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【Non-No Magazine January 2018】 100 answers from BTS - JIMIN’s part

Q43: What’s your favorite season? 
A: I like the feeling of winter. My hometown Busan doesn’t really snow. When I was around 6 or 7 years old, there was an unusual heavy snowfall, I looked out of the window and it was completely white, it was so impressive. Playing outside with my family and friends was a good memory too. 

Q44: What do you want the most right now? 
A: The time to travel. I want to go to Japan first! I heard that Halloween in Japan is very popular, I want to participate and dress up in a perfect costume that no one would recognize me. 

Q45: What subject were you best at during your school days? 
A: P.E, Art, Science and Mathematics. I really liked ball sports in the past. 

Q46: What would you do to manage your body figure? 
A: Depending on different period, I would change the amount of food that I eat. I don’t really work out though. When I take off my clothes, I feel that I got really thin. So sad… (laughs). 

Q47: Your favorite street in Korea?
A: Gangnam. The place where I met the members when I went to Seoul from my hometown. It’s also a place where I could play bowling or snooker with my friends. As expected, it has got to be Gangnam! 

Q48: Fashion item that you want to wear this winter? 
A: I was planning to buy something later and then decide my winter fashion. Hopefully you guys can see me in cool coats or cute knitwear.

Q49: What did you do before you went to bed yesterday? 
A: After I finished recording a variety show, I lied down and fell asleep as soon as I got home (laughs). 

Q50: What did you dream of last night?
A: I was still recording the show in my dream (laughs). If I could pick a dream, I want to fly in the sky! 

Q51: Recently, is there any incident that made you laugh out loud? 
A: I would burst out laughing when I hear Jin hyung say useless things. It was so useless, it’s a shame that I don’t remember what he said (laughs). 

Q52: What hairstyle do you want to try?
A: An impactful style… I don’t know if it would suit me or not, like all combed-back style.

Q53: If you had a time machine, what do you want to do? 
A: In the past, I’d want to fix the past or it would be fun to go to the future and take a peek at my future-self. But now, I don’t want to go anywhere, because I don’t want to miss the things in front of me at the time. The feeling of wanting to live every moment fully became stronger.

Q54: Favorite word/ phrase? 
A: ‘Thank you’, I think these 2 words are full of vitality when you say it. 

Q55: Thoughts on the 2017 Japan tour? 
A: It’s a tour that once again made me feel that having concerts are fun! As we’re getting closer to the latter half of the tour, my gratitude towards the members got stronger, it’s also a chance to review myself again. 

Q56: The moment that you think a member is really handsome/ cool? 
A: Hoseok hyung’s dance is so amazing! Especially, his performance in 'Mic Drop’ (which will also be included in the 8th Japanese single that will be released in December) is very cool. It’s a must-watch.


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Fairy Tales

Okay, this took me a long time to write because I was still recovering from the heavy angst I wrote three weeks ago— bUT ANYWAY!!

As the fifth theme to my 100 themes challenge, I dedicate this one to @capthawkeye for dealing with my shenanigans whenever I think of our beloved OTP and I’m just really grateful for her presence in this community. Bless!!!! She was also the person with whom I shared this theme’s idea with, after being inspired by Ed Sheeran’s Perfect, so!!!!!!

Also, another friendly reminder that I will be eternally grateful for Adi               ( @rvkiakuchiki ), considering how she’s had the role of being my beta for the past year and a half!!!! God knows the amount of mistakes in all of my fics if I didn’t have her, tbh. 

I hope you guys enjoy!

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There was always something so exhilarating when it came to sneaking away from a crowd, laughing hand-in-hand with the person who always managed to make your heart skip a beat. And although it was a strange concept to apply to two full-grown adults, it was certainly nothing that they were shy of. With smiles that reached their eyes, their chests swelling with merriment, and hearts all but hidden from one another, a witness could have said that they were very well drunk on pure bliss.

The night was young and the pure essence of joy filled the air amongst the crowd. Drinks were served, the hired band played loudly, and words of congratulations and teasing remarks were endlessly thrown at the newly-wedded couple. It was, for a better part, an event to be forever remembered and reminisced. After all, when the notion of the marriage was announced months before, nobody who knew them was surprised.

Who would have been if they were to consider the past between the couple; the endless support that the woman had provided for the man throughout his journey?

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bidleybeans  asked:

For the past few days, I've been questioning my gender for the first time in my entire life. I've always been fine with being a girl but for some reason two days ago, all I could think about was "I wish I looked more androgynous/boy-like" and "I'd like to be a boy" and wishing I had a slightly deeper voice/trying to make my hair look shorter. But today and yesterday, that feeling completely went away and I'm back to not caring. But now Im FRUSTRATED @MYSELF. could this mean I'm genderfluid or..?

Yeah it sounds like you could be! Obviously that’s up for you to decide though!! 

And please don’t be frustrated at yourself, lovely <3 Give yourself patience! You’re not obligated to know exactly who you are as soon and as clearly as possible! Allow yourself some breathing room and feel it out!

we went thanksgiving shopping yesterday night AND I GOT LEGO BATMAN MINIFIGURES THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE
and now my moms making food with my siblings for thanksgiving tomorrow and my dads in a good mood aND ALSO THE HOUSE IS ALL CLEAN FOR ONCE
and earlier we all made a rEALLY FANCY CAKE for my grandma when she comes over with my uncles tomorrow!!
now im swinging outside watching the stars and listening to music aND
IM LIVING RN IM HAVING SUCH A GOOD TIME and i cant wait to see my grandma tomorrow!!
sorry (not sorry tbh) for treating my blog like a diary but i felt like venting positive emotions for once

I went

I went to bed yesterday at 8pm. I woke up for work at 9:30 am. I am feeling a little less sick so that is a plus. I will get some writing done tonight when I finish work.


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