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The Girlfriend Tag

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Imagine: You and Dan decide to give the fans what they want, and cute video of the internents favourite couple

A/N: I know this isn’t any thing about marvel but I couldn’t help myself, I’ve been watching all of Dan and hil’s videos and getting so many feelis. I just had to. Also I really should be doinf my German coursework, bit too late, Dan is more important

Warnings: Some swearing, implied smut but just fluff really

Word Count: 1955 (got a little carried away)

“Hello internet” Dan starts off with his iconic opener

“Today, I am joined by the wonderful Y/N, who you may also know as my girlfriend!” He exclaimed, giving out a laugh as your cue to jump into the camera view.

“Hey guys” You giggled, getting comfortable next to Dan

“Now you may be wondering what original video I have for you today, and let me tell you, it doesn’t get more original than this”

“We are doing the girlfriend tag!” You almost shouted, causing Dan to let out a rather loud groan.

“Jeez, lets tone it now my channel isn’t used to your happy attitude just yet” He joked, covering his ears

“Just because you literally only have the feeling of embarrassment, doesn’t mean I can’t be happy” You fire back, sending a smirk in his direction.

“Oh God, too much sass. I want Phil back” Your dork of a boyfriend joked

“Shut up, we kind of have a part of Phil with us now” You explained

“Really how so?” Dan played along

“Well, he did do the questions for us to answer”

“God knows what kind of weird stuff he has put in here; I don’t know if you guys have noticed but Phil is like obsessed with sharing our relationship with others. If he isn’t taking sneaky photos of us and tweeting them, then he is jumping into a room when we are together doing a live stream of us.”

As Dan continued to talk about his best friend, you couldn’t help but admire his perfect features. His big, wide smile that would light up a room. His unusually large dimple that you found so adorable. How he is constantly touching and checking if his hair looks okay, which of course it does. And his dark drowns eyes, that you could stare into for days.

“..Y/n?” You were abruptly ripped out of your thoughts by Dan waving a hand in front of your face

“Sorry” You blushed, red staining your cheeks as you realised Dan caught you staring at him and will most definitely keep this part in his video, because, well let’s face it, a bit of an arse.

“What were you so caught up about?”

“Just admiring the view” You jokingly sent back and big wink. Now it was Dan’s’ turn to blush, whist also letting out a laugh

“That was so cringe, I might just have to take it out of the video.” Dan spoke to the camera; he was definitely not taking that part out.

“Right so to start this video I’m going to put my hand into the hat and pull out a question. The questions are basically letting you guys know even more about our relationship and hopefully teaching us a bit more about each other” Dan explained.

“Ohhhh can I go first?” You excitedly asked. You couldn’t help it, there was something so fun about doing a video with your boyfriend.

“Of course”

You dove your hand into the hat, grabbing the first folded piece of paper you felt and pulled it out.

“Alright it says, ‘Where was our first kiss?’” For the second time you felt your cheeks heat up.

“I’m going to be so red this whole video, reckon you could like put a filter on me to make me look better?” You joked, however it wasn’t such a bad idea.

Dan laughed, before saying

“So do you want to answer or me?”

“You do it” You always loved hearing Dan talk about your relationship

“Alright, I remember it was our second date and we were just hanging in the living room eating pizza talking after just finishing up on the X-box. I was so nervous, just thinking about leaning in and possibly facing rejection and ruining it all. But then you made a joke out about anime and I knew I had to do it before someone else snatched you away” Dan smiled at the memory, you beaming right back at him.

“Then he just leant in and kissed me, obviously I didn’t turn down that face and now here we are two years later” You finished, butterflies erupting in your stomach at the fond memory.

“OK, next question” Dan stuck his hand in the hat rather ungracefully causing a few questions to topple out.

“Shit” he mumbled, throwing back three in the hat and reading out the remaining one on the floor.

“Finish this sentence ‘My girlfriend is a complete…..’” Dan stopped to think for a minute, you couldn’t help but anxiously wait for what he was going to say

“…..twat” He finally spoke. This caused you both to simultaneous burst out into a fit of laughter, clutching your stomach you couldn’t be surprised at what Dan said, it was so him. You knew Dan loved you with everything he had, it was very obvious. You guys didn’t have a mushy gushy relationship, it was more full of lots of jokes and banter, you guys were basically best friends,

“You are such and arse, why am I dating you?” You tried to sound upset, but the smile that you couldn’t wipe off your face gave it all away.

“You loveeeeee me really” He rather obnoxiously sung

“Actually Babe, I’m secretly in love with Phil and I only come round to your house on the chance that I will see my one true love” You lied, not helping but feel a bit weird by saying you like Phil, who was basically like a brother to you.

“That’s just mean, and a little gross” He complained

“Yeah I know; I have no clue why I said it” you giggled

“Right, my turn” You plunged your hand into the hat, pulling one out to read.

“‘Who wears the pants in the relationship?’ Ohh that’s hard” You thought.

“I know my answer” Dan said confidently

“Really? Alright let’s say our answers on three. One, two, three.”

This caused both of you to say ‘me’ at the same time.

“You’re kidding me right?” You said in disbelief to Dan

“What? Love, I’m always making the decisions”

“Babe, I literally always have to order for us at the cinema because you’re ‘too awkward to talk to new people’”

“Alright, alright I’ll give you that one, no need to share all my secrets on my channel”

Dan took out another piece of paper from the hat, causing yet again one to fall out.

“God, it’s clear to see who the clumsiest one of us is. And that’s hard because I could fall over standing still” You poked out at Dan.
“Leave me alone, you are so mean. So it says, ohhh this is interesting, ‘who is more jealous’?” Dan read.

“Ohhh, that is” You both took a minute to think about it, recalling moments when the other has been jealous. Most of these moments resulting in some seriously fun times together, and just by looking at Dan and the lazy smirk he wore you knew he was thinking about them. You kicked him in the shins, under the view of the camera causing him to jump a little, then answering.

“I feel like you get jealous more often, but it’s not as intense as when I get jealous.”
“Hmmm, yeah I reckon that’s fair to say.” You repeated, it wasn’t hard constantly having beautiful girls running up to your boyfriend, telling him how hot and sometimes the daring ones flirting with him. However, it had happened a few times when we were hanging around with Dan’s friends and one flirts with you, he gets mad.

“We only have a couple questions left” You sadly exclaimed, not wanting this video to be over.

“Let’s hope we haven’t saved the weirdest till last then!” Dan deadpanned

Grabbing one of the last pieces of paper you unfold it and read,

“‘what do I find really fun, that no one else really does?’” You laughed lightly at this weird question, thinking Dan would need a while on this one.

“You watch pimple popping videos” He answered straight away. You sat there with your mouth hanging open, a blush adorned on your cheeks,

“How did you know that? I always try to keep it on the down low” You exclaimed, shocked and slightly embarrassed that he knew

“Sweetheart, we’ve been going out for 2 years, we’ve been living together for 1, there is little that I don’t know about you”

“That’s kind of creepy and really cute at the same time. I knew I chose you for a reason” You hummed

“I’m not some Pokémon woman, don’t objectify me like that” He fired back

“Shut up and read the last question. Because as much as I love doing videos with you I need to cook us dinner, and get it done so it’s ready when Phil comes back from visiting his family.

“Aw look at you, you are literally the only reason we have survived this long. Anyway, here we go and I won’t knock out another question this time.” He took his time in dramatically picking out the question.

“Oh for god’s sake Phil, he’s such a child. It says ‘when did the two of you first sleep together?’”

A deep shade of red engulfs your face and you looked over at Dan with your mouth wide.

“What the hell, he did not just ask that?” You said shocked.

“Yeah you’re right, I’m joking. Lol” Dan admits, handing over the question for you to read aloud.

“It says, ‘Who/When fist said I love You?’ Now that is a cute question” You cooed, recalled that cherished memory that you held very close to your heart.

“Well, I don’t want to spill all the beans about our relationship just yet, so all that you guys will be knowing is that, Y/N said it first. Maybe we can do another gushy relationship story about that some other time. But for now that’s it.” Dan finished off the video and looked at you to continue.

“Thanks guys for watching hope you enjoyed it, and if you did please subscribe and request some more ideas of what we can do next. Byeeee” You finished

“That was so much fun” You turned to Dan, who was already lovingly gazing at you.

“You know I love you right?” He spoke

“Of course, and you know I love you too, so much” You replied inching your face closer to his.

“You know when you told me you loved me, when we were just lying in bed cuddling watching Breaking Bad, I think that that’s the happiest I’ve ever felt.” He confessed. As much as you loved the banter and jokes in this relationship, nothing felt better than Dan confessing his feelings to your, he really did complete you.

“I was so nervous that I had said it too soon, but I’m so glad one of us plucked up the courage to say it” You murmured, now lips a mere centimeter away from each other.

Dan quickly closed the gap between the two of you and soon had his hand on the back of your head pulling you closer. Automatically you brought your hands up to caress his cheeks and you two shared one of the most passionate kisses in your relationship.

Dan gently pushed you back onto the bed and slipped his hand down to your waist, when you suddenly remembered something.

“Dan the camera is still on!”

“Oh fuck yeah, thank God it isn’t a live stream” He jumped up to turn the camera off, leaving it on the side to edit later.

But he only had one thought on his mind now. You. Jumping back next to you on the bed you two finished off what you had started



I’m sure canon Marco doesn’t have B.O. at all considering how clean he is. Or this particular hoodie could have just been a really old one. I mean c’mon, he has dozens of them! Anyway, it was just for the sake of the joke. 

“Art doesn’t always need a reason. Sometimes its just got to make the audience happy. That’s why you always end on a joke”  Steven Universe

Part 1

So I just finished watching both movie and musical versions of Heathers and hot damn is JD done differently in the beginning.

Like yeah, they both end up basically the same way but musical JD gave off very few red flags to me at the beginning. He did the whole trench coat and “look at me I’m deep” shit, but that’s high school boy? The draino thing was when I was like “eehhhhhhhhhh that wasn’t a joke like you’re trying to play off but ok”.

But movie JD? Holy shit. He’s one giant ass red flag. Veronica honey. Love yourself. Avoid at all costs please for everyone’s sake. We’re only 15 minutes in and he’s pulled out a real ass gun

Stable Boy

Eric x Reader

“You can’t expect us to get along with them, they don’t want peace.” You hissed at Johanna who sighed.

“(Y/N), please, things are delicate enough as they are, just be polite to him.” She begged, greeting Max as she motioned for you to join Eric.

“We’ll try and be quick.” She promised before jerking your head towards Eric who was walking around the stables.

“You know they’re horses, the wont attack.” You tutted and pointed to his gun.

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Secret Thrill (One Shot)

Summary: You’ve been teasing Roman for a couple of days since got back and when your parents ask the two of you out for dinner, Roman decides to show you what the consequences are.

Warnings: language, smut
(A/N) This idea popped up in my head after seeing gifs of Roman in a suit and I just had to write it down and share it with you guys. And thank you so much @x-fivefoot for helping me out😘♥️. This is also hella long so enjoy guys xoxo


‘’Like what you see Reigns,’’ I asked with a smirk on my face as I picked some clothes off the floor in our bedroom, my ass in full display. I didn’t have to turn around to know that his eyes were on me with every move I made.

‘’In fact, I love what I see.’’ He murmured. It was a hot summer night and even though it was still bright outside, we decided to just relax a bit.

‘’You do?’’ I turned around and crossed my arms, grabbing the underside of my shirt. I pulled it over my head and put it on the chair, leaving me in only my shorts and lace bra. The fabric hardly covered anything since it was see through. He nodded and threw the sports magazine he was reading beside him as I climbed onto the bed. Too slow in action, Roman reached out for my waist and pulled me on top of him so I was straddling his waist. I bit my lip and wrapped my arms around his shoulders.

‘’You look better everytime I come back home,’’ he groaned. I slowly grinded myself against him, feeling him getting harder second by second.

‘’I know,’’ I whispered in his ear. His hands guided my hips, setting a pace. As soon as I felt his hands travel up to unclasp my bra , I stopped and climbed off him. ‘’I’m so tired,’’ I yawned. He looked at me wide eyed.

‘’Baby come one,’’ he whined, ‘’That’s not fair.’’

‘’What do you mean?’’ I innocently asked and kissed him on his check.

‘’Y/n please, all I got from you since I got back is teasing and it’s getting on my nerves.’’

‘’There’s no need for that, we have all the time of the world. Besides that, what’s wrong with me being tired?’’

‘’Yeah sure, you’re ‘tired’,’’ he grunted and rolled on his side, his back facing me. ‘’You’ve been ‘tired’ for literally four days.’’

‘’Ahw come on Ro, don’t be mad, I promise you’ll have your way with me before you’re on the road again,’’ I sweetly said as I hung over his side. His eyes were closed and he looked quite irritated. I don’t want to say that I love seeing him this mad, but I kinda do to be completely honest. Last time when he was home, he was the one who was teasing the shit out of me by whispering dirty things in my ear in public, such as ‘’I wanna fuck you so hard that you’ll be begging me to stop,’’ or ‘’I bet you’re all wet for me babygirl, I can’t wait to eat you out and make you moan my name.’’ He’d get me all turned on and once we got home, he decided to ignore his promises and pretend nothing ever happened. The man even denied saying it. So this time, I decided to play fair and tease him back.

‘’I hope so for your sake,’’ he chuckled and turned on his back again with me on top of him. ‘’You’re lucky I love you.’’

‘’Aawh you’re so sweet,’’ I smiled and kissed his lips. As much as I wanted him, I had to tell myself not to do anything because it was payback. ‘’I love you too, my beautiful husband.’’

‘’Yeah sure,’’ he joked.

‘’You’re only acting like this because you’re not getting laid.’’ I seriously said as I placed my arms on his broad chest, my head on my hands.

‘’Maybe, maybe not. Anyways, I’m just happy to be back.’’

‘’That’s the nicest thing you’ve said so far,’’ I laughed. He shook his head and laughed along. ‘’But for real though, I’m really tired so I’m off.’’

‘’I’ll pretend to believe you and try to sleep as well.’’

‘’I don’t care if you believe me or not, I’m tired and I need my sleep.’’ I rolled off him and lied down on my stomach. I could feel Roman shift his weight, pulling me close to him with his arm, his face nuzzling in the crook of my neck. Just like that, we both drifted off.


I woke up by the rays of sunlight falling across my face. I slightly opened my eyes and sat up. Roman was not beside me so I figured he was in the bathroom or something. Looking on my phone, I saw that it was already 1 pm. I had several missed calls from my mom so I decided to facetime her.

‘’Honey, how are you and Roman doing,’’ she happily said as she answered right away. ‘’You just woke up, didn’t you.’’

‘’Maybe,’’ I smiled, ‘’We’re great, what about you and dad?

‘’Couldn’t be better hun. I was wondering if the two of you are free tonight.’’

‘’Uhm, yeah, I think so,’’ I thought out loud. Roman came walking into the room with a plate of fruit. ‘’Are you free tonight?’’ I asked him.

‘’Yeah, why?’’

‘’I don’t know,’’ I laughed, ‘’what did you have in mind mom?’’

‘’How does a dinner sound? Just the four of us. You and Roman and me and your dad.’’ She excitedly said. I could tell that this was something she wanted for a long time.

‘’Sounds good to me,’’ Roman said as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

‘’Alright then, a dinner it is,’’ I answered with a smile.

‘’Oh that’s lovely, I’ll meet you guys at 7 at that new Italian place that just had their grand opening. Love you both,’’ she almost shouted. Before one of us could say anything, she hung up.

‘’Good afternoon,’’ Roman chuckled. ‘’I figured you could use something healthy since all you’ve been eating is junk food. Not to mention how unhealthy you’ll be eating tonight.’’

‘’You’re just jealous because all you have to do is eat healthy,’’ I stuck my tongue out and grabbed the plate with fruit. ‘’I normally wouldn’t do this but you can pick my dress for tonight, as long as it stays decent.’’ I warned him. He had this huge smirk on his face as he walked towards the closet. ‘’Decent, I said.’’

‘’I know, I know, don’t worry. I know what decent means.’’ He laughed and opened the doors, looking at all the clothing. ‘’I’ll bet that not even half of the clothes are mine,’’ Roman joked.

‘’A woman with taste, needs her space,’’ I proudly said.

‘’Touché.’’ He absently said as he sat down and opened the box with all my dresses. After studying all of my dresses for about 10 minutes, he stood up. ‘’This one,’’ he held the dress in front of him. I always knew Roman had an amazing taste and I couldn’t fight him on that. It was a long black dress with a slit at two sides of my leg, almost reaching my waist, so that both of my legs would be shown. It had a V neck and spaghetti straps. ‘’You’re wearing this one, whether you like it or not,’’ he chuckled.

‘’Alright, that one it is.’’ I put the plate away and crawled over to the end of the bed and grabbed him by the collar of his t-shirt, pulling him close to me. My lips barely touched his and when he was about to lean in, I grabbed the dress and backed away.

‘’You’re gonna pay for that,’’ he groaned. I just giggled and walked to the bathroom to get ready.


‘’You done baby?’’ Roman yelled from downstairs. ‘’We gotta leave, it’s almost 7.’’

‘’Almost babe,’’ I yelled back. I stood in front of the mirror, admiring the way I looked. My hair was curled, I didn’t wear any make up besides mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. The dress Roman picked looked really good on me, even if I’m saying it myself. My curves were showing just right. I wore my black heels and made my way down the stairs.

‘’Oh jheeze,’’ Roman said impressed, ‘’damn babygirl, you look breathtaking.’’

‘’Why thank you, you look breathtaking yourself as well,’’ I smiled, meaning what I said. He was wearing a checkered white and blue shirt with a white and blue striped tie. The jacket, just like his pants, were blue-ish. He always looked beautiful so this time there was no difference.

‘’Means a lot coming from my beautiful wife,’’ he grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him. I couldn’t back away this time, I also didn’t want to, he just looked, smelled, felt so good. He kissed me and smiled against my lips.

‘’Oh shush Reigns, let’s go.’’ I giggled. As I turned around, he gave my ass a gentle squeeze before walking outside and locking the door behind him. The car ride was just as usual; us singing along with every song on the radio, even though we didn’t even know the song, talking about how pissed he was that Vince wouldn’t let him wear his new gear. I enjoyed moments like this, knowing we both could talk about anything. Once we arrived, we could see my parents their car parked a little further.

‘’This place is actually pretty nice tho,’’ he admitted as he took my hand in his. We both walked into the restaurant, stunned with how pretty it looked; white and red as the main colors, ivy on the celling and there was an outside part. The waiter said my mom and dad took place at the outside area, which I figured since my mom loves having dinner outside.

‘’Y/n, Roman, my babies,’’ my mom happily said as she stood up to give us a hug. ‘’How are the two of you doing?’’

‘’We’re fine mom,’’ I smiled.

‘’Son, how much do you train because each time I see you, it seems like you’re getting even more muscular than you already are.’’ My dad joked, making Roman laugh.

‘’With my training schedule, it’s possible sir.’’ He replied with a smile. We all sat down and talked a bit before looking at the menu. While being focused on the dishes, I felt Roman’s hand on my bare thigh, sliding up higher. I batted his hand away, but he kept bringing it to the same spot.

‘’So, how’s your career doing?’’ My dad asked Roman.

‘’It’s amazing sir, being able to do what I love every day, makes it even better. The only con is not being home so often,’’ he said, his hand was now on my inner thigh, making me shift in my seat. That was pointless since he is super strong and held me still with just his hand. ‘’But the time I am at home is also the time I love the most.’’

‘’That’s great to hear,’’ my dad smiled. ‘’How was your time on the road this time?’’

‘’It was amazing, I got to see so many places and meet different people,’’ Roman answered. His hand was now rubbing me through the thin material of my panties, making me hold back a moan. I looked over to him, but he was pretending to pay attention to the menu. As I was about to speak, he crept his hand under the thin material, his index finger circling my clit. I covered my mouth with my hand, pretending to yawn. I could kick his ass right now. I started to realize why he picked that dress. He always mentioned how much he adored ‘easy access’ and this dress was just that with the slit as high as my thigh.  

‘’So honey, how are you doing?’’ my mom asked me.

‘I-I’m fine,’’ I stuttered, trying to sound normal. His finger was now slowly pushing inside of me, making it hard to even think.

‘’How is it while Roman is on the road? How do you keep yourself busy?’’ My dad curiously asked.

‘’It’s hard, of course, but I mostly keep myself busy with watching movies, reading and my own work,’’ I almost moaned as he added his middle finger inside of me as well, pushing his fingers deeper. I glanced over next to me and he just looked at me with the sweetest smile.

‘’Good to hear you have a source of distraction.’’

‘’I agree, it’s hard to leave my wife all alone so I’m happy she can take care of herself.’’  Roman answered with a huge smile on his face. This bastard. To make things even worst, he started to rub my clit with his thumb, making my orgasm build with lighting speed. I let out a deep sigh, my breathing got heavier, the pleasure started to build in my lower abdomen. My insides started to clench around his fingers as she was now pumping in and out of me very slowly. There was absolutely no way that I was going to cum near my parents, that’s just insane.

‘’Hi there, can I take your orders?’’ the waiter smiled sweetly. Roman withdrew his fingers and gave me a smirk. The emptiness made me whimper quietly. I could slap him right now.

‘’We both would like the pasta with tomato-basil sauce,’’ Roman answered.

‘’What a gentleman, ordering for his lady as well,’’ my mom smiled. If only she knew what kind of ‘gentle man’ he is being this exact moment. ‘’We’ll have the lasagna please.’’

‘’I wrote that down, anything to drink?’’

‘’A bottle of water will do,’’ my dad answered. The waiter nodded and walked away with writing everything down. When my parents were in a conversation, Roman licked his fingers and hummed while doing so. My stomach turned, wanting him more than ever at the moment.

‘’I bet you taste better than the food baby,’’ he whispered into my ear. Great, now the roles were turned, again. I gave him a ‘are you serious’ look and all he did was grinning. ‘’I can imagine how bad you want me now.’’

‘’You’re a fucking dick,’’ I said through gritted teeth, regretting my choice of words right away. But I could play dirty as well. I bit my lip and my placed my hand on his leg, rubbing up and down.

‘’Y/n,’’ Roman groaned lowly, ‘’I’m warning you.’’

‘’Hmm? What’d you say?’’ I asked innocently as I started to massage his dick through his pants. ‘’Two can play this game, Reigns.’’

‘’This ain’t no game, you have no idea what you just started babygirl.’’ He dangerously said. I smirked back at him while slowly rubbing his dick up and down at an agonizingly slow pace, causing his breath to quicken. He glared back at me, giving me a death stare and I abruptly stopped.

‘’I gotta use the restroom, be right back.’’ I announced with a smile.

‘’Alright sweetheart,’’ my mom replied. I adjusted my dress before standing up and making my way to the ladies room. I was just about to open the door when a hand suddenly appeared, blocking my way. I turned around to see it was Roman.

‘’What do you think you’re doing?’’ he hissed.

‘’Playing back your own game,’’ I grinned.

‘’I warned you y/n.’’ He ushered me into the restroom, making sure that there was no one there. The door was being shut firmly as I bit my lip and looked at him up and down. ‘’You shouldn’t do that, you know what it does to me.’’

‘’What does it do? I can’t remember,’’ I said, pretending I forgot.

‘’You know exactly what it does…’’ he whispered as he wrapped his muscular arms around my waist and pulled me in for a deep kiss. His tongue licked my bottom lip, making me shiver. Without warning, he grabbed my ass and lifted me up, slamming my back against the cold door. ‘’You gonna keep teasing me?’’

‘’Maybe,’’ I answered and bit my lip on purpose. Roman groaned and kissed my neck as he slipped his fingers inside of me for the second time this day. I could be a lot more vocal here, luckily for me and for him since I know how much he enjoys me expressing how good he makes me feel. ‘’Roman, I need you inside of me right now,’’ I admitted under my breath.

‘’Now you do huh?’’ He mumbled against my neck as I felt him unzipping his pants and pulling it down along with his underwear. I could feel the tip against my center and I arched my back, wanting to feel more. He chuckled and slid his thick length inside of me in a fluid motion.

‘’Oh my god..’’ I moaned. He lets me adjust for a few seconds before he starts to thrust. I missed feeling him fill me up like this and he knew.

‘’Goddamn baby, you’re so wet. I missed you,’’ He panted, ‘’fuck I missed your pussy.’’

‘’I missed you too, oh shit,’’ I cried out as he sped up, gripping my waist tighter. ‘’Roman…I’m so close.’’

‘’Already?’’ He asked as he started to rub my clit, making me grip his bicep tighter. I nodded and he chuckled. ‘’I can’t blame you baby.’’

‘’F-fuck you,’’ I chuckled breathless. He smiled and looked down to where our bodies joined. ‘’Roman please.’’

‘’Cum for me baby,’’ he looked me straight in the eyes as he grinded his hips slowly; so slow that I could feel every vein. The friction made me tingle. ‘’That’s it y/n, cum for daddy.’’

‘’Romann,’’ I moaned loudly as I reached my high. Right after, I could feel him release inside of me. We stood in the exact same position to catch our breaths and once we did, he gently pulled out of me and placed me back on my heels again.

‘’I’m so happy I told you to wear that dress,’’ Roman said as he pulled his pants back up.

‘’I should’ve known what you were up to,’’ I laughed. I carefully walked towards the mirror and fixed myself. Roman came up from behind me and wrapped his arms around me, kissing my neck. ‘’We should get back to my parents before they wonder where we are.’’

‘’You’re probably right, let’s see who gives in first.’’ He joked.

‘’You’re unbelievable Reigns,’’ I smiled and shook my head.

Imagine... Carl Gallagher #2

Request: Can you do one where the reader is V’s cousin and is baby sitting the twins and meets Carl and he is nothing like she imagined from V’s stories, he’s sweet and taller than she thought, you know?

Pairing: Carl x Reader

Warnings: swearing, fluffy lil Carl .

“Please Y/N! It would mean the world. It’s only for a few hours i promise!” Veronica begged through the phone. “Fine. What time do you want me to be there?” Y/N asked. “Six?” Veronica asked. “Okay, I’ll be over in a bit then. Text me your addre-” “CARL! What did I tell you about going through my drug cabinet!” Veronica yelled. Y/N held the phone away from her ear. “Is that Carl Gallagher again?” She asked. “Yes… he’s a little shit and he knows it. Did you know he got caught taping-” “ten pounds of heroine to his nephew Chuckie. Yes V I know. You’ve told me everything about this kid.” She cut her cousin off. “He spent a year in juvenile prison for fucks sake” she said. Y/N rolled her eyes. “Is it bad that I kind of want to meet him?” She joked, though she was partially serious.“No way! There is no way in hell I will let you meet Carl Gallagher. He will destroy your reputation within a week” she said sternly. “I give it three days!” Y/N could hear Kev say. “Anyway, I’ll see you at six. Thank you so much Y/N you are a lifesaver.” Veronica spoke. Y/N said her goodbyes before hanging up.


Y/N sat on the floor with the twins on either side of her. The girls had been nonstop crying for an hour now, Y/N had tried everything to keep them occupied.

They weren’t hungry, nor sleepy. She made sure their diapers were clean and dry before giving them each a toy that Kev and V had recently purchased.

A knock at the door had pulled Y/N’s attention from the girls. She picked them up, one on each hip, she placed Gemma in the play crib. She kept Amy close to her as she looked out the window to see who was there. She wasn’t used to the neighbourhood. She noticed a guy, around her age, standing at the front door. Y/N unlocked the door and opened it. “Hi?” She said, swaying her body to comfort Amy. “Can you please quiet the twins down? We can hear them from next door…” Y/N sent a confused look. “Sorry, who are you?” She asked confused. “Carl…Who are you?” Y/N raised her eyebrows. This was the infamous Carl Gallagher? “I’m Y/N, Veronica’s cousin.” By now the girls had finally gone quiet. “V didn’t tell me she had such a beautiful cousin.” He winked. Y/N blushed slightly. She was a bit confused as to how he could be so bad. He was definitely not how she pictured him to look like. He’s much taller and he has nicer hair. She expected him to be grubby and greasy. He’s the exact opposite.

“Mind if I come in?” He asked. Y/N nodded and stepped out of the way, letting him walk inside. “You aren’t going to steal anything are you?” She asked, concerned for the cabinet that was in the corner of the room. “The only thing I’ll be stealing tonight is your heart” he said slyly as he took a seat on the couch. Y/N put Amy down in the crib beside Gemma. She smiled to herself at the comment Carl had made. “Veronica told me all about you.” She stated. She took a seat on the floor by the twins. “Yeah? Tell me about yourself then. It’s only fair” Carl ran a hand through his hair, he pat the seat next to him and Y/N cautiously made her way over. “Well you know now that I’m Veronica’s cousin. Uh, I’m seventeen years old. I’m a sophomore, and I work part time at a pizza place downtown. There’s not much else to me” she explained.

Carl had been looking at her lips for quite some time now. She had become a bit self conscious that something was stuck in her teeth. “Can I kiss you?” He asked. She knit her eyebrows together. “We literally just met” he didn’t say anything. Y/N looked to his full lips and took in a deep breath before nodding. Carl leaned in and pressed his lips to hers. Time had stopped. Y/N closed her eyes and melted into the kiss. The door opened and the two pulled away quickly.

“Oh hell no!” Veronica yelled. Y/N looked to the front door with wide eyes. “Shit” Carl got up from the couch and booked it out the front door, weaving passed Kev and V before they could do anything. “Looks like we need a new babysitter” Kev joked. Y/N looked to her cousin with a guilty look. V crossed her arms over her chest and huffed. “Unbelievable” she muttered, walking into the kitchen. Kev picked up Amy and Gemma and kissed their foreheads before turning to Y/N. “he ain’t all bad” he whispered, joining V In the kitchen. Y/N ran a hand through her hair and let out a breath of air. Secretly,she hoped they needed a babysitter again, really soon.

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The past, the present... The future.  -Part 7

Summary: In SHIELD you are known for your charisma and your irrational optimism. Specially taking in count the irreversible curse HYDRA condemned you with. Because of that, Director Fury has determinate that you are the best person to take care of Bucky’s mental state.

Chapter 7: The girl with the HYDRA scar

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Y/N: Your name

Warnings: Cursing… Nothing else that I can think of.

Word count: 2,431

A/N: Yesss!! It’s four in the morning but I managed to finish this!! Well, let’s see if you like it. As always, please let me know what you think and feel free to give me any feedback you want!

Previously: Part 1, Part 6

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I hear a contain sob that breaks my trance. My breathing is heavy and I can feel the intensity my face showcases after the flashback. Next to me Y/N won’t meet my eyes, rubbing a hand over her face. I feel guilty, she had no reason to hear that, she did not deserve to be haunted by my experiences. But then she does something surprising and squeezes next to me, pulling the blanket around us both.

“I think it worked.” she whispers, her voice still shaky, and I realize that I’m feeling much lighter now that I don’t have to bear that weight alone. “You should sleep now” I rest my head on her shoulder and the light feeling drags me into dream land while she gently runs a hand through my hair.

Before I completely drift off, I hear her mumbling something “So Aleksei had another victim” but I’m too far off now to understand anything.

Bucky’s POV:

I wake up to an unknown smell floating next to me. Before I open my eyes, I’m already conscious and fully alert, and my hand inches slowly towards the gun on my back pocket. The metal feels oddly warm after having absorbed my body heat throughout the night, but I grip it silently and in one swift move, press it against the temple of whoever was next to me, while I open my eyes.

Fear… Panic, is my greeting. The girl seems to be paralyzed. Damn, she’s not even breathing! Her skin is sick pale and her eyes are glittering. Oh, no… It’s…

“Y/N! I’m so sorry! I didn’t recognize you and you scared me! Fuck… I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you” I don’t know what to do with my body. I’m about to put the gun away, but the movement feels too relaxed; but I can’t keep pointing it at her either! I leave it on the table and raise my hands to prove that i’m not a threat, but Y/N seems to have entered the same trance she entered in the training room when I helped her with her boxing. Tears are about to escape her eyes and she hasn’t breathed for a solid minute. She backs away slowly through the sofa, until her back is pressed against the armrest. Fuck, how can I have messed up so badly? “Please, say something”

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Let’s talk about Peepers.

It’s not going to be an analysis of his character, no, I’m leaving it after I watch the entire S2. I was considering if I should write this post at this point, but I had to, otherwise I’d explode. (A threat of not being to able to liveblog in the near future and lack of Internet overall also helped in writing that post.)

I should note that I got to “The Bad Hatter” and don’t know what happens after this episode.

So let’s talk about Peepers, his relationship with Hater, some hypotetical scenarios and how I tend to overanalyze a children cartoon.

Back in S1 he used to be a punching bag who was totally happy giving Hater all the control (to be fair Hater was competent back then in spite of his Hatey moments) and being in the shadow, doing the hard work. All in the name of the Hater Empire! …But not really. One could say the changes began back in “The Prisoner”, but the real deal was shown in “The Bounty”, where Peepers did draw a line - he had his ambitions and had to follow them. He still wanted to be a Commander of the empire that was supposed to rule the galaxy; perhaps even the universe itself. And after that he was shown to lose his paticence with his boss, acknowleding his flaws out loud.

Fast forward to S2 and Hater is not the greatest in galaxy anyomore; despite his abilities and powers he got distracted by Wander way too many times for other villains not to notice. Peepers still follows him, though this time not without justified and verbalized complaints and screaming. And when they get to Dominator despite being the powerful one Hater is a distraction, while Peepers takes job into his hands and saves everyone along with Sylvia. “If you march in to my galaxy, you’re gonna have to deal with me!” was it?

Peepers and Hater’s relationship took a big step in “The Axe”. We as the audience learned that without each other the won’t be able to function in the villain world without each other, and Hater finally understood he needed his Commander. Peepers meanwhile seemed to be fully aware of his abilities and why he nedeed skeleton man in the first place. After he left the skullship he didn’t consider the obvious ‘there are so many other villains out there wonder if any of them would use a competent right hand?’ No, he was looking for a job in a NEWSPAPER showing that he does believe Hater is still the most powerful conqueror this galaxy could have. Not to mention his whole flashback song, where we witnessed him caring about Hater beyond the whole conquering thing. One more thing worth the note is that Sourdough noted how Peepers is the one who 'knows what’s being a true villain is all about’.

After this episode their relationship started to be much, much better, though not without its hiccups.

“A true villain turns weakness into a strength!”
I love this line. He technically tells Hater how great it is that he used his obsession with the tag game in conquering planets… But what he’s really saying is that he used Hater and his shenanigans to get back to the top ten. Not to mention that he considers Hater as his weakness overall; despite everything that happened not only he has some ounce of belief in him, not only he can not imagine conquering the galaxy without him (“The Axe”), he genuinely cares about the guy to some extent.

This sentence aside “The It” gave me a lot to think about (and laugh for that matter). Peepers had no qualms about freezing his boss in coldbrrnite and leavin him behind, just like he didn’t have any problem with locking him up in the box to use him for conquering planets. And the Sequence happens, where it’s more than obvious what Peepers wants, how he is the real villain in the Hater Empire, how he revels in his pragmatic villainy and using Hater for conquer. At the end he learns his lesson how while his boss is the instrumental part in building the empire overall, if he’s busy with Wander, he’s not able to carry out the mission and needs to stay away.

Time for the next Peepers-Hater episode. So what happens? “The Cool Guy” happens. Hoooo, boy, “The Cool Guy”.

The figurines play from the beginning is the obvious way of explaining stuff to Hater without boring him at the more formal meetings (the way that Hater took to the heart, if his 'commercial’ in “The New Toy” is any indication), but Peepers is also having fun. Until Awesome happens and takes Hater away. For almost the whole episode Commander is busy fretting over Hater’s abscence and irresponsibility while phoning him like a worried mother.
(Don’t worry that much, Peeps, Hater is a good enough boy to use a straw and a napkin.)

And then he decides he had enough, the time for invasion was coming with big steps anyway, had to do it himself.

Two major things happen: first of all his little speech. He knows that all Hater wanted was to be popular, not to conquer planets. He says that in such a mocking tone that made me think: a) he actually doesn’t really care what his boss really wants, jsut used his abilities, apperance and desires for galactic domination, b) is it just me or he sounds like a parent who dismissed their kid’s desires and 'knows’ what’s better for them, roping them in a job they didn’t really want? I’m probably taking the analogy too far here, but yeah.

The second thing is that he tried to conquer the planet on his own in his name. But wait, didn’t he just try to conquer in his boss’ name despite his abscence? Nope. You don’t put your face-eye on the banners where Hater’s face is supposed to be if you want to invade in his name.

But wait, didn’t I say that Peepers acknowledged that he needed Hater to conquer the galaxy? Yes, but with Hater’s incompetentence and him controlling pretty much everything he might have thought: “Alright, I’m doing all the work anyway, I’m much more capable of being the leader!”

“Bow down to your new master!”
Peepers had no idea that Hater was around to watch the invasion. So who was this 'master’? Come, on, he was testing the grounds, he wanted to see if he’d manage to conquer the planet on his own, though still using the skullship which is Hater’s symbol. He even had a peep pep talk with himself for flrap’s sake. But then Awesome happened (whose words imply that he actualy knew what Commander was planning to do? Or he just wanted to make a joke? I don’t really think he’d care any way, but still.) After that Peepers retracted and used Hater’s name, but the Thing happened anyway. Commander goes back to his boss just like the boss comes back to his Commander… though not without a little Wander distraction.

After that Peepers gets Hater to the 2nd spot on the villain leaderboard, though not without problems, like partying hard with Wander or making Major Threat fake his return to villainy. Not to mention getting smacked around few times. But overall Peepers could work with that and only Dominator was the real obstacle to get back on the first place. What could go wrong?

Then “The Battle Royale” takes place and Hater falls – literally and figuratively for Dom. Which is a big, big problem for Peepers.

In “The New Toy” watchdog is absolutely fine with Hater not taking the part in the battle; in fact he’s delighted he’s allowed to lead the attack by himself. Unfortunately not only his boss sabotages his plans, but it’s also obvious that without Hater’s cooperation he couldn’t get anywhere near beating Dominator.

“The Bad Hatter” is the main reason I’m writing that post. Once he finds out Hater has Wander’s magic Hat he takes it to make weapons to defeat Dominator and…


I said I was going to think about it, didn’t I?

Despite the fact that he cares about Hater somewhat and is willing to call him a friend, he is absolutely, 100% ready to put him aside for his own ambitions. He wants to defeat Dom and wants the galaxy to be HIS. There are even parallels with the civil war Wander talks about for grop’s sake!

So let’s recap: Peepers uses Hater, though he still cares for him, he does consider the posibility of working without him to pursue his dreams, he is thinking how much better he’d fill the leader’s position and he’d be glad to be done with Hater’s nonsense.

You’re going to ask: 'Ok, why are you telling us the stuff we already know?’ Well, I’m getting there.

Given what we’ve seen in the S2 so far it’s not without merit to think that Peepers might want to leave Hater after all. Anyone who has been following me knows how surprised I was that he didn’t leave skeleton man’s side after witnessing Dominator and her powers back in “The Greater Hater” and developed their reluctant friendship (which, for the record, I love, but it was still shocking to see that).

As of now they still have Dom to deal with, so while I don’t think Peepers is going to do anyting of the sort in this season, but S3 is still a fair game. Hater might have a moment of clarity or whatever to get the job done, but it’ll never be in the long term - Hater from S1 is not going to come back, he’s still going to be distracted by Wander, he’s still going to be ultimately redeemed. What would Peepers do in that situation? Would he still follow Hater into the path goodness? Possible, but not without complaining. Or some kind of story arc that would happen beforehand for that matter. Where he could at the very least think about leaving Hater to his own devices.

So let’s play a game of 'Peepers gets a better job proposition where he actualy can fullfill his dreams of ruling the universe’. Maybe not even in someone’s name, but his. Of course it’s absolutely hypotetical situation, but still very much possible.

Ok, so in that scenario Commander leaves his Lord to work for somebody else/begin reign in his own name. So Wander would have to do someting, right? Nope. Sure, he might have few words for Peepers, he’d definitely try to do something, but ultimately he’d fall deaf on his ears. Peepers doesn’t care about Wander, he doesn’t consider him a threat, he’d love to ignore him entirely and for Hater to do the same. I did complain that these two barely interacted, though it made sense why. Now with the possibilty I described here it would make even more sense, especially in narrative way.

But there would have to be someone who’d talk him down, at least partly, right? There’s Sylvia, I guess, they did find a common ground in “The Battle Royale”, recognising that they had similiar struggles, and I was told they have more interaction in few next episodes. But I don’t feel like Sylvia could do that much. Her words would have some effect, maybe, but not that big.

So who has any chance to talk to Peepers to get him out of this path?

Hm, this redeemed/almost redeemed guy maybe?

Tl;dr Peepers stop stealing the show.

i know the todd howard memes are for #jokes sake but please don’t actually have any hope for anything that man might show at e3. Remember that Skyrim is being released on the switch and Fallout 4 VR is gonna be a thing for god knows what reason ($$$$$$$) 

anyway #DontBelieveHisLies 

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Consider: demon!lance and human keith

anon i want you to know that i have literally constructed an entire plot and au around this and i am now drawing something for it u saved me ????? omg id die for this? and im a big sap so i have to make it cute and happy ofc


au where supernatural forces coexist with humans, like maybe that dude making a coffee for u at tims is a vampire, maybe ur english teacher is a werewolf, that kinda thing

keith is desperate for answers after the cops brush off his only living family (shiro)’s disappearance as something supernatural and refuse to look further into it because it becomes a cold case and there’s just nothing to help them find him, there’s no evidence of any kind, it’s like he just existed one moment and didnt the next

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For @emmmna who asked me for something to cheer them up. I went through my blog looking at fluffy otp prompts and found this: “‘Be nice to your seat partner. They might just be your future spouse!’ the teacher says, and you turn to me and wink. Are you even real??” au. I wrote it rather quickly but I hope it makes you smile, sweetheart!

Derek is a popular kid, and by law (according to every teen movie ever made) his brand of popular is not supposed to get this dumbstruck when the guy who once sneezed on his apple the first day of pre-school winks at him in the middle of Biology.

Derek doesn’t know what it is about Stiles Stilinski but he drives him insane– standing by his locker, talking to that McCall kid in class, sitting on the bench, fidgeting at lacrosse games. One moment Derek is a perfectly normal teenage boy with a perfectly functioning teenage brain and the next he’s that guy in a romantic comedy; all the lights dim and it’s just him, Stiles and whatever bizarre thing Stiles is doing. It’s horribly, wonderfully unsettling and Derek is 95% sure he’s in some kind of love. (He is still a little disturbed Erica had to physically drag him away last week when his eyes refused to stop looking as Stiles tried and failed to lick some kind of sauce – meat, Derek thinks it was – from his elbow.)

“What?” he asks, blinking, trying to look up at Stiles’ face. Unfortunately, his brain has other plans and he continues to remain fixated on the way Stiles is holding his pencil, twirling it between his fingers. He wonders, briefly, what they would feel like laced between his fingers or running through his hair before immediately stopping because no. Stiles also makes him want to bash his head against the wall 75% of the time. He’s a lethal combination.


“I said I’d like a fall wedding. They seem to be quite popular for some reason. Maybe it’s all the pretty leaves.”

Derek blinks again, suddenly struck by the image of Stiles in a suit surrounded by crisp, golden leaves to match his eyes. It’s a strangely lovely image and turning away a little, he scowls at the way his stomach flutters. He’s seventeen for Christ’s sake. He’s only kissed one person: Paige Krasikeva during a game of truth or dare. “You know Miss Byrne was kidding when she said we’d all get married, right? We’re not going to fall in love just because we got seated together in one class together.”

Derek hopes it will be just one class, anyway. He doesn’t think he’ll survive the year otherwise. At least, his grades won’t.

“That’s what you think.” Derek feels his scowl deepen and Stiles throws his head back, sighing. “Yes, buzz kill, I do actually know what a joke is, thank you very much.” He blushes a little, ducking his head, and Derek instantly feels bad.

“I, uh…”

“Dude, look. It’s fine. Sorry.  I didn’t mean to, like, offend you or whatever.”

“You didn’t offend me.”

Stiles snorts. “Uh-huh. You moved your chair the moment you sat down next to me. I get it, it’s fine. I’ll shut up, I promise.” He mimes zipping his lips, blush deepening, and his eyes zero in on his textbook but Derek can tell he’s not taking in a word of it, even as he turns the page.

Opening his note book, Derek cringes, writing down the date. He looks to the clock. He’s got another thirty minutes of sitting here with Stiles.

Twenty-nine, he swallows.

Twenty-eight, sneaking a glance at him.

Twenty-seven: “I’m sure you’d make a beautiful bridegroom.”

Stiles’ head snaps up and he drops his pencil. They both watch it roll away. “What?”

Derek wants to slap himself. Of all the things he could have said, of all the fucking things, who the fuck says…that?

“I, erm-”

“You don’t have to mock me, you know,” Stiles hisses, defensive, embarrassed. “I get it. You’re the basketball captain and I’m on the bleachers. You don’t belong with me, whatever.”

Derek bites his lip, supressing a smirk. “Did you…did you just paraphrase Taylor Swift to me?”

Stiles’ cheeks colour again and Derek’s breath hitches. Fuck, he’s never going to tire of that.

“You knew I was paraphrasing Taylor Swift?”

They both burst out laughing at the same time, earning them a scowl from Miss Byrne and a guffaw from the back of the room. Turning, Derek catches Lydia Martin roll her eyes at them before shooting Stiles a knowing look. When he turns back around, Stiles is an even brighter shade of red, if that’s even possible, mouthing something to her. It’s utterly, utterly endearing and Derek kind of wants to do something stupid, like hold Stiles’ hand or draw hearts all over his notebook.

“You know,” he whispers, after a moment, feeling brave, “I’ve still never forgiven you for sneezing on my apple. Maybe you could buy me a new one, after school.”

Stiles’ mouth drops open. “That one is on you, buddy. Who actually brings an apple to give to their teacher on the first day of school anyway?”

It’s Derek’s turn to blush. Dammit. “Oh, I don’t know. People with manners?”

Stiles’ eyes widen. “That’s…the most adorable thing I’ve ever heard, dude.”

“Shut up.”

“Oh my god, but it is.

“Are you going to buy me another one or not?” Derek asks, rolling his eyes, resisting the urge to wrap his arms around himself. God, what is wrong with him.

Grinning, Stiles reaches into his bag, presenting him with a –

“I don’t know what kind of apples you eat but that is an orange.”

Stiles curses, scratching the back of his neck, and Derek just about falls out of his seat with how tingly he feels looking at him.

He desperately hopes he’s not giving him heart eyes.

“Points for trying?” Stiles grins, hopeful.

Derek pretends to consider him before taking the orange and beginning to peel it. “Depends.”


“If marrying me includes a date after school today.”

In the end, it’s Stiles who falls out of his seat, and Derek can’t stop grinning for the rest of the day thinking about it.

Pick you up at 6? comes a text the moment he sits down in History. Erica peeks over his shoulder, trying to pry as usual, but Derek hides his phone, heart pounding as he replies, I help coach the pee wee basketball team until seven. Pick me up then?

So. Darn. Cute, Stiles texts back.

“Derek…are you – are you blushing? Oh my god, you never blush. Who was that? Was that Stilinski?”

“Shut up, Erica.”


Stiles ends up taking him to an apple orchard and buys him exactly one hundred and one apples. 

“One hundred and one apples for forever and a day?” he asks, winking. Derek’s stomach flips.

“Sure,” Derek says, shaking his head fondly, biting into one and then, because Stiles bought him several different kinds, another.


“Forever and a day?” Stiles asks, fourteen years later, holding out an apple. It’s cut in half and getting down on one knee he opens it carefully, like a box. Inside is a ring.

“Sure,” Derek whispers, grinning so hard it hurts, falling to his knees and burying his face in Stiles’ neck to hide his blush.



Stiles laughs. “Fair enough.”

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So if Bendy was probably the "Villian" in the old Cartoons, then why would his Face appear on the Cans of Bacon Soup. I mean wouldn't it then kind of better to have the "Hero" on the cover of the food to appeal to the customers. The only thing I could thought about is that maybe becaus Bendy is the most famous of the Cartoon Characters.

I think Bendy was more of… a stinker, than actual villain.

I’d still call him a villain because I would imagine he did serious villainy stuff, like I dunno, trying to trick people out of their souls, monkey’s paw kind of stuff - writing up contracts then showing the newly contracted the damning fine print or twisting the meaning, trying to drag sinners into hell, general attempted murder - maybe even following orders given to him by the devil himself maybe earlier on before he was established as an impudent little guy (like, I could imagine a pilot for the show beginning this way or something, but maybe never after the first episode haha).

But my guess is that while their designs are clearly old Disney/Fleischer Studios based, they probably took a form more similar to something ChuckJones/Tex Avery. ya know, Looney Tunes.

How many times did Bugs Bunny get a kick out of putting someone in mortal danger? And he’s undoubtedly the star of Looney Tunes. Bugs is a protagonist but I don’t think anyone would call him a hero. Wile E. Coyote was the villain, but he just wanted a meal, the Road Runner is the one that always made a fool of him. As much as I assume Bendy was certainly a villain, I think he also probably went around pokin’ people in the kiesters with a pitchfork, pulling humiliating pranks, cheating people out of something a little less high-stakes than a soul, and being in big trouble himself when his plans backfire.

That said it’s not just Warner Bros. who have a hold on this stuff. I think I remember that Mickey did his fair share of screwing with his foes. MGM, Hanna-Barbera, Harvey Comics, I think we end up defaulting to Disney which had a lot of big-eyed victims and deceitful villains, but cartoons have always been full of moral flip-flopping, and main characters that are willing to do bad things, because that’s how you get a joke. It’s easy to find humor there, or rather to write humorous sequences.

I think Bendy was probably a lot more genuinely villainous than Bugs Bunny is thought of as being (to Looney Tunes fans, I’m absolutely sure Bugs has gotten downright diabolical, but for the sake of this argument - it’s true I believe that he’s not really thought of as a ‘villain’.)

But I would put some money on the idea that he was a lot more like Bugs than he is like, say, Natasha Fatale & Boris Badenov.

And anyway, maybe there’s a reason why there’s so much bacon soup lying around… Might be that Boris’s face is the one on the sweet snack cakes. Bendy’s face might be on the soup, but nobody said it was a smart marketing choice!

Forts. Pillow Forts.

Request- Since everyone is asking for something and this is probably the last chance I’ve got until requests are opened again I would like oneshot with Cas, Dean, Sam and reader, nothing romantic just cute and fluffy, them being family and friends, being happy

A/N- I finally finished this! I haven’t written fluffy in a while haha or at least it feels like it. I really hope you like it! Tell me what you think! x)

No Pairing

Word Count- 813

“No hunt?” Dean question, almost sounding disappointed.

You and Sam looked at one another then at Cas and back to Dean.

“Nope,” you responded.

“We have the day off. We went on a food run yesterday. You and Y/N cleaned the car after. Cas has no angel duties… We’re… free for the rest of the day,” Sam added.

“What… are we going to do?” Cas asked.

“What can we do besides have a movie night?” Dean said with a shrug. He had a beer in his hand and put it up to his lips but didn’t drink since he saw you staring at him. “What?” he asked.

“Nothing,” you say and look away.

“No- No. Don’t give me that crap. What’re you thinking?” he questioned, not taking ‘nothing’ for an answer.

You sighed dramatically, “It’ just that… you always suggest movie night but you don’t even wanna watch any movies.”

“I just don’t like any horror movies…They’re not that scary,” he said, finally taking a swig from his beer.

You couldn’t argue with that after all that you all have seen, it wasn’t a surprise that typical horror movies didn’t faze you in the least bit.

“Batman then?” you suggested.

“We always watch batman,” Sam said.

“Yeah but Cas hasn’t seen it yet!” you exclaim.

“I have not… heard of the batman,” Cas stated.

“See!” you shouted.

“Nope. We’ll watch that next time,” Sam responded, despite your pouting.

“Fine then… What are we going to watch?” you said.

“Guys- Guys- I say we battle for what we’re gonna watch,” Dean interjects.

“Battle?” Cas questioned.

“I’m too tired to fight any of you,” you said.

“You say that like you could beat us,” Sam said with a chuckle.

“Beat you and then some,” you responded.

“I don’t think we should be fight either,” Cas said.

Dean rolled his eyes and huffed.

You had an idea. “How about… a different kind of battle to decide.” They all looked at you quizzically. “Forts,” you said simply/

“Forts?” they all questioned at the same time.

You chuckled, “Pillow forts.”

“We aren’t kids,” Dean argued.

You shrugged, “So the mighty Dean Winchester doesn’t think he could win.”

“Oh I can win,” he responded.

“Sam? Cas?”

“I’m not sure what a… pillow fort is,” Cas responded meekly.

Sam sighed, “Alright.”

“What is a pillow fort?” Cas asked.

You thought for a moment “It’s a fort… with pillows.”

Dean laughed, “That’s a great explanation.”

“You have to see one to know,” Sam added.

So you all started your forts to show Cas how it’s done. Though as you all went on, you looked over at Dean whose fort was more massive than you thought he’d have it. Especially since he said he was too old for this kind of stuff. Cas was still figuring out how to stand the pillows together. Sam’s fort was about the same size as yours though Dean’s was still bigger.

“Sam,” you whispered.

He turned toward you and mouthed ‘What?’

“Dean’s fort… is a little too good don’t you think?” you whispered back. You both turned toward it. Sam seemed to be just as surprised as you.

He grabbed a pillow and threw it toward Dean, causing his fort to tumble over.

His eyes went wide with surprise and anger as he turned toward Sam. “Bastard!” he shouted.

You just laughed, but Dean took a pillow and threw it, hitting you before flopping, and destroying your fort. Your mouth hung open. You took a pillow, one in each hand, and threw one to each brother. Soon all of you were running around to hit each other with pillows, even Cas, though he didn’t really understand the situation. He went along with it.

An hour passed and you were all starting to get tired. For a group of hunters that wrestle around monsters, you were already wearing out. You stopped and laid down on a pile of pillows in the center of the room. Soon Sam joined you, followed by Dean, and Cas.

“So much for that movie,” Dean said.

You chuckled, “Yeah well that was fun anyways,” you responded.

“Yeah but I’m tired now,” Sam said.

“And you call yourself a hunter? That was just a little running around,” you teased.

“Says the one who stopped first,” Dean said.

“I saw you old guys heaving so I stopped for your sake,” you answered.

“HA! That’s funny,” Sam said.

“Yeah well I’ll be here all week,” you joked. You sighed, “I’m tired,” you added as you closed your eyes.

“Y/N?” Dean whispered.

“I believe Y/N is sleeping,” Cas commented.

Dean yawned, “What a baby,” he said.

“Yeah-” Sam said with a yawn of his own.

Soon no one said a word. It was silent with the exception of all your slow breathing.

“I supposed I could… sleep as well,” Cas whispered as he closed his eyes.

Hope you liked it! x)

anyways me and my friends analyze drama we’re not even personally involved in half to death so it’s really illogical and weird that in drama that literally removed one of their friends from the friend group, yousef was on a completely different page from everyone else over what went down. I know it was for the sake of julie’s Fun bait and switch where she led everyone to believe all brown muslim boys were homophobes for as long as possible before creating a ~plot twist where oh wait ! they’re not ! s h o c k e r ! but uh…..,,, as funny as it is to make jokes abt yousef being oblivious and dumb, it’s so so transparent that she’s sacrificing consistent plot or logic for the sake of “plot twists” that actually perpetuate the image of muslim boys as extremely intolerant or bigoted or backwards….


Good on you, Tyoma.  xD

Maybe it’s because her joke sucked.  I can see him being a weird joke connoisseur.  Maybe.  xD

Didn’t matter anyway.

Same.  TS3 won this round.  I had to leave for sanity’s sake.  xD

teenaged!Sarada headcanons.
  • Sarada grows a cherry tomato plant on the balcony of the house for her father and makes sure her younger siblings help take care of it.
  • Sarada picks the kids up from school (and since my headcanon has Sakura having a pair of twin boys and another girl at some point); She puts her sister on her shoulders and holds the boys’ hands while walking home.  They often pass Ino’s flower shop and Tenten’s store and find themselves distracted by pretty flowers and cool swords.
  • Sarada does most of the cooking, not only because Sakura is busy with her work, but because Sakura’s cooking still is not the best.
  • When Sasuke is home, she tries to let him have as much time with the kids as possible, so she comes off as being distant towards him.  However, she wakes up early so she can spend a bit of time with him before he leaves for work.
  • Sarada makes it her goal to join the police academy before becoming Hokage and protect the families of Konoha from within after she learns of her family’s connection to Police Force.  Sasuke is secretly very happy about this and tells her stories about Fugaku and his time as an officer like his mom did for him.
  • Sarada has a not-so-secret crush on the Hokage, though it’s innocent really.  Sasuke is mortified.
  • Naruto pats Sarada on the head and says “she’s more beautiful than he ever hoped for.”  Sasuke interjects with a proud “of course she is, idiot.”  Sarada gets flustered as they banter about her openly. 
  • Sasuke glares menacingly at any male who glances in Sarada’s general direction.  Sarada acts angry but is really pleased that he cares so much.
  • Kakashi jokes that “Sarada may be the woman of his dreams that he was waiting for all along.”  Sakura struggles to hold Sasuke back from throwing the nearest object at him. 
  • Boruto and Mitsuki each give Sarada homemade chocolate on White Day.  Sasuke tries to eat it all but gets sick later because he hates sweets.  Sarada joking gives her father chocolate-covered cherry tomatoes.  Sasuke scream internally but eats it anyways for Sarada’s sake.

anonymous asked:

Another reason, why the movement, which I am a part of btw, is a joke to many: it seems like the vast majority of its members is unwilling (or unable?) to have a proper discussion. Many dont even bother to leave their safe space or whatever to convice people with other oppions. As someone who really fights for their ideals, shouldn't it be of great interest to you, to convince me of what to you is so logical and right?

No, not really, I know who I can discuss with and in what spaces and I’m not willing discuss with someone on anon about something they won’t change their mind about anyway (which is highly probable looking at your writing style and the fact that you challenge me, which is obviously for the sake of conflict). Also You can have your opinion, that’s cool, but if you think that’s the reason why the community is a joke then I want to ask you to take a closer look into it’s history and into society as whole, because that thought sounds very superficial to me. That’s the point where I stand and I won’t discuss this with you any further. 

C.T.H: Cute Grumpy Cal Imagine for Anon

“And this is the kitchen.” Ashton moved his head to the side to show the kitchen more. He was walking around with Y/N’s Mac book in his hand, giving the fans a tour of Calum and Y/N’s house through twitcam.

“I’m pretty sure they’ve fucked on that counter.” Michael spoke up and they began laughing.

“Y/N! You’re out of grapes!” Luke yelled, closing the door to the refrigerator, holding the jug of MinuteMaid Lemonade.

“That’s because you ate them all!” She yelled from the living room.“ And do not drink out of the container for God’s sake! I already have to scold Calum about doing it everyday.”

“Okay.” Luke said, but still put the container up to his lips anyway, gulping it down and placing it back into the refrigerator.

“He drunk out of the container!” Michael snitched and Luke flipped him off.


“No I didn’t! He’s lying!”

Meanwhile the laughs from both Ashton and Calum echoed throughout the house before Ashton made his way to the last room of the house.

“And here are the two love birds in their natural habitat.” He joked and showed the two. They were cuddled up on the couch, Calum’s head placed on her boobs while he laid on top of her with his eyes closed. Y/N had her phone in one hand while the other lightly scratched his head.

“They’re so cute.” Michael cooed and Y/N side eyed him with a slight smile on her face. “My little Calum grew up so fast. Just six months ago he was a  single virgin.” He began to fake cry and wiped a few tears.

“Fuck off, Michael.” He groaned and Michael began to laugh.

“They’ve been on this couch for almost two hours now.” Luke said, walking over and sitting on top of Calum.“Wake up.”

“Get the fuck off.” Calum groaned and Luke chuckled, reaching over to pinch his cheeks.

“Why are you so sleepy, Clummy?”

“Stop."he whined since his hands was locked around her waist and he couldn’t get them free to move Luke.

"Did you guys have sex before we got here?”

“Michael! You can’t just ask them questions like that, that’s rude.”

“We did, actually.” Calum smirked and the boys groaned out in disgust. “Which is why it took us forever to open the door.”

“And neither of us have on underwear.” Y/N added.“ And no we’re not joking.”

“You guys are gross.” Luke gagged and went to sit on the floor instead.“ You can never just keep it in your pants.”

“I swear to you guys, they have sex atleast two to three times a week.” Ashton sat the camera on the coffee table and the boys sat on the floor in front of the couch.

“Move!” Calum whined when Ashton’s hair brushed up against his face.“ You guys are so annoying.”

“You weren’t saying that last night.” Michael retaliated and Y/N let out a giggle.

“That’s because he was with me all night.”

“You fucked last night too?!” Luke looked back and Calum laughed, Y/N keeping a smile on her face.

The boys began to read out and answer some of the questions the fans were sending in while Calum slowly dozed off, and Y/N just stayed quiet while scratching his head and scrolling tumblr. Y/N eventually locked her phone and began to participate, noting not to talk so loud since Calum was almost completely sleep.

“The fans wanna know when is Calum grumpy?”

“Like ninety percent of the day.” She laughed and Calum groaned, pinching her back lightly.

“Not true.”

“He’s grumpy when he wakes up in the morning, when he’s hungry,  when he doesn’t get his way, when I don’t give him kisses or cuddles, and when he’s sleepy.”

“Or when I’m horny.” He spoke up.

“Nah, you’re whiney and touchy when you’re horny.”


“Oh! He’s grumpy when he’s been away from her for too long, or of he hasn’t talked to her in a few days.” Michael told them and the other two agreed.

“Remember when he refused to do soundcheck because he was trying to face time her."Luke said, leaning his head back

"What? When?” Y/N asked and Calum glared at the three on the floor.

“We were like what, four months in tour? And we has to go to sound check, but Calum told us he was about to face time you ‘cause he missed you and hadn’t talked to you in a few days.” Ashton explained.“ So when we told him that even though you were important, sound check was important too, and he went ballistic.”

“I did not!”

“Yes you did!” Ashton yelled back.“You were going off on everybody for no reason.”

“Shut up, Ashton.”

“That’s so cute, babe.” Y/N cheesed and looked down at Calum. His face turned red and the boys began to laugh.

“Is the Calum Hood, blushing?”

“I hate all of you.” He turned his head the other way and they began to poke him.“ Stop!”

“Alright, that’s enough guys. Let my baby go to sleep.”

“Make them leave.” Calum mumbled and the boys smacked their lips.

“You heard the man.”


“I go by his commands. Out.” She pointed to the door and the boys groaned, standing up.

“I love you so much.” Calum held his head up with his lips puckered for a kiss and Y/N leaned down a bit to peck them.

“I love you too.” Another peck and he rolled his eyes when the boys erupted into awes.

“Get the fuck out!” He yelled and heard Ashton say goodbye to the fans and the boys slamming the door behind them not too long after.
“I hate this band.”

“You love them.” Y/N chuckled and closed her eyes.

“Nah. I love you, though.” He smiled, placing a kiss to her chest and burying his face into her neck.

Until Dawn Developer’s Stream Commentary - warning: spoilers

I wrote an abridged notes post earlier, because I didn’t think to write down these answers until halfway through the stream, and I had to leave a little early anyways. But I went and re-watched the stream and put together this post, which contains the questions asked during the stream and the random facts they just threw out.

Link to video of stream!

Also, possibly, they revealed flamethrower guy’s name!

Some questions are paraphrased for clarity and brevity’s sake. I cut out some of the questions with more obvious answers, a few joke questions, and questions they didn’t really answer or kind of forgot to answer. But here you go!

Keep reading