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Protective | archie andrews

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a/n: please please request ideas for short series or one shots!! i like to cater to you guys and sometimes you really do come up with some cool ideas!! love always R🌹

as the years went on you’d think bullying and slut shaming was a thing of the past, you were sadly mistaken. in fact it seemed to get worse and more and more creative as the times went on.

i obliviously walked into school head held higher than normal as i spot Betty and Veronica standing near my locker, smiling brightly i approach them a little bounce in my step as I over to them.


i gawk smiling like an idiot, i had my very first date last night with one Reggie Mantle and you think it went rather well. we had a meal at pops and then went to the drive in to watch a movie where we stuffed our faces with junk food and spent the night cuddled up in the back of his truck with some small make out sessions before he dropped me home just before curfew.

I was still grinning, the gang wasn’t very thrilled with the idea of me going they said that he was a stupid football jock that just wanted to get into my pants and last night just proves that they were wrong - for once.

my smile fades as i glance at their concerned expression, i grab my books and close my locker as they glance from their phones to others loitering in the halls before first period before finally glancing at me.

“what?” i laugh glancing the hall to see many eyes on me, i spot Archie his expression the same as the girls.

“okay what the hell happened”

i ask breaking the silence, tapping my fingers against my books growing impatience at their lack of emotions and words.

“will someone please tell me what’s going on!”

i practically yell, Veronica glances at her phone again and i snatch it from her grasp as the red headed boy stops in front of us mumbling a small greeting.

i glance at the phone and see that the photo Reggie had taken off me last night in the drive in cuddle up to him, only he’d modified the picture and photoshopped maple syrup running down my face.

“oh my god” i say my breathe catching in my throat i click on the comments and instantly regret it the words ‘slut’ ‘ugly’ ‘whore’ 'attention seeking’ came up regularly along with comments about my weight and seemed liked everything else 'what a freak’ i give Veronica back her phone and sniffle tears pricking my eyes.

I look up to see Betty and Veronica staring me down

“do it say it!! okay 'i told you so’ okay I get it”

the girls shake their heads scrambling for words to comfort me

“forget it” i whisper pushing past them

“(y/n)” i hear archie call but I ignore him keeping my head down as i rush to class, everyone laughing and sharing comments as I pass.

i round the corner and slam into a body, we bump heads and i cuss grabbing my fallen bag and glances to see Jughead concern etched on his face “I saw the picture are you okay?” i sigh sniffling.

“no” i whisper

he places his hand on my shoulder rubbing it soothingly “i didn’t even do anything juggie- Archie’s and the others are just itching to tell me that they were right- again!”

“it’s okay- we know it’s not true. people believe what they want okay you-” jughead tries to soothe me running his hands up and down my arms.

“jughead” we both look up to see the smug look of Reggie

my blood boils and I shove his chest “i can’t believe you” i spit tearing up at the sight of him.

“what’s wrong baby?” he coos placing his hand tenderly on my shoulder i shudder at his touch and rip my shoulder from his grasp “don’t touch me reggie!” i warn.

he steps forward and jughead stands in front of me protectively, he laughs clapping his hands looking to his boys standing behind him “would you look at that” he howls getting up in jughead face.

“don’t even think about it” i seethe standing in front of jughead pushes at reggies chest.

as much as i wanted to cower behind juggie i knew that Reggie wouldn’t flinch punching him and the last thing i wanted was for my best friend to get punched in the face.

“oh c'mon i wasn’t going to punch your little boyfriend” he teases winking at the both of us “he’s not my boyfriend reggie- he’s my friend and i will not let some jerk bully my friends” i shout “or me for that matter”

he bites his lip pulling me into the wall pinning me down “god your hot when your angry” he whispers huskily into my neck.

“get off!!” i yell looking desperately to jughead for help but Reggies boys were holding him hostage.

“i mean it Reggie get off” i yell everyone decides to gather to watch the show, i thrash trying to get out of his grip but it’s useless.

“oh come one little (y/n) you weren’t this shy with me last night” i squirm “your fat ass wasn’t mad when I had my tongue in your mouth” he smirks and i cringe knowing that he was right.

“MANTLE” i head a loud voice

“archie” i say breathless my eyes begging for help

“let her go now” he orders edging closer

“or what andr-” he didn’t get to finish his sentence before archie ran and shoved Reggie off me and onto the floor.

grabbing me by the waist and pulling me into his arms

“so this is your boyfriend?” he howls “Andrews and (y/l/n) nice, I mean Arch buddy you could do way better she’s not much of a 10” he chuckles the group agreeing with him

“you okay” he whispers i nod “im okay now” i smile at him

“hate to break up the love fest but she’s mine archie, her face might not be all that but boy is her body”

the group whistles as they look me up and down taking in every once of me, i felt disgusted and disappointed that I ever thought Reggie was more than a jock with a good body.

the moment didn’t last as reggie grabbed me and shoved me into jughead, that flicks a switch in archie as he punches the boy in the jaw they wrestle around punching other and i yell for them to stop jughead holding me back.

the teachers are alerted and rush over to separate the boys as soon as Archie’s pulled back i run over to him placing my hands on his cheeks examining his face.

“arch” i say sadly glancing at his bruised eye and split lip.

“Andrews, Mantle my office NOW”


“i can’t believe the fought over you!” Ronnie squeals helping me zip up the back of my cheerleading uniform “swoon!” she finishes skipping over to Betty.

“it wasn’t over me, reggie was being an ass and Archie was just being a good friend” i conclude pulling my hair into a half up half down look adding blue ribbon for school spirt.

“have you spoke to him since it happened?” Betty asks sitting in front of me worry filling her voice.

“no, he had detention at lunch” she nods and i feel guilty “he came to see me after school but i just wanted to be alone. ill see him tonight” i try and smile knowing that Reggie would also be at the game.

Veronica touches up my face with a little makeup before the three of us head to school for the pep rally, my mood lifts a little football games were a ritual for me. i loved cheering with B & V and watching Archie play. Often we managed to drag Jughead and Kevin to the games to watch us all tonight that was one of those nights.

we meet the squad in the change rooms and grab our poms poms getting ready to go out onto the field to get the crowd pumped

“you will speak with him before the game right?” Veronica asks me worried, i nod following the girls out onto the field “promise”

“WOOHOO GO THE BULLDOGS” we cheer running and flipping out onto the field hyping the crowd up i spot jughead in the crowd and i jog over to him when Cheryl isn’t looking

“juggie!” i yell catching his attention “have you seen arch?” as the words leave my mouth the bulldogs run through the banner Archie leading the pack with a huge black eye. i glance at him guilty, he doesn’t see me searching through the crowd of river vixen. “ill talk to you later” i tell him he smiles frustrated giving me the 'I know your not okay’ stare.

i jog over to the drinks table where Archie stand his back facing me, i approach place my hand on his shoulder causing him to spin around relief flooding his expression as he realises it’s me.

“oh thank god it thought you weren’t here and i know you love the games and I didn’t want you to not come because of reggie and-” i cut him off placing my hand on his cheek touching the purpleness around his eyes gently.

“oh arch” he’s hand shots up to touch mine “im so sorry” i tell him tearing up

“hey it’s okay-” and just like that he’s swept up onto the field with all the others “arch” i call out trying to get he’s attention.

“hey it’s okay” i feel Betty’s hand on my shoulder “we gotta get ready” i nod turning to face her following her back to the squad getting ready to perform


the game finished miserable as the win was taken away from us in the last 5 minutes, the bulldogs look dull as they exit the field heading to the locker rooms. i sigh and grab my bag walking after the boys i needed to speak with Archie.

“(y/n)” i hear jughead call, choosing to ignore him i walk faster hoping to catch archie before he got into the locker room

“hey!” he yells panting as he catching up to me “ignore me much?” i roll my eyes

“i need to talk with archie okay? now are walking me or not?” i stop glancing at him “fine but yes i am because i swear to god if reggie lays a finger on you” i roll my eyes pulling him behind me

“yeah yeah you’ll kill him”

i push through the crowd of half naked boys as they undress ready to hit the showers, i struggle to find the boy before i spot the familiar red mop of hair. i weave in and out of the crowd before i edge closer to him.

he mustn’t of seen me because he turned and crash into me losing his towel in the process, jughead covers my eyes as Archie scrambles to re adjust his towel “(y/n) jughead what are you doing-”

i put my finger on his lips silencing him “let me talk please” i tell him, gaining the attention of everyone in the locker room.

i realise now why Jughead thought this was a bad idea

“look im sorry about today- your eye you losing the captain spot- you shouldn’t have gotten involved Archie it wasn’t your fight! you warned me and i didn’t listen and now your in trouble with your dad and the principal and you have a busted lip and a black eye all because of that freaking jerk!” i yell tearing up feeling stupid

“I know how much football meant to you, you need it to get into college to study your music and i completely ruined it for you because of a stupid stupid idea to prove a point!”

i run my fingers through my hair a few tears falling down my face, i wipe them as quickly as they fall Archie looks defeated not knowing what to say

“(y/n)-” he steps forward but stops as loud clapping fills the locker room

“what a speech” i growl facing Reggie

“oh go fuck yourself Reggie, haven’t you ruined enough lives today!” he smirks leaning against the locker his towel hanging low off his hips.

he reaches out to brush my hair behind my ear and Archie moves in front of me but i clasp my arm around his bicep “he isn’t worth it” i spit tugging Archie toward me.

“did i tell you how good you looked in that uniform” he licks his lips “that mini skirt, it’s like your begging for someone to kiss you, you look in desperate need let me help you princess”

he attempts to walk over to me but i extend my hand to his chest playing with him

“you know reg your right, i do really need a kiss” i tell him pulling my bottom lip with my teeth and fiddling with the bottom of my skirt fluttering my lashes.

i can see Archie adjusting his towel all the boys seem to be getting rather bothered by my act, Reggie steps forward reaching out to grab my waist but i spin grabbing the back of Archie’s neck and pulling him in for a kiss, jumping up to wrap my legs around his waist.

i deepen the kiss cheers from his team mates fill the air, i break away breathless kissing him once more before Archie sets me back down.

“much better” i sigh glances at a very frustrated Reggie “oh and reg you might wanna take a cold shower for junior” i tug at his towel leaving him completely naked before peeking Archie on the lips.

“see you outside”

he blushes scratching the back of his neck as he watches me walk out with jughead, i bite my lip swinging my hips feeling confident as i wait outside the locker room

“wow” jughead exclaims pacing back and fourth as the rest of our friends spot us and walk over to us, i roll my eyes at him grabbing his jacket to stop the pacing.

“hey” i greet the girls

“Pop’s?” Betty asks

we nod “yeah of course!”

“okay well lets go im sure archie can catch up” Veronica smiles grabbing my arm

“oh ill just wait for him we’ll meet you there!” they narrow their eyes jughead refusing to make eye contact not wanting to be interrogated.

“uh i haven’t spoken to him yet so i can do it on my way over before we met yous” they share glances with each other before nodding at my story.

“okay fine, jughead are you going to escort your ladies” he rolls his eyes pushing off the wall as the girls loop their arms with his and heading toward our favourite hang out.

the boys start exiting the locker room glancing at me as i wait fiddling with my hair and avoiding all eye contact. standing up to reggie wasn’t all that and but he whole makeout session could’ve been prevented but i was feeling epic.

“(y/n)? where are the others?” i glance up at the voice smiling at the red headed boy

i suddenly feel nervous my knees wobbling and my cheeks heating up at my name coming out of his mouth.

“uh they um- they are going to pops- i um told them that we’d yanno met them there” i finishes awkwardly glancing at my feet as I scuff them.

“that is if you want to go- if not i can just walk myself-” he smiles shaking his head at me “no no i wanna come” “good” i smile and with that we set off to Pop’s silence filling the air.

we reach the diner and i stop spoting our friends in the booth next to the window, Archie notices and stops turning to face me “you okay?” i nod

“im sorry about what happened before” i blurt worried that i misread Archie’s feelings toward me. nervousness washes over me and my smile slips from my lips.

“hey hey- no don’t be- it was amazing, your amazing” he finishes grabbing my hips and tugging me toward him.

“if im not mistaking is mr Archie Andrews finally making the first move?” i hint playful playing with his shirt, he laughs playfully placing his soft lips on me and closing the small gap between our bodies.

“you know Reg was right about the whole cheerleader outfit” i raise my eyebrows “hot as hell”

i kiss him back before lacing my hands with his and pulling him into the diner walking over to our friends sliding in next to Jughead as Archie takes the seat next to me siting closer then usual he drapes his arm across the back of the booth touching my shoulder soothingly.

“okay what the hell happened in the locker room?” Veronica asks sipping her milkshake.

“oh they had a huge make out session infringed of reggie it was intense should’ve been there” jughead spills earning a smack up side the head from Archie


i blush covering my face and leaning into Archie, i peer through my fingers and see the two girls staring intensely at m “what!” i complain giggling.

the group fall into a fit of laughter and i smile up at Archie as he tightens his grip around my waist making me feel safe.

this is where I belong.

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Jily AU: Your photos keep showing up on my iPhone, and the internet helped me track you down. Now we’re kind of celebrities, and also I think you’re hot. (Inspired by "I Followed My Stolen iPhone Across The World, Became A Celebrity In China, And Found A Friend For Life" on Buzzfeed)

The article can be found here. I recommend it. It’s a wild ride. Some liberties were taken with the prompt. 

Because James is a fucking idiot, his phone gets stolen.

He knows he’s a rowdy drunk and he knows the three word mantra any university student needs when they go out (‘phone-cash-keys’) but Sirius has bet that he can take more Jägerbombs than James and he’s never been able to back down from a challenge. He doesn’t even think twice about whether his phone is in the pocket of his jeans or his coat, the latter of which he leaves at the table. He swears Peter is sitting there when he leaves, but when he comes back ten minutes later and a whole lot dizzier, the table is empty, coat and all.

He and Sirius find Peter later, crouched over a toilet and heaving with Remus patting his back. James has the decency to wait until his friend is done vomiting to ask, “Pete, d’you have my phone?”

If possible, Peter gets greener. “Sorry,” is all he gets out before shaking his head and clutching his stomach.

Peter ends up feeling worse about the whole thing than James does. James is upset to have lost all his pictures and apps, and he’s livid at the wanker who decided to grab his phone, but ultimately, he can afford a new phone and he can take new pictures, so in a few months he’ll likely get over it. But Peter insists that because James left his phone with him, it’s Peter who owes him a new one.

James attempts to refuse. Peter doesn’t have the kind of money to replace his phone, and James isn’t about to put that on him.

“My friend Dung knows how to get an iPhone for dirt cheap,” Peter claims, and reluctantly, James agrees.

And so it begins.

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Perfection - Jughead x Reader

Request — Anonymous asked: Juggie x reader where reader’s thought of as pretty but hasn’t dated anyone before because most guys just Like her for her looks. One day a bully tries to force himself on her and a wild Jughead appears and saves the day??? Thanks

A/N — Thank you so much for all the positive feedback I got on my last imagine! I thought I rushed it completely and I felt like it wasn’t like the request, but it made me happy seeing all the likes and shares. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this imagine!

Words: 2500

Warnings: Bullying, swearing, signs of sexual harassment and angst

(Y/N) , (Y/L/N) , (S/C) , (H/T) — Your name, your last name your favourite colour, skin colour, home town

She was just one other face in the hallway, but somehow she stood out. The boys, along with some girls, made her their main interest. Sure, by now she was use to it, but in a bad way. (Y/N) was the most gorgeous girl at Riverdale High School. Everyone was after her, including the people who kept silent. In fact, that was Riverdale’s own Jughead Jones. He was afraid all they would ever get to if they had the chance was be lab partners. Sadly, nothing else, or so he thought.

You moved to Riverdale a year ago from (H/T). Straight away as you walked through those great big halls on your first day, you were afraid it would be exactly like your old school. Your parent’s got a job offer, meaning they had to move to Riverdale. Of course it wasn’t a bad thing, but what was ahead of her was. A new movie, a new start, was all she wanted when learning that she was moving far away. Thank god, is all you thought to yourself.

The reason why you hated your old school was due to only one person. In fact, that person was a boy. A cute boy at the time, but learnt later on to be absolutely vile. His name was Jake. He was a senior, whereas at the time you were only freshman. Since you were ahead of your grade in science, you had the honour to move to senior classes instead of freshman ones. That’s when trouble all started. Since laying eyes on him, you knew it was going to be bad. Sure, his eyes were deep and blue, the kind that looked look a starry night sky, but it was a rabbit hole to fall in to. Since the two of you were assigned lab partners, you got to know him more and more everyday, meaning that the feelings you had for him grew too. One day after class, he asked you out on a ‘date’ to go to a party another senior was hosting while his parents were gone on a business trip. Since your parents never allowed you to date, you decided to be a little rebellious and sneak out with him whilst they were out of town. When it came time for him to pick you up, he was slightly intoxicated, sitting in the drivers seat of his car. You knew straight away it was going to be a bad night. In fact, it was. He got more and more drunk that night, leaving him to almost lead you to a bedroom to have sex in. You called him out, all the boys ganged up and told you to leave, walking all the way home in the pouring rain. That next day of school, someone photoshopped your face on a girl in a revealing bikini was sent to every boy with the caption ‘slut’. Luckily it was a miracle, the move to Riverdale, that was a sign to a fresh new start.

She was wary of every boy that caught her glimpse since her first day. She obviously didn’t want a repeat of the last incident that still haunted her. Boys asked her out, but she kindly declined with the excuse that her parents didn’t allow her to date. Someone assumed she was a lesbian, but that was just a rumour. At least the boys here we nice enough to accept her response. Since still being fairly new, you didn’t really acknowledge many people as your friends, as you didn’t exactly know who to trust anymore. One person, the only person, was the only exception. Jughead Jones, the only boy that acknowledged you as a human being with feelings and stories. Since of your high IQ, you were still assigned to a couple higher classes to fit your standards. You didn’t mind the classes, especially science, as it was your favourite subject. And your lab partner, which happened to be Jughead, wasn’t your usual douchebag preppy jock that only wanted you for your looks.

The day was Friday. Most of your classes that day was with Jug. Of course you didn’t mind as he was the only person you got along with. As you were late to school, you quickly went to the office to grab a late note for your teacher to give on arrival. When you made it to English that morning, to your surprise, Jughead saved you a seat next to his. It was knew of him. Jughead always seemed to have a huge opinion on personal space, but this was new to her, including a couple classmates. She held in a chuckle walking over to her seat which sat next to his.

“So, did I miss anything on Shakespeare?” (Y/N) whispered, opening her bag to take out her books. “Shit, do you have a pen?” She asked, still trying to search deep into her bag to find where her pen could be. Jughead picked up the pan that already sat on his desk, waving it in front of her, as she looked up and thanked him taking it.

“No problem. But with the Shakespeare question? Yeah, I’m a bit sick of hearing Romeo & Juliet over and over again.” Jughead confessed, a smirk playing on his lips as he took out a new pen for himself. “At least it’s not Macbeth this time.” You smiled, trying to not giggle too loudly.

For the last two weeks, news spread that there was a party hosted by Chuck Clayton that night in honour of Riverdale’s football team, the Bulldogs, latest win against their rival school. Of course that wasn’t on your interest, as fear hit you like a dozen bricks all at once. But there was no fear in asking others if they were going. Since Archie Andrews, Jughead’s best friend, well, no one really knew what they were at the moment, she thought he would tag along with Archie to support his win.

“…So, did you hear about that party tonight?”  You hesitantly asked, looking up from your work into Jughead’s eyes. Every time she looked into them, a hit of familiarity came over her. A deep blue, similar to Jake’s. Of course she knew that Jughead wasn’t like every other boy, but she didn’t exactly know every single thing about him and she was still wary of her surroundings. All he did was scoff in response, stretching his arms out.

“Do you really think I would go to one of Chuck’s stupid parties? It’s just an excuse to drink and flirt with people whilst you’re drunk.” Jughead informed, support his head with his hands before resting his chin on the table.

“O-oh, b-but what about Archie? Aren’t you going to support him?” As soon as those words escaped her lips, his head shot up.

“Look, (Y/N), ever since Jason’s death, we haven’t really been talking. You see, the morning of the gunshot, Archie and I were suppose to go camping a bit out of Riverdale for summer vacation. I was packed and everything, ready to go. But he never showed up. So basically, my summer consisted of writing, eating, and playing video games.” Jughead explained to her. (Y/N) was aware of the gruesome death of Jason Blossom. Since it was big deal in Riverdale, of course she would have heard about it by now since it was brought up almost everyday, and she knew Jughead was fascinated in the mystery of it, as one day the two of them were both at Pop’s to finish some homework and he showed her the process of the book he’s writing.

“Jug, I’m sorry to hear that. If it makes you feel any better, I’m not going either. Long story, I’ll tell you if I ever get the chance. I might go to the Drive-In or something.” You suggested, going back to your writing. Jughead’s eyes lit up as you mentioned the Drive-In. Since it was where he worked, and literally where he lived, he sparked interest to make tonight’s shift a little more fancier since she was going.

“Since when did you find you go to Drive-In’s? I work there, so, technically I have to be there. But I run the reels up in the projection room, so I just put it in and snack away on popcorn. I find it more fascinating watching it in a point of view sort of way. If you want, maybe I could show you what it’s like?” The end part to what he said came out almost in a question. Jughead was hesitant, shy almost at the suggestion to her. He was head over heels for (Y/N), and the main focus on her wasn’t her appearance for once.

“S-sure, Jughead. I’d love to.” That answer caught him by surprise, along with herself too. After one whole year of not going out, staying in most of the time, she deserved one night off from the troubles of teenage life. “What were you thinking of playing tonight?” She asked, curious in his movie taste.

“Well, I have a couple in mind. Maybe ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ or ‘Heathers’.” He replied, fiddling with the pen between his fingers.

“Both. I like your movie taste, Mr Jones.” She complimented, a blush slowly clinging to her (S/C) cheeks.

The period before lunch was finally over. The hallways filled up with loud students as Jughead and you tried to manage to make it to the end to sit with Veronica, Betty, Kevin and Archie.

“Hold on a second, I have to quickly get something from my locker.” She told Jughead, walking over to her locker that was opposite her.

“Sure, I’ll just wait in the cafeteria. I’ll save you seat.” He hung his head low, hiding a blush as he dug his hands into the pockets of his jacket before spinning on his heels and walking off. (Y/N) smiled back at him, a blush now on her cheeks as she turned to face her locker to put in the code to unlock it. She quickly put in her books as she took out her perfume, looking around the hallway in sight of Jug before spraying a bit on herself. She placed it back in her locker as she shut her locker, a boy standing behind it now in her sight, making her jump.

“Whoa, didn’t mean to scare you.” He chuckled, biting his lip as he looked up and down at you, instantly making you feel uncomfortable. “(Y/N), right?” You nodded slowly, clinging onto the strap of your bag.

“Yeah, that’s me.” You said awkwardly, trying to keep conversation short as she didn’t want to hold up Jughead waiting for her.

“Chuck. Chuck Clayton. Captain of the Bulldogs. Anyway, I have this party tonight which I really think you should come to. It seems like your kinda thing.” Chuck asked, still eyeing your body up and down, making you now extremely uncomfortable. You’ve heard from Veronica and Betty bad things about Chuck from the past which got him suspended and kicked off the team. But since his dad was coach, they somehow let him back on and everyone pretended like nothing happened.

“O-oh, yeah, I’ve heard about it. I-I, look, uh… parties aren’t really my thing and I have plans anyway. I-I’m sorry.” She kindly declined, turning to quickly lock her locker before Chuck forced his hand onto it, holding it down.

“Aw, really? You know, the whole football team was looking forward on your arrival? I mean, I promised them and everything. And you’re just going to let us down like that, (Y/N)?” At this point, he cornered you against the lockers. You knew what was going to happen. The hyperventilating started, the tears on the corner of your eyes were about to break and the ball in your throat was keeping you completely still.

“C-Chuck, I-I… I have to go-..” (Y/N) tried telling him, but the ball in her throat dropped and a tear shed down her cheek.

“Aw, look, are you crying? You won’t be crying by the end of this.” He smirked at her, biting down on his lip before a sudden bang against the locker broke his grip off her. Jughead stood at the end of the hall, a steady glare held onto Chuck’s eyes.

Let. Go. Of. Her.” He forcefully said, the breathing in his chest visible as he tried his hardest to be calm yet stern, although he was furious and out of his mind. Chuck just laughed, still cornering her as he turned his focus to Jughead.

“Or what, Wednesday Addams? Are you going to tell on me?” He joked, now looking back at her as he held on higher to (Y/N)’s arm. At this point, Jughead was in absolutely rage.

“I said let go of her, Chuck.” He screamed, his eyes now tearing up along with yours. No one has ever stood up for you and it felt like a honour for it to be Jughead. Chuck let go of her, shoving her against the lockers as he stared at her once again before stepping back from her looking at the both of them.

Freaks.” He mumbled, before walking off and disappearing from the hallway. You looked at Jughead before walking over to him and standing opposite him.

“Why did you stand up for me?” You said sternly, looking deep into his eyes. Jughead once again scoffed, a glare now facing her.

“You’re kidding me, right? I just saved you and you’re asking such a stupid question?” He replied, looking down at her.

No! Jughead, I didn’t mean it like that!” She giggled staring up into his eyes as she stood directly under his nose. “It’s just, no one has ever stood up to me before. Ever. And I genuinely feel honoured for you to do that. Thank you.” She sniffed, blinking away tears.

“I-I..God this is going to sound stupid. Look, (Y/N), I-I..I just wanted to protect you.” He admitted, looking down at her, captivated by the beauty in her. A smile played on her lips as she sighed deeply.

“…Jug?” There was a pause. He was waiting for what she was going to say. And just like that, the perfection moment was perfection. She stood on her toes as she closed her eyes, placing her lips on his as she held onto his jacket. Their lips both moved in sync as he moved his hands from inside his pockets to hold onto her soft cheeks, deepening the kiss with passion and love. Shortly after, they both pulled away and he smirked down at her.

“Pick me up at 8.” She bit her lip, walking off in the hallway to class as the bell rang, leaving him standing there with a goofy grin playing on his lips.

A/N — You guys, I am so proud of this writing I am so happy aaaa. Also, if this uploads and I get the followers, thank you for 1000? I don’t know, as I’m writing this I haven’t checked my notifications, but if I have yay! I hope you enjoyed this because I find it so cute to write.




Steve and Tony looked at each other and tried not to smile at the sound of a frantic Wade yelling for his boyfriend.

Ugh. Wade. Peter could do so much better. Peter is an honor student, he’s top of his class, he has a bright future full of opportunity, and he’s Tony’s son, dammit. And Tony doesn’t want his beautiful, perfect child in a relationship with a mercenary. Is that so wrong? Wouldn’t Peter rather date someone with more potential? A doctor maybe? No matter, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. As of now, Tony is just going to watch as his brilliant plan folds out.

Steve answers the door and narrowly misses getting punched in the face by Wade’s aggressive knocking.

“Oh, hi, Wade, it’s nice to see you today,” Steve feigned innocence, “Peter is in his room. Can I get you a snack or something to drink?”

“I’m good, Mr. Captain. Thanks.”, Wade grumbled as he walked past Steve and straight into Peter’s room, slamming the door behind him.

Steve and Tony froze and looked at each other in anticipation then scrambled to press an ear to Peter’s door when they heard muffled yelling.

“I don’t even know what you’re talking about, baby!”, Peter yelled back, sounding confused and exasperated.

“Oh, don’t ‘baby’ me! You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about! HASHTAG SINGLE?!?! THAT’S how you’re gonna break up with me?!”

“Wade, I haven’t even posted in, like, a week. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”




Steve and Tony ran across the room and tried to look like they’ve been busy in the kitchen this whole time as Wade stormed out of Peter’s room and out of the tower. They decided to wait a few minutes before checking on Peter. So far, everything has gone according to plan and Tony is very happy about it.

After about 5 minutes, Steve gently knocked on Peter’s door,

“Hey hun, can I come in?”

Steve opened the door upon hearing Peter’s automatic lock slide open and found him curled up on the bed, furiously wiping his eyes. Steve smiled sympathetically and sat down on the edge of the bed,

“Hey, big guy. What happened?”

Peter tried not to cry as he rehashed the conversation he had with Wade while Steve pretended he wasn’t listening at the door and heard every word.

“I just don’t understand,” Peter said tearfully, “I never posted that picture. That picture isn’t even of me, that’s not even our bathroom! But Wade wouldn’t listen so now the love of my life hates me.”

“That’s a little dramatic, don’t you think?”, Steve chuckled and Peter couldn’t help but crack a half smile at his dad. Steve tried his best to cheer Peter up, but he couldn’t shake the guilt he was feeling. Peter wouldn’t need cheering up if it wasn’t for him. Sure, Wade is a jackass but he’s Peter’s jackass. If Wade makes Peter happy, who is he to keep them apart? He’s gotta talk to Tony about this, Steve can’t stand lying to his son.

                             ~                                                          ~                                                          ~

“Absolutely not.”

“But Tony-“

“Steve. Honey. If we tell Peter then we’re the bad guys. Peter will never trust us again! Let him be sad for now, he’ll bounce back soon enough and it’s like it never happened. It’s for his own good.”

Steve sighed thoughtfully as Tony continued tinkering with whatever the heck he was working on at the moment.

“Look, Tony, I know how much you dislike-“

“I hate him.”

“…I know you have strong feelings towards Wade, but I can’t live with myself after what we did to Peter!”

“Wait. What?”, Steve flinched when he heard Peter behind him.

Tony shut his eyes tight and cursed under his breath before dropping his tools and turning around to face his son.

“What did you do to Peter?”, Peter asked, narrowing his eyes at his parents.

“Nobody did anything to Peter. Go to your room.”, Tony snapped.

Peter turned his attention to Steve, “Pops, what did you guys do?”

“Steve, don’t do it. Be strong.”, Tony murmured.

But contrary to popular belief, Steve was not strong. At least when it came to Peter, that is. His son could give him that look with the puppy dog eyes that say “I trusted you and you betrayed me” and it’s all over. Any willpower Steve has will just vanish.

“We. Um. We sort of… shopped? For your photo?”

“Photoshop, Steve.”, Tony said as he rubbed his temples. He loves his husband and son but man, could they give him a headache.

“Yes, photoshopped. We photoshopped your face to another person’s body. Well, Tony did. And then we… hacked?”

“Yes, Steve.”

“We ‘hacked’ into your account and posted the picture for Wade to see. Well, Tony did. And we made sure the words under the picture would make Wade mad so he you guys would get in a fight… Well, Tony did.”

“Steve. We get the picture, dammit.”

Peter looked at his feet and took a second to process this. His own parents were trying to sabotage his relationship?

“Why? Why would you guys do that?”, he asked.

“We’re really sorry sweetheart”, Steve placed a hand on the side of Peter’s face, “We thought it was for the best. I think now we see that we were wrong, don’t we Tony?”

“Hm? Oh. Uh… yeah. Totally wrong. Won’t try this again anytime soon.”

“You mean that, Dad?”, Peter asked Tony.


Peter smirked. He had his Dad in a box right now and they both knew it. He might as well take advantage of this opportunity and embarrass him.

“Then would you mind calling Wade for me and explaining all of this to him? I’d like my boyfriend back.”

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twin andrews part 5 | jughead x reader

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a/n: i can’t believe you all want part 5!!!!! I’m so stoked that i have such a loving following and i just want to thank you guys for everything. this ones for my day one nuggets! 

i wonder aimlessly through the school looking for my friends when i hear a familiar voice call my name.

“(y/n)?!” i turn and look int what used to be the blue and gold office 

“B?” i question stepping into the dusty room “whats with the drop sheets?”i ask grabbing one of the sheets and pulling it back to reveal a few computers.

“what are you doing in here? I’m pretty sure we can die from smoke inhalation-” i complain coughing, “that doesn’t really make sense-” i roll my eyes at the girl.

“okay anyway i was thinking about starting up the blue and gold, it kinda died after you left-” i walk around the room the feeling of familiarity washing over me.

Betty and I used to run the blue and gold with a few others in freshman year, she reported i photographed and occasionally wrote but we had a few other kids that often did the writing portion of the work load.

“B id love to but I’m writing is extremely rusty, i think we need someone who’s confident in their writing, I’m happy to take pictures like last time” she jumps up and hugs me.

“thank you!” she squeals and i roll my eyes “okay well this place needs some seriously work” she nods “and the writer-?”

and was if on cue theres a beanie wearing brunette leaning against the door frame “andrews” he greets looking over to betty “betts” 

“jones” i stand crossing my arms over my chest as i lean against the desk behind me “so is this our writer?” i ask my blonde friend.

“juggie!” betty pulls him into the room, he widens his eyes before walking and sitting next to me our arms brushing against one and another.

“whats up?” i loose focus of the conversation glancing down at our almost touching hands.

he nudges my arm and i shoot up my attention being brought back, “huh?”

the both laugh and i feel embarrassment wash over me “jugs agreed to help us!” she cheers her blonde pony tail swishing.

the bell rings and i grab my bag off the floor, “I’ve got chem, ill see you later?” she nods and i leave the pair not long after jughead comes rushing out touching my shoulder to grab my attention.

“mmh” i murmur turning to the brunette boy “you okay?” i ask weaving my way through the mass.

“yeah i just thought we could walk together, yano since we have chem together-” i nod “its fine, you don’t need an excuse to walk with me jug” i chuckle.

“oh miss andrews” i roll my eyes at the sound, jughead turns around but i grab his arm “don’t even bother glancing at him” i tell the boy as he nods in confusion.

and soon enough the raven haired boy is bouncing in front of me “miss me?” he smirks and i groan “reg your going to make us all late” i complain seeing the class within our reach our teacher already standing inside.

“move reggie!” i complain, i turn to the boy next to me “jug just go ill catch up with you-” he shakes his head “I’m not leaving you alone with him” he glares at the taller boy.

“is that so jones? you yano this is my river vixen, how about you get your own? maybe like betty cooper. maybe she’s freaky in bed like her sister” i can see the anger burning up in his eyes.

“jeez can i just not be such an asshole for once” i grab jugheads hand and push through reggie and head for the classroom door letting jughead walk in first then i follow after him but not before reggie slides in behind me.

his hands find there way down to my skirt giving my ass a squeeze lifting the fabric up slightly

i turn and slap the boy hard across the face “don’t touch me reggie i mean it” i warn stepping close to him poking his chest.

i feel a warm hand on my shoulder pulling me away from the raven headed boy “leave it his just being a blow head” i turn and smile softly to the blonde “tell me bout it”

i glance to see jughead glaring at the boy anger coursing through him, reggie smirks at the beanie clad boy walking past our shared desk

“what’s up Wednesday Addams? you jealous? i get to touch her sweet ass and you don’t?” he chuckles and i catch jugheads shoulder pushing him back down in his chair.

“not. worth. it.” i day through gritted teeth plastering a smile on my face as the raven haired boy smirks walking past and settling in the desk behind us

i can see the anger boiling up inside the boy and i chew on the end of my pen before nudging him with my elbow “he’s just trying to get to you jug just forget it”

“yeah well it’s working” he replies annoyed trying his hardest to focus on his work and not reggie’s constant snickers and the replay of him griping your ass

a mixture of jealous and disgust swirling around in his stomach but feels your warm hand slide over top of his giving it a small squeeze as you pay attention to the front of the class.

“sorry” he mumbles removing his hand from mine and clearing his throat, i swallow feeling a little embarrassed that he pulled away from my touch “don’t worry about it”

the bell rings and i rush out like im on fire, spotting my three friends over by the lockers. i speed walk over rushing over to Kevin giving him a half hug

he chuckles and throws an arm around me “you okay?” he asks and i sigh “just a crap day thats all- what’s that?” he glances down at his phone and i gasp

“oh my god” we say in unison glancing to our new raven haired friend “what?” she closes the locker and gives us a puzzled look. kevin glances at betty before handing his phone over to veronica

allowing her to look at the picture that chuck had uploaded of the two after their date last night, except chuck had got a little carried away with photoshop and added a riverdale ‘sticky maple’ to her face

“what the hell is a sticky maple?!” kevin shrugs nervous “it’s kinda what it sounds like it’s a riverdale thing” he tries to explain and she shakes her head “no it’s a slur shaming thing”

“and im neither a slut nor am i going to be shamed by someone named excuse me chuck clayton”

people take their times to stop in the hall snickering at our new raven haired friend their phones buzzing in their hands as they whisper and point

“move along” i yell annoyed at the crowd that scramble at the sound rushing to get away from us

“does he really think he can get away with this?!” she rambles furious “does he not know who I am?!”

she glances between the three of us “i will cut the breaks in his supped up phallic symbol!”

betty interjects “or we could go to principle weatherbee!”

veronica snaps back “about the coaches son?! who’s captain of the football team and riverdale highs resident golden boy?!”

“and or we-” she pauses nudging me “can expose him in the pages of the blue and gold!! yeah i can do that! she nods frantically placing her hand on kevins shoulder

“spoken like a true good girl who always follows the rules”

i finally speak up “she’s right-” anger bubbles up inside of me “no way-he can’t- not again”

veronica nods at me before shoving Kevin’s phone back into his chest “well i don’t follow rules!”

i agree turning and storming off in the direction of the boyslocker room

it’s not long till veronica is at my side along with betty trailing along “i make them” she seethes “and when necessary i break them”

she turns to the blonde struggling to keep up with the pair of us “you want to help us get revenge on chuck Betty? that’s awesome! but you better be ready to go full dark no stars”

we almost reach the boys locker room and veronica pause turning to face the worried blonde “so what do you say betts in or out”

“im totally in” i leave the two girls not waiting to listen to Betty’s response. we pass jughead who looks worried at my anger he calls my name but i ignore him approaching the doors to the boys locker room

i push through the doors first glancing around to try and spot the culprit but the sea of half naked boys itnwas proving difficult “damn it” i mutter

veronica takes the lead grabbing Betty’s hand and she uses the other to shield her face rushing into the crowd and bumping into the one and only archie andrews

“ronnie, betty, (y/n)? what are you guys doing in here” he quickly rewraps his towel around his torso not wanting to expose himself to the three girls.

“don’t worry about it” ronnie tells my brother attempting to move past him, “no-” he starts blocking our path

“i mean it andrews hit the showers and get out of my way” she shoves past my brother and makes her way deeper into the change rooms

my brother reaches for my shoulder “arch don’t” i move past him and see that veronica and betty have encountered chuck

“b and v- ladies” he licks his lips still wet from the showers, his towel hanging low from his hips his body on full show

veronica steps forward extending her phone toward chuck “this is disgusting, take it down” the boys chuckle

“oh woho why you so wound up? it’s a badge of honour- and well your not exactly virgin territory after your closet date with andrews”

i get ready to interject but betty beats me to it

“okay that’s beyond irrelevant chuck” she pauses “your not allowed to go around humiliating girls for any reason under any circumstances! you-you-jerk!”

her smirks at the blonde addressing her"look i get your not a closet kinda girl but hey, if you want to ride the chuck wagon that can be arranged”

the locker room erupts in snickers the boys rielling each other up

veronica’s quick to defend her best friend “let’s keep this simple so your preppy half murder brain can grasp it

she walks closer to him narrowing the gap between them “take this. the hell. down”

he glances to his boys before leaning down to Veronica’s eye line “see that high, bitch tone attitude might have worked on the betas you dated in new york but-” he pauses “your in bull dog territory now”

the boys back him up by snarling and barking like dogs, how darling of them

“but please fight back” she smirks giddy “your only making it harder for yourself”

betty grabs the raven haired girl but he shoulder and guides her out of the crowed locker room, clearly furious and somewhat embarrassed

as the girls moved im revealed to the jock “oh! is that miss andrews?!” he yells allowing all the boys to turn and gather around me

“you disgust me” i seethe digging my nails into my palms so o don’t lash out at the boy.

“what did you think that you were my last?” he chuckles and i instantly feel sick at the memory “don’t flatter yourself” he smirks

“take it down chuck, now” he rolls his eyes at my persistence “everyone’s already seen it now” he attempts to sass me.

“so you wouldn’t have any problem with deleting it then right?” a bunch of ‘ooohs’ floated around the room making chuck angry

he slams his fist against the locker beside me “did you forget where you are andrews?” the boys start barking again and i roll my eyes at their childishness

“you may be a bulldog chuck but just remember im a vixen and ill bring you down when you least expect it”

i go to punch him and he flinches then continue to try and play it off “well well well, if it isn’t the better half of the andrews” i turn and move past the raven haired jock

“not in the mood reg” i make my way out of the locker room and into the hall when i spot my two friends im presuming making a game plan

“hey wait-” i turn and sigh frustrated “god reggie what now?!” i respond my voice grower louder

he lifts he’s hands up in surrender “is everything okay?” he swallows glancing at me, i hesitate before shaking my head “no but it will be soon enough-” he nods placing a hand on my shoulder

“would you maybe want to come with me to pops tonight? talk about whatever the hell happened in there?” i glance over to my friends then back to reggie

“reggie-” he cuts me off “please (y/n) we haven’t spoken since you moved? i promise it’s just a milkshake and a bite to eat nothing more” i roll my eyes fine 8"

i move away and head over frantically to my friends “ronnie you okay?” she nods offering a small smile

“he took it down- chuck. i made him take it down” she looks up at me and hugs me tight “thank you” i squeeze her back rubbing her back soothingly “its okay” i whisper back

“dad?” i call out closing the front door as i trudge through the house looking for my father.

the sound of drills coming from our backyard was enough to get me curious “dad?” i ask walking out the door and down into our backyard

the shed door was open, my father inside sound proofing our garage. the noise stops as my dad notices my presence “hey kiddo” i smile up at my dad

“what’s all this?”

“just fixing up the shed for your brother, he need somewhere to practice”

i furrow my brows “archies into music? when did that happen?” i chuckle flopping down on one of the couches

“over the summer, there’s a new teacher at the school- miss grundy, she’s been helping archie alot with it” i nod taking in all the new information

“archie never told me about her” i say confused “oh im sure he would’ve wanted to- he probably forget to mention it at some point”

i sit for a few trying to figure out why archie hadn’t told me about his new venture and his closeness to our music teacher

i stand up brushing off my jeans “im going to go to pops” my dad nods “oh pop actually run, wanted to know if you wanted your old job back?”

i widen my eyes surprised “really?!” he nods “you should go see him” i nod giving him a kiss on the cheek before rushing off to the diner

the bell chimes as the door to pops swings open, the older man smiles at me as i walk over the threshold “hey pop!”

“miss andrews just the lady i wanted to see” i smile leaving against the front counter “dad told me the news, id love to come back if you’d like me back” i smile at the man

i worked at pops for about 4 months before i moved, i waitressed and every so often i was allowed into the kitchen to make a few off the menu items

he bends down behind the counter and places my old uniform on the bench in front of me, a cheer to myself running me finger over my badge “thank you!!” i squeal giving him a small hug

“when do you want me to start?” he glances around the semi busy diner “how about now, im expecting hermione to come in soon so you two can keep it down till dinner rush right?” i nod

i grab my uniform and head toward the restroom pausing and turning first “wait who’s hermonie?” he chuckles “it’s fine never mind” i push open the door and change from my school clothes to uniform

when i return to the front desk pop has disappeared and is replaced by a beautiful raven haired older lady, i plaster on a smile and walk toward her

“you must be hermione?” the lady looks up smiling softly at me and dismissing whatever she was doing to walk over to me

“thats me, may i ask who you are?” i mentally face palm “(y/n), andrews- i worked her last year- pop just gave me my job back” she nods

“so your Fred’s daughter?” she questions and i nod “guilty” she giggles at me placing a hand on my shoulder “you look just like your mother- you know your father and i dated in high school”

my jaw drops “no way!! my dad with a woman like you- jeezz i didn’t know he had that much game” the lodge woman smiled at me giving me a nudge on my hip

“your father was devilishly handsome in high school-” i squeeze my eyes shut “oh god- ew” we both share a laugh before I turn and scan the diner spotting a familiar beanie in one of our booths

“friend of yours?” i smile at the thought “yeah something like that- ill be back” i walk over from my fellow co-worker and toward jughead sliding into the booth

“oh im good for a refill- oh (y/n) hey” i smile at the brunette “hey juggie” i play with the ends of my hair as he examines me “cute dress”

i blush and scuff my converse against the diner floor brushing jugheads leg by accident causing me to blush further “its a look isn’t it” i tease and he nods laughing as he continues to type

“i didn’t know you got your job back” he questions eyes moving from me then back to his laptop

“i only just got it back, he called dad and said he’d consider having me back- it’ll be good anyways to get that extra bit of money” he nods silence filling the booth

“can i get you anything? another milkshake?” he closes his laptop and stares into my eyes before dropping to my lips.

i feel something twitch in my stomach that causing me to bite my lip “juggie?” he snapped out of his gaze “hm what?”

i laugh moving myself from my side of the booth to his “do you want me to get you anything?” i say glancing at the empty fries bowls and milkshake glasses.

i knew when he wrote he always ordered a burger and fries to keep him going, sometimes he’d be too wrapped up to even touch the food placed infront of him

he swallows at our closeness eyes darting all over the place “i need to tell you something” he’s arms extends over the back of the booth

“your starting to worry me, what is it? is it important i do have tables to wait” he looks down at my hands placed on his thighs “it’s about your brother, he’s in trouble"

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thebeth02  asked:

Hi! I really like your account and I had a couple questions. I'm starting high school soon and I'm kinda worried over it and some other things, do you have any tips or advice? If you don't that's fine. Oh and, who's your favorite paladin?

Hi hi back!! Thank u for the kind words!!! :3c And to answer your question, if I had to choose a favorite Paladin, it would probably be Allura! I love Keith but by GOD he frustrates me sometimes. Anyway, onto the advice!!

Middle school and high school are VERY different, but the differences tend to be either incredibly obvious or more subtle. Like, the kind of subtleness where you’re in sophomore year and you look around you and you think ‘hm. Sixth grade feels very far away.’

Because you’re starting high school I’ll only focus on freshman year, if that’s okay!

For the most part, freshman year is like a underhand throw. They’re trying to ease you into things. High school, after all, means waking up at the most ridiculous hour of your life, depression, and puberty Really starting to take off. For the most part, adults know that you’re going through more stuff than school at the moment. But it’s up to the individual teacher to decide how understanding they’re going to be.

Now where to start… How about academics? If you care about your grades, freshman year is essential for starting off on the right foot. Most of your science/math/English placement was probably decided in middle school, but your freshman year is where you prove where you belong. Basically: you will probably stay at that level of math/science/English for all four years of high school unless you bust your ass and study and move up. (And by that, I don’t mean moving up a math level during the school year, I mean qualifying for honors math for sophomore year, etc.)

If you don’t really care about that sort of thing, okay. But if you want to be in all honors classes or AP classes for your junior and senior year, you need to start working immediately. My biggest regret of high school is that I spent my freshman/sophomore/part of junior year working in an aimless direction, and just went with the flow. Which was fine at the time, but it came back to bite me in the ass once I reached the end of my junior year and started the college process. You don’t have to commit yourself to one specific college from the moment you turn 14. But if you want to go to a good college, or if you want to win scholarships, you have to start planning and working towards that. I don’t mean to give you a lot of anxiety, but my high school was Very competitive and honestly pretty toxic, and it’s influenced my viewpoint.

On a lighter note, take the time to look at all the available classes, even the ones you can’t take yet. If you like biology, consider taking honors/AP bio as an upperclassmen, and plan accordingly for that. What prerequisites do I need to complete? Do I have to be at a specific level for math/science? When am I eligible for the class? That sort of thing.

Also: finish your requirements as fast as possible!!! I hate art classes, and I put them off until my junior year, which was a Mistake because junior/senior year is The Year Of Electives. Well, at least in my school. So instead of taking tons of cool electives, I had to take this goddamn photoshop class to fulfill my requirement. Freshman year me was thrilled about having a free period every day; junior year me cursed my fourteen-year-old self. God. Hindsight really is 20/20.

Another thing… teachers! Try to be kind to your teachers. Unless they’re raging assholes who spit toxic one-liners or seem to single you out in class just to embarrass you. Those teachers can burn in hell. But for the most part, high school teachers are either pretty nice or completely neutral. Any supposed ‘evilness’ will most likely be your angsty hormonal self projecting on them. For example, I hated my freshman year geometry teacher. I thought she was a b word, I thought she was incapable of teaching, I thought she was annoying. In hindsight, I was just shitty at geometry and took out my frustration on her. I joined my classmates in mocking her and the class behind her back, and my convinced 'holier than thou’ self decided I was too important to ever stoop to the level of asking her for help. Because of my big ego, I only got a B+ in math, and it started a pattern for the rest of high school.

Like… there’s honestly no point in making fun of teachers. Yeah, it’s fun to do, and it helps you bond with classmates but… it also gets in the way of you asking for help. Which, by the way, I cannot emphasize enough: always ask for help. Especially during your first few weeks of school, because again: freshman year will set a lot of patterns for the rest of your high school career. It is essential that you ask for help. Sure, your teacher scribbled some comments in the margins of you B- paper, but she was also grading 30+ other papers at the same time. Do you really think her comments are deep enough for you to fully understand where you went wrong? Ask to meet with her, comb over your paper with her, and walk away with a better understanding of how to write papers. Advice and knowledge like this can only help you in the long run. Suck up your pride and push it down; you’ll be better for it.

I focused a lot on academics so let me touch on some other things… like puberty! For the most part, that ball started rolling for everybody back in middle school. But it’s in high school that you really start to see those hormones get expressed. Everyone goes through puberty, and life, at their own pace. Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re falling behind, but you’re not. It’s not a competition. This would be the world’s shittiest race otherwise. Don’t worry about others, and focus on yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable asking questions about your changing body (because lord knows the American education system will never have an actually effective sex Ed course), google it!! There are always answers for those who search them out. Again: worry about yourself.

Another thing: friends! High school is a place where you’re going to meet a lot of new people all at once. You will make new friends. It’s statistically impossible for you to not make a new friend. If you want to speed up the process, join clubs! You’re a freshman, so no one actually expects you to maintain a totally active presence. Do what you can, drop what you can’t, and carry on. Also: the people you were friends with in middle school may not stay friends with you in high school. I ended up drifting away from most of my middle school friends; I still hang out with them, but we’ve lost a lot of closeness. It’s sad, but it happens, and the only thing you can do is move forward. Every lost friendship makes room for two new ones. I can honestly say that the bonds I made in high school were 10x stronger than the ones I made in middle school. And any close friendships I kept from middle school also became 10x stronger by senior year. My theory is that everyone is their worst self during middle school :p if your group can survive that, you can survive anything.

Finally… some health tips! Take care of yourself. It’s important to try to eat as healthy as you can as early as you can. Again, and I know I’m repeating myself, it helps you in the long run. Make sure to drink plenty of water and do not. I repeat, do NOT. Pull all-nighters when you don’t have to. The all-nighters I pulled during middle and early high school have ruined me. Also, don’t drink coffee. You will get addicted. All my friends are coffee addicts and it’s honestly disturbing how much they rely on a simple beverage. Drink hot chocolate instead, if you must! I love Dunkin’ Donuts. :3c

Anyway, this is a bunch of general advice/tips. If there’s something specific that’s bothering you, feel free to hit up my dms at any point!! I may not be fast, but I’m sure to respond. I like helping :3c

The Fundamentals of Character Development, Part 2: Pillars

Hello everyone, it’s Penemue. Sorry that it took so long to put up the next part like I promised. I had some things I had to escape. Anyway, in part one, we talked about the cornerstone foundations! Now, it’s time for part two- the pillars. 

Well, writers, let’s jump right back in!

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😊Pizza with Old Friends (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Ethan, Gray, and you have been childhood friends. When the boys started getting more and more popular, people took notice of your gorgeous looks and now you’re an Instagram model. Ethan has been in love with you for so long and so Grayson decides to fly you out for a video. You bring your boyfriend out and get into a huge fight with him over the boys. So he dumps you and Ethan comforts you. For the video the boys have to cook a pizza and you give the winner a prize. However, Grayson pulls a prank on you and E flips out on him. 

Warnings: Fluff and swearing

A/N: I combined like 3 requests here! Sorry for being inactive!

Originally posted by highkeydolan

“Are you ready?” Grayson asked me and I nodded. “Okay hide!” I slipped in the closet of the warehouse while I left the door cracked so I could peek through still. Ethan was wearing his black snapback and a gray tank.

“Ready?” Ethan asked as he turned on the camera. Grayson nodded as Ethan ran in front of the camera.

“Hey you guys! We’re back!” They said in unison.

“And today we have a special guest!” Grayson shouted as I was hiding in the closet of the warehouse. That was my cue as I slowly opened the closet and tiptoed out of the closet.

“What? No we don’t?” Ethan asked confused as he stared at Grayson, but Grayson was staring at the camera. I chuckled to myself. I soon pounced on Ethan’s back and let out a yell.

“Ahhh!” We screamed as Ethan tried to maintain his balance while my arms were around his neck. “I missed you!”

“Y/N! Is that you?” Ethan shouted as he tackled me into a hug. “Oh my God Y/N I’ve missed you so much! How have you been? I’ve seen–” Ethan was cut off.

“Y/N!” My boyfriend Jake’s voice boomed.

“Oh my gosh I almost forgot to mention! Guys this is Jake and he’s my boyfriend. We’ve been together for about three months now and he didn’t want me to fly out to Cali alone!” I giggled, but none of the boys seemed too fond of each other.

“You didn’t tell me we were going to be coming to a guy’s house.” Jake scoffed.

“I did babe. I said my friend Grayson invited me out to help film a video with them and to surprise Ethan.” I groaned. Jake’s biggest flaw was how jealous he could get. It always annoyed me and I couldn’t deal with it.

“I thought you said Gracie.” He groaned as he grabbed my wrist. “Come on we’re leaving.” He started to pull me away, before Ethan snapped at him.

“I don’t know who the hell you think you are, but you’d better let her go now, before I’m tying your wrists behind your back.” Ethan snapped which surprised me. Ethan was never like this when we were kids.

“No Ethan it’s fine.” I muttered. “I’ll see you guys later.” Jake started to drag me away, but Ethan grabbed my other hand.

“Let her go dude.” Jake growled as he jerked me which caused my arm to pop.

“Ow!” I let out and that’s when Ethan let go of me and squared up to Jake.

“Who do you think you are dude? You’re hurting her! Let her go!” Ethan snapped as he shoved Jake. Jake let go of my hand and pushed me down to the ground. Ethan immediately got down on his knees next to me. “Y/N are you okay?” He asked as he helped me sit up. “Okay dude you need to leave now.” Ethan said standing back up to his feet.

“Whatever. I was only with her for the follows anyways. Not much there dude if you get what I mean. Photoshop gives her credit.” Jake said before he walked out of the warehouse leaving Ethan and I on the floor.

“What did you see in him anyways?” Grayson asked chuckling, but I was doing anything, but laughing right now. I really wanted to just break down and cry. I had always been self concious about my body. Not being the biggest bra size or having all of the right curves, but now I felt terrible about myself. I was barely a B cup and I was about 5’10. I wasn’t the shortest girl so I was often called toothpick in the hallways of the school.

“Y/N?” Ethan asked as he cupped my face gently. I stood to my feet and wiped my almost tears away.

“Let’s make a pizza.” I smiled a broken smile. “I’m so hungry and we can film a video on how to cook with the Dolan twins! Where’s your kitchen?” I asked walking away as the boys followed behind. I walked into their kitchen area and grabbed some ingredients for pizza. I grabbed a can of tomato soup, tomatoes, peanut butter, nutella, whey protein powder, lettuce, bread, some fruits, and cheese. The boys looked so confused. “Grab your camera and start recording.” Grayson scrambled to grab the camera as he set it up. He shot his thumb up to signal he was recording. “Hey you guys! I’m Y/N, Ethan and Grayson’s childhood friend and today’s challenge to is the boys will be making a pizza, using these ingredients and whichever one makes the best pizza will win!” I cheered and the boys nodded as they seemed to like the idea.

“What do we win though?” Grayson asked which made me smirk. I’ll give Jake a reason to be jealous.

“Winner gets a kiss from me.” I smiled and the boys gasped as Grayson turned the camera off. “What’s wrong?” I asked a little irritated.

“Nothing. Are you sure?” Ethan asked me and I nodded.

“I’m a single woman and I can do what I want. Get ready boys. You’ll have 10 minutes starting.” I pulled my phone out and the boys were confused. “Now.” I giggled as I ran behind and turned the camera on. I took the camera off the tripod and I zoomed in on the boys as they made their pizzas. Grayson was pouring tomato soup carefully on four slices of bread as Ethan was going the peanut butter direction. He was moving slowly as he was watching me carefully. I could tell he knew something was wrong and that I was just avoiding dealing with it at the moment.

“Y/N!” Grayson shouted which I turned to face him only to have flour blown in my eyes.

“What the hell Grayson?!” Ethan snapped as he ran  at Gray. I backed away and ran up the stairs to wash the flour out of my eyes that were burning. “You could have seriously hurt her!” Ethan shouted as I heard him running up the stairs after me. I could feel my tears trying to fall, but weren’t able to because of the flour. I rushed to the bathroom, grabbed a rag, and started to clean my face. I looked in the mirror and I saw my reflection. My faded highlights, the broken smile. I didn’t recognize myself as I started to cry. I was so upset. Jake dumped me, Grayson pranked me, I just wanted to go home now. I sat on the toilet as tears continued to fall. “Y/N?” Ethan asked as I continued to cry into the rag.

“It’s nothing.” I pushed passed Ethan, but he chased after me. “Ethan!” I screamed as I ran down the hall as he was hot on my trail. “Ethan stop!” I chuckled a little as he chased me around the warehouse. Ethan didn’t act like he had any intentions to stop chasing me until he caught me. 

“Now why would I do that Y/N?” He said rather loudly. I turned to see him pounce on back which led us to fall on the ground. I let out a scream as I tried to wiggle myself free from Ethan’s thighs which were placed on either side of me. “No no no not so fast.” He chucked which made me crack a smile. Ethan had this effect on me. To where I could be sad about anything, but somehow Ethan would always make me laugh and feel better about myself. He was honestly the greatest.

“Ethan let me go.” I said as calmly as possible. Ethan looked up in deep thought. He pinned my arms back down to which he hovered over me now. I felt my breath get caught in my  throat. Ethan also seemed to have caught the moment too as we gazed into each other’s eyes. 

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“Why would I do that?” He asked calmly answering my question from earlier. He leaned down barely above my lips. “Is this okay?” He asked in a barely audible whisper. I slightly nodded.

“Do it.“ I muttered which caught him off guard. He leaned down more only to stop to where I felt his breath on your lips. 

"The only problem is if I start, I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop.” He muttered calmly. I nodded.

“You don’t have to.” Ethan’s lips then pressed harshly against mine after I said that as he kissed me deeply. His tongue ran against my bottom lip which drove me mad. He knew that was really hot to me. I told him all about how my ex would kiss me like that and I would go insane. I gave out a light moan which caused him to smirk.

Originally posted by couplenotes

“Hey are you guys–OKAY THEN!” Grayson shouts as he drops the bucket of pecans. “JUST FRIENDS? Guys we were filming a video! But I guess Ethan already won!” Grayson shouted and stormed out of the room. Ethan looked down at me and started chuckling.

“So will you tell me why you were so upset before?” I nodded answering Ethan’s question as I watched Grayson leave the room.

“I just feel awful. Jake’s right. I’m not something to brag about. I’m just me. There isn’t anything special about me at all. I shouldn’t even be an Insta model. I should just be back at home in Jersey going to school or working.” I looked away from Ethan’s eyes in order to avoid his pitiful look. He tilted my chin to look up at him.

“This is why everyone said we should date. Because they knew I would treat you better than he could. I would treat you better than any guy would.” I nodded showing I agreed with him. “Jake was with you for follows. I want to be with you for kisses. Waking up at 3am to you talking in your sleep. I want to be there for everything in between Y/N.” Ethan’s forehead pressed against mine as he inhaled deeply. “Maybe I’m just a kid in love, but if this is what it’s like falling in love, then I don’t ever want to grow up.” I smiled as I pulled him down to kiss my lips again. “I want you, your laugh, your body, your bubbly personality, I just want you.” He smiled to me.

“You have me Ethan.” I wrapped my arms around his neck as he held me tight against him.

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Hi guys! This is the sequel to Ice! Shawn and Jo are still separated in this, stay strong! Hope you like it!

Read the first part of break up make up here: Ice

The Miami sun was shining bright as Jo adjusted her bikini top, stretching on her sunbed. She rolled onto her belly, squinting her eyes, scrolling through Spotify until she could blast “Shout out to my ex” through her headphones.

Spending the summer at her dad’s place with her family was just what she needed although there has been no escape. He was everywhere. On the TV. On the radio. Everywhere.

Jo’s dad stepped outside, sitting next to his daughter on a free sunbed.

“Hola, mi hija linda!”

“Hey dad,” Jo replied, squinting at him.

“So, how are you?” he asked, his Spanish accent making Jo smile a little.

“Good, so far…”

“I am glad you broke up with that gringo boy… he was not good for you,” Carlos Perez stated matter-of-factly, adjusting his hat that would have looked ridiculous on any other person but on Carlos it looked just right and very cool.

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hufflebee  asked:

25. “It’s simple really. Here let me show you.”

malec + “It’s simple really. Here let me show you.”

“How do you even change the lighting in this stupid photo?” Alec huffed frustrated.

After spending three hours of editing his photos, Alec was about to lose his mind. So far everything was working relatively easy but somehow this time his Photoshop really didn’t want to cooperate with him and Alec really didn’t know what else he could do.

He loved taking photos, this was the part that was always incredibly important to him. Capturing those special moments that were gone a second later.
A smile of a stranger in the street, a bee sitting on a flower, the wind moving the leaves on a tree in a very specific way.
So yes, photography was Alec’s love. Editing his pictures so he could finish up his projects on time? Not so much. He knew it was part of the job but it didn’t make him like it any more.

His roommate Magnus was sitting on his bed with the laptop on his lap. He looked very focused on his work until the moment when Alec started complaining.

Magnus was a year older than him and was studying to become a graphic designer. Alec was always impressed with his work. He was also impressed with Magnus in general but that was beside the point right now. He had to focus.

Magnus took his eyes away from the laptop and looked at him. Alec felt a sting of guilt because he knew Magnus was busy with his own projects but he was really desperate and needed help. He didn’t know what else he could do. It was already almost 9 pm and he still had twenty more photos to edit. This was a disaster.

Alec threw the laptop on his bed and lied down. He covered his face with his hands and sighed loudly. He knew he was being overdramatic but his frustration was getting bigger with every minute.

“Alexander, what is it?” Magnus asked in an amused voice, he clearly was about to laugh at Alec’s behaviour but somehow managed to stay serious. “Maybe I could help.”

Alec sat up but didn’t look at Magnus.

Magnus was distracting him enough with his casual clothes. Alec wasn’t used to see his roommate in such clothes. Magnus was a fashion icon and he always dressed to impress. However, when he was focusing on his work, he would wear more comfortable clothes. He still looked amazing, though. And seeing Magnus like this felt somehow incredibly special. He knew Magnus didn’t allow many people to see him like this.

Magnus put his own laptop on the bed and crossed the room and sat right next to Alec, he was waiting for an explanation.

“Well, I mean- I’m trying to edit my photos,” Alec started. “And it was going great. But I need to change the lighting in this place,” he pointed at his picture, “but this stupid program doesn’t even work. It ruins my photo!” Alec yelled and hid his face in his hands again.

Magnus chuckled and leaned against Alec’s shoulder to take a better look at his laptop that was still lying on the bed.

Alec forgot how to breathe. He wasn’t prepared to feel Magnus’ mascular body on his own. Well, not really… but close enough. It was still too much.

Alec had the biggest crush on Magnus ever since they became roommates almost a year ago, but he never said anything to Magnus because he didn’t want to make it awkward between them when Magnus would obviously tell him that he didn’t share the same feelings.

Magnus leaned a bit and took Alec’s laptop to look at it properly, he was silent for a minute.

“It’s simple really. Here let me show you,” he finally said. “First you need to…” he started explaining what Alec was supposed to do in order to change the lighting in his photo but Alec couldn’t focus at all and stopped listening soon after.

He was observing Magnus’ beautiful face from up close. A hint of a goatee because Magnus didn’t care much about shaving when he was busy with studying, light makeup because Magnus rarely walked without any during the day, soft hair without any product in it that was falling slightly on his forehead and was covering his brown eyes just a little bit. Alec had to fight the urge to brush it off.

“…Alexander?” Magnus stopped talking and looked right at Alec. “Did you listen to anything I’ve just said?”

“I’m sorry,” Alec blushed. “I got distracted.”

Magnus didn’t seem to be annoyed but Alec still felt ashamed for being caught. He didn’t want Magnus to think that he was some kind of creep.

“It’s quite okay, darling,” Magnus chuckled. “I basically changed the lighting where you needed so you can move on to your next photo.”

Alec finally looked at his laptop and yes, it looked exactly how he wanted.

“Magnus, thank you so much. You’ve just saved my life. What can I do to repay you?” Alec asked.

“Well, how about a coffee so we can stare at each other some more,” Magnus winked and Alec wanted the ground to swallow him up.

“I didn’t mean to stare, I swear. It’s just-”

Magnus put a hand on his shoulder. “It’s okay, really. To be fair, I couldn’t do much work either with you being so distracting.”

Alec blinked. “What?” he asked surprised.

Magnus sat a bit closer to him and Alec stopped breathing yet again. His hand was barely touching Alec’s and Alec felt like his skin was on fire.

“You know, with you being so focused in front of your laptop?”

Alec still didn’t know how to respond.

“Alexander, I like you,” Magnus said matter-of-factly. “I just wasn’t sure if you felt the same way.”

“What?” Great job, Alec. So articulate. But he was too shocked. “You’re perfect,” he breathed out. “I mean- I like you too,” he was blushing even more now.

“That’s good to know,” Magnus laughed softly and Alec could’ve sworn that was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. He put his hand on Alec’s properly this time. “Coffee then?”

“Yeah,” Alec managed to reply with the biggest smile.

Never in a million years would Alec think it was possible. He was going on a date with Magnus Bane.

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literallyvictoriouspeasant  asked:

How, how, how did you learn to draw the way you do? It's incredible, how beautiful your illustrations are. And do you have any tips for me, learning how to draw more realistically?

Thanks! It’s basically just practice, practice and more practice.

I always enjoyed drawing, but I became really obsessed with it in middle school when I was introduced to anime and manga (thanks, Sailor Moon!), and that interest quickly spiraled to other arty things. 

When I first discovered Photoshop there wasn’t a lot of tutorials out there and my family’s computer could barely run the program. Everything I made sucked, especially before I could get my hands on a tablet, but I didn’t care. It was fun, so I kept playing with it. It was also fascinating to me that some of my college instructors thought photoshop was evil and needed to die… . So I applied what I was learning in traditional media to what I was doing digitally. Fortunately, my instructors at the college I would eventually transfer to were a lot more open-minded. There was even a digital illustration class (*gasp*).

I still have a lot of room for improvement, and I try to do a little better with each piece. For the most part, I like to include something in each new work that I’m not particularly awesome at, that way I’m constantly learning something.

Some General Tips:
- Draw. A lot. Of whatever interests you.
- Draw from life as much as possible, especially the human figure.
- If you are just starting out, I recommend sticking to black and white until you get some basics down. Color is complex as hell, and working with it too soon can be distracting.
- Learn how to use reference the right way and how to make your own (and here is an article to get you started)

I have some very strong feelings about art school, that I won’t get into now, but I firmly believe it isn’t for everyone. There are a lot of resources out there (many of them for free, btw) that can help you just as much.

Some Resources:
YouTube. For everything.  Here is a playlist to get you started drawing the figure
Quickposes.com - An awesome figure drawing tool if you can’t find a model
MuddyColors - A TON of wonderful tutorials, advice, and general awesomeness by some incredibly knowledgeable people.
ImagineFX - More general awesomeness
Color and Light by James Gurney - When you want to start playing with color
And there are some more awesome things here.

I hope this was helpful. Good luck! <3

A peek at the process

I regularly get requests for clarifications on the sigil-making process, so I thought I’d show a few of the steps I use to (quickly) create some of the custom sigils I make for Tumblr followers.

This isn’t meant to imply my process is the “right” way to do it, as there are many, many techniques and approaches to sigilcraft. This is a fast, efficient way to make a sigil I have no personal investment in. In your sigil work you probably aren’t going for speed, and you may need to go through dozens of versions to create the sigil that speaks to your personal desire.

The example below is one I made yesterday, and I chose it because it came together quickly, on a single page, and in a matter of a few minutes. It’s common for sigils to take a half-dozen pages like this before I finally settle on a design.

Step 1: Drafting

The request here was a simple one. “I am enough.” I wrote it out using a charcoal pencil on a page i my cheap sketchbook ($4 from Michael’s). At first, I thought I’d try working with Irish uncial characters (top left), but soon decided that Orkhon characters (”Turkic runes”) were a better fit for my mood.

Note that I didn’t strike out the vowels. I often don’t when I’m working with non-Latin alphabets, and if you’re curious about why, I explain it in this post.

You can see the merging of shapes as I play around with the basic structure. It may be harder to see the process, but a large part of my process is simply to turn letters and shapes until they overlap, then merge the lines.

The final rough sigil is in the middle.

Step 2: Clarifying

Once I have the overall symbol worked out, I break out the charcoals, conte crayons or oil pastels. Then I do a few versions with different line weights and proportions. It’s common for me to do pages and pages of these, looking for the one that comes together just right. I’m going to be showing these off on Tumblr, after all.

You don’t need to worry about this step. Your sigil is for you, and no one else. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. If you’re going to be activating it through a destructive ritual (burning, for instance), it’s usually best to keep it simple.

As you can see, this isn’t a home run. The lines are uneven, and it’s pretty rough. It doesn’t look as polished as the things I post to my site and to Tumblr. It has also changed a little from the charcoal sketch, as I’m still playing around with some of the details.

In this case, I didn’t create a final charcoal version. I knew I was going to make yet another version in ink, so this was more like a second draft.

Step 3: Final Draft

Now that I had a draft I liked, I brought out my brushes and ink. After warming up with some rougher versions (just to practice the strokes), I made an ink version. Here’s how it looked.

Again, I’ve made a few tweaks to the design, but the fundamental shape hasn’t changed much from that first charcoal draft.

Step 4: Finalization

I didn’t feel like waiting for the ink to dry so that I could scan this in. Instead, I took a photo and ran that into Photoshop for a bit of cleanup. (If you’re curious, I cropped it, desaturated the image, and put it through the Treshhold process to get clean a black and white image.)

From there, it was just a matter of placing the text, resizing it for the web, and posting it.

In retrospect, I could have cleaned up the edges a little to make for smoother lines. But art isn’t supposed to be perfect, is it?


[read on ao3]

genre: fluff!!

word count: 5.3k

warnings: lil bit of swearing i think

extra tags: reality, gettingtogether, friendstolovers, firstkiss



“Hey Dan,” Phil said suddenly, gripping his mug as he holds it under the coffee machine, his face lighting up in the way it does when he’s finally gotten the take on a video. “What if,” he says slowly, savouring the words in his mouth. “We pretended, just for one day, that we had no idea who the other person is?”

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anonymous asked:

prompt- narry!models they know each other by name but never met, bc they have different friends until they merge in a gala, after their both best friends nag about each other and how they'll make a great couple.

This was so cute and I loved every second of writing this. Enjoy!


He just got off his fourth Gucci photoshoot in Rome, settling himself in his fancy hotel room and watching as some people from his management rushed around him, collecting clothes and makeup to put away for tomorrows next shooting day.

“You haven’t talked about the Met Gala yet, it’s a big day for you.” His hair stylist Lou pointed out as she grabbed the last of her hairspray and brushes to pack in her travel bag. She was giving him a questioning look, interested in what he would answer with.

“I’ve been on and off photoshoots for the past month, I don’t have time to think or talk about that.” Harry sighed out, moving his hands over his face to rub at his eyes. They stung, begging for sleep that has been deprived for a few days now.

“Well before you pass out on me why don’t we talk about what you want to wear? Tina wants to know so she can start gathering a team, its your call.” Lou sat on the bed, travel bag in her hands all closed up and ready for her to take back to her own room. People were filing out by now, saying soft goodbyes to them with their arms full of clothes, beauty products, and papers. Harry was glad Lou was staying though, he’d rather chat with her alone.

“I want gold and flowers, bell-bottom pants of course, maybe a see-through black or white dress shirt underneath.” Harry went straight to business, staring off towards the ceiling above him as his imagination wandered to what he’d wear. He’s worn every colour and shade that’s ever existed, but gold was one of those that he’s rarely gotten to wear. What better place to wear it than the iconic Met Gala?

“Ohh, going right in for the kill aren’t you love?” Lou was typing away on her phone, probably sending texts to Tina as he spoke.

“It’s my first Met Gala, I want people to remember me as soon as I step onto the carpet.” He wagged his finger up towards the ceiling, almost like he was making an oath to the world and himself that he wasn’t going to slack on this. He’s been to many award shows ever since his fame sky-rocketed, but those weren’t anywhere near close to as important as the Met Gala where it was swarmed with music, fashion, and movie icons.

“Alright well Tina is already making orders and assembling everyone together, get some sleep now salt.” She got up and walked towards him to give him a short pat on the chest, her bag tucked under her armpit as she exited the hotel room.

The silence was almost too much when she closed the door behind her, it was nice to hear nothing but the sound of his own breath. This was the part that he remembered he was human, no hectic lifestyle, just himself with a beating heart.


Coffee was an essential in the morning, and with only a weak till the Met Gala as well as photoshoots that still went on, he had a completely packed schedule. He went to constant fittings, going in and out of changing rooms and leaving with a good cup of caffeine to keep him awake for the next flight or next drive.

He was in a car right now, getting a drive to his shoot for Tommy Hilfiger in New York. Lou was sat beside him, reading some magazine and silently flipping through it. Harry didn’t pay attention though, just kept his eyes on the window and watched the yellow taxi’s drive past and pedestrians rush around to their destinations on foot.

“Look at this cover, what a face.” Lou mumbled, she grabbed another magazine from the pile beside her that she usually brought to occupy herself while Harry did his shoots that sometimes lasted a full day. She turned it towards Harry, and he nodded in acknowledgement.

It was Niall Horan who was printed on the cover of the magazine, looking handsome and bold standing on a beach with a see-through white dress shirt on, that being it except for the briefs he wore. His brown hair was all wet, it dripping and falling into a fringe across his forehead.

He was stunning, actually, but Harry knows photoshop and the stupid enhancements that the magazine companies make. He’s never met Niall in person, only knows him by name when he sees him on billboards and shop windows, he could be ugly or completely mediocre looking for all he knew.

“Do you think he’s handsome?” She asked with a cheeky look, biting at her bottom lip and wiggling her brows. He wanted to roll his eyes but kept that expression in, instead moving to focus his eyes back on staring out the window. Lou slowly dropped the magazine onto her lap, now flipping to Niall’s exclusive photoshoot at the back.

“Of course he’s handsome, don’t really know him though so I can’t really be sexually attracted to him…can I?” Harry heard Lou snort and he whipped his head towards her, seeing that she was trying to hold in her giggle.

“What?” He asked, poking her in the side playfully and making her squeal and slap him harshly. She hated being tickled.

“You sure as hell can! I’ve seen this man in person many times, I’ve even done his hair when you went on winter break for one of his shoots for Vogue! Harry he’s a gay man that would be perfect for you.” She always was trying to hook him up with other men. It wasn’t in an annoying way, she never pushed Harry to date if he didn’t want to, she just loved playing matchmaker.

“I’ve got shit to do, don’t have time for a relationship.” Harry groaned, retracting his hands and letting her relax and settle down after a long giggle fit.

“Excuses, excuses. Niall is going to be at the Met Gala too, and you will meet him Mister Styles!” She sounded determined, pointing a stiff finger into his bicep to make him squirm.


The next time Harry was reminded about Niall, it was the day of the Met Gala, him standing in his hotel room staring at the door and watching as people raced around him, frantically trying to get him looking the best he’s ever looked.

He had on exactly what he asked, a white suit with gold flowers all over it, snaking around the sleeves of his jacket sleeves and legs of his pants like vines, blooming along his chest and back, all along his bell-bottoms. He had on a white see-through shirt underneath the suit, it had a ruffled collar that was different from what he asked for, but he was happy with the result in the end when his pink and lush skin was seen through the shirt, making him look even better. Everything was coming together perfectly, but then Lou is walking in with her hair supplies, smiling so big he couldn’t help but get suspicious.

“What?” He asked immediately, watching her with careful eyes as she unpacked her stuff and grabbed for the hair gel, making him sit down on the bed to get his hair in a messy quiff.

“Guess who I just had a chat with?” She sang, happily fluffing his curls up.

“Who?” He asked, wincing when she tugged a little too hard.

“Niall’s stylist Laura, she had come along and told me that Niall was going to be on the red carpet around the same time that you were going to be. She said that you two would be cute walking into the Gala together.” Harry was already shaking his head, rolling his eyes and letting out a huff. He was hoping Lou would’ve let it all slide by and forget about this Niall guy and him getting together, but she was a determined woman and when she wanted something she usually got it.

“We aren’t even matching, we wouldn’t look good together walking in with two completely different outfits. You know the Met Gala more than anyone Lou, couples match.” Harry was making every excuse in the book and Lou was catching on to his desperation to let everything go, and she stared down at him after she stepped back from her work.

“I love you and want you to be in a cute and happy relationship, can you at least try and talk to him? For me?” She gave him a small smile, looking all cute and pouty and rocking herself back and forth onto her feet.

Harry couldn’t help but cave in, because he knew if he didn’t agree now, Lou would be back to trying to get him with someone else soon enough. She’s tried to get Harry with many, many guys before Niall, but this Niall guy has really gotten her whipped. She hasn’t been this determined to get Harry to be with a certain man before.

“Alright fine, I’ll have a chat with him but don’t expect me to come back all love drunk.” Lou was squealing right after he said ‘alright’ and her skinny frame came colliding with his as she gave him a large hug. Tina was yelling at her seconds later though, a ‘don’t ruin the couture!’ Screaming across the room.


He had never been more mad with Lou in his life, and that was a fact as soon as he laid eyes on Niall Horan as soon as he came onto the red carpet. Because Niall was matching with him, with a white suit that had gold lining along the cuff and ends and all along the collar. He had on a white turtleneck shirt underneath and a gold bowtie wrapped around the neckline. He looked absolutely fucking stunning, better than the magazines actually.

That’s why Lou didn’t talk back to him when he had said that they weren’t going to match, because they actually were, and his whole body went into overdrive as he walked right towards Niall as he smiled for the cameras.

Niall looked right at him when he was a few feet away, and Harry’s heart felt like it had grew lifeless in his body when they met eyes, both staring each other down from head to toe. It looks like Niall had some realization across his face as well, with the way his brows shot up into his forehead and his mouth almost hit the red carpet.

“Harry Styles? Right?” Niall asked, making the first move as he stepped a bit closer. They were almost toe to toe, their shoulders brushing as they tried to play it cool for the cameras, acting as if they were just taking some photos together.

“Yep, and Niall Horan?” Harry answered and asked through his charming smile.

“Did Laura and Lou do this?” Niall asked, now moving a hand to grab at Harry’s suit sleeve to pull them along to another set of cameras. Apparently they were going along with the ride now, letting the stylists win by being a couple.

This was probably breaking the internet right now, Harry’s notifications were going to be blowing up his phone more than usual. But he hasn’t decided if he minded yet.

“Yep, never saw it coming…but yeah.” Harry mumbled, now staring at the doors that lead into the building where the Gala was taking place. They were close to going inside now, and he wasn’t sure if they should part ways and do their own solo shots for the cameras yet.

“Well, I would love to have you in my company today Harry Styles, I’ll be saving a seat for you inside.” Niall had said that quietly into his ear, skillfully turning his head only the slightest bit so the cameras didn’t catch their secret conversation. Harry couldn’t even answer before the small brunet was pushing himself away and walking off to smile for the cameras somewhere else.


Based off the au prompt “i’m a rockstar and you’re a fan who snuck in and do you maybe wanna help me ‘blow off some steam’ back stage because ur A) really hot and B) pretty obviously willing“ from this prompt list. Nessian smut, which means @accidental-rambler gets tagged.

The band had been attractive enough, Nesta supposed.

              She leaned against the wall and contemplated the concert she had just watched.  She hadn’t planned on coming – had it been Feyre who had asked, Nesta would have just shot it down.  But she could give credit where it was due, and rather than asking herself, Feyre had set Elain on her, knowing Nesta could never tell her middle sister no.

              So, when Feyre had claimed she could totally sneak them backstage… well, Elain had been so excited, and Nesta had gone along, even though all she really wanted was a cup of tea and her knitting needles.

              (Had Feyre known her thoughts, she would have pointed out that Nesta had never finished a cup of tea and always ended up throwing her knitting across the room in a rage)

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I have a backlog of unanswered anon questions in my ask box. So sorry if you’ve sent me something and it was never answered, especially since some of them were quite sensitive. Thank you for sending me your questions!

If a question wasn’t asked anonymously, I’ll answer in private. The rest are here, please let me know if you have any additional questions! I’ll do better at being more responsive on Tumblr >_

(A) Mmmm that was quite an escalation (!!!) 

I guess if you don’t get back at trying, you’ll never succeed at it either (especially since skills tend to depend on continuous exposure and practice). If you want to ever be “good enough” *, keep drawing. Even if it’s in private, keep practicing until you get somewhere you’re comfortable at. It’s pretty normal to be afraid of failing, but I personally think it’s even more scary to stay at the same place forever because you’re too scared to try.

As for the bullies, if you let them intimidate you into giving up drawing, you’re losing something important because of people who aren’t worthy of influencing your future. These people shouldn’t have a say in your life, practice making art and get back at them by becoming an amazing artist.

(Cheat that worked for me in similar situations: I recommend reading/watching something like Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and channel some Lisbeth in your everyday life.)

*I don’t really know if I’ve ever felt “good enough” when it comes to art. YMMV, but don’t let doubts hinder your perception of your abilities.

(B) Hi there! Thank you so much ahhh! You know what, come to think of it…I don’t think I’ve ever posted it… <_> I don’t know where the file is anymore. Will try to find and post it some where eventually, thank you for reminding me!!!</_>

C) Thank you wonderful anon SMOOCH

(D/F/K) There were quite a few questions/emails about this, which is awesome, thank you guys for wanting to throw legal tenders at me. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to manage an online store right now (and most of my prints are out of stock). But but BUT, when AX time comes around, I’ll put out a feeler post for online print preorders. 

Please be on the look out sometime in June and drop me a message once the post is up, I might set up a temp shop or take email orders depending on volume. Thank you all so much for your support! 

(E) THANK YOU ANON!!! Hmmm I think nowadays due to print-making and whatnot, I’ve been working in the 3000-5000px range. Min size is usually around 2000px! 

Also to the second part of that question…I’m sorry anon I failed Q_Q Thank you for being so sweet

(F) Addressed above in (D)

(G) I got my first tablet around…2006ish? 10+ years definitely

(H) Wacom Intuos pro (the medium sized one) and SAI mostly. Sometimes Procreate on ipad + apple pencil, or Photoshop + tablet. 

(I) Oh aw shucks thanks! Hmmmmm….usually I would say practice, but I’m sure you know that already. I’ll try for something different here.

In one word: STEAL 

In more words: my thoughts are pretty much summed up beautifully in the book How to Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon (Disclaimer: I am not being paid for this post). I highly recommend reading the book (local libraries should have it, or feel free to google for it and see what you can find). 

The idea is, to become a better artist, you have to first fill yourself up with inspiration and source materials. This includes looking at people you admire and taking what you like and applying it to your own work. No shame in this process, just don’t copy the exact thing and sell it as your own :) … ;)

(J) Hmmmmm…the outline of the face first. But if you’re looking for inside stuff, eyes. (Then I erase them later because haha they look like alien eyes)

(K) Addressed above in (D), and thank you :) 

(L) Hello! I….actually don’t know! 

Hahaha ok seriously I don’t really have a process. But mmmm I think it’s helpful to be relatively well-versed in color theory (lots of good posts on Tumblr about this)! I would very often just default to semi-complimentary colors.

(M) Oh thank you! My next princess is Chloe, who (whom..?) I’m still procrastinating on (;_;), but I would love to do a Dolce princess as well! Hopefully soon! Thank you so much for the suggestion and all the nice compliments

Alright! That’s all for now! I think that was everything, so if you’ve submitted a questions but it was never answered, (and you’d still like to see it answered), please send it to me again. Sorry for the trouble, my inbox is kinda weird sometimes :(

Feel free to drop a question off at anytime. Will try my best to answer ASAP!

anonymous asked:

aaah, okay may i request some modern!mitsukiki cuddles or going on a date? (:

The winter air feels like relief on Mitsuhide’s skin, cooling the heat clinging to him even beneath his parka. It lasts until he’s in sight of the chapter house, where it finally settles into his overworked muscles, making his quads feel heavy and his delts just – fried. Can muscles be fried?

Who knows? Not him.

(Probably Shirayuki)

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