but i will anyway for the sake of the joke

Christmas time headcanons

I mean, you can never have too many Solangelo Christmas headcanons, right?

  • their first kiss was probably under a mistletoe. i mean let’s face it, they’re both awkward and adorable dorks and can you honestly imagine either of them actually making the first move out of the blue?
  • will sort of starts panicking internally when he sees the mistletoe and tells nico that “we don’t have to, it’s a stupid tradition anyway” but lou ellen has hexed the damn thing and it won’t leave nico alone 
  • so he sort of goes “oh for fuck’s sake” and just grabs will and kisses him
  • and joke’s on lou ellen because after that she has to deal with even more sugary sweet solangelo with kisses included
  • nico is really not a that big on christmas since it’s traditionally a family holiday and he’s lost all his family, but now he has hazel and will (and jason bc brotp man) and he’s really conflicted
  • but will is huge on christmas and red and green fairylights and ugly sweaters and catchy carols, and he can’t sing for shit but won’t shut up
  • nico would spent the holidays holed up in his cabin if he could but will has gotten it through chiron to have a christmas party and nico’s pissed off because “we’re literally children of pagan gods will???”
  • will’s not having any of nico’s shit tho
  • so come christmas day, will puts nico in a red sweater and drags him out to the pavilion for eggnog and christmas cookies and to the camp fire for a christmas carol sing-along
  • nico complains all the time and glares at everything that moves but secretly all he can think of is how will’s smile seems more radiant and how happy he looks when singing stupid jingles
  • and slowly nico kind of starts enjoying christmas
  • but gods forbid if anyone found out
  • (will knows)
  • (he doesn’t say anything)
  • once they’re all grown up and sharing an apartment in the city, nico and will get into this huge argument about christmas decorations
  • because will’s motto is “go big or go home” and nico can’t stand the million lights and flashy ribbons and “oh my gods will is that a life size reindeer???”
  • “it lights up, too!!!”
  • but eventually they compromise and decorate lightly indoors but will can have his way on the fire escape and that one corner in the livingroom
  • and the christmas music almost starts another argument but will quickly agrees to listen to the punk rock playlist nico has put together, because as long as winter wonderland is on the list all’s good
  • “five more minutes will it’s christmas”
  • “nico you don’t even like christmas”
  • “i do when it means i can sleep in shut up and cuddle me”
  • the first time they spend the holidays just the two of them they sort of want to have this big traditional christmas dinner
  • but the thing is that neither of them actually know how to cook, and even though they agree on the easiest recipes they can find and have will’s mom on speed dial, come dinner time and the kitchen is a nightmare and there’s nothing edible anywhere
  • they end up ordering in and making a pact that they’ll learn how to cook by next christmas
  • (they don’t)
  • cuddles on the couch
  • nico wearing will’s sweaters and flapping the sleeves because fuck you that’s why
  • small christmas tree on the coffee table with tiny ornaments that hazel gave them as a house warming gift
  • will going all twelve days of christmas on nico
  • nico secretly loving christmas
  • because christmas really isn’t all that bad when you spend it with will, right?


I’m sure canon Marco doesn’t have B.O. at all considering how clean he is. Or this particular hoodie could have just been a really old one. I mean c’mon, he has dozens of them! Anyway, it was just for the sake of the joke. 

“Art doesn’t always need a reason. Sometimes its just got to make the audience happy. That’s why you always end on a joke”  Steven Universe

Part 1

don’t you have any idea what time it is? it’s 3am! it’s nearly 4 actually but for the sake of a sonic x dialogue joke I’ll pretend it’s not.
anyways i guess its time for me to share a “game theory” i guess. so here we go.

shadow likes to be up high like a cat. am I making sense? you know how cats like to climb things… ya shadow does too. he will chill on top of the fridge.

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For the frist sentence of a fic stuff: Matsukawa tilted his head as he said, "wanna come over tonight?"

Takahiro purses his lips. Narrows his eyes, Tilts his head back in very pronounced suspicion. “And why would I want to do that?”

Matsukawa doesn’t blink. “Let’s have se–”

Iwaizumi slaps a palm over Matsukawa’s mouth and Oikawa bursts into loud disbelieving laughter. Behind them, Takahiro sees some passing girls throw the four of them a weird look.

Matsukawa’s always making stupid jokes like that. Saying ridiculous things just for the sake of it. It’s not meant to mean anything – and it really doesn’t, not in context, when they’re all walking out the school gates to study at Matsukawa’s place anyway. He’s just doing it to get a laugh from Takahiro, and that’s cool, he loves that about the guy. He’s a good friend. It’s normal.

But Takahiro lags behind a few steps, tilting his own head. Thinking. He watches Oikawa reach over to ruffle Matsukawa’s hair, watches him jump away from Iwaizumi’s poorly-aimed elbow to the side, and the stray thought comes unbidden: I’d be down for it, you know.

Matsukawa glances back just as he thinks it and they make eye contact, Takahiro caught in his silent staring. It’s a quiet moment, a private one, locked just between them. Then Mattsun grins, a rough wide thing, before ducking away from Oikawa’s noogie, and Takahiro is left frowning at the tight feeling in his throat. His ears feel warm.

…Meaningless, huh?

He runs to catch up to his friends, own hidden smile that tiny bit too soft.

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do you mean your squidbob post? yeah bro, fuck assholes reblogging for the sake of being mean. i liked that post because it's literally me lmao, and i've never been of the mindset to knock any ship anyways. don't stress about it too much, bro. you're not responsible for what idiots do. i took your post as a joke and people who go further legit have nothing better to do with their lives

aw shucks man, thanks for the kind words. They have definitely made me feel a lot better!!

Like, I can understand people being confused or shocked ya kno, but outright saying it shouldn’t exist or bashing the people who ship it is so wrong. Especially when there are so many lovely people in this community, who just want to ship the spange and squid in peace. If people are really offended about seeing it, then I feel sorry for them.

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do u think jb confided in jinyoung (or anyone he trusts, really) about his feelings for jackson? and do u think jackson did the same? or did they both just keep everything to themselves :3

i don’t think jaebum shared with anyone, but that he didn’t need to either? i bet jinyoung just approached him “so jackson?” and he probably denied in the beginning, but jinyoung already knew anyway and jaebum said something that busted him too haha. As Jackson, he probably kept joking about Jaebum being chic and sexy and too handsome for his sake, until someday he probably let it out “he is making me crazy man” to jinyoung or even mark when they still shared a room, jinyoung’s reaction was like “i already know jackson” and mark just turned from his phone “hm… and?” and he went back to youtube. 

guksae replied to your postlmao and the death threats have started… why am i…

for fucks sake really? I just checked what happened and tbh I agree with you; he shouldn’t have said that unless like you said he’s above that and they can joke comfortably about that kind of stuff but like come on? people sending you death threats and calling jin rat need to grow up and realise everyone makes mistakes??? and that he really shouldn’t have said that but they shouldn’t make death threats either because that makes them just as bad???

some people in this fandom make me question humanity… anyways i turned off anon i just want to have a peaceful tuesday evening cuddling with my cat

i keep thinking back to something a family member said about a time “before we coddled our children” and like…she meant it as a joke but i keep thinking about it cause…it has never felt like i was coddled ever??? supported? yea. loved to some degree? sure. but coddled? i mean for christ sake im still /terrified/ of my dad and im turning 21 this year. my mom was heavily depressed and therefore kinda absent for a vast majority of my life. like…??? anyway, im stuck on my childhood right now and it is not a good place to be lmao.

Is it ever stated in canon who wanted to go to Kamii, Kaneki or Hide? It’s always written in fics, even my own, that Kaneki wanted to go and Hide followed, leading Hide to study his ass off and barely passing. We know that Kaneki is smart and getting into Kamii wasn’t that surprising. But many assume that Hide had to try REALLY really hard, which he probably did along with Kaneki since college entrance exams are no joke in Japan. Anyway, I’ve always thought about Hide being confident in his ability to get into Kamii with no problem but only took special precautions because he didn’t want to risk it. 

It’s just this notion that Hide is stupid, unironically and legitimately stupid, puts me off a bit. I’ve written Hide as dumb before because I do think Hide acts the way he does for comedic effect, for people to lower their guard around him, and for Kaneki’s sake as well. So when I see him written as being actually stupid and incompetent, I only want Ishida to validate Hide’s intelligence even more. 

Kaneki is seen as the smart one of the pair while Hide is always having to be taken care of by Kaneki and helping him because Hide needs help because he’s not smart enough. Hide is shown to be articulate and poetic in the calendar. Hide may not read a lot of non-fiction books like Kaneki, but Hide absorbs information just like Kaneki does. Hide learns English just because he likes it, and in the novels, Kaneki says that Hide is good at English while Kaneki is ignorant in that area. Kaneki doesn’t just naturally absorbs things either but he trains and practices just like Hide does. Hide reads and learns from informational text and through the power of observation.

I just don’t really believe that Hide had that much trouble in school or got bad grades and was probably a straight A student. And if he did get bad grades, I see him like Shikamaru and brushing it off because it doesnt measure his true intelligence. 

I also don’t see Hide dislike Takatsuki Sen’s books as a determinant for his intellect. Hide calls her work and other books Kaneki reads as “incomprehensible” because of the message they are conveying, which he probably doesn’t agree with. A lot of Kaneki’s books are similar in tone and give off a rather melancholic, dark, and arguably pessimistic tone.

Kaneki said he wanted to be more like Hide and ends up adopting Hide’s habits, and more than likely, Hide’s opinion on Eto’s work. I think the words spoken by Haise where the words Hide truly meant to say when he means “incomprehensible.” And because Haise is subconsciously, more than likely, mimicking Hide in different ways, I think Hide had more of a problem with the books philosophy and messages more than not understanding them because they were complicated. 

TD;DR: Hide is as smart as Kaneki and probably didnt have a hard time getting into Kamii. plus other stuff


“…And then the man turns to the golfer and asks, ‘Why are you wearing two pairs of pants?’ And the golfer goes-”

“In case I get a hole in one,” Eleanor finishes with the punch line. “Lila, dear, if you insist on talking during the movie, please at least try not to repeat yourself. You already told that one this afternoon.”

Theodore frowns, watching his daughter slump down in disappointment. “Eleanor,” he begins slowly.

“What?” she snaps. “It was a lame joke anyway.”


“For plumb’s sake, Theo, would you please shut it already?! I can’t hear the goddamn movie!”

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What’s going on exactly? I feel like I’ve just walked in on some really weird movie that’s not going so well for anybody at all. I mean, for god’s sake, I only took a few weeks out because I had a dream that I was a descendent of the ancient goddess Circe and that I had to fulfil my destiny of marrying a rich sailor-prince/princess before eventually luring them to the depths of the ocean…And then I come back and everything’s in chaos! 

On a sidenote, has anyone seen my jockstrap? I think the thief might have took it and I am so not into that! 

Only joking, I still have it, the thief hasn’t stolen it…At least not yet, anyway! 

With tomorrow comes another year of the queen Zendaya being on this earth that also means another year of what we all hope is a sloppy Val. All that I ask is that Val *If and that’s if* you decided to get all sloppy tomorrow please do not end it with “My Lil Sis” it’s not like we’re going to pay it any attention anyway but for the sake of the sanity of these shippers….just don’t use it ok.

Oh wow.

Im pretty excited for tomorrows video. 

for fuck sake i can hear the cats tipping something over.

Ok they I couldn’t find what they were fucking with. 

Anyway.. Tomorrows video is my favourite in a long while because its about true stuff from life. More so my life.. if you want specifics. Anyway its got this joke in it that when i wrote it I had to sit down and actually write it because I thought it was good. I mean looking back on it now its not that great. 
Its weird how that works, does anybody else get that? Where they write down something or have something they think is amazing then when they look at it later you can’t figure out what was so great about it? It happens really often to me, I wonder if there is an average length of time before I hate ideas. I would have to say 2 months. Weird enough I wrote this video in the summer and im glad i saved it for a rainy day.

I just farted it smells fucking awful

Anyway theres some mean spirited jabs at other youtubers in it too. So get excited for that. 

This is going to be a rant. So be warned.

Why is everyone targeting yoonmin shippers again. The teaser had only one ‘couple’ if am not mistaken, that couple was yoonmin, there was no other couples in it. So in shipper fashion we freaked out bc oh my god it’s our fucking otp of course we’re going to freak the fuck out when they’re being kinky af, anyway that’s beside the point. All of you are saying that we’re ignoring all the original hyyh ships. Erm we’re not. We never did, we just like to joke that #YoonminIsConfirmed Bc that’s just how we roll. I’ll admit there’s some annoying yoonmin shippers and considering it’s a popular ship we’re bound to have more of the ‘annoying’ shippers. But for god sake just stop with all the yoonmin hating and shipping wars it’s so unnecessary and stupid.

Let me just say one thing.
If it was any other ship other than yoonmin you’d wouldn’t be doing this shit would you. I get it it’s your opinion but at least please don’t tag it as yoonmin, I don’t want to see hate on the tag when am supposed to be enjoying this moment.

Also another thing.
If it was your ship, you’d do the same. And don’t lie and say you wouldn’t. You would.