but i wish i had thought of it

This is a personal interpretation but during the ring scene, we can hear a choir song called “Rocking Carol” and I don’t know but the lyrics had some meanings to me.

We will rock you, rock you, rock you
We will serve you all we can
Darling, darling little man

It’s like an echo of their wishes, to cheerish the other and stay together.
Also since the episode was in Viktor’s pov, I see it also like it could be Viktor’s deep desire, to keep “serving” Yuuri until the end ;v;


there are things i never got
to tell you and i convince myself
every single day that i didn’t
have the chance, that i never had
the chance to let you know
but the truth is,
i never had the courage to.
i could only utter them
in my dreams and whisper them
in the darkness of the night.
i could only wish that the
corners of my room could keep
all my secrets and that the walls
wouldn’t shake from the weight
of my confessions on its shoulders.
i could only stare at the ceiling and
wonder about you
and how you could consume the entirety
of my thoughts.
and even after all those 3 ams i almost
called to tell you but ended up
pulling my words back into my mouth,
i still wonder.
i still think of you.
i still ask myself
of what we could’ve been,
if i had told you.
because you are
my greatest what if,
my biggest almost.
and i never had the
courage to let
you know.
—  Kai Masa

“I’m tired of trying.”

“But you can’t give up on yourself.
This is your life, you need to try for yourself.
To make things better for yourself.
This is for you.”

“I’m tired of that too.”

“Then try for me. Because I can’t
stand to see you like that.”

“Ok, fine. I’ll try.”

“For better. Try harder, for the better.”

“For better. And for you.”

I really fucking miss you, and just wanted you to know that I’m still trying for you. For better. I wish you were here to see that. I’m trying. I’m trying. I just really miss you right now.

—  March 23rd, 2015 // for a friend
I think you will never know how much I want to take a picture of you when you’re not looking, to capture you in those moments when you’re just being yourself, caught up in some daily task, or thoughts and daydreams that I would never even know, times when you’re unaware, and unabashedly imperfect. I wish I have taken those photos of you so that when this day comes, I’ll have those photos to remind me of you, and remember that once upon a time, I had fallen in love with a boy who never even knew how much I loved him.
—  cynthia go // Photographs [93/365] // excerpt from a book ill never write #25

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What is explaining his horrible writing on Twitter going to do? The GA saw the garbage that was put on screen. They're not searching for answers, they just turn it off and not watch anymore. ABC has their work cut out for them to lure viewers back in March with promo not him. He's an absurd individual, I can't believe he's a showrunner. And he just love when someone tweets praise for that finale, hasn't dared address the disappointment. Admit it didn't come across the way you thought it would.

Honestly, the bottom line is if you have to explain things on your show in tweets then you did not do your job correctly. There had to be a way to make the wish!world more clear, I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to figure it out. I just saw a post that it “it makes sense if you look at it the right way!” I’m sorry, but if multiple well respected shipmates didn’t get it–people who’ve been watching and analyzing this show for 5+ years–then you don’t get to be the special snowflake who tells us we’re all doing it wrong.

The fact is the show was not clear. It’s painfully obvious that 10 and 11 are meant to be watched together, that many of the answers we seek are in the second part. The trouble is the second part isn’t NEXT week, it’s in 3 fucking MONTHS.

Also, for me, the worst part wasn’t even Emma while she was under the influence of the wish! Things designed for her not to break out of the spell, blah, blah, blah, I just watched that same story on Arrow. I UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT. My even bigger problem was Emma essentially saying it was BETTER that the dark curse was cast, cuz WHAT? That’s just stupid. 

This story wasn’t a “grass is greener” story. Because that’s NOT what Emma’s life would have been like in the EF. Adam just said that on Twitter today! He said Snowing would have raised her well! So it’s not even the right comparison. They did this to Emma to prop up Regina, full stop.

Even worse, was the lead up TO the episode and where I think a lot of the ire is coming from. Eddy specifically said that these AUs are WISH FULFILLMENT. For the WRITERS. In this case to show us what Emma would be like if there had been no curse. Only now, they’ve realized that everyone hated that and now they have to backtrack and say no, it was just the EQ’s twisted version of Emma’s wish.

Once again, this just highlights the disconnect between what the writers believe they are putting on screen and what we, the audience, are seeing.

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If I like... wish I was the opposite gender, like if I'm a boy and I wish I was a girl, is that different to being transgender? Like if I don't try to look like a girl or act like one or anything, if I just think that maybe if I'd been given a choice I would've picked being a girl, that's not to say I AM a girl, right? I'm sorry I'm new at this, and I know you're trans so I thought maybe you'd be able to tell me.

realtalk: this is pretty much the exact same thing I thought before I had the Realization

like, I’m still a pretty effeminate dude, but like. there was a whole point where even though I was wearing tutus and dresses and being like, A Happy Bi Girl I would constantly ask friends if I would’ve been pretty “if I was born a boy” and wondering what it would be like to be a guy

it may be nothing! I can’t confirm or deny for you whether you’re trans. but don’t feel like the way you present or the things you like keep you from being trans. “wanting” to be a girl can be enough.

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So I've kind of gotten a feel for what you think about Newt and Credence from your writing but I'm curious as to how you feel about the female characters?

Hopefully the writing will show that too eventually - but gotta admit, I adore Queenie. Not that I thought Tina was in any way bad, it’s just that Queenie was all the good things. Kinda wish we had seen more of madam president whose name I can’t recall just now, though.

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While I really do like the idea of Naughty Dog adding another LGBT character for TLOU Pt. II, at this point, its kinda hard for me to picture Ellie being with someone else besides Riley. (Like picturing Max being with someone besides Chloe). What are your thoughts?

Yeah, I see what you mean. Now that we’ve had a glimpse of grown-up Ellie, I wish we could see how grown-up Riley and her would be together…

But I think LiS and TLOU have two different takes on losing your lover/best friend/gal pal extraordinaire?

In LIS, it’s all about if Max actually accepts to let go of Chloe or not. Whereas in TLOU, the circumstances of the world have forced Ellie to move on without Riley, even though she thinks she should have died at her side. And the rest of the game shows how Ellie “keeps finding something to fight for”, because the world won’t allow her to sit down and look back. I think her finding new love would be in the continuity of that, although it would be painful :s

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I know you, the gentleman Jonathan joestar, are not a sadist and would never wish harm upon another. That being said, how did it feel to make Dio cry? >:)

“Hmmm it was a mixture…. I was so… angry that Dio would try to use Erina to hurt me…She was so….important….. to me. And just the thought of him forcing himself on her in any way made my blood boil. Also, I was severely punished…unlike Dio. Father didn’t see or know what Dio had done. 

But thats okay. I know what he did and I made him pay for it. I admit that after all of his ridicule and assaults on me, to defeat him so strongly made me feel refreshed…but it didn’t last….Beating up Dio didn’t help Erina….it didn’t save Danny………………………………………


Dear Charlie,

I’ve never written to you before, but it’s time.

I’m lonley, very very lonley. I once had someone to love, and they moved on without even thinking about me.
I see love all around me, platonic and non platonic, and all i can think about is how lonley i am.. hell, i only have one friend.

I just wish i felt something.. anything. I’ve thought about drinking to feel something, I’m only 16 and I’m already wanting to binge drink to forget everything. I don’t know what to do anymore, i want to feel something other than numb.

Love always,

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Hey I love your blog but I've noticed you haven't been here so much lately apart from queues and I miss you :( I hope you're alright <3

Hello lovely anon, thank you so much for your message it’s so very sweet of you <3 Umm, yes  I’ve had a couple of other messages like this which I answered privately. I’ll just answer this under a read more :

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Carry On Because You Can (Carry On Countdown Dec 6th)

I’m really sorry for the late post in the day. Anyways I adore Ebb and I wish we could’ve seen more of her connection to her brother. They say twins can feel each other’s pain…so here you go :) @carryon-countdown


As she lay on the ground Ebb thought about how much she would miss being alive. There were the goats to think about, she wished she could have one more moment playing in the open fields with them. She would miss her home too, especially the little figurines that Simon had gotten her. Lastly she thought of her brother, she wished there was some way she could speak to him before she left.
Maybe he was a monster, she couldn’t really decide on that and now wouldn’t have the chance. But she did realize he was a better person than the Mage was in life, which had to mean something.
She clutched at her chest, wishing she could somehow put all the blood back inside. She had so much to do…goats to feed, Simon to warn, Nico to forgive. But she knew that she wouldn’t have the chance to do any of those things.
Using the last of her strength she tried to send her brother a message, to use their bond as twins.
Please start living again Nicodemus. Being human didn’t keep me alive, so I hope being a vampire doesn’t make you dead. Carry on Nico, because I can’t anymore.


Nicodemus leaned against the Watford gates feeling miserable. He wanted nothing more than to burst through the gates and find his sister. There was a terrible panic building in his gut telling him he needed to get to her. But the gate wouldn’t let him through and there was no one to invite him in.
Suddenly he felt a sharp pain twist through his chest, burning as if he had been stabbed. He gasped and fell to his knees. Something is wrong he thought. It had to be Ebb, someone had hurt her; he knew it but could do nothing.
Yelling with frustration he threw himself at the gate and shook it. Vampire strength did very little against hundreds of years of ancient magic.
He felt a voice at the back of his mind, kind of like when he and Ebb had been children and knew exactly what the other was thinking.
Please start living again Nicodemus. Being human didn’t keep me alive, so I hope being a vampire doesn’t make you dead. Carry on Nico, because I can’t anymore.
He dropped to his knees and looked at the sky. He knew she was dead, just as he had always known where she was or how she was doing. There was nothing left for him to fight for, nothing else for him.
But then he remembered her words, remembered how much she loved the Mage’s heir and that smart-ass vampire. They still needed someone, someone to protect and teach them. It should’ve been Ebb but now that it couldn’t be he knew he owed her to step up to the plate.
Okay Ebb he thought I’ll carry on.

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so i have this friend and he's actually kind of problematic. he says there's only three sexualities (bi, homo, and hetero), and he says you can't be transgender because it's "wrong to change nature". he also tries to define my sexuality by saying i'm ACTUALLY bisexual because "you've never had sex with anyone so you can't know you're a lesbian" like?? maybe that i'm dick repulsed? maybe that all my crushes are girls? idk just a thought

Ugh I’ve known these types of people all my life. I wish I could tell you that he’s the only one but unfortunately, you’ll come across many people just like him. But you know who you are. You really don’t need to explain yourself to him. If he is interested and open minded then great, teach him that there are so many different types of people that aren’t boxed into those three options and two genders.

- Nicole


“You know as well as I do that we are in no position to have any kind of relationship other than being friends! You’re a Jedi, you’re not supposed to have attachments like lovers! And I could never… I couldn’t be what you wanted, Anakin, I would always be divided between my heart and my duty as a Senator.”

This again, he thought while his heart raced. They had had that conversation countless times before but they never managed to be apart for long, so why keep delaying their relationship when it could be improved? He wished to understand. “ I told you I don’t care about what could happen to me, you don’t know how much I love you.  Anakin swallowed thickly, bitterly. He pursed his lips and tried to fight back the tears that emerged from his eyes – he was shaking his head in denial  You are exactly what I want, can’t you see? 

we  can fix this, we can’t fix this
little spaces out  of place
snowball into a fantastic race
heart  beating too fast
blood rushing, head  spinning
little spaces out of place
we can fix  this, we can’t fix this
why try, why not, why
we can fix this, we  can’t fix this
little spaces out of place
growing  disproportionate
I  can’t fix this, I can fix this
I can’t  concentrate
little  spaces out of place
I wish I had arms to  embrace
I’m  feeling out of place again
disjointed  and dispassionate
little spaces  out of place
paces  falling to  a  slow
I can’t  fix this, I can’t fix  this
I  can’t concentrate
little spaces  out of place
too  many things too wrong today
wake me up another  day