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Hey there! First off I love your writing style. Could you write a wolfstar where Sirius asks out Remus to the yule ball? <3

Sirius had to admit it, Remus looked absolutely adorable all cuddled up in an armchair reading some muggle book. He wondered how long he fancied his friend and why he’d never done anything about it. Remus looked up when he felt him staring.

“What is it, Pads. Is there something on my face?” He guessed, wiping his face.

Sirius shook his head. “No, no. I was just thinking.”

“About what?” He got up and sat next to Sirius on the couch. Sirius looked at him intently, as if studying every freckle and scar. Then he shook his head. What was wrong with him? He’d flirted with loads of people before, but he was never this nervous. He stared into his friend’s light brown eyes and decided to go for it.

“H- has anyone asked you to the ball yet?”

Remus shook his head. “Who would want to go to the ball with me?”

“Who wouldn’t wanna go to the ball with you?”

Remus gave him a small smile. “I mean, my face is all scarred, I’m too skinny, I can barely hold a conversation…” he trailed off.

Sirius shook his head. “Moony, how could you even say any of that? You always have something interesting to say. And I think you’re scars are cool.” He said, trailing a finger along a small scar that ran to the top of his lip. Remus’s breath hitched. They were caught in a trance until James sauntered into the room.

“Hey, Moony. Pads.” He placed himself in between the two boys, who were both blushing slightly. “Padfoot, have you asked anyone to the ball yet?”

“I was going to.” Sirius muttered irritably.

James looked confused then turned to Remus. “What about you, Moony.” Remus was staring at his hands and shook his head. Something finally clicked in James’s brain. “Oh, okay. I’m gonna go. I forgot I told Lily I’d meet up with her.” He got up and left, winking at Sirius.

The boys looked at each other again, not daring to move any closer. “S- so who were you planning on asking to the ball?” Remus asked. Sirius hesitated for a moment, all his confidence from before was gone. Dammit, Prongs. “Is she in Gryffindor?”

“He actually. And yeah he’s a Gryffindor.”

“Okay, is he in our year?” Sirius nodded, playing with his hair so he didn’t have to look at Remus. “Is it Wormtail?”

Sirius chuckled. “No, it’s not Wormtail.” Remus grinned lightly, making Sirius’s heart leap. He stood up and summoned some courage. “Moony, do you want to go to the ball with me?” Sirius watched as Remus’s face broke out into the biggest smiles he’d ever seen on the boy. He jumped up and hugged Sirius tightly. “I’m taking that as a yes.”

Remus chuckled and stared into Sirius’s eyes when James came running out from behind the corner. “My best friends are going to the ball together!” He looked very emotional as he pulled them both into a hug.

“Prongsy, you’re suffocating me.” Remus choked out. Sirius looked around to make sure there was no one in the common room before transforming into his animagus form. “That’s not fair! I can’t do that!”

Padfoot barked happily as he ran around the room. James let go of Remus and Padfoot ran back to them. He stood on his hind legs and pushed his date to the ball back onto the couch then hopped up and began licking his face. “Pads!” He exclaimed as he tried to push the dog off off him. Sirius transformed back and kissed him once last time on the cheek.

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Not a question really, but I always adored how you wrote Beka Cooper. She never backed down from anything, from her hunches to her sexuality. It was the first time I'd seen a YA protagonist be that way and it has stuck with me and my writing. Did you have pressure ever to temper her down to be less in your face? I worry about that with the genre sometimes. Thanks!!

Nope! My editor trusted me to write the character as I saw fit, and it’s not as if Beka is one note. There are times when she does change her mind, where she will back off when she’s learned something, which is what intelligent people do. They learn and they change. My recommendation is go with your gut, write what is true to you. Make characters that are as human as possible, which means not one note, but varied. You’ll be fine! People respond to characters that feel real, is my experience. I wish you the very best of luck!

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please don't stop eerie crests!!!!! i love it so much and every time you update, my day gets so much better!! i love dallas and malek and ben and ari so much!!!! it'll be so sad if you stop now :((( i know this is very hard to keep up with and running a comic in your second language isn't easy, but you're doing such a good job and i appreciate everything that you do for eerie crests!!! i love u!!!!!! have a good day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much! Like I said on twitter, I’m still mulling it over so it’s not a huge shock to everyone. I love this project dearly and I just want to do my best for it, and oftentimes my best isn’t really enough.
And if I do decide to quit, it won’t be cold turkey. I will still give everyone closure. Tl;dr, I won’t stop making it until everyone knows what happened in the first place.

So I have seen so much funny/amazing stuff in the fandom about 80’s voltron and why I should be watching 80’s voltron, I decided to jump in with Lauren Montgomery’s most memorable episode, ‘The Sleeping Princess’, and oh my gosh? what have I been doing with myself?? when I could have been watching 80’s voltron?/??

there was

next minute

bewitched dagger near-death experience kidnapping SIGN ME TF UP :DDD

and the team are just having the best spring ever??

as a theatre major I love when someone executes the Power of Drama

worse than this medieval carriage is when someone takes ‘you can sit up-top’ too seriously…

>:’>  ~~~~~  :CCC

and then at the very end when Lotor and Haggar are making a getaway, I was so so ready to see the cool 80’s version of Lotor’s spaceship… 

and instead… he got into…

a jet-pack coffin???

Keith and I had similar reactions tbh??

TL;DR I love this, I love them, they are all my favourite in every reality 😭💜💜

The great part of the friendship the two of them have, is it allows them to be vulnerable, to say, “I need this, and I need this from you.” For me, from my friends, that’s the best part. I can go to them and say, “Things suck. Help.” There’s very few people that you can do that with. For Lena, it’s Kara. For Kara, it’s Lena, too.
—  Katie McGrath on the bond between Lena and Kara. 

[TRANSLATION] Musical Touken Ranbu Kashuu Kiyomitsu Tanki Shutsujin 2017: Post-Performance Tweets from the Kashuu Dancers

A translation of the post-performance Tweets from the ensemble team for the “Musical Touken Ranbu Kashuu Kiyomitsu Tanki Shutsujin 2017”, the Kashuu Kiyomitsu Tanki Shutsujin Team or, as they also call themselves, the Kashuu Dancers xD

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I'm so glad you're drawing Moondancer. She's one of my favorites. Any reason for liking her?

Aside from my tendency to really like palette swap characters for some reason (I also love Daring Do) she’s very relatable and just hits a lot of my soft spots for both character design and personality, not to mention I’m a huge fan of the depth she’s given in her backstory

She was always a bit of a recluse, but learned to gradually come out of her shell the more time she spent with her best friend. When she decided to take a risk and put her full trust in said friend, it backfired and she was left abandoned, giving her the impression that she should never have trusted others. She then becomes socially withdrawn and vows to never let herself be that vulnerable again

It’s very relatable and I could totally understand why she was so resistant to opening up and accepting others back into her life many years later, it was handled very well. It’s a far cry from some of the other ‘woe is me’ backstories that the series fumbled with (Starlight immediately comes to mind) and it’s just good stuff. Plus, between her reaction to learning Twilight wasn’t gonna show up to her party as well as shouting her pent up rage at Twi later on, the genuine emotion in that episode was soooo good

Also like, bushy brows, nerdy sweater, dorky glasses. She’s such a dweeb and dang it’s cute

OH,MY,thanks for your encouragement!!!

and i draw it for you~~ @goldentrapbunnylover  Do you like it? it’s enough?

you are sooooo sweet,too!!!! 

By the way,guys,if someone wants to see something what i’m drawing,JUST talk to me!!

MY arts are not very well,but if i like it what you said,i will do my best to draw it!

anyway,guys,thank you for loving my painting~[kiss】

first off don’t rb this please and thank you and also this is nearly ten years ago so my memory may be fuzzy on details

second a disclaimer don’t fucking do any of this shit bc if you do im gonna feel guilty for ruining your chem class

third of all everything was Chris’s idea and absolutely nobody can prove otherwise

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Hey,um,so sunday was Amedot day yes,but in my country it was also Mother's day and my mom is a huge Amedot fan(she told me they remind her when she dated her best friend,they ended in good term and still friends,don't ask me if she was Ame of Dot cuz she doesn't want to tell me but my money is on Ame xD)so I printed your Amedot day drawing and give it to her,she love it,give me kisses and send you hugs for drawing it,hope you don't mind,I do it cuz I can't draw shit :P

That’s sooo sweet! No, I don’t mind at all. ♡ I’m very glad your mom liked it! :D

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Hello Eliana! 😃 I wanted to say, I'm glad I'm an inspiration to you and you're one of the artist's I really admire! So thank you, it really made my day!❤ I also wanted to ask how Bendy and Jonathan would meet? What do you think?


it is very likely that Jonathan
I met Bendy because I needed a job?

Venomous Pt 1

Season 2 Masterlist

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 1,016

Warnings: None

   Scott and I were chilling in our seats waiting for class to start when Stiles rushed in frantically.

   “Dudes. I just talked to my dad, who just talked to Jackson, and I’ve got really terrible, horrible, very, very bad news,” Stiles said.

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So like... Smog!Pappy with a very affectionate SO? Like they just love to love on him and really enjoy making him smile. When he laughs there's an audible sigh and if asked about it they tell him that his laugh "is the best sound in the world." ((I want to love him.))

My bean



  • He’s confused. Why.. Why do you always look at him like that?? He really isn’t anything special…
  • He’s a lot more blushy and happy around you and just… wow.. he really doesn’t deserve you at all…
  • When you mention his laugh, he gets even more confused and blushy.
  • His.. his voice isn’t that great. A bit raspy.. And so is his laugh.. so.. why would you find it the “best thing in the world?”
  • He lowkey starts tearing up because wow… How could you possibly like him so much?? He really doesn’t get it and it would probably take a while before he does, but he appreciates it nonetheless and will always be grateful he met someone like you.

Monty and Ozzy have been doing quite swell. I’ve come to discover that Ozzy is mostly likely blind in one eye. It’s white and very reflective. Being a black moor must suck a little bc even his working eye isn’t the best lol. But he’s come to recognize that my hand=food. Which is a bit of a problem when I reach into the tank to grab something and he kisses my hand looking for food. Monty is still learning but still a little shy of my hand. She occasionally eats from my fingers but mostly waits until I drop it in front of her then darts out to grab it

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hi! i like your writing about tae vs namjin pls write jin vs vkook or jin version and your account is the best, love you

Hello “Jin vs V’kook” anon,

Thank you for your kind words and for the love on my posts. 

I’d love to do a masterpost about Jin vs V’kook but I’m afraid I will never be able to do so. Here are four reasons why:

1. Jin knows V’kook is brotherhood

You know, Jin has no insecurities about the nature of Taehyung and Jungkook’s relationship. He is not opposed or jealous about any of the brotherly affection between these two. Jin is very affectionate to the maknae line in general, he likes when Taejinkook happens and clearly favours Kookie while they are in public. When he sees V’kook, Jin sees what he knows is true, a brotherly bond.

In a psychological or even logical way there is no reason why people ship V’kook as real, since there is just zero evidence of any kind that these two are in a relationship, except in a brotherly way. Basically in all these years of BTS there isn’t a single V’kook interaction that could be classified on an psychological, emotional or behaviouristic way as romantic. If I can see that, so does Jin. 

2. Jin understands the need of fan service ships

I’ve spoken about this on my previous masterposts. Jin is aware of the profitable side of Bangtan ships and that BigHit promotes specific ships for their own gain and understands why that is so vital to BTS as a business. We can see that clearly on BV2 and how the predefined pop ships were displayed like a buffet, we got Jin’kook, V’kook, Nam’jin, Ji’kook and Sope in overdose. Taejin was literally set apart probably to don’t interfere with the pop ships and that Taehyung clearly hated, but Jin was pretty participant on the pop ship push.

Jin knows that in a way V’kook was BigHit’s golden egg goose hence why there is still an aggressive V’kook fan service push to amuse the easily confused masses. Of course BigHit is smart and since mid 2016 they are subtly changing the focus from V’kook to Ji’kook causing this mess of a ship wars we have been seeing lately. This is an marketing strategy that has been going on for quite sometime and it consists Jimin being a central target on Ji’kook and V’min removing the load of fan service needed on V’kook.  

3. Jin is in fact closer to Jungkook then Taehyung will ever be:

I know, you know, Taehyung knows, the world probably knows. Jinkook is really close. Like way closer than V’kook will ever be. V acts like Kookie is his younger brother, they are playmates but he actually calls Jungkook a baby in a very hierarchical manner. But Jin acts like Jungkook is his responsibility, his protege and his sibling. Jin practically raised Kookie, he drove him to school, cooked for him, took care of him, made him feel safe in this crazy business for years of his life. These two have created a bond that is very special and strong, so I say and repeat Jin is the person Kookie is emotionally closest to on Bangtan. Kookie is highly dependent on Jin’s affection and their relationship is probably here to stay. These two really love each other. 

Jin doesn’t need to feel jealous or insecure about a V’kook fan service here and there since Kookie is (as I often joke) Jin’s precious Golden Baby. Is like saying why would you be jealous of let’s say your infant sibling with your significant other? On Jin’s perspective, there is no reason to be insecure.

4. Jin is not insecure 

Jin knows his worth. This is a man who is confident enough to call himself worldwide handsome! Of course most of the abundance of self-adoration is just to entertain us but I do believe Jin has a level of confidence a little higher than the average human being. Perhaps this is why he is not the possessive kind or maybe it’s because whatever happened between him and V was the slow burn of the century and he knows V would never quit him after such a long angsty romantic pursuit. And also who would be insecure when they find someone who worships them the way V worships Jin?

That’s it for today! I hope that little convo has helped you understand why Jin is ok with the brotherhood of his significant other V and Kookie, I’ve seen Jin grow possessive, but really not about Jungkook. 

Have this cute pix of Taejinkook to brighten your day!

Lots of love.

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I have separation anxiety and my mom’s been at the store for two hours (it’s almost 9:00) got any anxiety attack advice so I don’t freak out

My best friend has severe anxiety and when we talked a bit more I would need to calm her down, I’m not very good, but just try to remember that she is coming back, I know it’s late and it feels like times ticking on but it’ll be okay. I promise. Just take deep breaths, and try to do something calming to try and relax your mind? Maybe message her and ask when she’s coming back, that may ease things a little! Mums tend to just wander around the shops for hours trust me mine does that, so please try not to panic sweet! x

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I hope this ask isn't too off-topic, feel free to ignore it otherwise! Let's say all the Espada had survived during the Aizen arc. If they were to fight against the Quincy, which sternritter would you pit each of them against? And which one do you think would win?

(。Ő▽Ő。)ノ゙ Thank you for the question!! This was really fun to write!! Fair warning, though: I don’t know the Quincy anywhere near as well as I know Hollows. 

(Can anyone tell I do match ups like this with my own characters a lot?)

Starrk vs Gerard

-Starrk’s best ability is his sheer power. He’s known for his strength, both as a ridiculously powerful Hollow and the “strongest” of the Espada. Putting him in a situation where his massive strength would do nothing but backfire seems interesting to me, and I think it would be a very good fight to show the strongest of the Espada actually having to strategize his way out of a fight. I don’t know who would win this one, and the victory would really depend on if Starrk could think of a way to trump Gerard’s ability. 

Barragan vs Yhwach

-Okay, I really like this idea of leader versus leader. Both are extremely powerful kings with very good reason to be confident in their abilities, and the clash of godly powers would be absolutely stunning. Both of them are truly powerful characters, however, I think Yhwach would win in the end, but not without at least a couple close calls. Barragan was a character who should have been much harder to beat than he was in canon, and if I was deciding the fights, this would definitely show. 

Halibel vs Bambietta

-Halibel is a cool, collected leader who values the lives of others, treats her opponents with respect, and shows true dignity. Bambietta is a hyper aggressive loose canon with little concern for the lives of others, Their personalities would clash horribly, and even their powers (explosions and water) are a reflection of how different they are. I’d like the contrast of personalities quite a bit, and I think that Halibel would win in the end, mostly due to a cool head and attentiveness in battle. 

Ulquiorra vs As Nodt

-What would the Hollow best known for his emptiness do if he felt genuine fear? I think this match up would be interesting because Ulquiorra would be facing something completely foreign to him, and his struggle to deal with as powerful as true terror (probably something to do with devolving or being consumed) would be a very fascinating bit of development. However, in the end, Ulquiorra is probably the stronger of the two, and I can still see him winning in the end. 

Nnoitra vs As Nodt

-Okay, I know this is a repeat, but it’s another match that’s just too good to resist. Nnoitra covers up a lot. He hides insecurity and despair behind anger and violence, and true fear dragging out everything he’s tried so hard to keep hidden would be beyond interesting. I honestly think this would be a fight Nnoitra couldn’t win. He doesn’t have much to rely on beyond brute strength and resilience, and I think that having everything he fears dragged up and forced upon him would be too much for him to handle. 

Grimmjow vs Mask 

-Both of these characters are boisterous physical fighters who rely primarily on power. The similarities would make for an interesting match up, and I’d personally like to see the contrast of Mask’s need to have someone on his side and Grimmjow’s loner nature and desire to stand on his own. I think that their powers would be a fairly even match, and the real challenge would com in the form of clashing personalities and ideals. Grimmjow would most likely win in the end, but this could just be my bias for Hollows talking. 

Zommari vs Meninas

-Meninas’s only real attribute is physical power, and Zommari’s best strength is his ability to control physical movement. This would be an extremely one sided fight, once Zommari quit trying to show off his speed and started using his real powers, and one that Meninas wouldn’t last long in. I like this fight because Zommari deserved much better than he got, and seeing his abilities drawn out over a long fight with someone he could safely toy with would be very interesting to me. 

Szayel vs Giselle

-This is honestly my dream fight. I absolutely adore both Szayel and Giselle, and it’s because I have a type. Both are absolutely disgusting on every level, and I can see them trying to one up each other in depravity and creative uses of their powers. Szayel, of course, would be convinced he has the upper hand and be willing to toy around with his “prey”, while Giselle would have a wonderful time showing off just how much of a challenge she can really be. I think Giselle would win this one, partly because Szayel underestimates his opponents, and partly because Giselle is just impossible to kill. 

Aaroniero vs Gremmy

I like this match up because both have “everything” powers. Aaroniero is highly adaptable and has abilities that could match nearly anything Gremmy could think to throw at him, and Gremmy is probably the only person with enough versatility to combat Aaroniero’s sheer number of powers. Furthermore, both are highly arrogant and confident in their abilities. I think Gremmy would win in the end, mostly because he has no upper limit in what he can do, but it would be a pretty close match at first. 

Yammy vs Askin

-Once again, this would be a rather one sided fight… and unfortunately not in the Hollow’s favor. Yammy’s sheer strength is a considerable threat, even to Askin’s dangerous powers, and the temporary challenge of a massive, immensely powerful opponent would probably be enough to push Askin to some serious strategizing. Yammy is tough, and it would not be easy to bring him down in the slightest, but I think in the end, Askin would win, sheer strategy winning out over sheer strength. 

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What do I do if I think I'm genderfluid/non binary and am being pressured into going to a women's college (a school which I love some days when I'm feeling like a girl and am very uncomfortable on days I feel like a boy or something else)??

Hey! That sounds like a tough situation to be in, and I’m sorry. My best recommendation is to say straight up to whoever is pressuring you “No. I don’t want to go to this college.” You can make up a reason (dorms, class size, opportunities in major, location, acceptance rates, clubs, etc.) that doesn’t have to do with your identity, or you could explain your gender situation to them if it’s safe. Good luck, and send in another ask if you have any more questions!

~ Wren