but i will pretend its what hes saying ok

How well would Akai's candy blood work?

Like, he can cure any illness and revive the dead, but he did it pretty recently after Hachi was shot, but wat would happen if he tried it on say… Queen’s parents? Like dig up their bodies (ok I sound sick in the head). Or say that goopy pile of Clover?(pretend that they can find him)

Like, does the body have to be whole?
What’s the extent of his healing???

Hamilton summarized [act one]
  • Alexander Hamilton: his name is Alexander Hamilton okay
  • Aaron Burr Sir: Aaron burr is having none of your shit ham
  • My Shot: I'm cool guys I promise
  • The Story of Tonight: we're cool lets drink some beer
  • The Schuyler Sisters: daddy said no but I said yEs feat. feminism
  • Farmer Refuted: roasting ham™
  • You'll Be Back: crazy ex sings break up song
  • Right Hand Man: Washington rlly needs help- no not from you burr
  • A Winter's Ball: fuckboy central + gay ass Laurens pretending to be good with the ladies
  • Helpless: damn he cute *two seconds later* damn he mine
  • Satisfied: Angelica dad gum missed hER shot
  • The Story of Tonight: lol ur married lets drink some more
  • Wait for It: burr u ok?
  • Stay Alive: Jesus fucking Christ, Charles Lee feat. rejected ham
  • Ten Duel Commandments: ten things to do when you wanna shoot someone!
  • Meet Me Inside: someone has dADDY ISSUES
  • That Would Be Enough: ur home cause I'm pregnant, surprise
  • Guns and Ships: no idea what he's saying but it's lit
  • History Has It's Eyes On You: I fucked up sometimes to Ham
  • Yorktown: that's right, hERCULES MULLIGANNNN
  • What Comes Next?: u gonna want me back bish but guess what U CANT HAVE ME
  • Dear Theodosia: it's time to feel things
  • Non-Stop: iTS TIME TO GET FUCKING LIT PEEPS feat. everyone in the goddamn show

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how would they react when you accidentally forget their birthday? (It's not that you don't care about them, maybe you just had too much on your mind and just genuinely accidentally forgot)

(Thank you for your request!!!)

Jinhwan: “It’s ok. I understand you were busy.” *he is a little hurt*

Yunhyeong: “Did you pretend to forget because you didn’t have the time to buy the present you said you’ll give me?”

Bobby: “I forgive if you make it up for me.”

B.I: “It’s ok. I just spend my birthday working. And waiting for your message…”

Donghyuk: *he doesn’t know what to say. He is hurt that you didn’t remember him but he also understands  why you didn’t.*

Junhoe: “I always try to find time to remember you but whatever.”

Chanwoo:*while you are apologizing for the third time* “It’s ok, love. It’s not a big deal.”

(note: gifs are not mine.)

What we can look forward to in FOB Ch. 5:

- Jealous Emile (aka the cutest Emile) putting himself in progressively more uncomfortable situations

- Zeke still-smoldering rage taking a backseat so he can pretend he’s keeping it together in front of humans

- Rural Life

- My girl Nami!!!!

- Very little action; like practically none… ((sorrryyyyyyyyy… but! Think of all the character/world development instead!!!!!))


EXO Reaction To Their Girlfriend Flinching/Falling To The Floor While Play-Fighting

*GIFs Not Mine*

Reaction Masterlist:

Anonymous said:

Can I request EXOs reaction to play fighting with their girlfriend and maybe pretending to raise their hand, and she flinches and drops to the ground, covering her face, and sobbing, saying ‘I’m sorry… Im sorry…’ over and over. I know its a little weird, but I would love to see how their different personalities would react to that… I love love your blog so much xoxoxo

Xiumin: *at first Xiumin doesn’t know what just happened when his girlfriend suddenly dropped to the floor. He’s really just shocked, but once he hears what she’s saying…*

Xiumin: *with slow purpose, he wraps his arms around her* I’m not gonna hurt you…I’d never hurt you, ok? I love you, you’re safe, everything’s ok…*on the inside he’s concerned about why she reacted that way but that’s a topic for another day…*

Luhan: *immediately begins to panic while still trying to look calm as he drops his hand, gingerly reaching out for her* Shit, did she think I was going to hit her? I was just gonna tickle her neck…Shit, shit, shit. Ok just calm down…You weren’t going to hurt her…You wouldn’t, ever… *continues to slowly move her hands from her face to around him, letting her fall against him*

Kris: *at first Kris is very dazed and confused, he struggles to put together what happened between the play fighting and her dropping to the floor. Once he does however…

Kris: *his cute side comes out to cheer you up* Here! Look at me! Look at your dork of a boyfriend! Look I’m being cute! Come on… *once she looks up, unable to help from smiling or giggling, he wraps his arms around her, chuckling in her ear before he reassures her that he’d never hurt her*

Suho: *extreme internal panic* I may have nine kids to take care of but they’ve never done this. I’m usually the one crying or getting emotional but what do I do when that isn’t me? Ok, think Suho… You can do this… You can tell her that she is safe. You’re probably more scared right now than she is anyway…

Lay: *how could this healing unicorn ever raise his hand to hurt a fly much less his girlfriend? but anyway…* immediately he would drop his hands to his sides, lowering himself in front of her, making sure to give her some space and move slowly as he reaches out to hold her. Once he does, he reassures her that she is safe and that he will not hurt her*

Baekhyun: *confused puppy byun* I was not going to hit her. Why would I hit her? We were play fighting… *he doesn’t even know what to say as he lowers himself in front of her, holding his hand out for her to take when she was ready…*

Chen: sure I hit some of the guys but I’d never hit her…It’s probably best not to touch her, in case she’s really scared. So I should probably sit here and wait…Move slowly and softly as not to frighten her again, too…

Chanyeol: frick, I never wanted to frighten her…damn…that was a mistake. I wasn’t going to hit her…but she thought I was…I would never but how can I tell her that? I won’t leave her like this of course but I doubt she wants me to touch her right now…No matter how much I want to hold her and tell her it’s ok…

DO: Oh god if she cries, I’m gonna cry. The only person I ever want to hurt is Baekhyun, so I would never want to hurt her…What do I do…I could make her tea or hot cocoa but I really don’t want to leave. *ultimate he decides to just talk to her, beginning with how he won’t hurt her but then about anything that comes to his mind as she calms down until she approaches him*

Tao: *Tao definitely doesn’t now what just happened but he manages to hold himself back from freaking out but rather just focuses his attention on her and then calming her down. He hesitantly reaches out just to rub her back as her breathing evens out and she’s not longer as upset. He moves closer to her just to be there until she’s ready to talk…*

Kai: well that was freaking stupid of me…You’re never supposed to raise a hand like that except from a distance where it’s obviously a high-five…Idiot. I should apologize, and tell her I never would hurt her… I should’ve done better…God,  I bet she doesn’t even want me to touch her right now…stupid…

Sehun: *cocky Sehun flys out the window* Wait, what? She just dropped to floor? Oh my god, she thought I would hurt her…Shit…Ok, what do I do? Probably stop freaking out for a first step but then what? Ok Sehun, breathe and then you have to do something…

Sehun: *just starts talking in a soft voice, sitting in front of her* Hey, I wasn’t going to hurt you. I am not going to you ever. I want you to feel safe with me and trust me, ok? So I will not touch you until you tell me you want me to. I will wait until you’re ready ok?

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I've been trying for forever to try and figure out what ur genos reminds me of and I finally figured it out! ! Ok ok hear me out bro he reminds me of an extremely elegant shark with your beautiful style and like often black and white jagged lines I dunno maybe I'm just crazy and it's more apparent in some drawings than others but lik e, really pretty and unique art style and stuff o-ok sorry I'm ahh gonna go no w that was all thanK u

oops Blacktip Shark Genos and Killer Whale Sai ♥^♥ pretend they live in the same environments

Genos doesn’t like when Sai breeches, it could be dangerous u-u

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It's funny cause yinyin is the same user that couldn't stand people calling yoongi queer when the whole "what he found handsome in a man" situation came about and also made a long post on why it was wrong to assume anything lmao.

Ok so I wasn’t gonna bring this up earlier because I’m not actually planning on engaging with them but I just want to note also that yinyin1 likes to talk about Korea like they know what Korea is like. Like saying “Mental illnesses are very real but you act like we’re supposed to pretend they do not exist. It’s important to bring these topics up in the media, especially in Korea.“ And I’m wouldn’t be surprised if they said that “Korea is so homophobic” or something like that when they were talking about not assuming Yoongi’s sexuality or w/e.

Those are some pretty massive generalizations to make, and I don’t think that someone who’s not Korean should really be making them, especially since I’ve seen Korean bloggers say that non-Koreans making those statement is really offensive because they’re way oversimplified and basically erase the queer community/people advocating for better mental health services in Korea.

So, I went to check to see if yinyin1 is Korean, because if so, it’s not my place as a white American to disagree with what they say about Korea. But like, I go to their about page and find that they’re Lithuanian (and ethnically German-Jewish/French/Russian/Mongolian, none of which are Korean). BUT, they are “STUDYING EAST ASIAN CULTURES AND LANGUAGES WITH A MAJOR IN SOUTH KOREA AND MINOR IN JAPAN.“ Well, there you have it. Non-Korean who thinks they can talk about Korean culture and use it to justify idols’ and fans’ offensive behavior because they are “majoring in Korea” (what the actual fuck does that even mean?). Funny then, that on the same page, it says that they only speak basic Korean and Japanese. But you know, basically a Korea/Japan expert.

There is a really fucked up trend of non-Koreans making these oversimplified, generalizations about Korean culture, but only when it comes to excusing their faves. Funny how that works. They also tend to ignore the fact that actual Korean bloggers often say that what they’re doing is really fucked up. And yet, people continue to reblog these things and be like “OH, it’s justified now! That’s just the way Korea is!” Non-Korean people like yinyin1 or me (or a lot of the apologists who reblogged yinyin1′s post) shouldn’t be making those generalizations in general, because no matter how much we’ve studied, we don’t’ have the perspective necessary to contribute to a discussion about Korean cultural norms as they relate to ableism/homophobia/colorism/etc and we certainly have no place using these oversimplified generalizations about “Korean culture” to be justifying the shitty things that happen in the kpop fandom.

Before people reblog that shit, at least check the source to make sure that your main justification for colorism/ableism/homophobia from kpop idols or fans being ok isn’t from some random European who is “majoring in Korea.”

thunderpunching in case you wanted more details/the link to their about page, this is what I was talking about in my tags.

A normal day in CHB
  • Jason: *Look that Nico is coming and whispers to Percy* Ready?
  • Percy: Yeah, go hide Leo!
  • Leo: Ok, but i want this to be clear, i didn't want to do this! * Hides*
  • Nico: Hi guys, wassup?
  • Jason: nothing *Silence* I said.... NOTHING!
  • Leo: *Appears behind of a tree* Ahg... hey guys, you never guess what happened to me on the subway this morning.
  • Nico: Subway?
  • Leo: Yeah... This guy was smiling at me and talking to me.
  • Percy: *Pretends to be suprised* Really?
  • Leo: Yes, And I think he was coming on to me. I think he might've thought I was gay!
  • Nico: Why does this sound me familiar?
  • Percy: It's ok to talk about this Nico.
  • Jason: Yes, because...*Takes his phone and play the music *
  • Nico: What...?
  • Jason: IF YOU WERE GAY...
  • Percy: THAT'D BE OKAY...
  • Nico: Oh... NO!
  • Jason: But i'm not gay.
  • Nico: You're so dea-
  • Nico: You too?
  • Leo: I'd still be here!
  • Nico: SHUT THE FUCK UP! *bring skeletons*
  • Nico: *Grabs the cell phone, and hits Jason in the head with it*
  • Nico: *Makes skeletons grab Percy and take him to the woods*
  • Nico: *Gives a maniac look to Leo* You're next.
  • Leo: Nicky...
  • Nico: Oh... Considere you death, Valdez.
  • Leo: I never want to do this! They obligate me!

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I cannot believe how some people are easy to manipulate. I can give so many examples of Caroline being bad friend for Stefan - but because writers never highlighted Caroline's past mistakes - it's ok to pretend it never happened. But Stefan dared first time in the series history to run away and not put other people's needs first, he is considered a horrible person - just because Caroline says so. Not to mention, that her bitterness in the most part is caused by her unrequited romantic feelings.

Yeah, that’s what TVD does. Everything TVD doesn’t want to address is swept under the rug. Elena being sired to Damon, Elena almost kissing Stefan, Damon kidnapping and torturing Jeremy because man pain, Caroline not giving a fuck about Stefan missing for three months, Caroline’s father dying, Bonnie’s mother being turned, Bonnie’s father being murdered, Katherine saving Jeremy’s life, Elena fighting compulsion for Stefan instead of Damon, … TVD writes a lot of things with a lot of potential, but then the writers start to think about it and they’re like “nope, we can’t use that, let’s never mention it again and everyone will just forget all about it” but it doesn’t work that way.

It makes me sad. “Consequence” really is a dirty word, because it’s not even just Caroline. It’s okay for Elena to lead Stefan on and to break his heart again, because Stefan will pretend like it never happened. It’s okay for Damon and Elena to bang each other’s brains out while Stefan has his own brain fried again for their lousy asses and then not even thank him, because Stefan probably likes being tortured while Dullena are screwing. It’s okay for Caroline to know about Stefan being in agony but still happily hang out at Whitmore, because Stefan will never complain about it. It’s okay for Caroline to talk shit to Tyler about making her feel guilty for sleeping with his mom’s murderer, because Tyler will accept that he’s the bad one in that situation instead of Caroline and especially Klaus. It’s okay for Damon to torture Jeremy and then make nasty jokes about it, because Jeremy’s used to it by now. It’s okay for Matt to be kidnapped from a house full of vampires (seriously, no one heard anything?) and be buried alive by Nadia, he won’t blame his friends or be even the slightest bit upset about it. It’s okay for Bonnie to sacrifice her life for someone else, then come back to life and then die again with no one even trying to help her, because Bonnie’s a sacrificial lamb and she’s totally fine with it, it’s what she does.

I feel like the only person whose mistakes and flaws are constantly highlighted, is Stefan. Even when his mistakes aren’t actually mistakes. He turns into a ripper to save Damon’s life? He’s so horrible, let’s punish him by making Elena suck face with Damon. He tries to leave Damon and Elena to let them be happy (something Damon failed to do since the freaking pilot)? What  a disgusting man Stefan is, let’s make him drown in a safe for three months with nobody giving a damn. Stefan saved Elena from the travelers? Let’s teach him a lesson and make him watch Dullena suck face. Stefan took off after losing Damon because he couldn’t handle facing anybody and feeling the loss of his brother? He’s such a disgusting friend, let’s have Caroline make him feel guilty for the rest of the season.

It makes me sick to my stomach. Give Stefan a fucking break already. It’s okay for Damon to kill/threaten/try to kill/abuse/rape/etc Caroline, Matt, Bonnie, Jeremy, Elena, Andie, Mason, Tyler, Stefan, Rebekah, Katherine, and basically every other person that ever made an appearance on TVD, because all of those people will forgive him instantly. He doesn’t even need to apologize or even feel bad about it, no, no, Damon has pretty blue eyes so Damon is forgiven, that’s the rule. But Stefan, if you try to ignore someone who needs you while you’re crippled by guilt and pain and loss one more time, you’ll be staked every five minutes for the rest of eternity, kapish?


Ok so what if there was an Akumatized villain that turned people into cats

ok so just think about this:

-villain that turn people into cats
-ladybug gets turned into a cat
-loud sighing from ladybug
-loud laughter from chat
-ladybug being ABSOLUTELY USELESS bc she has no idea what to do
-all the cat people can talk like normal humans ok
-ladybug changing back in front of chat, but its ok he cant tell anyways
-chat taking her home, revealing who he is
-marinette screeching
-marinette revealing who she is
-marinette calling her parents to tell them she’s at alyas
-then calling alya to tell her she’s at adriens and to pretend shes at alyas if her parents call
-alya: ┬┴┬┴┤ ͜ʖ ͡°) ├┬┴┬┴
-marinette and adrien figuring out what the fuck to do
-tikki suggesting he be ladybug
-nathalie coming into his room to tell him dinner’s ready
-nathalie questioning about the cat
-adrien saying “it was on the street, and i had to take care of it” and “please dont tell my dad”
-nathalie questioning if she should tell gabriel or keep this secret
-nathalie deciding that it cant do any harm not to say anything about the cat
-anyways adrien agreeing to be ladybug (lets just say its possible for them to swap kwami)
-the next day, half of paris are now cats (cat-mania)
-adrien is ladybug
-mari is chat
-mari being called “Meowinette”
-thanks to adrien haha
-everyone noticing that they look different (woW they can figure out that? sO SMART!!)
-mari only being there to help adrien
-adrien going by “Bug Noir” for some reason idk black bug??
-bug noir being like: http://blog.spikepadley.com/post/72332709432/cat-puns  -lady chat: (see lower image on right)
-when they finally defeat the villain, mari turns back to normal
-she looks p good as chat
-adrien blushing bc shes blushing and it gets awkward
-ok thats all i can come up with
-add more if you want 

(This was all legit copied from my DeviantArt. Enjoy the art and the link to all those damn cat puns. Theyre v useful)

Submitted by @shriggy-chtist

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prompt: D's in the shower & C's looking for someone's # on D's phone when Lea texts D, asking if they're still on for tonight. C goes through their message history and realizes for the last 2 months, D's "business" meetings weren't really business.

Pairing: Chris/Darren
Length/Rating: Short/meh

We still on for tonight?? ;)))

Chris stares at the texts - message after message - the phone trembling in his hands as dread settles cold in his belly.

It makes no sense, literally no sense.  And yet it does.  All those times Darren’s been “too busy” to have dinner with Chris, or to even come over.  All those weird, late night phone calls that Darren would take even when he and Chris were in the middle of something.

“Hey, have you seen my phone?” Darren asks as he walks into the living room, where Chris is standing stock-still.  "Dude, where was it? I’ve been looking all over.“

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Hello sweety, could you make an exo reaction, when they get lost in a foreign country without knowing its language? Sorry, if you did something similar or it´s bothering you. I love your reactions *hug*, bye and have a nice day :3

Xiumin: *listens to you giving directions* “I……. I have no idea what you’re saying”

Luhan: *nods his head pretending to understand when you tell him where he is* “yeah… OK…. yes, I understand…. totally…. OK”

Kris: “I already know a lot of languages. how hard can learning this be? *attempts to speak language but is laughed at because he said the wrong thing* “I guess it’s harder than I thought”

Suho: “well, time to learn how to ask where I am  in this language”

Lay: “I’m lost? When did I get lost?”

Baekhyun: “OK, to get unlost I’ll go this way, no that way, no this… that…. This way”

Chen: *stands in place a debates how he’ll find out where he is*

Chanyeol: “of course I’d get lost where I don’t know the native language and when it’s cold outside”

person: “do you need some help? Are you lost?”

Kyungsoo: “what the hell is this person saying?”

Tao: “I can’t read the street names but the markings on that sign seem familiar so I’ll go that way”

Kai: “good going Kai, getting yourself lost in a place like this”

Sehun: “no need to worry, my hyungs will find me”

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I was rewatching GMTSoL, when Riley said "The problem is not what you did, the problem is that you didn't trust me with it", I was like "ok this isn't as bad as i remembered, it's not that she wants to pretend there's nothing bad about him, she's just upset he didn't tell her". Then she goes "as long as you're not different than i think, because i think a lot of you". YO GIRL TALK ABOUT PUTTING PRESSURE ON THE GUY (THE DISGRACE OF TEXAS)! Plus if he doesn't wanna say it it has to be bad...

Yep. A lotttttttt of people completely ignore how she ultimately makes her “forgiveness” (as it were) conditional upon his not being different than she thinks—but obviously he IS different than she thought; Riley said it herself: “I don’t know you, and you don’t know me.”

And of course the great irony of it all is that Riley straight up said she didn’t want to know if Lucas was hiding anything back in GM Friendship. She didn’t WANT to find out if he wasn’t what she thought. (Cory was in the room when she said so too). But when the fact that Lucas isn’t what she thought is unavoidably forced upon her by Zay’s arrival, she’s angry that nobody told her. And she’s especially angry that Cory didn’t tell her. Riley is absolutely OVERFLOWING with cognitive dissonance in GM SoL (and in general when it comes to Lucas, tbh).

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I've never thought I'd say this but I'm so on Briana side. I mean ok it's not the reality of the situation but I would be so angry with my baby's father if he was out with him and his new girlfriend of what? 3-4 months? No way. Now I really see every piece of this puzzle. So, TMZ, we're still waiting but now I feel so close.

Can we please stop pretending that she’s Mother Theresa and she is a perfect fucking mom?

First you need a baby to be a mom. She has no baby.

Second: she allegedly hooked up with a millionaire and STILL ALLOWED this pregnancy to be reported in the press 11 weeks along, taking a huge risk to the fetus’ health and life. (If there had been a baby)

Third: she cannot even have a firm grip on the carrycot (if there had been a baby)

Fourth: she goes out getting drunk while the kid is four weeks old. (If there had been a baby)

Fifth: she pressured Louis into an engagement just because she got ‘pregnant’ even though they have no romantic interest with each other. (If there had been a baby).

Sixth: she is being a bitch to Louis - WHO IS ACTUALLY PAYING ALL OF HER FUCKING EXPENSES - by saying Danielle cannot be there with the baby because of crucial bonding. (If there had been a baby)

Well, let me tell you the baby is in the mother’s womb for 40 weeks (approx 10 months) and is perfectly able to recognize the mom’s heartbeat, voice etc and after being born the baby is still perfectly able to recognize the mom. And seeing a stranger once in a week would not mess with the baby at all.

If there had been a baby.