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Spending another evening alone, that’s your deal. You’re sure Jughead is with Betty again and you’re worried. You’re worried about your relationship with your best friend. And secret love.

Of course, you know that Jughead is friend with Betty. But Betty is so pretty and smart and she has something what I don’t have, you think, lying in your bed with your favorite book on your face. You can’t read it even though it’s your favorite book. You have to think about Jughead and Betty. What’s wrong with me?

The next day, you have Biology lesson. And you usually sit with Jughead for Biology because he helps you to get along with dissecting.
“Hey, (Y/N)! How’s my princess?” He smiles at you, sitting to his place. You just shrug. You don’t want to talk with him. He hurt you yesterday by not sending you a message about he’s not going to visit you.
“There must be something in the air, huh?” Jughead raises his eyebrows. “What’s wrong with you, (Y/N)?”
“What’s wrong with me?!” You yell suddenly. All eyes on you. Your cheeks turn red. Jughead looks really surprised, he hasn’t seen you that angry before. “What’s wrong with me, Jughead?” You whisper now because of the attention of your classmates, you just don’t want to look like a drama queen. “Spending another evening alone is wrong with me, Jughead. I was waiting for you, I was waiting for some stupid message that you don’t have time for me! But it’s okay, I can deal with it. You can sit with Betty if you want.” You turn your back to him, propping your head with your hand.
“(Y/N),” Jughead sighs, grabbing your hand lightly, “Don’t tell me you’re jealous!”
“I’m not jealous!” You yell again at him, everyone in the class is looking at you right now, including Betty.
“Hey, (Y/N), you should have told me this. I didn’t know you’d be jealous because of Betty.”
“You’re just spending a lot of time with her.” You turn your face to him and there’s something in your eyes.
“Majesty,” he looks at you with a light smirk, “I swear I’m going to spend more time with you.” He laughs, ripping out a paper from his notebook, making you a paper crown.

“If we’re going to send a clacks to Mister Vimes then we ought to tell him about the Scone and Sonky,” said Reg Shoe. “You know he left a message about that. I’ve done a report.”
“Why? He’s hundreds of miles away.”
“I’d just feel happier if he knew,” said Reg. “‘Cos it worries me.”
“What good will it do sending it to him, then?”
“Because then it’ll worry him, and I can stop worrying,” said Reg.

– on sending it up the chain | Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant



Cute texts// hyung line.

Cute texts pt.2

Cute texts pt.1

Jin sends you flirty messages from Namjoons phone.

Searching for Jungkook.

Reaction to yoongi hurting his ear// Namjoon, Jin & Jimin

Searching for you when you’re missing your mom.//yoongi

Drunk text// Jimin

Calling you baby for the 1st time.// yoongi, namjoon, jimin

Texting the wrong person // Maknae line

Talking about you in text messages // Hyung line

Talking about you in text messages // Maknae line

Oblivious to the fact that he likes you // Tae

Unknown messages // Jungkook - 01 I 02 I 03 I 04 I 05 I 06


No makeup // Jungkook

Smile// Jimin

Kiss? // Jungkook

Exam season// Hoseok

Why?// Taehyung

Spending the day with bad boy// Jungkook// 01 I 02 I 03 I 04

Unexpected crush // Jimin // 01 I 02 I 03 I 04 I 05

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I would rather if no one spammed BigHit about it, send them one message with what you personally find is enough of proof and settle with that unless you find something new of extreme relevance that people haven't sent before, i understand you all want to protect BTS but spamming BigHit would only slow down the process (if any of you can't contact BigHit then i'd resort to just reporting the tweets and it's fine since BigHit can probably contact Twitter and get the info even if it gets deleted)

Tbh i rlly dont know. I think the most important thing is to report the tweets and to stay quiet. I thought about it and if the french army gives me a legit proof (more than just screenshots) I think I will choose to not tell Big Hit about it and to not show the proof.
I’ll wait, if Selja really tries to spread this rumor, I’ll contact Big Hit. If she doesnt do shit, I won’t.

sleepover saturday

okay guys, it’s currently 1:53am and i should really go to bed! i’ve been answering your sleepover saturday questions since 10pm and have honestly had such a good time that i didn’t really check the time!!

it was so lovely to get this kind of interaction from my followers and learn a little bit about a few of you. hopefully anyone that sent in a question found i answered with some semi-decent advice! i also really, really, really appreciate all the lovely comments that you put in your messages. i love you all so much.

if i’ve left your question unanswered, i apologise! some of the school-related questions i purposely left so i can answer them in-depth and then tag them properly. i hope to get them answered by tomorrow! if you have anything you want to send in, please feel free!

thanks again for been a part of my sleepover saturday. i’m really looking forward to doing it again next week! it will be a new tradition :’-) x

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I've been following you guys for a while, considering inquiring about how to join my local chapter but every time scroll thru the blog my cat stares at me like it's judging me, and whenever I go to send a message he jumps up and knocks my phone out of my hand and honestly it's starting to skeeve me out a little bit

Sounds like your cat needs some attention! Adult cats need at least 2 consecutive hours of play time in the evening or they can get a little annoying. Believe me, I’ve met a few troublesome cats in my day. But if this keeps happening, it sounds like you should just check out your local chapter in person! There’s nothing your nosy cat can do to keep you from helping out your community! 

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I have kind of an odd question about the Snk universe. Do they have showers and toilets that flush?? Or do they shit in like buckets and bathe in... honestly I cant even imagine how they'd bathe without running water in that castle HQ haha. enlighten me pls

You’re asking the real questions, anon. 

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is entirely canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue point of views with me, tell me I’m wrong, or send me hate messages; do us both a favor and please just don’t even bother.

Truth be told, I have no idea, but if I’ll try to make some decent hypothesis’. 

I do not believe they have running water because in a lot of background scenery, you see they use in home wells. Not faucets. As far as toilets, I imagine they either use outhouses or chamber pots. Outhouses seem like the more likely option considering there would be FAR less smell and cleanup. As far as showers, I’d say they either stand under water filled bags that drain slowly (people still do this off the grid in a few areas of the world), or take baths in prefilled metal tubs ( this would be the more likely option ).

I’ll try to do more research on this subject and write a meta about it. I’m actually quite curious about this subject as well. 

Happy Saturday, Famers.

This will be something really quick, I know for a fact that all of you have read our password. It talks about kindness

And I also know for a fact that most of you know that negativity/hate isn’t allowed in our group. We are a family after all. 
So with that being said, I’m going to ask the person who is sending hateful ooc messages to one of our members, to please stop. Because if we find out who this person is, it will automatically earn them a strike.

And if the issue persists, we’re going to have to ask everyone to turn off their anons for a period of time, and we don’t want to do that since we know how much fun you guys have with memes.

Remember, to always be kind to one another. Spread love not hate, this is what this RP is all about. Like I said before, we are a family, so treat each other with love and respect.

I love you all, thank you for being part of Hollywood Fame.

- Admin B

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I love your style very much 😍 I want to know about the comic about Lance and the instructor. I couldn't find your side blog. 😕

I can’t answer you back directly because you send message as an anon… how should I tell you now😂

My sideblog is allxlance though and it’s weird. So I don’t want people to know about it much😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

I’ll reblog my post then. Please don’t attack me if my sideblog is weird and a bit kinky(…..)

If you found it. Please tell me😂


I couldn’t write anything after the episode because I didn’t know what i would write. 

This episode was a mess. Yes, maybe VS isn’t a perfect written drama in many ways, but VS never insulted the viewer’s intelligence. Turkish fans are protesting the writers now and sending so many messages about the unexpectable inconsistencies that no one understood.

For example the letter Veronika read was very clear. Leon described the girl he loved; blue eyes, white-skinned and a patriot. But guess what might happen after this. No you couldn’t guess right. Because Veronika thought the girl was Yildiz who has green eyes and is not white-skinned and most importantly NOT A PATRIOT.

As if this wasn’t enough, when Leon was still unconscious in his sick bed, Yildiz who never liked working at the hospital so heaven knows why she was there in that moment heard what Veronika was saying to her son. Because the door left opened, what a luck! So she misunderstood that she was loved by Leon very very much, and also heard that Veronika would allow them to get married. (Oh. My. Dear. God. I wanted to smash something.)

You may think this misunderstanding isn’t insurmountable but there are some things which I didn’t share before because I thought they were utterly ridiculous, some rumors have been going around lately. This rumor source had said that Yildiz would become an obstacle between Hilal and Leon. But of course no one believed that this would happen. Because the writers seemed they ended Yildiz’s obsession about the power Leon had and her dreams about being the lady of the mansion. (No, of course I didn’t talk about love, because SHE. NEVER. LOVED. LEON. She confessed it too.) So after the last episode, when all rumors came true, everyone became worried. Because the things that the rumor source said were not only these. It also said that Yildiz would threaten Leon with saying everyone that Hilal was the culprit who shot him. Maybe you think Yildiz could never harm her sister but the same Yildiz also wasn’t worried about Ali Kemal who could die if Leon confessed everything when he woke up in the last episode. So this character does not have any logical side anymore.

These unpleasant things don’t make only us uncomfortable. Yesterday a fan wrote a message for Senan Kara (who plays Leon’s mother Veronika) and said that Veronika was one of the smartest people in the drama but in the last episode the character deduced the girl her son loved was Yildiz altough he clearly wrote ‘blue eyes’, 'white-skinned’ and 'patriot’. After saying these, the fan also asked her whether she was surprised after reading these lines in the script. And Senan Kara liked the message. 

Also another fan wrote a good rant and sent it to one of the directors. (The rant wasn’t only about Hilal&Leon, there were all illogicalnesses in it.) And the director also liked this rant. *lol* I have no idea what is going on. I think the crew also aren’t very pleased with the scenario.

Maybe these rumors won’t come true, but what’s certain that they made a huge mistake by writing Yildiz this way. No one could understand her anymore.


I wanted to talk about Hilal’s screams (“No, he can’t die!”).
I wanted to talk about how she was devastated after all happenings.
I wanted to talk about how much she relieved after her father controlled Leon’s pulse and said he was still alive.
I wanted to talk about how she was determined that she would not escape even if Leon confessed she was the one who shot him. (Because poor baby thought she deserved that.)
I wanted to talk about how much she was happy when she heard he woke up.
I wanted to talk about how Leon couldn’t hide his smile when he heard that she went crazy while he was fighting for his life.
I wanted to talk about how she blushed when he said “your apology has been accepted, young lady” and she realised he had been listening her the whole time.
I wanted to talk about how beautiful they looked when they smiled at each other.


Fanbook for Janice Poon @ Fannibal Fest

Since Janice is finally invited to a Hannibal con, it’s only right that we welcome her with an out-pouring of fannibal love and make her a fanbook! The con is quite a while away but I thought it might be nice to get the word out early and give everyone plenty of time to plan a contribution.


  • Messages about why you love Janice’s work and thanking her for her support of our fandom
  • Photos of any of her recipes you’ve made
  • Photos of you and Feeding Hannibal
  • Your own favorite recipes
  • Art inspired by Janice’s work


Send all submissions to feedinghannibalfanbook(@)gmail.com

DEADLINE: October 25th, 2017

Questions? Ideas? Comments? Send me a message any time!

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What's your opinion on people who repeatedly send tweets and weird romantic shit to celebs ?

To each their own. I don’t agree with it and I would never do it, but it depends on the person and the celebrity. If I have something that is a decent, mature question or something intelligent to say I’ll send a tweet but I don’t just tweet gushing about them or asking for attention. And I really don’t agree with those that send romantic or pornographic messages. Telling celebs you love them in a way that comes across as more romantic or sexual instead of an admiration for their work is awkward for them. If you ever want to creep yourself out read mentions that J2M are in.


I really can’t thank you guys enough. It seems like just yesterday I hit 500 followers.

I can’t believe that so many people like my little blog, but it means the world to me to have your support. I love every single one of you. I’m always here for every single one of you. Just send me a message and I’ll be happy to talk to you. Take care of yourselves. 💞

A thank you to all the friends I’ve made here: @zeloandhobiaremyhubbies @hecallsmemoonlightbae @this-aint-a-scene-its-a-tradegy @forever-young-got7 @kimfuckingtaehyung @somerandomflamingo @multi-fandom-blog All have you are such amazing people. I’m so happy to have met you and become friends with you. I love you all so much. Even if I don’t always message back quickly, I care so much about you and I’m thankful to have been able to meet you. 💖

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B I don't mean to spoil the mood I'm so excited but I just know he's gonna sing so beautifully about other girls and I'm so in love and I know he'll never feel the same and it makes me sad, I just hope he finds the one soon, someone who's nice and inspiring and pure, he deserves so much better than hollywood typical spoiled rich girl.

Babes, don’t do this to yourself and most importantly, don’t do this to him. He’s been singing about other girls ever since he started in 1D and it won’t be different this time. His art and his music matter a thousand times more than anything else, don’t let that thought overshadow how important his art is. I know it’s difficult to deal with, believe me, I love him just as much, but his music and the message he wants to send through it is so much bigger than who he dates. Focus on that and leave the rest behind - he’d want you to do that, I’m very sure of that.

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I really like this girl I've been friends with for a while we always message each other and I've got mad feelings for her and last night she sent me some really sweet/adorable messages and today she asked me if I wanted to marry her joking around of course we're only in high school but I don't know if she's gay or not and don't want to ruin what we have

She’s sending you mad signals bro. Sounds like she’s into youuuuuu. Maybe ask if she’s into girls? Or talk about celebs you both fancy? Maybe you should go first and mention female celebs so she’ll feel comfortable to name female celebs if she truly fancies them.

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Did chloef8899 REALLY create an anonymous sideblog with no posts ONLY to send you that message??? How about you show your main, "chloe"?

Right?  But honestly, she made me giggle. And you have no idea how much i needed that. If I am going to spend a rare saturdaty night in, why not do it laughing about the amount of BS one person can send me?


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Positivity Anon here (again! I have odd sleeping habits). Sorry dude to hear about the rough week. But, Positivity Anon will be here once a week to send you a uplifting message so you don't forget you are working hard everyday! And if I don't do it, I know that someone who cares about you will do it for me, or some other Anon. You are cared and loved by many of us :)

Thanks buddy