but i wanted to try sth new

the fact that Rebirth Clark and Lois literally forced themselves on their N52 versions…are just…so creepy…….

like…N52 Clark and Lois just woke up, they had no idea where they were, there was this kid wailing at them that they were his parents…they were in no condition to give proper consent…they had no idea by doing that they wouldn’t be themselves anymore…man this is just…DC made Jon an accomplice to their cheap scheme and I’m just…’kay…

(in retrospect i shouldn’t be surprised this is the Superman that stood by and watched as another version of him died and did nothing after all…but yeah)

and, please, I’m the only one who did mourning fanart for N52 Superman, the amount of fans who complain about his death isn’t a vocal part of the fandom at all since there are not many of us. we do try to accept Rebirth, we do try to get used to this new Superman because  we, I, believe that he’s my beloved preN52 Supes, but he isn’t. DC didn’t bring N52 Superman back to please anyone, they brought him back only to rub in our face again the fact to them he doesn’t matter, that he’s as easily replaced as any of preN52 Clark’s kids. so bah i’ll just immerse myself in fanon now. it’s free and people are nice and we can make each other happy. wake me up when DCEU descends and save us all. 

So to recap:

Ashi gets to visit several of Jack’s old friends / protectorates / rivals, gets a new makeover, and convinces Jack to not perform seppuku and find his sword.

Also there’s a subplot of Scaramouche being a talking head, trying to get on a ship and tell Aku about the news.

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I love your 5K followers art! The style looks slightly different - a bit more abstract, maybe? But I love it soooo much omg <3 and congrats for 5000 followers! All of us love you <3 Have more love <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Yesss it’s a different style, I wanted to try sth new :D that doesn’t mean I will stop drawing in my usual style ofc, I just wanted to show all of you sth different! Thank youuuuu (♥️3♥️)

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the ed is nice and the op is great too. the whole soundtrack is beautiful. (also everyone loves them, they’re the otp of the fandom and we should provide content)

the op fits so well to the whole show i love it too!! and yesss the soundtrack really is i hope they give out a release date for it soon i totally need to buy it!! also i totally need to know the whole lyrics of the song that akechi always plays (that’s true they’re just so cute i want to provide more content too but for some reason i just can’t get namikoshi to…look like namikoshi idk i realized that i colored his hair wrongly so maybe that’s that but i also have a feeling that my usual drawings don’t rly look like him but yeah i’ll just keep trying until i figure out what i’m doing wrong and wow okay this turned out to be art complaint aha sorry) (but honesty i get so oo happy every time i see sth new for them!!) 

“I have a favor to ask you. Could i borrow your leather jacket and sunglasses just once?

well, i know i’ve always teased you about them but I’ve always wanted to try them on once”