but i was extremely happy with the outcome


so this is my intermediate film i did in a semester for school! it’s based on a concept i made with my sister and is inspired by many trips to family out in ireland. i worked extremely hard on it and am quite proud of the outcome, i hope you enjoy!


Here are my finished products. I am extremely happy with the outcome on most of them and people have told me they would buy them if they saw them in a store.

I did have an issue with the ceramic jar with Bastet on due to the shape where it curves out at the top and should have through it through a bit better. 

I am most pleased with the teapot and like the way the camels heads fit nicely on the spout. 

I also created a last minute logo with my name and my initials in hieroglyphics. If you plan on using this method, remember that the image is mirrored so if there is any writing you have to make sure its a mirror image when you print it. 

I always wanted to draw Zoro with a silly grin and so it makes me extremely happy to say that it’s finally done! I know the lineart is not the best one there is and his face is uneven and blah blah blah there’s just a lot of mistakes, isn’t there? Nevertheless I am quite happy with the outcome and wanted to share ^^

Also, if anyone’s noticed I don’t come to Tumblr very often anymore, I am actually quite astonished you did, go you! But yeah, I am trying not to visit Tumblr as often as I used to due to the fact that I have noticed some nasty negative impact it has on my everyday life and I’m trying to get rid of that…

I am still gonna reblog and post stuff from time to time but it won’t be nearly as frequent as it used to be. However, if u wanna add me on Instagram (which I’ve recently been talked into making after years of fighting it) and see all the photos of cats, dogs, my pictures and myself that I plan to add, it would make me very happy ^^ (Also I need some cool new ppl to follow there, so….)

New Instagram: EYE_MUFF1N

I hope that when you read Tumblr posts about the UK General Election you will remember how Tumblr has a tendency to roll out relatively extreme and unaccepting views, that are all very well online but not in real life; and for you to therefore take a lot of these posts with a pinch of salt. 

I hope that you realise there are many of us in the UK who are very happy with the outcome, because Conservatives over Labour means a stronger economy, and a stronger economy means in the long run better welfare systems, better benefits (for those who need them KEY POINT HERE), and far more jobs. But equally, please don’t overlook that there ARE people who are very distressed that this has happened, as for those long-term benefits there have to be short-term cuts which affect many people and are therefore unpopular. Quite honestly, both sides have valid points.

I hope you acknowledge people voted left-wing for legitimate reasons that were very important to them, and that people voted right-wing for also legitimate reasons that were important to them. Whatever your view, whether you think the UK system should be by Proportional Representation or First Past the Post, the Conservatives got the most votes in both systems, and it is incredibly important that is understood and respected by everyone.

But overall, I hope that you are respectful of other people’s views. Tumblr has a tendency to abuse those who don’t agree with their ideologies and that’s wrong. The UK General Election result was a result of Democracy. We voted, and a majority Government was elected because of it. PLEASE remember that. It’s vastly important for us, the next generation, to understand and accept other people’s views - and not just say “Your opinion is different from mine so is therefore wrong”.

Simple, smooth name- it must roll off the the tongue like molasses, or else it risks losing its meaning. the girl who bears it also bears a tremendous amount of pain- the type that tears at your beauty, taking it and throwing it into the fire- or, just as destructive, yet notably less violent- the water.

The Man who Killed for Love
He is not gorgeous, he is not kind. He took her innocence in his hands and tore at it like bread being torn for the meal. He molded her into who she was. The artist, the writer, the lover- the murderer. He must never be remembered, he must never be forgotten.

The Man who Died for Love
Foolish, yet wise. The boy- oh, just a boy, not yet a man of any sort- who allowed for a girl, captive and crumbling, to break her vow to another. Another man, another man- the other man, for most see him as such. Nothing good can come out of his touch.

The Death of Innocence
Something evil, something sour- the man who killed has all but devoured the poor, kind girl’s innocence. Her only jewel, her only cent. He stole it away- without any thought for anyone but himself. Believing he was right, believe she was in love. He never paid for his sins- he only cried for them.

Death of Love
Lost and hurt, the girl would search for some sort of refuge. Anything- life or death. Something to take away the burden of her soul, and the burden of his. Found in the man who died was an awakening of sorts- the promise of not only love, but eternal happiness. Oh, how little the lovers cared for the consequences. Oh, how little they feared of the world.

The Man who Killed for Love
Take your last breath, your last kiss- the man who killed found the man who died. Their friendship was nothing- cruel, bitter, cold. The darkness soon enveloped the man who died, yet he had lived more than any other man in this world. He had loved, and love had given him a soul in which he could hold onto in the next life.

The name means nothing once it is forgotten. Its lovely way of falling of the tongue dead and gone with its owner. The man who killed would kill again- though it was not killing. It was not as emotionless as a killing. It was not so simple and so pure as a killing was- it was a murder. A murder which would cover up the girl- the girl who loved, the girl who lived, the girl who died. The water would splash, the waves would crash- and no one would remember the girl who drowned.