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Is it annoying when something that took you like maybe 10-20 minutes to sketch out gets more attention than something you put 10x more effort into? Like a few days ago I posted this digital piece that took a bit of time, but practically went unnoticed, but yesterday I posted these random little sketches I did and it got loads more attention. I mean any attention to my art is good I suppose, but it'd be nice if people noticed the work that took a lot more time and effort haha

Yeah, sometimes. Consistently all of my realistic portraits get FAR fewer notes than a silly comic - whenever I answer this kind of thing I always say that humurous content seems to trump anything else, because people like to laugh. Give the people memes and they’ll respond haha. 

This is the thing with notes and feedback on the internet - most feedback is not the constructive kind, do you know what I mean? I’m sure if you got constructive feedback on the art you’ve put more time in, it would mean more. Try not to pay attention to the notes/statistics on your art - yes, appreciate the attention and that people are taking the time to like your art, but also weight the notes accordingly. Pay more attention to your improvement than the feedback you get on the internet, and try to stay positive! I hope that makes sense! 

Yesterday I went bouldering with my loves in San Bernardino National Forest.
It was a great morning.
Also, loving this crazy creek chair! Super light weight and packable!
March 23, 2017

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i'm so excited about this i have to tell someone!!! yesterday i went to the movies and as i was coming out i met an old friend i haven't seen since i was like 10 (i'm 19 now) and we were talking and catching up and she gave me a big hug and she was like "if you were gay too this would be the perfect gay moment" and i just BLURTED out "I AM!!" and we were both so excited and happy to have met each other again and come out to each other it was so fun and wonderful, i'm still beaming over it!!!

That’s amazing oh my gosh! That’s super sweet and I’m so delighted for you!! She sounds wonderful as do you!

Much love!
-admin em

Something Really Strange Is Happening…“

Yesterday, I got up early, went to work (didn’t take a lunch break), ran to the train station, and jumped on an Amtrak (and then a creepy Lyft) to NYC.

Now, that all may seem fine and normal to you, but waking up this morning, I was expecting to feel awful.

That’s what happens when you have a disease like MS. You either can’t do something, push yourself, or feel like a train ran you over when you wake up… or all three, just in case you didn’t get the first message to stay the fuck home.

Today, though, I feel fine. Good, even, if that’s an option…

I take care of myself for reasons like this. I want to show people that these heavy hitter diseases don’t mean we should give up, it means keep going.

MS is what gives me the desire to live a big, fun, exciting life, but most of the time, it’s also what stops me. Today, I feel unstoppable.

Live Your Life, Without The Weight. ❤

so yesterday i went to hot topic 2 get sum swim trunks n the dude n lady at the register told me i was preapproved for the credit card n i said id get it n buy more shit if they both ate a box of those godforsaken bertie botts jellybeans so long story short i watched 2 very brave souls down 2 boxes of jellybeans and i now owe hot topic like 200$ 

First workout at my old college gym (since I was like 25? 26?) and it is GOOD. I gave blood yesterday and actually went to my coworker’s place on Wednesday to exercise so I didn’t hit it hard tonight but lbr anything for me rn is difficult. 10 minutes elliptical 12 minutes treadmill and then a sweet blessed shower. Honestly I love showering places that aren’t My Shower so remind me of that later.

This is a start. This is special.

I went hiking in the desert yesterday and took this somehow without any effort almost accidentally i dunno. Anyways very post-apocalyptic and i love it

For some reason I’ve been EXHAUSTED the last two weeks. Some how my sleeping got all messed up and for the life of me I don’t know how to fix it. I even went to bed about an hour earlier than normal last night and I STILL could not pick my head up and go swim this morning. Last week I only ran once. Yesterday I went running for the first time this week and it was slooooow.

I don’t know where my energy has gone, but if it could come back, that’d be great….

“no mom, i don’t wear beanies because i’m a lesbian”
“no mom, i’m not a feminist because i’m a lesbian”
“no mom, i don’t hate dresses because i’m a lesbian”
“no mom, i don’t want short hair because i’m a les – okay i do want short hair because i’m a lesbian but that’s the ONLY THING”

Living with an outdoor cat

Cat: hasn’t been home all day
Me: OH NO WHERE’S MY BABY AT??? *tells another cat to go look for them*
Cat: walks in 5 minutes later
Me: MY BABY *squeezes them* I THOUGHT I HAD LOST YOU
CAT: let go of me woman I’m hungry