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Bts reaction when they want to go out but you are being lazy and dont want to go out? Thank you great blog great person the whole package!

This request is so cute ;v; I enjoyed making this one and I hope you enjoy reading this because ahhhh this is just too adorable ;v; and also, thank you! You are such a sweetheart! Stay safe and sound! Don’t forget to be happy! Have a nice day~

BTS convincing you to go out

RAPMON - Would be the type to explain to you the pros and cons of accompanying him to the mall. He’d probably hold your hand and tell you that he would be sad if you weren’t going with him.If being sappy doesn’’t work he would point out those times that he accompanied you to go on outings even when he doesn’t want to, which puts you in a guilty situation. In the end, he puts you over his shoulder, whether you like it or not, you’re going to go out with him.

JIN - Seokjin would be in a pouty mess. He’d get your attention with his puppy dog eyes, probably calling you in a cute way. Jin knows how to turn your knobs, he’d probably mention that there’s a 70% sale in your favorite shop or that he just got his pay and that he is willing to spoil you rotten. You’d be up faster than a heartbeat and Jin would have this triumphant smile, he’d make sure to hold your hand tightly, just in case you change your mind.

SUGA - Yoongi rarely wants to go outside, but when he does, he’d make sure to take you along with him. When he sees you lazing about, he’d instantly roll his eyes and try to convince you (in his own way) to go out. But if that doesn’t work, he wouldn’t really need to talk to you about it anyway, he’d carry you to the car himself saying, “Struggling is futile, I want to eat at that place we used to go to.” 

J-HOPE - Once Hoseok hears you reject him, because of your lazy disposition that day, he would annoy you to no end. He would do anything to get you off the bed, even if that means tickling you. It wouldn’t take long for Hoseok to convince you to go out, since his methods would instantly take effect after 5 minutes of him calling your name in a very annoying voice.

V - Taehyung would probably lie down beside you. He’d initiate a conversation with you first. He’d be very touchy and would butter you up to convince you to go out of the house with him. He would pepper you with kisses until you say yes and he wouldn’t take no for answer. Taehyung would even wrap you into a blanket burrito until you agree to going out.

JIMIN - Would just be very giggly and overly nice. Jimin would try to lure you in with cool events in the park or even telling you that there will be a fan meeting of your favorite group. If that doesn’t work, Jimin would also be the type to hold your hard drive filled with tv shows and performances hostage just to get you up and about, so you can accompany him outside.

JUNGKOOK - Jungkook could easily tell that you weren’t up for anything that leads to walking and spending money that day. He would be the type to pump you up with excitement, tugging your hand and even giving you small pecks on your cheeks. If that doesn’t work, he’d pull out some of his sweaters or shirts that you like so much and tell you, “I’ll let you wear them if you go out to the mall with me today!”