but i was actually too ugly to walk it so

small things in gotg2 that i utterly loved (huge spoilers)
  • “No! It’s too adorable to kill!”
  • The Sovereign being a send-up of aspects of gamer culture
  • Gamora telling Mantis she’s not ugly (and clearly meaning it)
  • That ridiculous thing Ayesha was walking on so her feet didn’t have the indignity of touching the ground
  • “I will help them by killing Thanos”
  • Actually everything involving Nebula, tbh
  • (She has agency and empathy and a sister now)
  • “That’s a desk.”
  • The bizarre almost-beauty of the arrow massacre sequence
  • The Chain (the song that plays as Peter regains control of his ‘heart’) sounding like it could almost be Meredith condemning her ex-lover from beyond the grave “damn your love, damn your lies" as her son avenges her
  • Drax holding Mantis up as the ground starts eating him, desperate to give her a chance to live
  • absolutely everyone getting both Cool Scenes and Heartwarming Scenes
  • “What’s so wrong with that?”
  • the bit where Groot gives Yondu a sad little wave, and Yondu waves back
  • Peter closing his eyes and accepting his fate as the planet explodes around him
  • Gamora tending to the unconscious Mantis
  • Yondu holding Peter’s face as he dies and staring at him so he can be the last thing he sees
  • lots of big, important themes: slavery, child abuse, eugenics, parenthood, all dealt with well, albeit sometimes subtly
  • god it’s a good film

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I want to know your 5 favorite myungsoo pics pleeeease? (I could never pick, just any 5 at random would be my faves really)

As many of you may know by now, Myungsoo is my handsome and precious son who makes me proud every day and I adore him. Pretty much every picture of Myungsoo is my favourite so this is just 5 that I like today. Let’s go!

1. tell him he looks sexy with his hair pushed back ( © LECIL )

2. myungsoo + guitar = otp ( © L’aile )

3. his dimples are so important omfg help me those sandals gotta go though honey wyd ( 3rd pic © Apricity )

4. even when he’s trying to be ugly he’s still weirdly handsome??? 

5. he is naturally this handsome too like whattt????? he’s never had surgery yet looks like he walked out the pages of a manga actual flowerboy for life wthhhh??? gorgeous boy

wow myungsoo is so nice to look at like i feel at peace god bless


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If we actually looked like the girls he dates, we wouldn't be here daydreaming about marrying him, we would be too busy walking fashion shows, so I see the anon point. No need to make anyone feel bad about their body, but yeah, boy's got a type, just like I do, and that's okay as long as you respect everyone which I'm sure Harry does. Do I see him with a black/fat/short or ugly girl? No. Do I think he respects them and finds everyone beautiful in their own way despite not being his type? Yes.

At first, I thought I shouldn’t answer this, because you know, this is the most disgusting, disrespecful and completely mental message I have ever gotten.

Did you fucking read what you wrote before sending this in? You say “no need to make anyone feel bad about their body” and then right after you go on to list things that, in your eyes, are bad, when in fact, they’re not.

Being black doesn’t make you less beautiful. Being fat doesn’t make you less beautiful. Being short does not fucking make you less beautiful. “Ugly” is your attitude and they way you’re thinking.

He may have a type, everyone does and I won’t deny that, but you ASSUME the only girls he’s ever dated are models when that is, in fact, not true - it’s like he’s only ever dated people after he became famous and never before that. Harry dates certain girls because those are the people that are in his circle of friends, the people he has access to. He doesn’t meet “average” women every day and taking as a fact that he wouldn’t date someone like this or that just because we haven’t seen him with someone that looks a certain way doesn’t mean he wouldn’t. 

If you want to assume someone having certain physical traits means they’re ugly, that’s ok, that is YOUR fucked up, mean and extremely disrespectful view of the world and that is your problem and you’ll deal with the consequences of thinking like that, because someday, this will turn against you. But don’t come here, on my blog, under the anonymous feature to say something so toxic and make others feel bad about themselves and expect to not be called out for it.

If you’re the type of person who thinks like this, you REALLY shouldn’t be a Harry fan - because you don’t get what his message is all about. A person who says “Everyone should love themselves & shouldn’t strive for perfection” would never approve and be happy to hear you saying what you did. 

I hope you never experience this kind of disrespect and I hope that, one day, your mind changes and you start thinking differently, because thinking like this just makes you a horrible horrible person and it’ll turn you into a miserable person.

The Crocodile Glasses

When knock-off copies of Jagged Stone’s super-awesome Eiffel Tower start popping up, Jagged is not pleased. Still, it doesn’t take long to come up with a solution- he just needs to release his own official line of sunglasses! And naturally, he needs one Marinette Dupain-Cheng to design them for him. Now, if only Marinette could figure out how to execute some of Jagged’s more out-there ideas…

(AO3) (FF.net)

When the first reports of knock-off Jagged Stone sunglasses came in, the singer-slash-songwriter was furious.

“A designer made those specially for me and I won’t have someone else profiting from her work,” Jagged told Penny as he filled out the paperwork for the report. His assistant loyally copied down every word for the press release. “That’s not fair to her.”

“Will you be releasing an official Jagged Stone Glasses line, sir?” Penny asked. “That way your fans can buy the glasses legally and the designer can get a portion of the sales.”

Jagged Stone perked up at the suggestion. “Yes! Perfect! What do we need to do to get that started? We would need to get in contact with a sunglasses manufacturer, right? You could do that, couldn’t you Penny?”

“I can do that.” Penny made a note. “Do you want her to design any other sunglasses so you can have a variety to offer?”

And that was how Marinette found herself getting a call at eleven o'clock at night from the rock star’s assistant, asking for three more sunglasses designs.

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Black Magic Woman

Originally posted by shwaybum

Request from @belushtful : Hey can I get a jay park scenario where his gf is a black girl and the fans make her insecure about herself. Thanks

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 748

Contains: fluff, protective jay


Comments: i hope you like this. I feel like it’s kinda shitty, but still I hope you enjoy it a little.

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Reasons to watch KR Fourze

Today a friend said to me, “one of my students likes Kamen Rider, especially this Fourze guy??? pls explain.”

Today a friend was Not Prepared.

Here is a non-comprehensive list of why you should watch Fourze besides because it’s amazing.

  • Um, so, KR is like Power Rangers or like, uh, American Horror Story? Every season is it’s own thing and they’re not really connected. Each has their own theme and characters and such.
  • With me so far?
  • Fourze was the 2011 space themed one. It’s Japanese kids in a basically American high school, football and cheerleaders and all, and also basically the Breakfast Club
    • over the fifty episodes, these eight kids come together to support Gentarou, who’s the cheerful idiot who transforms into Kamen Rider Fourze to fight rubber suit monsters based on constellations.
  • Gentarou is basically Luffy only instead of “meat” it’s “friendship” 
    • his life goal is to make one thousand friends
  • It’s very cheerful and upbeat and about breaking the norms and dealing with yourself as you are in the horror that is high school
    • and for all it’s bright and brash and loud, there’s also a subtle horror just underneath about adults and authority and victimization and bullying,
    • and it’s really just so good.
  • Written by the guy who wrote Gurren Lagann if that tells you anything.
    • This isn’t even getting into all the actual main character deaths
    • or the crystal space baby
    • or the crossdressing constellation powers
    • or the evil twin constellation powers
    • or the rival who is my actual favorite character because he’s a two faced lying liar who’s also secretly a screaming kung fu master being controlled by a satellite
  • It is ridiculous and silly and stupid and you spend the first episodes hating the characters you come to love most and you don’t even realize how far you’ve fallen into it until the emo bitch is crying and admitting maybe he does want actual friends and that’s only episode twelve
  • I really love Kamen Rider
  • The Aries arc–it just kills me every time. I ugly sobbed during that first time round I love that boy so much
  • Everyone is so anime character? They’re a bunch of walking cliches that turn into actual people because that’s the way we get to know people, is slowly
  • Actual friendship is the actual saving power of the universe
  • It’s so good

Fourze is one of the best Riders in the Heisei era and I can’t possibly overstate how fun and fun and fun this show is.If you like shows that are ridiculous, fun, clever, don’t take themselves too seriously, wildly embrace tropes just to subvert them, deal with any high school trope ever, space centric and will actually teach you space things, the newest Power Rangers movie, or perhaps enjoy a show that will make you laugh until it rips out your heart and then spoonfeeds it back to you, then check out Kamen Rider Fourze.

But, of course, Fourze’s got nothing on 2009′s Kamen Rider W.


4 June 2017

First long walk with the Halti. I purposely chose an area where we weren’t likely to run into too many distractions. The (surprising) one we did run into was a balloon tied to a post that Ivan thought was a ball. A great opportunity for working on walking past a distraction calmly and on a loose leash. In situations like these I’m trying to be a lot more patient and reward him for voluntarily checking in with me instead of just shortening the leash and continuing on our way.

Daisuga Week Day 6

Prompt: Old/New

Summary: Suga is ready for the date of his life, but Daichi’s dinosaur of a car has different ideas.


Suga splashes cold water on his face for the fifth time that night, hoping that this attempt will actually wash away the nervousness pulling at his chest. It doesn’t, and he sighs, looking at himself in the bathroom mirror.

“You’ve got this, Koushi. You’re going to go out, you’re going to have a good time, and you might even smooch a cute boy,” he tells himself, checking again to make sure his collar is flat against the neck of his navy blue sweater and straightening his bow tie. His older sister had told him he looked like a clown with the tie and his red sneakers when he showed her his outfit, but his little sister insisted he looked cute, so he figures ‘ambiguous middle ground’ is an okay place to be on the fashion scale.

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Cherry Pie

Pairing: Louis Tomlinson & Harry Styles (Larry)

Genre: Smut, Fluff, Angst, Highschool AU

Word Count: 10 500

Warnings: Explicit language, Smut

Summary: Louis has always been well behaved. But one night Louis’ mother invites a long time friend over for dinner. However, when another unexpected guest shows up, Louis just can’t bite his tongue. Between those stupid boots, cherry pie and dumb tattoos, Louis’ past becomes harder to forget.

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Have a Merry Little Christmas

SO HERE IT IS FINALLY!!! I’m sorry about posting  it later than I said, but at least its up now:)

Characters: Castiel x Reader, Sam, Dean.


warnings: Fluff aaand I think that’s it?

Originally posted by cassammydean

“Hey Cas, I need the lights!” You called from the main room of the bunker. You were setting up the Christmas tree the week before Christmas since the boys and angel were busy. You had been trying to get them all together since Thanksgiving, but it was one hunt after another! You finally got them to all be home at the same time, so it was the perfect opportunity

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“The Joker’s new toy” - [The Joker - Christmas one shot].

Summary: The Joker hates Christmas but a present from his assistant might change that, at least for a minute or two.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: Merry Christmas! 


“Turn off the goddamn Christmas lights, for the 100th time, Harley, or I will shove them down your throat and plug them in!” The Joker snarled into his cell phone before hanging up.

He was in his office, and I could hear him from the Club’s small and private living room. His two bodyguards and I just waited outside for orders.

Working for The Joker wasn’t easy at all, but if you were good at your job, you’d learn a thing or two. So at this point and being his girlfriend, if you can call that a relationship, Harley should know better. He hates Christmas and he’s made it clear a thousand times. Maybe even more than the bat himself. Which is why all of us are working on the 24th of December, and believe it or not, it’s a full house at the club.

Seems like half of Gotham agrees with the Joker’s distaste.

Harley did take the day off, probably to rob a restaurant and serve Christmas dinner at home.  Not to mention that it was only the 30th of November and hers and The Joker’s house already shone brightly with Christmas lights, and an upside-down snowman on their front porch; The Joker shot at it in no time but she just doesn’t give up.

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So your mod finally did it.

I BOUGHT SOME UGLY MERCH. Specifically, that magical classic… Unpainted Crotch Goku!

I decided a proper product review and unboxing post was in order, so let’s go!

Box: pretty cool actually! We’ve got pictures of people beating each other up, a handy guide to identifying the Ginyu Force members for some reason, a diagram of Goku power walking, and the same picture of Piccolo three times. No really, look:

…it’s the same Piccolo on the top, front, and bottom of the box. Okay then. Too many of the same Piccolo is better than no Piccolo at all, so we’ll move on and actually liberate Buns Crotchku from his box.

For someone who looks like he’s got his bits danglin’ in the wind, he seems pretty stoic about it! His crotch isn’t the only paint error, check out his unpainted joints, wrist thingies, and lack of boot details. I guess they put all the budget into duplicating that one picture of Piccolo and none of it into the paint job.

Of course, the big question is: can he pose?

I’m pleased to report that yes, yes he can. What use is an action figure if you can’t put him in a ‘peeing dog’ position, for example? Well, our pal Grossku definitely delivers there! However, his leg posability is limited by the knee fabric plastic molding, and his joints feel pretty loose.

Final opinion? The best money I ever spent.

He’s our new blog mascot! Get ready for occasional posts of his lame adventures!

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26 39 and 98 :)

26. Name someone lots of pretty people.
bro. like, literally everyone. but I’ll just call out the first three tumblrs / friends that come to mind, and the first three celebrities (no particular order):
@balloonkiwi​ is goals, her selfies are A+ and light up my dash
@sadgirlsunited​ isn’t actually too ugly I guess
my ex (actually like, all my exes obviously but one in particular), she’s really cute

Morena Baccarin (actor in Deadpool, Firefly, Gotham) is like, really pretty? probable celebrity crush
Summer Glau (actor in Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) is super cool, I’d say she’s leaning towards cute but I think it’s her mannerisms that I like more than anything
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (actor in The Walk, Inception, Dark Knight Rises) is handsome. actual goals (and it actually applies because he’s a guy)

39. Do you have any phobias?
I don’t think so? not any legitimate phobias, but I’m most frightened by physical pain, and sometimes (rarely) if I’m in a huge crowd with no friends and no destination in mind, I get really uncomfortable

98.  What should you be doing right now?
well I have no life and I’ve spent the whole day switching between watching Terminator and playing Magic: The Gathering so there’s nothing really backlogged

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RFA + V + Saeran reacting to MC trying to get them to wear ugly Christmas sweaters?

(I love ugly christmas sweater culture… too bad christmas here is ACTUALLY WHEN THE SUNNY SEASON IS *supposed* TO BEGIN SO WEARING A SWEATER IS TOO WARM MOST OF THE TIME)


  • don’t get him wrong
  • he adores the sweater
  • he’ll gladly wear it outside and walk around with his ugly sweater
  • just
  • let him wear his usual hoodie at home please
  • she accepts with a crooked smile and a little laugh
  • it’s for MC, so how bad can it be?
  • sure the design is… hideous
  • but so is MC’s sweater and they look adorable so maybe she doesn’t look bad in it?
  • plus, they keep her warm and she matches with MC so that’s a Big Plus
  • deep breaths c'mon do it for MC
  • for MC. do it for them. come on
  • he really dislikes the sweater design but he’ll wear it without a chist for MC
  • he’ll take a selfie with MC in matching ugly Christmas sweaters
  • then take that thing off and try to explain why that design was so horrid
  • he could have gotten MC some prettier sweaters
  • MC just says it “wouldn’t be an ugly Christmas sweater if it was pretty”
  • finally he gets it
  • that’s it
  • Commoner Christmas Aesthetic
  • he puts on the sweater, a bit reluctantly, but he puts it on
  • much to his surprise, Elizabeth 3rd seems to like the sweater (and shows it by rubbing herself over Jumin’s sweater)
  • hell yeah son
  • warm and fashionably questionable at the same time??
  • that’s so him???
  • he’s keeping the sweater on for everything
  • because he has no shame for that
  • also because the sweater is a gift from MC and it’s super comfortable to wear too
  • Who cares about the design on a sweater, really?
  • MC was so insistent on him wearing it, plus it’s a warm sweater
  • he sees it as a nice bonding activity with MC because they too have ugly sweaters
  • hearing MC explain why the sweaters are “hideous” is hilarious
  • he has the sweater on the end of the year photo with MC
  • he likes sweaters
  • that sweater MC gave him, however, is unlikeable
  • but he wants to be a good model boyfriend from there on so he hesitantlg takes the sweater
  • he says the fabric is itchy for him to MC
  • he wants an excuse to Not wear a sweater that ugly please

Requested by Anon! 

You took a deep breath in and let it out before knocking on the door in front of you. 

Matt was every girls dream guy. He was affectionate, he was thoughtful, he was funny and attractive. Little girls dream about having a man like Matt Murdock sweep her up in his arms and take her away. 

You were just like every other girl, except your wistfulness didn’t die with age. You still dreamed about it, even when you had the perfect man. 

Because you lied to him, and you’re lying to yourself when you say that you’re perfectly content.

You hate yourself for lying to him, for distancing yourself, but you can’t stop. Because if he finds out, he’ll leave you. And how much that will break you. 

Because the kind of man Matt Murdoch is, is every girl’s dream man. 

But Matt Murdock himself is yours. 

The door swung open, and Matt stood there, and your breath hitched. All the preparation you’d been doing, psyching yourself up has done nothing. His clothes were dishevelled, his loose cotton pants hanging loosely on his lean hips, and his shirt was crumpled, like it spent the night on the floor while Matt slept. He didn’t even bother to put his glasses on, so you saw that deep colour that you loved so much.

“Hey,” He smiled, running a hand through his messy hair that you knew he couldn’t see anyways. “You’re here early,” His voice was raspy with sleep, and you immediately melted on the spot. Moments like this was why you knew that you never wanted Matt to find out, because if he knew, he wouldn’t like you. 

Long legs, small curves, perfect skin, flawless face. That was the kind of woman that would fit oh so well with the wonderful man you know as Matt Murdoch. 

Blonde, maybe too. The kind of face you only see in movies, sounds good too. Maybe Matt wouldn’t see, but others would. They wouldn’t see him with you. 

Imperfect, ugly, not good enough. You weren’t, you weren’t good enough for him, and that kills you. 

“I um.. I brought breakfast.” You held up the bag that you had in your hand almost as evidence.

The rattling of the brown paper made Matt grin; and step back so you could walk past him. 

You always watched your step, made an actual effort to try and make your footsteps lighter. Matt was blind, not deaf, after all.

All of those girls in the magazines, all the girls you saw on the street. All the girls that had boys hitting them up at all hours. While you were just there. Someone guys barely kept as a friend, and just someone they acknowledged. 

Until you met Matt. He was just so nice to you.

So polite, and charming. It was the first time a guy had spoke to you like that. And it had made you feel so good.

That was only because he was blind…

“What’d you bring?” Matt asked, slipping onto a stool by the kitchen island and resting his forearms on it while he waited for you to pass him his food. 

“Just some breakfast burritos from the little restaurant down the street,” You shrug, passing the wrapped thing down to Matt and waited for him to grasp it before you brought yours out, and slowly put it on the counter. “What a feast.” Matt grinned. “You’re spoiling me," 

You and Matt had been dating for only a couple weeks. And somehow you haven’t lost him yet. 

But that was because he was blind.

And you got all shy when he tried to cuddle or wrap his arms around you in any way.

Matt was a very respectful man, and wouldn’t push you to do anything you weren’t comfortable with. And the man had the patience of a saint!

Why hadn’t he left you already..

You were so difficult…

"Is there something wrong?” Matt asked, and your head snapped up towards him, your fingers still idly playing with the wrapper of the food you bright. 

“No,” you said immediately, ducking your head, and going back to playing with the paper.

Matt hesitated for a second. “You know you could tell me. If there was anything wrong. Anything.” He murmured, placing his breakfast down on the counter, and you pursed your lips.

“There’s nothing wrong,” Your voice cracked slightly, and you cursed internally.  

“Y/n, please.” Matt reached out, sliding his hand over yours, and your flinched. Matt’s was hard and calloused. It was thin, and his fingers long. You grimaced since yours was a little chubby, and you knew that Matt could feel that. You tried to pull your hand away but Matt’s closed over yours and you were trapped.

“Please tell me what is bothering you, Y/n,” Matt murmured, and you looked away, staring at some random fixture in the wall. “Y/n,” You sighed, and looked towards Matt.

“I don’t…” You paused and then tried to start again. “I don’t know why you’re still dating me. I’m so… Big!” Matt was silent for a long while, as if listening to something that you couldn’t. And when it seemed like he couldn’t hear what he was looking for, he looked crestfallen.

“Y/n,” He muttered. You pursed your lips and looked down at the counter as to hide your face. Which is ridiculous, you chided yourself, but you just wanted to hide. You wanted to hide, and never come out, but you couldn’t do that with Matt. He seemed to know absolutely everything and anything about you. You were so vulnerable, and.. Bare around him, and there was absolutely nothing you could do about it. Especially not now. Not that you had told him your biggest insecurity.

All of this inner monologue beating yourself up, you didn’t hear Matt ((The fucking little ninja.)) walk around the island to be at your side. 

And you didn’t know, until you felt his arms sneak around your waist and pull you right up against him. You squeaked, and tried to pull away, push him away, something… But his arms were firmly around your waist. 

“Y/n, please don’t..” He spoke quietly, and you just.. Stopped. Leaning against the counter, you just let him hold you. Even if you were tense, and awkward, and your fists were clenching onto the edge of the counter so hard that your entire hand was white, you let him hold you. 

“I’m sorry,” You hang your head. 

“What are you sorry for?” Matt pulled away a little, and you could finally breathe, but he only pulled away so that he could turn you around a little bit. You started holding your breath as much as you could again…

“For not being perfect. And for being so.. Fat,” you said bitterly. “You deserve better.” You muttered.

“There is not a woman that God has ever created that is more perfect for me than you are.” Matt pulled you even closer and rested his chin on the top of your head, leaving you to be staring at his chest.

“Matt, don’t do that,” you sighed tiredly.

“Do what?” He asked sincerely. Does he really not know?

“Say that I’m perfect and that you couldn’t ask for a better girl than I am. And all that bullshit that decent people actually say when someone’s upset. You can’t see me, but .. I’m not even a little good looking, never mind perfect. You on the other hand are kind, and handsome, and thoughtful, and.. Well… Perfect. I don’t think we can make-,”

“I’m not perfect,” Matt’s voice broke, and he didn’t let you see his face. “And I never said that you were perfect, I said that you’re perfect for me. I don’t need to see you, to be able to tell that you’re damn well beautiful, inside and out. I don’t care that you don’t see that right now, because I do, and I will spend the rest of my days trying to make you see that. I’m a fuck up, but you just over look that, and that is the best thing that anyone could do for me, okay?" 


“There is no one better.”

Yes because no matter what you thought of yourself, you were the perfect girl for Matt. There was many women that Matt could have chosen from, this you have accepted, but you were Matt’s dream girl that that is something you bask in the glory of. 

You were Matt Murdock’s perfect woman; just the way you were. 

Where did all the people go?

They got scared when the lights went low.

I’ll get you through it nice and slow,

When the world’s spinning out of control.

I was sitting in a room on a retreat with thirty other college students reflecting on God, community, and the current state of my life when I heard these words float out of a stereo. It’s silly to admit, but it’s as if Gavin DeGraw wrote this song for me and my roommate. It was spring semester of my sophomore year, and I was in the midst of recovering from a severe depressive episode. One of the retreat team members gave a very moving talk and this song played immediately after, as tears streamed down my cheeks. I looked over at my roommate, Melissa, who was (and still is) my best friend. She was on the other side of the room and when our eyes met, we both broke down. This song symbolized everything our relationship held.

Just a year before the moment when we heard this song for the first time, depression overtook my entire being and almost took my life. Melissa could have left me. Literally, she could have transferred rooms. Figuratively, she could have chosen to ignore what was happening. She didn’t. When other people turned their backs on me, she stayed. It wasn’t easy. Her grades suffered. Her social life was lacking. But she stood by me because she believed in me and knew I could get through it.

I’ll get it if you need it,

I’ll search if you can’t see it,

You’re thirsty, I’ll be rain,

You get hurt, I’ll take your pain.”

I am alive today because of Melissa. She took care of me. She fed me in bed when I was too weak and tired to walk to the dining hall. When I looked in the mirror and saw ugly, she was there to negate that belief (she would actually write words of affirmation on our bedroom mirror so I would feel better about myself). When I had a huge exam but no energy to study, she would not do her homework to help me so I wouldn’t fail. She put her life on hold so I could still have mine, and that is the greatest blessing my heart will ever know.

“I know you don’t believe it,

But I said it and I still mean it,

When you heard what I told you,

When you get worried I’ll be your soldier.”

There were many times when I told Melissa to move on. I felt as though I was too much of a burden and that all I was doing was ruining her life because my depression and anxiety were so out of hand. Every time, however, she told me that she wasn’t going anywhere. She made a promise to me that no matter what, she would stand by my side and walk with me on this journey through the ups and the downs. She gave up everything to care for me, and she helped me carry the weight of my illnesses. I assumed I would have to fight alone, but Melissa proved me wrong.

My aim is so true,

I wanna show you,

I’ll try forever,

I’m never gonna say ‘surrender’.”

I’m pretty confident that when Melissa was deciding her senior year of high school what college she was going to go to, having a roommate with severe depression and anxiety was not on her bucket list. The funny thing is: We both almost ended up at completely different colleges. I had the deposit check written for another school and Melissa wanted to go somewhere in a bigger city. Because of that, a huge part of me has to believe that something larger was at work in bringing us both to that tiny liberal arts college that no one outside of New England had ever heard of. She carried me through the dark. Not because she felt obligated to, but because she wanted to. She force-fed me hope when the darkness was swallowing me whole. She is genuinely in this journey for life, and I would not want to battle mental illness with anyone else by my side.

I’ll be your soldier

Well I’ll be, oh I’ll be your soldier.”

How do you repay someone who saved your life? There are no words, no gifts, and no actions appropriate enough to thank her for what she did for me. I have tried, and failed, multiple times. I’ve brought this question up to her and she told me that what makes it all worth it is that I’m here today, living. That I kept going when I wanted to give up. That I decide to get out of bed each day, even when it is hard. What I don’t think she understands, though, is that I wouldn’t have any of this if it weren’t for her. She is more than a roommate. She is greater than a friend. She is everything to me. If I could one day be half the person she is, I will know I have lived a successful life. She took my pain as her own and fully entered into the experience with me to better understand what I was going through. She renewed my life, and I try my best every day to honor the life-giving graces she has bestowed onto me.

- Mae, TWLOHA Fall ‘15 Intern

Coughing and Miserable and In Love

Summary: Leave it to Dan to get sick on his twenty-fifth birthday. Despite his low expectations, his birthday turns out differently than even his wondering mind had planned.

Description: A phan drabble fic, mostly just a fun write that I hope you all will enjoy:)

Warnings: Some language, lots of fluff

Notes: The most-voted choice on my poll; to all of you who voted for this one, here you go! Please enjoy and let me know if you like this style of fic from me, please!:)

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Devenford Prep Part 9

You were restless in Chem class, with your shoes tapping on the tile floor, looking up at the clock, it read 1:30 and there was still one more class left in the day. You kept popping your fingers, neck and clearing your throat. Your skin felt like it was crawling and needed to be scratched at or better yet ripped off. Your body also felt like it was on fire and your heart was pounding at an unusual rate. Nervously you scratched at the exposed skin of your left arm and continued to tap your foot. Samantha the girl who sat behind you in class and the girl Brett was hooking up with on the daily, according to him, leans over her desk and taps on your shoulder.

“Can you please stop tapping your shoes,” She almost snaps in your ears. Her voice was a bit too loud for your liking, making your ear drums hurt. “It’s distracting during the lecture! It’s bad enough that I have to sit behind you anyways.”

You turn around in your desk and start to let out a low growl at her, your eyes sharply glaring back at her and head slowly tilting to the side. She shakes her head looking freighted for a second then her expression shifts into something disgusted. 

“Are you growling at me?” The girl asks and then laughs. Instantly you turn around and place your hands on your desk. You look down and they were claws. Quickly you drop your hands to your thighs. “She is actually growling at me, is there something wrong with you?”

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Kuroo helping his girlfriend as she was confronted by a group of girls ((´д`))

Kuroo was on his way to practice when he heard it. “You’re so ugly you know?” “God I can’t believe anyone would actually want you, you’re so disgusting.” “Do us all a favour and just disappear.” He didn’t like the sound of that so he looked into the hall to see who it was. His heart froze when he saw the bullies victim was y/n, his girlfriend. He casually started walking down the hall “You know girls the only disgusting thing I see hear is your attitudes, I don’t know if you’re aware but that’s my girlfriend you’re talking too.” Y/n noticed how dark and cold his face had gone, it was scary. “So I’m going to recommend you leave her alone or-” Y/n began to pull him away, seeing how angry he was terrified her she had never seen him like this. “Kuroo stop. It’s not worth it.” Once they were away from the scene she sat him down, and refused to make eye contact. “Y/n, have they done that to you before? Are they the reason you have odd injuries sometimes?” She silently nodded. Kuroo hugged her hard, “tell me next time, I’m here for you okay? Just tell me.”

Insecurities- Luke Imagine (Part Two)

*Y/T/N = Your Twitter Name. Part One  Part Three

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Two months. It had been two months of blood, sweat, and tears, literally. Tears, coming from you wallowing in self-pity over you and Luke’s break up. Sweat, coming from your excessive amount of exercise that probably won’t be as healthy as you think it would be, due to you only eating a banana everyday. And blood, from when you passed out after not eating or drinking anything for two days whilst running on the treadmill. You fell off the moving machine and smashed your head onto the wall, making you bleed. But to your hallucinating and unrealistic self, it was all worth it. In two months you had dropped about 20 kg, which is approximately 40 pounds, making you hit your perfect mental image of “beauty” and being “fit”. 

As an aspiring actress, you found yourself in place of a wanted actress now, filling your schedules to the second. You were currently on your way to a meeting with the many directors who had requested you. Due to your new body shape plus your already amazing acting skills, many directors found you desirable. Plus, with your ex-relationship with Luke, many fans found you through him. Unfortunately, many haters did too. 

@Y/T/N! You only used @Luke5sos for fame!” “You fat slut! Stop being such an ugly whore!” “You’re horrible at acting!” Usually these comments didn’t really get to you, but after all this hard work, it made you doubt yourself. Were you still too fat? Maybe if you lost ten more pounds it’d be better. You were so consumed in your thoughts, you didn’t realize until you’d walked into a person, or more specifically, Calum. 

“Y/N! I can’t believe it’s actually you! You look so different.” Calum frowned, making you slightly uncomfortable. “Why? Because I’m no longer fat now?” You spat, making Calum flinch a little. “No! That never mattered, we’ve always been great friends! I meant you’re looking really pale, like slightly sickish. Are you okay?” Shrugging, you looked at your watch, making you shake your head. “Calum, I’d love to catch up but I have a meeting in about twenty minutes quite far away. I have to go now. I’ll call you though.” You said quickly, running off before Calum had a chance to answer you. “But we’re going to the same place…” Mumbling, Calum followed you for a while before calling for the limo to pick him up. 

“Hello Y/N! It’s nice to finally meet you. I’m sorry for the slight delay, it seems the boys are running slightly late.” You were meeting for an acting part in a music video. Who’s it was though, your manager forgot to tell you. “Sorry sorry sorry we’re here now!” A familiar Aussie voice, making you whip back and look towards the door. There, stood the blonde giant you have been attempting to avoid for two months.

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