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Seriously, guys. We need to stop being toxic, comparing people to other people, anonymously putting people down, and just being all together mean; it’s truly ridiculous. We are in a time where now, more than ever, where we need to LOVE and ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT one another. Spread love and kindness, don’t sow hate and distrust. 🌱💕


Dragon Maid & Dragon Butler 

All I’m saying is, if there WAS a deleted kiss, just give it to us.  We don’t have to change the story or alter Jyn’s/Cassian’s narrative, we can all agree that the story works better without the resolution of their feelings towards each other, and we’ll never talk about it again. It won’t be canon.

But just fucking let us see it, for crying out loud. You killed all of them.  Throw us one fucking bone already.  

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Hi! I requested something before your asks got deleted! I know you probably won't do this. but it's about the reader always wearing pants and she's been an avenger for about a year or so and nobody really noticed she never showed her legs. But one day she comes strolling into training in short shorts and a sports bra and she has tattoos everywhere from the belly button down. And all of them are vintage military and flowers (these are mine) and all of the avengers want a tour/Bucky loves them.

I hope you like this and that it was similar to what you were looking for. <3

You remembered the first week of training with Natasha.

She’d always made comments about how you always made sure every inch of your skin was covered, thinking that you might be ashamed of your scars.

She’d tried to make you feel more comfortable by showing you hers - one on her hip, a few on her thighs and one or two on her arms. 

You’d assured her that wasn’t the case and continued on with your training, shedding your hoodie to make her feel a little better.

You see, it wasn’t so much that you were ashamed, but you were hiding something from the team. 

6 months later, on a day no different than any other, Sam caught up to you as you were jogging the perimeter of the tower, making a comment about how you shouldn’t be wearing sweatpants when it was 90 degrees out and how he’s never seen your legs before. You rolled your eyes, called him a pervert, and kept running.

It was now a little over a year later, and you’d managed to keep your secret from everyone… but today, of course, the air conditioning was down in the tower and the building was ungodly hot.

Nat and Wanda were wandering about the tower in sports bras and booty shorts while all of the men were sporting nothing but loose-fitting shorts. 

You’d decided today was the day you’d come out of hiding.

You donned the shortest pair of shorts you owned and a sports bra, revealing every inch of your inked skin - brightly colored, traditional style tattoos, from your waist down to your ankles. 

Of course, you were proud of them, but you weren’t sure how the team would react to you being so heavily tattooed.. Today was the day you’d find out.

You practically skipped down to the training room, feeling freer than you had in years. Natasha was the first one to notice you, her eyes going wide as you came through the door. “Y/N..?” She asked, sounding shocked. You smiled at her, taking a few steps towards her and resting your hands on your hips. Her look of awe changed into a smile as she came towards you, too, her eyes raking up and down your legs. “You’re…” She started, but a hand touching your lower back grabbed your attention. “Beautiful..” Bucky’s voice finished for her as you looked over your shoulder, seeing his eyes moving up and down your legs, too. 

You could feel a blush creep its way onto your cheeks as his hand moved lower, to your leg and he knelt behind you, inspecting your thighs up close. Steve had made his way over to you, too, along with Scott, small smirks on their lips.

“I knew you were hiding something, Y/N, but this was unexpected.” Scott spoke, scratching the scruff on his chin and smiling at you. You shrugged in response, trying to hide the shiver that worked its way down your spine when Bucky’s vibranium finger traced the outline of one of the many flower tattoos on the back of your thigh. “Why would you ever hide these..?” He whispered from below you, and you shrugged again, chewing the inside of your cheek. “I guess… I was worried what you guys would think.. I wanted you to take me seriously as an agent.” You replied softly and you saw Steve smirk. “I guess you’re not the only one with interesting limbs anymore, Buck.” He said with a chuckle, only making your blush deepen. 

“What do they all mean?” Natasha asked, studying the colorful lines that peeked out of the top of your shorts on your hips. You smiled at her, looking down at yourself. “Well.. Some of them have meaning, but the others.. I just kinda liked them.” You confessed, laughing softly. You could hear Bucky let out a small laugh as his fingertip traced another line down the back of your calf, making another shiver work its way through you.

You were about to take a step away from him when he suddenly stood up, resting his hands on your hips as he did so. “They’re beautiful, doll.. Really. You shouldn’t hide them.” He whispered for only you to hear. You opened your mouth to reply, but were cut off by the training room door opening and a gasp. “Y/N?” Sam asked, squinting as he took slow steps towards you. 

You couldn’t hold back the laugh that left your lips at the look on his face. The poor boy looked so incredibly confused. “You.. You’re not wearing pants?” He asked softly, his eyes lingering on your legs for a moment.

You heard Bucky growl lowly and his grip on your hips tightened as he moved to stand in front of you, blocking Sam’s view. “Alright, pigeon, that’s enough oogling for today.” Bucky murmured, and you could see Sam smirk from over Bucky’s shoulder. “You win this time, Barnes..” He mumbled as he walked away, towards the bench press. 

You looked up at Bucky briefly, smiling at him, and he returned the gesture, his hair falling into his eyes. You couldn’t resist the urge to push his hair back and soon found your fingers tangled in the dark locks at the base of his skull. “Do you have anymore?” He whispered softly and you bit into your lip to hold back your laughter. “Yeah, I have a huge Iron Man helmet on my ass.” You replied and his face fell almost immediately.

You couldn’t hold back your laughter for long, soon erupting into a fit of giggles. “Please tell me you’re joking.” He said, his face stark white. You nodded through your laughter, looking up at him. “Of course I’m joking. Everyone know’s I’m a Captain America gal.” You told him with a wink. He rolled his eyes, pulling you closer by your waist and letting out a small sigh. “Oh, of course you are.”

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Today 2 of my male coworkers decided it was funny to spray the tills with sanitizer and feign innocence and when I finally snapped at them to stop because it was messing the tills and I kept pressing the wrong stuff, this racking up deleted and voids, the boys told me to "chill". No I won't "chill", I'm the one who's going to get in trouble when my till is flagged because of all these deletes and voids, not you

Nick & Danse
  • Nick: I, ah, heard what happened.
  • Danse: Came to rub it in have you? Wouldn't blame you... .
  • Nick: No, I came to ask if you were alright.
  • Danse: Why would you?
  • Nick: Because no matter how much people take the piss, it's hard and this is unfair on you.
  • Danse: I've said things...
  • Nick: Haven't we all? You were simply following in something you believed in, something you gave your whole life, too. No matter how misguided it was, you were loyal and you're a good man for it... Not because you followed, but because you were able to break free once you realized it was wrong. No one--including myself--blames you for that Danse.
  • Danse: I--
  • Nick: You're here because someone thought you were important enough to exist... and that means you're good enough to be who you want to be. In this case, human.
  • Danse: I'm not though...
  • Nick: No one else has to know. Sole and I won't say a word, and apart from you, were the only people who know. The rest is up to you.
  • Danse: ... Thank you.
  • Nick: We alright?
  • Danse: Yes, were good syn--ah, ahem. Nick. Yes, were good.
  • Derek: Stiles, don't do the thing.
  • Stiles: I won't do the thing.
  • Stiles: *does the thing*
  • Derek: Stiles, what did I say?
  • Stiles: You meant that thing?
  • Derek: You had one job: don't do the thing.
  • Stiles: I have many things that I'm not allowed to do.
  • Derek: Then don't do any of them. Just sit in the corner and don't do anything.
  • Liv: I know you say it's gonna be fine, but I swore that I wouldn't say anything to anyone about the drugs. And I have. I've told you.
  • Robert: Which was the right thing to do.
  • Liv: Right, but what if he doesn't see it like that and he thinks I can't be trusted? What if he's still taken them. What is he's hooked?
  • Robert: He's clean. He swore to me. Getting a release date is something for him to focus on.
  • Liv: Everyone hates a grass, Robert.
  • Robert: Liv, this could have ended really badly. Because you told me the truth, it didn't. You did a good thing.
  • Liv: Right, so you always tell the truth? Even if it could really upset him and possibly mess things up, you'd do it anyway?
  • Robert: Everyone wishes they could answer 'yes' to that question.
  • Liv: Exactly.
  • Robert: Yeah. Yeah, sometimes you do stupid things and if we could go back, we'd hit 'delete' and none of it would have happened. But this isn't one of those things. You did what needed to be done and he understands that.
  • Liv: So you set him straight?
  • Robert: I won't need to. We're family. He can't wait to see us.
  • Liv: Well, you're all right, Robert, you've not done anything wrong, have you?

arlie and chase make really beautiful children that’s all i’m saying. i scrolled past them in cas earlier and almost died.

“Se Jeong is a total closet sasaeng. She acts like she doesn’t care about Crude Play at school but she uses Kyu Sun’s phone to spy on them.”

Judai Yuki – Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond Time

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Too much supercorp fics on here

So I made a poll asking you guys whether or not I should delete the supercorp-main fics

This is an automatic feed so it just posts everything in the Alex Danvers/Maggie Sawyer tag on ao3 so I can’t do anything about writers tagging that but I can manually look at the fics on this and delete them accordingly. (I’ll probably miss a few but hopefully get most of them)

Here’s the link to the poll:


Needed this where I knew it wouldn’t be deleted later. Credit: Sam Hunt on youtube. 

Watching people praise them, serenading each other, and ot4 hugs and smootches. I’m going to miss my boys so damn much. 

(try not to tag the show so it doesn’t get deleted, thanks!)