but i was too busy relaxing and enjoying myself

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Do you have any advice for dealing with anxiety?

To be honest I don’t always deal with it all that well, but I’m definitely getting better at it! I find in general living a healthy lifestyle helps a lot, I love going on runs/walks as they always help me think more clearly and focus on other things. I also find during the times I feel really anxious to do things I love and enjoy, like reading or talking to a friend, nibbling on my favourite chocolate bar, buying myself a new book, baking, having a relaxing bath or watching youtube/netflix. Journaling is good too, I find it helps to write out what I’m feeling. I also enjoy drawing/colouring when I feel anxious, anything that helps calm the mind or keeps it busy. The best advice I have is to try and do something that takes your mind off it, pushing the thoughts to the back of your mind! You can also talk to a doctor/psychiatrist to help it from getting bigger and out of control if you want.

Most of my anxiety is caused by me thinking of all the ways things could go wrong in a situation, and almost every single time none of those bad things happen! Both yesterday and today I was really anxious about something I had to do. In my head I was trying to think about how to deal with all the things I might encounter, trying to prepare myself for conversations and problems. But it was the easiest, most straightforward thing of my life. I spent a whole day worrying about nothing. Remember that we are all human, no one is perfect and we mess up and make mistakes and it’s the most normal thing in the world! I’ve had some terrible and embarrassing moment in my past but they are just faint memories now, I barely ever think of them and I’m sure no one else does. Life moves forwards and I know that even if I make a fool of myself the moment will pass.

Looking back I have some wonderful memories that I wouldn’t have if I let my anxiety control me. Some of my favourite moments in life have happened because I said yes instead of no. Just keep challenging yourself even if you don’t want to, that’s the best way to move forward, by doing the thing that scares you. The first time is always the hardest, but it gets easier and easier every time after that.

this is just too cute ahhhhhhhh 😊☺ young love at its finest awww️


c/n/n = crush’s nick name


on a Saturday night when most people would be out with their friends partying, I’m deciding to stay in and relax. I usually do have a busy weekend, so having a night like this is always nice. I hop into bed early and cuddle in all the blankets, enjoying myself. I hear my phone buzz on my bedside table.

“y/nnnnnnnnnnn” it’s from c/n. I smile and set my phone back down when I hear it buzz again.
“I neeeeeeed youuuuuuuu!”

“what’s up.” I reply.
“y/n, I just need you right now.”
“come on, c/n, you can have one day without sex” I type, shaking my head at this lovely boy I get to call my boyfriend.
“no like I just need to be next to you rn.”
I look at his text, slightly confused.
“what’s wrong?” I ask.
“idk I just need you right now.” he replies almost immediately.
“alright, wanna come over? my parents are here but they’re already asleep.”
“k, be there in 10.” he texts, and sure enough, in 10 minutes I hear a car door close. I get out of bed and walk downstairs quietly, trying not to wake up my mom or dad. I open the door as c/n walks up.
“y/n,” he says, greeting me with a smile and kiss.
“hey, c/n/n.” I say as we walk upstairs. we get to my room and I lay back down on my bed.
“you’re welcome to join if you want.” I smile, motioning to my bed.
he toes off his shoes and crawls onto the bed.
“c/n, what’s wrong. this isn’t normal.” I say, turning on my side to face him.
“y/n,” he whispers, cupping my cheek, “I just really want to be with you.”
“ok th-” I start, but stop because I see his blush.
“tell me what it is!” I smile, kissing his nose.
he takes a long breath, then lets it out, looking me in the eyes with the greatest emotions present.
“y/n, I think I love you.” he says, barely audible.
I gaze at his beautiful face, too amazed to say anything. his eyes start to water.
“I’m so sorry.” he says.
“why?” I ask, pulling him closer, “I think I love you, too.”
the smile that appears on his face is more precious than anything and everything ever.
“you’re just so beautiful in every way, so smart, so kind, funny, I just,” he stops and smiles, “I can’t be without you.”
I place my hand on his cheek, then run my fingers through his hair.
“ditto.” I whisper, then bring my lips to his, soft and smooth and slow, but so passionate.
“God, I love you.” he breaths out, running his hands down my side. he pulls me closer and I flip over with my back pressed to his front. his top hand glides under my shirt to rest on my skin, his head near the crook of my neck.
“good night, y/n.” he whispers, kissing my shoulder.
“good night, c/n/n, love you, see ya in the morning.”
I click off my lamp and within minutes we fall into peaceful, lovely blissful sleep.

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If you are not too busy, can I get a match up please? I'm male, 5,5 feet, too skinny, medium-long dark hair, Asian. I like to drawing, writing, reading and playing computers. Have 2 mood: all happy sunshine and weird or silent and enjoy the quiet. I'm usually the listening in the group and sometimes the joker. Often find myself nervous in front of strangers, relax more around friends. Sexuality is gay, prefer any guy who would protect me. I like cuddling and being lazy...

I match you with Reaper. He loves to watch you draw, finding it fascinating that you can create something with your hands. He doesn’t mind either mood, just enjoying your presence. You’ve caught others off guard by making him laugh, but it was only occasionally. Reaper would do everything in his power to protect you, scared he might lose you.

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Hello! I want to be a PA, and right now I'm taking my upper level bios for my PA school pre-requisites. Every time I get a bad grade (never failing, but I want to do better) I feel so discouraged and like I'll never be able to get into PA school. Do you have any advice on how to get past feeling like that? Did you ever experience something similar? Thanks!

Hi Stephienanie,

Thank you for your question. It’s a great question. And I truly wish I had an easy straightforward answer…

Did I ever experience something similar? – heck yea. You know, I’m in my 2nd year of PA school and I still get those feelings… Some people experience those feelings, some don’t – which does NOT translate to ‘better’ and ‘worse’, it simply means we’re all different. I do, however, believe that for the most part we (PA students) are all high-achievers and well… type-A personalities, really. We get irritated (and discouraged) by what we view as obstacles to our progress (e.g. a lower grade).

I chose the PA profession as my second career (and hopefully I’ll get there successfully), but my background is in the Arts. Prior to going back to school to fulfill my pre-reqs for PA school, it was important to me to be open to the possibility that I just might not like this bio/chem/stats business. I wanted to be kind to myself and not force myself into something I potentially couldn’t handle. There are other wonderful careers in the med field. It turned out that I actually enjoyed my bio/chem classes, and I was kinda good at it too. With that being said, it does NOT mean that I got straight A’s all across the board.

PA school is intense – the amount of material to learn in a very short amount of time comes at you hard and furious. Just when you think you can relax to take a deep breath in, it hits you again, and again, and it doesn’t stop. As an undergrad, obtaining a solid foundation helps – concentrating on understanding the material you’re learning rather than just memorizing it for a good grade. Good grades / high sores / high GPA – all look great on a PA school application, no doubt. But please know that I have seen straight A students be turn away by a PA program. Grades are not everything. There are other components that play into getting into PA school and being an awesome PA: make sure your patient work experience is solid, work hard for kick-ass references, etc. More than anything, the admissions committee looks at the trend in your grades – are the grades recently better or recently worse. If there’s time and room for improvement, it’s good to take advantage. Don’t get discouraged sister (I know easier said than done). Just do your best. Straight A’s are not required for PA school, but good character definitely is, and solid work experience enhances.

When I don’t do so well on an exam and/or feel discouraged, I remind myself that at the end of it all it’s not about the grades, it’s about the patient. So I pick myself up and keep on truckin’.  

Gosh, I hope this helps. All the best to you.

We’re trying to build a lil PA community on Tumblr (pablr) – check it out – you’ll find incredible words of wisdom and pieces of priceless advice from other pre-PA-S, current PA-S, and PA-C. Additionally, below you’ll find links to more resources/info/inspiration:







“A Gift From The Heart”

TIKKI: Is that present for me, Plagg? That’s really sweet of you.
PLAGG: What? N-n-no,w-wha-what makes you think this is for y-you? How do you know I didn’t get it for someone else that I might know?
TIKKI: Oh? So you have another kwami bestie that I don’t know about, hmm
PLAGG: N-no! Of course not. You know you’re my one and onlyThat’s why I got you this gift.
TIKKI: Aha! So you DID get me something.
PLAGG: …I…ahh quit teasing me Tikki. You’re gonna make me blush!
TIKKI: Aww how cute. If it’s any consolation I got you a present too so this way, we’ll be embarrassed together. But you really are too sweet Plagg.
PLAGG: T-Thanks /whispers/ You’re sweeter, though.
TIKKI: Aww. Now I’m blushing too. Merry Christmas my cutie kitty
PLAGG: Merry Christmas to you too my little red Leicester.

As the December holidays draws to a close, I wanted to get one last Christmas themed Plakki art out of the way before the new year.

Aww Plagg, why so nervous to give Tikki your gift, ey? Wonder what the cutie kwami duo got each other for Christmas this year.

Speaking of presents, hope everyone had a wonderfully miraculous Christmas! Hope the big Guardian of Wonder brought you all everything you wanted and deserved this year. While my special awesometastic gift won’t arrive til the new year (and I honestly cannot wait til it gets here), I was at least able to spend a nice relaxing Christmas with my family, watching TV and snacking on some of my favourite holiday goodies which after the tiresome and emotionally exhausting year I had is one of the best Christmas presents a busy bunny of a squiggle meister like myself can ask for TuT
I enjoyed my Christmas vacation (and currently still am) and I hope that everyone is having a blast or at least good jolly time with there’s too~♥

As I always do, thank you sooo much to all you lovely peeps and peepettes who liked/shared last week’s piece. Y'know I can never thank you guys enough for all your support with my art. I hope you all enjoy this week’s PLAKKI squigglustration too and until the next Miraculous Monday, happy holidays and see you awesome-tastic folk in the new year.

Stay awesome everybody!

♥ More PLAKKI art by Squigggles

~LittleMissSquiggles (2015)

NaNoWriMo Advice

Hi guys!

After a tweet I wrote yesterday got a bit of attention, I thought I’d write a little advice guide for NaNoWriMo. I’m maybe a little under-qualified to write this… I have never actually done NaNoWriMo myself, but the life of a working writer is pretty much like NaNoWriMo except ALL THE TIME FOREVER AND EVER, plus also the advice I want to give is hopefully good advice for all writers everywhere, whether you are committing to an intense writing month or not.


If you have a bad day, or you’re too busy to do your word allocation every now and again, please don’t torture yourself. Life gets in the way, it happens, and the negativity you’re inevitably going to feel may stop you going forward. Relax, chill, and enjoy the process. If you have a bad day, just remember that the next day will be better.


The great thing about first drafts is that nobody ever has to see them. Second and third drafts, sure, but the first draft is where you’re allowed to make as much of a mess as you like. See it like a practise drawing for a big painting. Try stuff out, some things will be successful and some things won’t. Make sure you’re having fun and don’t judge yourself too harshly too early on.


I can’t emphasise how important this is. It’s what stops so many people from getting further than even one chapter. Best thing is to never look back on your work whilst you’re doing a first draft (within reason. If you can’t remember a character’s last name or birthday or something, you can definitely look back!). Just keep going. Keep moving forward. There’ll be time for revisions and correcting mistakes later. A tutor once told me that you won’t really know what the first chapter is actually meant to be like until you write the final one. JUST KEEP GOING.


There are some stories of people hitting the send button on their first draft after Nano and it results in a book deal. THIS IS SO RARE PLEASE DON’T AIM FOR IT. Actually, if I heard that a book had been written in a month I’d really distrust it. Can you write a draft in one month? Sure. Can you write a novel in one month? Probably not. Not a good one anyway. When you’ve written a first draft, take some time away from it… a week… a month… a decade… however long it takes. Then go back to it with fresh eyes. Be patient, let the work breathe, and trust your instincts.


Halfway through Nano and starting to hate your story? Then start a new one! Readers can instantly tell when a writer is not having fun, and it can destroy a draft. You haven’t married your novel, and you won’t need a divorce. Just back it up, put it away somewhere safe, and start something new. Write what you want to write. If you haven’t figured that out yet, use your month to explore lots of ideas, or even try out short stories.

If you want to be a writer, aim to be a marathon runner, not a sprinter. Learn how to take your time, pace yourself, and work out your personal bests. Your time will come. It may be tomorrow, or it may be fifty years from now. Be patient. Let your work breathe. Find a critique group. Listen to some of them, but not everyone. Trust your instincts.

If you are doing NaNoWriMo, then GOOD LUCK YOU BRAVE PERSON!!! It’s great for learning discipline, and you’ll discover really interesting things about yourself. If you’re a more casual writer, the advice above still applies.

Hope that helps some of you out there!