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For DWC tonight! "19. kisses meant to distract the other person from whatever they were intently doing"

For @dadrunkwriting - this got quite long and very NSFW - but i’m sure no one will mind ;p

I combined your prompt @ma-sulevin with @gugle1980 so we have: kissing so desperately that their whole body curves into the other person’s and kisses meant to distract the other person from whatever they were intently doing. Thank you both for the prompts!

Cullen X Annabel - Smut, teasing, game playing - fan fic

True superiority

“You know, as the Commander of the Inquisition’s forces, I really expected you to keep a better eye on your infantry,” said Annabel, dashing another one of his pieces from the board with a swipe.

Last time they’d played he’d let her win and now Cullen finds himself staring at the game board blinking in dismay. Working fast he calculates she could sweep to victory in six moves.

Glancing up he sees how her eyes sparkle with mischief, it’s not clear if she’s seen her path to glory or if she’s merely enjoying the thrill of taking another of his pieces. His mind continues to work and returning his full attention to the board a small smirk plays on his lips. There’s a way he can block her and win in less than five.


“Oh, nothing,” he moves his next piece with certainty.

“You know,” she replies dropping her voice low in a way that captivates is attention. It draws his eyes, which are forced to drag over her plump cleavage as she’s lent over the table. “That deviant smirk is going to get you in trouble someday.”

He chuckles lightly and cocks one eyebrow. “Deviant?”

“Yes,” she purrs, leaning further, hair falling loosely off her shoulders as she shifts to loom over the game. Lifting her hand, she curls a finger in a beckoning motion and his throat runs dry. Shuffling forwards, he takes a second to scan the gardens, they seem more or less alone. Swallowing hard he leans towards her, his pulse already beginning to throng in the way that only the anticipation of her or battle could educe.

Sure enough, her lips press against his.

He’d hardly allowed himself to imagine this moment the last time they played, but Maker he had wanted to. Her lips are as soft as her voice, the kiss is slow and tender, slightly awkward given their position. Somehow her tongue slips into his mouth making his pulse jerk before deepening his own end of the kiss to turn it sultry. When she pulls away and smirks, he notes that most definitely is deviant.

“If I didn’t know better, Lady Trevelyan, I’d say you were trying to distract me,” he quips, sitting back down to study her reaction with scrutiny.

“Why would I do a thing like that?”

“I don’t know,” he states, his confidence blooming thanks to the seductive nature of her eyes as he causally leans back in his seat. “Perhaps the leader of the Inquisition is concerned for her title of chess superiority?”

One of her feet grazes up the outside of his boot but his focus never leaves her expression. He knows she’s trying to distract him, but she needn’t try so hard. Her low-cut blouse and the purr of her voice had already made up his mind long ago. If there wasn’t so many curious eyes watching in the shadows he would simply of pounced across and taken her right then.

“Hmm, perhaps,” she muses while she sidesteps one of her pieces, saving it from its once doomed fate. It’s difficult but his eyes do flick down to the board, she’s bought herself a few moves, but there is no denying his victory is inevitable…and she’s seen it too.

“We could stay here and find out,” she continues, her finger tracing down over the distinctly phallus shaped piece in blatant suggestion. “Or we could retire to your chambers and find out where your true superiority lays?”  

Desire begins to bleed through and he can no longer resist her. Without another thought he lunges over to kiss her, cupping her cheeks in his hands and sending pieces scattering to the long grass around them.

She seems as desperate for him as he is for her. Her hands wrap around his neck, her back bows, crushing their bodies together, as she melts into his arms and scorching kiss.

Panting he breaks for air, his skin now flushed and his heart soaring. “Oh, I know the answer to that already,” he rumbles.His scar twitches as he smirks, then he grabs her hand and tugs her up into his arms as he stands.  

Annabel allows herself to fall against his chest. Holy Andraste how she loved it when the lion emerged, springing forward like the coiled beast it was and taking what it wanted. She tiptoes up kiss him but he stands tall, keeping his delicious smirk just out of her reach, it seems he’s finally learning how to tease her back.

With their hands wrapped together she lets him pull her swiftly along, having to rush to keep pace with his swift strides.

As they enter his office he flings her inside before promptly slamming the door. Giggling she speeds up his ladder before he has a chance to grab hold. She’s hardly back on her feet when he barrels into her back, staggering them both to the bed, him pulling off armour as he goes. She helps slug his chest piece to one side so she can run her hands up his torso and the rippling muscles she can feel straining there.

She reaches up for a kiss but is denied again as his face instead slips down to nestle in her curves. One hand undoing her blouse and bra strap while he kisses over the mounds of her breasts. The scrape of his stubble sends a shiver down her spine and already she’s wriggling free from her bottoms. His hand slips down to help, then traces finger tips up her inner thigh. The rumble which resonates from him when his fingers pass over her already wet folds makes her mewl.

Her fingers reach down, the very tips grazing his own, she feels his body shudder, and smiles with pride. But her control over him is short lived, sternly he lifts her hand above her head and pins it there.

Once secure, Cullen wastes no time in easing himself down, leaving a trail of kisses along her stomach and across her navel until he’s kissing her far more intimately. She hums as the flat of his tongue travels up her creases. His fingers clasp and dig into her thighs to hold her, splayed for him, and then a shudder of pleasure vibrates up through her core.

He seems to relish exploring her and she is more than willing to allow it. He dips inside then out, his tongue swirls over sensitive flesh, brushing her nub before he sucks. A cry resonates from her throat as he spills her over the edge with ease. He continues to lap, seemingly savouring her, but chest heaving and nerves flooded with bliss she hardly notices his delicate touch.

Eyes pressed shut, she feels him shift. If this was a game he is most certainly winning as she has already lost all sense to the throng of pleasure seeping through her. He looms over her and running her hands over him her brows knot slightly as she discovers his shirts still on. That mistake is quickly resolved with a tug up over his shoulders. When their eyes meet again she can see lust has darkened his to burnt copper and the predator waiting within, is hungry and wanton.

Then without a grunt he’s inside her and the motion spills a loud broken moan from her. It hasn’t even ended when he pants a growl and begins to fuck her into the mattress beneath them. His pace is relentless, each drive sending a bolt of bliss through her and building her demanding need.

Panting his name against his lips seems to tighten his grip on her wrist and speed him up, pain mixing with pleasure deepens her moans but his lips swallow the sound. His tongue easily dominates over hers as he buries himself against her. Into her. 

Maker’s fucking breath he’s glorious as he pounds, giving her everything, both lost in basic primal need as the heat between them soars.

With one particularly deep thrust she comes again, crying his name, her nails clasping the back of his hand, her face pressed up against his as her back turns ridged and her thighs tremble through the wake of pleasure. The next slam inside makes his own grip tighten. His lips are so close that she nips his scar as he climaxes and the simple bite seems to make the release that much sweeter as his face contorts and the baritone of his moan vibrates through her.

Panting he remains in place, still filling her and slowly opens his eyes. A soft smile comes to Cullen’s lips as she tenderly clears some lose curls from his forehead. 

He rolls off her with a light groan, clearly struggling to breath as he lies flat on his back, sculpted torso covered with a gleam of sweat. She admires his spent state for a moment before he opens his arm so she can nuzzle close against him, both their chests rising and falling rapidly as one. After a few moments of contented silence Annabel smiles as he speaks. 

“Shall we call it a draw, Inquisitor?”


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Omg!! Please!! Use all the voltron characters and 28 from that prompt thingy!

28: “ I thought we were family!”

Sorry this took so long! 

I hope you like it! 

Lance stared at the boy standing in front of him wide eyed. He couldn’t wrap his head around what he just heard. “What do you mean you’re leaving?” Lance’s voice was barely above a whisper. 

He wasn’t sure if he was talking quietly because he was unsure what he heard or the fact he thought if he was loud he would scare the raven hair boy away. 

“I’m sorry Lance I know you’re probably upset with me but I have to do this.” Keith stared at the boy who was sitting on the couch in disbelief. He shifted uncomfortably as he watched the tan boy process what he just told everyone. 

It was just after dinner and Keith knew he had to tell his team his plans tonight or else he may never leave. 

Shiro shook his head and placed his human hand on Keith’s shoulder. “Keith…why do you want to leave? We’re a team.” Shiro sounded broken and confused, no one expected that Keith out of all people (after the trouble he gave Pidge) would want to leave the team. 

Keith squeezed his eyes shut and push Shiro’s arm off his shoulder. “I know, but I need to go with the blade. I need to learn about my mother and why what happened, well happened.” 

“Keith, do you really need to leave for that? Can’t you just ask the members that are already here?” Hunk gave the Red paladin a sad look, he wanted to find a solution so Keith didn’t leave. 

Keith shook his head no, then Pidge stood from her spot on the couch. “You told me I couldn’t leave when I wanted to. Why do you think you can just leave? Are you entitled to something that we’re not?” 

“Pidge, enough.” Allura cut the younger paladin off and face Keith, her eyes filled with sympathy. “Do you really feel like this is necessary Keith?”

Keith gave Allura a hesitant nod. If Keith was being 100% honest he didn’t even know if what he was doing was the right thing to do, but he needed answers and he wasn’t getting any being tied down with Voltron. 

Everyone was silent, they knew they couldn’t change Keith’s mind and Coran handed Keith a small device. “It’s a beacon. If you find yourself in trouble, activate this and we can come and save you. I wish you luck in your travels.” 

Everyone was shocked by how quickly Coran accepted Keith’s decision and soon everyone was mumbling goodbye to their friend. First it was Allura, then Hunk, then Pidge and Shiro.

He was the hardest to watch say goodbye to Keith. Shiro didn’t cry but everyone could tell he was fighting back tears and the urge to tell Keith that he needed to stay. After all you can’t have a productive team when people are forced to be a part of it. 

After hugging Shiro for a few minutes Keith turned to Lance, who was still sitting on the couch, his eyes drilling holes in the floor. 

Keith took a hesitant step towards the boy, he slowly reached his hand down and touched his shoulder. “Lance?” 

“Don’t touch me.” Lance slapped Keith’s hand away, stood from the couch and started walking towards the door. 

Keith stared at his hand and quickly turned toward the boy that was walking away from him. “This is your goodbye for me? You want me to remember this when I leave?” Keith attempted to keep anger out of his voice, but he was hurt. Even after all of their bonding moments and training Lance was just going to walk away from him. 

Lance stopped where he was walking and stood still as a statue. Nobody moved and Lance kept his head cast down. “I thought we we’re family.” 

Keith felt like he was just punched in the gut, “what do you mean? We’re still family.” 

Lance let out a tied laugh and face the raven hair boy, tears streaking his face. “Family doesn’t leave family. Family stays together through everything. Family tells people how they are feeling and what they want to accomplish so everyone can help them reach their goal. Not just leave because they weren’t learning what they wanted. That’s was family is and if you leave this team tonight, you leave this family.” 

Everyone was speechless, Shiro opened his mouth to stop Lance from saying any more but Keith put his hand up to silence him. “You’re right Lance.” 

Lance gave Keith a confused look and wiped his eyes. Nobody would have thought that Keith would have agreed with Lance. 

“You’re so right and I’m sorry. I don’t want to leave this family, this is the best family I’ve ever had.” Keith swallowed around the lump that started to form in his throat. “I’m sorry for being selfish, I just got caught up in the idea of learning about my mom. I’m so sorry.” Keith wanted to keep apologizing but he was hugged by the Blue paladin. 

“Hey, don’t cry it’s okay, we’re all stressed. We all want to learn about something, we understand.” Lance hugged Keith tighter and Keith wiped his eyes with his free hand. He was crying and soon the entire team was surrounding him. Some crying, other on the verge of tears. 

Keith hugged his family and kept apologizing long into the night. 

Cliche ending I know but I hope you like it!!!! 

I’m sorry it took so long! 

Thank you!!!!! 

It’s Important

Pairing: Seth Rollins X Reader

Summary: You’re sicker the a dog, but you show up to arena for Seth’s important night anyway.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 500+ 

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

You let out a long breath as you exited the car. You pulled your jacket tighter around your shoulders as the wind kicked up. 

You sneezed and coughed at the same time. The security guard looked at you with a cocked brow. You waved your hand at him. “I’m fine.” You rasped.

He pulled open the door to the arena and smirked. “I’m sure you are.” You sent a glare his way but otherwise said nothing. 

You walked down the halls, receiving concerned glances and some glares from fellow superstars.

You smiled as you saw Seth standing at the end of the hall, talking with a crew member. 

You approached him, he did a double take. “What are you doing here?” You sniffled and smiled at him. “Tonight is important to you. I don’t want to miss it.”

Seth smiled gently at you. “You should be home, or at the very least the hotel room. You’re sick!” Seth placed his hand on your forehead. “You’re burning up.” You slapped his hand away. 

“Like I said. Tonight is important to you. I might be really sick and feel like shit…but I’m not missing this. You don’t just get on a cover of a video game and I miss it! ”

Your voice was so nasally and although Seth didn’t want to smile, he did. “You sound cute when you’re sick…” 

You laughed but it was cut off by a sneeze. You groaned and placed a hand on your forehead. “It’s worth it. It’s worth it.”

“Babe-“ You held a hand up. “Please don’t lecture me…” Seth grabs both of your shoulders. “Let’s go to my locker. Okay?” You nodded, allowing him to lead the way.  “Is it always so bright in here?” He laughs, rubbing your arm.

Seth came into the locker room all smiles until he seen you. You were passed out on the couch on your stomach. 

You had his jacket tightly wrapped around your shoulders. A bottle of water and a few different medicine bottles were sitting on the coffee table.

Seth walked over and crouched down in front of you. He ran his hand down your head and smiled sweetly at you.

 He kissed your forehead and continued to stroke your hair until you stirred and woke. “What…? Why are you back here?” Seth smiled at you, waiting. “No…No! I didn’t miss it did I!?”

He nodded his head. “You did.” You sighed. “I’m so sorry, Seth.” He shakes head. “Don’t be. You came, that’s what matters.”

“Not if I fell asleep!” Seth strokes your hair still. “How are you feeling?” You cross your arms. “Seth, this isn’t about me-“ 

“I’m making it about you. Answer my question.”

“Like shit.” Seth kisses your forehead. “Let’s head to the hotel room. You need rest.” You touched his cheek where stitches were.

“What happened?!” He chuckled. “I’ll tell you back at the hotel. Alright?” You sighed and nodded. “I can’t believe I missed it.”

He Should Be Here

Characters: Y/N, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Sammy Winchester (no I am not stuttering!), Lisa Braeden (mentioned), Ben Braeden (mentioned), Chuck (mentioned) Lucifer (mentioned), Michael (mentioned)    

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean x Lisa

Warnings: Character death (only as in canon), nothing much else I think.     

Word Count: 1600ish

A/N: Hey guys welcome to SPN Angst Appreciation Day 2017 - I hope y’all are ready to cry. As one of your hosts I thought it was my duty to do my best to make sure you go to bed with puffy eyes tonight so I am posting 3 brand new one shots in honor of this day. This is number 1

I have been wanting to write this fic for the longest of times - I hope you guys will enjoy it. It is heavily inspired by You Should Be Here by Cole Swindell

Thanks to @blacktithe7 for being a sweetie and betaing this for me

It was Tuesday, and just like any other Tuesday, you had gone to the park. You sat on the bench watching the kids play as you gently rocked the stroller with your sleeping baby boy inside it.

You didn’t come here for your son though. You came for you. You had been ever since the moment you had found out you were pregnant. It had been a Tuesday too, and a beautiful day just like today. You had called the only person you could think to call, even if you had vowed to each other only 3 weeks ago to go your separate ways and start over. Given your condition, that promise hadn’t lasted long, and this park had not only become your place to dream, it had become your meeting ground. It had become your only connection to the father of your child.

“Hey, how’s little Sammy doing?” his voice sounded behind you, and you looked up to see the tall, broad ex-hunter standing above your stroller, smiling softly at your sleeping son .

“Growing like weed,” you answered, making Dean chuckle as you raised from your seat to let him hug you.

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Hi! I'd like to request this reaction; BTS reaction to you being their new choreographer and they're crushing on you! Thank you!

Hello, Anon! Thanks for your request! Hope you enjoy! (6/100)

                                         *DISCLAIMER: REQUEST BOX IS NOW CLOSED


“(Y/N) teacher, can we have a private lesson just between you and me, tonight? I’ll buy you dinner.” 


“This is my favorite choreography, (Y/N) teacher. Would you care to show me how this is done? I’m just quite not sure.” 


“How do you dance so well, (Y/N) teacher? I love you– I mean, your dancing! I just.. love it.” 


“Is this a good wink, (Y/N) teacher? How about this?” 


*just casually lifts up his shirt* “Oh! (Y/N) teacher! I didn’t know you were right in front of me!” 


“(Y/N) teacher, how are you so pretty?” 


*tries to impress her with all his amazing moves* 

i tried to get the baby not to sleep in my bed tonight but it legitimately hurt her feelings and if you’ve never seen a five-year-old forlornly saying “if you really want me to go, i’ll go” then do everything in your power to make sure you never do

A few weeks ago, I pretty much begged you all to put aside your issues with Corbyn and vote Labour anyway. I explained that Theresa May was confident of an increased majority in the Commons and that it was vital to ensure that Labour isn’t wiped out altogether.

Since then, a number of new facts have become clear:

(1) Jeremy Corbyn is a much better politician than many of us expected and frankly, it won’t be a hardship for me to vote for a party led by him. For all the fuck-ups, disappointments and problems over the last 18 months, he is by far the most convincing human being out of all the party leaders.

(2) Theresa May is shit. Not just shit in the sense that all Tories are shit - that kind of narrow self-interested completely unsympathetic way. She’s also downright fucking incompetent, in a way that is completely unprecedented. She doesn’t know what her policies are from one week to the next. She can’t handle a Paxman interview or a debate with Corbyn. Even Cameron managed to get something from EU negotiations. She will get us nothing.

(3) Tim Farron is not someone that any left or centre-left voter should be willing to support. He is homophobic, pro-life and pro-fox hunting. He will make a deal with anyone because that’s all the Liberal Democrats can ever aspire to. If they genuinely cared about British voters and not their own careers, they would get out of the fucking way.

(4) Whilst a Tory victory is still looking very likely, Theresa May might not be getting the massively increased majority she was hoping for, because of her aforementioned shitness.

So in light of these new facts… I am still telling you to vote Labour UNLESS you are absolutely sure that another party has a better chance of beating the Tories in your area. Don’t bother with those pointless apps or charts going around to determine this - go to Wikipedia, type in the name of your constituency and check out who came first and second in 2015. This will tell you who you need to vote for to do most damage to the Tories. In the majority of places in England and Wales, that means voting Labour.

People are watching these election debates tonight and saying “oh Tim Farron came off better than I thought” and “Caroline Lucas is good isn’t she?” It doesn’t matter, because those parties don’t matter in the vast majority of constituencies. We cannot let this useless fish turd of a woman continue with a bigger majority, just because we wished Corbyn had spent less time making jam and more time taking the EU referendum seriously.

Get out there on 8th June and vote Labour. Please.

Can't Imprison This Tiefling

Context: Me, the Tiefling Master of Storms is being arrested for using a destructive spell in town, the DM, doesn’t want me in prison due to the shenanigans I will cause inside of said prison.

On the steps leading to the prison, one of my Oryad companions notices me in shackles and convinces the guards to let me free due to our groups ties to the mayor.

DM: Welp, good news Aethyer isn’t going to prison!

Me OOC: I refuse to accept that, I am determined to be imprisoned tonight.

DM: What’re you going to do, shoot off another lightning bolt?

Me: … I raise my hand to the sky and fire off a lightning bolt in front of the guards and all the citizens…


DM: [Rolls a d100] High or low…

Me: What?

DM: High or low.

Me: Umm… Low, pessimism’s the way to go.

DM: Coincidentally it’s been quite the rainy night, and as you stand on the prison steps, once again a free Tiefling, you fire off your lightning bolt, which of course would get you arrested for sure. However, due to the weather you appeared to the guards and bystanders as if you yourself was just hit by a bolt of lightning. They all applaud you as they are amazed that you managed to take a lightning bolt without flinching.

Me OOC: … There’s Deus Ex Machina… There’s Divine Intervention… You sir, are a cruel god who wishes to crush my hopes and dreams…

You Look Like You Need a Drink (M)

Originally posted by hidden--demons

Summary: After a bad week with the worst luck imaginable, you happen upon a local dive bar run by an attractive young bartender who livens up your evening.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 7,221

Warning: Bartender!Yoongi, tattooed!Yoongi, sexual harassment, sexual themes, power play, manners kink, alcohol use, profanity

A/N: I wrote this last year for my dear friend’s birthday and swore this fic would never see the light of day. I have since “remastered” it, so to speak, so I’m sharing it here. SURPRISE!

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heatwave starter sentences

“I can’t bear this heat anymore.”
“I’m melting. I’m actually melting.”
“What? You said ‘get me something cold’. You never implied I couldn’t throw it over you.”
“Don’t be a pussy, it’s just a bit of warm weather.”
“We’re going to the beach. Now.”
“Yes, I’m naked and no I’m not ashamed.”
“Is it socially acceptable to go out in nothing but a wet towel?”
“Wow, you look even worse than I feel.”
“Just how many popsicles have you had already?”
*runs ice cube along the back of your neck*
*throws you into the pool, whether you want it or not*
“If you’re that hot, then why don’t you take something off?”
“No, no, no… not now. It’s way too warm for sex.”
“I’m sweating in places I didn’t even know existed.”
“I went out for ten minutes. Ten minutes! Look at me, I’m basically fried.”
“That looks like a nasty sunburn…”
“You’re not going out there before I’m lathered you in sun cream.”
“I can’t get up… Can you get up? I can’t… I can’t get up.”
“You’re such a stick in the mud! Everyone’s out enjoying the weather and you’re sitting inside complaining about it.”
“Another shower?”
“Please kill me now. This is unbearable.”
“Let’s break into that office block. I’m sure they have air conditioning.”
“I know! Let’s have a water balloon fight.”
*sprays you with a water pistol*
*blows cold air into your neck*
“I can think of some more things to do with ice cubes…”
“This is the perfect timing for an ice bucket challenge.”
“I can’t sleep in this heat.”
“I might as well sleep in the bathtub and it would be less wet.”
“I need refuge, my airco broke.”
“Your neighbours have a swimming pool, right? Let’s sneak in tonight.”
“I’m going to book a holiday to Alaska. Now.”
“I shouldn’t have stayed out so long… I think I have a heatstroke.”
“Is that a rain cloud? Is that a mother fucking rain cloud?!”
“Did you feel that? It was a breeze. We are blessed.”
“Even my cat wanted to take a shower.”
“Don’t smell me. There’s no deodorant that can mask this.”
*throws water balloon straight at your face*
“I take it back, summer is not my favourite season at all.”
“I made an ice water bath, specially for you.”
“If only it was always this nice and warm.”
“I feel lazy and it’s great.”
“Let’s go to the supermarket again and take a very long time staring at the frozen vegetables.”

Possessive/Obsessive Spouse Sentence Starters

“You’re mine. Don’t forget that. You promised.”
“Til death to us part. That’s what our vows said.”
“Did you really think this would ‘get better’ after we married?”
“I’m allowed to be obsessed with you, I’m your husband/wife.”
“You should quit your job. You know I can take care of you.”
“Don’t go in today. Stay in bed with me.”
“Mine, mine, mine…”
“No. You can’t go out tonight.”
“I don’t care if you’re just friends. I don’t want you seeing them again.”
“Do I have to lock you up, darling?”
“You will never have to worry about anything ever again. I’ll make sure of it.”
“I’ve been fair to you so far, haven’t I?”
“You’ve been such a good wife/husband so far. Don’t get silly ideas now.”
“I called your work and told them you quit. Now you’ll never have to leave~”
“Where are you going? Why didn’t you tell me?”
“You’re late. Tell me what you were doing.”
“You had better not be lying to me, darling…”
“If I find out you’re cheating on me, I’ll kill him/her.”
“You’re so beautiful. I can’t believe you’re mine.”
“I still can’t believe how perfect you are.”
“I worship you.”
“No one else is allowed to see you like this.”
“This sight is for my eyes only. Don’t forget that.”
“ I’m going to hunt down the person that was your first…so that they know you’re mine now.”
“I want people to see the marks I leave on you. So they know you’re taken.”
“You belong to me and no one else.”

Sex with Ethan and Grayson would include ♡

Request: ‘’What do you think Grayson and Ethan would be like in bed, like in detail??? xxx‘’

Just to be clear: I think that the twins most of the time would be really gentle and passionate buttt also could be really rough and lowkey kinky when having sex. Because let’s face it: they’re sex gods and just from looking at them I get really turned on, lol. BUT I do think that Ethan is more into kinky stuff and Grayson into more romantic sex ;) Hope you enjoy xx


↪ Lots and looots of sex

↪ Sexting before as a warm up ;)

↪ He would be dominant af, but sometimes sub as well

↪ Lazy morning sex

↪ Rarely slow and passionate sex and most of the time really rough and maybe even kinky?

↪ You stripping down for him and he licking his lips when you do

↪ He would be the KING of foreplay (I mean looook at those fingers)

↪ Teasing the freaking fuck out of you until you’re almost begging him to fuck you

↪ Running his lips over your panties and pulling at the waist

↪ His lips on every centimeter of your body

↪ You pressing your mouth against his shoulder to keep yourself from crying out his name

↪ Lots of making out, and kisses everywhere!

↪ HICKIES and love bites on very visible places on your skin

↪ ‘’E, I can’t go out like this’’

↪ ‘‘Sure you can, everyone will know that you’re mine’’

↪ Him grabbing hungrily your ass and squeezing your boobs

↪ Sex in public bathrooms if he’s feeling very horny or jealous when he saw other guys staring at you

↪ Sooo much moaning and panting

↪ Him smirking when you moan SUPER loud (which is like all the time)

↪ Low and deep groans from him (just imagine this omg)

↪ Sweaty and hot skin

↪ SpANKinG


↪ Hair pulling !!

↪ Eye contact (SO sexy)

↪ Lots of dirty talk

↪ ‘‘Eyes on me’‘

 ↪ ‘‘Be quiet, babygirl’‘

↪ ‘’Yeah, you like that huh?’’

↪ Eating you out like 24/7

↪ Him biting his lips when he sees you reaching your orgasm

↪ Him begging you to give him a blowjob

↪ Taking turns in pleasing each other

↪ Letting you know that you’re the most beautiful girl in the world

↪ Really intense orgasms

↪ Experimenting with different positions

↪ Soft whimpers

↪ Him grabbing your waist when you climb on top of him

↪ Him getting even more stimulated and loving it when you scream his name

↪ Him breathing heavily and unsteady into your neck

↪ Holding your hand when you cum (when you have really passionate sex)


↪ Sex like ALL the time when you’re spending time just at home

↪ Usually it would be pretty spontaneous but sometimes he would prepare some things and put lots of effort into making it special, like:

↪ Your favorite music playing in the background, dimmed lights, scented candles

↪  Most of the time he would be really gentle and careful but sometimes it would be really fast and rough

↪ Again: FOREPLAYYY! Foreplay would for sure include fingering, teasing and touching you everywhere (because let’s face it: Gray is really touchy)

↪ I just know that Gray would be very good at foreplay (I mean LOOK at those fingers and big hands oh my)

↪ Shaky hands when you reach your orgasm and him holding them

↪ Tracing your skin with his soft fingertips

↪ Slow movements

↪ ‘’Just fuck me already’’

↪ ‘’Patience, baby’’

↪ Every little thing you would argue about would get heated and lead to sex

↪ Also A LOT OF make up sex

↪ Him admiring your body and smiling when you undress yourself

↪ Complimenting you on your cute lingerie

↪ And him taking forever to pull it off

↪ ‘’Need some help?’’

↪ ‘’I will treat you like the queen you are’’

↪ Lots of making out and sweet kisses

↪ Giggling all the time

 ↪ ALWAYS asking if you’re comfortable since he’s worried that he would hurt you

 ↪ ‘‘Are you sure you’re okay? Do I need to slow down?’’

↪ Sex in his new car, sex in the shower, sex at the beach, sex in the bath, sex against the wall… Literally everywhere as long as you’re okay with it

↪ You grabbing his muscular arms when you reach your climax

↪ Him grunting when he’s thrusting into you

↪ Offering blowjobs as favours

↪ Him saying ‘Babe, tonight is all about you’ but like, every night

↪ Neck kisses and leaving hickies there also

↪ He would get ten times more horny when he sees you getting an orgasm while closing your eyes

↪ Him whispering ‘come for daddy’ when holding your legs apart

↪ Multiple orgasms a night since he knows your body so well and the things you like

↪ Cuddling and more soft kisses afterwards and limbs tangled in the sheets

↪ Him calling you baby/babygirl/princess/love/darling

↪ So much intercourse

↪ Eating you out like everytime you guys have sex

↪ And when he does you stroke your hands through his fluffy hair

↪ Lots of ‘i love you’s

↪ Bruises on your hips from his tight grip

↪ You falling asleep on top of him after the sex

↪ Him being completely fine with that and whispering sweet nothings into your ear and stroking your back

Carousel | 06

Character: Min Yoongi x reader (oc)

Genre/words: Arranged Marriage! AU, Angst / 9,118 words

Summary: He is the successor of his family’s business empire, and you are the female heir of yours. After the trouble his older brother had created in the past, he now must face certain requirements needed for the sake of the family’s future and to save his rights of inheritance, and you become his only way out. Everything might seem so simple, just the way they are supposed to. But everything isn’t always what it seems, is it?

a/n: This chapter will show more backstories. And unlike the previous ones where I add the backstory at the front as an opening, the scenes will go back and forth as a filler. Flashback scenes will be written in italics^^

Playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06


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swipe right [smut]

A;N: Things and people you meet are not always what they seem. 

Pairing: StilesxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Smut. 18+ Explicit Content.

Word count: .9,612

Listen to me.

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“Why doesn’t he care?” 4.0

Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst

Format: Text Post

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Originally posted by the-rap-man

Y/N’s p.o.v

When Hoseok got here he bombarded me with questions from left to right. 

“How the hell did you manage to get into a car accident and why the hell are you in a fucking wheelchair Y/N Y/L/N?!” he practically shouted, it was always scarier when Hobi, the usual ray of sunshine shout. 

“I was driving the other day and this guy ran a red light and hit my side of the car.” I confessed.

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“Supergirl and Lena coming out to the public with a photoshoot with James that they publish in a CatCo edition for pride month.” from @draconicdivinity

Snapper is utterly unfazed by Kara’s pitch.

A Pride Month edition of CatCo – something Cat Grant herself started years ago – this time featuring National City’s hottest new couple.

A Super and a Luthor.

Finally ready to acknowledge that they’re a couple. That they’re wildly in love.

Lena, secure enough to know that Kara – that Supergirl – hell, that her girlfriend, her girlfriend, will not let her down. Will not love her then leave her, in the public spotlight, no less.

Kara, trusting Lena’s ability to care for herself enough to know that she can handle herself if any threats come down on her for this.

Lena, ready to face her mother’s wrath. Again.

Kara, ready to respond at any and all moments to the call watch Winn had made for Lena – modeled on the one Clark had given James – so that Supergirl will never be the reason Lena is hurt.

“Better spruce up on your ability to write about yourself in the third person, Danvers,” he grumbles, but his almost invisible, wry grin weaves entire tales of the way he lost the bet he had with Cat Grant about when Supergirl and Lena Luthor would be ready to go public with their relationship.

With themselves.

Her hands are shaking the morning James meets them in the studio for their photoshoot, and Lena stills them with her own, with soft kisses to each knuckle.

“We don’t have to do this, Kara,” she tells her for perhaps the hundredth time. “It’s alright if you’re not ready, if – “

“No, no, that’s not it, Lena. I just… Sara isn’t a superhero on this Earth, so… so on this Earth, there really aren’t out queer superheroes. What if everyone starts thinking that I – I don’t know – that I’m the only way to be bi? All that representation, all on me…”

She sighs and she relishes the way Lena listens.

Listens with her full body, her full attention.

This woman who practically lives in her office; this woman who is constantly working, and loves it; this woman whose mind is constantly everywhere at once, who is always so busy that focus is a relative thing.

This woman is focusing, entirely, on her girlfriend, and it sends pleasant tingles down Kara’s spine. It almost makes her stop breathing.

The intensity of what it means to have Lena Luthor pay full attention to her. Her girlfriend, yes, but god, what a powerhouse of a woman.

Kara giggles suddenly, and Lena arches an eyebrow.

“You’re like a superhero, too, you know,” she tells Lena, who laughs open and loud because her girlfriend is utterly ridiculous.

Neither of them notice James clicking away, snapping impromptu photographs of them, incomplete makeup jobs be damned.

These will be better, anyway.

Kara with her hands in Lena’s, smiling earnestly, softly, watching her girlfriend laugh.

“No, I mean it! I was just thinking about… about how brilliant you are, and how many times you’ve saved us all, and how…  how proud I am that you even… noticed me, let alone date me.”

“Kara Danvers, I’ve told you before, and I will tell you every day until you understand why,” Lena bites her lip, the laughter gone from her face now. “You are my hero. Not this cape – although I do love your cape – “

They share a private laugh, and Kara blushes almost as red as the cape currently swept to her side for the photoshoot. “ – because I didn’t know you were bulletproof the first time I laid eyes on you. I didn’t have to. You’re special without all…”

She runs her fingers up and down Kara’s arms, up and down her superhero blue. “… without all this.”

The tears stinging Kara’s eyes blink away as she notices – finally – James snapping away.

“We’re not even through with makeup, James!” Kara pouts, and James just laughs.

“I won’t use any shots you both don’t approve of, you know that. But um, Kara, can I talk to you for a second?”

If James were any other ex of Kara’s, Lena might have bristled. But he is so much more than her ex; he’s her family. So when Kara squeezes Lena’s hands and gets up to follow James, Lena watches with a vague smile, because her heart is hammering with the thrill of finally being out together, the thrill of what Kara just told her, the anticipation of the reception of the piece, the relaxing evening Kara mentioned having planned for tonight.

“Listen, I wanted to – “

“Are you sure you’re okay doing this – “

They both stop and they both laugh and look in opposite directions.

James recovers first.

“I am so happy that you’re happy, Kara. And I’m glad Snapper assigned me to this. It’s a big deal, and it’s… honestly, Kara, it’s an honor. Look.” He shows her the feed from his camera, what he’s taken so far, and Kara gasps.

Lena, running her fingers tenderly down Kara’s suited-up arms.

Lena, hands mixed up with Kara’s, staring at her intently, so intently, that the picture alone makes Kara squirm with delight, with heat, with joyful humility.

Lena, tossing her head back and laughing, with Kara looking at her like she’s the most beautiful woman in the galaxy. And she would know.

“James, they’re beautiful,” she whispers, and he smiles.

“You’re beautiful together, Kara,” he tells her, and Lena’s the one who snaps a picture with her phone when she hugs him.

The rest of the afternoon is full of laughter, full of Kara trying to be intimidating and finally admitting that Alex pulls off the hands-on-hips thing much more confidently than Kara can.

Full of Lena stepping into classic Supergirl poses – eyes serious, arms crossed across her chest; chin tilted upwards, hands on her hips – with Kara, jaw dropped, eyes wide, next to her, a heady combination of amused and turned on.

“Told you you’re a superhero, you do the poses better than me!” Kara stammers when she finds words again, and Lena just laughs, just kisses her cheek, just whispers into her ear about Kara doing the important poses just fine, and the next series of photos is of a blushing, spluttering Supergirl and the human woman who can reduce the unflappable hero into a pile of mush.

When Kara tries to imitate the crisp, efficient, brilliant stance that Lena has at the studio desk, simulating her role as CEO of L Corp, James grins and sighs behind the camera, already anticipating the teasing about that desk that’s going to come from Alex and Maggie and Winn.

And probably some of the social media feeds, as well.

But all of that is inevitable. They’ve discussed it all, they’ve processed it all.

And they’re ready for it all. Together.

So when James still hasn’t quite found a cover photo yet, the one he takes when Kara pulls Lena close and gathers her into her arms – when they’re lost in each other’s eyes so deeply that it seems like they’ve forgotten they’re in a studio, that Kara’s feet might lift off the ground at any moment, and they do, slightly, they do – is what he knows will be the winner, what he knows will reach young queer kids and older queer adults, on the cover of a Pride Edition that is bound to need extra printing.

Because National City’s savior and her superhero girlfriend are redefining heroism as looking lovingly, openly, into someone else’s eyes, and that?

That’s something they’re all very ready for.

be more chill but it's kidzbop pt 2

so it’s like…. sugar?
nah man you tell her that she excites you romantically
do you wanna hang but it’s hand holding
eminem’s stoPPED MAKING MUSIC?? (still alive tho)
jeremmmyy i like like you
let’s get inside those brains (with their consent of course)
jeremy my buddy how’s it hanging lunch is cool beans
jenna rolan said madeline told jake ‘i’ll only hold hands with you if you beat me at cards. and then she lost at cards dElIbErAtElY
everything about you makes me wanna cry
picked out a costume for tonight made sure to get a size that fit just right you can kinda see the zipper but i’ll act like i don’t know
got some chapstick and some juice i borrowed my older brother’s superhero suit dont have any powers but making sound effects will do

everybody’s got a fountain drink cup fill it up fill it up hear the sprite spill on the ground