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on dream daddy

i’m going to preface this by saying i haven’t played the game, and i don’t plan to. therefore most of my knowledge about the game is second hand, so i apologize if i get anything wrong.

the game immediately turned me off because of it’s heavy involvement w/ the game grumps. the game grumps are homophobic, transphobic and racist. i’m not going to argue that point. the choice to involve people who are known for being homophobic and transphobic on a game about gay (and I think at least one trans dude?) people sends 100% the wrong message. it automatically alienates lgbt people. on the other hand, i think both of the developers are some form of lgbt themselves… but they still chose to work w known racists/homophobes/transphobes so how you feel about that may vary.

as the game was released recently, it was promptly datamined and people found a very disturbing, homophobic ending which cast the entire game in a very ugly light. apparently the ending isn’t in the actual game proper and is just rough code, so it either was cut or is for upcoming (presumably halloween themed) dlc. again feelings may vary on this but i feel that seeing as it isn’t actually IN the game, it’s not a huge bother to me.

the game itself seems nice enough from what i’ve seen and heard. i can get why people are playing it and enjoying it. however straight people playing a gay dating sim can definitely be a little voyeuristic, and already some of the lets plays done by straight people are Uncomfortable. this by itself wouldn’t be the game’s fault if they hadn’t involved the game grumps which imo makes the game seem like a gay game for straight people. that’s just my hot take but others may disagree.

if a sga person plays it, especially mlm (because ostensibly the game should be for mlm) and enjoys it, good. as a gay dude i know how starved ppl are for good Gay Games, especially sfw gay games/dating sims. so if people who should be the intended audience can enjoy it, good. that doesn’t mean that they can handwave the game grump’s involvement tho. they should never have been involved in the project and do not deserve defending. 

tl;dr if you’re gay and enjoy it I Get It, but be aware and don’t support the game grumps. i’m not going to send people on a letter writing campaign but try and let the devs hear your discomfort with the game grumps and why. make a fucking stink. 


introducing my VERY BAD ask blog where you can do that exact thing!

its called @letters4shiro

(you can send anything you want and shiro will reply with a little message and a picture for you! its kinda an ask blog but not really…… its very silly and fun and hopefully will bring some Light Into Your Life)

he has a few messages so far, but i encourage you to send one to shiro if you want to! (or maybe reblog this …?)

ask / about

Sleepover Saturday!

Send me messages! I need to stay up late to do some college shiz!

Ask me anything:
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Okay, so about yesterday; I have a few things I would like to clear up and as amusing as I find some of the asks to be (special shout out to the anon who sent me the message they meant to send Jack lmao), I would rather just address it in one post and get it over with than answering all the asks.

If you expect me to go back on my word, don’t even bother reading this any further - I still stand by everything I said. Saying that, yes, I could and should have worded some of the things better and I will be the first to admit to that. Reading back and talking to a few people, I realise that me saying that us “being friends is a bit of a fetch” is mean and was a completely unnecessary comment added on my part, so I sincerely apologise for that. Everybody is different and grow attached to others at different rates - although to me it may have seemed like we were “just” mutuals who talked a couple of times, Jack might’ve considered us to be closer than I thought so and could have been/was hurt by that comment. So again, I am sorry for that statement, it was completely unnecessary and yeah, well, I fucked up and shouldn’t have said that.

I’ve clarified this in my second response last night, but I want to say this again because people either don’t read at all or just pick and choose what they want to read/hear. A lot of people seem to think I invalidated all mental illnesses and said they are (as in mental illnesses, the umbrella term) not an excuse for not working. I never, I repeat, never used the phrase “mental illnesses” as a whole, because I do not have knowledge and/or experience of all the mental illnesses there are. My statement was NOT a general statement, it was directed at anxiety and situations similar to his. Again, my wording was not clear enough last night, and I apologise for that. Invalidating all mental illnesses as an excuse to not work was never my intention and I don’t believe that at all - and anxiety isn’t always an invalid excuse. I would never get involved and/or talk about something I have no knowledge and/or experience of. Anxiety and depression is a thing I am very familiar with, so please do not think I’m talking out of my ass and don’t know what I’m on about, because I do. Just because I don’t share much about my personal life, especially about the negative things going on and the demons I fight on a daily basis, that doesn’t mean that my life is perfect and that I have no history of anxiety or depression. You all have been very quick to jump on the band wagon and come at me for my comments because “I don’t know any backstory/history”, but y'all don’t know mine and have been very quick to assume that I don’t suffer of any mental illnesses.

PS.: The Anons who are trying to nitpick everything I’ve stated and telling me I lack empathy, that my statement was disgusting and I was making fun of mental illnesses (like, seriously dude, wtf?) - Maybe your message would have been more valid and less ironic if it wasn’t followed by a “kill yourself” statement.

So uhh, yeah. There’s that.

I need more friends from the self insert community

If you wanna be friends/mutuals and gush about our F/Os and have someone who sends you asks about em and talks about headcanons and shit!!! Just!!! Message me!!! Through PM!!! Or at the very least like this!!!

I have so many feelings about them plEASE

Edit: FORGOT TO MENTION THIS I follow from @witch-cub but please message this blog or expect messages from this blog. I won’t be able to message all of you guys but I will def reply to messages I get so it’s probs more efficient to just hmu lmao

send me messages in my inbox in the formula of “I heard a rumour that Endeavor __________.


give me all the conspiracies that izuku spreads about endeavor.

based on this other post i made

anonymous asked:

Hi! How do you make friends? I've been here for 6 months, have casually tried to send people nice asks and have slightly over 100 followers, but it seems like nobody cares about me :(

Um i don’t really know sadly :( most of the people I am friends with messaged me first or we were mutuals for a while. I would say just message some people and see who replies and who u have similar interests with. Message me! lmao as long as you aren’t a Britney hater we will get along. IRL tho, I did some drawing book assignment thing for Kelli in middle school and then through her I met all my other main friends I have now lmao, again she came to me lmao so I need to be approached first if u wanna talk to me :P

Hi dear, after reading your tumblr, I appreciate it very much and really like to cooperate with you to promote our clothes. Please send me your email, and I will send you the details.^-^

This definitely sounds like a message someone would send a blog about French Romanticism, and in no way  a scam at all. 

huzshee  asked:

Hey Rig, sorry to bother, but, what about that collab you mentioned before? I miss doing collabs and all, I would love to do it if you have some available time...? But if not, It's okay :0, I just hope you have a lovely day, or afternoon, I dunno, I guess it's almost midday there~

I did not forget! :) And I have a lot of time because the company starts summer vacation next week. So … well, I’ll send you a message! I wanted to try you and Collabs. And thanks for always taking care of the time I live <3  have a wonderful day!!! 

kimiokana  asked:

Hi ! It's me again ! Because I'm going in a no-wifi place, should I spam your inbox ? I mean, I will not be able to log in Tumblr soo...

I don’t mind being spammed to a certain degree, but if you contemplate sending me twelve messages that aren’t really questions or anything you want to talk about I’d rather not haha


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Unclaimed prompts make Credence sad! Look at him!!!

In all seriousness though, this post is just meant to serve as a reminder that there are still many Halloween fest prompts available to claim if you create in this fandom - both tricks and treats!

The claiming guidelines are right here for you to peruse as well :) 

So, if you haven’t already, have a look through the prompts and send in your claim forms, people!

Thank you to the 22 people who have claimed so far. When I’ve been messaging you confirmations, I’ve been wanting to babble excitedly about your choices, but I’ve tried to stay ‘professional’ :D 

I will say now though that I am very excited for what you all come up with for your fills!

If we don’t get many more claims, we’ll be opening this up to a second round of claiming so people who’ve already claimed can pick another prompt if they would like to. Like we usually say: watch this space.

In the meantime, happy claiming/creating!

anonymous asked:

david sits on his own, looking at his phone, waiting for her to answer. he should know by now that sometimes it takes forever for her to answer, even send a stupid emoji. he shouldn't be so impatient because that's who she is. but he can't. he keeps checking his phone and rewriting his messages but then deletes everything. he decides to text her one last time. "should i wait for you?" he doesn't know how she'll take it. so he just waits and starts playing pokemon go while waiting. finally, he

gets the answer. “wait. you know i always come back to you.”


That was so sweet and thinking about David playing Pokemon Go makes me laugh every time! Thank you, anon!

WOWOW!!! I can’t believe that there are now 540+ of you guys following my little studyblr! I am super thankful and would like to celebrate this momentous occasion with… *drumroll*… BLOGRATES!

Here are the rules:

  • you must be following me (lol, I don’t know why you’d care about my opinion if you weren’t)
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  • send me an ask with the URL of your studyblr (if it isn’t your main), [br], and the last song you remember listening to!

Blogrates format:

url: i don’t really understand but okay | typical but nice | wOW | who did yoU KILL

icon: not really my style | cute! | holy cow!! beautiful!!! | really??? pretty??? i’m jealous

desktop theme: default |a lil confusing | pretty good | wow, good work! | BRB HACKING AND STEALING

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following: no, but you do you, sweetheart :) | i am now! | of couRSE (I follow from @ teambusan)


Blogrates will be tagged: #ghostrates and will end when I go back to school (so August 21st)

So I’m looking for more people to talk to here or in game. I realized I only talk with like 2 people regularly on here, and as amazing as they are, I could always use more friends.

So I’m giving you this opportunity with the minimal level of effort on your end to start things off lol. Just like this post or leave a comment and I’ll send you a message here. Whether it’s to RP or just talk about FFXIV or life in general I’m down.

tl;dr like or comment here and I’ll talk at you

anonymous asked:

How would one buy you a game

I’m not very sure, no one’s actually bought me a game before ^^’…it’s so awfully kind of you to offer, though!

I think Steam is one of the cheapest places and you can buy digital games as gifts for other people. It would mean you’d have to add me as a friend on Steam, though… 

If you’re talking about physical presents, then perhaps I’d be willing to give you an address where you can send anything you want. But you’d have to contact me privately for either of those things ^^ If you want, you can just pop a message into my chat and we’ll talk about it. 

Again you really don’t have to! If it’s because of the whole Dream Daddy thing, I’ll just have to wait until I have a little spare money to play it. Food comes first hehe ^^’.


So I’ve been away for the weekend and have only just heard about the supergirl SDCC panel and I really am disappointed. Like I’m heartbroken that they would take something so special to people and turn it into a joke.

The crux of the matter is this. They didn’t have to respond the way they did, they could have been more respectful in denying it, if they wanted to be. But they don’t. Supergirl has lost the strong message it was trying to send about empowerment and justice. It abandoned those principles and worse openly mocked a determined part of it’s fanbase.

I can’t tell you I’m surprised, but I’m still disappointed. The supergirl writers and some, emphasis on some, of its cast need to look at what being a hero actually means. Because right now I think they’re behaving a lot more like villains.

community project!

I’m going to make a psa of things.

I’m asking all of you to make art for it.

whats the idea?

draw your favorite character(it doesn’t mean you have to be the best at art) holding a message about what you fear,love, want known , hope, ect.

all that matters is that you make sure you send me a like to the art so i can use it.

also, it doesn’t mater how well you draw. terrible? doesn’t matter, ill use it. amazing? even better! i just need to have legible text.




also, mi amigos may i have a hand? @kitkat1003 @i-am-season-2-material @pepamint709 @echocross @halfbendy @jeezusanotherone @krystal-twi @nothingbuttrash 

i just want one character but you can make more then one.

thank you and if you don’t want to participate don’t! but please, reblog this so others know.

Allow me to whine for a moment

guys, please

I get several messages a day about tagging something incorrectly or misspelling things in the tag. Most of the messages are reporting the exact same mistake. If it’s reposted art that I accidentally didn’t filter out, please do tell me, because I want that shit off my blog asap.

But if it’s a simple error or mistake that was probably a result of sleep deprivation, then idk, just leave me alone I guess?

I try to keep this blog lively as hell with 48 queued posts a day, but keeping the queue built up takes a lot of effort and sometimes I slip up on occasion.

I want to keep this blog as well maintained as I can, but I do have to sleep and work as well, so I can’t fully dedicate myself to tumblr and nor do I want to.

You can send friendly asks or messages, but before you send me something to inform me about something I reblogged, please consider whether or not it is entirely important.

I don’t like ignoring messages, but sometimes I do simply because I don’t have time to work on theoretical strategic analysis, a safety animation storyboard, house chores, art, and writing while trying to juggle so many requests.


Request: Can i request something where Bellamy cheats on the reader (sorry i cannot find them anywhere anymore) or vice versa

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: If i’m being honest I found this request a bit odd, I don’t know why you’d want to read about being cheated on? but it’s angsty… so I kinda get it. Anyways, enjoy nonetheless.

Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Warnings: cheating.

Tag’s List: @super-river-walker - @deathofthethrones
Want to be featured on my tag’s list? Send me a message letting me know!

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“Why what?” Bellamy grunted, turning from his post to look at you. You tried to hide the fact that you’d been crying and that you clearly weren’t in a well state but it was rather obvious if your red, puffy eyes and tear-stricken cheeks had anything to prove.

Because of your tears, Bellamy immediately became concerned. His face twisted into worry and he was quick to toss aside his gun and climb down from the wall. “What’s wrong?” He asked in a rush, quick to get to you. But you didn’t let him come near you, holding your hands in front of you to ward him off. This only seemed to confuse him further as he reluctantly stepped back from you, his hands falling to his side. “Y/N?”

“You.” Was all you whispered.

“What?” Bellamy repeated, his eyes narrowing in bafflement. Sniffling, you pushed down all tears and focused on doing what you needed to do. So, nodding to yourself, you raised your head, faking and building all confidence within you and staring at Bellamy with no previous trace of pain. “You are what’s wrong.” You clarified though no sense of realization flooded through Bellamy.

Stepping forward, he sighed heavily; “Y/N, you’re not making any sense.”

“I am making perfect sense!” You snapped, taking a heavy breath right after. “You cheated.” At your explanation Bellamy’s expression instantly fell, realization finally flooding through him as he took a voluntary stepped back. You didn’t know what hurt more, that he had cheated or the fact that he didn’t even try to deny it. You knew by the expression on his face that it was true, if you even did more clarification but that didn’t help bury the feeling of betrayal.

Laughing bitterly, you shook your head; “you don’t even try to deny it.”


“No.” You interrupted, holding your hand out before yourself. “I don’t know why. I tried to give you everything and you did this. But I know you won’t tell me, at least not the truth.” 

Bellamy shook his head, desperate to get his word in. “It was a mistake.”

“A mistake?” You asked incredulously.

“Yes,” Bellamy nodded. “I-I was upset, we had had that fight and I found her and she was there. I didn’t think anything of it-”

“Anything of it?” You repeated, the words stinging. “You didn’t think of the fact that you were having sex with another girl when we’re in a relationship just because we had a fight?” That made Bellamy pause, all excuses falling silent as he found your tear-stricken, pained expression. Nodding to yourself, you calmed your breath. “If it was a mistake you would’ve talked to me about it.” He didn’t reply, so nodding to yourself one last time, you knew what this meant. You didn’t need to clarify for him to know that what you two had built had just been demolished. 

Hugging yourself, you turned walking back into the main of the camp. “I’ll see you around, Bellamy.” 

anonymous asked:

Why the heck do people keep sending you messages about knife dad stabbing them? I mean. Yes. But?