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One day in the future Finn is filling out some paperwork during lunch and he gets to the signature: Last Name, First Name. He’s like “what am I supposed to put? I don’t have a last name?” And Poe says “Oh here, you can take mine.” And thats how they get engaged.


after the war, dean and seamus move in together. it only makes sense; they are bruised and battered veterans who have spent half their lives together. they’re not ready to go their separate ways just yet.

dean spends his days with luna, taking journalism tips from her and chatting over coffee. he also delves into painting, music, other arts that he never thought to explore while at hogwarts. he doesn’t know what to do with his life just yet, but he has plenty of time to find out. 

seamus, on the other hand, heads immediately into auror training and is assigned to be a hit wizard. though his job is dangerous, he is highly skilled and unflinching in the face of peril. he spends his nights on the streets chasing down criminals, and during the day returns to the flat to sleep.

though they run on different schedules, they are always hyper-aware of the needs the other may have. dean prepares dinner for seamus before he heads out for the night, and seamus repays him by picking up paints or brushes whenever he runs by an art shop. 

they are constant reminders to each other of their shared past, the war they went through, the war they survived. though they may move on eventually, for now they have all the time in the world just to live.


Just tell me to stahp - Vine 

  • Troye surprised us with a 2015 song like wow with how much he has done this year it'd be pretty great
  • Bonus:he mentions his beautiful boyfriend and Connor just scoots across the screen