but i was the happiest girl ever for days lol


Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my dear @otakorner!!
You’re the best space ranger partner a girl could ever ask for and about the only person in the universe I would go through the mortification of getting this cake made for lol


Also many many thanks to @thesearchingastronaut for granting me permission to use your beautiful art for this! 💕

anonymous asked:

Hey sweetie,I absolutely love your huge belly and admire the most female figure I have ever seen. you seem to be a wonderful girl and your boyfriend must be one of the happiest guy on earth :) are there any day-to-day where your belly is not so helpful? do you need help when you wanna shave your legs or another special part of your body? ;-) and are there any obstacles when you wanna move while sleeping?

Aw thank you. Yes it does get in the way when I’m showering, but I’m used to it. There’s no such thing as a quick shower when you’re a fat girl lol. Not really when I’m sleeping. If I’m sitting for too long the weight of my belly makes my leg start to go numb or my back will hurt. I’m fine once I get up though.