but i will also protect your innocence

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Their meeting was a little less meet-cute and a little more,,, meet-ugly sort of thing.

Mainly because they both read the situation very badly and ended up trying to kill one another. Completely accidentally, but.


And really, can you blame Tony? Their ship does crash-land in the middle of a crowded highway, and barely manages to avoid civilians. Then they pop out, and they’re armed to the teeth, looking pretty threatening and…well… alien.

People end up calling (what’s left of) the Avengers- which happens, at the time, to be Tony and Tony alone.

Except the Guardians crashed in Florida; when Tony got the call he was in New Orleans at a science convention, and the suit was still in New York.

But he went anyway. Suit or no suit, he had to try. He was the only line of defence now, after… everything.

So, armed with a sophisticated watch-gauntlet and a gun he always kept tucked in his jacket pocket, he takes the jet and leaves to try and stop them from potentially, y’know, annihilating the world or whatever.

Except things don’t really happen like that, in the end.

“Listen, what are the chances you’re gonna do as I say when I order you to drop your weapons and leave?” tony asks wearily, as he holds the gun at the biggest guy’s weirdly patterned face and the gauntlet at the woman holding the largest gun he’s ever seen in his life. He doesn’t even bat an eyelid toward the talking walking raccoon or… the tree…thing.

Just another day in the life, at this point.

Although it would be kinda embarrassing if he ends up getting murdered by the raccoon. What the damn hell would they put on his grave? Here lies Tony Stark- saved New York, but unable to protect himself from the dangers of the Mighty Raccoon?

As soon as he’d spoken, about 13 different weapons were pointed in his face. Which hardly made sense, considering there were five of them and they all only had two hands. But whatever.

“How’s about we ask you the same? Except more forcefully, considering we got all the guns,” the raccoon said.

Tony rolled his eyes. “Where the fuck would I go then, what with me being a human being who lives here? Just fling myself into the void of space? And yes, tempting as that might sound, I’ve been there done that. Not as appealing as I would have thought, to be honest.” 

The five stared at him in confusion for a moment, before what looked to be the only actual human stepped forward, head cocked. His eyes were bright and beard scruffy- Tony thought it suited him.

Tony also thought he should probably focus on the task at hand, and his ever-growing chances of imminent death, rather than how pretty his opponent was.

“You’re just a human, huh?” Hot Scruffy Man asked.

Tony raised an eyebrow, and then pointed the gun at him when he took another step. “What gave it away? The fact that I have the same composition and structure as every other human on the planet? The fact I look just like you, who is also a human?”

“Half human,”

“What was the other half, pure asshole?”

“Actually… kinda, yeah.” The Hot Scruffy Man paused, and then shrugged. “Daddy issues.”

Tony had a brief moment to wonder what the fuck he was doing before an involuntary snort of laughter had escaped out of him. “Yeah- rode that train before, buddy- still doesn’t explain why you’re on the planet I protect, waving your guns around at innocent people and causing millions of dollars worth in property damage.”

The team in front of him paused, and then the man looked back at the green lady, who just shrugged and put down her gun. “We were told there was an imminent threat to your planet. We were in the neighbourhood, so we thought we’d come save you.”

Tony stared at them, contemplating. “Where are your sources from?”

“The fine NovaCorps,” Massive Bulked Alien Dude spoke up.

Tony squinted, running a hand across his forehead. “Am I… supposed to know what that means?”

“Fancy space police,” Raccoon told him.

“You seen any apocalyptic aliens round here lately?” Hot scruffy Man asked him again, slightly confused now. 

Tony just sighed. “Nope. And if there were, I would handle them. You can go back…wherever you came from, guys, it’s fine, Earth is fine-“

“You? You’re gonna protect the Earth? With your fancy little handgun and hand-firey thing?” The Raccoon laughed, and Tony scowled.

Luckily, because he had been counting the seconds in his head since he’d called it, he knew he was about to do something really badass, and it wiped the scowl off his face, replacing it with a little smile as he stared at the stupid talking Raccoon. 

“No,” he said, shrugging as he heard the familiar whirring sound of metal moving at hundreds of miles an hour up ahead of him.

The aliens looked up, one of them pointing their gun at the source of noise, like it would do anything. But in the space of a few seconds, it had already reached its intended target, slowing down just enough to not vaporise his body and wrapping around him, every piece fitting in a way that made Tony want to give himself a round of applause.

“I’m gonna protect Earth with this,” he said, raising his two repulsors and loading them right in the Raccoon’s little face.

There was complete silence for a second, before Hot Scruffy Man made a noise that should really, for the sake of Tony’s sanity, be kept in the bedroom. “That was literally the coolest and most attractive thing I have ever seen ever. In my life.”

Tony couldn’t help himself; he smirked and cocked his head Hot scruffy Man. “Sweetie, I appreciate the sentiment, but you’re gonna have to keep it in your pants until we can sort this out.”

Green Lady sighed, and walked forward to smack Hot Scruffy Man around the back of the head. “You know what we talked about, Peter- no flirting with potential targets. It’s in bad form.”

“This guy certainly hasn’t got a bad form,” Hot Scruffy Man- Peter- nodded over to Tony and smirked.

Green Lady sighed, and then turned to Tony. “Listen. You want to protect your planet. We want to protect your planet. How about rather than pointing our weapons at one another, we try and… you know, do what we set out to do?”

Instantly, the smile slide off Tony’s face, not that any of them could tell behind the faceplate. “I work alone. Sorry. You’re gonna have to l-“

And that was when the world sort of exploded around them.

Without even thinking about it, Tony shot forward and wrapped his arms around the two closest to him- the Green Lady and Peter- rolling them to the ground and hoping that the rest of his team, especially the more flammable ones, were okay. Green Lady yelled at the sudden-ness of his approach, but Peter just sighed. “Here we go,” he muttered into Tony’s shoulder.

Tony was inclined to agree, there.

Half-way through the battle, Peter AKA Starlord AKA Galaxy’s Number One Asshole asked him out.

Tony looked at him for a good four seconds before he got tackled to the ground by… (Dracula? Dracker? He was having to learn the names on the go, and his mind was currently on other, more explosion-based things) the Massive Bulked Alien Dude.

“THAT IS VERY UNPROFFESSIONAL, PETER!” He yelled, before looking down at Tony. “Are you well? I thought you may have been hit with a paralytic beam of some sort.”

Tony nodded, and then sat up. “No paralytic. Just your team-mate.”

Massive Bulked Alien Dude nodded wisely. “He does tend to have that affect on people.”

“What? Endangering their goddamn lives on the field?”

Massive Bulked Alien Dude paused, and then shrugged as he rolled off Tony. “I was going to say rendering people speechless with his idiocy, but that too.”

“Hey, that’s not fair, I’m actually clever, Tony, I promise! Boyfriend material, right here!” Peter yelled across the battlefield, looking over to them and grinning as he shot an alien in the back of the head without even looking.

“You’re a god damn alien!” tony yelled back exasperatedly, trying to keep the smile off his face as he jumped high into the air and then landed on an unfortunate opponent.

“Yeah- think of all the new tricks I must know, then,” Peter countered, winking as he dived behind a car and then threw what must have been a fancy bomb over the bonnet.

Tony’s mind briefly short-circuited at that (Holy mother of God) astute observation- but he quickly regrouped and fired a repulsor at an alien attempting to sneak up behind Rocket. “I’m gonna need a few examples before I agree to anything, sweetie,” he replied.

Peter laughed and opened his mouth, but then the Tree hit him over the head. “Ow!” he complained, looking betrayed.

“I have enough issues dealing with one distracted team-member whilst in the middle of a battle, I will not be dealing with two! Cut the flirting out!” Gamora yelled, as Tony watched her utterly destroy two different aliens at once.

“She thinks we should be ‘professionals’ and ‘focus on the mission’ when we’re in battle,” Peter said grumpily, wiping a cut across his face and then shrugging. “I respectfully disagree.”

Tony had to cut the conversation short again in order to swoop up and laser his way into the main hull of the ship that loomed barely even twenty meters over the battlefield, but he still had the team in the comm that FRIDAY had patched him into. “So what about Monday? You sticking around until then?” He asked.

Rocket swore at them down the line, but Peter just laughed. “For you, baby, of course I am.”

“Good. I’ve got a meeting with… let’s call him an ex. Be nice to have an excuse to blow him off.”

Peter whistled, “Oooh, want me to sweep you off your feet and declare battle with him for hurting you? I’m always up for it.”

“Much as I would like to see that, he’s kind of peak physical perfection. Plus I’d rather just make out with you,” Tony admitted.

“That’s fair. I want to make out with me too.”

“You’re an asshole.”

“Yep- welcome to the Guardians- we’re all assholes here. You’ll fit right in,” Peter told him.

“I am GROOT!” Came a rumbling voice that Tony could hear even off the comms, and he looked down in time to watch the tree grab Peter around the wait and haul him, flinging him up in to the sky with a yell.

It was a perfect throw, to be fair to Groot. Peter’s momentum cut out just as he was level with Tony, who grabbed his shoulders and lifted his faceplate, just for a second, in time for Peter to plant one on his mouth with a grin and a raised eyebrow, before he began falling again, right into Groot’s waiting arms.

Through the comm, Gamora just sighed. “Idiots. All of you.”


after the last thing i draw Jamie’s immediate response was “AU where instead of captain america for a retainer Elise has batman” 

so here’s five million doodles of Gerome doing very important retainer duties for the little Nohrian princess, he takes his job increDIBLY seriously, thank you. Unlike the other royal sibs and their Awakening!retainers he is definitely the babysitter here, I bet he’d probably be like Jakob except not a butler and five times more straight-faced. 

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Hi, so I kind of had a weird request, it's different than the usual, I want the rfa reacting to MC and Saeyoung dating and being clingy, pda and stuff, like continuing from 707s after ending, and if it's not much trouble, rfa reacting to jumin and mc dating and also pda etc etc, if you decide to do it thank you in advance, if not, I understand, it might get quite long, nontheless thank you!!

what i kinda planned is under each member the headcanons will be how the other members react to them and MC ((idk if that makes sense but let’s see if this works out~~)) 


✮ everyone thinks y’all are goddamn adorable
✮ because yoosung is such a virgin 
✮ so you gotta be innocent as well to protect him
✮ jaehee is lowkey jealous bc your relationship is just so cute 
✮ but she’s hella supportive and Mom Mode is on because ‘omg look at her two children go’
✮ zen often gives relationship advice to yoosung 
✮ tries to be genuine but he complains about being single so much more
✮ jumin probably couldn’t care less 
✮ but when you both send photos of the other (or both of you) with your cat Lisa he’s like ‘!!! CAT’ 
✮ says it’s cute (you both just take the compliment, knowing very well he’s only talking about lisa)
✮ seven pranks yoosung even more but now he does it involving you
✮ as in, saying things like
✮ and yoosung fuckin fREAKS out
✮ he’s crying and shaking and he’s about to Zoom to the hospital
✮ until you call seven out on his shit (yoosung cried a little more while clinging on to you)
✮ yoosung will dubiously mistrust seven forever  


✎ she is hardly the one to do pda and be cutesy and stuff so it’s totally up to you 
✎ you like to send photos and selfies of you two working at the cafe 
✎ and when she’s completely engrossed in one of zen’s things 
✎ zen is highkey jealous upset. he just wants all the attentions and now the only two females in the RFA clearly aren’t romantically interested in him anymore
✎ jumin was kinda surprised by the whole ‘coming out’ bit when you announced y’all were in a romantic relationship 
✎ but he put away his salt about jaehee quitting and is probably the most supportive of the relationship (bc he says that jaehee is super responsible and that you’re patient and just all around great) 
yoosung probably gets turned on by it 
✎ you know he’s That Guy 
✎ but other than that he doesn’t really say a lot about it 
✎ he also complains about being single a lot more 
✎ seven makes fanart and writes fanart 140% 


✿ you think he’s a narcissist now?
✿ also says stuff like ‘we’re the perfect couple. there is no couple cuter than us. we should be you #goals’ 
✿ yoosung is jealous af 
so is jaehee 
✿ she actually probably has a joint ao3/tumblr/wattpad with seven
✿ jumin is Salt
✿ but he brings up the point of if zen has enough time for you between all his acting and singing and all that other stuff
✿ and zen sends back a candid photo of you talking to his director
✿ is like ‘HA’
✿ seven likes to make sex jokes all the damn time 
✿ definitely makes jokes about The Beast 


₩ it would probably be really cute 
₩ but when he tries to send photos of you/you with elizabeth/him and you/all 3
₩ they’re always B L U R R Y 
₩ so you teach The Jumin Han how to take a selfie 
₩ zen is probably uncomfortable and also very salty 
₩ jaehee appreciates the relationship because jumin is always in a better mood and you can convince him to give her breaks and paid vacation 
₩ so she lowkey loves y’all 
₩ yoosung could probably give less than a shit 
₩ he’s just playing LOLOL alone 
₩ but he kinda likes it because you can get Jumin to ease up on jumin’s LOLOL bashing
₩ seven also makes sex jokes 
₩ ‘have you ever made MC wear cat ears?’
₩ “Great idea Saeyoung”
₩ everyone is !!!!!!
₩ you try not to kill him 


⌨  he doesn’t like photos of him bc y’know 
⌨  privacy 
⌨  so you try to take selfies with him without him realising 
⌨  so the result is blurry photos with your face in the bottom corner laughing and saeyoung in the close background falling off his chair because he tried to chase you 
⌨  everyone lowkey loves the relationship because you two are always really happy together 
⌨  zen of course is salty because ‘he never leaves the house but gets a girlfriend?!’ 
⌨  seven likes teasing everyone about his Catch
⌨  so he’ll send random photos of you. always 
⌨  ‘look how cute MC is awwwww’ 
⌨  everyone, but especially Jaehee, really like and appreciate how you support each other’s emotions 
⌨  once made you dress up as a cat (like with the ears, maybe a tail with a questionable explanation of how it’s staying there)
⌨  took a picture you thought was ~private~
⌨  ‘jumin you were right~~ i am a cat abuser ;;;)))‘
⌨  you scream and spam the chat trying to make sure no one sees it 

okay so once i finished this i realised it was kind of only pda through the chat?? if you want another set where it’s more in person?? then definitely feel free to send in another request! 

But I hope you liked this ♡


Flower colour meanings

Not everyone has access to different kinds of flowers or it is just hard for you to identify flowers that you just picked.
So I decided to make this list, if you have any questions left, feel free to ask me!

Black flowers

Though they can be harder to get, black flowers have multiple magical uses. You can use them as offerings for your deities or in spirit work. They also have good protective attributes – I like to use them in warding and binding spells.

White flowers
Because of history, white colours represent purity and innocence as well as virginity, holiness and almightiness. So white flowers can be perfectly used as offerings for your deities (if you have any) or for spells that cover sacred parts of your life (for exapmle family). White flowers could also be used for death and goodbyes.

Red flowers
Similar to candle colours, the colour red is mostly associated with love and passion. Perfect for spells that regard your love life – self love spells, love strengthening spells or for letting other people know how much you love them.
They could also be used for magic that regard things you are passionate about: your job, a hobby or whatever comes to your mind.
A general rule is: the darker the red, the more intense are the feelings.

Orange flowers
These flowers have quite the same traits as yellow flowers. They represent energy, optimism and warmth.

Yellow flowers
So, yellow flowers. They represent happiness, vitality and strength. I like to use them in magic that´s supposed to convey comfort and hope – for myself or others.
On the other side yellow flowers represent envy and grudge. They are perfect for curses as well as repelling jealousy.

Green flowers

New beginnings, hope and life – these are the main correspondences of green flowers. If you move into a new place, consider getting some green flowers.
Furthermore, you could use them to celebrate life.

Blue flowers
In general, blue flowers represent royalty. Blue flowers are perfect for glamours!
Darker blues represent loyalty and reliability. Together with red flowers they could totally be used for love strengthening spells.

Pink flowers
Pink flowers are soft flowers. They are perfect if you do magic for children and other tender people. They can also be used in spells regarding self love as well as in glamours. But don´t underestimate these flowers – they can be just as powerfull as other flowers.

Purple flowers
Everything mystic. Purple flowers symbolise extraordinary and unique feelings. They can be used in spells regarding your magic – divination, astral travelling or contacting spirits.
You do not have to make a whole spell: placing a bunch of purple flowers close to you while reading the cards, runes or asking your pendulum or whatnot should enhance your abilities.

An Announcement and a Little Concern

Hello all! I’m sorry to put drama on your dashboards, but yesterday some information was brought to me and I need to be entirely clear and open about some things in order to protect myself, and hopefully to protect you guys too.

I have only one character in the game, Syrena Kalihd, and that will never change.

I am not Selene Kalihd (also known as @jaybartram / @princess-zeldaluna / Zelda Luna), and I have no ties whatsoever to this person. They are a pathological liar who lies and manipulates to knowingly and purposefully take character appearances and names, and then attempts to paint themselves as an innocent and unwitting party to gain sympathy. After the recent occurrence of someone making a duplicate of a character named Empress Quistis and using the false blog to slander that person’s name by sending hateful messages, I am more than a little wary of people taking other people’s character names and faces, and I feel I need to make it 100% clear that they are someone who made a willful decision to copy me, and they are not in any way an alt or secondary character of mine.

I am not someone who feels that similarities in character appearance warrant upset; the ffxiv character creator is fairly limited, and coincidental similarities or even duplicates are to be expected. But an active attempt to copy my character’s appearance and name is something that I’m uncomfortable with, and I am made even more uncomfortable by the fact that when questioned, Zelda claimed she doesn’t know me/has never seen me/did not copy me, despite that all of this is clearly untrue.

I will be presenting evidence; not because I am upset at the copying, but because I am upset at the lying, double dealing, and manipulation this person has exhibited, and I need to prove that this is not a coincidental similarity.

Buckle in guys, this is gonna be a bit of a ride.

Keep reading

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What if Todoroki fell in love with the same girl as Bakugou??? Would they fight over her and how?? :D

Ohohohohohoooo this is juicy

sorry if I took like an eternity and a half to answer this, I suck, I know I do. 

Ever since that day, that damn day at the locker rooms, a simple, ordinary bunch of feelings, hormones and pride turned into a merciless, blood-thirsty war. Ok, not that drastically, but almost. It was a simple conversation, the guys trying to convince Todoroki into telling them who his crush was by constantly bothering and insisting. Their plan was to be annoying enough for him to give in and spill the truth already, it was always funny to tease someone so socially inept, and they wanted the rest of the boys to explode with laughter.

However laughter wasn’t everything that exploded in the room as soon as he pronounced your name.

A loud, deafening boom was heard and one of the benches was suddenly bursting into the air next to a steaming Bakugou Katsuki. Everyone turned to look at him with widened eyes and about 100 heart attacks queuing inside their chests.

“Kacchan! What’s wrong!?” Deku asked, following him to the corridor as he stormed out the room “Kacchan!”

But he didn’t answer. And no one found out what was actually going on until the very next day, when it was to late to stop the happenings, and the war had began.

“[name]-san” Todoroki whispered as not to interrupt the lesson, as he tapped your shoulder and bit the back of his pencil with nervousness “I don’t quite get this…could you explain it to me?”

False, he truly was really good at the subject. In fact, he had already solved all the exercises, but hidden the answers inside his backpack. And although he wasn’t fond of lies, it was worth it to see you turn around with a smile and willing to help him.

“Sure!” you offered your help kindly, turning your chair slightly to check what he was having trouble with. What you didn’t know though, was that the only problem he had was the amount of words he had stuck in his throat and the unbearable need to kiss you as you scanned the paper with your beautiful eyes. Gosh, you were so distracting. So distracting…he didn’t even notice the way Bakugou was staring daggers into his neck from his seat.

“Oi! Todoroki!” he exclaimed, awakening the other from dream land and having the audacity of forcing him to unstick his eyes from you “thanks for letting me copy your answers, man”

Todoroki didn’t understand what he meant at first, but his face paled in embarrassment as the guy abruptly placed the complete sheet of answers, HIS complete sheet of answers, on his desk, right in front of you, with a devious grin on his face. When had he…? How did he even took it from his…?

“Oh, well…it seems you understand quite right, Todoroki-kun” You frowned, returning to your place and giving him your back “tell me when you need real help, I need to finish my own work”

He clenched his fists, biting the inner part of his cheek to prevent himself of punching that bastard right in the face. What the fuck was his problem?? It wasn’t fair!

However, as he stared at him leaning over your desk and openly flirting with you, he knew two could play this game.

“Hey, are you heading to the cafeteria?” Bakugou followed you down the hall, he had been talking to you the whole morning, and you couldn’t quite get his motives “wanna sit down with me?”

Todoroki stared from afar, disgusted. How he DARED to talk to you in that tone? He wanted to frickin murder him, but he knew it wasn’t the best option. If he burnt him into ashes then there would be legal charges…and judging stares from people…and it would probably scare you. So he had to be sneaky, and find a way of ruining his flirting without spoiling his own image.

And he happened to know exactly how.

As Bakugou kept talking to you about how amazing his quirk was, he wasn’t aware of the fact his bag was open, or maybe he didn’t care. Whatever the case, Todoroki saw it as a priceless opportunity, and immediately turned to Mineta to ask him for a little favor…

“And so I was fighting this super, strong enemy” meanwhile, you were still listening to the other guy’s tale “Yet he was not a worthy rival, that fucker had no fuckin clue of what he…”

“Bakugou! Wait up!” Todoroki called, approaching both of you with something in hand “close your bag! Your stuff is falling! Here, you dropped this”

Doing his best to conceal his smirk, he handed him quite a flashy, totally explicit porn magazine, leaving it in his hands as if it were the morning paper.

Bakugou stared at it for a few seconds, paused by the confusion and the huge pair of tits on the cover, but as soon as he acknowledged the situation and realized you were there, his immediate reaction was crushing the magazine against Todoroki’s chest and blushing furiously.

“WHAT THE FUCK!?” He screamed, hiding his panic with a rage quit “THAT’S NOT MINE!”

“But I just saw it falling from your backpack” the other returned him the magazine, even though he could see the nitroglycerin beginning go drip from the tip of his fingers “take care of your belongings next time”

“B-BUT! THIS…I…!” he turned to look at you, desperation taking over him as he saw your disgusted face.

“I…I have to go” you said, turning around to leave

“No! [name], wait!” but it was too late, you were already gone, and Todoroki had already won the round by offering to accompany you to the cafeteria “Fuck!”

Todoroki enjoyed gym class. It was a nice break from the studying, a good practice for his quirk…and also the perfect time to stare at you. Girls and boys, although they took clases at the same gymnasium, usually did different activities, meaning he was at the perfect distance to watch you without you noticing. It was stupid, he was aware of that. But there was something so beautiful in the way you tied your hair, in the way your brow frowned when you were making an effort, even in your smile when you achieved your goal…and don’t even let him get started on how great the gym clothes looked on you.

Sometimes, he got so distracted by you that he failed some of the exercises and, of course, Aizawa was disappointed. But this time, he didn’t care about the teacher noticing his distraction…he was more concerned about certain potty mouthed boy.

“Todoroki!” he shouted, almost making him jump from his skin since he was way too lost in your image “You are such a pervert, you fuckin idiot! Stop staring at [name]’s ass!”

His cheeks became instantly red as soon as you turned around and stared at him, your face obviously morphed with embarrassment, as you covered your butt with your hands instinctively as if you weren’t wearing pants. Todoroki almost panicked, he wasn’t staring at that, he swore! Well…maybe a little bit…but he was not a pervert! He wasn’t like Mineta!

“N-no!” he blurted out, trembling “I swear I wasn’t…!”

“How lewd, Todoroki!” Aishido interrupted, staring at him with anger “I thought much better from you!”

“Yeah, stay away from her” Bakugou chuckled lowly, bad at concealing his mischievousness as he snaked an arm around your shoulders “come on, [name], don’t pay attention to him, he can’t control his hormones”

“Hey!” Todoroki was furious, his face beet red, half from the shame and half from the blood-thirsty anger “I did not…!”

“Welcome to the club” Mineta tried to high-five him but he was obviously ignored. The guy had no intention of joining the pervert club, and even less intentions of letting Bakugou win this round.

So as he stared at him, getting closer to you, talking nonsense and obviously trying to woo you, he knew he had had enough.

He looked upwards, and saw the gymnasium’s roof was filled with irrigators in case there was a fire, and gosh, did he have fire to offer. Without thinking about it twice, and after checking everyone had turned their attention to something else, he put his hand on fire and let out a subtle, yet potent cloud of steam that wasted no time in reching the smoke-detectors.

In less than a second, all the irrigators were activated and rained on top of the students without a warning, creating a huge chaos of ruined hairstyles and cold, wet clothes.

“What’s happening???”

“My hair!!”

“My uniform is soaked!!”

“Oh my…oh my…goodness!” 

Everyone kept screaming and running around like idiots, and Todoroki couldn’t prevent his mind from questioning human stupidity. However, he had other things to worry about.

He spotted you in the middle of the crowd, shivering, and Bakugou ineptly trying to keep you warm and failing miserably. Yes, you were freezing, but that didn’t mean you were going to risk your life by submitting to Bakugou’s explosions. 

You sneezed, making the boy beside you desperate, since he though he was losing the chance to prove he could be “gentle” and “protect you”…even though he thought it was stupid. He knew girls liked that kind of stuff, and he wasn’t going to let the opportunity slip…or that’s what he thought, but he literally slipped into the ground because of the wet floor. That was a low blow. 

“Here” Bakugou raised his head, and his teeth clenched at the sight of Todoroki standing next to you, offering his jacket to protect you from the falling water “Are you still cold?”

You nodded. 

“Well, then I guess I must offer my help…” Acting innocent, but slyly looking at his enemy deviously with the corner of his eye, Todoroki opened his arms and warmed up his left side, offering you the necessary heat the other boy couldn’t give you “this will also dry your clothes faster” 

Almost immediately, you jumped towards your classmate’s embrace, feeling the relief of his hot chest as he wrapped his arm around you, and letting a content sigh escape your lips. 

“Bakugou, It’s not the right time to play on the floor” He mocked, taking the chance to caress your back, and making the other furious “If I were you I would find a way to get out of here…you will get sick”

And, with no more words to say, he guided you towards the gymnasium’s crowded exit and took you outside with a triumphant smirk adorning his face.

He knew the war wasn’t over, he knew this was just day 1 on what would probably be an eternal battle of pranks and misdeeds, and that revenge would bite him in the ass as soon as he turned around…but he didn’t care. All he cared about, as he deafened his ears from Bakugou’s insults at the distance, was the way you were softly breathing on his neck and the fact he could smell the nice fragrance of your hair as he hugged you.

 And he knew, from the feeling of holding you within his arms, that he was willing to fight all the upcoming wars if that was the reward.

Being best friends with Peter (headcannon)

My first headcannon post.. preparing for cringe :)) •you’d have the greatest story on how you two met •you’d be walking and you’d see Peter run into a pole •you’d be laughing your ass off before also running into a pole •and you’d both be cracking up on the streets of NYC and people would think you both need help •but Ned would yell, “I ship it!” •y'all would talk about science puns 24/7 •traditional star wars night •ned watching you two cuddle on the coach like a proud dad •protecting Peter from Flash because he’s so innocent and small and needs to be protected at all times •you practically living at Peter’s house •everyone at school would be waiting for you two to start dating •dressing up as a sexy woman version of Spider-Man to tease him •finding out Peter is Spider-Man because let’s face it; he can’t keep anything from you •you find by walking in on him taking his suit off •after you find out you’d swing around the city •singing ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’ out loud in front of him •people would find Spider-Man dropping you off at school •and they would be jealous •Peter walks out minutes later with a smirk oml •him FINALLY admitting his feelings for you •Spider-Man kissesssss •once you jump-scared him and he literally jumped and stuck to the ceiling •he •actually •got •stuck •you’d be rolling on the ground while laughing •when you finally helped him down he practically threw a fit •'you’re sOooO meeAannnN’ •you taking Peter’s virginity because we all know he’s too innocent to have lost it already (but hot asf) •Peter literally loving you forever •he’s clingy asf •when he’s upset he lays on your chest because “they’re comfy” •playing with his hair •once it is long enough you braid it •once Ned finds out about you two he flips •peter trying to do your makeup •keyword: trying •him being so proud of the results •holding hands all the time •in class too •you style his hair every day, but you’ve pretty much done it for as long as you’ve known him •the boy loves cuddles •like, lovesss •Peter looks like a small innocent bean but like •like •he’s a wholeee different person in bed •dom!Peter takes control •being super loving and careful afterwards •you just can’t get enough of Peter (I’ll definitely do more of these, so request some ideas, and I might make a Pt. 2 💓)

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Sex with Jeonghan…

• ok I Love him so much I would give him my first newborn child even better if it was from him

• So this one is the definition of a freak.

• One to get turned on when a girl is being lowkey rude to him.

• Would look at it as a challange.

• Is a rough dom.

• Has alot of sinful kinks.

• Loves when the girl gets all submissive.

• At least has a Sir. kink of not daddy.

• T E A S I N G

• teases until you cry.

• knows how to put those fingers and tongue of his to work.

• Never really liked toys.

• Has used them couple of times but kills the mood for him.

• Is so slow and sensual but at the same time rough.

• Loves to tie you up with silk ropes.

• So he can do whatever he wants.

• you better believe oversimulation is his favorite.

• Especially before he is even inside you.

• If you try to close your legs, he will tie them up too.

• You end up talking dirty most of the time because he makes you beg for him and demands details.

• Buys you lingerie just so he can ruin them.

• Will innocently ask you to sit on his lap in risky places knowing full well what will happen.

• Made you ride his thigh in a movie theater once. Or twice.

• Slow thrusts.

• Only picks up speed towards the end.

• His moans sound so angelic but also so erotic.

• Moans your name in the crook of your neck while cumming.

• Doesn’t like to pull out so always has protection.

• As much of an angel he is, I think he sucks at aftercare. Literally won’t move from the bed for good few hours.

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Did I make it clear enough that I want him to dick me down?

anonymous asked:

How would the RFA (I'd like saeran and vanderwood but I get it if u can't) react to an MC that looks kinda young/sweet/innocent but in reality doesn't take anyone's crap and is sassy???? I read your last couple ones btw and they were really cute (I kinda got this from ur college vanderwood one tbh)

I think i went overboard on MC’s sassiness.. sorry.Also thank you for being so kind.

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A maid for Ahkmenrah (Ahkmenrah x Reader)

A/N: I’ll probably do a second part of this story! So enjoy and stay tuned!

Word count: 1,488

It was a very warm night in Thebes.  You were walking across the hall to your chamber after the hard work you had to do all day. Your body was very exhausted and all you wanted to do was to lie down in your bed and sleep before you had to wake up early in the morning again. Tomorrow was going to be a hard day as well. Some royal families, who were the king’s best friends by the way, were going to pay a visit and everything had to be perfectly fine.

As you almost reached your chamber, you heard a voice calling after you. You instantly stopped in your track, turned around and looked at Kiya, a woman in her late 40’s. She was very strict and a controlling person. That’s why you and the other maids respected her, but also were afraid of her.  It was better to do everything she said and not to deal with her. Then everything was okay.

Kiya came towards you, no emotion was visible in her face. “Is there a problem, Kiya?” You asked politely, wondering what she wanted. “No,” She said.  “I’m supposed to tell you that prince Ahkmenrah wishes to see you.” You looked at her questioningly. The prince wished to see you? But why?  

“Is there any reason why he wants to see me?” You asked. Kiya only shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know. But you should hurry up. Don’t let him wait.” Then she left, leaving you totally dumbfounded. There were so many questions in your head. Did you do something wrong? Were you going to be punished or even rewarded? Why did especially Ahkmenrah want to see you? You hadn’t really something to do with the young prince except for a few occasions. Normally, you served for the beautiful queen Shepseheret, his lovely mother.

With all those questions in your head, you made your way to the prince’s chamber. You felt very nervous the more closer  you came to his chamber. It was the prince after all. He was very, very handsome, kind and a caring young boy at your age. Every girl in whole Thebes would do everything to be his wife or even at the same place as he was. Sometimes you felt a bit jealous because some other maids were allowed to serve the prince themselves.

You finally arrived at your destination. Your heart pounded against your chest with a quick pace. You inhaled and exhaled, trying to calm down. Knocking on the door, you were allowed to enter Ahkmenrah’s chamber. You bowed down in front of him politely, not making any eye contact with him. What you didn’t notice was the happiness in his beautiful green orbs as he saw you.

How many time had he wait for this moment? It felt like an eternity. You had a perfect view on his muscular chest.  “Your highness wishes to see me?” You asked, eyes staring to the ground, not daring to look at the young prince. Ahkmenrah, who leaned against his window before, came towards you. You felt his body warmth radiating as he stood in front of you. “Indeed.” He spoke, his voice sounded low but smooth, causing goose bumps on your skin.

“I’ve been watching you for a long time, (Y/N).” He said, lifting up your chin and forcing you to look in his eyes. You were surprised. He was watching you? For what reason? So many questions. Your body tensed, while your cheeks turned red at the same time. The fact that he was observing you the whole time without you even noticing it was very embarrassing somehow. You averted your gaze away from him, still feeling the warmth in your cheeks. “I’m sorry.” Ahkmenrah apologized. “I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.” You shook your head.

“N-no, your highness. I’m good.” You assured although your body told him otherwise. Meanwhile, your body began to tremble slightly. “(Y/N), please calm down.” The young prince tried to soothe you. “I mean no harm to you.” You nodded you head understandingly.

“The reason why you’re here , lotus, is because I know very well what you’re going through every day.” Slowly, he put his warm hands on your cheeks, caressing them softly. “W-What do you mean, my prince?” You tried to pull away out of his grip, but you couldn’t. You felt safe with him somehow.

“I know how you’re being treated, (Y/N). Everyone is so hard on you and although you give your best, you’re never rewarded for it. Nobody is pleased with your work. You feel lonely because you don’t have any friends to talk to or to share your secrets with. And when you try to make friends with the other maids, the only thing you get is rejection. You want to be loved but you don’t get any love.”

Tears were brimming your eyes, threatened to fall down your cheeks after his speech. How did he know all that? How did he know that all you wanted and expected from others was only to be accepted and loved? You closed your eyes and tried to hold back your tears, but you failed. Warm tears were escaping your eyes. Ahkmenrah wiped them away, leaning his forehead against yours. “Shh… beautiful flower, don’t cry.” He said with a soothing voice.

“You don’t deserve to cry.” He continued speaking. “You deserve happiness and love. And I want to give that to you. I want to show you love.” Your heart stopped for a moment as you realized what he did offer to you. Instantly, you shook your head.

“I don’t mean to offend you, my prince,” You sniffed, “but I can’t accept your offer.” Ahkmenrah’s expression turned to sad abruptly. But then he realized how strange it must have been for you. It seemed like he only wanted to see her because he wanted to be close to her sexually.

He began to laugh. “(Y/N), I don’t want to use you for my own needs. I’m not that type of guy. Honestly, I care for you. You can say, I developed some feelings towards you.” You looked at him with big eyes and your mouth wide open. Did he confess his feelings for you a moment ago?

Ahkmenrah was waiting for any reaction of you, but there was none. You were too shocked right now to say something. “(Y/N), I want to show my feelings for you tonight. I know you doubt my love for you, but I swear to Ra it’s true. I fell for you the first moment I saw you entering the palace and asking my parents to serve for the royal family. Inwardly, I hoped that you would be assigned to me but it didn’t happen. I just want to spend only this night with you. “

“How can your highness be in love with me, a maid?” You mumbled. He gave a kiss on your forehead. “I love everything about you, (Y/N). You’re special.” Although you craved for this moment a long time, you knew that it wasn’t right. You also developed feelings for the young prince at the first time you saw him but pushed them aside because you were aware that they would never be returned.

You shook your head. “I’m afraid I can’t do that, my prince.”  “Why not?” You could hear a trace of disappointment in his voice. “ Are you aware of what you’re doing, your highness? You’re asking me, a maid, to spend a night with the prince. What do you mean will your father think if he finds out? He’ll punish me. Or even worse: kill me. For seducing his favorite son.”

He pushed a strand of air behind your ear. “He won’t find out.”  “What makes you so sure?” You asked curiously. “I just know. Otherwise I’ll protect you with my whole being.” You wanted to reply something, but he interrupted you as he planted his lips on yours. You didn’t respond the kiss at first out of shock, but after a little moment you also moved your lips against his. Ahkmenrah smiled into the kiss and wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to his hard chest. Your hands went through his soft hair, tugging at his soft curls.

Your kiss, which was innocent and gentle at first, turned into a heated make out session. Ahkmenrah lead you to his bed, slowly pushing you down and laying on top of you. He tugged at your clothes, taking them off of your body. His soft hands were caressing every inch of your body tenderly. He treated you with so much care, as if he was afraid that you could break down under his hands. Ahkmenrah gave you his whole attention, making you feel cared the whole night and showed you how important you were to him.

Now you knew what love felt like.

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Okay I just found your "commuters from different schools" Klance AU and it is currently my favorite thing! Idk if you are planning on doing more, but it would make my life if you did(not to push you or anything, it's chill if you don't). I just love a protective Keith, so even if you don't make more of that, even just another protective Keith and innocent lance would make me happy! Also I just found your account so I don't really know if you take suggestions, so sorry if I am over steping!

I love each and every one of you.

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And yes, yes you can expect more art (and quite possibly a lil fic)

I’m currently working on a comic and I totally wanna flesh out some more of the AU ! 

Thank you for all your sweet messages!! 


How did I get interested in Iron Man?

Well first I mean Robert Downey Jr. But in all seriousness Iron Man 1 was the first superhero movie I really paid attention to. I had seen a few of the Spiderman movies, I saw Avengers in theatre, and I decided that I wanted to actually watch all the marvel movies in some sort of order. So I did starting with Iron Man 1. I loved it.

Now, I have pretty particular taste in heroes. I don’t much like dumb heroes. I don’t like a hero who values his honor over winning a fight and protecting people, and while I can respect heroes who refuse to kill, I tend to operate under the belief that if your super villain is going to keep injuring and killing people if he lives you should probably just shoot the guy.

Tony Stark gave me all of that. He’s incredibly intelligent, a self made super hero. He didn’t have any issues killing terrorists to save innocent people. But he’s also not the type to ever take off his suit to prove he can win a fight on his own.

And his origin story, kidnapped and tortured, injured by his own weapons.
“Build us a Jericho.”
Eventually he wisens up, he tells them he’ll do it, and then proceeds to save his own life instead.

“The man who has everything, and nothing.” He had strength to withstand torture, the fortitude to survive. He forged himself into a super hero and he decided that his weapons had done enough damage, killed enough people. He decided to save the world.

I have to admire that. He was my introduction to the MCU a character filled with flaws who had recognized his past wrongs and now dedicated himself to doing the right thing. What’s not to love really?

Tony Stark is my hero.

The Perks of Being the Youngest Sibling

Summary: During a lonely night, you take some of your older siblings most treasured things. When they return, they instantly begin arguing, blaming each other for their missing objects. But will they also be able to blame you, the youngest and most innocent Mikaelson sibling?

Words: 924

A/N: This is the first time I’ve written a story where the reader is a Mikaelson sibling – I hope you all enjoy it

The old flooring of the Mikaelson Compound creaked greatly with every step you took in the empty hallways and rooms, breaking the quiet quietness. You had been told to stay home while your brothers and sisters were out and about, fighting threat after threat after threat.

Surely, they were protective of each other – but it was nothing compared to how protective they were of you, their youngest sibling. You did appreciate their love and actions but it often resulted in you being left home alone, thus making ‘always and forever’ very lonely.

You missed your siblings. And that was why you were sneaking around in the empty compound, carefully entering each of their rooms. You just needed a tiny piece of each of them in order to be able to fall asleep – in order to make you forgot your anxiety for their safety.

Going from room to room, you picked out the things that reminded you the most of your siblings. When you had gathered everything, you went back to your own room where you placed everything around you on the bed before you were finally able to sleep peacefully.

When the Mikaelsons came home after yet another victorious defeat of their enemies, it did not take long before they noticed that something was wrong.

Rebekah: Kol, I told you to leave my room alone!

Kol: What are you talking about, I haven’t been anywhere near your room since you threw me out through the wall the last time.

Rebekah: Stop lying, I know you’ve taken my necklace, the one which the prince of England gave to me!

Klaus: You’ve probably just misplaced it – we all know that you have a habit of throwing away your necklaces.

Kol: Besides, you should not be the one accusing me Beks. You’ve taken my baseball bat!

Rebekah: Why on earth would I steal your stupid bad?!

Elijah: Whoever thought that stealing my favorite suit would be fun is wrong. Please return it now.

Klaus: As if a suit is important – I’m missing my sketch book with all my greatest drawings.

Rebekah: Nik please, as if any of us would want to look at your old sketches.

Kol: Besides, the entire compound is filled with your old and boring paintings.

As the argument continued and accuses were thrown back and forth, the voices grew only louder. Until Freya came into the room as well.

Freya: We have a bigger problem. My grimoire is gone.

All of them silenced. Slowly they realized that it was not of them who had taken these objects – were there a new enemy in town, one that they did not know yet? Elijah was the first one to break the ice.

Elijah: Who would want to steal those things?

Klaus: I think the question we should be asking us selves is why.

Rebekah: Well, I get the grimoire but the rest of them? Their just some of our old stuff.

Kol: Exactly – old things that we hold dear.

Freya knew right away what Kol was thinking.

Freya: Things that would be perfect for a spell.

For a few moments, all of them looked at each other, fear slowly beginning to show in their eyes. Usually, they would not be scared of another enemy. But this one was an enemy they did not even know. And it was an enemy that had been inside their home.

As soon as they had comprehended that fact, they rushed to your room – and the sight of you sleeping with all of their missing things surprised them greatly.

Elijah went to the bed and shook your body slightly until you awoke. After yawning and stretching your arms, you slowly opened your eyes. When you saw Elijah, you quickly woke and fell on his neck, relieved that he was alright.

Kol: How come I never get that reaction when I wake you up?

You jumped slightly by the surprise and turned your head around where you saw the rest of your family. Even though you were more than happy of them being okay, you could not help but smile wryly to Kol.

Y/N: Probably because you jump on my bed and shake me as if you were trying to make a cocktail.

Kol smiled to you.

Klaus: Something that he can’t very well do right now considering all the things that are lying on your bed.

You blushed – they were not meant to find out that you had taken their stuff.

Freya: Care to explain?

Y/N: Well… I missed you. And having these by my side was the only way that I’d be able to fall asleep when I knew that you were out facing a dangerous enemy.

All of your siblings looked at you with great surprise; they had no idea that you felt lonely.

Rebekah: What can we do to prevent you from feeling like this in the future?

You fought hard to keep a smirk from showing.

Y/N: Hmm… You could just let me keep these things. Then I won’t have to sneak into your rooms every time I’m alone?

All of them were very close to protest against this – these objects were their favorites. And Freya needed her grimoire for obvious reasons. But when they looked at you, they knew that they would not be able to say no. Not to you, their youngest and most innocent sibling. And thus all of the things continued to stay in your room where they were greatly nourished by you.

Being the youngest sibling sure has its perks.

Stop saying Katsugeki Touken Ranbu is better than Touken Ranbu Hanamaru

These shows, while adapted from the same game, are different. They are both wonderful shows in their own right.

Hanamaru is amazing because of the effort the creators put to acknowledge every character. Even if it was for a short time, even if they weren’t as popular as the others, they all had a chance to appear. Akashi, who is an established lazy-bum, shows that he can care about others too. Urashima, who was given very little screen time, mentions that he does not care if Nagasone was a fake, he’s still his brother. What’s better is that there will be a second season, meaning we will get to see the Genji Twins (“Anija!” “What’s your name again?”), Fudou (“What do you want a useless sword like me to do? Hic!”), Oodenta (“Are you gonna keep me in the storehouse?”), and many more. I don’t even play Touken Ranbu but I’m so happy that Hanamaru isn’t leaving any sword behind. There aren’t many swords left to be introduced too, so the other already established characters will soon get a spot in the limelight.

Katsugeki is awesome because of the animation quality. This show focuses on the plot, but makes a point to concentrate on the characters from time to time. Yagen gets to displays his skills as an experienced fighter. He proves to us that tantous, short as they may be, are still blades that can kill. There’s also the fact how Kane-san makes it a point to tell Horikawa, and the audience by extension, that the Touken Danshi’s duty is to defend history and secure the future. However, protecting the past does not protect the people living in it. If many innocent lives died in the past, then that’s what happens. They cannot change the past and should never try. (But Kane-san the hypocrite went ahead and saved that little girl anyway. Way to dismiss your own advice, man.) I also love how cute Mutsunokami and Tonbokiri are. I hope the latter gets to try the sweets he wanted.

In conclusion, Hanamaru and Katsugeki are two different adaptations of the same game. They are different interpretations of the same idea. I am sick of seeing posts of people complimenting Katsugeki by insulting Hanamaru. You can say you like a show without dissing another.

Daddy's Girl Pt2

Daddy’s Girl: Part 2

Daryl/Rick x Negan!Daughter!Reader

Warnings: kind of angst, mentions of death

Imagine: The Alecandrians take you as leverage against Negan.

“Com'on.” He held out his hand as he nudged his head for you to get up. “Lets go take a walk.” Rick encouraged with a low tone.

“I’m not supposed to go out after dark, the dead are more dangerous then.” You unsurely responded with pursed lips and fidgeting hands.

Rick hung his head slightly in a motion of irritating and defeat. You were so young and had your heart set on listening to what Negan had told you, just as any little girl would listen to their parents. And just like any little girl, you didn’t want to break the word you gave him.

“If you ever feel worried or scared, look at the stars.” Carl chimed in, hands held together over his knees while he sat back against the wall. “You scared of anything?”

Your tiny teeth bit down on your bottom lip, almost afraid to speak anymore. There was fear in you, but not the type of fear that made you scared. It made you petrified.

“Lets go look at the stars.” Rick once again nudged his head and held out his hand. “Daryl can come too.” He suggested, knowing that you felt some sort of comfort in him.

Instantly, Daryl shot him a silent eye look of “really?”, but he reluctantly took your hand and helped you stand up to guide you outside.

Both he and Rick sat on the porch, watching as your curious hands felt the wooden railing and wandering eyes looked into the beautiful sky.

“Y/n,” Rick began to speak with a sigh, only to be cut off by your tiny voice. Barley heard by anybody who wasn’t close.

“I am scared.” You admitted with a chest that rose and fell a bit heavier with each breath.

“Do you know why you’re here?” Rick proceeded to ask, being cautious of his questions and being fully prepared to fluff his answer to anything you asked. Negan was your hero, your knight and shinning armor, he wasn’t going to break that image for you.

“You’re protecting your family, just like my family protects me. Right?” Turning your head from the stars, you glanced over your shoulder to look the leader in his eyes.

“X'actly.” Daryl replied, realizing how choked up Rick was becoming with only a nod for an answer.

“And you’re gonna use me to make a deal with him?” You inquired, taking a few steps towards the railing across from the bench where the men sat.

There was a long thing silence that seemed to last an eternity. Your question burned through their lungs as they realized how well aware of the situation you were.

“You make deals right?” Tiny feet walked up to Rick and sat down in front of him, crossing your legs as he nodded once again. “Make a deal with me.”

You didn’t ask him, you told him. Practically begged him with your head held high and your eyes sparking with determination. You were your father’s daughter, only much more innocent and pure.

“You’re safe here.” He insured, motioning his hand a little to emphasize his words. “You’re as safe here as you are with your family, and as long as you’re here with us, I’m protecting you.”

His blue eyes locked onto yours, trying to read your thoughts. But all he saw was a reflection of love and dedication, pure intentions and a clean true heart.

“I promise I’ll be good, I’ll be on my best behavior.” You also insured your own promise, nodding your head a few times quickly and holding down a small lump in your throat.

“Just promise me that I’ll see my Daddy again, and I’ll do anything you want.” Tiny breaths became more deep and filled your lungs with more air and the threat of tears.

“I’ll even change Judith’s diaper, just promise me I’ll see him again.” Still tears stung your eyes, but you refused to let them fall. Even as your voice broke while you finished your sentence. “Alive.”

That one word, that one simple word hit Rick like a boulder into his heart. You were afraid, you were practically paralyzed with internal fear, and your next words only confirmed his thoughts.

“I am afraid. I’m afraid I’ll never see him again.” Your voice cracked like the sound of both of the men’s hearts. The tears were no longer at bay and came flooding through like a dam.

“So promise me…please.” With a strong swallow you gathered up your determination and strength again, puffing your chest out with a deep breath and once again holding your head high.

Daryl had closed his eyes a long time ago, not to sleep, but because he couldn’t bare to see the sight of a broken child begging and pleading for her father’s life. This was different. You weren’t Negan. You were you.

“I promise.” Rick responded, sniffling slightly as he nodded again and turned his head to the side to hide his tears as he wiped them away quickly.

“Pinky swear.” You grabbed his hand, stopping him from standing up as he prepared to head back inside. “Simon says you can’t break a pinky swear.”

On an unexpected cue, both men held out their pinkies, linking them with one of yours each.

“Promise kid.” Daryl spoke with his normal thick accented voice, only he didn’t expect your response.

Hands clung around his neck in a hug as your face buried itself into his shirt. He was so unsure of what to do, so he did the only thing that seemed right. He picked you up, and carried you off upstairs where he wouldn’t let you out of his sight. Not even for a minute.

So there’s the door!

Title: So there’s the door!

Author: @spn-imagines-nation ; Eirin

Pairing & characters: DeanxReader, Winchester!Kid (mentionned), Mary, Sam

Word Count: 612

Warnings: Anger, season 12 spoilers

A/N: Requested by Anon. I hope you’ll like it! This scene was so heartbreaking, but I thought that was the perfect moment for your request. Also, I didn’t specify the baby’s genre, I let you the choice like this. :)

Summary:  Daddy!Dean  telling Mary that he had a kid with a hunter.

Feedback is always appreciated! ❤ English isn’t our first language, sorry for that!

“How about you try being a mom?
_ I am your mother, but I am not “just a mom.” And you are not a child.
_ I never was. So between us and them…
_ It’s not like that, i-…
_ Oh yeah Mary, it is.”

Mary just came to admit her huge secret: she was working with the Brits. Dean was suspecting something, but certainly not that. The fact he used her name made things clear: he felt betrayed by his own mother.

“We lost you that night. Dad lost the love of his life and a part of his soul, I lost my mom, and Sammy lost his chance to know what it’s like to be a kid. In fact, we lost everything. We became hunters, we had no life. Even now, I can’t be the father I want for my kid because of all that. We stopped the darkness, I was ready to sacrifice myself for that. The only thing I want to protect is my family. I sacrificed all I was, all I had, even my own life to this family, to let Sam live his own life, I was the good soldier. I even had to let go my own kid to get this innocent soul away from this fucking hunter life. And you? You’re working with these fucking sons of a bitch who tortured Sammy, your son. So if that is that kind of mom you are you’re a …
_ Dean. Enough, please, don’t say anything more.”

He turned himself to see her, as mad as him, but also sad. She knew that was hard for him, and she could understand that. But he was talking about her kid too, and she didn’t want to face the fact that she had to renounce because the BMOL could use their child against them. They won’t be able to ever see their 5 years-old baby.

“Wait… Dean, let me explain myself…
_ You made your choice. So there’s the door!

He walked away, tears in his voice, passing beside her, angry as hell. She stared at Mary, with tears and anger in her eyes. She couldn’t imagine what all that did to Dean. And most of all, she couldn’t understand how a mother could do that to her own kids. She sighed, looking with dark eyes the Winchester’s mother. Sam and Mary stayed here, speechless, the youngest brother felt bad than ever. It was hard for him too. After all, he was the one who was tortured by the BMOL. And now, he saw his family breaking into pieces.

_ You should go.
_ Wait Sam. Dean… Dean has a child?
_ Don’t even try to talk about this.
_ But if I have a grandchild I have the right to ask!
_ You are nothing for my baby! You don’t even know what is it to let your child like we did! At least we are alive, but we’ll never be a family, because all we know is hunting and death. You were dead. And now you’re killing Dean inside. You’re here because of his will, he needed a freaking mother ! Maybe it’s a good thing you work with these bastards, you seem to be like them. So try to approach our child and I will kill you. 
_ Y/N, pl-…
_ Shut up Sam. Sorry, I love you but that… There’s no way I forgive or forget that. So clean the mess on yours first before judging me and my words.”

She was about to cry before going after Dean without looking back. Sam gave a sad look to his mom.

“Again, you should go. And… Don’t mention that again.”

Keep You Safe (Bughead One Shot)

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Anonymous: Hey! If you’re not busy, could you write another part to the locker thing? You know, the “Go to hell serpent slut.”. Maybe an extended version? Thanks so much <3

Summary: An extended part from episode 13 where Betty’s locker is graffitied for writing the article about FP, requested by an anon. Enjoy! 

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This was all his fault. That was all that Jughead could think when he saw the dominating red words spelled out in harsh pig’s blood.


This was all because of him. She’d written the article defending FP for him. So his dad stayed out of jail, and so his dad had justice. So Jughead could keep on having a dad. And how did he repay her? By letting jerks terrorise her locker in front of the whole school.

“Betty,” he spoke, pulling her out of the devastating trance she seemed to be in, staring at the bold letters whilst he’d pushed his way through the nosy crowd. Jughead stood in her line of view, blocking the words from her. He wished he could do more than just protect her from them physically, but they’d already done the damage.

Jughead’s face was filled with concern and guilt, bringing Betty back to reality.  She reached forward to get rid of the graffitied newspaper articles and the hanging, pierced blonde doll which was obviously meant to symbolise Betty herself.  She didn’t want Jughead seeing this; She knew he’d blame himself.

“Hey, no.” He whispered. Jughead brought his arms around the distraught girl’s shoulders, stopping her from touching the bloody papers.

She tried fighting away from his touch, eager to just remove the mess and stop the humiliation of everyone flashing their phones at the pair.

“It’s nothing, Jug!” She resisted, swallowing back tears. “It’s just a jerk with a can of spray paint.”

Jughead firmly gripped her shoulder with one hand, stopping her from moving forward, with the other one placed tenderly on her face.

“I don’t think that’s spray paint, okay?” He breathed, looking at her with uneasy sadness.

She blinked at him, her face dropping as he pulled her away from the locker and through the crowd of paparazzi-like teenagers. The beanie-clad boy glared at each person who thought it was appropriate to smirk and take pictures of this situation. How dare they?

When they got away from the crowd, Jughead continued walking her out of the school. Betty frowned.

“Where are we going, Juggie?” She questioned the raven-haired dreamboat.

“Pop’s.” He grinned, “I don’t know about you, but I could murder a milkshake right about now.” She returned a small smile but then slightly frowned again.

“But what about school?” She stopped, turning back to the Riverdale building which she knew they both should go back and face, even if it did contain intimidating, judgey adolescents.

“We’ll be back before lunchtime finishes. Come on Betts.”

Betty sighed, not in the mood for debating and resisting anymore, and followed him as the two walked in silence to their go-to place.

When they had ordered and received their milkshakes, they sat down in the usual booth they’d claimed and sipped on the sweet, thick liquid.

Betty would usually order a vanilla or strawberry drink because they, in her opinion, had the sweetest taste. However, this time, a grey-ish, indigo blueberry muffin milkshake sat in front of her. It was the Pop’s special for the day, and as she sipped it, although delicious, it tasted bitter, much unlike her normal choice.

Jughead drank his daily chocolate milkshake which had an uncharacterised, delicate strawberry placed on the rim. As he drank, he stared at Betty, next to him in silence, the quietness consuming them both.

Betty’s face was one of subtle shock and distraction. She was so beautiful as she sat there, even in these circumstances of sadness.

“I think you should stop helping my dad.” Jughead blurted out, slicing a knife through the thick, bitter frosting that was the current quietness. He couldn’t let Betty suffer this kind of backlash because of him.

Betty stared at him in surprise, and then frowned. “No way. Why would you even say that?” She replied, ready to protest at whatever Jughead would further add. “I’m not letting some jerk scare me off of helping your dad, or you.”

“Betty, you don’t deserve to be drawn into the mess that is the Jones’. We’re not exactly liked by this town. ” He scoffed, following with a sigh. Jug stared deeply into her disagreeing, sparkling eyes. He would love to get lost in them forever.

“But Jug-”

“No Betts. People are just gonna keep coming at you with judgement and hatred because that’s what they’ve been doing to outsiders like me my entire life.” Betty’s complexion softened and he proceeded to place his hand over hers, squeezing it lovingly. “And what if they start doing more than just writing words? What if they’re out for actual blood? I need you to be safe-”

“And I will be.” She moved her hand from his and placed it on his cheek, like he had when he’d pulled her from the taunting lockers. “I’ll be fine. I’m not giving up on you Juggie. And I’m not giving up on FP. Besides, this is more than you and I. This is about getting your dad justice, showing the rest of this stuck-up town that he’s a person. An innocent person. And a father who’s trying to be a better person.”

Jughead would have protested further, but as Betty spoke, all he could think
of was one thing. I am so in love with Betty Cooper.

He smirked at her. It was one of goofiness but with so much love, all for Betty. She was his light. His reason for continuing through this dark town, because he knew she was at the end of the tunnel, fighting for him every step of the way.

And so, Jughead quickly leant his face down to the gracious, brave blonde’s and, not wanting to waste a second, attached his peach lips to her sweet, pink ones.

The kiss was strong and passionate, full of appreciation and love, but also delicate and soft, showing gratitude and care. They tasted every part of each other, communicating through the endearing action. It was like they could practically taste each other’s feeling for each other: Betty’s determination and adoration; Jughead’s protectiveness and infatuation. The milkshakes were long forgotten in that moment, whilst Betty smiled into the kiss.

“Jug?” She whispered as she pulled away from the best kiss she’d ever had in her whole life. The youngest Cooper girl stared up at him, eyes innocent and hopeful. “Can I have your strawberry?”

Jughead let out a laugh, triggering a giggle from the rosy-lipped blonde.

“Sure, Betts.” He chuckled, placing his arm around her shoulders. “Whatever you want.”

The dark-red fruit was sweet and filled with reassurance, making the bitterness of the blueberries long forgotten.

Betty smiled as she snuggled into Jughead’s chest. They would make it through. They had to.

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I Am An Alpha Ch 4: He’s Here

“He’s here.” Jin and I say at the same time the moment the leader is on the property.

Jin sniffs the air again, “And he has another one with him.”

“What is that, six so far?” Tae mentally counts each man we’ve met.

“I wonder if there are any more?” Jimin muses.

Hoseok chuckles, “Do you think you’ll be able to handle more than six?”

I glare at him, “I’ve had to deal with you idiots for 100 years, I think I can manage my mates.”

“Make sure you don’t loose that fiest of yours, it’ll make life more fun,” Yoongi sighs as he strokes my head. He wraps his arm around my shoulders and pulls me close. He nuzzles my hair before placing a few kisses on my head. “Our life is going to be pretty boring without you now.”

I lean into his embrace and rest my head on his shoulder, “I’m going to miss you too Hyung.”

“They are about to come out so we should get the goodbyes out of the way. They didn’t appreciate you holding on to Jin hyung but they dealt with it but I doubt they will allow you to hug all of us,” Namjoon advises with his arms open to me. I wrap my arms around his neck and hug him tightly. “I’m going to miss you little wolf.”

“Stop saying that stuff, you are going to make me cry,” I huff, trying my best to hold back the tears threatening to fall.

“None of that,” Jimin shushes me before pulling me into his embrace, “We don’t need them coming out here to you bawling your eyes out over us.”

“I can’t help it,” I whimper, suddenly feeling vulnerable with the realization sinking in that this is a real good bye. “I don’t know how I’m going to do this. I haven’t been away from you guys for more than a few hours since we met. I have never slept more than a mile away from Jin, I don’t know how I’m supposed to go from this to being all by myself.”

“You won’t be by yourself, you have plenty of mates to distract you. They will be fighting to spoil you with attention,” Hoseok tries to cheer me up as he takes his turn hugging me.

“You don’t need us anymore mama wolf,” Taehyung gives me a sad smile, he pinches my cheeks. “You are going to finally have a real home.”

“Taehyung-ah,” I grab his jacket and pull him closer for another hug. “You guys are my home. Even though this wasn’t the way I had planned my life as a kid I’m happy we all met.”

“Stop with all the mushy stuff and come over here,” Jin demands softly. His hug is the tightest, he knows there is a good chance that we may never be able to do this again. Once I’m with my mates they won’t let another alpha near, let alone touch me. They only are restrained because they haven’t actually caught my scent yet. The moment catch my untainted scent we all know their alpha instincts are going to kick in and they are going to loose it if one of my pack members even looks at me the wrong way.

Suddenly Jin releases me and everyone gets into the same position we were in earlier. Even though I’ve seen most of them before I find myself hiding behind Jin once again, only afraid of a particular wolf. Peeking over Jin’s shoulder I see five men coming out of the back door. Three are from earlier, Baekhyun, Tao, and Sehun, I believe their names are. One of the new ones doesn’t feel as threatening as the others, he’s about Baekhyun’s height, with short black hair. He’s undeniably attractive, a perfect V shaped face, wide shoulders, nice hips. As much as I enjoy looking at him I force myself to ignore his good looks and amazing scent to follow my nose to the familiar scent tickling my nose.

The smell of firewood fills my nostrils blocking out any of the other scents, dominating my senses. My eyes lock with golden ones that belong to the tall blond man leading the group. He’s taller than Tao with sharp features that remind me of a dragon. Dressed in a full black suit he looks incredibly handsome, I find myself biting my lip as my eyes scan him up and down. The group of men stop a few yard from their house leaving a good distance in between us.

“I hear you are here for your pup,” The man questions. His voice is deep like I always imagined it would be. It feels so surreal to finally see him again and in his human form, he is just as beautiful. My hands on tighten their grip on Jin’s shoulders to keep them form trembling. As happy as I am to see him I can’t help but remember the terrifying moment of him on top of me, teeth snapping, his monstrous growls echo through my ears. I gulp, something every wolf notices.

“Yes we are,” Namjoon answers, standing as tall as he possible can to show he’s not intimidated by the older wolf. “We apologize for trespassing on your property, as soon as we get our pup we will be out of your hair.”

The man stares at Namjoon as if he is ready to kill him, “I also hear you are using our mate as a bargaining tool to get your pup back.”

“Hold on one second,” Joon tries to defend himself but the man gives him no time.

“You are disgusting,” The man spits. “What kind of alpha uses a innocent omega as bait? Are you not strong enough to take your pup back by force? You shouldn’t be allowed to call yourself a head alpha if you can’t even protect your pack.”

“Watch your mouth,” Jin snarls back.

The man’s eyes shift to Jin and I. He sniffs the air before wrinkling his nose in disgust, “I know this smell. How could I forget the man who shot me?”

Jin chuckles dryly, “So you do you remember?”

“Of course.”

“Does that mean you remember me?” I question as I step out form behind Jin. All eyes shift to me, I watch him with my head cocked to the side, suddenly not feeling so bashful. It would be a lie to say that I’m not upset that he couldn’t recognize me all those years ago. His eyes narrow on me but he says nothing. “Maybe this helps,” I take Jin’s hat put it on, making sure to keep my hair out of my face. Those golden eyes of his go wide.

“The boy I attacked.”

“This is getting off track,” Namjoon brings everything back around, “Where is our pup?”

“We are in the middle of something,” The man rages.

“He’s right though,” I interject,  “Where is Jungkook?”

He growls and mumbles something under his breath before sharing a look with the other wolves behind him. I scan the house when he waves back to Sehun who dragging Jungkook out behind him. My fists clench at my sides at the sight of my pour beaten pup being thrown into the snow in front the pack of men. We all take a step forward, ready to run to him but the chorus of growls from the men stop us.

“Here is your pup, now hand over our mate,” The man snaps. My pack looks to me, I know they don’t want me to really go but I have to, not just for Kookie but for my wolf who is scratching at my insides to run to them. My wolf instincts and my human mind battle for dominance in the situation. My mates are there waiting for me but so is Jungkook. He looks up at me, one eye almost swollen shut, blood is running down his face, he looks about ready to cry. The pup stands up on shaking legs and begins wobbling towards us. I can’t control my legs anymore, I find myself running full speed into the field but not to my mates.

I reach Kookie in no time and tackle the pup to the ground, straddling his hips I rest on top of him with my arms around his neck and his face tucked into the crook of my neck. He cries softly in my embrace, wrapping his arms around me as he mumbles thank yous under his breath.

“Hyung I was so scared,” He cried louder this time, “I missed you so much.”

I shush the younger, “It’s okay Kookie, I’ve got you.” For a moment all feels right in the world with that pup in my arms, but that doesn’t last long. The growls start again, this time from both ends of the field. I look up at my mates, I see no more golden hues, instead I see blood red eyes staring down at me. The dominance radiating off them keeps me down on all fours and commands my inner omega to bare her neck and beg for forgiveness. But the alpha I was raised helps me to be able to bare my teeth a let out a growl of my own.

“Get away from that mutt,” The leader snarls.

“This mutt is my pack member and my pup,” I snap back, surprising not only myself but also every wolf there. The surprise is gone from their faces a minute later when their inner alphas rage in jealousy and anger. I try to stay strong but they continue to pour more and more pheromones into the air making it hard for me to breath. Black splotches begin to appear in my vision as I try to stay up, my heart is racing and my breathing becomes labored. Kookie notices and quickly tries to control the situation by cupping my face.

“Hyung calm down,” The young alpha commands.

“They hurt you Kookie,” I snap back.

He shakes his head, “I’m fine Hyung, please calm down and stop this stand off. You are over working yourself.”

“I’m fine,” I lie.

“You are having an attack, you need to look at me,” He demands. I hesitantly break eye contact with the man to look down at Kookie. “Now take a deep breath. Forget about those men, just focus on me, okay?” Without any hesitation I follow his commands like I have a thousand times before. His thumbs are stroking my cheeks, the heat from his beaten body draws me in and I relax against him. “Rest Hyung,” He whispers this last command as I burry my face into the crook of his neck and breath in his familiar scent, it reminds me of a rainstorm. Another moment passes and I find myself completely exhausted. Sleep is impossible to fight, regardless of my panicking pack members rushing towards us and my mates joining in the race, teeth bared, ready for a fight. I just can’t ignore it.

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Can you do the rfa(+V and saeran(unknown))s reaction to mc being 17(but will turn 18 before the party)

thanks for the ask! sorry that v’s and saeran’s are so short. also keep sending the requests in pls! i have too much time on my hands haha.


  • he is probably the one least fazed by it
  • he is also a small bean (i’m not sure how old he is but i think he’s 21 by Korean standards, 20 by the rest of the world’s standards?)
  • honestly this boy is screaming on the inside because he thought you were so much older and yet ?? you’re only 17 ??
  • prepare for him to hang all over you even more than he already does
  • believe it or not, he actually pesters you about school
  • “did you do your homework today? try not to fall behind!”
  • he really just doesn’t want you becoming the type of person he is so he gives you a ton of tips about college
  • most aren’t that useful but you smile and nod anyway


  • S C R E A M I N G
  • ”but… i’ll be 18 by the party”
  • he’s also been very protective of you, trying to “preserve” your innocence when the chat turns weird
  • but OOOH boy, does it get worse
  • Seven:  “Fuck”
  • Zen: :00000000 !!!!!!!

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  • *runs to cover your ears*
  • he’s probably the most insufferable one tbh


  • ”Oh”
  • she’s not sure what to think
  • she knew you said you were a student but she assumed you were in university like yoosung
  • similar to zen, she becomes protective of you but more in a motherly way than a brotherly way
  • “MC, please don’t speak that way.”
  • “MC, are you using… protection?”
  • cue embarrassment from everyone in the room, minus jumin
  • ”what on earth would she need protection for? MC, are you alright? should i send bodyguards?”
  • insert jaehee sighing and wondering why the hell seven didn’t let them know how old she was before they allowed her to join


  • he really couldn’t care less
  • definitely the least shocked out of everyone, besides seven of course
  • the whole chatroom basically looks like that comic of the dog sitting in a house on a fire and is like “this is fine”
  • of course this man is the most damn calm about this
  • he’s not even that worried about putting the whole party’s responsibility on you
  • just look at the way he was raised
  • the only thing he’s worried about is the way zen flirted with you
  • (and the way he flirted with you but he glosses right over that smh)


  • cue that one gif of the guy with the pizza box
  • y’all know the one
  • seven is the one with the pizza box
  • *slowly backs out of room and runs*
  • everyone is hounding him, asking why the hell he didn’t reveal that information
  • he just kinda shrugs and like 5 bodies are on him
  • it’s violent
  • when he first found out your age he was like “oh .. shrug emoji”
  • seven this is real life you can’t just say shrug emoji
  • literally also doesn’t care about your age lmao


  • internally screaming
  • “mc… i’m so sorry.  pretend like I never flirted with you k thx”
  • minus the k thx
  • he’s honestly the most mortified out of all of them
  • to him it still feels kinda wrong to start the relationship when you’re 18?
  • this dude is like 9 years older than you
  • but you’re legally an adult so if you really want it you gotta take it slow bc he still feels weird for a while


  • oh cool
  • also doesn’t really care
  • he finds it a little weird that everyone, including him, have made suggestive comments towards you
  • however he’s the one besides yoosung that jumps into the relationship fastest
  • this boy really isn’t that patient, he’s READY for your love
A Modern Hero ( iii )

Chapter 3. Oblivious

Parts: one | two | three

Group: BTS


1k celebration: "I’m bulletproof…but please, don’t shoot me.“

Summary: You make an important discovery and what you choose do to with this dangerous knowledge could ruin your friendship forever.

Genre: fluff, angst, superhero au

Length: 1.1k

A/N: I hope you enjoy the final part!! i hit 1k a while ago but thanks for all the congratulations!!

There were other heroes and villains in your city, and you currently stood in the middle of a frantic crowd, too busy admiring Haesik's form tackle the villain from the sky to wonder if you would ever have a day of peace.

It had always intrigued you that no one from the city had become used to the constant battles; however, your generation was the most accustomed, running multiple fan pages for the heroes and villains. And of course, your up close photos of Haesik from battles led to you having a huge part in the community.

Originally, you had just been walking to meet Seokjin in a supermarket for the weekly shop, and you still intended to get there on time but the people running in all directions was making this a challenge. Furthermore, the chance of photos from this distance gave you a chance that you struggled to give up, so you weren’t late for Jin.

As you barged past a woman screaming with ease,  glancing over your shoulder completely entranced by Haesik's glowing blonde hair only to be shoved over by another man who was sprinting away from the fallout.

Your body slammed into the concrete, causing you to groan in pain; as you stayed still you could feel the heat radiating from Haesik's blasts and looked up in adoration before realising you were going to be late, as you jumped to your feet and ducking into an alley that served as a perfect shortcut.

You assumed by the sounds of blasts that the battle didn’t last much longer after your departure, the screams quietened and the alley seemed to be longer than you last remembered, the dark walls seemed to be closing in and it smelled damp.

As the fear began to build, the lump in the back of your throat becoming more prominent, as you wondered what was about to happen, as your intuition was almost always perfect, your hands clenched around your phone before a pair of hands covered your eyes, “Guess who it is!”

The voice was distinct, the slight melodic tone of your roommate made you laugh, as your hands rose to grab his long fingers, his grip tightened. You became more desperate, disliking your vision being blocked, "Jin, let go!“

That was when you stopped laughing, the heat radiating off Jin was almost scalding and quickly his hands had disappeared, and you were alone in the alley again. The last time you had faced such intense heat had been when

Haesik had restrained you and pushed you into the back of a police car.
The pieces of the puzzle had begun to slot together, revealing a picture that you knew you should have been more surprised at but for some reason the fact that Kim Seokjin was Haesik made perfect sense to you. Even if that meant you were now going to have to fight not only your crush but your best friend; however your Father still needed to be avenged.

You were perched on the roof of a hotel, hidden by the neon lights behind you as your eyes stayed trained on the man you had watched shoot your father in the chest. The night had been silent and using your current knowledge of Jin being Haesik, you knew you would finally be able to complete your mission. This was because Jin, unlike you, had not completed a five thousand word essay analyzing a chosen play.

As you shifted on the balls of your feet, before yawning as you felt your eyes get heavier; it was a few minutes past minute and stalking out the boss night after night had taken a toll on your body. Your white fox ears ruffled in the wind and that when you heard it, the panting knowing instantly who it was, you turned to face Haesik, before smirking as you placed a hand on your hip.

"Aren’t you meant to be doing something,” you dodged his fireball with a quick leap to the side, deciding not to fight back as if you were to reveal your identity it might be awkward to do so to his broken and bruised figure. Haesik's hair ruffled in the wind, and you wondered how you never picked up on his eyes, although now a different colour they still held the same kindness in them.

“If you are referring to protecting innocent civilians, then I am doing my job,” but you could see his uncertainty and you wondered if you had also looked this stupid continuing to hide from an obvious truth that had been staring you in the face for too long. But Haesik had tilted his head as if to look at you better, with a small smile you stroked down your ears,

“No, you’re meant to be writing an essay,” you placed a hand over your mask, letting the illusion fall before you tilted your head back at Jin as your tails swayed slightly in anticipation, “Kim Seokjin.” He stumbled back slightly in surprise, as his eyes widened in shock before he closed the space between you in seconds; his hand hesitantly rising to touch your cheek, jumping when he realized it wasn’t an illusion.

And as the laughter began to bubble up, before you were laughing with him in shock at how well he was taking this news but also wondering what you were both going to do now. Jin seemed to have the answer, as he tugged you into his chest by your costume, “My evil little villain. Do you only like me because I’m Haesik?”

You hummed to yourself before thinking of the perfect answer to his question as you pulled him down so you were finally facing each other, and glancing down at his before pressing a chaste kiss to them, you rested your head on his chest, “my stupid hero.”

Jin felt the barrel of the gun pressed into his chest as he looked up at you in slight shock, "I’m bulletproof Y/N,“ you raised an eyebrow at his statement, clicking the safety off as you desperately tried to cling to the memory of why you were doing this, until Jin spoke, his voice breaking, "but please, don’t shoot me.”

You never pulled the trigger, you couldn’t do it and as you tossed your Father’s gun across the roof,  and with it you threw your need to avenge him because how were you meant to disappoint not only him but Jin as well. Because you had realised all along your obssession with Haesik had just been to cover up your feelings for Jin; you had both been so oblivious.

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