but i was feeling uncreative

A whole little forest of painted critters staring at me while I work. Sometimes when I’m feeling particularly uncreative I imagine them all coming to life like the paintings at Hogwarts and encouraging/ chastising me. The badger for instance always seems very consolatory while the little owl above her is most fond of telling me to stop being a lazy ass and just do something. 

I definitely need to take a coffee break.

“bakugou is a giant piece of shit so I hope he turns into a villain and gets his ass kicked”

“bakugou is a giant piece of shit but he’s still only sixteen years old and while he absolutely should face consequences for his behaviour and apologize to Izuku specifically, he shouldn’t be grouped with the murderers/villains/adults in the series”

Inktober Requests

Hey guys,

I’ve got a lot to do right now but I want to try to do inktober at least a little…but I’m feeling incredibly uncreative so I’m gonna take requests:

To make a request, come into my ask box and:

  1. Submit a character
  2. Submit an outfit

Other Notes:

  • You must have both character and outfit, or your ask immediately gets disqualified
  • Send me a link to the outfit, don’t just describe it to me
  • OCs are fine, but I’ll need a link to what they look like
  • Nothing N S F W
  • Nothing sexualizing minors (seriously guys, I shouldn’t have to spell that one out)
  • Nothing too complicated in either character design or outfit. Please be considerate and use your best judgement
  • I reserve the right to throw out whatever prompts/requests I don’t want to do
i’m taking requests B)

hey i’m taking regrets requests!

hey there guys, i’m feeling particularly uncreative today and i need some inspiration. unfortunately, my drawing tablet is BROKEN, so i can’t do any digital doodles. 

to make a request just send something to my ask box. i won’t do anything nsfw, but i will draw any OCs or fictional characters (just in case, say what the character is from so that if i don’t know them i can do a quick google search, but if you just wanna send a ref along with it that’s cool too :0 !!) 

preferably, i would like to draw humanoid characters (that includes furries, monsters, aliens, etc.) but i can do animals too- just, maybe not as well haha. if requested, i will draw gore and certian body horrors- however, if you request gore, please be somewhat specific (ex.: floral gore)

please feel free to add extra details to your requests- ex.: (character) in victorian era clothing, pastel colored (character), (character) with extra eyes,sad (character) etc.

here’s a quick list of fandoms i’m in (in other words, stuff i’ll probably be better at drawing): Camp Camp, Gravity Falls, SVTFOE, Doctor Who, OFF, Undertale, Steven Universe, DGHDA, Ava’s Demon, Welcome to Night Vale, Homestuck

i know i’m not the best artist out there, but by giving me ideas to practice with, you guys can help me improve! so, send me a request (if you want, i mean, i’m not holding your mom hostage or anything so you don’t have to.)

art examples below:

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anonymous asked:

New comer but really intrigued by your content =w= Can you give me a scenario (or maybe just some hc's OTL) about the founding trio handling the birth of their children and holding them for the first time?

Jay: So, I know I keep skipping right now buuuut I am feeling uncreative and a lil down soooo imma just do what makes me happy :P And this is so cute!!!


  • Hashirama is, from the moment he gets to know that he’ll be a father, absolutely overjoyed. I can imagine that he and his s/o would actively try for a baby. He loves children, he loves his s/o, so yeah, he wants children with them! So they probably tried for a while, and when it finally works out, he’s gonna be SO happy!
  • He will take very good care of his pregnant s/o. He doesn’t want them to overwork themselves, because it’s dangerous for them and the baby. Sure, as hokage he doesn’t have too much time, but he does his best, and makes sure that they have friends, family, and servents around to cater to their every needs and wishes
  • Will talk non-stop about the baby and what he wishes for. He doesn’t have a preference as for the gender, he’s that “I just want it to be healthy” kind of guy. Will annoy/delight everyone with the stories about what he wants to do with the baby once it’s there.
  • Sleeps with his head on the round belly and talks to his baby. God, he’s so cheesy, and he loves it. He wants to bond with his child as early on as possible!
  • As soon as his s/o goes into labor, he’ll be so nervous! He’ll be so stressed out and nervous, and even though he does his best not to worry his s/o, they’ll see how much he worries. He doesn’t want to lose either one of them!
  • Will absolutely sit through it all, holding his s/o’s hand, kiss their forehead and talk to them - if they want that, that is. He’ll force himself to shut up, if his s/o wants that, he’ll keep his distance if they need space. But much rather, he’d hold and reassure them.
  • Wants to be the first one to hold the baby but he knows that looking after them and his s/o is very important, so he has some patience. Some.
  • Cries without shame. No matter the gender, or whom the child resembles, he’ll be so relieved and happy, he’ll just stand there, stare at his child in awe… and tears will be visible on his cheeks. But he isn’t selfish - he wants to share this with his s/o, after all, they’re the ones who just gave birth! So he sits down besides them, lays the child on their chest, so both of them can watch over the newborn baby. It’s very sweet.


  • Is a lot more,,, hesitant about children. He won’t push for them, probably doesn’t even really think about having children of his own. His s/o will have to bring it up, and he won’t immediately be too happy about it. There is so much he has to do, there is so much risk and danger in his life… he just doesn’t think it’s a good idea.
  • Which doesn’t mean he wouldn’t support you. It would surprise and worry him, but during your pregnancy and childbirth he’d be there for you as much as he could. He does have a lot of work and a lot of missions so he can’t always physically be there, but whatever you need, he’ll make sure you get it one way or another.
  • Is very concerned for your health. He knows that pregnancies and childbirth are extremely exhausting and dangerous and that both you and the baby could get in danger. He mostly sees the downsides, really. He’s so damn worried!
  • He will seem calm, but as his s/o, you’ll know he isn’t. So you might have to calm him down sometimes, make him lay his head on your tummy and remind him that pregnancy =/= danger. It can be the most beautiful thing in the world and he’ll have to learn to appreciate it.
  • He’ll seem almost stoical when you go into labour. When you’re with the nurses and the doctor, he’ll try to seem as though nothing could bother him, as if he were 100% okay with you screaming your lungs out and obviously being in terrible, TERRIBLE pain. 
  • He’ll take any and all insults, really. He might brood over them a little, but damn it, you’re pushing his baby out of yourself, he can respect that you hate him for a while.
  • Isn’t the type to be overly affectionate during labour, in fear of distracting you. You need your energy and your concentration, and he also feels a little helpless. He barely registers that you’re actually… giving birth to his child!!!! Like, he is so concentrated on getting this over with, he’s so shocked when he hears the baby scream??? Woah??? That’s his???
  • Will almost rudely demand to be the first one to hold the baby. He just… needs to realize what the hell just happened. He is a dad now! And he looks down at his baby and can barely believe it
  • Might be way too awestruck to even think about letting you see the child. He is going to watch the baby cry and squirm and he’ll have a hard time believing that this little bundle will now forever be a part of his life. He prepared so well, but he feels totally unprepared now.
  • He’s happy though, god knows he is! He’s so happy, he can barely form words. And when you softly call out to him, laughing about how you’d like to see your child too, you’ll see him crack a smile so beautiful you might lose yourself completely in it. He’s happy, and yes, he’s already very protective of his baby and his s/o.


  • Madara will want children - at least one, that is. As the oldest son of the clan leader, it might be something he thinks of as natural. He doesn’t necessarily like most kids, but he knows he needs to carry on his bloodline. He’s the leader of the Uchiha clan, and as many other things he’s got on his mind, he knows it’s expected of him.
  • So his s/o probably knows that he needs a child too, and he’ll be very pleased when he finds out his s/o is pregnant. Not necessarily happy yet… but very proud and pleased. It takes a while for him to understand that he won’t just have an heir, but a child, too. He’ll be a father, one of the most important people in this child’s life. He’ll have a responsibilty.
  • When his s/o is all big with his child, that’s when he’ll start to realize that woah, this is his baby. Seeing them lie back on the bed, gently stroking over their big belly, and smiling down at it, he realizes how happy his s/o is to be carrying this child. That’ll start the whole bonding process for Madara.
  • Once his s/o goes into labour, he gets nervous. He’s started to really look forward to this, and he isn’t good at seeing his s/o suffering. Usually he gets rid of any threats but now… he can’t do anything but watch his s/o. 
  • Only one of the three who migth leave the quarters if his s/o’s cursing and complaining becomes too much. It riles him up, because when he holds their hand and strokes through their hair, he’s trying to help them, but they obviously can’t see that in their current state. So if he’s too pressured, he might leave for a little while so both of them can calm down. But he won’t be able to stay away for long
  • Will definitely be a bit rude to the people around you. Demanding for them to help you better, to ease the pain, to stop making you nervous. He’s probably the only one making you nervous but nobody dares saying anything to him. And they will know from his attitude that he wants to hold the child as quickly as possible.
  • Much like Tobirama, holding his child for the first time will be a “Oh my god this is actually mine” moment. His baby probably looks pretty Uchiha like, and he’ll be SO happy when it looks like him oh yes. He wants a boy tbh. After all, this child is supposed to be his heir, so he definitely hopes for a boy. And god will he be happy when you do give him a baby boy! He won’t cry or anything, but you’ll see this tender look in his eyes that is absolutely new to everyone but perhaps his s/o. He takes a while before he hands the child over to his s/o, because he just needs this moment of bonding.  But once he does hand the baby over, he’ll be more or less fair about it and let his s/o spend at least the same amount of time with their kids. He’ll sit next to them, watching over them with his arms crossed and a pleased look on his face.
  • Will want everyone else to leave as soon as the baby and his s/o are for sure alright. Like, he’ll let the doctor check them, but then he wants them out. He does care a lot about family, and wants to be able to bond with his child!