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SPN Hiatus Creations II Week Two
Urban Legends » 1x11 “Scarecrow”

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The Kingsman are back - New article in German “Geek!” #32 magazine 

The article itself isn’t spoilerish re KM2, there’s not really anything we don’t already know, and what there is I marked in the text. The beginning basically just gives us a summary about KM1 and then there’s an interview with Taron Egerton from shortly after he finished filming Robin Hood. The interview is really cute and I feel weird translating it back into English after it was translated into German - talk about Lost in Translation, lol. But I think this is too cute to miss, so here’s the gist of it:

Mag: The Kingsman are the embodiment of the totally cool guy - are you like that or are you more of a geek?

TE: No, I’m probably the least cool person on the planet. It’s a desperate daily struggle for me to give the illusion that I’m somewhat cool. It’s a very, very strenuous acting performance! (laughs)

Mag: Do you have some geeky habits?

TE: When I watched a film that I liked, then I look at who exactly was part of it afterwards. I totally take it apart really. Then I look at the actors, if they worked together on other projects and things like that. I really like doing that.

Mag: Welcome to the club!

TE: I’m somewhat of an imdb junkie, I look for the smallest tidbits, quotes and trivia, for example who worked with whom and if it was the first time or not. Everything going on behind the scenes is of interest to me. 

Mag: It must have been heaven for you to work on KM again then since there are so many well-known actors involved, Mark Strong, Julianne Moore - was it fun to work with them?

TE: I liked working with two actors from The Big Lebowski [AN: Bridges and Moore] because I love that film. And it was great to film with Mark again because we already got along so well in the first one.

Mag: One does see a lot of him in the trailer…

TE: Yes, he now has the chance to… (he stops because he noticed that he might give sth away). Let’s just say he has much more to do than in part one because he’s not bound to HQ anymore. It’s amazing how many great actors Matthew found for this film.

Mag: Makes me wonder how much time you spent on imdb when you heard who’s involved?

TE: Not that much. These are all colleagues I looked up earlier. [talks about him liking Bridges and Elton John]

[the next paragraph has possible KM spoilers but it’s not really sth we haven’t seen/heard before]

Mag: How much time has gone by between the first film and this one?

TE: I think about six months. Eggsy has finished a few mission and is trying to get into the groove and his new lifestyle. […] He tries to find a balance since he has a gf now. […] And he is faithful despite being a spy. [He’s not like Bond because] he’s breaking with that cliche. He’s really fallen in love with that girl and wants to make that relationship work.

Mag: [asking about Robin Hood]

TE: If it turns out the way I hope it will be a completely different take on Robin Hood as we’re used to. We’ve tried to keep the gist of the original legend. He’s a soldier who’s just came back from the crusades, a well-versed bowman, but he is a lot younger than the Robin Hoods we saw before on screen. The mood will be a lot darker and the film more modern. 

Mag: Who’s in it?

TE: It’s a great cast. I’m in it - with that I don’t mean that I’m great (laughs). Jamie Dornan and, what I think is especially exciting, Ben Mendelsohn, who’s playing the Sheriff. He’s a hero of mine and a great actor.

[…] Mag: Seems there’s a lot of action in RH and KM. Is that easy to do for you?

TE: No idea. I wasn’t really expecially good at PE back in school. But I love the challenge of combining the choreography with the physical demands. I don’t want to say that I have the talent to be a stuntman, but it excites me to make it work. 

Mag: Any pranks on set?

TE: I never remember those very well But there was this time when Channing Tatum put blow-up dolls in my trailer and filmed it.

Mag: What? Where can one see this?

TE: (unable to speak with laughter) Don’t ask!!

the fact that Rebirth Clark and Lois literally forced themselves on their N52 versions…are just…so creepy…….

like…N52 Clark and Lois just woke up, they had no idea where they were, there was this kid wailing at them that they were his parents…they were in no condition to give proper consent…they had no idea by doing that they wouldn’t be themselves anymore…man this is just…DC made Jon an accomplice to their cheap scheme and I’m just…’kay…

(in retrospect i shouldn’t be surprised this is the Superman that stood by and watched as another version of him died and did nothing after all…but yeah)

and, please, I’m the only one who did mourning fanart for N52 Superman, the amount of fans who complain about his death isn’t a vocal part of the fandom at all since there are not many of us. we do try to accept Rebirth, we do try to get used to this new Superman because  we, I, believe that he’s my beloved preN52 Supes, but he isn’t. DC didn’t bring N52 Superman back to please anyone, they brought him back only to rub in our face again the fact to them he doesn’t matter, that he’s as easily replaced as any of preN52 Clark’s kids. so bah i’ll just immerse myself in fanon now. it’s free and people are nice and we can make each other happy. wake me up when DCEU descends and save us all. 

I’m trying to draw Chen, but I just can’t decide which hair color to use… Blonde or black???? Or whatever else someone help me

tagging xiuchen because clearly jongdae is looking at minseok beside him while they’re holding hands or sth… which I will also be drawing… And I’m planning to transfer this digitally too

also I’m new to commissions but I want to try… whatever you guys want I’m really open to it…

anonymous asked:

How do you get over that fear of ruining a new notebook/journal ?? I always love buying new stationery and like I always have things planned in my head of what I'll use them for but when i get home and go to actually use them I'm always held back by this strange feeling like my mind goes blank and i have no idea what to do with it or I'm scared I'll ruin it or like feel like there's sth wrong with it that I can't use it the way I wanted 😅 what do you suggest i do??

Tbh I used to experience this same type of fear bc I was so used to trying to perfect everything and even a slight mistake would make me rly frustrated but then over time I realised that notebooks and journals are perfect spaces to experiment with different styles and approaches and as it’s yours you can do whatever you want - even if it doesn’t work out how you imagined it. I think the whole point is that it doesnt always have to be perfect and flawless but it should be something that you’re proud of and is useful for you because remember it’s FOR YOU and it’s created BY YOU so you can do whatever you want with it and sometimes you just have to jump in and play around with different techniques!! you can always look to other people’s for inspiration or make up your own stuff and try new things out. I hope this was helpful for you in some way??

“I have a favor to ask you. Could i borrow your leather jacket and sunglasses just once?

well, i know i’ve always teased you about them but I’ve always wanted to try them on once”

matsuhinas replied to your post “matsuhinas replied to your post “matsuhinas replied to your post…”

the ed is nice and the op is great too. the whole soundtrack is beautiful. (also everyone loves them, they’re the otp of the fandom and we should provide content)

the op fits so well to the whole show i love it too!! and yesss the soundtrack really is i hope they give out a release date for it soon i totally need to buy it!! also i totally need to know the whole lyrics of the song that akechi always plays (that’s true they’re just so cute i want to provide more content too but for some reason i just can’t get namikoshi to…look like namikoshi idk i realized that i colored his hair wrongly so maybe that’s that but i also have a feeling that my usual drawings don’t rly look like him but yeah i’ll just keep trying until i figure out what i’m doing wrong and wow okay this turned out to be art complaint aha sorry) (but honesty i get so oo happy every time i see sth new for them!!)