but i went for light

i was interested in making youtube videos for the longest, but the reason why i never really went through with it was because of the amount of lighting and production prep i would have needed to get my hands on (a good camera, backgrounds, ring + box lights, etc etccc) but recently the youtubers ive been loving most are really stripped down with minimal editing and use their phones to film lmaoooo so im kinda reconsidering it now 🤔 

Life flashed before me eyes

Well… that happened. I was walking home from work and was crossing at the traffic lights that was green… And I got struck by a motor bike >:( the bastard went though the lights, hit my arm and just sped off :( 

My phone was destroyed and I did not get the res number but a woman who saw it happened assisted me and drove me home :D

i’m worried i’ll never be soft again. i’m worried i’ll meet every next lover with claws and teeth and eyes that scream don’t you dare touch me.

i’m worried i’ll only show them where i went cold, all the places the light doesn’t touch anymore. i’m worried i’ll touch them with fingers that sting like ice, that turn their skins red.

have you ever hurt so much that you shut away your own heart?

I hope I don’t regret choosing these hair and uniform colors in a few weeks.

[See in Full Resolution to appreciate the watercolor effect.]


from a mountain in the middle of the cabins // panic! at the disco

work in progress 

My name. “Ron.” And you said…something about a wand…’ Hermione turned a fiery shade of scarlet. Harry remembered: it had been the first time Ron’s name had been said aloud by either of them since the day he had left; Hermione had mentioned it when talking about repairing Harry’s wand.

‘So I took it out,’ Ron went on, looking at the Deluminator, ‘and it didn’t seem different, or anything, but I was sure I’d heard you. So I clicked it. And the light went out in my room, but another light appeared right outside the window. It was a ball of light, kind of pulsing, and bluish, like that light you get around a Portkey, you know. I knew this was it, I grabbed my stuff and packed it, then I put on my rucksack and went out into the garden. The little ball of light was hovering there, waiting for me, and when I came out it bobbed along a bit and I followed it behind the shed and then it…well, it went inside me. It sort of floated towards me,’ said Ron, illustrating the movement with his free index finger, ‘right to my chest, and then- it just went straight through. It was here.’ he touched a point close to his heart,’ I could feel it, it was hot. And once it was inside me I knew what I was supposed to do, I know it would take me where I needed to go. So I Disapparted and came out on the side of a hill. There was snow everywhere…’