but i wasnt really satisfied with it


“.. If you experience that moment, it’ll really get you hooked on volleyball.”

Tsukishima Kei ,for my birthday girl Nad ♡

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What's your favorite episode in Gravity Falls? (personally)

if i were to pick an ultimate fave?? it would probably be the finale i mean cmon, it has that heartbreakingly wonderful sacrifice that got hinted at throughout the whole damn show and yet everyone still got a happy ending!

i remember right before it aired i really didnt want gf to pull a disney death, have that sacrifice then just take it away, but honestly??? im so glad??? idk what i wouldve done if stan had never gotten his memories back. i mean sure i was a lil disappointed that they returned so quickly but i had always hoped that it at least took that last week for it all to come back, lo n behold the journal confirmed that! so that made it even better. plus uh, it was nice to see ford get what he deserved? the whole losing stan bit, but he still really worked hard to fix it and was a good brother!! he was given a second chance and now theyre both happy!!! im so glad my boys are happy. tbh i probably wouldnt still be in this fandom if it wasnt for that immensely satisfying ending


Heres some concept drawing for my reverse AU of Bendy and the Ink Machine (Which i think i’ll call BORIS and the Ink Machine. Creative name, i know :P.)

Now, as to be expected, Boris wasnt the one who was killed, but obviously hes grown more mean and angry over the years. Though like in the main AU, Bendy is resurrected by Boris, but this didnt really satisfy. In fact, nothing seemed to satisfy him anymore, and everything seemed to aggravate him. Like in my main AU, Bendy is mute now thanks to the price of resurrection, but he does get reduced down, thanks to Boris’s harsh attitude. Bendy doesnt really know WHAT to do when Boris gets angry (which is all the time), so he usually allows himself to be pushed around. Nonetheless, he still has hope that the old Boris is still in there….somewhere…..

Again, if u have any questions about the AU, feel free to ask :3!

I wasnt really productive today :U
All I did was cleaning my room and think of Campaigns for School
Plus trying some more HORSE STYLES

I totally recommend doing this as an exercise to every artist who is a little frustrated with their art right now. Nothing is more uplifting and satisfying than trying to master a different style, FREAKIN GO FOR IT GUYS

I should continue working on homework for another hour before i go to bed

(and yes, I used ayasha for every style.)

hi, this is really important ! please dont scroll past. i think its time that the fandom really had a talk about its most toxic abuser… ocelot.

as a mentally ill abuse survivor its incredibly concerning to me to see so many ppl in the mgs fandom blindly supporting and even identifying as the character revolver ocelot… this is not ok. hes canonically a murderer, torturer, an abuser and a RAPIST, and there are many pedophilic undertones in how hes written. maybe a lot of ppl havent actually played the games, and dont know about this content. but im going to write it all out for you and hopefully youll realize that yr supporting rape and abuse by apologizing for the things ocelot does :/

im not even going to focus on all the times ocelot is shown to murder or torture ppl… im sure everyone knows abt that, but i would remind you that hes canonically a sadist who ENJOYS torture.

anyway, lets start with mgs1….

in mgs1, if snake submits to ocelot’s torture, you get a scene where ocelot says hes going to rape meryl:

“The torture will stop as I promised… But I’ll take the woman in return. I’ll have my fun with her… before I kill her.”

you might be able to say that this is just a threat and empty words to upset snake (tbh this is really some apologist rape culture stuff to even go there as your first response to this, but i wont even get into that) if not for this later scene in the meryl ending, where meryl heavily implies that she had to endure stuff “worse than” torture:


S: Meryl… it must have been terrible.
M: It wasn’t that bad. I didn’t give in to the torture.
S: Torture?
M:  … And things even worse than that…

i think its pretty clear in light of what ocelot says in the other clip what things "even worse than that” means….

ive seen some people claim that this isnt in the japanese version of the script, but thats not true. i speak japanese so lets look at the JP version and ill translate as literally as i can.

スネーク: メリル?メリル、大丈夫か? (Meriru? Meriru, daijoubu ka?)
Meryl? Meryl, are you okay?

メリル: 大丈夫か、しか言えないの・・・? (Daijoubu ka, shika ienai no…?)
“Are you okay”? Is that all you can say?

スネーク: メリル、つらい思いをさせた。(Meriru, tsurai omoi wo saseta.)
Meryl… you had a terrible experience.

メリル: いいえ、つらくはなかったわ。奴等の拷問に私、屈しなかった。(Iie, tsuraku wa nakatta wa. Yatsura no goumon ni watashi, kusshinakatta.)
No, it didn’t get that bad. I didn’t give in to their torture.

スネーク: 拷問?(Goumon?)

メリル: それ以上のひどいことも・・・。私も闘ってたの、あなたと同じように。(Sore ijou no hidoi koto mo… Watashi mo tatakattetano, anata to onaji you ni.)
And things more cruel than that… I was fighting too, the same as you.

this is pretty much just how it was translated in the english version. its not explicit, she doesnt come out and exactly say I WAS RAPED, but with ocelots rape threat earlier in the game its very clear what she means… ocelot at the very least ordered her to be raped, if not partook in the act himself, which he probably did because he CANONICALLY is a sadist who enjoys torture. yes, ocelot is gay, but you dont have to be attracted to someone to rape them…

heres a scene in mgs3 where ocelot gropes eva without her consent:
yes, hes touching her breasts because hes trying to figure out who she is and not for gratification….. but it still displays that he has NO CONCERN for eva’s sexual boundaries. thats SEXUAL ASSAULT.

and of course later in this same scene where ocelot proclaims his interest in torture…

so ocelot is canonically a rapist and a sexual assaulter… thats undeniable. but theres also a lot that implies that ocelot is an abuser, and it doesnt take a lot to conclude that he groomed solid snake and liquid snake for problematic purposes :/

for instance, look at this convo between kaz and ocelot in mgsv where kaz accuses ocelot of getting off on torturing eli, an 11-12 y/o child:


K: Ocelot. You get too many kicks from your “art of interrogation”.
O: It’s not a matter of art. It’s about quick, minimal strokes of psychological warfare. That’s what gets the answers. And it’s the best way to keep both questioner and subject safe. The risks only increase the more an interrogation drags on. At that point, it causes as much pain for the inflicter as the inflicted.
K: Hmph. Like I said, too many kicks.

obviously kaz is far from an unbiased observer here, but we know ocelot. it’s not at all unreasonable that he’d think this. whats most notable about this is that ocelot doesnt even deny the accusation… he goes on and on abt how his method is the best and does say he wont “go overboard”, but he doesnt actually contradict kaz’s accusation that he’d get off on torturing a child :/

then later on when ocelot finally does interrogate eli, the way he touches him is very uncomfortable:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMiO7vVStAQ&t=30s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMiO7vVStAQ&t=52s

what reason does ocelot have to violate elis personal space like this? its not explicitly sexual but in light of all his other behaviors its very questionable…

theres more stuff that ocelot does, too, thats not so easy to point out w specific clips. like the fact that ocelot spends the entirety of mgsv abusing kaz.

i think its pretty clear that ocelot has romantic feelings for big boss (he outright says so here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-KQOMGsf0M&t=4m03s, plus lots of other things to support it, im sure i dont have to dig that up to convince ppl on tumblr at least lol), but its not so obvious that big boss ever reciprocated them. imo, he didnt… theres really no point where big boss is shown having any feelings like that for ocelot. i think this is a lot clearer in the japanese version, the english version actually seems to have made their relationship MORE familiar. for example, big boss actually never calls ocelot adam in the truth tapes… he calls him “junior” (furigana over “son of the boss”). i sure hope big boss wouldnt call his lover “junior”….


オセ:では……ジョン。9年間忘れたことはなかったが私はしばらくあなたを忘れます。(Dewa… John. Kyuunen kan wasureta koto wa nakatta ga watashi wa shibaraku anata wo wasuremasu.)
Well… John. I haven’t forgotten you in nine years, but I will forget you soon.
ボス:ザ・ボスの息子(ジュニア)。また頼む。(Junia. Mata tanomu.)
Junior… I’ll rely on you again.

also something i think that backs me up is how ocelot speaks to bb in these tapes… he uses very polite and formal language with him. he doesnt speak like this anywhere else in the game, not even to venom… he uses ore pronouns and casual/masculine speech usually. but when talking to bb it totally changes. he uses masu form, deferential language, and watashi, which is very formal/feminine for a male character to say. it’s very respectful but also not intimate. this is the way you talk to a stranger or your superior. he clearly respects big boss, but doesnt consider himself to have the right to use familiar speech with him. i think its really unlikely that a male character would be written in japanese speaking to his lover this way…

so, if ocelot is in love with big boss, but big boss doesnt return his feelings, i think this speaks a lot to the subtext of his behavior in the games. we know that despite this ocelot dedicates his whole life to bb… he even dies for him… so i think that really sheds some light on what he does to kaz in mgsv.

theres a lot more evidence that bb had a more intimate relationship w kaz (see: the entire sauna tape, date with kaz… basically, the whole of peace walker), and i think its clear that ocelot was jealous. he didnt overtly attack or insult kaz but thats exactly his MO… long manipulative conspiracies meant to take people down without them even realizing.

if you look at all of their interactions theres a revealing pattern in how ocelot speaks to kaz. he more or less does everything he can to undermine kaz in front of bb (venom). he contradicts kaz constantly, and sets himself up as the “rational voice” always. he negs kaz for being “too emotional”. this really is basically gaslighting… he puts up a civil front but in everything he says and does hes undermining kazs authority and the validity of his emotions. he’s trying to make kaz feel hysterical and invalid and worthless. its abusive.

i have no doubt that ocelot was a big factor in withholding the truth about v from kaz, too. the way he speaks to kaz in their post-credits scene, he seems really self-satisfied hearing how devastated kaz is to learn the truth. almost like he’s gloating. he knew that hiding it and then telling kaz later would totally destroy bb and kaz’s relationship, and he enjoyed doing it. he took away everything that kaz had and left him emotionally destroyed. just killing kaz wasnt enough, that’s how petty and vindictive and sick ocelot is.

lets not forget about the fact that ocelot was involved in les enfants terribles. in light of everything else ocelot does i find this so suspect. i dont think its really a reach to conclude that he had an ulterior motive getting involved in that project. big boss didnt return his feelings, but what if he could groom david or eli to?

in the post-credits scene with kaz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziCAzVuyJX0 ocelot more or less says that hes going to spend the rest of his life watching over david and eli. ocelot probably had a lot more involvement in eli’s life that we never saw but thats a lot of speculation… there is one concrete thing that proves ocelot was probably attracted to bb’s sons though. in mgs4, during the final fight, where he kisses snake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJ7zCUeEN_M&t=47s

and before you say that this is liquid ocelot and not ocelot, this kiss scene can ONLY trigger in the part of the liquid ocelot fight where it calls back to mgs3 and ocelot is coming back to himself. AFTER he’s been injecting himself with nanomachine suppressors and undoing the liquid brainwashing. he ONLY wants to kiss solid snake after his identity returns…

so, you dont think its a little bit messed up that this man participated in a project to clone a man who hes canonically attracted to… and then displays attraction to his children too??? ocelot helped make david and eli. he’s basically one of his parents. he helped raise them, directly and later indirectly. how is this not child grooming? ocelot loved big boss, but was rejected by big boss, then involved himself in a science experiment to clone him, then spent the rest of his life watching over and shaping the lives of these kids. umm….

i mean, think about it… what do you think ocelot got out of les enfants terribles? why would ocelot, who is otherwise so loyal to big boss that he would and does die for him, betray him like that?

kind of problematic, huh. :/

ocelot tortured people. he murdered people. he raped meryl, and probably others too. he destroyed kaz’s life out of jealousy. i think ocelot probably abused liquid, and likely solidus too.  

i think ocelot is an interesting character… but hes a really bad person. i think if you look at all of this and try to defend him or even identify AS him… you kinda need to take a look at yourself imo. either you’re claiming that you too are a murderer, a sadist, a rapist, and an abuser, or you’re an apologist, erasing every horrible thing that ocelot did. whats wrong with you?

One Piece 871

Overall, I’m satisfied with the new chapter.

I feel some type of way because Stussy wasn’t the type of bad that I thought she was, but it’s okay. I still love her and am now even more excited about her character. Now there are two characters that I really like in CP0. Fuck.

And I’m happy with Luffy saying that he’ll come back to defeat Big Mom because now it doesn’t feel like they’re running away because they’re not strong enough or anything like that. It feels like they’re just taking a rain check. And I’m okay with that.

Also, Morgans is precious. I love that bird.

All I want from the next chapter now is to see Judge’s eyebrows.

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Sorry if you answered this already, I looked and couldn't find if you had, but what did you mean when you said you wanted to retcon some stuff from chapter one? Are you going to be taking down any pages that are up already?

im not really satisfied with how chapter one turned out. ill be honest, when it was written it didn’t go the direction i had anticipated. but to change a few things in the beginning would alter how a lot of things in the early chapters unfold. also the story just really drags in the beginning and it could have been done in way less pages.

i already have rewritten the parts i wasnt satisfied with for the most part and i tried to keep it so only chapter 1 and a few pages into chapter 2 would change storywise. i also just really don’t like how those pages were drawn and wanna overhaul it before it ever gets printed, mostly before i give it to the guys. they dont need to see that……

i think i will keep the original pages up though since so many people have already seen them. if i were to publish it i would probably replace the old pages but still have them included as like an extra thing to show how it started but im still debating on it. its gonna take me a while to do it and i won’t just drop it on yall out of nowhere

i dont wanna keep going on about this on twitter lol but i just need to get all this out. ive never been so cut up about a famous person dying before, ive been crying/holding back tears all day.. it sounds so melodramatic but i almost feel like i lost a family member. linkin park is basically the root of everything for me getting into music. i looked up to chester (and mike) a lot from like age 10, i was a full on stan in my early/preteens and listened to their music on repeat, constantly watched the dvd i had of them, drew fan art, dug into their obscure b-sides, artwork, behind the scenes, everything.

i’ve joked before that they were like my “musical dads” but perhaps thats ringing more true to me now that i look back on how important they were to me as a kid whose dad wasnt really around… idk why i’ve always been drawn to sonically darker/sadder music, even as a child, but LP satisfied that in me. my first “listening on repeat bc i need to feel these feelings” band.

i had my lil “too cool” phase a few years back but i’ve basically loved them and been inspired by them, as artists and people, for the past 15 years. i dont feel the need to qualify that with “even though they were kinda corny/uncool/lame” or whatever. that’s not how it is to me. just…. feelings from music

no but listen, i want a scene where lucas and maya are going back and forth, trading insults and what not then lucas just goes “whatever, you thought i was cute when you first met me” and maya has nothing to say because she still thinks he’s cute and she’s been caught off guard and wasnt prepared for him to bring that up and she just gets really flustered and storms out the room while lucas is left with a satisfied smirk on his face

Back To Last December

The idea behind this is, everyone’s perception of December and the festive time, are supposed to be happy times, with the person you love by your side surrounded by friends and family. But what if you don’t have that special someone? What if December and the festive times are just full of memories to you? What if the thought of December just pains you because you regret so much stuff that you did in a previous December? What if?

Genre: who cares?

Word Count: 1618 words

Song(s) used: Last December - Nina Nesbitt and Back To December - Taylor Swift

December, the month where all the festivities commence, the month where all loved ones gather together to celebrate the season of giving. December is the cold month where you spend the cold winter, December nights huddled up infront of the fire with the person you are undeniably in love with. But I guess for me, December is the month where memories of a time that was once better and a time where I was happier start replaying in my mind. And instead of having the person I am undeniably in love with huddled with me in front of the fire, all I have is a blanket that’s too small and my own thoughts. So I guess for me this year, December is a sad month instead of a joyous month.

But i guess sadness, fall outs and breakups are basically inevitable and I should just accept the fact that I no longer have the man that I was deeply in love with, by my side anymore. But somethings not letting me let go. He was different to anyone that I’ve ever met. And his name constantly repeats in my head like a chant just repeating ‘Dan, Dan, Dan.’ Dan, Dan was probably the best boyfriend that I ever had. And I’m not saying that I have had a lot of boyfriends, but he was the best one.

When I say that Dan was different, he really was different. He always put me first. He put me first with everything. And I feel like a shitty person looking back on it because Dan was giving me his best, and I gave him my worst. He gave me roses and I left them there to die.

So while I’m walking around the streets of London, trying to focus on getting the presents that my friends and family want, memories of Last December is all I can think of and remember. And if we’re being honest here, I would go back to last December and turn around and make everything alright, I would do it in a heartbeat and I would go back all the time if I could.

‘Arrrghh why am I doing this to myself’ I think to myself. I keep on looking back on everything we shared and it feels like it’s tearing me apart from the inside out. It’s been a while but I don’t think you can fully get over any sort of relationship. You learn to move one but you never really let go. Because when you’re alone, sometimes you’ll see something that reminds you of that person, then you spend the rest of the day and night just thinking about that person, what they may be doing, how they are. 

That was December for me. December always reminded me of Dan, even the thought of December reminded me of him, and then I would just spiral into a black hole of memories and all I could feel was the horrible feeling of regret

I get urges to just knock on his door and apologise for everything that ive done, but sometimes I feel like its a bit too late. I mean, it has been a year but people are always telling me that it’s never too late to do anything. So why am I doubting my urges and thoughts?

I walk around London aimlessly, lost in my thoughts when I hear my name being called out. I turn around and see two tall figures about 20 feet away from me. Dan and Phil. I smile at them as Phil walks up to me, Dan trailing nervously behind him. Oh god.

“Hey, how have you been?” Phil asks, wrapping me in a tight hug. Ive always loved Phil’s hugs, they always make me feel so much better.

“I’ve been great, actually. I finally got the promotion at work. How about you guys? What have you guys been doing lately?” I guess I didnt really lie, but i didnt tell the truth either. I have been great, but I havent. And I got that promotion because I just threw myself into my work, something I had never done before, just to keep me distracted.

“We’ve been pretty good. Just finishing up some last minute Christmas shopping. Congrats on the promotion! You should’ve told me sooner, we could’ve had this bug huge celebration!” Phil answers. I havent heard a peep out of Dan this whole time. He probably just doesnt want to talk to me, or doesnt know what to say.

“Hahaha, oh no, I didnt want to bother you or anything with that, when i got it, i thought it wasnt as important as I originally thought would be.” And then therea nothing else any of us could say. Phil just stood there and nodded when I finished my sentance ans Dan looked like he wanted the whole world to swallow him up. Finally Phil speaks up.

“So (Y/n), we were just about to go and find somewhere to eat, would you like to join us?” And as soon as he said that, Dan shot him a look, meaning something like 'Phil what the actual fuck are you doing?’

“Oh no thank you. I wouldn’t want to feel like I was intruding. Thank you for the offer though.” Phil scrunched his eyebrows together, probably not satisfied with your answer. He wasnt going to take no for an answer.

“No it’s completely fine. Plus, we have so much to catch up on. Please? It would be lovely to have a nice chat with you, that isnt on the pathway.” Phil pleads. I giggle a little at his desperation, but I guess it would be nice to chat to him, and possibly Dan, I guess. So onwards we go, to a small little restaurant. It was really nice.

We ordered our food and Phil and I chatted like we usually would. But the atmosphere around us was still quite tense, I guess it was because Dan was there, and he probably hasnt forgiven me for basically shattering his heart. But, i wouldnt forgive me either, and I havent forgiven myself. Why would I?

“Excuse me guys, sorry I just need to go to the loo, be back in a bit” Phil announced and my heart started beating profusely in my chest. Dan and I were going to be alone, and I had no idea what is going to happen? Will we talk? Will the atmosphere still bd tense and awkward? I guess I’ll have to find that out for myself.

“Okay Phil, have fun i guess?” And then he left. I looked at Dan and gave him a nervous smile, he just looked down. I sighed, not even bothering to try and hold a conversation with him. There was no point. But I guess I’m glad that hes still here, I guess I’m glad that he didnt walk away as soon as the invitation to lunched popped up.

But I understand why he’s being closed off. I’m his ex-girlfriend. I broke his heart. The last time that he saw me, that memory still burns in the back of his mind. Because god knows it still burns in the back of my mind.

“Soooooooo” I finally hear Dan say. I look towards him and he looks nervous “Is there anything specific you would like to talk about?”

“Hows your parents? Hows life for you?” I ask. He’s conservative and closed off with his answers, but I guess its better than nothing. We just small talk, work and the weather until Phil gets back.

“Sorry guys, there was this weird guy in there who kept talking to me as he was peeing. I couldnt get out of thr conversation.” Phil told us, and Dan and I laughed, probably the first time hes laughed today. “Well it seems that we’re finished. So im going to go and pay the bill, you two stay here, and no, im not letting you help pay the bill.” Phil quickly gets up and leaves before I could basically throw my money at him.

I look at Dan again and I cant help but feel like I should apologise, because I actually havent yet. But I’m gonna swallow my pride.

“Hey uh, Dan?” I start, he turns and looks towards me with a facial expression full of question. “I uh, I guess this is me swallowing my pride, and what I really want to say is that I’m sorry for everything that’s happened. I havent been able to apologise yet, so this is me apologising. And so you know, I would go back and change everything.” I said truthfully, apologising. It felt great to finally get it off my chest. And Dan, he genuinely smiled at me, nodding his head.

“You shouldnt be the only one apologising. I can only blame myself for the way that things happened. But I accept your apology. And im happy that you decided to tag along today.” And we sat there smiling knowing that everything between us is okay and everything between us in the future will be okay

fairy tail 429

I’M LATE I KNOW ;-; okay, hopefully this one doesn’t crash 98% in the process.honestly i almost cried and now i have to retype everything fml.  this is gonna be pretty brief i think & i’ll also be splitting chapter 429&430 in to two different recaps LOL just cause. okay warning, swearing and a lot of caps lot ahead, enjoy?

OKAY, not even gonna lie when i saw that lucy was okay and not in a state of pain and anguish I WAS UPSET. 

LIKE MASHIMA WHY WHY WHY WHY. i’m sorry for letting out this sadistic and cruel thought but like, i felt like there was so much tension, anxiety, and stress built up from her torture in last chapter and it just seemed like it would be a significant thing, y'know? like natsu was chained and goin crazy on the side, the avatar assholes came in their formation LMAO and i don’t know, i thought it would’ve felt more satisfying if we saw how that scene ended and such. like i know fans went really deep with their predictions of “code” blue, connecting it to that hospital emergency when clearly it wasnt- it literally stood for grays hair colour oh my god
DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON CODE BLUE OH MY FRICKEN SHIT MAN. SOOOOO many people had such great and indepth guesses as to what would happen, but it was literally right underneath our noses. it was his hair colour. HAIR COLOUR. and here we had people thinking she’d get a cardiac arrest. like they honestly don’t relate at all 
i felt like chapter 428 gained so much hype, with the whole torturing of lucy, seeing gray do his grammy award winning acting like damn, and aswell as finding out that Gajevy have been together, and lots of other things. it was well jampacked. like i thought it would be a great start to an angsty mysterious typa arc- ACTUALLY, it’s never too late, AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT

i’m a cruel and sadistic bastard!! 

ALSO, did anyone else notice this

in the first picture, which was the colour picture we see that natsu doesnt have any bandages on, and it’s clearly seen that he has no tattoos then in the following page he has drawn bandages. do you think mashima made a mistake? i hope so omg. i’ve always thought that he would have those black marks on there, i mean everyone does. right? :$ if natsu doesn’t have the black marks i sWEAR

he hAS TO HE HAS TO HE HASS TOOOOO ;-; serIOUSLYYY. omg this could be the plot twist, since Gray can control his, Natsu can’t OoOoOoOOO BITCHES YAS. I AM SO  HYPED FOR THIS YES. LIKE IT WOULDN’T BE IMPOSSIBLE?? i mean, natsu didn’t seem to have a whole lot of contact with the rest of the world -except for guildarts in the beginning- if he did, then he would’ve known about Fairy Tail- Fiore’s Most Famous Guild being disbanded. and since he wears his guild mark proudly, some people would’ve asked about it wouldn’t they??i mean he’s also well known, people would’ve recognized him if he was just wandering around- but nothing. when he came back, he had no clue.

CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT HOW CUTE NATSU WAS-well i mean his bae was about to get sliced in half but he was so cute :$ WHEN HE WAS TRYING TO SAVE LUCY

and do you see this vein? can you see just how serious he was trying to get her? i feel like natsu isn’t usually drawn with veins going from his neck to his temple. i think it was drawn here to just show how intense he was feeling regarding to saving his friend, his lucy. this was when the axe was going to cut her in half. and with the hollow eyes, ugh that got me. we all know- it’s been tested and proved (with mr. professional actor Gray Fullbuster, and in many other arcs) that those hollow eyes show intensity and just how serious of a dilemma that the person is in. and in this case, it’s lucy that he’s trying to save. i also can’t help but feel that after leaving her for a year now that he’s finally back, obviously stronger, and seeing her in that position, he feels powerless. and he doesn’t like it, i mean thats why he went out to train, to never lose anyone precious to him ever again. yet we see now that he’s in that position again and just dear gOODNESS MY HEART BLESS NATSU YOU BEAUTIFUL PERSON.


omg. i couldn’t even. like i didn’t know if i should’ve been like “AAAAAAYEEEE” or like “homie u was just the antagonist last week this is cheating stopSERIOUSLY, like i LOVEEEEE GRAY WITH ALL MY DAMN HEART I PROMISE YOU THAT, but i felt like he should’ve carried on with this bad guy act a little longer his gel’d hair is the shit not that i would’ve loved it, but it caused so much controversy within the fandom and everyone was going crazy. it also felt cut a little short? well i guess he was already doing it for 6 months prior, then having his old squad roll in and get involved messed him up and thats adorable. REAL TALK. THATS THE CUTEST SHIT EVER. but rly draggin on bad-gray wouldn’t hurt (that much)

then gray goes and messes his gel’d hair because since he’s done playing the baddie, he don’t need it no more. GRAY LOGIC. 

  • gel - bad guy material
  • black tattoos on one side of the face&entire arm - really bad guy material
  • matching colour scheme with new avatar squad - super bad guy material
  • leaving juvia without a word - fkin satan

well that’s BASICALLY, the vibe i’m getting idk about you.

REAL. when the marks started to fade off his face, i seriously had to look at different scans because i thought i was seeing stuff- i didn’t even get to read Happy’s panel, you don’t even know how confused i was omg then he brings out his phone lacrima thing and oMGALSGMSLG K

IS IT JUST ME OR DOES SHE SEEM EXTRA PRETTY ?? does anyone else also notice that mashima’s art looks a little different? well not different but like he just settling into this style?? or something? like the characters i feel are drawn in a just tad different style ish, not really but it’s kind of the same… okay fuck it, OBVIOUSLY I’M NOT GOOD AT EXPLAINING ART LMAO, BUT DO YOU GET WAHT I’M SAYING? if you don’t message me and we can work through this together LOL.

i’m saving my heart for the part 2 of this (chapter 430), so be prepared homies HAHA

Houston, we’re REALLY gonna have a bad time.

A redo of my most popular post ever! Why, you ask? Because although I am deeply moved by how well received my first one was, I WASNT satisfied with the piece. It didn’t have the intensity that I wanted to convey. But when GarageBand got an update, I decided to give it a second shot. ENJOY!!!!

(My Outertale rendition of Toby Fox’s “Megalovania”)

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