but i was so worried about this one

Listen I know the "ass backwards farm town" trope is popular but

Jack Morrison was born in Bloomington, Indiana, which is literally one of the most progressive, artsy, queer towns in all of the Midwest, let alone Indiana, even back in 2007. So every time you talk about his family/friends/“small” town, in the approx year of 2050-ish being homophobic, small, or uncultured, you’re just falling into a trope that’s hilariously inaccurate.

Like keep doing you if you’re aware of that and just want to work in that trope, but do so with the awareness that it’s not at ALL accurate.

(Don’t worry Blizzard fucked up too- Bloomington is a large urbanized college town, I haven’t seen a farm for miles until you’re way out of city limits. )

i know some people are worried about what’s going to happen to sanvers, so here are some reminders:

  • whatever happens, happens. stressing about it over the hiatus will only make everyone anxious. be positive.
  • if you want the writers to know how you feel, regularly tweet the writers and official supergirl accounts to let them know that sanvers/maggie is important to you, to us. include chyler and floriana if you so please.
  • floriana tweeted about how maggie was only supposed to last one season, and this is fucking awful, yes, but you know what? we’re getting her in season 3. that means progress can happen.
  • floriana used the hashtag #NotOverYet and chyler used #SanversLivesOn. they wouldn’t say stuff like this if they thought sanvers was ending or they knew something we didn’t.
  • people switch between recurring and regular all the time, and it doesn’t necessarily mean significantly less screentime. it also doesn’t mean maggie can’t be a regular for season 4 (which, unless something catastrophic happens, supergirl will most likely be getting). this is not permanent. 
  • again, don’t stress out. we have about a five month hiatus ahead of us. we need to stay excited and optimistic as a fandom. don’t let these things get the best of us.
Why I Don't Like Kacchako

My post is going to get hate. I like venting my opinions.

I personally don’t like Kacchako because it reinforces the “All Girls Want Bad Boys” trope, a trope I HATE so much. I prefer seeing the nice guy get the girl because nice guys should receive positive consequences for good behavior. Nice guys deserve love more than the bad boys. If you want people to like you, be nice. It’s a simple concept.

Also, Bakugou has bullied Midoriya, Uraraka’s close friend, for most of his life and shows less respect towards her because of her friendship with Midoriya. That should be a big turn off for Uraraka. Bakugou reluctantly respecting her shouldn’t be enough for her to overlook Bakugou’s bullying. Sure, Bakugou and Midoriya’s relationship has gotten better, but that’s not enough considering Bakugou hasn’t had any nice moments with Uraraka for over one hundred chapters. It doesn’t even seem like they’re friends, just people who tolerate and respect each other. One doesn’t care much about the other.

I also find it annoying how people ship them after only a couple scenes when Uraraka has so much chemistry and development with other characters throughout the series, like Midoriya, Iida, and Tsuyu. The Bakugou and Uraraka fight is for individual character development rather than relationship development. Uraraka and Bakugou barely interact after their fight, and their relationship plays no significant role and gets very little development, if any, in future chapters.

Uraraka and Midoriya have had a lot of moments leading up to the fight and after the fight. They’ve been so sweet to each other. They’ve been each other’s number one fans. Uraraka was even trying to be more like Midoriya and was thinking about him while fighting Bakugou. It’s crazy how people can dismiss their close companionship and favor the very few moments Bakugou and Uraraka have. Midoriya being Uraraka’s number one supporter and close friend should be more important than Bakugou’s reluctant respect towards Uraraka.

Again, sorry about this post. I don’t normally care too much about ships. There’s just something about the overwhelming support for Kacchako that rubs me the wrong way. Since Bakugou barely interacts with any of the girls, it feels like people are desperate to ship him with some girl, so they ship him with Uraraka because she’s the only girl he has important moments with, albeit VERY FEW, and the moments they have are over 100 chapters ago.

Sorry if you’re a Kacchako shipper and you read this post. You can ship whatever you want. Don’t worry. I’m only one person with an opinion.

private tutor | part one

request from anon: Can I request a namjoon in college!au? It can be about anything! Maybe a tutor? Thanks and I love your writing!!

Originally posted by yoonkooks

[Namjoon x Reader]

Genre: College!au, Humor

Words: 3535

—> “I am brilliant, thank you very much. But if you don’t have a form of payment, I’m afraid I will have to decline your proposal.” You fall to your knees, hands clasped together, “Please, Namjoon; I’m willing to do anything.” The last word causes him to look away from his book and down at you, taking in your rather pathetic self. A smirk stretches across his lips, “Anything?”

A/N: Joonie can tutor me any day ;) hope you guys like this part one/intro of this series (i’m thinking three parts?)! xoxo

Well, this is awkward.

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Do you ever think about how it hasn't even been a year since Mystic Messenger came out, and already so many people have lost interest? Posts from writers that would usually get 500+ notes only get around 100. I'm just scared that it'll only be a few months more before it all goes away.

I think it’s a normal thing to happen in fandoms. It’s hard to keep a buzz going over something that barely has new content. 

However, I wouldn’t be worried about it going away. Sure, notes may dwindle but I don’t make content for the notes, and I’m sure I’m not the only one in the fandom like this. 

So, keep smiling and enjoying the content that we have! (: Don’t give up hope! 

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Aren't you afraid that Wolfgang will push Kala away because what happened on season finale? He will probably feel guilty and he always worries about safety for the ones he loves. It's been a long time and I can't deal with these two being apart anymore!

I’m terrified and yet somehow excited to see how Wolfgang and Kala’s relationship is going to unfold in season 3 when they meet in real life. Because yes, I think – I’m sure all of us think – Wolfgang will definitely push her away for what happened on season finale. We’ve seen him blaming himself when Felix got shot by Steiner. So it’s almost inevitable that he’s going go blame himself a lot. Kalagang’s relationship has never been ‘smooth’. They’ve always had some kind of obstacles, but at the same time, those obstacles made their bond stronger and deeper. Thus, he will push Kala away at first(when they meet IRL) and…there may be other obstacles, but in the end…their relationship will grow much stronger. They will find a way to be together :)

(And I also think the writers secretly enjoy angst of Kalagang’s relationship. Cruel writers lol)

One time when I was at a somewhat nice restaurant I told the waiter I would pay in cash, and they looked really worried, so they called their manager and she came out and asked if everything was okay cause she heard that I had to ‘pay with cash’, and I told her no, I just wanted to pay with cash, and she looked at me like I was telling her I was about to die, and I think that was the beginning of me realizing I have no idea what’s going on anymore.

so i’m watching law of the jungle and literally the only friendship that matters to me now is mark and shindong i hope they stay friends bc they’re so cute I love them like markson? idk them

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I was always worried about being ace, but have recently started going out with someone. He was my friend for about a year and a half before hand, and I've already explained my being ace to him: he's so understanding, and always keeping himself aware of my comfort levels. I've always been afraid of getting into a relationship (I'm 25 and this is my first serious one) but he's such an incredible friend to me (before and now) and I'm so happy :') just wanted to share.

i did one of these for 707 x MC x Yoosung so uhhh coming out HCs again

Jaehee x MC x Zen

  • jaehee doesn’t have any family/friends outside of the RFA, so no one’s opinion really matters to her except the RFA
  • zen, unfortunately, has an entire fanbase to worry about as well as potential employers
  • MC and jaehee assure him he doesn’t have to do anything he’s not comfortable with especially as it’ll be much more public than it should be with his career being what it is
  • but zen is very proud and very shameless, and he doesn’t like to “lie” to his fans
  • but his fans are also ridiculous and would probably (incorrectly) piece together photos/tweets/etc and turn it into a “zen is cheating!” / “zen’s girlfriend is cheating on him” until zen found out and had to address it
  • and zen is protective. can’t have people insulting the loves of his life when he can do something about it, so he’d end up making one of Those Posts typed out in the notepad on his phone, screenshotted, and posted on his twitter in a Very Dramatic Fashion 
  • since zen isn’t really That Big, his fanbase is probably mostly a tight-knit group of people and are fairly supportive, if not a bit disappointed. 
  • zen’ll probably describe it less as “a relationship with two people” and closer to “i’m in a relationship with another couple” since mc and jaehee already have the cafe and the apartment above it, yadda yadda. he does’t mean it to sound disappointed in any way, but that’s how plenty of people will take it
  • and that’s what finally spurs jaehee to consider asking zen to move in (though she won’t admit it), and says it’s because the relationship is already public now, so there’s no reason not to anymore

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any advice you would give to someone who feels shitty about their life?

Im telling you everything youre going through right now is temporary. Eveyone in your life, and the situation at the moment is temporary.. I remember a time in my life i felt so stuck, no growth, at that time I was starving myself I hated myself.. I am so happy right now I’m inlove with life, i have amazing friends, I have learned so much about life, i’m about to enter my second year of college, I’m looking for my second job, I’m lucky enough to have over $2,000 in my savings from one year, I’m moving into an apartment next year. I swear everything is temporary the best is yet to come. Dont let outside influences affect your being. The biggest thing that tore me was being worried about how people saw me/how they treated me. I was worried about people more than myself. I neglected myself. I took a promise to never do that again. Life is shitty af but there is also beauty here too. the shit doesnt start to stink anymore

The Queen of Selfies: a cautionary tale

“He’s outside.” That’s all Frank says. Not who, not even why. “We – we’ll start the order.”

I take a deep breath, make sure my uniform is neat, and head out the back door.

Jay is sitting on one of the cheap chairs in our unofficial smoking area beside the garbage bin. Normally he’s on his feet in moments, hugging me and offering up a grin I see every night in my dreams. Today he just looks up, worried and hesitant.

“Jay. Your usual order?”

“Uhm. Half of it?” he asks, handing over a credit card.

I nod, head back inside and ring the order through. The owner knows better than to ask questions about the massive orders we get every so often that make this the best performing Burger King in six states. Jay orders, and eats, enough food for several families. Everyone in the back breathes sighs of relief at the relatively small order. I tell Frank he’s in charge and head back out to Jay.

I don’t know much about him. His name is Jay, and he’s eleven – which he boasts about often – and he can put away food at an astonishing rate. I know he can’t be human, but it’s never come up. I sit beside him in the other chair. “So?”

“I think I did an oops, Imani.”

I pause. Jay has mentioned this before. Along with incidents I can only hope are made up. “You did?”

“I think the Queen of Hearts might be mad at me.” He sniffs. “And not just because I sometimes visit the Queen of Burgers!”

I’ve tried to explain that Burger King had nothing to do with kings or queens. A few times. “Why would they?”

“Because! I told The Queen of Hearts she should also be the Queen of Selfies only when she posts them she loses followers? So I posted one and gained one! Which means I might be the real Queen of Selfies and I’m lying to my friend!”

I blink. Stare.

“Are you okay?” he asks.

“Am I okay?”

“You’re looking at me a lot like Charlie sometimes does!”

“I – I’m fine, I think. Did you mean to gain a follower?”

“I don’t think so, but! a Jay is very good with bindings,” he says, and lets out a huge sigh after that. “I’m so good at them that I’m not even the Queen of Bindings cuz I’m way above that so I might have done a binding I never meant to do!”

“Well, if they are a queen, and have a lot of heart, they’d clearly forgive you.”


“You are jaysome,” I say, which is his word for more things than I know.

The grin that follows almost rocks me back in my chair.

Frank comes out with food, and Jay happily begins to devour it and asks Frank questions about his family, being a king, and if Frank is a burger in disguise.

Frank is used to it by now, and just says yes to anything he figures is safe.

Jay gets the next batch of food, and says he’ll give it to the Queen of Hearts as a sorry for the ooops. And vanishes. Right in front of us.

Frank stares at the spot where Jay was, looks at me. “Imani –.” He pauses. Decides silence is the best word after.

“We’re closing early,” I say. “And then it’s the bar down the street. First round is on me.”

Frank nods, and heads inside. There are weak cheers from the other staff. I stare where Jay was. I wonder what kind of royalty he is, if the term truly applies. And I hope this Queen of Hearts can forgive him. If only because we can always use the business.

Part of me wonders if any other chain has one branch that Jay visits. If he thinks KFC is run by a real colonel, or McDonalds by a clown. I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll ever know.

I head back inside, flick the open sign to off. There are other places to eat than Burger King, and people will just have to accept that.

Unless they’re like Jay. But I really hope nothing else in the world is.  

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so, does anyone who has come back want to talk to any of the kids? :3


Mukuro-chan? What are you doing? I know you were very worried about them…Now is the perfect time to see them again…

….What if they are not happy to see me? The one they loved was Junko…Not me.

I don’t think you are totally right. Maybe Enoshima-san was a special person to them…

But I’m sure that in their heart, Mukuro-chan is just as special. So you should try to go see them before it’s too late.

O-Okay…I will try.

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Hi 😸 So about six months ago one of our snakes escaped its enclosure and despite constant searching and worrying we couldn't find him. Until this morning that is when our 5 year old came in telling us he was in the lounge room💕. He is in good health and didn't even snap when my partner caught him and he is so much bigger now. I'm super glad he's is back in his enclosure and safe but I still feel like a bad snake parent so does anybody else have any escaped snake stories?

I am so glad you found him omg! <3 
I had Thresh escape once (when I was a very new keeper and kept him in a glass tank) when I forgot to latch one side. Luckily he had found his old hide in the storage under his cage and was just sitting under it :P

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with s4 almost done i'm so worried about us getting all the answers + closure we need and then also there is an american version of skam being made and i'm hella stressed bc i don't want my favorite show going down in flames after one season the way Skins U.S. did :///

,,,,,,dont even mention us skam, maybe if we ignore it ,it won’t happen

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It's maybe not a curse if you get to make amends with the people that died and you couldn't be there. Make the best out of the opportunity, don't ruin it.


Yuta? What’s the matter? You are making a weird face.

I’m worried about something Yukimaru said…

What is it?

He said that seeing everyone was more a curse than a blessing because they were going to go away again…And it made me think back to something he said to me when we were back in Towa.

In Towa? Why?

We were fighting for our lives every day and one day I asked him why he was fighting so hard. I-I was ready to give up to be honest.


And he told me that it was because he had someone to come back to. That he needed to go back to protect them and so it was his reason to live. I-I’m pretty sure that he was talking about Oowada-san.

So now…I’m worried. About what he might be thinking now that Oowada-san is in front of him again but ready to leave at any moment…


Y-You need to talk to him ! He needs to understand that his life isn’t finished because the ones he cared for aren’t there anymore !

Yes…You are right…Worrying by myself won’t help…I will go see him…

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First off, congratulations! Secondly, how does it feel to have caught up with DoS?

I think the question part is for me? If not, sorry for hijacking it!

I am a little proud and also a little worried about having caught up with DoS. Proud because, on the one hand, this was definitely a huge undertaking when I first started off–and that was when DoS was only 80+ chapters–and I know that I have issues with committing to projects I start. So I’m proud of myself for not giving up since that first awkwardly recorded prologue.

Worried because there’s no more goal line in front of me? This podfic has been a big motivator not to just wallow in my depression during my off days. Of course I’ll keep podficcing chapters as they come out, but I’m just like O_O there’s a whole wide world of other things that aren’t nearly as fun to do as the DoS podfic and now I have to face them…

Also, obviously, as a fan I always wish there was more of what I love, but quality is better than quantity when it comes to fic and of course the mental/emotional health of the writer is way more important than my enjoyment as a reader so there is no pressure towards SQ for the next chapter.

And until then I do have all the recursive fic I do over at my writing blog (@jacksgreysays) so it’s not as if DoS is ever far from my thoughts :P


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Everyone who gets bugged by family/stunt interactions online were not here when Eleanor 1.0 ended. The family and Eleanor liked stuff. And later we find out they'd broken up weeks back. But the family and her had been liking stuff so. Stay off the family's likes. Then you got nothing to worry about :p

Yeah I never understood why people get so hooked on social media activity like likes and comments that literally just the fandom will see and care for like two seconds - they could drop it right now and no one would even remember who tf Ashley is 

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Ok bellarke is engame but we won't get it until last season. They're going to use the time jump to drag out the romance. 6 years is many time and although it's not neccesary to be in a relationship they will put bellamy in one. Bellarke will be reunited by midseason and bellamy wil be with echo probably since jason thinks they have sparks, so BC can't have time in s5 either. It seems Jason knows he'll get at least 6 season. He won'put canon in s5, just cute moments to keep shippers watching

Anyway, the last person Bellamy was in a relationship with after a hiatus died in 2 episodes and y’all expect me to be worried about B/cho? 

Also, Blarke is already canonically romantic. 

Lastly, I literally don’t care anymore. Y’all can keep being negative. This girl? She knows what’s coming and she’s never been happier. 

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hey!! we're mutuals but I'm gonna do this sleepover ask on anon bc I'm a coward. Anyway, confession: Im 19 and I've never dated anyone or had my first kiss, and I'm scared I won't find anyone. I'm slowly coming out but still, I get so nervous around other guys that I feel like I'll never be good enough for one.

Hey!! Don’t worry about going on anon I understand that people can be shy about this hahaha 

Anyway, you shouldn’t feel bad for not having dated or kissed anyone?? You’re only 19 cut yourself some slack, you still have a long way to go and so many more people to meet so you shouldn’t feel pressured to get with someone or kiss someone etc. at this age?? Like im turning 18 soon and I’ve never dated anyone and I’ve only kissed one person ages ago so don’t worry we’re on the same boat 

Take your time though some people are naturally more comfortable w this dating stuff and others (like us) get really anxious and nervous but that’s all ok! You’ll find someone who clicks with you soon enough :~) 

Also, don’t put yourself down just because you’ve never dated or kissed. It doesn’t mean, in any way, that you’re not good enough or that you’ll never be good enough. You are good enough buddy and it just takes time. This does not define your self worth.

send me sleepover asks