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both the sentiments of “lesbians are so oppressive by only caring about gay relationships” and “ugh stop forcing lesbians to care about straight couples lol” are weird and annoying. like if one of my friends is telling me about her boyfriend im gonna listen to her and support her because i care about her! and obviously i also care about the misogyny and abuse faced by women in relationships with men. but like, i wont pretend to think man/woman relationships are progressive and queer just cause one of them is bi. sorry.

if u say that people who talk quietly are ur “pet peeves” i honestly dont trust u man….its annoying not to be able to hear a person i get it but i literally have been trained all my life to talk quietly so im not bothersome to other people because of my stutter, “irritating voice”, speech impediments, and just general “inappropriate” volume and i dont need to feel shitty for literally every way i talk

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I haven't watched svtfoe bc it looked too... too like. Random xD rainbows lol!!!! U know? But i heard theres a trans girl so like.. im conflicted? Its not too annoying or anything is it? Bc i really wanna enjoy/support media w trans characters but i also wanna enjoy the thing u feel me...

trust me the writing is really good and gets even better after some point because the plot actually moves Forward and sure there ARE some pointless filler episodes because after all no show is perfect
but youll see soon enough that its willing to turn a lot of typical concepts on their heads


Koogi dominating four genres on the English Lezhin site. I’m shook. Learn where to read/how to get coins to read KS here.

i honestly cant imagine how frustrating it would be to spend hours working your ass off to put up videos that you put a lot of emotional (and physical) effort into for the majority of the comments to be talking about a mark on your neck or a stray hair or some insignificant thing like that

Rhett (and sometimes Link) commented on this in recent interviews how annoying it is when you work hard on something but its all overlooked because there was a kink in your hair that wasnt there before and thats all people talk about

just goes to show how much of this industry is focused on looks and presentation so much so you share something you put literally everything you have into but people are too concerned about the tiny wrinkle in your shirt

two boys: *touch shoulders*


Marichat isn’t the only problem in the love square

Yeah, seriously. It’s not. 

I consistently fail to understand why marichat specifically is the ship of the love square that always called out as portraying them as being out of character, as if these fanon traits don’t extend to any of the other corners. Frankly, I’m getting annoyed now at the comments I’ll see here and there throwing that ship under the bus, as if there isn’t a problem with Marinette and Adrien’s character portrayal in general all across the board. 

People’s problem with Marichat is usually centered around two things, the first being is that it’s apparently over sexualized. I say ‘apparently’ because, with the exception of a few fics that are specifically meant to be smut, there’s barely anything to be found beyond some kissing action. The ‘sin’ title it has is either a joke or an exaggeration. People complain that they would be the friends dynamic and be teasing towards each other, and that there isn’t enough of that. Guess what? That is practically all there is when it comes to marichat. Those two being dorks and falling in love. Can the romance move fast? Yes, but usually those fics are short, or oneshots where there’s already an established dynamic bordering on romance. The longer fics tend to take time with it. You can take my word for it because guess what else, I actually read marichat fics. I find that a lot of the ones who call marichat out for having a bad fanon dynamic are also the ones who tend to not actually bother reading it.

The other problem people have with Marichat is that a lot people who support this side of the love square think that it’s the truest corner of it, and I agree 100% that this just isn’t accurate. Except, getting to my point made earlier, this problem is not a Marichat problem and we really need to stop pretending that only this ship has this dynamic. 

It’s not even a ship dynamic problem. It comes down to mischaracterization.

Marinette is written as an insecure girl who thinks she’s unworthy of being Ladybug in nearly everything I have ever read. Seriously, the ‘I’m just plain, clumsy Marinette’ line should be a bingo piece because of how often it’s used. The interpretation of her is basically considered canon at this point and is particularly prevalent in reveal scenarios. Marinette will freak out at the reveal, thinking Chat won’t like her because she’s ‘not really Ladybug, just Marinette’. 

Adrien is written as a boy who thinks he’s truly free and truly himself as Chat Noir, while everything else about him is fake, though it’s less common than Marinette’s mischaracterization. Then there’s the added insecurities that comes with Adrien being given an eating disorder he doesn’t actually have, and because it’s a wildly popular fanon theory, the self loathing in Adrien is usually very prevalent. 

Because both characters are often written as wearing this metaphorical mask hiding the real deal, naturally every ship dynamic is going to reflect that. And they do. Ladynoir is not innocent of this, nor Ladrien, nor Adrienette. I’ve read it all, and I can say without a doubt that Marichat is not the only dynamic that likes to delve into these characters having massive insecurities and identity issues. Why fandom acts like it is, I have no idea. Because some big names of the fandom said so?

Also, Marichat is not the only ship to have it’s own particular brand of fanon.

Ladrien? Overly sexualized. Want to talk about OOC, explain to me why Ladybug is suddenly turned into a dominatrix when she and Adrien can barely say a sentence without blushing and getting very shy. I’m not saying this happens all the time, but it’s become a bit of a trope. 

Ladynoir? Ladybug can be written as a real bitch to Chat a lot of the time in these fics. A bitch, or just standoffish and protective of herself. She’s shown none of this resistance in the actual show, but it’s a staple of Ladynoir fics to have Ladybug keep these walls up around herself. Rarely do I see this being called out. 

Can 2017 be the year where we stop pretending Marichat is the only aspect of the love square with a wrong fanon dynamic? There is a ton of stuff in this fandom that has it’s issues, and we really need to start paying more attention to Adrien and Marinette’s character on a broader scale than just one side of the love square if we want to see better canon portrayals all around.

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Okay, so I meant to post this yesterday but because of that last episode, I decided to wait because I’m still crying over here. Honestly, I’ve been in the mood to do something feelsy/mild angst in this fandom because it needs more of it tbh-,,, but it has a happy ending, so you guys can’t hate me too much, right? ( ;;; ω ;;; ) If you’re wondering what happened, Yuuri got into a serious car accident before the GPF and Viktor never left his side after his surgery.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be dying in the corner until the next episode releases.



Here’s Chapter 14 !! Also: I might put up late updates (they won’t be too late…just a couple hours off or so??) often during this holiday break that I have (which is until January 23rd) because I can’t work on Puu while my family is awake. Sorry for the inconvenience. :’0

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okay like I have a really difficult time understanding why people find Chaol’s character to be interesting /at all/. I find him to be so annoying because he’s like that moderate liberal white boy who thinks women should be allowed to have abortions but also wants a wife who stays home in the kitchen. Where she belongs. He’s like, a total Dean from Gilmore Girls. He’s /so/ convinced that he’s a nice guy who knows what the right thing to do is all the time. 

Like even in Tog and CoM he’s that textbook guard character who is bound by some unrealistic sense of honor and duty and thinks he understands the ins and outs of morality. But of course that honor doesn’t allow for things driven by emotion. That honor doesn’t allow for survival unless it plays by his rules. That honor doesn’t allow for power in the hands of women. And that honor doesn’t allow for killing those who have wronged you. Chaol is like…the least likely character to succeed in a zombie apocalypse. He holds everyone to some moral code, and damns them when they don’t live up to it (he does this with Celaena in CoM and basically all of QoS). Inflexible morality and honor inevitably leads to problems because it doesn’t allow for understanding of emotional conflicts, nor does it allow for forgiveness when those emotions drive people to do bad things. Chaol damns Celaena for killing Nehemia’s murderers. Rowan just accepts it and is like “good.” Chaol thinks Aelin’s power makes her a monster. He thinks less of her because she is fae. Rowan is like “okay you’re fae. whatever. show me what you’ve got.” Rowan is infinitely more interesting than Chaol, as a love interest, and a man, because where Chaol’s sense of honor is based on some hard lined Moral Code™, Rowan’s sense of honor is based on protecting those close to him. Once he claims Aelin, its clear that his moral compass now has one direction: protect and help and love and serve Aelin Galathynius to the best of my abilities, and the rest of the world be damned. Chaol’s love for Aelin is bound by his inability to reconcile her past as an assassin and her fae heritage with his immovable and someone flawed moral code. 

In the end, it becomes clear that Chaol is just pissed that Aelin is so much more than he is. Greater than anything he will ever be. Rather than supporting her and attempting to help her, he pushes her away, damning her for not fitting into his carefully crafted view of the way humans are supposed to act. 

Maybe some ppl like Chaol and his sense of honor, but I’ve read enough books on medieval chivalry to know that that bullshit ain’t for me.