but i was trying to not make this insanely long

i need a famous ship where they’re both insanely busy with album recordings & red carpets & tours & they’re trying to make this whole long distance relationship work but with the time differences & going months without seeing each other it’s difficult, not to mention all the rumors & shit. but then there’s all the cute things like showing up on tour to surprise each other & going to award shows together & just finally seeing each other again after going so long with only facetime dates, missed calls, & late night texts to get them by. honestly idek where i’m going with this i just know that i really want it ??? but like this or message me & we can figure everything out k cool

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Headcanons of Sidon with an s/o that likes physical contact pls? No nsfw, just like casually grabbing his hand or tracing patterns over his arm. Btw I really like your blog ♥

Omigosh I am that s/o, I have so much skin hunger it’s insane.

And thank you very much sweety

S/o that loves physical contact (Sidon)

  • This should go without saying
    • Sidon is delighted
  • Sidon loves loves LOVES physical contact
    • Hand-holding is his weakness
    • So is hugging
    • And holding
    • And kisses
    • And- you get the point
  • So long as they don’t overdo it at something important- like trying to make out in the middle of a royal event, he’s cool with pda.
  • Every Zora ever has had to gag at some point or another from how sugary sweet they are with each other.
    • They love it and are happy their prince is happy
    • But still
Killing Stalking: Ch. 14

I’m really curious what Bum’s feelings for Sang Woo are at the moment. He clearly still wants to escape and he’s clearly uncomfortable with some of the affection Sangwoo shows him, but does he still “love” him? He definitely still has a physical attraction to him, but emotionally I’m not sure. I would hope he doesn’t, since that’ll only make it easier for Sangwoo to manipulate him, but it’s entirely possible that he does, since Bum was insanely obsessed with Sangwoo.

I was a little confused about that scene at the store at first because I thought it was the perfect moment for Bum to try to get away. Bum seems like he thinks about getting away at first, but then ultimately starts calling out for Sangwoo. I wondered why he’d do that, but now I think about it, it could be because Bum’s had no human contact for however long Sangwoo’s had him locked up. As much as it sucks, Bum literally hasn’t had anyone but Sang Woo to rely on. In Bum’s tortured state, it’s not unbelievable that Bum would panic out of some sort of sense of abandonment. It could be a dependency thing.

As for Sang Woo, he’s definitely attached to Bum. From the start, I’ve been convinced that Sang Woo has some sort of Oedipus complex and Bum reminds him of his mother, which is why he kept him alive. I’m unsure if Sang Woo killed his mother, but regardless, I think he sees Bum as a replacement for her.

I wondered why Sang Woo would take such a huge risk taking Bum outside the house. Even if not many people were around, there’s the chance that Bum could escape. I’m assuming Sangwoo doesn’t actually want to get caught, so why would he take the chance? I’ve seen people theorizing that Sangwoo’s taking Bum to the party so his friends could rape him, but I definitely don’t think that’s going to happen. Sang Woo’s become attached to Bum and wants to keep him around. Sang Woo seems like he’d be a possessive person who’d see Bum as an object that is his and I don’t think he’d allow other people to violate Bum, but I could be wrong. Who knows what Sangwoo might do.

Slight spoilers for Ch 15.

I originally thought Sangwoo was going to take Bum out to the party as another one of his “tests”. I thought he wanted to test if Bum will remain loyal to him and not rat him out. I haven’t read chapter 15, but I’ve seen some pictures of it, and it doesn’t look like Sangwoo’s friends have any plans on treating Bum well.

Now I’m starting to think that that’s all part of Sangwoo’s calculated plan. Sangwoo seems fairly intelligent. He knows there’s a risk Bum will tell someone what’s happening to him, but Sangwoo also knows that he’s friends with some shitty people. He’s probably counting on his friends treating Bum like trash and ignoring any potential pleas for help. When his friends ultimately do absolutely nothing to help Bum, Sangwoo probably wants to drive home the point that no one wants to help Bum and no one cares about him (feeding on the fact that Bum probably already feels this way due to his past). Sang Woo’s already declared that he want’s Bum to stay with him forever, so if Bum see’s that no one cares, maybe he’ll really want to stay with Sangwoo. Thoughts of escaping might disappear completely. It could all be a part of Sangwoo’s game of manipulation to make it look like he’s a viable option for Bum.

Edit: I’ve been told that the people in ch.15 are not Sangwoo’s friends, so we’ll see what happens Sangwoo’s friends later, but I still stand by my theory that taking Bum out is Sangwoo’s plan to convince Bum that no one cares and no one’s planning on saving him. Either that or Sangwoo is too far gone and is is getting stupid and sloppy.

Oh, Sister - Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Originally posted by skyexwanda

Words: 1020
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Warnings: none?
Requested by anon
I love your imagines soooo much <3 You are an amazing writer :) Can I request an imagine with Pietro where reader is Natasha’s sister and is dating Pietro and they’re trying to keep it hidden from her, but she finds out something’s going on between the reader and Pietro and when she goes to talk to her she walks in on her and Pietro making out… Idk if it’s too long or something and you don’t have to do it if you don’t like it…
A/n: I’m glad you like my imagines :)) and don’t worry, I loved the prompt! // guys I’m screaming were so close to 700 followers and that’s really insane omg.


You laughed. “Ha! I win!” Pietro yelled at you.

You rolled your eyes. “You cheated!”

“Explain how I cheated, then.” Pietro raised an eyebrow.

“Well, you’re you. Your face always makes me laugh.” You smiled.

Pietro’s jar dropped. “You are not nice.”

You winked at him and stuck your tongue out- which he took as an excuse to kiss you.

“Hey, Y/N?” Your sister yelled right before she walked into the media room. You quickly pushed Pietro away and pulled out your phone, throwing a controller at him. “Oh, hi Pietro.”

“What’s up, Nat?” You asked, setting your phone down and picking up the second controller.

“What are you guys doing?” Natasha asked you.

“Pietro and I were going to battle in Mario. Care to join?” You offered.

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Calling Horror Movie buffs

I’m sorry, I’m having a bit of an issue remembering the name of a horror movie I watched as a kid and it’s driving me up the wall.

It’s not The Amityville Horror, Poltergeist or The Messengers.

My memory could be a little foggy but I’m pretty sure it was about a husband and wife that moved into a house (or built one?) on top of an Indian Burial ground because the trope was popular at the time.  

Progressively through the movie the husband winds up going gradually insane.  He denies his wife access to their basement and threatens her if she does,

Long story short, the house is what’s making him go insane, the wife ends up going into the basement and (I think???) seeing her long dead son.  Basement turns into quicksand and skeletons or zombies or something start coming out and try to drag them down as the house is sinking into the mud.  Husband has to pull the wife out of one of the basement windows to save her.

And then it ends with the husband and wife writing a /book/ about the house because that’s what healthy couples do after a traumatic experience, right?

Somebody please help before I drive my girlfiend up the wall with this, I’ve been agonizing over this for hours.


Never Alone


Welp, it took me a while to get myself on uploading the photos … and today is the day X’D (The photos aren’t great, but hey, I tried my best owo)

Okay … uhm … this might get a little much and it will be long, so if you have time you can sit down and get some popcorn … or somethin’ X’D

To make it as short as I possibly can; the last 2 and a half months I was in a clinic to get my depression, anxiety and other mental problems in check. Well … I at least TRIED. At this moment of time I am kind of desperately trying to not turn completely insane or depressed, for my own sake ^^; (And yeah, that’s the reason why I was away in the morning til 5 pm german time X’D)

And while I was there I was rather stable most of the time. As you propably could see that I never really was sad or anything. … which I kinda expected, and I also expected that nothing would really change when I was finally out, last week was my last one there X’D

But what I’ve actually learened about myself, thanks to the therapist that took me under her wing, was that I … actually suffer from a small trauma, believe it or not. From a young age I experienced hate, negativity towards myself and what I did; aka. bullying from smol me til today. It kinda stuck with me when I heard it and it makes kind of sense too owo;

She also told me that my behavior, both subconscious and also conscious, has it’s roots in this early depressive state and it’s evolution on today. Aka. why I am skeptic on me living a normal life, actually feeling positiv things like love and happyness again, but also why I got so attached to my own Universes and Characters. How protectiv I am about them.

You can say that I build my own world and people to not be alone anymore, to feel loved and accepted, while also trying to protect it from anything and everyone that might be a threat … or in the case of the last 3 years, worrying my ass of about something which chances of happening are nearly 0 owo

I told the Therapist all about me, my past and everything that might be important; that also goes for Vincent and the other Characters and my worries and stuff.

And … I guess she gave me the final push to FINALLY accept what I do is okay; that making, having and caring so much about someone like Vincent is okay.

I know I kind of annoyed you guys with asking if you liked Vincent and telling you all my worries; I have to thank you for listening to me and also trying to take my worries away. You where the first step that held me, and with somebody who understands the human mind and stuff telling me the same thing gave me the safety to finally accept it myself as well.

And with that … I got my ass up, finished the god damn smol basket I made for the 2 and a half months while I was there and start a new project there to finish in the last week, or rather I did it in 3 days or somethin’.

That project was this picture I painted.

Yeah, Vic painted the very first time in her life … and god damn you really have to give painters respect for this shiat, it’s difficult as fuack owo

But hey! I finished it! And it looks so amazing, if I might say so. I’m really pleased on how it turned out … though I still need to find a wall to hang in on to X’D

If you can’t tell, it pictures Vincent holding me in the darkest of times; when the darkness slowly starts enclosing me again, he is still here, giving me strength, courage and might (Little nod to a very old reference ;D), but also hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

But it’s not only Vincent that is holding me; everybody is. All of my Characters, my family, my friends, YOU guys, people that are and will try to help me for my future and in the future.

So … with all that being said … Thank you.


You don’t know how much I appreciate every single one of you, if you are a friend, a fan - it does not matter. I appreciate and thank you all for being here, for enjoying my art and being there for me.

I’ll try to make the best out of my situation; I will draw on and be the little fangirl that I am X’D

And if you feel down or need someone to talk to, you can always message me. I’ll try my best to be there for you and maybe even help you :3

“So don’t make me sad, don’t make me cry
Sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough
I don’t know why
Keep making me laugh
Let’s go get high
The road is long, we carry on
Try to have fun in the meantime

Come and take a walk on the wild side
Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain
You like your girls insane…
Choose your last words,
This is the last time
‘Cause you and I
We were born to die.”

-A little aesthetic for my drabble coming later!

i’m fiddling around with the comic format – going from the long, skinny panel-atop-panel format that’s so tumblr specific, and trying a more traditional page formatting traditional to print comics.

my question for you guys: would you prefer smaller, more frequent page-by-page installments? or 3-5 pages at a time, but less frequently? 

i mean i know you’ve all been waitinggggg [checks calendar] lmao FIVE MONTHS [sweats] but that’s just my life being insane. i’m trying to be better about working on this, because it does make me pretty happy to do. 


It’s the little witchy things...

It’s been bone dry and 80 to 90 degrees every day for the last month. In London. It’s getting ridiculous.

I consider trying whistling up rain for the first time. Check the forecast for my area. 0% chance of precipitation for at least the next 24 hours. *sigh* Not much to work with…

I decide to do it anyway around 11, using @stormbornwitch‘s method as my starting point.

I sit outside with my bowl of water and my pendulum, whistling low and long, trying not to lose my focus as some obnoxious idiots make a commotion in the next building over.

I look up at the perfectly cloudless sky, sigh, and go inside. Oh well. I tried.

2 hours later…

*pitter patter… pitter patter… PITTER PATTER*

“Is that… HOLY FUCK!”

I run outside just to make sure I’m not going insane. It’s not the theatrical storm I envisioned, but it’s raining. IT’S FUCKING RAINING!

My night. It’s made.

“It’s been two weeks, are you really trying to tell me you’re in love with him?” She asked me.

Now I don’t know if I was lying to myself, falling into a trap, or speaking insanity, but whatever it was I tried to convince her, “no of course not, I know better than that; but I will say that I am happy. You know me, I don’t need much but he gives me enough to make me believe in something and that’s all I need right now. But I do also know that I haven’t felt this way in a long time, and if he leaves, this will be my worst heartbreak yet. It’s not love but it’s something, and that’s just enough for right now.”

—  c.f. // “I never had a thing for green anyway”

Libra Sun & Libra Moon Confession, submitted by a follower

I’m always so in denial to the fact that I always want everything to be balanced, but in reality, I’m constantly trying to balance/control every aspect of my life. I think it’s become so unhealthy–trying to balance everything–that it makes me go insane being idle for too long ‘cause I know I’ll just get stuck in my head, so I always want to be constantly moving, forcing myself to interact with strangers to keep my mind off everything for a while. [info on sun and moon signs]

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venmalf leaving hickies on the other's neck

“Emalf—god, Emalf, cut that out!”

He reluctantly pulled away from Adauchi’s neck, staring at him half in disappointment and half confusion. Emalf’s lips were wet after having made out for so long, just to be stopped when he tried going lower. “What…? Why?”

Adauchi cocked a brow, irritated. “Um, because I have a fucking insane dad? If I’ve got any hickies he’d like, shit himself?”

“Well… what about me, then?”

Adauchi didn’t say anything but stared at him in confusion, meaning for Emalf to elaborate.

“Like, you know,” Emalf began, trying not to pull away from him completely to keep the mood but making multiple random hand gestures. He had a bad habit of talking with his hands. “You could give me some, right? Like, who cares if I’ve got some? He wouldn’t.”

Adauchi thought on it.

He was kind of right.

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I was preoccupied shooting the episode before [the midseason premiere] and Danai wasn’t on set for a couple days. When she came on set, she was weird — she wasn’t making eye contact and was a bit strange. I asked what was wrong and she asked if I’d read [this episode] yet. I said, “What do you mean? I was trying to save the world from the zombie apocalypse, what do you mean? I haven’t had a chance to read it!” She said read the script. I sat there and screamed when I read it. I ran to her trailer, banged on her door and screamed, “Why didn’t you tell me?!” It’s insane and I loved it! It is a strange experience because their relationship for so long — as friends and as actors — we’ve been playing a certain complicated, difficult, respectful and loving almost familial relationship. And to step through the portal into this new place was really trippy. Danai was brilliant and so funny on set and said, “Let’s just go for this; I don’t want to talk about it too much. Let’s just go for it.” We wanted it to be these two grownups and warriors who love and respect each other. That’s a given. And then they get completely surprised in this moment. And then they look at each other and say, “Of course.” That was the transition that we wanted: for it to be sexy, committed and key. We wanted it to be different and grown up and very relaxed and natural. That’s what we were fighting for. It’s that kiss it’s the kiss and to capture that was key.
—  Andrew Lincoln in response to the question “What was your response like when you found out that Rick and Michonne were going to finally be romantically paired?” (x)
Calling all Horror Movie buffs

I’m sorry, I’m having a bit of an issue remembering the name of a horror movie I watched as a kid and it’s driving me up the wall.

It’s not The Amityville Horror, Poltergeist or The Messengers.

My memory could be a little foggy but I’m pretty sure it was about a husband and wife that moved into a house (or built one?) on top of an Indian Burial ground because the trope was popular at the time.  

Progressively through the movie the husband winds up going gradually insane.  He denies his wife access to their basement and threatens her if she does,

Long story short, the house is what’s making him go insane, the wife ends up going into the basement and (I think???) seeing her long dead son.  Basement turns into quicksand and skeletons or zombies or something start coming out and try to drag them down as the house is sinking into the mud.  Husband has to pull the wife out of one of the basement windows to save her.

And then it ends with the husband and wife writing a /book/ about the house because that’s what healthy couples do after a traumatic experience, right?

Somebody please help before I drive my girlfiend up the wall with this, I’ve been agonizing over this for hours.

I’m very overprotective of Willow in Don’t Starve Together. No matter what, if you’re running Willow and you’re going insane or being attacked, chances are I won’t be too far behind trying to fend off the danger. I don’t mean to, and I did that long before I shipped Willowson. I just so happened to be like “Holy shit. She’s precious and I need to keep her alive.”

Ehh… Is this weird?

sjf-forever  asked:

you go with Kraftböck and Jughead x Archie (someway idk the name of that ship lol)

Warning! If you had a beautiful life without my insane gay shipping and you think you wanna live a normal life or you don’t like gay things please don’t read this two khm thing:D Because our dear Kinga knows my otps and she just asked two of them. 

notp / not really / meh / I could / sometimes / maker, yes / my otp babbies

Who is the most affectionate?
Michael, he is an angel and trying to do the best always for Krafti. After an argument he is the first who hugs Stefan and makes him comfortable. When his boyfriend is tired he is always so gentle with him with long hugs and soft kisses.
Big spoon/Little spoon?
Of course Michael is the big spoon and Krafti the little, and sometimes when Krafti is totally done with being so little he is just trying to be the big spoon and because of this Michael always need to laugh.
Most common argument?
Michi is talking about Krafti all the time, and helping him a lot, and because of this Krafti thinks his boyfriend doesn’t handle with himself enough, and Michi always nay this.
Favorite non-sexual activity?
Traveling together and finding new cities or just sitting on the sofa and playing Fifa.
Who is most likely to carry the other?
Of course Michi and Krafti likes to use this when he is tired.( Or the lift doesn’t work) And Stefan likes very much when Michi holds him and they are kissing by the wall.
Kleiner, Krafti and Michi.
Who worries the most?
Michael all the time, because Stefan is so little and jumps so big. He is so worried what if something happens with his little boyfriend, and he is also afraid what if he isn’t good enough for Krafti. And Stefan is also worries about Michael because of he thinks so bad things about himself.
Who tops?
Michael, we all know that Krafti is immer unten:D
Who initiates kisses?
Both of them but Stefan likes the feeling when he toes and kiss his boyfriend softly.
Who wakes up first?
Michael, and he makes coffee for Krafti but he doesn’t wanna wake up, so Michi is trying to kiss him, and than both of them is in the bad again:D
Who says I love you first?
Krafti, because he is done because of the fact Michael is always sad, and he just said him that he loves him, and Michi was so happy, because he had this mopy mood while he couldn’t kiss Krafti or just being more than friends, and he never thought this little beautiful human being can love him.

Jarchie ( Jughead Jones x Archie Andrews from the amazing serie Riverdale, and if you don’t watch this than lets go)
notp / not really / meh / I could / sometimes / maker, yes / my otp babbies

Who is the most affectionate?
Of course Archie because Jughead isnt that guy. Archie is so afraid about hurting his boyfriend again and he wanna always make everything for Juggy, and sometimes Jughead is a bit done with this, but he likes when they are just hugging or laying on the bed.
Big spoon/Little spoon?
Archie is the big spoon but they don’t do this pose often, because Jughead doesn’t like it, he thinks its too romantic.
Most common argument?
Girls. Archie is jealous of Betty, because he thinks there is something between her and Juggy. And when he says this than Jughead cames with the music teacher and Veronica, and all the other girls who are in love with Archie. And that makes Jughead always sad that Archie doesn’t want the world to know they are together.
Favorite non-sexual activity?
Netflix, or Archie plays guitar and Jughead is just listening.
Who is most likely to carry the other?
Maybe Archie but he doesn’t do it.
Archie and Juggy.
Who worries the most?
Archie because of Jugheads family, he is always afraid that Juggys dad makes something big trouble, and their dads gonna arguing and they can’t met or Jughead can’t live in his room.
Who tops?
Who initiates kisses?
And Archie again, Jughead is totally not romantic.( But he likes Archies kisses very much).
Who wakes up first?
Jughead and he likes watching how his boyfriend sleeps.
Who says I love you first?
Hmm it was Jughead first many many years ago but than after it they weren’t together. Second time it was Archie when he realized he had feelings for his best friend.

Thanks dear:3 It took a long time but I hope who is reading this enjoys.:)

// Send me a ship and I will rate it//

Are you in the Zombies Run fandom? Do you like FREE ART? Hell yes and YES!!

OK guys, here’s the deal. I’m trying to reboot this blog and my (lbr) stagnant art life and I’d like to do it by having a little FUN. 

From what I’ve seen the ZR fandom appears to be made entirely of kind, sweet, insanely intelligent and absurdly attractive cinna-buns, and I’ve spent a long time ogling your artwork and crying over your fanfic, so now I’d love to do something that makes you guys happy, too.

So here’s my plan: using Season 1 of ZR, I’d like to draw a scene from each of the 23 episodes with a different Runner 5 - YOUR Runner 5s! These pics may be pencil sketches or ink washes or full, glorious color, but at the end of it I’d love to have 23 scenes featuring some of the different and wonderful 5′s of the fandom.

“Sounds awesome” you say. “What do I need to do?”

  1. Be in the ZR fandom. I don’t care if that means you’ve written an in-depth analysis of how Netrophil started or if you’ve only walked one episode. If you consider yourself a fan and you want to engage with the fandom, you’re in.
  2. Message me! That’s it! Just introduce yourself and where you are in the ZR story! (just don’t be on anon when you do, bc that won’t help either of us).

That’s it! If you want to reblog this post so that others can see it, so much the better, but it isn’t a requirement for getting a picture.

Once I’ve gotten 23 messages, I’ll fill out the episode list based on the order I received the notes in, and write them under the cut below. I’ll draw the images in that order and tag them as #allthe5s

(yeah, I know, there are like thousands of you and I probably won’t literally be drawing ALL-THE-5S but that sounds like a better tag than #23-5s).

FINAL NOTE: I will be completely honest with you that I am the slowest artist alive, and I’ll still be drawing other things in the meantime, so I don’t have a hard and fast deadline I’m sticking with for getting all of these done. But rest assured that unless a refrigerator falls from the sky and lands on my head, they will be done.

Love you guys. Now send me your 5s so I can get drawing!

The list if filled! Thanks to everyone who reblogged and signed up!

1. Jolly Alpha Five Ninernonhoration - link

2. Distraction: thetalkingcrocus - link

3. Lay of the Landzeph-chan - link

4. A Lost Childcinderscoria - link

5. Paul Revere: drmaxinemeyers - link

6. Supply Runpuptart - link

7. A Voice in the Darktheinevitablesmiley - link

8. The Old Milldontwakethesnake - link

9. Recoverykayomielatoro - link

10. Tesssocks-and-ink  - link

11. Back to School: runnereight - link

12. Alternatescelinejaneway - link

13. A Regular Med Runexistingawkwardly - link

14. Patient 29fullofsoulandsunshine - link

15. Virtuous Circlethewondersmith - link

16. Scouting Missionkatesparrowlagertha - link

17. Information Exchange: eruvadhril - link

18. Eavesdroppingstardust-rain - link

19. An Unimportant Missionrunnerzero - link

20. Listen Inthemortalscout - link

21. Siege: o0yono0o - link

22. Hordeabelrunners - link

23. Aftermath: let-there-be-neverending-light - link

EXTRA: In that I feel bad that I probably posted this too late, went to bed, and woke up to a bunch of sweet messages - I probably won’t be able to include you guys in the S1 episode list, but if I have time I’ll try and draw something for you!







despite telling dean that he wouldn’t be going anywhere near their thanksgiving get together, sam couldn’t resist the idea of turning up and having a little fun with his brother. it was just too tempting. besides, he still had to eat, and jody did make damn good food. might aswell make the most out of everyone’s insane need to ‘save him’. he turned up at the house and let himself in, not bothering to knock as he introduced himself loudly. “honey, i’m home!” he called out sarcastically as he removed his jacket and walked through the house to try and find a sign of life somewhere. he was buzzed out of his skull, the demon blood coursing his through his veins making him feel light as a feather. the long the he went without using the powers the blood gave him, the longer the high lasted. if he could keep it up, he wouldn’t have to keep going back to gen for another fix. he nearly knocked the coat rack over he threw his jacket over it, before heading towards the food he could smell coming from the kitchen. “yo, dean! bobby! i turned up, just like you wanted!”