idk I just kinda threw together a thing;; it’s kind of light hisalisa more than anything (because I’m bad with fluff lmao), but i wanted to write some more for zankyou no terror sooooo.

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Amor - Neymar

    “You’re completely smitten! He’s got you wrapped around his finger!” my friends exclaimed causing a bright red blush to run across my cheeks. 
    “That’s a little bit exaggerated don’t you think?” I asked them hiding myself from their childish taunts. 
     “What did he say?” my friend asked snatching the letter that arrived alongside the pot of roses that arrived at my apartment earlier that morning. “Amor. The most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I wake up every morning wondering how I got so lucky.” 
Shut it Jess!” I exclaimed unable to hold back my own giggles at her theatrical rendition of Neymar’s note. “You’re just jealous.” 
    “Amor! Amor! I love you so, I love you so!” my two best friends dramatically danced around the room sending me into a fit of laughter.
     “But in all honesty,” Jess told me, collapsing to the floor in front of me. “He’s good for you. He really cares about you.”
    “Everything about him just feels so…” I trailed off looking for the appropriate word. 
    “Right?” Jess suggested. 
    “Yeah. Everyday, whether he’s in town or half way across the world, he makes me feel special,” I told her. “I mean, he sent me roses this morning for no reason at all.”
    “I guess you’re not the only one that’s smitten.” she suggested nudging me in the side . 
    Neymar and I began dating over 6 months ago, but we had only recently become public. Dating one of the best footballers in the world could be difficult for some people to accept, but Neymar had been by my side the entire time. There hadn’t been a week in over 2 months in which I hadn’t received a gift from him at home or work. 
    “Speaking of lover boy,” I exclaimed breaking the comfortable silence. “You two idiots need to leave because I have lunch date.”
    “Ooh!” my friends said jumping up from the ground. “Good luck… amor.” 
    I jumped up behind them, pushing them towards the front door as they burst out laughing at their own childish banter. 


    When I saw Neymar enter the small french restaurant, I couldn’t help but smile. Even after all this time, I felt like a teenager falling in love for the first time every time I saw Neymar. When his eyes met mine, a smile grew on his face and he quickly made his way to the table I was seated at.
    “You look beautiful amor.” Neymar said as he approached me, placing a gentle kiss on my cheek before taking a seat in the chair in front of me. 
    “You don’t look too bad yourself.” I told him trying to hide the blush across my face. 
    “So, I’m guessing you got the roses this morning?” he asked, taking a sip of water. 
    “I did. They’re beautiful.” I said resting one of my hands gently on his. “That was quite the letter as well.”
    The smile on his face quickly vanished and was replaced with a look of worry. “You hated it.” 
    “What?!” I exclaimed. “NO! I loved it! I really did!” 
    His face immediately relaxed. “It wasn’t too much?” 
    “No Ney, I loved it, really.” I assured him squeezing his hand. “Even my friends liked it… amor.” 
    The familiar name made Neymar chuckle. “What can I say? I’m quite the romantic.” 

I hope you liked it! 


          Her initial surprise and shock from his approach was quickly masked by a small smile, a convincingly natural and friendly-looking one to hide the awkwardness she felt from the fact that the only gifts she had “purchased” where for herself and her Pokemon. He wasn’t really expecting one from her… was he?

I’d love to!“ she nods, but the uneasiness in her tone grew noticeable as she wondered just what do people exactly do when they spend Christmas together..

Hiroshi gave an audible yet happy gasp at the response, bouncing up and down on the spot before hugging her. Spending time with anyone made Hiroshi happy, but having someone to spend a holiday with held a little special treat to it.

”…Um, one question though.“ Hiroshi pulled back and held his hand up, his index finger pointed as if to gesture ‘one moment’, "W-what do people do together at Christmas? I mean, I never really spent Christmas with anyone other than family, and even then I haven’t done it for a long time…”



“So, how is your relationship with Y/N doing?” The interviewer asked. 

“It’s going wonderful, actually. She’s lovely.” Liam grinned. 

“Lovely.. hm. So, care to explain this picture then?” She asked, pulling out her iPhone which had recent pictures of Liam. The boys started laughing as Liam groaned, hiding his face. 

“Well, Y/N and I were.. doing stuff. And, I heard some fans outside, so i figured to go and say hi or something from the balcony. I didn’t realize my sweats were hanging that low, and that’s why there’s a picture of me with basically almost my full penis out.” He mumbled. 

“And what kind of stuff were you two doing?” Niall smirked, leaning back in his chair. 

“Stuff that you shouldn’t know about or else Y/N would kill me.” Liam replied. “Next question?”

blankrslate07  asked:

If you don't mind me asking.... but what if Tom got brainwashed along with Star and Marco in your St. Olga AU?

A very interesting question. To tell you the truth I’ve wondered about the variable of Tom getting brainwashed before. Initial concepts had me removing his horns in the same way that I let Star’s hearts fade away from her cheeks like Heinous’. But so many of Tom’s other traits would suggest his demonic origins so I think they wouldn’t bother trying to hide Tom’s identity here. Maybe they would be more formal like “Thomas” Or some other variation? 

He would be similar to Marco in that he would be given a guard-like role. Though Tom’s role would put a stronger emphasis on the ‘improvements’ to his personality. Giving off the impression that Saint Olga’s can solve even the most extreme of “behavioral problems”. 

Guard!Tom is more for theatrics, Lady made his outfit in a way that gave off the impression of a super hero. While ‘Soldier’ is strong and orderly, and ‘Lady’ is prim and proper, ‘Thomas’ is friendly, and much more energetic. He’s most likely to be the ‘motivator’ to students. Pushing the idea that the reform school may not be as ‘grim and dark’ as rumors may suggest. 

Of course whatever kind of positive image the school is trying to put forth is just a farce to cover a deeper cruelty.(At least as far as this au is concerned.) I know Tom, as a demon, has been established to brush off dismemberment albeit with some extreme pain/discomfort. I think this survivability could be exploited to punish him in ways that wouldn’t risk killing him. Aside from that, his ‘education’ may involve some enchanted/holy seals to keep him ‘in-check’. Like a demonic shock collar. It’s awful I know.

A third party can change up the dynamic a lot. Whether it’s making things worse through pre-established animosity, or adding another layer of helplessness in an already nightmarish scenario. If one would like to play up a closeness between the three.(Whether it’s for friendship and or general ship-iness) The more obvious mortality of the other two maybe used to coerce cooperation from the poor demon. 

All of the above maybe subject to change one way of the other. But that was fun overall :) Thank you for asking that question.