but i went yesterday

As everyone is talking about Pride I went yesterday in Lyon (France). I didn’t see any other ace flag but to be fair they didn’t sell anything there expect rainbow flags so I didn’t see much of anything else. I saw someone with ace colors painted on their legs though.

Also someone asked me what my flag was so there’s one more guy who knows that asexuality exists. That’s something.

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So I'm home for the summer visiting my mom and her husband. My mom and I went grocery shopping and I asked her if we could get bananas since I like to have them for breakfast and they usually don't buy any. I went to get banana this morning after only having had one yesterday only to find out that her husband and his friends had eaten them all!! And all I could think was "Banana was my idea! Banana banana banana!!!" I was so upset.



Yesterday I went to the Tourism Fair in Valencia to promote and offer lots of destinations, products and services of the area where I live.

I was super scared and nervous but I ended up having fun and I can’t wait to come back tomorrow. I wanted to be there today as well because they celebrate LGBTA+ Pride, but well, I told my classmate to record everything.

I also met some politicians and took some photos with them (it was really awkward and uncomfortable…)–>[x]


Happy Pride everybody!!!!

This is my first out Pride and I’m so excited and thrilled and emotional about it. Maggie and I went to the Trans March yesterday and seeing so many trans people hanging out together and celebrating really just filled me with love.

(also!!! More comics coming soon 😄!!!)

Lol wut? I went to the International Doll and Teddy Show yesterday. I didnt check my swag bag till I got home. I saw a bulge and assumed like candy or something? So I finally looked in it before I headed to Atlanta to visit Tiffiebjdcrafts and was like so surprised to see an entire bjd head in there. It is an artist cast doll head by Berdine Creedy. I chatted with her briefly at the expo, she is retiring and was raffling off some dolls for her charity work, so I assume she decided to donate also her other stock for the show. Super exciting, I think she will match Resinsoul normal skintone pretty well.

@yasminwithane That’s very true. I can’t even imagine how much pressure there would be to follow up something so hugely successful.

I went to the Turtles All the Way Down tag yesterday, and unfortunately there is already hate in there. Not anywhere near as much as there was excitement, but there is hate. None of it is legitimate (obviously since the book hasn’t even been published yet – you can’t hate something that doesn’t exist??), but it’s still awful nonetheless.

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Hey! idk if you saw the post I tagged you in, but a lot of posts are wrongly flagged because this system is new & you can get them un-flagged through mobile (not sure if the same thing works on desktop yet cuz my posts aren't flagged anymore) I don't think they're purposefully flagging lgbt cuz none of my lgbt related posts are flagged, it's a glitch, BUT you can get them un-flagged! Just request it to be looked at!!

I gotta look through mine and see if they are flagged or not, I went through a bit yesterday when you slide in my DMs but I didn’t see anything (at least on mobile it says that but we all know how reliable mobile is). Thank you so much for sharing the helpful info with everyone! Staff fucks up a lot of things but this is definitely among the worst they’ve done so far = ^ = 


she had the world // panic! at the disco

Living with an outdoor cat

Cat: hasn’t been home all day
Me: OH NO WHERE’S MY BABY AT??? *tells another cat to go look for them*
Cat: walks in 5 minutes later
Me: MY BABY *squeezes them* I THOUGHT I HAD LOST YOU
CAT: let go of me woman I’m hungry