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I published my first story in my By the Grace of God series on September 29, 2016 on AO3/FFN–and didn’t join Tumblr until sometime in October.  I’d noticed that a lot of my favorite authors had Tumblr accounts, and many amazing stories were born out of prompts from here. 

Folks, I joined here knowing NO ONE!  All I knew was that I wanted a place in this fandom–somewhere to discuss the show and meta with others who loved it as much as I did.  I started writing my series as an offering to the gatekeepers in hopes that they would find me worthy. 

I never expected to find friends.

So, this is me–thanking all you beautiful people. 
THANK YOU for inspiring me with your own creative works!
THANK YOU for motivating me in my own creative endeavors!
THANK YOU for talking to me in chat about literally everything!
THANK YOU for making artwork and stories based on my own work!
THANK YOU for making me feel welcome and loved!!!

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wolf of spring chapter 5 (aka THE LAST CHAPTER!!!!) update

I am currently on 3k words, but I really want to add lots of stuff into this chapter because it’s the last one (😭) so expect it to be up later on today!!! Expect:

  • a PARTY!
  • NSFW scene
  • ANOTHER PARTY (and I’m hinting at an ask I got earlier if you guys wanted to know)
  • lots of Tamlin/Rauiri scenes as well hehe
AU Plot Bunny: That One Time Deku Kidnapped Deku

Villain negotiation exercise. Due to some teacher lounge drama, some intel gets mixed up in the exercise Aizawa is arranging for his class. Deku’s put in charge of organizing it because the class goes “yeah, he’ll make something interesting”. But instead of calling older students like he was supposed to, he uses the intel that got slipped in to contact real villains …

Deku, organizing the whole thing, thinks it would be fun to play hostage: he can see how well his plans work, and it removes any outsider-influence he might have as the organizer of the negotiation exercise. So he tells the villains to kidnap someone matching his description. The villains are like … sure, whatever, they can make some money from this – thinking it’s real. The day comes, and everything goes as planned … while U.A. is freaking out because “oh shit he was kidnapped!”

Meanwhile Deku’s just chatting with the villains, thinking they’re the older students, while the villains are wondering why on earth this child is content with the kidnapping.

This could go any number of ways from here. Does Deku ever realize that the plan is a little too real? Do the other students figure it out? Do the villains believe Deku when he says he organized the kidnapping? Or does U.A. have to pay a hefty ransom to get him back because Deku’s kidnapping plan was too efficient?

A tag thing

I was tagged by @judgyknowitall
Name: Benefit123 (yeet yeet suckers)
Nickname: Online - bene, irl - Beets, beaterbar, beeta, beater and other things you can do with my name
Zodiac sign: Cancer (heh)
Height: 5" and 1/8 of an inch (v smol)
From: Canada baby!
Orientation: Just straight
Favourite fruit: Blueberries! I’ve had so many that I make myself get a stomach ache. Every. Time.
Fave season: summer! Cause it’s when I was born
Book Series: gosh if there’s one I can’t think of it right now. I’m not much of a book person unless I find the right book.
Flower: hibiscus! I think. I don’t remember if that’s the one that smells nice.
Colour: blue all the waaaaay!
Animal: not sure. It’s just not one of those things that I think about
Coffee/tea/cocoa: Tea and cocoa! Coffee is gross bean water
Average sleep: during school = 8hrs; During breaks (summer/winter) = 10 - 12 hrs. Sometimes 13 (this is probably unhealthy)
Cat/dog: dogs. Cats are cute and all but I’m allergic to them
Fave fictional characters: freaking Saitama, mob, Steven universe, deku (gosh I can’t remember his real name) I think that’s it?
And I tag @hershelchocolate @blueberry32 @immarainbowpatooie and everyone who sees this!

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lmao i saw miles in barbara's snapchat story and knew he was going to be on always open and my immediate thought was "miranda's gonna lose her mind over this"


Okay, for some reason I couldn’t stop watching the latest highlight reel. It’s probably the drama but most likely because it’s like a puzzle I’m dying to solve. 

So let me just get  this out because after 93284719023 times of watching it made me think: what if the girls are there to represent the members WOULDN’T THAT MAKE MORE SENSE???????

I mean, for example: Doesn’t it make sense that Jihope’s girl is a representation of Jimin? Like that part when they were dancing, Jimin was dancing the same routine too as if he was right there with them but they’re making it seem like he isn’t and maybe the reason for that is not because he wasn’t in the same room but because he was doing it at a different time (or dimension, maybe he died idk) Which explains why, despite not being together, the girl is on the floor with Jimin after getting hit and then that’s when it went crazy because suddenly, Jimin is desperately trying to wash something off of his 

Or or Tae and his girl during the vandalism scene and running from the police that looks utterly familiar. 

I SWEAR TO GOD THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS. I have a lot, a lot more but I can’t really spit it out because I don’t know how and I don’t wanna conclude anything but I just want to say that the parallelism between this Love Yourself series and the HYYH is giving me chills as if they’re showing us what really happened (or what they think happened). It’s more confusing because we don’t know the timeline, we don’t know whose perspective is this, hell, we don’t even know what’s real and what’s not. It’s making my heart beat fast because the urge to decipher all this is real. I swear, someone talk to me about this because I’m going crazy.


Nobody said it was easy


So instead of doing anything else, I got obsessed with the Howls Moving Castle AU.  


And if you’re gonna do this rip the plaster. If you’re gonna hit me, hit me harder than this.


Eleven + “Mike”