but i was boring

ok since hansol isn’t in the recent smrookies videos, there are speculations that he might be debuting that’s why he isn’t in smrookies anymore and there are rumors that nct 127 might have a comeback in june and this 127 theory which is 7 members +2 members +1 member and the last member could be hansol?? idk but i think it makes so much sense??

Do yall also have these mutuals that you just??? Grew really fond of?? Like, you never properly talk to them and all you do is like each other’s posts but whenever you see them on your dash you’re like “hello sunshine, I hope you’re drinking lots of water and being happy your health and wellbeing is so important to me” and I hope that’s not weird because honestly that’s me all the time


NAME Peevils
DESCRIPTION Alien queen sent to Earth to learn how to destroy mankind
ASSOCIATES Darkiplier, Antisepticeye
CRIMINAL RECORD 18 counts of murder, 25 counts of theft, 5 counts of breaking and entering, 3 counts of escape from incarceration
DANGER LEVEL Extremely high. Do not approach at all costs.


operation love 💘 episode 6 

i cant believe such an empowering, hardworking, influential, unique and talented group of women such as sistar get treated with literally no respect for doing the absolute most. the music industry really hates women. there isn’t a single place in the world where women receive the same appreciation, opportunities and praise for doing the same shit men do and even more in the same damn industry. im tired

finally FINALLY the girls are noticing that something is going on with sana, something is not okay. chris and eva also tried to convince her to re-join the bus. but vilde? seriously, vilde? and i mean, seriously, julie? i know the character is meant to be like that, it is part of sana’s storyline, etc. but, like, do we really have to wait until ep 10 drops to see a vilde character development? do we really have to? i’m disappointed about how they’ve written her character storyline this season. sana and vilde were friends, they are friends. they were building a beautiful friendship. and i know there’s supposed to be a development and us are supposed to be “shocked” when it will happen, but, do we really need all this time? where did that “girls supporting girls” go? do we really need to wait until the end to see sana being treated like a human? better give us a really shocking and original development/change of vilde, because this isn’t what i signed up for