but i wish these grown women would stop calling each other ugly names

Case Study ~ February 2012 ~ Twist

Sorry for the delay, folks!  I’m doing my best <3

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Warning: These stories all revolve around an AU world where Kurt and Blaine both have serious mental health disorders and end up rooming together at a boarding school geared towards special education.  I work in mental health, so I’m familiar with this stuff and will try to be as accurate as possible, but please keep in mind that this is a work of fiction.  There will be some angsty parts and some happy parts and many parts that are in-between, and I don’t have a definitive plan in mind other than a happy ending.

Also, Kurt and Blaine are in the same grade here, both juniors at the start of the story.

This part is PG, 1744 words

February 2012 ~ Twist

Blaine watched them suspiciously: four grown-ups in Ms. Genna’s office, sitting around in a circle and chattering about something to do with him.

“Come on in, sweetheart.  Sit down,” Mama said when she noticed his face peeking through the crack of the door.

Obediently, Blaine did so, feeling a tiny bit frightened even though he didn’t know why.  He liked all of these people, trusted them—Mama and Daddy and Ms. Genna and Mrs. Applewood.  He shouldn’t be scared.

He wished Kurt was here to hold his hand.

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