but i was extremely happy with the outcome

(English Script) Mafumafu’s new “Slime-Making” video

Mafumafu posted a new live-action “cooking” video so I translated the whole script! Again, I can’t add subs to his channel because he doesn’t have community contributions enabled, so you’ll have to read it in text form, sorry ;; I tried to break the lines up by “scene” in my usual script format, but Mafu is the only “speaker” in this video, so I apologize if it’s hard to follow or anything. You can watch the original video through the link above. Enjoy!

(Btw no, he never said who was filming this whole thing, if you were wondering~ Also if you catch any references or anything that I may have missed since I don’t play Dragon Quest, please let me know! )

Please do not reprint these translations without permission or use them to upload subbed versions of the video to any site.

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Can I please get headcanons for Toshinori, Hizashi and Aizawa with a S/O who is almost always baking something.

All Might

  • He’d be happy to see his partner do something that they enjoy doing for fun
  • He’d ask questions like what they’re baking, how long is it going to take, and if they’ll share
  • Would complement the outcome of the food and say it looks great. He would gratefully eat the pastries or cookies that his partner made

Present Mic

  • He would be really ecstatic whenever his partner is baking something and would always want to join
  • He’d ask questions about everything, even when it’s extremely obvious. “Hey what’s that?” “That’s just flour honey don’t touch that”
  • Be the type to ask “is it done?” when you two just put it into the fridge or oven
  • Nice singing sessions whilst waiting for the food to freeze or bake
  • try his best and clean up the mess he you two made 

Aizawa Shota

  • He’d be the person to come into the kitchen once in awhile, see what they’re partner is making. He wouldn’t really mind what his significant other is doing, he’s sure they’re doing it right
  • “do you have a cat cookie cutter?”
  • He would be secretly relieved that his partner does something as a reliever from everyday life and that’s healthy, for the most part.
  • When his significant other asks him to taste it, he’d take a bite and say it’s great but when they’re not looking, he would finish the rest because they’re absolutely amazing like how the hell did they do that

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So im super confused to why im attracted to junkrat. Why do you like him? I think hes kinda attractive physically but his personality is so catching 😭

(( A majority of people I’ve noticed that like Junkrat (character-wise, not playing-wise) like him because they feel that they’re able to relate to him and his goofy, loud, and chaotic personality in some form of way. Personally I’m just about nothing like Junkrat in person, if anything I’m almost identical to Hanzo in the ways he thinks and acts in (which doesn’t show online, but in real life he is how I am and how I know I’m seen as. Ironically I do archery as well. ). I’m not entirely sure how to explain why I like Junkrat, but I’ll try my best. It’s 1AM as I’m typing this.

I think the reason that I like/love Junkrat as much as I do is because he’s a type of person I would be comfortable around, despite him being almost my opposite. I personally wish I had his sense of carefree-ness, I’m a heavy and deep thinker, I worry and think of every outcome that can happen from my own actions no matter what they are, it gives me stress and headaches. Seeing Junkrat hop and clank around with missing limbs, laughing like a hyena, grenade spamming in every direction, clearly not caring what anyone says about him, and looking like he’s having the absolute time of his life makes me happy to see and also somewhat jealous of because on the inside I want to join in. I’m an extremely anti-social person but I feel like me and Junkrat would get along in our own weird way if we ever met, we could probably be odd but very good friends, and that’s difficult for me to feel with people (both fictional and non-fictional). He does remind me of another character from a game I like too, which is Cicero from Skyrim. I like Cicero for similar reasons as Junkrat, seeing both their own craziness helps relax and calm me.

That was purely my own personal reason for why I like his character, anyone else can feel free to add or reblog their reasons for liking Junkrat too. I’d like to see them. ))

I encountered a pair of Mormon missionaries while walking the dog yesterday.  I was both exhausted and late for an appointment at the time, so my responses when asked how I was was “I’m Jewish.  You know, the religion that frowns on proselytizing.” And when they didn’t take the hint (because they’re trained not to) I told them directly that I wasn’t interested and to seek elsewhere.

If I’d had more time/energy, I would be inclined to give a speech more like this:  “If I were considering changing my religious practices – and I’m not – Mormonism would in many regards be an appealing choice, given that it actually does seem to produce positive social outcomes – unlike Evangelical Christianity, you get Utah instead of Alabama.  But it also is the sort of religion that trains its missionaries to exude preternatural chipperness and complete irony-deafness.  Whereas I, with my extremely dry, acerbic sense of humor and hypertrophied senses of irony and cynicism, am both a product of and ideally suited for Ashkenazi culture and would never be happy as a Mormon rather than the Jewish atheist I am now.”  It would be fascinating to watch the reaction to that.

But this brings me to a mystery.  I have numerous LDS friends.  Aside from the fact that they all have the good sense not to try to convert me, they also don’t exhibit the uncanny valley-ish chipperness or deafness to irony.  So clearly this is something that the church encourages specifically for missionary activity.  I may not be perfectly neurotypical, but I’m also pretty sure that I’m far from alone in finding the Stepford wife routine creepy.  How does Mormonism seem to be doing so well in gaining converts despite encouraging what appears to be extremely counterproductive mannerisms among its missionaries?


so this is my intermediate film i did in a semester for school! it’s based on a concept i made with my sister and is inspired by many trips to family out in ireland. i worked extremely hard on it and am quite proud of the outcome, i hope you enjoy!


Here are my finished products. I am extremely happy with the outcome on most of them and people have told me they would buy them if they saw them in a store.

I did have an issue with the ceramic jar with Bastet on due to the shape where it curves out at the top and should have through it through a bit better. 

I am most pleased with the teapot and like the way the camels heads fit nicely on the spout. 

I also created a last minute logo with my name and my initials in hieroglyphics. If you plan on using this method, remember that the image is mirrored so if there is any writing you have to make sure its a mirror image when you print it. 




STATEMENTs      /ˈsteɪtm(ə)nt[s]/

An exploration into the compliancy of society’s public towards the mundane data and information that is collected, processed, and transmitted in everyday life. Directly plays with the idea that vision is the most efficient mechanism for representing and acquiring knowledge.


The final exhibition, to me, is something which really played on the successful aspects of my work and built upon them further. I am extremely happy with the outcome. There is something about having physical creations built for a desired 3d space/environment which really takes it to another level outside of a 2d representation in a sketchbook/file. The experience lasted almost two weeks but it was successfully put up in four days. The beginning stage was scouting locations and general initial ideas before pitching and consequently editing them. I ended up with a space I hadn’t really considered but it really inspired the presentation, and aesthetic I played with. The vinyl receipt piece was inspired by the windows due to its echoing nature of the general proportions. It plays with subtle details in which describes the origins of how consumerism became a negative word but also an extended statement/critique on the general receiving and treatment of receipts. The colours play with a relationship to the tv piece but also designed to create a coloured glow which draws attention from an angled view but separates itself from the bolted document piece. That piece sits in line with the support beam to create a horizon against the three verticals. It was all about making them separate entities with a supporting link. The black spray paint suggested the censorship which reflects in the blurred shadow cast from the windows.  Also creates a much simpler but equally striking piece against the white; adds a sense of calm in contrast the busy surrounding piece. The Chinese receipt piece located at the sink play off both above pieces. The idea of an actual lack of data but attempting to showcase the scanning data process nature of humans and the familiarity of minimalistic data. The colours reflect in the bolted pieces but the design reflects the window piece. The tight nature of the receipt actual echoes the structure in the window while contrasting the paper pile and its separate relationship to the stacked bolted documents. Plays with the idea of organisation but the single spotlight drawing attention to that we don’t often even recognise; notion of compliancy within modern digital data life. The hidden piece under the sink is a direct contrast to the crisp nature of the visible work. The messy compact space plays off the messy but contained appearance of the bolted pieces. Also echoes the random nature of the film. It all looks at how overwhelming the world is when you stand back. The main colours then inspire and link to the window pieces. My exhibition was planned to be a full circle of relationships to create a range of work that was cohesive to stand together. In fact, during the creation process, I had to edit my work and ideas from the original plans in order to really play with the space to my advantage. I really learned it’s one thing planning things in a mind and 2d space but a 3d physicalizing is another thing. I removed the receipt piece on the light as it was too distracted and even more lacked the edited and profession feeling of the rest of the work. Overall, it was a really fun experience and very fulfilling to see all the efforts to come to a final realised state. I learned to really be play with the area to create work that has that sense of belonging but also owning. I think if I was to do another one I would want to keep playing with interested spaces. I found that I have a real attraction to 3d forms; a board of 2d prints mounted just wouldn’t do it for me. I seem to like to create an environment, atmosphere and aesthetic which all back up the works meaning. I know that future exhibition will want to play with a mixture in order to keep diversity but play into the specific art & design field I am about to enter.


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Is there really any need to call people "ship whores"? What's the point in throwing every shipper in the same bag? Not all of us are happy with the new generation or the ending and how it was made. But by using such aggressive discourse you actually devalue your speech. Try not to focus so much on insulting people and focus more on bringing your point across with the arguments you have. Otherwise you come across as immature and no better than the extreme shippers...

What I say shouldn’t bother you. By ship whore I’m talking about the people who only 100% care about the ships/ the outcome. Not every shipper. I ship as well, I mean look at my blog. But that is not the only reason why I don’t like the ending. I’m talking about the shippers who love the ending just because of the shipping and that’s it. I am just one person with an opinion, it shouldn’t insult you. And if it does, that is not in my control. Good day!

I always wanted to draw Zoro with a silly grin and so it makes me extremely happy to say that it’s finally done! I know the lineart is not the best one there is and his face is uneven and blah blah blah there’s just a lot of mistakes, isn’t there? Nevertheless I am quite happy with the outcome and wanted to share ^^

Also, if anyone’s noticed I don’t come to Tumblr very often anymore, I am actually quite astonished you did, go you! But yeah, I am trying not to visit Tumblr as often as I used to due to the fact that I have noticed some nasty negative impact it has on my everyday life and I’m trying to get rid of that…

I am still gonna reblog and post stuff from time to time but it won’t be nearly as frequent as it used to be. However, if u wanna add me on Instagram (which I’ve recently been talked into making after years of fighting it) and see all the photos of cats, dogs, my pictures and myself that I plan to add, it would make me very happy ^^ (Also I need some cool new ppl to follow there, so….)

New Instagram: EYE_MUFF1N

Truth, Conspiracy and the Awakening

Once we understand that everything is an illusion we’re home free. Knowing we’re eternal consciousness having this in-body experience is the greatest gift anyone can possibly have.

It’s wonderful, it’s free and it’s forever… and it’s for everyone! People just need to wake up to it.

That would seem to be fairly simple, especially once it has happened to you. The fullness of life you expand into, the realization of infinite possibility, is so exhilarating, liberating and profoundly simple that you can’t help but wonder why everyone doesn’t see it. This is especially so once the grand conspiracy being foisted on humanity comes into full focus. Things really kick into high gear upon realizing fully what’s going on and why we’re here at this crucial time.

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Tripp Davis and Associates Completes Phase Two Restoration of Spring Lake Golf Club in New Jersey 

Golf course architecture firm Tripp Davis and Associates has now completed the second phase of its renovation and restoration work at the Jersey shore’s historic Spring Lake Golf Club.  Spring Lake originally was designed by George Thomas in 1910, with A.W. Tillinghast coming in to restyle the greens and bunkers in 1918. 

“We are very proud of what we’ve accomplished to date at Spring Lake,” said Davis.  “The intent of the work during the past two years was to restore the classic look of the golf course after a previous bunker renovation went to more of a modern cookie cutter look that had no character.  We paid homage to both George Thomas, the original golf course architect in 1910, and Tillinghast, who did a redesign in 1918.  The bunkers have mostly grass faces that Tillinghast did here, but as a nod to Thomas we created more movement in the sand lines, similar to the style he used at Los Angeles CC and Riviera in California.  Key to the work was moving a few bunkers and a few tees to make the course relevant for the modern game.  We still have some tee work and a little bit of work around and on a few greens in the next few years, but about 90% of our Master Plan is done.”  

“We also want to pay homage to our partners on the project including Mottin Golf and course superintendent Josh Reiger,” Davis said.  “Mottin Golf was the builder and did an excellent job and it was a great pleasure to work with golf course superintendent Josh Reiger.  Josh has probably done the best job I have ever seen growing in the sodded areas around the bunkers, tees and greens to look like they’ve been there awhile and with no scars.”  

According to Spring Lake Golf Club’s Greens Chairman, James Hickey: “The entire membership is extremely pleased with the outcome of Tripp’s renovation of our course.  As a member of the committee who oversaw the project, I was very happy with the outcome and the process.  Tripp, Doug Mottin and their teams were incredibly professional and easy to work with.  The outcome was nothing short of amazing!”

Simple, smooth name- it must roll off the the tongue like molasses, or else it risks losing its meaning. the girl who bears it also bears a tremendous amount of pain- the type that tears at your beauty, taking it and throwing it into the fire- or, just as destructive, yet notably less violent- the water.

The Man who Killed for Love
He is not gorgeous, he is not kind. He took her innocence in his hands and tore at it like bread being torn for the meal. He molded her into who she was. The artist, the writer, the lover- the murderer. He must never be remembered, he must never be forgotten.

The Man who Died for Love
Foolish, yet wise. The boy- oh, just a boy, not yet a man of any sort- who allowed for a girl, captive and crumbling, to break her vow to another. Another man, another man- the other man, for most see him as such. Nothing good can come out of his touch.

The Death of Innocence
Something evil, something sour- the man who killed has all but devoured the poor, kind girl’s innocence. Her only jewel, her only cent. He stole it away- without any thought for anyone but himself. Believing he was right, believe she was in love. He never paid for his sins- he only cried for them.

Death of Love
Lost and hurt, the girl would search for some sort of refuge. Anything- life or death. Something to take away the burden of her soul, and the burden of his. Found in the man who died was an awakening of sorts- the promise of not only love, but eternal happiness. Oh, how little the lovers cared for the consequences. Oh, how little they feared of the world.

The Man who Killed for Love
Take your last breath, your last kiss- the man who killed found the man who died. Their friendship was nothing- cruel, bitter, cold. The darkness soon enveloped the man who died, yet he had lived more than any other man in this world. He had loved, and love had given him a soul in which he could hold onto in the next life.

The name means nothing once it is forgotten. Its lovely way of falling of the tongue dead and gone with its owner. The man who killed would kill again- though it was not killing. It was not as emotionless as a killing. It was not so simple and so pure as a killing was- it was a murder. A murder which would cover up the girl- the girl who loved, the girl who lived, the girl who died. The water would splash, the waves would crash- and no one would remember the girl who drowned.

I hope that when you read Tumblr posts about the UK General Election you will remember how Tumblr has a tendency to roll out relatively extreme and unaccepting views, that are all very well online but not in real life; and for you to therefore take a lot of these posts with a pinch of salt. 

I hope that you realise there are many of us in the UK who are very happy with the outcome, because Conservatives over Labour means a stronger economy, and a stronger economy means in the long run better welfare systems, better benefits (for those who need them KEY POINT HERE), and far more jobs. But equally, please don’t overlook that there ARE people who are very distressed that this has happened, as for those long-term benefits there have to be short-term cuts which affect many people and are therefore unpopular. Quite honestly, both sides have valid points.

I hope you acknowledge people voted left-wing for legitimate reasons that were very important to them, and that people voted right-wing for also legitimate reasons that were important to them. Whatever your view, whether you think the UK system should be by Proportional Representation or First Past the Post, the Conservatives got the most votes in both systems, and it is incredibly important that is understood and respected by everyone.

But overall, I hope that you are respectful of other people’s views. Tumblr has a tendency to abuse those who don’t agree with their ideologies and that’s wrong. The UK General Election result was a result of Democracy. We voted, and a majority Government was elected because of it. PLEASE remember that. It’s vastly important for us, the next generation, to understand and accept other people’s views - and not just say “Your opinion is different from mine so is therefore wrong”.

I feel terrible for Dupuis. He’s had a bad run of injury luck lately. That said, I am also extremely happy that this was the outcome. This could easily have been fatal. People die from pulmonary embolisms frequently. I’m glad they caught the issue in time and I wish Duper and his family all the best. Some things are way more important than hockey. I want him back because he is the heart of the team, but I want him healthy most of all.

Why Parentlock is Very Unlikely

To start, I’ll acknowledge that Mary’s baby being real, being John’s and being kept alive is theoretically one of the possible outcomes, but it’s very unlikely, to the point where I personally dismiss it. In some ways, given Mary goes away by the end of S4, it’s the most palatable or ‘nice’ solution to the mess HLV left us with, which is probably why it’s the most popular outcome I’ve seen in post-S3 Johnlock fics. I’ll also note that in theory, I’m sure parentlock wouldn’t be too bad and Series 3 shows that Sherlock would be a pretty good parent (though I have doubts about John and about the type of life they’d all have making them happy or fulfilled, as that would not suit their characterization thus far). However, this isn’t about whether or not parentlock is desirable, but rather the fact that it’s extremely unlikely. Why?

  • It’s too nice, and Series 3 as well as the promised Series 4 have been angsty overall. Even supposing that it’s not a disaster for John and Sherlock in theory (debatable), it’s definitely been a disaster in practice, with BBC Sherlock using the baby to drive a wedge not only between John and Sherlock (at the tarmac, and with Sherlock referring to himself as the baby being replaced in TSoT), but also between John and Mary. That time she couldn’t come with John because she was pregnant was not a good sign for ‘John respects his wife as a strong independent woman even though she’s a mother now’, were that the direction of the show. Instead, it’s a stumbling block for all relationships as of now, and HLV is comparatively meant as the less angsty part.
  • It’s too soon for it in the Johnlock arc narrative: given it’s real, Mary’s nearly having a baby already, so John and Sherlock could only get together after, which would color the nature of their romantic relationship from the beginning. Overall, it’s putting the cart before the horse, which makes no sense in a slow-build romance. The situation is only suitable for the very end or very beginning of a love-story, and this is neither. That’s why the baby is essentially presented as an obstacle and/or plot-device in S3, and is in no way set up as the thing that will bring John and Sherlock closer.
  • Parentlock wasn’t set up or foreshadowed, even if it was suitable. In broad, major strokes, the Johnlock/romance arc is heavily foreshadowed, to the point where the show beats us over the head with its direction from ASiP onwards, honestly (in retrospect). So. If there was gonna be parentlock, it would be foreshadowed, and/or we should pay serious attention to the baby’s narrative role in Series 3 and the character reactions we see already, because that’s how this show works. They have never yet changed course. The baby being a ‘good thing’ for John and Sherlock would be the first time they’ve really not foreshadowed or set up a major direction for the characterization and the arc, and that’s including Mary’s ‘change’.  
  • It would interfere with or seriously change the nature of the show in a way that John and Sherlock’s romance wouldn’t. This is probably the most debatable point, but nevertheless it’s pretty straightforward. The argument that a baby doesn’t categorically change a relationship seems disingenuous, considering how disruptive marriage alone was portrayed as being in TSoT. For better or for worse, it’s something like a given that a serious change in the dynamics would occur, and the question is only whether that would be done well or not (which is more applicable to fanfics). In the show, it’s not about whether it can be done well, but whether it’s suitable for the arc continuity and the show’s stated goal of eventually getting to ACD Holmes and ‘good man’ Sherlock. There’s a reason that Holmes is single and celibate: this allows him to value his Work above all. Now, BBC Sherlock is messing with that paradigm by including John as an intrinsic part of the Work, as a partner in every way. However, there’s only so far this could stretch. While romance could be complementary to partnership, a baby is not an equal partner, so the dynamic would have to change in a major way. Whether well-executed or not, this is no longer Holmes as we know him, nor is it BBC Sherlock.
Some thoughts on recent Magi chapters

I decided to share some of my thoughts on these last few chapters since it seems everyone is~! ^^  Sorry, this is a preeetty long post just to warn you, but I’ve been meaning to share my thoughts about Magi’s recent chapters and what I think about it all for a while now. I’m not really one to post reactions about the chapters, mostly because things seems to get pretty heated in the fandom following new chapters (especially when it has to do with Sinbad), and I’m really not good at dealing with such intense emotions. And it seems other fan’s have already posted very nice interpretations of these chapters regarding Sinbad and his actions. So I’ll try not to focus too much on that, but no guarantees. I just had a few things that I wanted to discuss and get off my chest.  

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4/4 Preference: He Takes His Family to See You Perform


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requests are open // masterlist


“When will the opening act end?” Liz asked, “I want to see (Y/N)’s band!”

Luke smiled at his mother’s comment. He and his whole family- Mom, dad, and brothers- had all come to support you on your first world tour. Luke was on tour with you, since you and Luke suffered from the long distance, and your bandmates didn’t mind. Because you were performing in Sydney, and Luke’s family wanted to see you perform, Luke had made sure five seats in the club section were reserved for him and his family.

“What does (Y/N) play again?” Jack asked. He was interested in seeing the girl Luke talked about over the phone constantly.

“She’s the lead singer,” Luke replied, smiling. He loved to hear you sing, which caused him to do some crazy things at home. You hated to sing in front of one person, so Luke found himself sneaking into the bathroom to hear you singing in the shower.

“Thank you Sydney!” Your opening band said as they exited the stage. There was a quick clean up and prep for your band, where the microphones were set up and everything was cleaned up.

Finally, your drummer came out on stage, and then your bassist and guitarists.

“Where is she?” Liz asked.

“She’ll be out soon,” Luke answered waiting patiently. The other members started to play their first song, and you came onstage and began singing. You bounced around on stage, singing into your microphone and getting the crowd pumped. You and Luke made eye contact, and you smiled, happy to see your Lukey in the crowd. His family was with him, smiling and cheering as you belted out the notes of the chorus.

After the song ended, you greeted the crowd.

“Hello Sydney!” You exclaimed, “How are we tonight?” The crowd cheered in response. You gave a little introduction, and you played a few more songs. The crowd was extremely happy to see you, and when it came time to end the show, the fans were buzzing with happiness from their experience.

Backstage, Luke and his family came up to you.

“You’re amazing!” Liz exclaimed as they all came down the hallway. You went over to hug Luke, who planted a kiss on your forehead.

“Thank you,” You blushed, happy that Luke’s mother was impressed.

“You killed it out there,” Luke smiled. His brothers and father nodded in agreement.

“I’m impressed,” Jack added, “I thought Luke was exaggerating when he said you sang like an angel.” You blushed and Luke laughed. He knew his family was impressed by his favorite little girl.


Harry wouldn’t stop bouncing as he and his family walked into the arena. He was excited to see his brother’s girlfriend perform with her band. He had heard their songs before, and he knew all the words. He wanted to impress Ashton by being a better fan than him.

Ashton smiled down at his brother. “Are you excited, bud?”

Harry nodded. “I sure am. What does she play again?”

“She’s the drummer,” Ashton smiled.

“Of course you’re dating a drummer!” Lauren exclaimed, “I bet she’s better than you.”

Ashton laughed. “She is.”

After getting seated in a vip section of the arena, Ashton and his family were excited to see you perform. You had been practicing hard, and you finally had your chance to blow everyone away. Ashton was confident in you.

“There she is!” Lauren yelled.

Ashton’s heart raced as you walked out onstage, sitting down at your drumset. He knew you were about to amaze everyone in the arena.

The minute your sticks hit the drums, everyone in the crowd went crazy. Your bandmates came out and began singing and playing their guitars, and everyone in the arena was dancing and singing. Harry was singing his heart out, which Ashton and Lauren found hilarious.

“I’m a bigger fan than you!” Harry exclaimed, laughing.

“No way!” Ashton replied.

Backstage, Ashton and his family greeted you. Ashton gave you a quick kiss and wrapped his arm around you.

“So Ashton and I were talking,” Harry said, “And we’ve been fighting over who’s a bigger fan. Just so you know, it’s definitely me.”

“Really?” Ashton laughed again.

“No way,” Lauren added, “I’m the bigger fan. I think she’s a better drummer than Ash.”

“Hey!” Ashton exclaimed, laughing. He knew it was true.


“Where is she?” Karen asked after watching you perform. She and Michael went out to watch your first show of your first tour, and Karen was extremely excited to congratulate you on your singing. She was amazed at how talented you were.

“(Y/N)!” Michael exclaimed when he saw you come off stage. You were smiling like a child on Christmas, excited to see Michael and happy on the outcome of your first show.

“You were amazing,” Karen smiled as you hugged Michael. He pulled your legs up and held you in his arms, you legs wrapped around his waist.

“You killed it!” Michael cheered, “I’m so proud of you.” You blushed from the compliments, and a photographer came by.

“Can I get a picture of you two?” He asked. You and Michael nodded, and he ended up kissing your cheek as he snapped the photo.

“That was cute,” Karen smiled.

“Mom,” Michael whined, “I’m not cute.”

“Oh, yes you are,” You added. Karen nodded as you agreed with her.


“There she is! Look, it’s (Y/N)!” Mali exclaimed, pointing and jumping. She was one of your biggest fans, and she had always wanted to see you perform live. When she found out her baby brother was dating you, she demanded that Calum take her to one of your concerts. She was fangirling as you sang your hit songs and danced around onstage with your bandmates. “Calum, she’s even better in person. You’re so lucky!”

“I know,” Calum replied, smiling, “She’s one of the most talented people I know.”

Backstage, Mali could barely contain her excitement.

“Where is she? Is it weird if I hug her?” She asked.

“Mali, calm down,” Calum laughed, “She’ll be out soon, and I don’t think it’s weird if you hug her.” Calum and Mali waited a little longer, and when they spotted you, you ran down the hall to Calum.

“Hey!” Calum smiled, kissing you as he hugged you, “You were amazing tonight!”

“Thanks,” You smiled, “And you must be Mali. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Mali’s heart melted as you hugged her. She mouthed at Calum “She knows who I am!”

After, you, Calum, and Mali all went and hung out with your bandmates on the bus. You sat in Calum’s lap as he played with your hair, and Mali talked with all of you as she tried to contain her excitement. Calum had told you that Mali was excited to meet you and your band, and you wanted to make sure she had the best experience possible.

After, when Mali and Calum had to go home, you and Calum stood outside alone. It was your last night together for three months, and you didn’t want to leave each other. You had a great night out the night before, but leaving for tour killed.

“I’m gonna miss you,” Calum whispered into your ear after kissing up your jaw.

“I’m gonna miss you too,” You replied, holding Calum close to you.

Let’s talk about con harassment ☆ミ

I feel like half my text posts start with, “so I was talking to the-dunwall-inquisitor….” whoooops. I’m sorry, we just seem to end up online at the same times a bunch.

But anyways, I was talking to the-dunwall-inquisitor about convention harassment and about how I got stalked last year, how it really sucked and shook me almost enough to quit cosplaying partly because the con I was at didn’t have an anti-harass policy to help me, and how I fought enough to get the whole company to change their policy and make one. And I’m very open about talking about it because con harassment and keeping young girls safe in fandom is a big issue to me, so I figured I’d talk about it in detail since “I was stalked” is pretty vague. 

A lot of this post is copied from one I made on my personal blog immediately after it happened, but I’ve never posted it here and I’ve had some distance between the incident so I’m less shaken now and edited it slightly. It’s a really long post because it covers a lot so it’s behind a cut. 

You’re also welcome at ask me any questions about it. I’m very candid about the incident and harassment in general, because I feel like things like this don’t get talked about enough and things only change when we do. 

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