but i was boring

Tom Holland Laughing

I just want MC to one night just sneak outside of Eel and go on her own little adventure  - considering what happened during episode 13. 
Have an episode where she sees more of the Eel land - - since from the map we only see the top of a cliff where Eel is located, a beach and small isolated island. And clearly it has more land the further you go.

Have her get into trouble and us fight someone or something with the in episode game feature.

Have her discover some other secrets.

I just hope she doesn’t stay in Eel the entire episode, sulks a bit to only then having to apologize for acting on her emotions even though the Eel is at fault here…

Girl should get a move on…


trying to decide on a style for faces so used my boys fallout selves.. lin is my courier in new vegas and rens my main ss in fo4.

just some dumb kids hangin out in the wastes