but i will do it tonight for sure

  • Lena: Wow the stars sure are beautiful tonight
  • Supergirl: yeah. They are.
  • Lena: you know who else is beautiful?
  • Supergirl: ummm who?
  • Lena: Kara Danvers. Do you know if she's single Supergirl? I know you know her. She's so cute - and her ARMS

::throws up hands and tosses away the stylus:: That’s it! 6am! I cannot allow myself to work on this any longer! I’ve been nitpicking at this for several hours now and if I do anything else to it i will surely over-render it some more lol

Daily paint is a day late thanks to me sleeping for a glorious 10 hours yesterday along with other daily tasks that needed my attention. But here’s hoping i can catch up before I go to work later on tonight!

…Oh yeah, suppose explanation is in order: I’ve always headcannon’d Wheeljack to have like this monstrous visage behind that mask of his, kind of like a counter point to the “oh no he’s hot” or “he’s horribly disfigured” trope that’s been following him about (mind you this was before TFP when I thought of this.) 

Anyways i’m off to bed! Sorry for the unfinished quality of this but that’s how it goes sometimes!

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My manager has made a habit of making snide comments towards me under her breath. For instance, she decided I was her "#1 cashier" tonight, meaning I couldn't leave the front. All I could do was sensor, fitting rooms, and check. At one point, I had just finished ringing a lady, and came back to sensor more clothing. While I was working, she walks by and says "Boy, you're sure getting a whole lot of nothing done." I said "I'm sorry?" She waved me away and replied with "Nothing! I said nothing!"

Daddy - Isaac Lahey SMUT

Originally posted by babydaddiesclub

A/N: I read this imagine and got inspired so here goes nothing. Credits to the writer.

Summary: Y/n is Isaac’s submissive girlfriend.

Warnings: SMUT,kinda some fluff,Ass spanking,oral (male receiving),unprotected sex (wrap it up dudes),sub/dom relationship & daddy kink.

“Y/n let’s gooo” Lydia whined “Lyd you know I can’t” I frowned “why?” Malia questioned quirking a brow at me “because Isaac wanted to hang out later and if i go to the club with you guys that won’t happen” I explained “since when do you need his permission?” Malia asked “yeah since when?” Lydia mimicked. They didn’t understand Isaac or know him as well as I did. If I didn’t ask for his permission I’d surely pay for it later. Which even though it felt totally great I didn’t feel like getting spanked tonight,my ass still hurting from two nights ago when I had a study date with Liam and it pissed him off.

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very nice day. slow morning, grey skies, soft rain. i’m supposed to go out with friends tonight but i’m ready to sleep until the flowers bloom & the weather isn’t so cold…yet the thought of staying in makes me miss them too much! i haven’t felt this at ease for this long in years. even if you’re sure life can only get worse…things really do get better.

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Hi there! You're probably the best person to ask for this, but do you know if the Victor companion fic for umfbamha (I can never remember what it's called) is coming out tonight at midnight like the last update, or just at a random time tomorrow? I'M SO EXCITED

I’m not sure! I’m pretty sure it’s coming out at midnight PST, but I could be mistaken!

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Morning sherlock, how are you today? And john?

I’m fine. John and I had a nice lie-in this morning, and then I practised quite a bit. John’s doing well today. He said we should go out tonight. I’m not sure where he wants to go, though.


Here is the Episode of My Brother My Brother and Me (MBMaM) on Seeso that premiered tonight (12/15) on Facebook Live! I have no idea if its chronologically the first one, but it sure is a great way to kick things off. You don’t have to had listened to the podcast before to enjoy the episode, I promise! If you are arachnophobic I highly recommend you do NOT watch this episode. 


I just finished watchig the Czech dubbing version which aired tonight and in the end Mary did not send Sherlock “to hell” at all.

She basically said “fuck you” if I translate back to English. Not the exact same curse in Czech but the closest probably.

Anyway, my point is they were dubbing all three episodes together!! If it was somehow connected to “Hell” the city, they would surely translate it differently. Also we do have exactly the same curse like “go to hell” which they could have used and it is “táhni do pekla”. And she didn’t say that. Also if they meant that he is supposed to go through hell as in, suffer, she would use a different czech term as well.


How the MM characters probably ask for sex


  • gets real nervous
  • sweats a lot
  • tries to say something but stutters and ends up asking for the TV remote instead
  • keeps giving discreet glances at MC
  • ….until MC takes the initiative and drags him into the bedroom


  • gets 3000% flirtier than usual
  • “I ditched rehearsal tonight…”
  • keeps giving MC the ‘wolf’ stare
  • seriously does he even need to ask
  • that dude’s a sex god give him what he wants already


  • literally sets up a trail of scented candles and rose petals leading you to the bedroom
  • is probably waiting for you on the bed
  • in a suggestive position
  • wearing expensive men’s lingerie
  • holding pink handcuffs
  • “Let’s try something new tonight.”

 Jae Baehee

  • Jaehee:“I only have one thing left on my to-do list tonight”
  • MC: “What is it?”
  • Jaehee: “You”


  • 707: “Oi MC you want some HB chips?”
  • MC: “Yeah sure’“
  • 707: *places a single chip on his crotch*
  • *waits with a dumb smile*


  • “So we gonna fuck or what”

tenderest lines in bbc sherlock: 

  • “i never guess.” “yes, you do. what are you so happy about?”
  • “take my card.”
  • “feeling better?”
  • “uh, milk. we need milk.” “i’ll get some.” “really?” “really.” “and some beans, then?” “mmm.”
  • “that…thing that you, uh, that you did. that, um, you offered to do. that was, um…good.”
  • “somebody loves you.”
  • “look at them. they all care so much. do you ever wonder if there’s something wrong with us?” “all lives end, all hearts are broken. caring is not an advantage, sherlock.”
  • “i am sorry. forgive me. merry christmas, molly hooper.”
  • “this is low tar.” “well, you barely knew her.” 
  • “merry christmas, mycroft.” “and a happy new year!”
  • “are you sure tonight’s a danger night?” “no, but then i never am. you have to stay with him, john.”
  • “he’s sherlock. how will we ever know what goes on in that funny old head?”
  • “shame on you, john watson.” “shame on me?” “mrs. hudson leave baker street? england would fall.”
  • “so she’s alive, then? how are we feeling about that?” “happy new year, john.”
  • “my brother has the brain of a scientist or a philosopher, yet he elects to be a detective. what might we deduce about his heart?” “i don’t know.” “neither do i. but initially, he wanted to be a pirate.”
  • “i don’t have friends. i’ve just got one.”
  • “sentiment?” “sentiment.”
  • “ready?” “yes.”
  • “you look sad. when you think he can’t see you.”
  • “sherlock, i don’t want the world believing-” “that i’m what?” “a fraud.”
  • “no, i know you’re for real.” “100 percent?” “well, nobody could fake being such an annoying dick all the time.”
  • “you’re wrong, you know? you do count. you’e always counted and i’ve always trusted you. but you were right. i’m not okay.” “tell me what’s wrong.” “molly, i think i’m going to die.” “what do you need?” “if i wasn’t everything that you think i am, everything that i think i am, would you still want to help me?” “what do you need?” 
  • “please, will you do this for me?” “do what?” “this phone call, it’s my note. it’s what people do, don’t they? leave a note?” “leave a note when?” “goodbye, john.”
  • “i’m a doctor, let me come through. let me come through, please. he’s my friend. he’s my friend, please.”
  • “you told me once that you weren’t a hero. um, there were times i didn’t even think you were human, but let me tell you this: you were the best man the most human human being that i’ve ever known and no one will ever convince me that you told me a lie. so there. i was so alone and i owe you so much.“
  • “i’m not lonely, sherlock.” “how would you know?”
  • “i hope you’ll be very happy, molly hooper. you deserve it.”
  • “please john, forgive me for all the hurt i caused you.”
  • “look, i find it difficult. i find it difficult, this sort of stuff.” “i know.” “you were the best and the wisest man that i have ever known. yes, of course i forgive you.”
  • “oh, those things you said- such sweet things! i never knew you cared!”
  • “i asked you for one more miracle. i asked you to stop being dead.” “i heard you.”
  • “i mean, who leaves a wedding early?”
  • “into battle.”
  • “i thanked him for the trust he placed in me and indicated that i was, in some ways, very close to being…moved by it.”
  • “you- you mean-” “yes.” “i’m your…best…” “man.” “-friend?” “yeah, of course you are. of course you’re my best friend.”
  • “the point i’m trying to make is that i am the most unpleasant, rude, ignorant and all-round obnoxious arsehole that anyone could possibly have the misfortune to meet. i am dismissive of the virtuous, unaware of the beautiful, and uncomprehending in the face of the happy. so if i didn’t understand i was being asked to be best man, it is because i never expected to be anybody’s best friend. certainly not the best friend of the bravest and kindest and wisest human being i have ever had the good fortune of knowing.”
  • “john, i am a ridiculous man, redeemed only by the warmth and constancy of your friendship.”
  • “what’s wrong? what happened? why are you all doing that? john? did i do it wrong?” “no, you didn’t. come here.”
  • “clever?” “i’d say so.” “you would? am i important?” “to some people.”
  • “not you! not you! not you! you. it’s always you. john watson, you keep me right.”
  • “we wouldn’t do that, would we- you and me? we would never do that to john watson.”
  • “how dare you throw away the beautiful gifts you were born with? and how dare you betray the love of your friends?”
  • “human error.”
  • “hello, redbeard. they’re putting me down too, now. it’s no fun, is it?”
  • “john will cry buckets and buckets. it’s him that i worry about the most.”
  • “your loss would break my heart.” “what the hell am i supposed to say to that?”
  • “oh, sherlock. what have you done?”
  • “john, there’s something i should say, i’ve meant to say always and then never have. since it’s unlikely we’ll ever meet again, i might as well say it now. sherlock is actually a girl’s name.”
  • “to the very best of times.”
  • “you’ve been reading john’s blog. the story of how you met.”
  • “wherever i find him, whatever back alley or doss house, there will always be a list.”
  • “there’s always the two of us. don’t you read the strand?”
  • “since when do you call me john?” “you’d be surprised.” “no, i wouldn’t.”
  • “sherlock. promise me?”
  • “doctor watson? look after him, please?”
  • “you just like this dog, don’t you?” “well, i like you.”
  • “your life is not your own. keep your hands off it, do you hear me?”
  • “you can keep your scars.”
  • “well, that’s interesting.” “what is?” “the way you think.” “superbly?” “sweetly.” “i’m not sweet, i’m just high.”
  • “he’s not about thinking, not sherlock. no, no. he’s more emotional, isn’t he?” 
  • “i’m gonna make a deduction.” “oh, okay, that’s good.” and if my deduction is right, you’re gonna be honest, and tell me, okay?” “okay. though i should mention that it is possible for any given text alert to become randomly attached to-” “happy birthday.” “thank you, john. that’s…very kind of you.” 
  • “it’s okay.” “it’s not okay.” “no. but it is what it is.” 
Only Told The Moon
Camila Cabello
Only Told The Moon

Stay back, stay long, and you move on.
I stress, come close, move on, please don’t.

Hello how are you? How you been?
Lately I wonder how it feels to steal your kiss
Nothing much, just fine, I’m doing well
And you can read between the lines, but god, I fell.

I only told the moon, tonight up on the roof
I told her that I’m scared that all my thoughts, they look like you
I only told the moon, about the way you move
I asked her to please tell me if you tell things to her too.

Silence. Too loud. Say it, not now.

So how are you? How you been?
Lately I wonder how it feels to taste your lips
Nothing much, just fine, I’m doing well
And you can read between the lines, but God, I fell.

I only told the moon, tonight up on the roof
I told her that I’m scared that all my thoughts, they look like you
I only told the moon, about the way you move
I asked her to please tell me if you tell things to her too.

That I give it all to you, I give it all to you, I give it all to you
I only told the moon.

Aahhh and another loves song will play on the radio, you know.
Aahhh and I’ll wait for the moon to lean in close and say…

That he only told the moon, tonight up on the roof
He told me that he’s scared that all his thoughts they look like you
I only told the moon, about the way you move
I asked her to please tell me if you tell this to her too
That I give it all to you, I give it all to you, I give it all to you
He only told the moon.

He only told the moon.

katya volskaya: I’m sure you know why I sent for you.

zarya: yes, I think I do.

katya volskaya: you’re the only one I can trust with this assignment.

zarya: yes.

katya volskaya: I know you know every gay bar and club in this city. tonight, I need you to be at every one and checking for a flamboyant girl with an undercut trying to pick up dark-haired women. she will be there.

zarya: yes.

I had a guest come through my haunt tonight that was absolutely terrified, and not in a good way. They were sobbing uncontrollably, clutching their partner, and saying over and over again “I can’t do this. I can’t do this.” I immediately broke character, approached them calmly, and asked if they would like me to escort them from the maze. They and their partner both agreed that they should get out of there, so I left my area and walked them back to the front of the attraction and left instructions with the line attendant to make sure they made it back into the park safely..

As actors, it is our job to scare you, but not to terrify you. We really want to make sure every guest has a good time, and when someone is scared to the point of having a panic or anxiety attack, they are clearly not having a good time. If you are ever in a haunted house or other attraction and you find yourself not wanting or unable to complete the maze for any reason, approach the nearest actor and ask them to please escort you out. People ask to leave haunts all of the time: sometimes the artificial fog is too much for them, or they didn’t know there was strobe lighting in the maze. Sometimes they are feeling physically unwell or are starting to hyperventilate or panic because of an area in the maze. As actors we are trained to break character and assist a guest in safely leaving the attraction if they ask or if we notice signs of legitimate distress. Please don’t be afraid to approach us and ask for help if you need it. We do care about your safety and well being. We want you to have a good experience and understand that sometimes that means getting you out without scaring you any further. We are not real monsters.


“I’m not sure if there’s any point to that tonight. What do you mean? One thing I have learned from your mother’s many lectures and insights on pregnancy is that there are some days when it’s more likely, and some days when it’s less likely. You’ve been vigorous in trying to achieve what we both want but I don’t think it’s going to happen tonight.”


Sam: “hey Y/N, my love for you is like my hair: it just keeps growing and growing”

Y/N: “sammy, what’s happening….. What are you talking about?”

Dean: “nice try Sammy but what Y/N needs is something more straightforward. So what do you say Y/N, how about we exorcise our demons tonight?”

Y/N: “oh god it’s valentine’s day today isn’t it”

Castiel: “I’m not entirely sure what a valentine is but please consider fulfilling this position for me”

Y/N: “Cas not you too!”

Gabriel: “don’t worry Y/N but I need your help”

Y/N: “if this is one of those stupid pick up lines….”

Gabriel: “no no, but Y/N you’re the only fix for my sweet tooth”

Y/N: “I got to admit that one was pretty good”

Crowley: “wait till you hear mine”

Y/N: “I think I heard enough today”

Crowley: “ah come on Y/N, I deserve to be loved”

Lucifer: “if you get tired of these idiots you could always sacrifice yourself to me”

Y/N: “you guys are insufferable”

Dean: “only for you Y/N. Now let’s gonna get you some pie”

  • Alex: Since when do you wear lipstick Kara?
  • Kara: What are you talking about Alex, I've always worn lipstick.
  • Alex: *smirks* Let me rephrase that "since when do you wear lipstick on your neck"?
  • Kara: *blushes* Oh well, you know- *flys off*
  • Alex: *looks at Lena* What about you Luthor?
  • Lena: *mumbles* Stupid flying powers, leaves me with her sister. Guess who's sleeping on the couch tonight Supergirl.
  • Ahem, I don't know what you're talking about.
  • Alex: *laughs* Yeah, sure. Let Kara know she has a place to stay when the couch gets lumpy.
  • Lena: I'll be sure too.
  • Kara: *eating potstickers* My angry girlfriend senses are tingling.
I found an audio file of tonight’s cake scene at the TATINOF Stockholm show. Here is the transcript.

(it was kinda hard to hear through the screaming but this is everything that I could hear. I hope this will satiate people’s curiosity until a video is uploaded)

Dan and Phil sat on their picnic blanket and started eating their well-deserved cake.

Phil: Yarrr you deserve a rest First Mate Danny, let me help you out.

Dan: What do you mean ‘let me help you out?’

Phil went over and sensually fed Dan a Slice of cake.

Dan: No, no, no.

Phil: It’s in the script, Dan.

Dan: OK, sure whatever.

Phil: That’s right. Open wide for Captain Lester.

Dan: I am extremely uncomfortable right now.

Phil fed Dan another slice of cake

Phil: Here comes the pirate ship!

Dan: No no no* laughing and unable to speak because he is eating cake *

Phil lovingly brushed a stray crumb from Dans mouth.

Phil: Have another mouthful for Philly!

Dan: (inaudible) I cannot do this anymore. That went from 0 to 100 really quick, OK! I am not bothered to care about solving the mystery or whose behind this I just don’t want to do this anymore!