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I Lied! I’m uploading today!!! 

OMG Stakes is my favorite thing of all Adventure Time! 
+ the “Everything Stays” song oh my god, I loooveee it!!! 
If you haven’t watched the eps go do it NOW! 

And now my fellow fans, followers should I make an extra card?
I’m torn between “The wheel of fortune” and “The Lovers” (becuaseI’mbubblinetrash) leave your comments or send me a message!

Also for the vampire king I had a difficult choice because at first I thought he would be “The Emperor” and some people has set him as “The Strength”
but, “The Chariot” made more sense to me. :V 

He’s become one of my favorite characters, although we might never see him again : (

EDIT: Added “The Lovers” 

Saat Soch: Ishqbaaz 15 and 16 June

Context: I was curious. I stopped watching a long, long time ago. I do not enjoy this show, and I’m incapable of being objective.

1. Today’s colour palette is white and gold: purity and opulence. 

Is there a bulletin that goes out the night before? A Whatsapp group chat or something? These guys are so extra, they probably have an in-house gazette: The Oberoi Observer. Headlines include “Shivaay now on phone #564538″, “Omkara’s hair is 2 inches longer than it was in the last scene”, and “Prinku: Pregnant or Dumb?”. 

2. Have they finally remembered the man who set himself on fire in the first effing episode?!

3. *applauds* Annika dropping some truth-bombs.

I’m glad she’s articulating all of this, even if she’s doing it for Reasons. I know she’d never say these things and mean them, but I feel they needed to be said anyway.

“Kainchi jaise zabaan” 

Originally posted by barunsobti28

4. Wait. What?

I thought Shivaay was the illegitimate one (his Naam Khoon Khandaan idiocy makes no sense otherwise, from a storytelling perspective). 

The others know it’s Shivaay and are just … pretending … to be shocked? Right? Does OM know the truth?! (Hayye, I love Om calling Annika “bhabhi”)

Tia’s back! Or had she always been there? Did she never leave?

5. Tej continues to be my favourite character, honestly.

Mostly because the actor was in Hum Saath Saath Hain.

6. “Aaj tak yeh shabd iss ghar mein sunayi nahi di.”

Episode 10 or 11, Dadi. Like honestly, keep up.

7. Was he carrying the divorce papers in his pocket or something?

While he was proposing to her?!

(Oh wait, maybe he was intending to throw them into the holy fire?)

Bonus: The editing still gives me a headache!

Warm Blankets

Request: Can I have a jungkook scenario where you’re sick but don’t wanna worry him so you’re trying to be be tough at it and at school you feel dizzy? Fluffy stuff where he takes care of you too??

Sorry this took me a century to write and sorry that it’s not longer! I have homework tonight and I wanted to get at least one done today! Thank you for waiting.

Originally posted by vminv

You woke up that morning completely out of breath. You head was pounding and you found yourself sweating but had goosebumps at the same time. Just as you were figuring out what you were feeling your morning alarm went off. You reached for your phone so you could turn it off and saw that your boyfriend had texted you not too long ago telling you to meet him outside so he could take you to school since he had a car that worked. Yours was in the shop but you didn’t mind as long as Jungkook could drive you.

You shivered once you threw the covers off of you and forced yourself out of your bed. You swayed a bit as you shivered at the contact between the cold floor and your bare feet. You shuffled over to your closet and looked through all of your clothes. It was cold outside and you were even colder so you grabbed the warmest sweater you had along with a pair of warm sweatpants. You slipped all of that long and added an oversized sweatshirt with that. You put your hair up, not bothering to make it look pretty and skipped breakfast since even your stomach felt a bit off.

You put on your sneakers and made sure you had everything for school. You also stuffed some Kleenex in your bag along with some vitamin C drops since your throat was burning. You refused to tell yourself that you were sick because you couldn’t miss a school day at this point. Your grades weren’t bad but they weren’t great either so you had to get it up. Missing a school day would only make it harder.

You rushed outside and spotted Jungkooks car across the small street of your neighborhood. You could see him waiting through the fogged up window of his car and quickly went the passenger side of the car. You climbed in and felt a bit more relaxed against the strong heater of his car. He was always making his car too hot but today it was ok.

“Goodmorning,” he grinned at you.

“Morning,” you replied, unable to hide that fact that you were super congested. 

“Whoa! Are you sick?” he asked, jokingly scooting away.

“No. It’s probably just the cold weather making my nose a bit runny,” you told him not only trying to convince him but also yourself.

“Well, you even look sick,” he remarked.

“Thanks,” you scoffed, leaning into the car seat.

“I didn’t mean it like that. Your eyes are watery and you look really tired. Maybe you should stay home today. I’ll get your homework for you,” he suggested but you simply shook your head.

“I’m fine! Can we just get going?” you pleaded. He hesitated but gave into your request and began the drive towards the school. The two of you made it just in time and had to split ways once you entered the school. You didn’t have any classes together but you always ate lunch with each other so it was alright.

You got to your first class and found your seat. You started unpacking your things when you felt more pressure in your face. It felt as if you were about to sneeze but you knew you weren’t going to. You grabbed a Kleenex from your small stash you had created earlier in the morning and blew your nose, trying to relieve yourself from your congested sinuses. It never really worked but you tried every time.
“Hey. Are you ok? You sound really sick,” one of your friends asked you.

“I’m fine,” you told her, still shivering from the clammy way your skin felt. She decided to believe you and continued on to talk about plans she had with her family for winter break. You zoned out feeling extremely drowsy and found yourself like that the whole day. By the time lunch time rolled around you were dizzy every time you stood up and your throat had begun to feel even worse.

You walked slowly to the place you and Jungkook ate and saw him smiling at you as you approached.

“Are you sure you’re alright? You look miserable,” he sighed, rubbing circles on your back to comfort you.

“I only have two more classes. I’ve made it through five so I’m pretty sure I’m fine. I’m just a bit dizzy and congested,” you admitted.

“Dizzy and congested? Yeah, you’re sick,” he shook his head. “You’re so stubborn,” he chuckled.

“I know,” you chuckled with him and leaned against him so you could close your eyes for a minute. Before you knew it Jungkook was shaking you awake so you could go on to your next class. “I fell asleep?” You yawned and looked around to see students making their way towards their classes.

“Yep and you’ll be late if you don’t hurry,” he rushed you. You nodded as you picked up your bag before going off towards your last two classes.

Once school was over, Jungkook met you at your locker and handed you his scarf since he knew you were colder than he was.

You drove in silence and found yourself dosing off and eventually falling asleep as Jungkook drove extra carefully so the drive was smooth. You felt yourself being lifted out of the car and into your house. He helped you take your shoes off and your sweat shirt before quickly putting your comforter in the dryer so that it would be extra warm for you. You cuddled up to the warm fabric and let yourself relax for the first time today.

“You don’t have to take care of me? My mom will be home soon,” I told him, feeling bad that he was wasting his time with me.

“I don’t have to but I want to,” he grinned. “Now, I know you haven’t eaten all day so I’m going to make you some soup and toast. I’ll be right back.”

You watched as he left the room and you couldn’t help but smile to yourself. He was being so sweet and was trying his best to make you feel better.

He quickly brought back a tray with warm food on it and the box set of your favorite show. He already knew your favorite season so he put in the first disk and climbed into bed with you and waited for you to finish eating before pulling you towards him. You laid your head on his chest and was surprised to see him fall asleep before you did. You smiled at him and hugged him closer to you, now not minding being sick as long as he was there to take care of you.

the fam, aka my team, finally weren’t an embarrassment for the first time in weeks so i’m in an extra good mood tonight lmao

many good things happened today:

the racist old couple who sat behind us for the last five years have moved seats! 🙏🙏
& i spent at least an hour walking around the city/waiting for public transport, listening to haim and dancing because want you back is a serious bop imo!
& i ran into my brother’s best friend on the train to g town so we had a nice long chat about life!
& had a truly delicious burger for dinner w dad! & got so much stuff done at uni!
& am v excited for arabic tomorrow!
& we didn’t have the month’s worth of rain in a day that was forecast so it wasn’t even that cold!

happy friday if yours is only just getting started 🌞

Why I Love Dragons: RTTE

So, today I just started watching S2 of Dragons: Race to the Edge (for those of you who don’t know, it’s a TV series that takes place between HTTYD and HTTYD 2), and after just three episodes, I realized I really love this show probably not for the first time haha.

But there’s something about this season that’s making it extra enjoyable, and here’s my take on why that is. :)

Warning: SPOILERS if you’re not caught up on RTTE!!! 

First of all, there’s been a major focus on the other Dragon Riders, especially Astrid, and I’ve only watched three episodes (has to get even better from here). As much as I adore Hiccup, it’s good to see the other Riders learning how to work together as a team without him. He’s taken a bit of a backseat so far, but I’m okay with that.

Second: ASTRID! I absolutely love Astrid. 

Originally posted by dagurs

Her training session with a second team of Dragon Riders was the central focus of the first episode. (Also, it’s good to know other people are learning how to ride dragons so they can defend Berk. That’s something I’ve been wondering about for a while.) Here, we see, not for this first time, that Astrid is inventive and capable, and she’s a great leader/organizer. 

We also get to see more Stormfly/Astrid bonding, yay! During the second episode, Astrid takes an early morning flight with her dragon, and the two have truly developed a touching friendship.  

Originally posted by domoarigatojordanrosato

Speaking of which, did I mention how much I love all the individual dragon/rider relationships? They’re all so different yet equally endearing. Snotlout and Hookfang, for instance, crack me up every time. And it’s usually Hookfang who gives Snotlout a good whack on the head whenever he deserves it. 

Originally posted by the-way-im-feeling

(Case in point)

However, my one complaint regarding Astrid-she’s been the damsel in distress quite a few times for just three episodes. I feel like she could’ve gotten out of some of the situations she landed into…something just felt a little off to me, especially since Astrid tends to take charge of the situation. Still, she’s got a good balance of femininity/tenacity, and I really appreciate that. 

Third: Heather, another one of my favorite characters! Even though the fandom’s pretty divided, I’ve enjoyed every one of her episodes, all the way back to Riders/Defenders of Berk. 

She’s the perfect contrast to Dagur’s chaos and insanity: she’s cold, manipulative, resourceful, and highly skilled. Plus, she just looks awesome.

Back in RTTE S1, it was also nice to see both Hiccup and Astrid immediately reconnect with a friend outside of the usual group of Dragon Riders. And while I’m a major Hiccstrid shipper, there’s definite appeal for Heathercup and/or Heathstrid.

Fourth: more team bonding! I absolutely love the sense of camaraderie I’m getting from this season. In E3 we’ve got Hiccup and Snotlout meeting up with the Screaming Death (I love these two, because Snotlout’s constantly antagonizing Hiccup and Hiccup really just tries so hard not to let it get under his skin), and meanwhile, Fishlegs, Astrid, and the twins are trying to escape Ryker, Heather, and Dagur. The group dynamics in almost any situation are just hilarious-I always watch this show when I need a good laugh. The twins’ humor can be a bit much at times, but for the most part, the jokes are spot-on and genuinely funny.

Originally posted by crazilexa

(I haven’t even watched this episode yet but the gif was too awesome not to use!) 

You have to remember that these characters are still teenagers, and they’re still gonna find small things to argue about at times, and I’m so happy the creators seem to recognize that.

Fishlegs continues to be adorkable (anyone else think he fits the “Beware the Nice Ones” trope?), and his relationship with Meatlug is equally adorable.

Originally posted by dagurs

And Tuffnut still has his chicken. 

Originally posted by notweird-justafangirl

The twins are just the best-they’re a big part of the comic relief but they’re consistently underestimated by the rest of the team, which just makes things all the more entertaining. 

Anyway, that’s just my take on RTTE S2 (thus far). The animation is lovely, and I’m just so fond of all these characters. I should probably go to sleep, but each episode is only twenty minutes, so that’s really not too bad…right? :D 

(Disclaimer: The wonderful gifs/art aren’t mine; credit to the original creators.)

So today was a little crazy...

I’ve just recently started a super intense chemo regimen that leaves me in isolation for about 2 months. It’s 30x more powerful than any chemo I’ve received thus far and it makes me feel so weak and nauseated and tired…the list goes on.

In my hospital room (that will be my home for the next several weeks) I have a poster of the USWNT right across from my bed where I can see it every day.  

Why is this significant?

Well, today was probably the shittiest day so far in terms of how I felt. But looking up and seeing that poster inspired me to get out of bed–despite the pain & nausea & fatigue–and go do physical therapy. I even went the extra mile and pushed myself more because of the gentle voice in my head reminding me of how hard the gals work their asses off, particularly when no one is watching.

I was beat by the time I finally got to lay in my bed. Once I checked my phone, I had a few interesting notifications.

First a tweet:

Then an email from HAO!!!!!: (i cut out some parts bc I wanted to keep it to myself i hope none of you mind)

And then… another email. This time from Broon! (once again just some parts)

When I sent them my thank you note for the whole experience earlier this year, I had joked bout Captain Becky Sauerbrunn (full title). I’m glad she remembers.


Once I saw these messages, I immediately started crying because I didn’t know how badly I needed that encouragement. I went from feeling like absolute shit to feeling motivated now more than ever to continue fighting this battle because of their support.

We are so lucky to have these women as our role models. They are genuine, authentic and compassionate. It’s clear that they care about their sport, they care about equality, they care about women…and so much more. But most of all they care about people and that’s overwhelming in the very best way.

I am so thankful for these Angels.

You know what’s fucking weird?

In 2x09, when Clarke is hallucinating when she’s about to light the funeral pire on fire, she looks hallucination!Finn in the eyes, but she’s actually looking at Bellamy. You can’t see him well, but in multiple previous shots their position in reference to each other is extremely clear. 

That head in the background? Bellamy.

Clarke looking down at Finn but … 

… in Clarke’s line of sight? Bellamy. 

The first few times I watched this scene, I was actually annoyed that we didn’t get a wide shot of Clarke in this instance and that we got so many camera switches. Right now, I think that was on purpose so it wouldn’t be too obvious what Clarke was actually looking at. 

@spacewalkeravenreyes, queen of film techniques and camera magic meta, what do you think? 

Good Morning

Prompt: “Could you do a fic where Dan has narcolepsy and one week when Phil goes away to Florida or smth with his family he watches the radio show because Dan’s doing it on his own and Phil can see he’s about to fall asleep but obviously can’t do anything about it and he has to watch as Dan passes out on camera and everyone rushes in and is really worried and all?? It ends with a fluffy phone call because Dan’s all upset about it but Phil comforts him.”

A/N: Wrote as a part of the narcolepsy series.
Genre: Fluff, hurt/comfort, chronic illness.
Words: 2.471

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Barista!Eren has a Crush on a Customer

Okay! This is the first part of four, I think. The parts aren’t related script wise, but they’re all scripts that I created on the stream, from prompt, to script writing, to voice acting. 

I had my viewers select any word, and one pairing, and I made everything from there. Then I had the wonderful @remembrance123 select one more word to add to the mix, to spice things up a little. (No, this is not our collab)

If you want to see more stuff like this, join the next stream! ;)

@animelover7234: Word: Paint. Pairing: Ereri. Bonus Word: Croissant

AU where Levi Ackerman has a very successful YouTube channel called Paint. Every day, Levi goes to the local coffee shop and sits for hours, writing ideas for his next videos. Eren is a barista at the coffee shop, and knows exactly who Levi is, but has never had the guts to actually tell him how much of a fanboy he is. Every day though, he gives Levi a free croissant. Levi rejects at first, but in time, takes the free pastry every day without more than a ‘thank you’.

One day, Eren is sitting at home, snuggled up in his blanket, ready to watch the newest Paint video, when the title floors him. It’s titled “The nicest barista I’ve ever met”.


Coffee stations washed and polished? Check. Syrups changed, and ready for the day? Check. Pastries? Check. Extra croissant? Check. I wonder if he’ll come in today…I mean…he’s come in every day for the last few weeks but…it has to stop eventually, right?

Oh shit. There he is. Act normal. Don’t say anything crazy. He doesn’t even know you exist. Just gotta make sure…yeah…it’s ready.

H-hello! Welcome back!

Good morning. I’ll have the usual.

Of course! One no foam skim milk tea late coming up! And the usual croissant.

Thank you. *Levi sits down*

Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit.


Zankyou no Terror stage play - pictures from today’s Valentine’s talk with the cast members! : ) Everyone had lots of fun; and apparently, Ryunosuke Matsumura is quite good at falling asleep within seconds. (*^▽^*)

The ZnT event itself continues until 6th March (i. e. until the stage play is over) - so there’s plenty of time to buy the new merchandise, watch the episodes again (episode 1 was streamed today) and eat all those delicious-looking dishes.

Moreover, Ryunosuke has updated his blog, saying that Valentine’s Day is really wonderful - it gives you an extra amount of courage to say thanks, to repay debts and to tell someone that you like him / her.
He also writes that it’s his first time to participate in an event while wearing glasses - he had a great time, the atmosphere was nice and he actually tried all the ZnT inspired dishes. (*^▽^*)

He also writes that it’s very refreshing to talk to an audience that’s right in front of you and not behind a computer screen. And he actually received many letters and chocolates, so he is very thankful!

That said, happy Valentine’s Day to everyone who celebrates it! : )

Sources: Megumi’s twitter / Masyu’s twitter / Mitsuaki’s twitter / Katsuhiko’s twitter

the season two fic rec list you didn’t know you needed

  • all suckers, they will cease to exist (Mickey likes Gallagher’s fucking weed pancakes. Goddammit.)

  • if he’s the moon, i’m eclipsed (the one where Ian is blind, and falls in love with Mickey’s voice. it’s set in s2 AND IT COUNTS AND EVERYONE SHOULD READ IT.)

  • sick leaves and soup (So Ian isn’t in the store. Big deal, Mickey thinks. He can handle the counter by himself- it isn’t exactly rocket science. He doesn’t want to, but he can.)

  • summer sun, something’s begun (Ian talked to Linda, and he got Mickey a job at the place he got shot. Just like he said he would.)

  • take me back to the middle (Mickey’s blue tank top stays the same, but Ian Gallagher is different. Time for round two.)

  • remember those late night phone calls (It’s 4:12am, Ian wakes up to a phone call from Mickey.)

  • suddenly i’m on the hook (In which Mickey has a one-track mind and Ian is more of an evil genius than he gets credit for (which isn’t saying all that much.)

  • why can’t i get, just one kiss  (Mickey had developed a penchant for the hot candy and Ian had developed one for watching him eat it. Truthfully, Ian had become somewhat fixated on Mickey’s mouth and all it’s habits, attempting to decode them like some sort of secret communication.)

  • things to lose, things to take (He takes a drink, wishing there was more alcohol left in the bottle, not only for an extra buzz but so he could have a little more time to put a plan together. He wouldn’t have predicted it when he left his house today but apparently it’s going to be a night of firsts all around.)

  • share a smoke, make a joke (Theirs was a strange dynamic but Ian had learned to understand it, or hoped he did anyway. He was pretty sure Mickey wanted the same things he did, but he wasn’t ready for it yet, and even though Ian was, always had been, he knew better than to push too hard. Sometimes he felt guilty for wanting so much of Mickey’s time but lately it seemed like Mickey was giving it to him willingly.)

  • still afraid of flying, but with you i’d die today (Mickey comes to a stop in front of the garbage can, ripping the stupid mask from his head and tossing it inside. He pauses for a moment, gazes down at the gun in his hand, willing the moisture in his eyes away. He isn’t going to do this. He can’t.)

  • not-boyfriend (Mandy loved her brother, but she wished he’d piss off for a little while longer so she could keep talking to Ian openly about his love life.)

  • summer (Summer was Ian’s favourite time of the year.He loved being outside. He loved nature – even if it was only the little patches of grass they had in their lawns. He loved it when they put the pool up so they could spend hours in it, keeping cool while still enjoying the sun, and he loved the cliché of a summer romance.)
Everything That’s Wrong With A Little Chaos

Bellarke AU Week: Day 3 (a day late!) Crossover , Jurassic World AU 

Here on Ao3

Clarke runs the park, Bellamy trains the raptors, and since their divorce they’re not exactly friendly with each other. But an Indominus on the loose and Octavia’s kids missing means they’ll need to work together.

“Enjoy your second honeymoon, I got this, O,” Bellamy said glancing at the twins, offering his hand for a high five to each of the eight year olds. “Archie, tell your mom you love her, then pass the phone to Poppy, I gotta do a thing.” He gave the phone to his nephew and walked over to the raptor paddock. He looked over his shoulder to verify the kids were out of earshot then gave Lexa a look.

“It’s going to happen, you had to know that eventually we’d get here,” the woman spoke confidently, like the decisions were already made.

“Leave my animals alone,” he snapped when she got too close to Blue in the muzzle.

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Analysis Time!!!!

If you haven’t yet seen the two-part Lemonhope episode, I suggest you watch it before reading this because it is super awesome! :D

[ [ [ SPOILERS BELOW ] ] ]

I want to talk about this extra weird scene at the end of Lemonhope part two which everyone seems to be confused about. Aside from Princess Bubblegum singing (!!!!!), this scene is especially interesting because it is our first glimpse into the future of the Land of Ooo!

As is well established in canon, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake takes place roughly 1000 years in the future relative to today. Ooo is the world one millennium after a global nuclear holocaust which destroys human civilization. Many times throughout the series we see shots of decimated cities, dud nuclear warheads, toxic waste, and all other sorts of destruction.

However, this scene takes place an additional 1000 years later, 2000 years after the Mushroom War.

At the end of the episode, PB sings to Finn the song she wrote about Lemonhope’s brave return to free the Lemon people. Unfortunately his return is short lived. Instead of ruling Lemongrab as a champion, he decides to wander off until he’s “tired of being free” in “a thousand years I guess.” Then, as Princess Bubblegum sings, we see an old Lemonhope wandering the Land of Ooo far in the future.

Just like his time in the desert, he is completely naked, except now he has boots, dreads, and a water pouch strapped to his chest so he won’t be thirsty again. Additionally he has a red forcefield surrounding his body. It’s unclear what the practical purpose of this forcefield is besides being a direct metaphor for the emotional walls that Lemonhope puts up between himself and others.

In the second and third pictures we see what was formerly Finn and Jake’s treehouse. Originally planted on Shoko’s irradiated body, the ancient mutant tree is now massive, piercing straight through the cloud layer. In the background we see what was formerly the Ice Kingdom, no longer icy. Because the Ice Kingdom’s iciness is a direct effect of the Ice King’s residence, we can infer that either the Ice King no longer lives there, he has moved, or the magical crown which supplies his powers has been destroyed. (Maybe because of something Betty does?) :O

In the fourth picture, Lemonhope begins walking towards a destroyed city reminiscent of the type of destruction we see in “Simon and Marcy.” Except, as Lemonhope proceeds, it’s clear that this isn’t human wreckage… Out in the fields there are futuristic vehicles, broken and long abandoned.

In the ruined futuristic city, Lemonhope is completely alone. We can see the original Candy castle now shadowed by tall buildings; these are the ruins of the Candy Kingdom!! The lamp posts look like candy canes, there are lollipops hoisted on the sides of a buildings, and candy corns printed on a sign. There is even candy corn insignia adorning the wings of the vehicles in the previous image.

Obviously at some point the Candy Kingdom moved from using candy as raw material for buildings to using more traditional materials like concrete and metal. The once flourishing tree atop the castle (where the Lich was once imprisoned) is now barren. With the aircraft crashed in the fields, and the buildings of the Candy Kingdom falling to pieces, it’s clear that everything was once again destroyed in some catastrophic war. “A war with whom?” you might ask, but you could ask the same question about the Mushroom War. It doesn’t matter; the world destroyed itself again. The writers are making a comment on the inevitable end of all civilizations: self-annihilation.

Lemonhope eventually makes his way to the old Lemonfort, which neighbors the Candy Kingdom. Surprisingly, it is completely untouched by time! Undoubtably a result of Lemonhope’s decision to abandon Lemongrab. The Lemon people are gone from Lemongrab, meaning that immediately after the events of the episode they must have immigrated to the Candy Kingdom, left for elsewhere, or died.

Lemonhope walks through the fort and enters, for the first time, the room which Princess Bubblegum prepared for him. Everyone has gone, but it’s clear why he has returned. Having had his fill of freedom, having spent a thousand years alone, away from his people and those who care about him, he lets down his forcefield; the emotional walls he built around himself that constituted his true prison. Though in each shot so far the skies were gray and hazy, the sun shines in through the window. He then lies on his bed, close to the things that Bubblegum made for him out of motherly love, and smiles, because he has become truly free.

Thanks! I hope you enjoyed my analysis! :D If you have any ideas or further observations, I’d love to hear what you have to say. :)

HEY LOVELIES! So, one year ago today I started Grump Quote of the Day as a sideblog from my main blog, hunt-trophy-hunters. I swear if I had any idea it would have gotten this big one year later, I would have taken about 10 extra minutes to think of a cooler name.

At the time, I was working at home, writing my first novel: Hour 23. It was a daily ritual to stop what I was doing and eat lunch with the afternoon episode. Then, at the end of the day, I’d call it quits and watch the evening episode. I learned what many, many, many (3 million to be exact) others learned: Grumps episodes are hilarious, ten minute escapes from reality, where you can just kick back and watch two genuinely funny and nice dudes shit all over a game for a little bit. 

                           (Pictured Above: The Very First Post)

I started the blog for the same reason I keep it today: just as a place to keep my favorite grump moments. The early days were mostly text, but then I’d find some truly funny moments don’t translate well to text and are even better as audio, and some make as a funny video, and some are great as gifs…so the blog has evolved into a hodgepodge of all of those things. I insist on keeping the lame name, though, despite the shift away from only text posts. GQotD has just stuck with me.

So, here we are, one year and 25,000 followers later. This blog continues to be a favorite hobby of mine. I’ve gotten to know some very cool people here. Some of us are friends on PSN or Nintendo and play games together. Some of you have read one or two of my books. We’ve talked about favorite good times, bad times, jokes, and nonsense. I never get tired of logging in, finding some great artwork to reblog, posting a favorite moment, or just browsing the things others have posted; and, even though life is getting busier I will always try to update at least once a day. Thank you all so much for following and sharing in the good times; now grab a slice of cake and have a great day, lovelies. You deserve it.


Its Friday

Today i would be logging onto tumblr ecstatic to see all the amazing new gifs, edits and ridiculous jokes about the show from the night before. I’d rewatch the preview for the next episode a thousand times looking for clues as to whats in store for us next. 

Today I would groan as I restart my weekly mental countdown to next Thursday. I would read theories and join in the speculation of whats in store for all of our favorite characters. Who will pick sides, who will fight whom, and who will finally lose their battle. I would go to bed each night anxious for the next day so I could be just one more day closer to Thursday. 

Today i woke up empty. For the first time in a long time I missed the episode. There is no more countdown. No more excitement to log on and begin obsessing over new gifs and jokes. There’s no more witty banter over whether or not Clarke will finally tell Lexa the candles must go. No more watching thos two idiots being so extra around each other and wondering who’s going to be the one to make the next move that makes my heart jump out of my chest with happiness. No more watching these two teenage girls enjoying eachothers presense in this post apocalyptic world where no one cares who loves who. No more feeling connected to the most amazing character I’ve ever had the pleasure of falling in love with. 

I lost all of that the day that Lexa died.  I lost a part of me. 

3/7/16 will forever be the saddest part of television history.