but i was on a plane for five hours


Request: “Hey!! Can you write a ReidxReader where they’ve been dating for a while (she’s not in the FBI) and she has to fly somewhere in Europe for work and the plane goes down and Reid’s a mess, but she calls him or shows up at the BAU like 2 hours later to tell him she missed the flight and wasn’t on it (whichever floats your boat!!!!) Thank you<3″

Working thru these requests as fast as a can! X

‘It is only five days, Spence. It’s not like I’m permanently moving to London.’ You said, capturing your boyfriend’s lips once again.

Spencer slipped his arms around your waist and buried his face in your shoulder.

‘It’s still too long without you.’ He mumbled, squeezing you tighter.

You were a lawyer, and since your firm had a partner in the UK, sometimes you had to fly out to assist with a case. However, this had not happened since you began a relationship with the BAU’s resident genius, and the doctor was finding the brief separation to be difficult.

‘462 people died in plane crashes in 2013.’ Spencer said, muffled. You pulled away and playfully poked him in the arm.

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holy crap, you have to read twenty five hours by olizzybennet0 it was so good i had to go walk around my house to calm down. au where victor and yuuri meet on a plane and yakov and yuri are there rip it is sstill a wip though!


I was actually planning to have a full on screaming session about the fic tomorrow because it is thAT GOOD 

The only way I’ll accept anything happening to Makkachin at all is if it’s a total false alarm. Yuuri’s parents call them freaking out that the dog is very sick and Victor goes into full panic mode over his baby and gets a plane ticket in the next five minute and is totally ready to fly back to Japan right this moment…and then they call back to tell him it’s okay, don’t worry! Makkachin just got into the steamed buns and ate about ten and threw up a few times but he seems okay now that they’re out of his system. No need to come home, everything is okay!

So everything is fine except that Yuuri has to spend the next half hour getting Victor settled down (‘I TOLD HIM NOT TO EAT THE BUNS, I VERY SPECIFICALLY TOLD HIM THAT, YOU WERE THERE YUURI YOU REMEMBER I TOLD HIM-’ 'yes victor i know, it’s okay, makkachin’s fine-’ 'I WAS SO SCARED YUURI, MY BABY ALMOST DIED FROM STEAMED BUNS’)

Drabble 2: Uterus & Sick & Mission

Prompt: “I am sick with the flu and menstruating, so I am in pain right now. I acknowledge the fact that you got shot but if you bitch one more time to me about your pain I will throw you off the jet.”


You woke up in the middle of the night, sweat covering your body as you began coughing. After going to the kitchen and getting some peppermint tea you were able to doze off an hour later.

Only to be woken up at five thirty not three hours later by Tony announcing a last minute mission, blood staining your sheets, and aches and chills wracking your body. This was going to be a fun day.

As you walked into the jet you glared angrily at Tony before sitting down next to Bucky and Clint. “S.O.S on the way back. I refuse to sit next to the douche bag of the day who prefers to go by Tony.” You say bitterly as the plane takes off.

“I’m hurt.” Tony says with a smirk his face betraying the obviousness of the lie. You just stick your tongue out at him.

“Alright, it’s a simple hostage rescue. We go in, we save everyone, we get out. Tony has a second plane on autopilot following us where we will lead the hostages into and I will fly it back to base. Barton and (Y/L/N), you guys cover us from the air. Call out any thugs that are going to be a problem, and kill anyone who looks suspicious. Barnes, Wanda you two are going to guard the other plane. Natasha, Tony, and I will go in and get the hostages out. Bruce this shouldn’t turn into a code green but stay alert just in case.” Steve informs as he stands up.

You cough loudly a few times causing Bucky to look over at you worriedly. You give him a reassuring smile and shiver. He doesn’t seem convinced. “Why can’t I be with my boyfriend?” You ask, grabbing Bucky’s hand. Bucky brings it to his lips and presses a kiss to the back.

“Because you are Clint’s protege and surrogate daughter.” Steve replies just as the hanger doors open. “Let’s kick some ass.” He says before jumping out of the plane.

“That kid is gonna be the death of me.” Bucky mutters, giving you one last kiss, and then grabs Wanda around the waist and jumping.

“Come on Bird Boy.” You say as you strap the parachute on yourself. Just before you jump you curl in on yourself and count to ten waiting for the pain to pass. “Let’s go.” You tell him when the cramps leave.

You and Barton land on the roof of a nearby building both your bows locked and loaded. The mission is going well nearly everyone has been accounted for when all of the suddenly a gunshot rings out. Twirling around you see one of the thugs, their gun out and Clint dropping to his knees. You shoot an arrow at him effectively killing him. “Bird Boy’s down. I’m taking him back to the jet. Everything looks clear.” You report to Steve.

“Alright. See you there.” Steve replies and you hear Tony make some crude joke before a slap rings in your ear most likely from Natasha. A smile on your face you shoot your grappling arrow at the jet before grabbing Barton. You press the button on your bow and you are pulled up into the jet.

“(Y/N) it hurts.” Clint complains as he lays down and Bruce takes a look.

“He’ll live. The bullet penetrated his shoulder bone so he won’t be able to do much shooting for the next few weeks.” Bruce says with a frown. “He may need some painkillers though. It’s causing the muscles to cramp up.

You bite your tongue from saying the rude reply about how he wasn’t the only one.

Everyone climbs in and Tony flys you all out. You cough and curl into Bucky for warmth.

"Doll, are you okay?” He whispers into your ear. “Your burning up.”

“Fine lover bo—” you murmur back before clenching your eyes shut from the cramps.

“(Y/NNNNN)!” Clint whines making you glare at him. “Can I please have some painkillers?” He asks.

“Sure, right after I get some. You always hog them all when you’re injured.” You retort before closing your eyes and breathing in Bucky’s comforting scent.

“Excuse you!” Clint says upset. “I’m shot and in dying pain. You probably just bruised your toe. Suck it up butter cup.”

You glare at him before standing up and walking over next to Wanda. You whisper something in her ear and she wraps an arm around you giving you a hug before nodding. Red seeps off her fingers and goes into Clint’s mind. “How does that feel?”

“What the hell is this for!?” Clint groans as he coughs and doubles over clutching his stomach. “Wanda knock it off!”

“That Clinton is how I feel right now. I am sick with the flu and menstruating, so I am in pain right now. I acknowledge the fact that you got shot but if you bitch one more time to me about your pain I will throw you off the jet! So please, tell me how much your bullet wound hurts I’ve always wanted to push someone off a jet.” You retort standing over him as he holds back groans.

“Remind me never to piss you off (Y/L/N).” Tony says with a smirk as he looks over and sees Clint. Natasha just sends you a small smile and Bucky stares at you in awe.

Deanee on "Regular Girls" EP.14

Here we are. New episode, new summary.

I changed the title because I’m not going to continue this series of summaries with absurd numbers.
So, from now on I will put “episode 14” or other number.

Ok, let’s start.

Renee told how last week she and Jon came out and walked a lot. They hiked for five hours. Congratulations to both! 😂

She then said how once she called Jon to sing with her. In the bathroom. While she was taking a shower 😂 I can imagine the rest 😏

She also talked about the interview she had with Vegasseven and Renee loved those leather pants she had. Jon slightly less (Understand him, he’s jealous) and she said how she loved doing this photoshoot with Jon.

By plane, Jon takes much food and Renee adores this fact because she loves eat on the plane.
Once, after taking food, Jon has seen a Waffle House and both went there, because Renee had never gone there.

Renee hates slow people, they bother her. I understand her 😂

And this is all! I’m sure that I forgot something… if there’s more that I’ve not write, tell me! I hope you enjoyed it, let me know … Also because it takes me hours to translate it and make a good text from my phone and I would like if you like it. On next summary!

  • Rory: Shoot, I have to leave in a half hour!
  • Luke: Wait, you can't leave - I have to leave in a half hour.
  • Rory: Luke, I have a plane to catch.
  • Luke: Yeah, well, I gotta get back to the diner, and who's gonna stay here with her?
  • Lorelai: What am I, four?
  • Rory: I can watch her if you need to go back to the diner, but you need to be back in less than 45 minutes to relieve me.
  • Lorelai: Guys, please. I've been successfully eating by myself for five or six years now. Plus, Gypsy's over there; she can watch me.
  • Rory: Oh, yeah.
  • Luke: That'll work.
Fuck? Pietro Maximoff Smut

Sequel to “well i saw you coming” 
sorry it took so long, and that its a shitty ending. But this is the first smut written on my new laptop. Yay for smut!

yebat’ menya= Fuck Me 
krasivaya devushka= pretty girl

“Fuck?” I questioned Pietro.

He nodded and spoke again. “Now another one”

He had been teaching me how to swear in Russian for the past half an hour and so far all I had gotten was the basics.

“Sooka” I managed to get the word out. “Bitch”

Pietro smiled at me, holding up his hands for a high five. “You are doing very well krasivaya devushka”

Our hands slapped together into out elaborate handshake. Something we made up on our last mission, which started off with a seven hour plane trip and ended thirteen hour scope. With not a lot to do, we distracted ourselves with the game ‘slaps’ which turned it into an ‘super secret hand shake’.

With a final slap on our forearms, ending the hand shake I pressed my chest against his, kissing him with a force I had not intended to.  His lips were warm and mouth tasted of my lip balm he had borrowed mixed with some sports drink he had drank earlier. Pietro slowly moved his hands towards my hips, the pressure of his touch only light.

“Can i teach you one more thing?” he asked, pressing soft kisses along my cheeks.

I nodded, feeling his lips turn up into a smile.

“yebat’ menya” The words rolled of his tongue before he pulled me into another kiss.

We pulled away, each desperate for a breath. Through pants, i repeated the word although butchering it terribly. Pietro laughed, repeating the word slower, as if that could help me say it better.

A couple more times, and i had the word although it was still foreign on my American tongue but it was the fact that i tried that hopefully made Pietro happy.

“Say it again” He instructed, pushing my hair behind my ear.

His demeanor had changed, it was something more X-rated.  What did he have me say? Was he that easily turned on?

Judging by the sudden boldness of him attaching his mouth to my neck and the not so subtle grinding against my thigh  my question was answered.

I repeated the words, Pietro shifting so I was now sitting directly on his lap. His hands on my butt, holding on.

“Again” he demanded.

Following his request, I spoke again felling him push harder into me but he wanted me to take control this time. He hadn’t rolled us over yet because he wanted me to decide what would happen next. He wanted me to control the amount of time it took to get him coming.

I could feel my own stomach muscles tightening, with each push into my crotch, it felt closer and better.

Pietro threw his head back, muttering in Russian and  letting me do all the work. His eyes were closed tightly, chest heaving and sweat had formed on his forehead. His silver hair now stuck to his skin, and his mouth opened up. Shallow breaths and deep moans coming from him as he continued to thrust against me.

“Dont stop krasivaya devushka ” he whined, his movement becoming more frantic.

“Say it in english” I pleaded, feeling my own stomach muscles tighten.

If one of us was going to come so would the other, ain’t none of this others before yourself shit here.

Pietro groaned again, grabbing onto one of my hands and moving it to his hair. He pulled my face back to his, his tongue slipping over my lips and teeth biting down on my bottom one. His hands went up my shirt, gripping onto my back to hold me against him. Each noise and breath that came out of him was desperate.

“Pretty girl. You are my pretty girl” He managed to choke out before his hips, snapped up against my own and he lost it. A strangled groan ripped from his throat, his chest heaving as he tried to breath but i didn’t seem to be working. Sweaty and  panting, with eyes closed and lips rushing out Sokovian curse words.

I came a few seconds later, after having him look me in the eyes and feel his hands push me up against his crotch. i shivered, repeating his name over and over again until I collapsed on his chest.

Once we both caught our breath, he took my hands in his face and pressed a kiss to my forehead.

“You are such a pretty girl” his voice thick and accent strong. “you look so pretty when you come”

so this is part of a longer s12 character arc fic, but i wanted to throw some of it out there regardless

It’s a five hour flight to Fargo, not counting the layover. He looks out the window, watching the city he grew up in fall away, turn to clouds. It takes an hour before his hands start shaking. 
He knits and unknits them, breath shaky as he tries to find a rhythm again. It’s hard when his eyes are stinging, when his skin feels tight along his bones. It takes a moment before he realizes he’s hyperventilating. He needs a distraction. He does a scan of the plane, looking for short skirts, wedding rings -

Mandy’s leg nudges his, firm. “Did I lose you?”
“No.” He swallows the frogginess in his voice. “Of course not, no.”
The plane shifts, shakes a little in a patch of turblance. Brian (just Brian) fusses, and instinctively he’s reaching out, burying the whimper inside him by soothing the whimpering toddler in his arms. When he holds him something shifts, makes him cling tighter. He remembers the point of it all, feels something a little bit like love.
“We should strap him in,” Mandy notes, and he exhales the breath he was holding.
“My name is Dennis.”
“Okay,” she says.

They don’t talk to him at all for a month. It’s like losing your right arm. You don’t know what to do with yourself for a while; you’re not sure how to open bottles now.
Dee sends him all her books from when she was a surrogate. Some of them actually cover infancy. (Brian is two, but it’s a gesture.) Frank sends large bundles of cash, which turn out to be Monopoly money. Charlie managed to hunt down a stray pair of Kitten Mittens, refusing to explain.
Mac calls him when he finally has a free weekend. Dennis is sleep-deprived, he’s thinking of taking up smoking again. But he feels less tension in his jaw when Mac speaks.
“Oh yeah, best decision you ever made. It has been a parade of beefcakes in here, dude. I could start a harem.”
“Hey, Mac? It’s okay.”
“And you’re right, getting a bed to yourself, it’s really-”
“Everything’s okay, man. I mean, it always was.”
“You have gotten so weird, dude. Anyway, don’t expect to share when you come to visit.”
The town Mandy lives in is flat and cold, and there’s a weird beauty to it, but sometimes it’s so quiet he wants to scream. But his kid is down for a nap in the other room. He has a camera in there to watch him, he has a little notebook of all the things his son watches and plays and loves.
He’s not sure if he’s ruined or liberated, if home is there, here, or nowhere. “Sometimes it’s just time,” Mac told him once, and maybe he was right.
Maybe someday, Dennis will even be sure of it.

New Beginnings (Syndromes Pt2)

Pairing: Y/N x ???? (Eventual SPN)

Word Count: 833

Warning: Talk of cancer, mild anxiety due to school

Summary: Y/N is know living with her grandparents. After a couple of years they decide she is ready to go back to school.

A/N: I know this is kind of late, but I passed out once I got home from school and didn’t wake up for three hours. I think I’m going to be posting new chapters every Wednesday, so look forward to next week. I LOVE feedback! Leave me a message in my ask box, if you want. I do not own the gifs.

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My laboratory is a place where I write. I have become proficient at producing a rare species of prose capable of distilling ten years of work by five people into six published pages, written in a language that very few people can read and that no one ever speaks. This writing relates the details of my work with the precision of a laser scalpel, but its streamlined beauty is a type of artifice, a size-zero mannequin designed to showcase the glory of a dress that would be much less perfect on any real person. My papers do not display the footnotes that they have earned, the table of data that required painstaking months to redo when a graduate student quit, sneering on her way out that she didn’t want a life like mine. The paragraph that took five hours to write while riding on a plane, stunned with grief, flying to a funeral that I couldn’t believe was happening. The early draft that my toddler covered in crayon and applesauce while it was still warm from the printer.
Although my publications contain meticulous details of the plants that did grow, the runs that went smoothly, the data that materialized, they perpetuate a disrespectful amnesia against the entire gardens that rotted in fungus and dismay, the electrical signals that refused to stabilize, and the printer ink cartridges that we secured late at night through nefarious means. I know damn well that if there had been a way to get to success without traveling through disaster someone would have already done it and thus rendered the experiments unnecessary, but there’s still no journal where I can tell the story of how my science is done with both the heart and the hands.
—  Hope Jahren, Lab Girl (2016)
Planes Are Perfect for Reunions

Title: Planes Are Perfect for Reunions
Pairing: OiYama

“Oh!” Oikawa leaned towards the man, trying to figure out which member of the team he was. He took in the long black hair, tinted with green, and the strand that seemed to stick out. He glanced at the freckles dotting the boy’s nose and cheeks. 

“I don’t think you’d remember me,” he said. “I didn’t really play until second year so-”

“You’re the cute pinch server,” Oikawa cut in. “You scored a point off us at the Spring Tournament.”
Notes: For the prompt “This is a five-hour-long plane ride, we’re sitting together and you’re deathly afraid of flying” in this post

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I read this comment by @littlebro-williams this morning and I was so impressed and touched by what she wrote, such a great insight into Danny’s character!

I was just thinking about how Danny just had to relive three of the worst moments of his life in just a few hours, and he just kept his cool. He had to sit on the side helplessly while his partner Grace was shot, and the same thing happened in the plane with Steve, he thought that Steve would drown if he landed the plane on the water, just like Danny’s childhood friend Billy, and the thing with the drug runner felt really close to what happened with Reyes.

This man… when I think I couldn’t love him more, he proves me wrong. Such a wonderful character.

Offices and Officials

“Where am I?”

“You’re standing at the back of a long line of people. One by one, they slowly move towards a gate guarded by men wearing matching uniforms.”

“What time is it?”

“It’s three thirty, your plane leaves in fifteen minutes. If you miss it, you’ll have to catch another in four hours.”

“When’s my kid’s birthday party again?”

“It’s at five.”

“Shoot, okay. I move through the line of people towards the gate.”

“As you cut through the crowd, you get angry glares and huffy sighs. One man shouts at you to get to the back of the line, what do you do?”

“‘My child is sick and needs healing!’ I shout.”

“The man believes you and gives you a solemn nod, he too must have had an ill child at one point in time. He helps you move through the crowd as your herald, announcing ‘This man has a sick child! He needs to get through before all of us!”

“Does the crowd move?”

“Yes, but begrudgingly. They too have schedules to keep.”  

“Does my wallet have any money in it?”

“About fifty five dollars.”

“I take out my money and fling it through air above the crowd. Does that distract them?”

“Some people in the crowd try to grab at the falling bills. It’s not a lot of money, but the rest let you pass regardless. You make it to the guards, one of them says ‘Ticket and ID please,’ and holds out his hand.”

“Where do I get a ticket from?”

“You should have picked one up at the front of the airport, did you not get one?”

“Ummm… No, it does not look like I did.”

“What do you do?”

“I say, ‘I am friends with the President, and I am doing a task for him. You must let me through.’”

“The man stares at you and says ‘Ticket and ID,’ once again. He did not believe you.”

“I try to bribe him.”

“You just threw all of your money. You only have your suitcase, watch, and umbrella.”

“Damn. I look around, what do I see?”

“The guard is sitting at a pedestal holding a blue light of truth. Behind him are two more guards and what appears to be an opening through the wall separating you from your plane.”   

“I take off my watch and drop it next to him to distract him, then I run towards the gate with my umbrella out and ready.”

“The guard looks at you drop the watch, but does not make an attempt to grab it. As you run past him, he shouts to the guards near the gate. They take out yellow weapons that look like small crossbows. They shout ‘Stop!’ What do you do?”

“I use my umbrella like a sword and cut down one of them.”

“You smack one of the guards with your umbrella and do eight points of damage. The other guard fires his weapon at you. Your body goes into convulsions when the projectile hits you and you fall to the ground unconscious.”


“Squire Kyle?”


“Did you feed the horses yet?

“No! I’m playing Offices and Officials with Squire Mark, can it wait?”

“No, go feed the horses now!”

“Ugh, Mark, can you wait for a little bit? I’ll be back in an hour.”

“Sure thing Kyle.”

“Oh! Do I get any experience points for the encounter?”



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Meet Cute: Planes Trains and Automobiles
  • I’m a cabbie and this is the THIRD time you’ve leapt into my taxi and said ‘drive!’, ‘shhhhh’, or ‘follow that car!’ and if you ever want to get in my cab again you had better tell me who you are and what the hell is always going on with you.  
  • In line for the intercity bus, an incredibly creepy person won’t stop talking to someone else (who looks about as uncomfortable as they could possibly be) and so help me if Creeper tries to sit next to them on the bus for the five hour drive I am going to become Uncomfortable’s long lost high school friend who just has to catch up with them right now, please excuse us.
  • My car broke down on the side of the road and my phone, in a spectacular moment of adding insult to injury, is out of battery, so I can’t call to be towed. You, a radiant beam of sunshine, pull over and offer to help. 
  • You and I both agreed to be parent volunteers for our respective kid’s field trip. The field is a two hour trip by school bus. Unless we can find a way to keep these kids entertained, we’re going to be trapped with twenty six aggressively bored kindergarteners. We’re going to have to tag team this. 
  • My life is flashing before my eyes because I packed a suitcase too heavy for me to lift over my head, and a line of people are waiting for me to put my suitcase up into the overhead rack so that they can board the train. Before I can sink into the earth in embarrassment, you appear and lift the suitcase with ease, smiling and starting to tell me a ridiculous story about you and your old suitcase from hell. 
  • The children in the seats in front of us are a Repeater and a Shouter respectively and I can see that you forgot to pack headphones, would you like to borrow my spares? 
  • We are caught in an extreme traffic jam and have been sitting next to each other, parked, for the last five minutes. Your radio is playing my absolute favorite song so I ask you to turn it up. We spend the rest of the slow traffic aggressively singing along to the music at each other. 
  • Sometimes, I get nervous on airplanes because tin cans were never meant to be airborne, I am so so sorry that I instinctually grabbed your hand when the plane took off. 
Five Dates With Sans
He was the one who asked you out. Honestly, if he hadn’t, you weren’t about to try it. He was the guy you bought hotdogs from during your lunch breaks. Also, he was a monster.

This oneshot is dedicated to @auntie-diluvian, for writing the most goddamn stoic Sans EVER to the point where I ascended to another plane for a couple hours and threw this out to try and torture her with Feelings