but i will do my very best


“For kindly supporting me until now, thank you very much! I will do my best moving forward, but I would be happy if I could become a good memory for everyone. I wish you all a lot of happiness.”

 - Nogizaka46 Hashimoto Nanami

And with that, idol Hashimoto Nanami walks out of the idol spotlight and back into anonymity once more. 

Thank you for the past 5 years. Nanamin, sotsugyou omedetou! :`)

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How do ambulances get through insane amounts of traffic? Like, Los Angeles/New York/Houston-Texas-at-rush-hour-gridlock-on-IH-10-with-shoulder-lanes-full-of-debris traffic? Especially with patients in critical condition who maybe weren't in critical enough condition to justify a helicopter ride. Do ambulances ever have to go off-road or hop curbs if the shoulders are too messy to drive on?

The short answer is, we get stuck in traffic like everybody else. Medics and EMTs will do our best to get around traffic, but if it’s gridlocked, it’s gridlocked. Nobody can move over because there’s no space to move over.

Also, there’s a phenomenon that will repeatedly happen where 99% of the people pull to the right and one idiot pulls over to the left, completely blocking our way, and then get very confused when we keep hitting the air horn telling them to just move forward. It’s extremely frustrating. I actually asked for a reassignment away from my city center in part because driving lights and sirens in bumper-to-bumper traffic was making me tense and agitated all the time. (I then transferred to a high-crime, low-income area and my patients’ acuity stresses me out, so it’s a trade-off…)

Generally speaking, when traffic is that bad I personally try to stick to large streets (where there might be more room), and especially to two-way streets without a physical divider, because I can zig and zag across the double yellow to make use of road space.

There’s actually an interesting mindset shift. Before EMS, I thought of a double yellow as a wall. Now I simply see it as paint on the road, a suggestion that I am not bound to (if I need to get somewhere while at work). Similarly, we can go the wrong way down a one-way street if we need to.

Highways can sometimes be better than surface streets, because if there is a shoulder, we can abuse it; even if it’s a half-lane shoulder on the left side of the road, we can generally get people in the left lane to squeeze closer to cars in the middle lane and give us enough room to invent a lane on the far left. But that’s not always possible, especially on elevated highways that were built on the cheap with limited (or no) shoulders.

As for surface street driving, sidewalks may seem like a good idea, but they’re usually rife with obstacles like telephone poles, lampposts, street trees, or pedestrians. Street signs that a car would slip right under might smack an ambulance as it goes past; the same with awnings and overhangs.

So typically we simply do what we have to do, put our heads down, push as much as we can, accept what we cannot change. The medic attending the patient will do what they can for them, and often times for critically ill people we try to get a second unit (so that two medics can take care of the patient while an EMT from a separate crew drives the vehicle).

One thing to understand about critical patients dying en route to hospitals: most of them were going to die anyway, no matter what we did. We’ll do what we can for them, but in the end many were beyond saving to begin with, no matter how quickly they got to a hospital.And it can be extremely frustrating to have someone crash on you, even if you know they’re going t

I hope this helps your storytelling!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


Personally, I love Cullen and all, but I don’t think he’d put up with my shit for very long.  And honestly, I think I’d start to feel bad that he was always having to play the tempering role.  Alistair on the other hand… I think he’d not only put up with me, but play along.  And I think he’d be a little more willing to turn a blind eye and forgive me.

So, I’m curious… if all the stars realigned themselves and you ended up with the possibility of any character becoming a for-real LI in your life.. who do you think you would really do best with?  You.  Not your warden or Hawke or Inquisitor.  Real life you.

What happens if I make this a question Tumblr?  How is this different from regular replies?

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I was wondering, when a loved one of a different religion passes on to the next life, how do you acknowledge this event? Do you do a ritual or do you do something from their faith? I'm at a loss on how best to honor the passing of my catholic great grandmother when I am a (relatively new to the craft) pagan witch.

I’m very sorry for your loss.

In my experience, it’s usually best to do what the deceased would have wanted. I’m an atheist witch, and I’ve attended Catholic, Jewish, and Hindu funerals. While funerals are used as a way for the living to say goodbye, it’s standard to honour them in the faith that they had.

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I am loving Kill zone so far! It is awesome. I know smut-talk is a sensitive topic. But can I just say that I'm loving it that you write less smut? I adore your writing! It is absolutely the best but smut in general makes me very uncomfortable. And to know that I have more material to read from my fav writer makes me very happy. Do you know other writers who don't write smut in the SPN fandom? Thank you so much. :)

Hey sweetie. Your ask does me not make me mad at all. On the contrary it is so refreshing to get an ask saying they love I write less smut now than I have before. Honestly smut bores me and it feels repetative after a while. 

I am not saying I never write it. I do. And I find it fun once in a while or I like it if it fits the story. 

Thanks for your Kill Zone compliment. Warning it will have bit of smut but I will place it in a way it is easy skipable for those who prefer reading the story without it. 

People that never write smut and are amazing writers that comes to mind are: @one-shots-supernatural @percywinchester27 @torn-and-frayed @waywardlullabies @d-s-winchester - but there are lost of writers like me out there too. People that generally focus on the stories and add smut once in awhile and don’t write for the sake of smut (not that there is anything wrong with that - each to their own. I read a mix of everything pretty much.)

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Can I just say how much I love Natsu!? He is so adorable! How many times has he saved our ship! He should be best man for Gruvia wedding! Spoiler Alert 🚨!! I cried when I saw him crying 😭! He so adorable asking Gray of their still friends! OMG! That was so sweet! Gray team up with Natsu and kick those Guys asses! Where the f is Juvia!? I need to see her! Gray needs to see her! Talk to her! Kiss her for gods sake! And mine too!


He’s not even my favorite character, but at the same time sometimes he totally is. Like when he’s stopping Gray from doing crap. HAHA

I think Mashima is “saving” Juvia for a better moment (even though I’m very salty she’s the only one still knocked out and Mashima MIGHT leave her that way for a while, when others have been through just as much and are even trying to use Iced Shell…) but she’ll come soon and we’ll see more of our amazing Girl! 

Even so I don’t think we’ll have a straight converstion, maybe an exchange of looks of understanding. We’ll see!

((I…. Do not have a very good home life, I can’t get on my own computer often and that means drawing for this blog will be quite difficult for a bit, I’ll try my best, but I might not be “daily” for a little bit… I’m so so sorry you guys))

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Hello Soph. You suggested me to ask the Universe to fill my energy with love and compassion and to send it to my friend in need. I am scared that the Universe could think that I am being selfish too ask him instead of doing it by myself and would expect me something in exchange, like part of my energy. I've recently been feeling very depressed and overwhelmed at the end of the day as I directly sent some positive energy to my friend.

No no, definitely not! The Universe is literally composed of unconditional love. The best we can give the Universe is seeking our own joy, giving compassion to ourselves and others, and living a positive purpose driven life (to the best of our ability). The Universe never ever demands anything from us in exchange, our love and gratitude is all that we need to recognize. And, even if we don’t recognize these things, the Universe will be constantly sending us love anyways. 

There’s no limit to the love of the Universe, so it doesn’t need anything given back to keep it’s energy. It thrives simply off the joy of giving unconditional and never-ending love. It’s very similar to how, when we act from our hearts and expect nothing, we can feel intensely happy and joyous. The Universe works similarly to this, but all the time and with a lot more power! 

Don’t be afraid to ask the Universe for love for your own depressed state and the feelings of overwhelm. Ask and you shall receive is a really powerful and true phrase! 

If it helps, I ask the Universe for things many times a week. I’m constantly asking for more joy, abundance, and how to lead a better life. The best thing about this is that it’s help me literally feel way close to the Universe, my own heart, and it’s help me be more humble and grateful too. This unconditional love from the Universe is powerful and the number one thing it wishes for you is to accept the love. :)

If this ask helped you, could you help me out a bit too? I’m trying to fundraise for a service dog, so if you can donate or share the campaign that would mean the world to me!

S.Coups Seventeen // Come Along

  Dating a kpop idol is definitely not easy. Especially when you are not and idol yourself. Then you can hardly ever do anything normal like how you used to. But one thing that is worse than all of those, is that when that idol goes on tour for a few months and you don’t get to see them for a long period of time.

   My boyfriend, S.coups, and his band are going on tour soon. Only in a couple of weeks. And I am dreading it because I don’t want him to leave. I try my very best not to seem down about it, but he can always tell.

  I love the fact that he is going to perform for his fans and make them all happy. That is why I am trying to stay positive. Even for the fans who don’t like me. I have gotten used to that. I don’t think I will ever get used to Seungcheol leaving like that a lot. He walked into my room and snapped me out of my thought. I was just laying in bed, having just woken up. He had a huge smile on his face.

  “What?” I questioned him. He moved over to the bed and sat down. I sat up and looked at him. He just leaned over and showed me his phone. His messages were pulled up.

  “Read them.” He instructed me. He handed over his phone. I felt like I was being rude for reading his messages but he wanted me to. I looked at Seungcheol giving him an unsure look and he just nodded and urged me read. I looked down at the blue text bubbles and read them from the beginning of the convo to the end. I was shocked. I just looked at him again and set his phone down and gave him a big hug.

  I was finally allowed to come on tour with them! He got up and pulled me out of bed and spun me around. This was the best news that I have gotten all month. I finally get to spend time with him. Oh I can only imagines how much fun it was going to be in different places.

  “Babe! Do you know what this means?!”

  “Of course I know what this means! You dummy.” I told him.

  “We are going to many different cities in Korea and a few around. We are going out of the country too. We are leaving in 2 weeks so I suggest you start thinking of preparing. We are going to be gone for 2 months.” Seungcheol explained.

  “This is going to feel like vacation. Oh this is great!” I was still in his arms. I leaned my head down and sweetly kissed him on his sweet lips.

  ~Admin Liz

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how often do you think you should take your measurements?

this is a REALLY good question, anon!!! 

i typically keep mine on my phone in my notes for easy access and i haven’t updated mine in probably a few months–but i think the best practice would be to retake them any time you’re doing an order from a brand new place that you might not be as sure with the sizing as you are some of your mainstays. 

like, i don’t even look at the size chart for forever21 or torrid any more, i’ve been the same size at both of those places for a long time and the size difference is significant enough that i would not bother retaking my measurements before making an additional order. HOWEVER. if i was buying something where very specific measurements are listed–like a one size fits all item on a chinese based website like aliexpress or something similar, or a buying a vintage piece off of etsy then i would absolutely make a second check just to make sure that i’m good. there’s a really big difference in terms of accuracy when you’re buying something that has very fixed measurements versus buying from a much more standardized chain store. 

also–any time that you’re looking to make a larger order from a new place. when i made my first bigger order with boohoo i rechecked my measurements first, and that way i could familiarize myself with their size chart with fresh information and make sure that for my first bigger order i was making good choices. 

i don’t think like, there’s a really good concrete time frame that you should re update things–it depends so much on your body and metabolism and if you have a lot of weight fluctuation or not–if you’ve been actively doing something to change your measurements (like trying to get BUFF) then it’s definitely a good idea to update that information so you’re not buying stuff way too small for you or w/e. 

but yeah–to sum up, right before a big purchase at a new place is always a good opportunity to update this information, or any time you’re looking to purchase something with extremely fixed, non-flexible measurements like something tailored or a one-size only item. 

When I was in college I treated the whole thing like it was A Career (in all fairness I did make money w/writing & editing & my grant work). I thought the best thing I could do was to treat it like A Career. This way I would be Successful in the long run. Not a prodigy exactly, but a girl people knew who took it Seriously.
Because I did.
Funding. I was always looking for funding. Awards. Opportunities. I was rewarded, I was recognized. It was fun. It was a pursuit and I was unapologetic in my talents. I worked very hard.
I’m not sure where I fell off my own map. 6 years goes fast I can tell you that much. On the morning of the GRE I got one of the worst migraines of my life. I didn’t feel bad about my dreadful scores though. That day in November 2011 doesn’t signify anything though, not really.
My mind is staggering to me. Not in intellect but in energy. Lately I just stare into space and think “Do Something. Go to Grad School and Study Literally Anything.” There’s nothing in Portland. There are no programs at the few schools here I am remotely interested in. At least not for what I want. And I seem to be letting the domesticity I pursue dictate a dubious future. How does one know when to leave?
I used to think I was an Academic. But I grew bored. I thought maybe I was an artist. I think I’m actually in fact too…impulsive and imprecise to be an academic. I work in feeling and it leads me to the theory, not the other way around. Perpetual observer-hood and indulgent individualism make it hard to craft even the whimper of a thesis. So I play savant continually. I am still truly unapologetic for my talents because as beloved as they are to me writing & poetry, those ceremonies, are unimpressive to most, objectively. I don’t know that what I make…matter. I’d rather be a mathematician, I’d rather be a surgeon, I’d rather be in a lab coat. But at this point I feel I am unsophisticated and lack the constitution to do anything like that.

I don’t really know that there is a point to this post except to say I have no idea what I’m doing.

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YOU ARE AN AMAZING ARTIST!!!!! FUCK THAT ANON I WILK FIGHT THEM UNTIL THE END OF TIME!!!!! You fucking keep doing what you're doing, don't you dare let that sad son of a butthole get you down. You are talented in ways they dream of. Keep pushing, keep making art, keep being amazing. I am behind you 1000% of the way <3

aa….. thank you very much for your support. it really means a lot to me right now… (   ;  w ;)

i’ll try my best!!

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hey there, can i get an og cast ship? (type b or c if you have enough time) I'm a gay girl, and i am about 5'3. I have long red-blonde hair and a million freckles. I'm pretty sociable and easy to talk to but i get quiet and shy around people i admire. I adore tea, snow, musical theatre, and hugs/cuddles. I play four instruments and i sing, but the only sport i can do is ski. My biggest pet peeve is loud eating noises. My dream date is to disney during xmas. (thank you very much i love your blog)


Originally posted by yay4hamlet

She gives the best cuddles, and is always willing to listen to whatever you have to say.

  • She thought it was so funny to see you so starstruck when you first met the cast because you were so outgoing when you met her
  • Okay, so her cuddles: She always insists on being the big spoon, so that you can curl up in her arms. She likes to feel like she’s protecting you from the outside world
  • The two of you take road trips everywhere and belt out show tunes

“Baby, wake up. We’re here,” Pippa whispers as she shakes you awake.

You grumble and look out the car window. “Where is here?”

She smiles. “I wanted to make your dreams come true, and what better place than the most magical place on earth.”

You sit up and hug her. “Really?!”

She smiles even more and kisses you. “Do you like it?”

“I love it!”

(I’m a huge disney nerd, so if you want more, please tell me)

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Hi, my best friend and I want to get tattoos together. She want us to get a sigil tattoo. What are your thoughts on that? Because I'm for it, we're both very into wicca, but I don't want to be disrespectful.

Uh, are you guys us, because we talk about that all the time!!!! Hahahaha. Anyway I think the idea is great. Just make sure you chose the right sigil. And do remember that a tattoo is forever, so make sure you and your bff and really in it to win it and won’t have some huge fall out and never talk again. It’s always something Kiaya and I think about. But we both agree that it’s an amazing idea for a tattoo (Kiaya actually wants a sigil tattoo in the future). Just make sure you chose a great one!! Good luck!


I'm losing my best friend

Before I had Tiny Dot I lived a completely different life, I guess we all did. But I’m finding now that so much so, I’m very quickly leaving my old friends behind.

I have an equestrian background, my life was my horse and my horse was my life. I would spend 3 hours an evening at the yard during the week and all day Saturday and Sunday most weekends. I loved my boy and still do, I can’t wait to get him back.

The thing with equestrians is exactly that, their lives revolve entirely around their horses and nothing else. Very few of my friends (which before Tiny Dot were inherently horsey folk) had children or any desire to have children in their future.

My best friend is absolutely one of those people, she has never wanted children and I can’t see that changing. Her life is her horse.

Since Tiny Dot I have barely seen her. Both of us are leading such different lives now and I can’t seem to find a way to bridge the gap. She does seem to love my girl but never does she ask to see us, spend time with us. I don’t get invited out so much myself anymore, we rarely meet for any reason and this makes me so sad.

Before I fell pregnant she made comments about parents on Facebook or wherever only talking about their children and I guess I am one of those people now. My daughter is my life. I see Duke once a week which isn’t enough to start working on anything particular and thus, not enough to talk about.

I don’t know. We’re different. We have different lives and she has little interest in the subject that encompasses my entire being since becoming a mother.

I miss her. I’m jealous of her sometimes. I want the daily life of owning horses back so we have something big in common again.

I want my boy. I want my best friend. And of course, I want my Tiny Dot.

I have no idea how to have all three.

As tagged by no one. I’m doing because I want to. I stole it from @arborescent​.

a. - age 32
b. - biggest fear Not living my best life. It honestly gives me pretty terrible anxiety, which in turn, makes it very easy to not make progress toward any of my goals. It’s overwhelming.
c. - current time 11:50pm EST
d. - drink you last had Water, which is literally the only thing I drink (besides an occasional 5 Hour Energy).
e. - everyday starts with Figuring out how long it is before I get to sleep again, whether it be a nap or a sleep. Winter murders my soul and makes me want to sleep 24/7.
f. - favorite song This question is nearly impossible to answer as my favorite song changes from day to day, hour to hour; but my all-time favorite song is probably by Conor Oberst. The song I’ve listened to the most over the last three months is probably “Comeback Kid” by The Band Perry or “Better Man” by Little Big Town though. Love those songs.
g. - ghosts, are they real Hell no. I’m an atheist.
h. - hometown Laconia, New Hampshire
i. - in love with This very moment? The Tale of Despereaux. Any stories that talk about overcoming your circumstances will always move me.
j. - jealous of Hm. I honestly don’t really get jealous. I rarely want anything. I get lonely sometimes, but it comes and goes. I guess I’m jealous of people in healthy, happy relationships if I have to pick something.
k. - killed someone No. I’ve killed some animals though. It happens when you commute 2-3 hours a day, five days a week for ten years. It breaks my heart every time. Stay out from under my tires, idiots.
l. - last time you cried Literally every single day. Probably about half an hour ago while reading The Tale of Despereaux. I don’t remember what my last good, long cry was, but it was probably shortly after I got sober. Music, movies, books, and occasional memories make me cry all the time though.
m. - middle name Eric
n. - number of siblings One – a brother named Matthew. I also have a cousin named Wyatt who is basically like a second brother to me.
o. - one wish A selfish one? That winter was over so I could hike and play outdoor basketball. I seriously hate winter. A less selfish one? That the world wasn’t so fucked up right now. 
p. - person last called/texted My mom. Because I’m cool.
q. - question you’re always asked “Where is peanut butter?” (I work at Walmart)
r. - reason to smile “I”m older and a little wiser now. The wide-eyed boy who set out to change the world is gone, but not forgotten. I still chase lights and wish on stars, that’s what got that boy this far. If it still feels good, there ain’t no point in stopping. And even though I hardly ever catch ‘em, god don’t it just feel good to try?” As long as I have hope, as long as I dream, as long as I have a reason to keep trying, I have a reason to smile.
s. - song last sang According to Spotify, it was “You Could’ve Loved Me” by Frankie Ballard. That is a perfectly acceptable answer because that song is awesome.
t. - time you woke up today Again, with the whole seasonal depression thing, I take some naps, so I most recently woke up at 9:30pm, but I woke up around 10:30 this morning (my work schedule makes my sleep schedule a little weird)
u. - underwear color Black, blue, and gray.
v. - vacation destination I have no idea. Does wherever Walmart sends me for management training count? In that case, it’ll probably be Rhode Island or New Jersey. I don’t care much for a destination vacation. Give me an RV, a little cash, and a few months and let me travel.
w. - worst habit All of my self-destructive tendencies. Every fiber of my being screams to destroy everything I love. I’m not just talking about my alcoholism. It’s everything. I just want to burn it all to the ground. I fight it every day.
x. - x-rays you’ve had I’ve had a few on my ankles and one on my groin for an inguinal hernia.
y. - your favorite food Pizza. It’s all I ever want to eat.
z. - zodiac Aquarius, but I don’t care.

This one courtesy of Michaela (I’ll do these too!):

Nickname: Big Lou. My Spanish name in High School was Luis. My brother and cousin still call me Big Lou.
Height: 6′
Last thing googled:  Kate DiCamillo
Favourite music artists: Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes
Last movie watched: [REC]
Last TV show watched: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
What are you wearing now: Cat pajama pants. That’s it. And I’m still way too warm.
When did you create your blog: 2011 during my recovery from hernia surgery. Back then I was tubulrnoob. I’ve deleted it so many times at this point though, and just recently purged everything from this one, which I half regret. 
Do you have any other blogs: I have a completely private blog where I’ve been posting most of my stuff. I’ve been moving away from Facebook and this blog for a while now because I sometimes feel disingenuous. I’m never dishonest with what I share or write. I feel like I just try too hard to be liked, I guess? Either way, there’s a decent chance I stop posting anywhere but my private blog for a while in the near future.
Do you get asks regularly: Never, but that’s okay. I have nice personal relationships with a few people on here.
Why did you choose your URL: Because it’s like dawn of a new era. I actually came up with the name when I was privately trying to overcome my alcohol addiction. I used to tell myself every day that that was the last day. I was always convinced that I was going to start anew. I’m always hopeful and optimistic, even when I don’t show it. I always believe I can do better. I always believe in a new day. That’s what the URL means to me.
Gender: Male.
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Favourite color: Pink
Average of hours of sleep: I typically get seven hours a day, but it’s always broken up into two or three sessions..
How many blankets do you sleep with at night: One sheet and one blanket. I have a comforter on my bed, but it’s just for show. That shit hits the floor as soon as I climb into bed for sleep.
Dream job: Teacher, writer, professional wrestler. Seriously.
Followers: Less than 50, I think. I don’t know. Probably only 10-15 who ever read anything I post. It doesn’t really matter to me. Sometimes I just need to throw things out into the universe, even if they’re never going to be heard.

anonymous asked:

I want to write a fic but my English is not very good and I'm scared no one will read. :( Can you give some tips for writing in a different language? I want to write too!

Hey friend, never worry about your English not being good enough - you already speak more languages more proficiently than most native English speakers ever will.

My first language isn’t English, and even though I’ve lived in the UK for 2 years now, I still make a shit-ton of stupid mistakes. (I wrote tales instead of tails and process instead of progress yesterday and didn’t notice until my lovely beta pointed it out. Words that sound very similar get jumbled up, it happens all the time.)

And the best tip is get yourself a beta. They don’t have to be a native English speaker (mine isn’t) because most likely they will still spot things you’ve missed when writing.

If I publish things unbeta-ed (and I do that for most things) you’ll notice they’re full of typos, and switching tenses, mixed up words like the ones I mentioned above. And that’s fine too - I mean, I know it annoys some people while reading, but I usually go back later and fix some typos as I see them. 

Or I don’t. It doesn’t change my content.

And honestly? Your English will only get better the more you use it. So write. Grow from it :)

(Or write in your mother tongue! There’s surely an audience for that too. I know some of my fics have been translated into other languages, so why not write in another language to start with)