but i was already angry

So… I want to talk a bit about my opinion on Clarke saying “You already did.” to Bellamy. I feel like some people are angry at her for saying that, like she was judging him or something. But look: this episode made an effort to show us how frustrated Clarke was from this whole situation, and how impossible her task to save everyone was. She was not having a good day; she was literally breaking down. And then Bellamy comes back and tells her that their one solid hope has been dashed too? I would be surprised if she didn’t express any frustration at all. And really, all she said was a fact, lol.

But like, the important thing to note here is that her frustration isn’t personal. It’s not directed towards BELLAMY. Obviously she understands that this was an impossible decision. She’s not frustrated with HIM, she’s frustrated that the world continues to force Bellamy and her to make these kinds of choices. And I would argue that if she had been told this news before Bellamy got back, and had time to prepare herself, she wouldn’t have said that to him. Because she would foresee he would take her frustration as anger at him and would bear that additional guilt, even if it’s unintended. She would have reined her frustration in by the time he got there.

Clarke is human, and moreover a human who’s had a terrible day; you can’t expect her to be emotionless in this situation. In my view, she was actually MUCH MORE CALM hearing the news that their only plan was screwed than anyone in that situation should be expected to act. And that’s because it was Bellamy, and because she understands better than most that there was no right choice to make there. That is why she stood by his side while Raven (whom I love, but who doesn’t yet understand the difficulties of leadership like Bellarke do) was angry at him. 

BASICALLY: Clarke loves and trusts Bellamy a lot, and I think that the fact that she remained so understanding and calm when he came back without what she’d asked for is actually a huge testament to this fact.

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wanted to draw frances laurens as warm up sketches and she ended up being the drawing I guess?

I like drawing age progressions

*lights candle*

Ares, we’re on the cusp of a battle, and millions of people are going to be fighting in it. I have to fight and I am already so tired, but I’m also very, very angry. The fight hasn’t started and I already feel cornered. I need You now, Ares. I will fight as hard as I can, through my fear and in spite of it. Glory to You, who is the most of all warriors. Hail to You, frightful god. I will fight as long as I can, and may it bring You glory.

Tofa soifua

Fandom: Moana
Category: Gen
Relationships: Moana & Maui
Word Count: 2,800 

Summary: Maui returns too late to the seas of Te Fiti. 

(Or, alternatively: In which Maui’s “Goodbye, Moana” becomes prophetic.)

Notes: Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Maui’s never been one for praying. It’s not that he doubts the gods exist - they raised him, he’d have be both willfully blind and ignorant to ignore them. It’s more that he prefers to rely on himself. Other people, as millennia of experience has taught him, are unreliable.

Maui prays now. To all the gods he can think of - to Taema, Tilafaiga, Tagaloa, even Te Fiti. He tosses desperate pleas toward the sky like falling stars, plummeting toward the earth and burning before they get too close to the sea.

Just let her be alive.

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*Not a soft voice at all*




This episode is already precious.



“Okay I already got my new daughter, you can carry on.”

I wanted to really enjoy this ep.

Like!! It’s focused on Connie!!! And gems that aren’t the main ones!!!

…But there’s also the fact that in order for this to happen, we had to have the story being told to Steven. And these other gems are so seperated from the main cast, we’ll probably never see them again unless they’re together and away from the main cast.

And what frustrates me the most about all of this is remembering why they stayed behind to begin with.

Like, when Lapis and Peridot were told to stay behind I really did not. Buy that whole “protect beach city thing” like….

First off. We never see them on missions. Hell, aside from that one time Peridot was on a mission (…which was….a joke episode mostly…) I’m not even sure if they? Ever go on missions?

It just always seemed to me like they just never went with them. I mean, when the gems warp back home, it’s always of course, just those three. Lapis and Peridot are nowhere to be seen.

That and doesn’t Lapis really hate the crystal gems??? Or did at least…idk she’s written inconsistently

So that being said it actually shocked me that they? Trusted them to protect all of beach city???

Idk it was just really hard for me to see it as anything other than a reason to keep them out of the bomb.

Not only that but. They’re going to homeworld and Peridot’s a homeworld gem?

She could’ve offered some useful information. Hell, Adventures in Light Distortion wouldn’t even exist if they just let her fix the settings.

No time you say? Well Steven clearly had time to mess around with them on the trip. I don’t see why she couldn’t have just come along to fix them.

Aside from….ya know. That good status quo. :/

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So I used to work for taco hell and I was a closer one Saturday night and once it hit like 3-4 we had 4 people for the whole night which is very understaffed and we got hit with a huge dinner rush we closed the dining room cause we didn’t have enough people so everyone piled in the drive thru it’s about 5 or 6 by this point and it’s me on the reg and 3 people on line we were giving people 15-30 minute wait times some people just left understandably but most just decided to wait so one lady pulls up I say hello and give her her total and she just stares at me for a minute and goes “what no apology?” Like I told you it was gonna be a long wait and it’s dinner time on a Saturday what do you expect? But I just said sorry anyways cause I didn’t need my already stressed out manager dealing with angry customers