but i wil l kill you

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Jungkook, Jin is banned from from seeing you until you confess your "you just don't know" sins *shoves Jeon in closet*

Jungkook: No nono nooo if i tell, the hyungs might kill me no nononoooo– I MEAN I SWEAR I DID NOTHING ALL I DID WAS PLAY WITH HIM! UH MARIO KART YEA

Jungkook: SPARE ME

it’s been a dry couple of years, bills and loans and overtime. whenever i’d look at my writing i’d get kind of disgusted with the quality so, i’m trying to get back into the swing of things. just bear with me

a snippet of a WIP fic as an apology for the lack of content/a reminder that no I have not died and that Things are happening and to watch this space i guess

WARNINGS FOR: Abuse, Bulimia, Bullying, Hallucinations, Self-Harm

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