but i won't push it away

Venus signs
  • Aries: I will protect you with my entire self, I will put you first and I will always love you, even after we break up, you will always have someone who has your back, if you hurt me I will burn you, if you hurt me I will wish I hated you but I never will.
  • Taurus: I will smother you in love, I will kiss you morning and night, I will remind you how wonderful you look I will always be there, if you hurt me I will defend myself and close myself off from you and become more cautious about my next relationship.
  • Gemini: I will fight for you, I will defend you and I will stand by your side as your partner in crime, I will talk with you until the wee hours of the night and I will never forget you, but if you hurt me I will pretend you don't exist and I will isolate you entirely.
  • Cancer: I will love you until I die, I will hold you close at night and I will remind you every single day how important you are to me, if you hurt me I will never be able to look at you the same, and I will never forget, even if I forgive.
  • Leo: I will take you out and take you everywhere, I will show you love and I will always want to hold your hand, if you hurt me I will be mean and I will be vengeful I will hurt you just as badly as you hurt me.
  • Virgo: I will show you quiet love, I will give you space and I will want space but I will wrap you in my arms and whisper the sweetest words in your ears I will give you true love, if your hurt me I will stop talking to you and likely never talk to you again.
  • Libra: I will tease you and play with you but I will also fully appreciate you I will give you my heart if you treat me right and I will treat you better then you've ever been, if you hurt me I will hide I will shut down and block you from seeing any deeper into my mind.
  • Scorpio: I will give you the deepest most thoughtful love, I will sweep you off your feet and surprise you with charm and mystery, if you hurt me I will look away and never look back, I will hurt and I will want to reach out but I won't.
  • Sagittarius: I will be at your side I will take you on the wildest adventures and show you beautiful things in life, I will take over your world and keep you excited, if you hurt me I will run, I will push you as far as I can and keep my distance as much as possible, and then I will return and act like nothing happened and all we've ever been is friends.
  • Capricorn: I will love you in a way you have never been loved, I will give you strength and I will cheer you on, I will push you and I will always support you, if you hurt me I will act like you haven't I will act as though it didn't hurt even a bit, and then I will be cruel and cold to you.
  • Aquarius: I will show you joy and laughter, I will take you into the weirdest wackiest most beautiful world, where we go on the funnest dates and I take your hand and look into your eyes and you can see what you mean to me, if you hurt me I will be angry and I will fight back I won't let you push me down.
  • Pisces: I will give you the most enchanting and fairy tale like love you've ever had, you will feel like you are in a storybook, I will rescue you and keep you safe, I will give you romance and never ending love, if you hurt me I will be emotional and unsure of what to do, I will not be able to trust you and I will close myself off from you.
and here i am, there you go again (again)

goSH and here we are at chapter 3 of drama club AU! part 1 and part 2 are linked as follows!! i just wanna thank you all again for loving drama club AU and any feedback/thoughts/questions are very much appreciated and craved!! warning there might be a Cliffhanger in this chapter (depending on what you consider a cliffhanger)


“Okay, so I’ve locked my room to make sure we don’t go in there,” Jake declares, with an air of pride that makes it seem like he just did something world-changing, ground-breaking, kick-you-in-the-crotch fantastic, when all he did was turn a key.

“Is there really a need for that?” Amy asks as she settles down on the couch with a noticeably larger bag of homework. “We’ve already agreed on not going inside, it’ll be fine.”

Jake tuts at Amy disapprovingly. “Oh, Amy, Amy, Amy. Don’t you know that if you tempt temptation, temptation will tempt you?

“What-” Amy scoffs, because Jake is the most ridiculous person in the whole wide world. “That makes no sense!”

“Neither do most fancy quotes! Anyway, locking the door to my room is the first precaution we’re taking, case closed, Jake also closed.”

Amy wants to debate the logic behind his words, but chooses to inhale as deeply as she possibly can instead, because arguing with Jake is like bringing a toy knife to a gunfight– something one shouldn’t even begin to consider doing.

“Okay, Jake. Thank you for locking your door. As for me, I brought more home-”

Boooooooooo!” Jake jeers, proceeding to stick his tongue out and point his thumbs down.

She rolls her eyes. “Okay, asshole. How’s locking the door so much better than bringing more homework? Doing homework can help distract us from… whatever happened last time.”

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Ok so I am neck-deep into the Michelle x peter ship and I really really want her to have a small appearance in Infinity War (won’t happen I know but anyways) and just up and tell him she knows he’s Spider-Man and not to go up there in the Battlefield and die
I mean that would be such an adorable scene?? Like he runs off to put on his spider suit and she follows him and catch him in his suit without the mask on and just… Ask him not to go
He’s running obvs because there are super villain coming to earth to destroy it and he’s gotta go but she just grabs him and slams him into a wall or something and he drops his bag and she ask him not to go, why would he go he’s 15 he shouldn’t die like this
She tells him she fears he won’t come back and tells him that she doesn’t want to loose him. Not like this. And he is just so suprised because wow she is really scared?? She clearly cares for him so he doesn’t know what to do and she slammed him into a wall and know he is trapped between her arms and she is a bit taller than him and her face is so close and she speaks low like she is telling him a secret and his mind goes blank because MJ?? Is so worried about him and he feels the urge to hold her and so he does. He puts his hands around her face gently and tells her that he has to go because last time super villain attacked NY there were so few Avengers and they couldn’t fight all of them and protect people and so a lot of them died in the destruction and he wants to help save people
He tells her that he has power and has a responsibility to use them to help in a time of need like this (cue ‘that is the last thing uncle ben told me before he died because of my irresponsibility’)
And he just craddle her face and doesn’t speak above a wisper and she just hold his hands and he really wants to kiss her
But it’s not the time to do it so instead he asks her to remind him to do something he really wants to do right now when he gets back and she just looks at him frowning her brows a little and ask him what it is? And why wait to do it if he might not come back ? He promises he will because he won’t be on the offensive he will stay on the défensive saving as many people as he can while the Avengers do their thing. And he promises he’ll be back and to make good on his promise he’ll wait to do the thing he really wants to do right now and asks her ‘will you remind of that when I come back?“ And she just takes a deep breath and says 'sure I will’ and she locks eyes with him her right hand holding onto his suit (right under his arm, next to his chest) and left hand holding unto his hand by her face and he just takes a deep breath and kisses her forehead while closing his eyes taking it all in, hoping he’ll be able to stay true to his promise. And he wispers right in front of her lips (and he can feel the small breath she lets out and she didn’t know she was holding it) and tells her “I really want to do something like that, somewhere else” and she locks eye with him again and she squeezes her hands where she is holding him and just let’s out a small “you’re a looser” but he knows she means something else. And she knows it too. And hugs her, tight, standing on this toes,feeling her warmth, his head resting on the crook of her neck taking in her smell, his hands are in her hair and she holds him tight as well and closes her eyes and doesn’t want to let go but he releases her and gently push her away. He gives her is bag and ask her to keep it safe for him.
He pulls on his mask and runs of the stairs to the rooftop.

And MJ just stays there for a minute holding onto his bag and hoping he’ll be back to do what he wanted to do, and if she guessed right from what he said she’d really really like him to do it as well.

great comet characters as shit my classmates have said
  • pierre: "do you think it's legal to smuggle seven bottles of rum into school grounds?"
  • anatole: "i want seven boyfriends. but like, not in a "im a dick who cheats" kinda way. i want seven boyfriends in a "we all happily love each other" kinda way. shit, im gay"
  • dolokhov: "you fucking frozen pomegranate, you ruined my lab"
  • marya: *in broken german* "put your fucking cellphone away"
  • andrey: *after getting hit in the head with a basketball* "i keep screaming but god won't answer"
  • natasha: "how do you spell "cunt"? im trying to roast someone via letters"
  • sonya: *after watching someone get violently pushed down an entire flight of stairs* "i wonder who invented stairs"
  • mary: "my dad knows way more about whales than your dad does, so check your privileges sweetie"
  • hélène: *after tripping over three chairs* "i'm a graceful and talented queen and all you clumsy motherfuckers can fight me"
Behind Silence and Solitude (Negan x Reader) - Part 4 (Final Part)

Summary: You find yourself kicked out of Negan`s place and find a friend in Simon. But what do Negan think of your new friendship?

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3

Warnings: A lot of Angst, Jealous Negan, Possessive Negan, Usual Swearing, Suicidal Thoughts, Suicidal Attempt, Unrequited Love, Kind of fluff, Love Confession. 

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I can see Fionn be bit insecure about his body, like in one of interviews he said he is not so strong and Harry was like not said that! so I can see when they are having sex or go to he won't like to take his shirt :(

First of all, have ANY of you seen Fionn shirtless? There’s a scene in HIM that has me gawking because he has got such a pleasing torso and a chest I would love to lay my head upon… I’m… *insert ‘heart-eyes motherfucker’ gif*

They’re deep into a make-out session on his parents’ sofa, whilst his family have gone away for the weekend, sharing a kiss that hadn’t been broken for air just yet. His body pushed back into the sofa as her body straddled his lap. With his hands cupping the back of her neck and his fingers raked through the hairs that grew from the back of her head, her hands were fisting into the t-shirt upon his body. Her bare arms littered with goosebumps from both the chill in the air and the tingle that shivered down her spine from his touches and the contact with his tongue. There’s muffled moans between the both of them and as she grinds her hips down upon his, almost simultaneously with the kisses she gave, feeling him harden underneath her weight and the friction being caused with her movements.

And it just happens without thought. 

Her fists loosen from the material in her hold and drop from his t-shirt, falling to the hem that rested in his lap to hitch it up his chest. The kiss coming to an end when he pulls away and gives her a softened look. 

“S’wrong with what we’re doing?”


“You’re trying to take my top off,” he murmurs with swollen and pink lips, “why? I thought we were just making out?”

“We are,” she grins, “get your top off. I’ll take mine off, too.”

“Anyone can walk in,” he murmurs, dropping his hands from your body and tugging on his t-shirt, gulping thickly as his eyes averted around the room, “just ‘cause my mum and dad and sisters are away, doesn’t mean like, my grandparents won’t walk in or the neighbours to check on the house and me.”

She’s taken back by his offish behaviour, sliding off of his lap and falling to the sofa beside him. Ignoring his mouth opening and closing as he tried to form a plea to stop her from moving. His eyes watching her as she huffed and slouched beside him, nudging her knee with his as he shifted in his seat and turned to look at her.

“I didn’t want to stop kissing you. And you were going to take your top off,” he mumbles, straightening his arm along the back of the sofa and hitching a knee up and sliding his foot beneath his other thigh, “babe, I’m sorry. I just, m’not feeling so, uh, you know. I don’t feel like I’m, uh, yeah, I don’t feel like-”

“Are you insecure?”

“I wouldn’t say I-”

“You’re feeling insecure and that’s why you won’t take your top off,” she murmurs, putting the piecs together and looking up at him to see his cheeks blush a dark pink, “god, Fionn. How many times do I have to tell you you’re absolutely lovely the way you are? That I don’t want a guy with muscles when they flex or a six-pack on their chest. I love you because, well, I just love you, Fionn. You’re hard not to love. I don’t care about how you look. That won’t ever put me off of you,” she sits herself up and rolls her head back, leaning upon his arm, “we’ve had sex before. You took your clothes off.”

“We were in the dark.”

“Oh, Fionn,” she mumbles, “listen to me, yeah? I love you. You could have abnormal nipples or moles or patches of freckles on your chest and I’d still find you attractive. I love you for you. They make you you. I don’t want some gym freak. I don’t want some guy who runs all the time or lifts weights or can lift 700 pounds. I want you. You take me late night McDonalds and ice-cream and I want that,” she grins and leans closer to him, “I love you. Love everything about you. Love all of you and that won’t change.” xx

Shhh We are in a library!

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WARNING CONTAINS: talking in the library, vampire giggles, fluff, and Marcus x reader

So this is where you have been hiding” Marcus your vampire boyfriend whispered into your ear making you jump. You slapped your hands over your mouth from screaming in the library.

Marcus! Don’t do that!” You whispered harshly smacking his arm. He laughs lightly finding your little antics adorable.

I am sorry cara mia but you looked so peaceful and I always like to see your reactions” he wraps his long arms around you placing his chin on the top of your head.

You are such a bully” you mumbled. He let you go as you sat back down in your seat.

What have you been doing here all day?” he asked sitting by you. Marcus had decided to stay with you as you went to school. You didn’t want to take online classes and so Marcus bending into your hands agreed to let you go to school on campus and even rented out and apartment for the two of you.

Marcus was busy attending to a meeting at a restaurant nearby and had decided to come and look for you.

I have like an hour break between my two classes and I didn’t feel like going home… cause then I will get too comfortable and I won't want to go to class.” You said putting one earphone back in.

Hm? you didn’t want to come home and relax with me?” Marcus pouts nuzzling into your neck.

Stop, ” you said pushing his face away, he knew your neck was sensitive and as a vampire, he took pride in teasing you.

Shhh, we are in a library,” he said shushing you.

You gawked at him “see this is why, if I were to have gone home you would’ve wanted to keep me in bed with you” you said rolling your eyes. You even have started to only study in the library, Marcus was too much of distraction. 

But I love teasing you,” Marcus said having you rest your head on his shoulder his arm around you as the two of you sat and watched the movie that was playing on your computer. 

You didn’t go to class, movies and cuddling with your vampire boyfriend was much more important.

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Headcanon about how Deku became a villain? I would love to know ! Though will he be pure evil or still have some kindness in his heart like ,maybe towards quirkless or even kind kids with villainous quirks or won't hurt kids, females or elderly civilians? Please and thank you!

//first of all thank you so much for requesting this, I’m so sorry if you wanted something shorter, I got carried away with these and made it sound like it was a scenario;;;; I’m sorry I hope you still like these??//

-over the years some part of izuku resented katsuki for being so cruel, but he pushed those thoughts away and Endured a lot of bullying in the hopes that one day a quirkless kid like him could make it as a hero.

-I think the day he finally gave up on becoming a hero was the day he first met all might after he told him about his dreams of becoming a hero, but all might told him he had to be realistic someone without a quirk couldn’t become a hero, after living every day with the hope that he could become a hero and pouring all of his heart and soul into learning about heroes, and then to have your idol tell him “you can’t do it” broke something in him.

-after that incident izuku walked home feeling numb and empty with just a few words all of his hopes and dreams were shattered, he was there when katsuki was being attacked by the sludge guy but all he did was watch, he didn’t move not because he was scared but because it was so satisfying to see the absolute terror in katsuki’s eyes, a part of him still wanted to help him but after everything that had happened that day, after everything that had happened his entire childhood all he did was stand by as katsuki was being engulfed.

-all might eventually came to save katsuki, the whole crowd went wild cheering and praising all might, izuku disappointed quickly pushed through the crowd and walked home, Izuku spent the next few days thinking about all might’s words and hypocrisy, his fake smile it all left a bad taste in his mouth.

-izuku became more quiet more serious after that ordeal, he stopped muttering to himself in class and stopped paying attention, he threw away all of his all might merchandise, he still had his hero journal but instead of just writing down quirks and weaknesses he wrote about fighting techniques he could use to defeat them.

-izuku didn’t apply to U.A, he went to a regular high school and spent most of his time in and out of class contemplating about fake heroes and the flawed society, he also joined a martial arts class and read about different weapons and studied manuals on explosives.

-the sports festival was in a few months and then he suddenly had the idea of ruining it, he spent the next few months building explosives and and meticulously studying the architecture of the stadium, finding all the weak points and places that held up the structure.

-the sports festival finally rolled around and Izuku snuck underneath the structure ahead of time before the event began and started planting the bombs in all the places he marked.

-he went home and waited, the bombs were set to go off in the middle of the event at the very climax, he saw katsuki on screen fighting a boy with white and red hair, he wondered if maybe in another life that could’ve been him fighting that boy.

-he looked down at his watch just 30 seconds left and everything would be chaos, he was sweating with anticipation their was one second left and then…..nothing happened he looked down, maybe he used the wrong kind of alarm? Or maybe he made a mistake in wiring the bombs? He snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a loud boom coming from the t.v.

-the stadium is mostly collapsed and covered in fire the t.v cuts off for a few seconds and comes back to reporters outside of the stadium, he can see civilians being carried away in stretchers and heroes working hard to contain the fire and trying to rescue civilians from underneath all the rubble.

-his mother is next to him shocked crying, “what monster would do such a thing to children??” She pulls him in for a hug crying softly into his shoulder, he smiles and that’s the exact moment he became a sadistic villain.

//I know this was super long and edgy but I’m just really passionate about villain! Deku??? Like I could talk about him all the time, again I’m sorry if you wanted something shorter 😓  //

I dunno, this probably won't make sense to anyone

I think my favourite thing about Gregg and Angus is that they just… ARE ya know? They orbit each other, always a constant towards each other. Their relationship isn’t overly hyped up and its not pushed away either, its shown as it should be, normalised and though they’re obviously amazing together, they flourish well both together and independantly of each other. Gregg and Mae are extremely close and he obviously adores her and so does Angus and they are shown as happy, full individuls independent of each other, so their relationship doesn’t feel like its a desperate cling to one person and one person only, like a lot of others are potrayed as, but two genuinly happy and loving men who are entirely ingrained together they don’t even NEED to interact all the time, they move independantly and the stay within their own individual orbit simultaniously and thats the way relationships SHOULD be potrayed, Gregg and Angus are a pillar of a healthy and genuine love and I think they’re the fucking best.

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In regards to Jon being cold.. I kind of feel like it's cause "there's no time for that", so he's trying to push it all to the side, but then you get these little moments where that facade falls and you get a look at his actual feelings you know? Meeting Jorah didn't help I don't think. He clearly thinks there's something there so what's the point? I honestly think that with the events of the next episode he won't have the energy to keep playing at not being interested.

Yep, Davos picking up his looks at her is evidence of that. Also this episode when he’s watching her as she watches the dragons and then catches himself and looks away. It’s so obvious he’s trying to keep his feelings at bay while Dany is already overboard lol

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why r ppl surprised that magnus is angry. ppl tend to push someone they broke up w/ away especially if theyre trying to focus on themselves/the lives of their ENTIRE RACE ok anyway ppl won't let magnus have feelings that arent 'sassy best friend' or 'doing whatever the shadowhunters want'

and we’ve seen magnus act like this before so i don’t get why ppl are surprised he’s being like this? once again ppl aren’t paying attention outside of cute malec moments and i’m tired anon 😩


since when tumblr became a place where individuals feel that all content is created for their specific needs and there is either their way or no way? yes, this is a space for you to express yourself, yes, to find content you enjoy, yes, to share things you like, NO, to criticize things you don’t like, NO, to take away someone’s fun, NO, to try and push your views on other people and prove them that they are wrong, only because they have a different opinion. by all means, have your opinion, think for yourself, express yourself, but don’t destroy others while you do so

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for the ask prompts: oq - 8 <3

This has been sitting in my inbox for anywhere between a truly shamefully long time and an eternity, right? I promise I absolutely love getting prompts, and loved filling this one, too. Thank you for sending it, and I hope the result’s worth the wait!

Sometimes Robin wonders what kind of sorcery it is that draws him to the Queen with such relentless, irresistible, unfathomable force.

More often nowadays, he simply succumbs to the feeling: the attraction, the remarkable sense of kinship, the desire to see more of the complex woman under the armour—all of it. Following his heart, his gut, his instincts, has always served him rather well after all. So he no longer tries to resist the mysterious pull.

But oh does she ever. Fights it tooth and nail, attacks  it with rage and bile and haughtiness, staves it off with cold indifference, hurling jagged words and piercing looks his way in a valiant effort to deny the undeniable.

All for nought.

All she accomplishes—all they accomplish, for Robin, much as he craves her company, removes himself from it when she so wishes—is a brief respite as they drift (tear themselves, more accurately) apart before they inevitably come back together time and time again.

Tonight she’s in his arms once more—Regina, just Regina when they’re like this, body and soul bared before the other. She’s quiet, pensive, that perpetual cloud of wistfulness ever hanging over her as her fingers ghost over his arm in swirling patterns chased by shiver after shiver. She’s present enough to catch them despite her mind clearly wandering, for he feels her blink rapidly with each pleasant shiver of his, her long lashes tickling his chest. Robin breathes her in, the cinnamon clinging to her skin and the faint whiff of apple from those dark, luxurious locks he can’t but card his fingers through over and over again, scratching her scalp just so and feeling rather than hearing her content sigh. He tries not to think of what will inevitably follow—what always follows—these precious moments that are much too few and far between.

If you ask him, that is.

Regina on the other hand seems to be of the opinion they’re entirely too frequent.

“This needs to stop,” she says even as she buries her nose into the crook of his neck in what she’d no doubt deny is a nuzzle.

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LOVED the new trailer. And, the nuances cait brought to that last little bit before entering the printshop, between her facial expressions and touch her hair to make sure she looks ok... pretty perfect. Jamie and Claire are first in my book. Shitshow stays at the curb, won't allow any sort of trash ruin something that provided with me with entertainment L-O-N-G before they even were aware of each other.

“The low, dark opening to Carfax Close yawned just ahead, across the expanse of the Royal Mile. I stopped dead, looking at it, my heart beating hard enough to be heard a yard away, had anyone been listening.

It wasn’t raining, but was just about to, and the dampness in the air made my hair curl. I pushed it off my forehead, tidying it as best I could without a mirror. Then I caught sight of a large plate-glass window up ahead, and hurried forward.

The glass was misty with condensation, but provided a dim reflection, in which my face looked flushed and wide-eyed, but otherwise presentable. My hair, however, had seized the opportunity to curl madly in all directions, and was writhing out of its hairpins in excellent imitation of Medusa’s locks. I yanked the pins out impatiently, and began to twist up my curls.”

  • Robert: It wasn't your fault, all right? I won't let you blame yourself, okay? I did it. I made a mistake and if you can't get past it, then that's on me.
  • Aaron: Yeah, well, I knew what I was doing when you came in to visit. I didn't exactly make it easy for you. I pushed you away cos it was easier.
  • Robert: I shouldn't have let you.
  • Aaron: You can't always be strong though, can you? Like you said. And I will always make it hard for you. I did try to warn you.
  • Robert: You'll keep getting help. I'll do it with you. I'd still choose messed up with you over anything else. I'd still choose you every time.
  • Aaron: Would you, though?
  • Robert: I'm still here. I stayed, didn't I? You told me everything in the end and I'm still here. You are it for me. You're all I want.
  • Aaron: People don't stay with me.
  • Robert: And people don't forgive me. Not for this.
  • Aaron: I do.

I seriously love the idea of a fanfic where Peter is in a relationship with Matt and they meet Deadpool and Matt suddenly gets self conscious because Wade is able to make Peter laugh really easily and he seems a lot more comfortable with Wade then him so he starts to push Peter away but then Peter is all like “dude I love you” and Matt doesn’t believe till Wade tells him that Peter never stops talking about how awesome Matt is n stuff and then they become bros and Spideydevil prevails!