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so there are a lot of people sending hate to the girl whose made those edits of dylann roof and Hamilton and I understand why they're mad I'm mad too and everything but there's people saying that she should kill herself and telling her to die so if you could tell people to stop sending messages like that that would be great and just to ask her nicely.


You have to stop telling this girl to kill herself – I get it, it’s horrible what she did but you also need to learn when to draw the line. NEVER. EVER. Tell someone to kill themselves, I don’t care who they are, you don’t do that. What my friend here said, we’re all mad about it but that’s just not the way to express it.


i’m currently making a blog just for my art so it’ll all be in one place and you can buy prints if you want to, all of these pictures will be available (also new matties, harry styles prints, colour studies etc.) and i’ll post the link this week! also thanks for always sending me nice messages about my lil paintings it means the world to me xx

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seeing how you're a douchebag and everything shitty in this world, could you please make a starter-pack kit meme about fat, retarded douchebags like yourself so I can ID them easily? thanks!

you need to get some help, buddy. you can be better than this like, as a person. if not for everyone else’s sake, for yours. theres no reason to send someone you don’t know this sort of nasty message unless you’ve got some stuff you need to work on. 

If You‘re New Here: Welcome!

It’s been a while since I said hi to new followers, so hello loves!! I like to think of us all having a giant sleepover, imagining all kinds of fun scenarios with these Painfully Thick™ gentlemen, so consider this your introductory pillow fight 😂💖

Here’s a list of who I regularly write about, and who you can request:

Tom Hiddleston
Sebastian Stan
Chris Evans
Chris Pine
Luke Evans
Tom Holland
Tom Hardy 

Someone asked if I would add anyone to my list, and I said no because 8 people is a lot to keep up with 😂 but I have decided to add a few “by request only.” So that means I won’t post about them on my own, but if you have a request you can send it in and I’ll write it! Those are:

Jason Momoa
Joe Manganiello

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I prefer requests sent in via Ask, messages through the chat tend to get lost in the shuffle and I don’t want anyone’s request to get lost 😘 You all have such incredible ideas, I’m always excited when I see a new request in my inbox!

Even if you don’t have a request, my Ask is always open (with anon available!) if anyone wants to chat 💖

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fun idea: anytime someone sends you hate or stuff like 'pee your pants' etc, reply as if they told you some fascinating facts and you're re-explaining to yourself or something, like list a bunch of dolphin facts and tell them it's cool they told you about it. like it's completely unrelated and random and ignores the hate entirely and would look REALLY funny trust me

so someone sends you ‘i hate you and i want you to die’ or whatever, just reply with 'oh hey, i didn’t know that about penguins! here’s a bunch more interesting facts I found about them!’ and list a few fun facts about penguins (extra funny if they’re super obvious/common facts) and end with 'thank you far sharing, it was really interesting!’ and completely ignore the actual message lmao

That’s also a great idea, haha! I usually respond with memes, but I was also thinking about just responding with screenshots of my Stardew Valley farm. Really anything besides taking anon hate seriously.

–Mod Mercy

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If AKA meant to have EddEddy as canon what does it do for you in representational matters? What message were they trying to send out?

It’s against the show’s spirit to expect an intentional message, particularly in this case because EddEddy seemed to begin as the cartoon tradition of gags defying conformity for the hell of it, a simple challenge to censors and sensibilities that took on more meaning as gender and sexuality started receiving more serious public discussion.  While I don’t think the studio’s interest in EddEddy comes from a deeply thoughtful place (at its most meta, I think this ship says more about Danny being in love with himself than anything else), I think the point of not having a message and keeping so much information vague is seeing how the subconscious elements of the art add up to create meaning.  

Something that hooked me onto EddEddy is how it uses typical “will they/won’t they” dynamics and blatantly suggestive interactions to test TV limits, but in not being able to say anything about it, they also normalize the relationship by not making it exclusively romantic.  I see a lot of people who don’t like EddEddy who simultaneously exaggerate its sappiness yet complain about it not being sappy enough to justify being interpreted as a romance, but that uncertainty is exactly what makes it valuable.  If EddEddy played out exactly the same except with one as a boy and one as a girl, with it never being openly labeled as anything more than a friendship where they casually straddle each other in public, ending with them holding hands and gazing at each other, you KNOW the fandom would be all about that tension and whether or not they ever opened their damn eyes, it would just be the next logical question.

general fandom PSA:

if someone sends you a message on anon saying “did you see that so-and-so posted so-and-so about so-and-so?” then the rule of thumb is that they are probably trying to start shit.

don’t take the bait. I guarantee that you’ll be happier in the long run if you don’t.

// gonna make this quick: please don’t add fuel to the fire by sending either of the muns hate messages or calling them bad names – please remember that there are people who run those blogs and they have very real feelings, as well as the other people who ended up getting involved. calling people mean names, in all honestly, is just childish and rude and it isn’t going to help at all. I know it’s hard but just try to let it go. not everyone likes everyone and stuff like this happens sometimes but it doesn’t need to be dragged out and turn into a huge fight so just try to stay calm and act mature about it

gonna be honest, anon hate doesn’t bother you at all after you get enough validation from your friends like, i care about their opinion infinitely more than someone angry at a majority comedy blog enough to send a mean message. i dont have the time or energy to care about those people. i just, and im not just saying this in a “im so superior i dont tell them to fuck off” sort of way but in a genuine way, hope they feel better soon. i’ve never been mad enough at an internet stranger to send them a mean message but i have to imagine they don’t feel good otherwise they wouldnt be lashing out. its either that or its a pedophile or something trying to piss me off in which case like, that just makes me feel good lol cause i dont want to impress those sorts of people!

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As an autistic person myself i kind of find it insulting you'd want to use my disability as some gender label

As an Autistic trans person myself - whose gender is deeply linked with my Autisticness, by the way - I find it pretty insulting that you think you have any business what so ever to send messages like this to people.

Learn to stop talking shit about shit you don’t know shit about.

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Hi so if requests are open, could you do even just a drabble with Anthony. I'm currently drowning myself in self hate (thanks to my parents (': )and I'm hating my body so maybe something where he comforts the reader abt her body? Even if you don't, I still want to thank you for everything ❤️❤️❤️

Yes! I’m doing this as a drabble so I can get it to you faster. Please, please don’t hesitate to message me or send me an ask if you want to talk (I will always answer privately if you ask me to). If this is a problem please call one of these numbers (whichever applies to your situation) because I really want you to be safe. <3

You sighed, staring into the mirror and frowning.

You wished you could be happy about what you saw, but you weren’t. Not yet.

“Babe?” Anthony’s voice cut through your thoughts.

You wiped away your tears quickly, “Yeah?”

“Oh, come on.” He sighed. He didn’t sound upset, more like concerned.

He walked to the mirror and turned it so that it faced the wall. “Are you mad at me?” You sniffled.

“What? No.” He strolled to you and set his hands on your waist, “I could never be mad at you. Especially not for something like this.”

He pressed a kiss on your nose, “You’re beautiful.” One to your left cheek, “And I know that me saying that won’t change how you feel.” On your right cheek, “But I’m still going to try.” Your forehead, “Because I think you’re gorgeous,” Your chin, “And I want you to think so too.” His lips fell on yours, gently kissing you until you kissed back.

He pulled back and pushed your hair behind your ear, “Even though I don’t care how you look-”

You gave him your best Seriously? look,

“Hey, I’m serious. You are the kindest, smartest, most wonderful person I know. And I don’t care about how you look, I love your body.”

“I love everything about it.” He added, his hands sliding over your sides. “And I’m going to help you love it too.”

I hope this helped you feel a little better. In case it didn’t I’ll give you a few fluffy fic recs:

Silver Rivers by @tempfixeliza I thought of this one as soon as you sent in this ask. It’s the same sort of theme but with Daveed x reader. It’s beautifully written, and just an amazing fic. It does have smut though, so if you’re not cool with that, you might not want to read it.

When Matchmakers Get Matched by @1781styles this is just a very cute Anthony fic that I loved, full of fluff and I thought maybe you’d want another good Anthony fic to read.

Un Peu, Beaucoup, Passionnément by @americanrevelation Very cute. Very good. Very fluff. I simply loved it. (this one also contains smut). Lafayette x reader.

Living With the Bay Boys by @imaginebeinghamiltrash this one is just 1.5k words of beautifully written fluff. Daveed x Rafa x reader.

Moments That Made Us (again) by @1781styles yesyesyesyesyes. So cute. Jordan Fisher x reader.

Mama’s Day by @linsnavi This is probably the most fluffy fic I have ever read. I loved it. Daveed x Reader.

And finally Future by @hamilsontrash I love this one so much. John Laurens x reader.

Hey you guyysssss

Would anyone be interested in a Q&A video? We get a lot of asks so i think a video would be helpful:) I wanna get about 20 questions to make the video so if you’re interested or have anything to ask, send me a message! No questions are off limits and you can ask multiple questions. Just let me know if you want it answered in the video or answered in a regular tumblr post. Thanks!

I posted this message on Wattpad and it works for here too. It’s just an update about the covers on my stories, and the story titles in case it was missed. Ignore this if you don’t care lol. 

Yes, I changed a lot of my story covers. I LOVE the ones I had but for my own reasons I don’t want to have any band members faces on them. I don’t really want to go into why. ANYWAY a lot of people have already started sending new covers bc my quick ones I did SUCK. A lot of people are asking to make them too which I really appreciate, but I think I need to put a list on here of what I already have and what I don’t. 

I already have ones for: play me like a puppet, lavender, under your spell, insatiable, under the covers, glitter, twice in a lifetime, grow up, forgive me father, the deal 1 and 2, miss novocaine, starting something dangerout, 1000 paper cuts, ttoyl, tangled in the great kellin quinn, kellin Quinn and the son of Voldemort, Complexes, IHBNTY, trust, have faith in me, summer lovin, hush hush, 

I don’t need ones for any of those listed above because I’m not gonna change them again. 

The ones I DON’T have, which I edited to really bad ones, and are totally up for grabs to make if you like are: cold blooded, doctors orders, oneshots, the prince and the outlaw, act the part, winter vacation, heart-breaker, the lunatic, obsession, sweet sixteen, the boyfriend experience, possessed, head says no body says yes, locked up and Low.

YES, you will notice I changed some of the titles of a few stories, for my own reasons again. Don’t wanna go into it right now. But a lunatic’s lament= the lunatic. bleed into your mind- obsession. all hail the heart breaker= heart-breaker. a most profound silence= possessed. mgsnbyfsy= head says no, body says yes. ugly birds in a beautiful cage= locked up.

If you wanna make, go ahead. Come back and check this post though because I’ll edit it when each cover is “taken” lol. I basically just use the first ones I see, in fairness and all. But I won’t use any with band members faces on them or even their names. I just don’t want it plastered everywhere in case the band members really don’t want that lol

Anyway, if you’re making, then have fun

Every Day (Part 3) - Calum Hood

Thank you to everyone who requested a part 3! I got over 20 messages of requests and feedback so thank you :) Here’s the last and final part, enjoy!

Part 1 

Part 2 

SUMMARY: Somehow along the lines of their relationship, Calum and Y/N fuck up and Y/N is tired of a failing relationship lingering on. She ends things but Calum is dumbfounded and tries to fix it with constant pleading. She doesn’t budge and so Calum’s logical idea is to send her a bouquet of flowers every day for every day that he loves her. 

It’s been about 10 days since you last received flowers. 10 days waiting to see if there would be something at your front door but there was nothing. You thought about calling him or texting him, but what would you say? “Hey where are my flowers?”

You were at constant war with your thoughts. The moment you called it quits with Calum you thought you were making the right decision but now you were missing him. You missed his Australian accent, you missed him hogging the blanket every morning making you crawl into his arms for warmth, you missed him holding your hand, you missed dancing and singing in the car with him, you missed laying with him with your back against his chest, you missed everything. But you were being stubborn and something inside you kept holding you back on calling him.

Keep reading

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I really want to know who you are, who is the face behind this blog, but I'm gonna say DON'T POST THE PIC. Because I also keep my blog a secret, and I would hate if someone I know found out about it. It would be very ackward, but more importantly, scary. Once you post the pic, people will reblog it over 1000 times. I think you should take this pretty little secret to your grave. And, since this is the last message I send you, I wish you all the good luck you deserve in life. Heartfelt thanks.

Yeah I have to agree. I’ll upload the one now without the pic, I’m just terrified that someone I personally know will see the post. And you’ll understand why I don’t want that, within the post. Ugh I actually wanted to include it!

Right back at you. Thank you so much 💙

EXO Reaction-Riding his....(18+)

Okay so there hasn’t been a request for EXO in a long time and i’m happy to get it done!!!  The request box is open and we are still searching for an admin.  Also if you guys do have an issue with the reactions or are offended or feel we crossed a line, don’t hesitate to send us a private message.  Don’t forget we are getting closer to 1,000 and when we hit it there will be a major surprise!!!!—-Admin B

I don’t own these gifs

Xiumin:  After you asked him what you wanted, he would sit there and think about it for a second wondering where this side of you came from before he gives in and pulls you into him.

Luhan:  Once he found out that you wanted to ride him he would be really happy.  He’d bring you on his lap while you made his face change emotion while his hand gently went up your stomach to a better place.

Kris:  When you asked him about it he would be tell you he was happy to make your dream come true.  While you were riding him, his lips would be on your neck helping you get as much pleasure as he was.

Lay:  After making him happy for a while, you would start to whisper in his ear to try and make him moan more, however he wouldn’t have any of that taking your hands and putting them on his trousers, however he uses his hands on your hips helping you out along the way.

Suho:  After all the stress that he has been going through with the band, he would happily let you on his thighs.  While you went slow just like he asked, he’d still find time to give you little kisses.

Baekhyun:  You would tell him your fantasy and he would agree after you told him you really wanted it.  Even though you would be making him happy,  he would want you to feel the same way as he finds your sweet spot on your neck.

Chen:  When you decided to tell him your secret fantasy he would suddenly smile at the idea, making you rethink how sweet your innocent boyfriend was.  After a while his hands would sneak under your shirt and behind your back until you made cute noises like him.

Chanyeol:  After a while of making him make his happy face for you, you would finally feel his hand on your own thigh and not know what to do about it.  When you tried to protest he would kiss you to make you quiet.

D.O.:  The look on your shy boyfriends face would tell you everything that you needed to know.  Even though he was shy and reserved his darker side would come out and while you were on top of him he’d tell you how he truly feels.

Tao:  He’d be more then happy to honor your wish.  But during the entire time he would spend it giving you kisses here and there and telling you how pretty you look and how happy you make him.

Kai:  He would be totally in once you asked him for the ride.  As much as he enjoyed you being on top, he would want to make you happy first.  With his hands all over your body you would be the one to end up screaming his name instead of him.

Sehun:  He would be absolutly shy about letting you be on top of him with this action.  However after awhile he would like it to the point of giving you his sneaky little smile.  Once he was happy he’d spend the night making you happy as well.

Draft for me coming out as agender on Facebook (please comment/send me messages about this)

Note: I’ve done my best not to hint what gender I was assigned at birth, so if there’s any clue in this text about my assigned gender, please let me know.

In the early months of 2015, I came out as asexual, then later as aromantic. This is going to be another coming out post, but one that is much longer. And if you read this, I thank you for taking the time to do so. If you happen to know my family or relatives, please keep this to yourself. I’m not ready for them to know, but I can’t hide the truth from everyone anymore. 

It’s been a long journey, and after months of questioning, I’m sure of who I am. It hasn’t been easy, especially as I had to do it alone, since most of my support is based online. In the real world, I struggled through the dysphoria and the misgendering alone. I had to play the part of someone whom everyone thought I was. I often felt like I was in someone else’s body, like my life was a film, that I was portraying the character that everyone expected me to be.

When I was a kid, I used to think about gender. Gender roles and gender presentation. I wondered how people assumed that someone who had long hair and wore dresses was a girl or a woman. I thought about how people got labels slapped onto them at birth, based on their physical bodies.

There are those who knew from young, that who they were did not match what had been assigned to them. While I did not know as a child, I remember feeling left out, even if I was included. I squeezed myself into the end of the binary that I had been assigned at birth, not knowing that other options existed.

Even when I was well into my teen years, I didn’t think much about who I was. For nearly 17 years, I lived a life unaware of the possibilities out there, but it wasn’t blissful. Sometimes, I would wonder why I suffered so much in the single-gender school that had been my primary school. Every time, I would drop the matter, assuming that it was just a normal part of growing up. Other times, I would wonder why I didn’t fit in with other children or teenagers of the same gender. Most of all, I just wanted to be one of them, to be normal. 

It wasn’t until late 2015 that I suspected I might not be cisgender. As most of you know, I had discovered my identity as an aromantic asexual earlier that year. In the later months of 2015, I questioned my identity once more. This time, I ended up questioning my gender. I wasn’t comfortable with my birth name anymore, and so I seized the opportunity to consider going by a nickname, since that was the only way I could go by a new name without being questioned. I’m lucky that my nickname is gender-neutral, and is often viewed as a name belonging to the gender that I was not assigned at birth.

I started to play with my nickname, preferring it to my birth name, but I was limited in the settings that I could go by Ray. Even better, my nickname had origins from many countries and was usually seen as masculine. In early 2016, two friends of mine (who happened to be the kids of my parents’ friends) playfully joked about my nickname and imagined me as a university student pretending to be a guy and a girl at different times, both of whom were named Ray. In March of that year, when we met up to watch Zootopia, they suggested that I dress androgynously, since they would be calling me Ray, which is a gender-neutral name. This made me realize that the name Ray was a better reflection of who I was than the name given to me at birth.

2016 was the year I started to socially transition. I changed the name on my school email, so that whenever I emailed a teacher or collaborated on a Google document, my preferred name would be seen. I changed my name on Facebook to make sure as many people as possible saw it. In class polls on WhatsApp, I signed my name as Ray. Every time my anthropology teacher addressed me as Ray in front of the whole class, I felt a little more like myself. At this time, while I had searched the internet for information about gender identities, I wasn’t too concerned about my gender and focused more on my social name change. Whatever gender label fit me at that time, I kept it secret, partly because I was still questioning and partly because I didn’t feel like I needed people to know.

June was the month things started getting interesting. There was a squad of bloggers with similar URLs based on music keys, and I decided to make one such blog. I created a Kik group with the music key bloggers, and one of the people in it referred to me using pronouns that I’d never heard being used to refer to me. At first, I was surprised, but it was positive. I guessed that the reason was because Ray is not usually associated with my assigned gender. This led to me questioning my pronouns, wondering if I might actually prefer pronouns associated with the other binary gender. And of course, I thought about whether this was just a phase, that I was really cis and I just wanted attention. But as always, being seen as either she/her or he/him didn’t feel right. There was always the jarring sensation that whoever was talking about me was actually talking about someone else. After more research on the internet, I started thinking about the agender label and it fit more so than any other label I might have secretly identified with. Although the agender label falls under the trans and nonbinary umbrellas, I personally thought that agender described me better than the words trans(gender) and nonbinary.

What I remembered about the whole gender saga, as I like to call it, was that when I was queuing to use a public bathroom, I got a sudden wave of severe dysphoria that left me in tears for the rest of the afternoon. It was the most intense dysphoria I had ever felt. After that, I could no longer pretend it was just a phase. 

From then on, I thought of myself as a trans person who is agender. But there were times when I wondered if I was really cis, or a binary trans person who was struggling with their identity. It was only a day ago, on the 27 of June, that I watched some of @chandlernwilson​‘s videos on YouTube, and the agender label felt so right. This confirmed what I had realized about myself a year ago: I am agender. I read @queerly-christian​‘s prayer for agender, nonbinary and GNC folks, and cried (as I always did when reading that prayer) because I was tired of feeling like I was a sinner for not being cis, as I had been taught.

I came out to my friends on Snapchat as agender, and I told two of my IRL friends about my pronouns. One of them agreed, while the other made excuses (as it seemed to me), but eventually agreed to use they/them pronouns to refer to me.

Now it’s past 9am on 28 June 2017. It’s Wednesday. Not that any of this matters, but keeping track of such specifics gives me some comfort. Maybe one day, I will look back on this post, and re-read the thoughts of my 18-year-old self. Whatever my future self’s thoughts are, I hope that future me will be the person that I want to be.

Hey guys! To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Sorcerer’s Stone, I thought I’d create a Happee Birthdae page!

How to join:

  • mbf me
  • reblog this post! (likes only count as bookmarks)
  • send me an ask with your name and your birthday!

What you’ll get:

  • a spot on my Happee Birthdae page!
  • a promo, message, and maybe even a lil something (like an edit, an icon, a headcannon, a oneshot, a gifset, etc) on your day of birth ❤
  • a spot on my updates calendar during your birthday month
  • my friendship :D 
  • and exclusive access to me crying about the Marauders (and Cedric, my sweet summer boy)

Hi everyone! I got laid off from my job so I’m no longer making money. I start college in about 2 months and it would be nice to save up some money to support myself with food and stuff for it. You’re helping me as well as getting some decent art in return! Nice!

I forgot to mention on the sheet: each extra character is 5$! Also ask about more complicated backgrounds.

The only way to commission me is to use paypal! Or if you have points on deviantart, you can use that as well. Just please send me a message on deviantart if you are wanting to use da points.

I can draw:

-furries, monsters, aliens, humans, ect.

-blood, gore, and body horror

-nudity/pinups (you must be 18 years or older to commission this from me)

I won’t draw:

-full on nsfw (I don’t have the skill to make money from that yet)

-complicated mecha (robot body parts like arms and legs are fine but they cant be complicated like transformers)

-anything to offend anyone’s race, sexuality, religion, ect.

-ask me if its not on either of these lists!

I only have 2 slots for paintings, as they are time consuming to make and it would overwhelm me if I had to do multiple at once. Ill reblog this post with the status of how many slots have been filled!

Contact me by sending me a message, or my email mindmeats@gmail.com.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this! If you cant afford to commission me, reblogging this would help me as well!