but i will tell you that you're a douche

Dear Evan Hansen Soundtrack Summarized
  • Anybody Have A Map: Wait how do you parent
  • Waving Through A Window: Tears and loneliness
  • For Forever: If I had friends
  • Sincerely Me: We're not gay we swear
  • Requiem: You were a douche and I'm happy you're dead
  • If I Could Tell Her: I said it but he said it
  • Disappear: I'm lonely so I'm gonna make a foundation dedicated to some dead kid
  • You Will Be Found: If you weren't crying you are now
  • To Break In A Glove: I got a new dad with the power of shaving cream
  • Only Us: Quit focusing on my dead brother and kiss me
  • Good For You: Screw you for being happy
  • Words Fail: Well I done messed up
  • So Big/So Small: I wasn't there for you before but I'm here now so love me!!!
  • Finale: The room is flooded with tears and that's okay
  • straight friend: wow this boy is hot
  • me: no he's not
  • straight friend: you just think that bc you're a lesbian
  • me: honey i may be gay but i ain't blind and i can tell you for a fact that is thin white boy with the douche bag haircut is not hot but looks like every other decent looking fuckboy at our school believe me i'm not blinded but your weird ass hormones besides you find more girls hot than i do so stfu

Wow it is a really wonderful feeling when you go from someone who is emotionally abusive/manipulative/awful to someone who tells you how important and beautiful you are each and every day! After being treated like garbage, being lied to about other girls that he used for his own selfish reasons and being put down constantly I never thought I would find a decent person. But I have been blessed by a literal angel and I’m so glad he came into my life when he did.

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Hello ! Can I request SeungChuchu's (Seung Gil x Pichit) date headcanons ??? :) Thank you !! (by the way, your blog is very pretty and I can't wait to see everything you're going to write :D)

This one was interesting to come up with! I never considered shipping these two; I hope this is what you’re looking for. Thank you for your request and for the compliment! :)

  • It probably wouldn’t start off very well
  • Seung-Gil is kind of a douche airhead when he’s not on the ice let’s be honest
  • “Why would you want to go on a date with me, Phichit?”
  • tbh Phichit was surprised he even said yes
  • Seung-GIl was even surprised he said yes but shh don’t tell anyone
  • Everything would be extremely one sided as far as interest
  • But tbh the precious bean Phichit was too excited to be bothered in the slightest by Seung-Gil’s shitty attitude
  • They start out with dinner at a casual restaurant, nothing fancy
  • It’s pretty dull, with Phichit doing most of the talking
  • he also pays for dinner what a gentleman
  • Phichit is totally the type of person to bring a date to an ice rink
  • Not to show off or anything, tho
  • he actually likes it when his date can’t skate because he will have an excuse to hold on to them but he would never admit it
  • When they first get to the rink, Seung-Gil is not happy
  • it’s one of those outdoor rinks surrounded by trees covered in rope lighting
  • you know the ones where they play sappy music and couples skate around together
  • yes you know exactly what i’m talking about
  • “We skate all the time it’s literally all we do why would you bring us here this is the worst date ever!
  • But lil Phichit is prepared let me tell you
  • “Just trust me.”
  • And they get on the ice and just skate holding hands of course
  • For once there’s no choreography, no routines, no style points and scores, no pressure for perfection
  • And Seung-Gil opens up quite quickly, since being on the ice is being in his element
  • They skate until the rink closes, and afterwards they just walk aimlessly through the streets, holding hands and not wanting to go home
  • Oh, and you can bet that there will be a second date~
NT Moments - Douche
  • ENTJ: Are you sleepy?
  • INTP: *nods*
  • ENTJ: Your eyes are getting more and more Asian.
  • INTP: *looks at him sleepily*
  • ENTJ: That was pretty racist. Tell me I'm racist.
  • INTP: You're a douche.
  • ENTJ: Thank you. You're a douchess.
  • INTP: You said duchess wrong.
  • ENTJ: No, I didn't -_-
Annoying things about the signs based on people I know
  • Aries: stop acting like you're better than everyone like damn
  • Taurus: people need space to be themselves and not who you want them to be and you need to understand that
  • Gemini: idk you kinda come off as mean and heartless even with your sense of humor
  • Cancer: one minute you're talking about how cool and interesting you are as a person and then the next you're crying about how "terrible" you are
  • Leo: you're not as amazing as you think you are :/
  • Virgo: tone down your "I hate everything" complex
  • Libra: you're extremely immature a lot of the time
  • Scorpio: you always need to be the center of attention and that makes you look like such a douche
  • Sagittarius: respect when people tell you to stop (and take it easy on the onion powder holy fuck)
  • Capricorn: you can be mean as fuck but whenever someone's mean to you you act like you've never done anything wrong
  • Aquarius: you always find a dumb excuse to be completely rude and everyone's tired of it
  • Pisces: if you want people to help you, you have to be upfront about your emotions instead of being so fucking passive aggressive
Wanheda Pt. 1 in Review
  • Me @ Clarke: I'm liking the hermit in the woods vibe. Also glad that Roan let you get some action before he kidnapped you with plans of torturing you.
  • Me @ Bellamy: Awe :3 Kane's being like the father figure you never had. So cute. Who the fuck is this chick? Why you banging her? When did you start banging her? You're still badass but you seem lost.
  • Me @ Jasper: Bruh, are you okay? I mean I know you've been through a lot of shit but damn son. I think you need some extra help. You probably just started another war, so congrats. You would be a fantastic linebacker, by the way, nice tackle.
  • Me @ Monty: Bby, so cute. I love you child. You sweet, sweet child. That's literally all I have to say.
  • Me @ Raven: You've been through a lot of shit and I just want to protect you. Please don't take it out on people who are just trying to help though.
  • Me @ Octavia: You ride that horse girl! Lincoln taught you well ;) I know you feel like there is a division between Grounders and Arkers but please, pretty please, don't let that division come between you and Lincoln. He loves you so much and I just can't.
  • Me @ Lincoln: You're so sweet. I don't think I ever loved you as much as I did in this episode. Good little Grounder.
  • Me @ Murphy: You are me incarnate. You're such a lost puppy and Emori is totally your owner.
  • Me @ Emori: Nice to see you again. But legit, who did you steal that boat from?
  • Me @ Nathan Miller: You like men! Could you like Monty next?? You're such a sweet little child that must be protected.
  • Me @ Roan: I know you're going to be a douche and hurt Clarke but that was nice of you to let her get some before you kidnapped her.
  • Me @ Gina: Who are you? You seem cool but the fuck? Where did you come from? TELL ME YOUR STORY. AND DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT HURTING BELLAMY.
  • Me @ Indra: You so badass, ILY.
  • Me @ Alie: The fuck are you even? Why are you everywhere? Do you have a plug in? Because I would pull it out of the fucking wall.
  • Me @ Jackson: My sweet, sweet child! You had lines! And you're still a cupcake!
  • Me @ Niylah: I want your story too. Thanks for banging Clarke, I think she needed it.
  • Me @ Abby: YOU'RE SLEEPING ON KANE'S COUCH??? I KNOW YOU LOVE HIM. DON'T LIE. Please take care of yourself bby.
  • Me @ Kane: Bellamy is like the son you never had :') You're so fucking in love with Abby it isn't even funny. You were staring at her lips. stop. Just kiss her already dammit. And you're going after her daughter to bring her back to Abby. You so love her. AND CUT YOUR DAMN HAIR.
  • Me @ David Miller: I liked you, then you cockblocked. You're in my bad books now.
One Little Secret

‘Ignorant slut.’

'At least my fashion sense is better than yours Styles.’

'Shove off, (Y/L/N)’

'Bite me!’

The boys looked as the usual bitter argument arose. Ever since the two met, obviously there was a spark, anyone could see it. They glanced at each other and rolled their eyes.

Louis stood up, ‘Ladies and Gents, stop this bickering.’

(Y/N) and Harry were too busy not to hear anything.

'Do you think they can hear me?’

'Doubt it Lou. You know how they get. Oh, we’re up to the glaring stages.’

Lou sat back down, knowing his attempt at calming the situation down was useless.

The pair before their eyes were glaring, if looks could kill… ‘How’d it get like this, do you remember when they first met?’ Niall whispered to the other boys.

Liam shook his head, ‘I thought for sure they’ll get together, guess not.’

'They had chemistry, it was either they’ll hate each other or want to shag the living daylights of each other. Guess it was the former.’ Zayn piped in.

'You know what Harry? You don’t have a right to tell me what to wear, or how my attitude is supposed to be! Why don’t you preach your nonsense to somebody who worships at your feet?!’ (Y/N) screamed as she held her fist clenched by her side.

'It is my right to tell you what to wear or not because first of all you look like a slut! And you know what happens you’ll attract some douche bag guy, come home with him, date him and he’ll be a complete jerk to you! And you’ll come home crying and you know who’s picking up the pieces? Us!’

'Styles! For fucks sake, I never ever take someone home! Don’t you dare say that! And what I’m wearing is not at all slutty! It’s decent and modest unlike some of your hussies!’

'My hussies?! So you’re one of them! Thinking I fuck everything I see!’

'Don’t you Styles? I mean come on, it’s not a secret that you’re a whore!’

'Take that back right now!’

'NO! You had no right to call me a slut when you very well know, I am not! So don’t you dare accuse me of that, and if you can put false judgment on me, then so can I on you!’

'You’re a bitch (Y/N).’

'That makes two of us Styles.’

And back go the glaring again, that’s how their fights go. Shout at the top of their lungs, glare, shout some more, glare and one of them usually ends up leaving the room.

The boys sat glued to their chairs watching the scene unfold in front of them. They knew they didn’t really hate each other…well hopefully not. They knew the pair would absolutely be perfect for each other. But the thing is, put them in a room together and they’ll find some to argue about.

'Do you think we should intervene?’ Liam whispered, 'you know before something else happens?’

'Yeah, I think it’s best if we do.’

One by one, the boys stood up. Louis began clearing his throaty quite loudly. (Y/N) and Harry finally took their gazes off each other and pinned them to the boys.

'As much as we love to watch you guys bicker like an old married couple, we really have to go now. You know to the restaurant?’ Lou spoke as he gestured to the door.

'We do not bicker like an old married couple!’ Harry shouted.

'Is that what he really heard from that sentence?’ Niall whispered to Zayn, who held a snicker.

'Oh, do shut up Styles! Like Louis said we have to go to the restaurant. You know so I can hook up with a random guy, because I’m a slut.’ (Y/N) began marching towards the door, leaving the five boys behind. 'Well? Are you boys going or not?’

THE RED TOMATO- 9:30 pm.

The five boys arrived, along with (Y/N). They were seated amongst Harry’s family. Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall, took their seats pretty quickly, leaving only two open ones.

'You’ve got to be kidding me. I have to sit next you?’

'Grow up Styles, we’re not sitting next to each other, you’re facing the opposite, dumbass.’

The people from the table look amused by their argument, it was quite famous amongst their family that these two fought…a lot.

'They had one of their lovers spat before you guys got here? That’s why your late?’ Gemma asked Niall, who smiled in return.

'You know we’ve got to lock them in a room, you know to solve their sexual tension out.’ Gemma wiggled her eyebrows knowing that the intended 'couple’ could not hear her.

'Hear, hear!’ Louis picked up an empty glass and saluted her.


'God! Can you eat any slower?’ (Y/N) spoke to Harry.

Harry looked at her and smirked. He purposely slowed down his fork.

'I loath you.’

'Feelings mutual (Y/L/N).’

'Oh pipe down both of you.’ Anne scolded the pair of them, but couldn’t hide the amusement off her face.

The pair quietly ate, never making a comment but still glared at each other.

'Hey guys, after we finish there’s this room apparently upstairs, where you can see the whole of London! Can we see it please?’ Niall asked as he pulled his best puppy face.

'That sounds like a great idea darling. All of you eat up, let’s see the room before it’s too late.’ Anne clapped her hands, as the people around her obeyed.


Harry and (Y/N) quickly finished their food and stood up. They followed the rest of the group, since they finished faster.

'Did you know that there’s a room like this in this restaurant?’ Harry asked (Y/N). She shook her head in response.

They made their way to the room, only finding it empty. The door locked behind them. ‘What the fuck?’ (Y/N) yelled. The both of them ran towards the door and started banging their fist against it.

'Guys! Seriously this isn’t funny! Let us out!’ Harry yelled.

'No! You guys have to seriously get your act together! You guys are perfect if you try! So we are not letting you guys out until you at least promise to be civil to each other!’ Gemma spoke firmly.

'Fine! We promise to be civil to each other! From now on until the end of time! Are you guys happy?’ Harry spoke back.

'Yeah, no more fights, okay? Just let us out please!’ (Y/N) pleaded. They felt the door move.

As soon as Harry and (Y/N) were let out, they gave everyone a murderous glare. ‘What the hell were you thinking?!’ Harry exploded.

'We were thinking of your relationship!’

'Stop! I’ve had enough of this! Stop trying to make me get into a relationship with Harry! I do not give a damn shit if we are perfect for each other! If one of you, any of you try to interfere with my love life again, I will never ever speak to you ever again. Understood?’

Everyone nodded. ‘Yeah, what (Y/N) said. I’ve had enough guys, seriously. Stop meddling.’

And with that (Y/N) and Harry walked away.

'Maybe we should stop guys, I mean their tempers are quite scary, and I do not want to be in the receiving end.’

Again, everyone nodded.


In the car park, (Y/N) and Harry couldn’t help but burst out laughing. ‘I think we fooled them, don’t you think?’ Harry spoke as he tried to regain his breath.

'I think so. Do you wanna go home now?’

'Why not? I’m looking forward to having hate sex, since we hate each other so much.’

'Harry! No need to be so crude!’ (Y/N) laughed as she took her lovers hand in hers. 'When are we going to tell them?’

'In a week or so? I like having secret sex with you.’ Harry responded as he gave her a wink.


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same anon. i'm literally laughing at all your weenie followers who are applauding you for your white mediocrity. i've done stunt jobs to pay for school and i'm telling you from experience that it is literally not a big deal at all. stop acting like you accomplished something spectacular because you're just making yourself look like a narcissistic tool. as for spn's rising ratings: you're right, ratings ARE going up, but it's still watched by very few people in comparison to other shows.

Okay so what does this have to do with the fact I’m white? And congrats! I’m happy for you. Genuinely. You know why? Cuz this was my first job doing something I never thought I could do. So congrats on being the coolest douche to ever send anonymous hate mail. Your parents (or whatever spawned you) must be so proud.

And if I come up as narcissistic, that’s my bad. But some of us judge our self worth on what other people think of us. It’s not healthy but tough shit.

Also FUCK YOU. Don’t talk about my followers like that. Unlike you they’re not a bunch of spiteful coward bitches. Now please unfollow me.

The signs as out of context things I've said recently
  • Aries: Helo julian I see you are playinng ass
  • Taurus: you're a shark alex I hate to tell you like this but just in case it comes up
  • Gemini: catch bees by putting the bees in the trap
  • Cancer: apparently at one point I drew a cat with a hitler mustache and called it kitler
  • Leo: life's greatest lesson is to not shout about fast breaks in the middle of a five below
  • Virgo: so this horse was like, a total douche
  • Libra: he was literally just frying a piece of cheese in a pan
  • Scorpio: what if there were these two guys on the moon and one killed the other with lance armstrong's testicle
  • Sagittarius: there was a stripper octopus
  • Capricorn: 💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸 holy shit look at this flying money
  • Aquarius: ire femblem is like fire emblem but everyone is an angry girl
  • Pisces: seahorse was a champion racebiscuit

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what do I do when the boy you use to date sends your nudes to the boy you're talking to and tells you to kill yourself almost everyday?

Report to police and drag that douche to jail. He is fucking disgusting.

  • Person: "Hey"
  • Person: "Hello"
  • Person: "Wanna come over and have some fun? ;)"
  • Person: "Wanna have sex??"
  • Person: "Don't be a douche, reply to my messages or tell me you aren't interested but don't leave me hanging"
  • Me: "Oh, alright, I'm not interested, good luck though"

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Whats with girls new obsession with fitness and lifting and things? Like 3 or 4 years ago & before Tumblr, fitness wasn't even that relevant. Girls and guys thought that muscles on girls was unattractive or the flexing mirror pic was a douche bag. Now I see girls on your tumblr who are muscular. Trends are so stupid. YOU'RE A HYPOCRITE! You can't tell me at least 40% of "fitness" do it for followers. 15% actually need it, and the others are following the tumblr wave.

What is this message..

*turns zayn leaving tour into a social justice issue*

#it fucking sucks that fans are only getting the four boys but don’t fucking do this  #it’s so goddamn tiring

If it’s SO tiring for you, then just imagine how it is being a POC and dealing with racism and islamophobia on a regular basis. Imagine how it is to have your image constantly hurt before the world’s eyes because your team is a bunch of money-hungry douches with no decency or respect for your welfare.

What I get from your statement is “this doesn’t affect me because so can we just not” and this sadly happens a lot in this fandom (and in the world in general).

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You're kind of a douche and I want to unfollow you but I love the shit you post so I'm kind of stuck

tell me how you really feel

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(I don't know if you're still doing secrets but oh well) I was at this paintball place and this douche slapped my butt so I hit him repeatedly with my (several kilogram) gun, and he ran the fuck away. Then a couple of years later, my friend started dating this guy, and we were all at her house telling embarrassing stories, and he said he once got his arm broken by a girl with a paintball gun coz he touched her butt and yes that was me I have no regrets.

you are such a badass i love you