but i was excited so


riordanverse ladies as lesbian aesthetics for @lgbtqpjo‘s femslash friday

clarisse - the butch lesbian

rachel - the liberal lesbian art student

thalia - the soft butch punk lesbian

reyna - the sports lesbian

hazel - the lesbian feminist witch

silena - the femme lesbian

sadie - the alt grunge lesbian

calypso - the soft nature lesbian

drew - the lipstick lesbian


For tumblr FINALLY raising the gif limit to 3MB, I had to make some gifs of “How To Steal The World/The Seven Wonders Of The World Affair” :) Enjoy!

Hi Tumblr friends.

My work, errands, and chores are finally done for the day (hoo boy, there was plenty of work/errands/chores, let me tell you). I’m tired, but I’m also feeling kind of … just really happy? I thought this was kinda newsworthy and wanted to let you know.

*hugs all of you*


I JUST WANTED TO GIVE A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED IN OTAYURI WEEK SO FAR…!!! I am SO, SO proud of the fandom and how big we’ve grown in just these past few months…!!! TYSM for being so awesome and creating such amazing content!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO, SO MUCH AND I FEEL SO BLESSED TO BE IN THIS WONDERFUL FANDOM WITH YOU ALL ;///7///; <333333333

As one of the mods for @otayuriweek, I’m going to be in charge of reblogging content for day 5 and day 6… AKA I’ll be reblogging stuff all day both Friday and Saturday! I’m going to be very focused on reblogging content for Otayuri week (and… creating content… for once… *looks into the distance and sheds a tear*) for the next few days, so I’m probably going to be very slow at replying to asks and messages until Sunday!!! My main blog also probably won’t be super active until Sunday!!!

So, until then… SEE YA GUYS AROUND!!! HAVE FUN WITH OTAYURI WEEK!!! ;D <33333333333

mommas-wombats  asked:

dude a few days ago we got lumber to build a garden bed and you should have seen how excited my husband was in putting it together he kept working even after it got dark and then halfway through dinner he stuck his head out the back door to look at it AND THEN getting ready for bed he put his face on the window even though he couldn't see anything lol sometimes being an adult is fun

aye hello!!~ firstly, let me just say that i am s o o o excited for this rp! you can call me gin (she/her). i would like to introduce the pyo family gardener and my smol precious child yoon dahee. some fun facts under the cut! if you’d like to plot, hmu or give this a like and i will run to your im’s! (psst i have some plots here) i am very excited to rp with you all!!

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Hey everyone!! I just wanted to ask you for prayers for me and my friend @uncertainconfidence! We both have grad school interviews coming up (mine is tomorrow!) and any prayers that you can spare for us would be appreciated!!!!!!!!