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hey Emma, have you see this? teenvogue*com/story/harry-styles-doesnt-think-gay-rights-political?mbid=social_twitter I thought what he said was ok, but now I'm just confused 🤷🏽‍♀️

(x) I understand the points that Teen Vogue is making, but I still think Harry had the best of intentions and I understand what he was trying to say. I know there was a long discussion about this a couple of days ago and I didn’t really want to talk about it then, but I’ll touch on it briefly since you linked me to this.

I think it’s a bit unfair that celebrities are frequently pushed to be political by the general public (think about how many people wanted Taylor Swift to speak out in favor of Hillary, for example, and clearly this interviewer wanted Harry to be political as well), but then they receive a ridiculous amount of flack when they do say something regardless of what it is. Harry quite clearly didn’t want to talk about politics, likely knowing how volatile the subject is and how easy it is for something to be misconstrued, but the interviewer pushed him, and when he tried to essentially say that he feels equality for all people should be a fundamental aspect of society rather than something that is up for debate in the political arena, a lot of people interpreted it as negatively as possible.

I fully understand that Harry’s perspective is an idealistic one that sadly doesn’t match with reality in a world where the rights of LGBTQ+ people, women, immigrants, and other minorities are constantly being debated by politicians, but I think Harry definitely realizes that. He was talking about how he views those things, but I think it’s absurd to suggest that he doesn’t realize that how he views equality isn’t how much of the world views equality considering he has participated in campaigns aiming for gender equality, he posted a rainbow on Instagram the day gay marriage was made legal in the United States, and so on. A roughly two sentence long answer in an interview when he was probably not prepared for a pointed question like that does not encompass Harry’s full understanding of equality and to suggest that he’s just an idealist with no comprehension of the precarious political position of equal rights for many individuals across the world is, in my opinion, ridiculous.

finding out fyre festival was a thing, and a total disaster at that… was a GIFT… 

i remember the live-streams from Dashcon, the horror of all these kids in cosplay as they realised there was NOTHING THERE…

But I want to remind you all that the first thing they did was try to make it better by working together, and someone hired a ballpit (the iconic one) to give everyone something…

Whereaas these rich kids’ first reaction was to bitch up a storm online, start setting shit alight and fighting each other…

Apparently there’s like a hotel and shops somewhere nearby? 

Does no one have basic survival skills or common sense?

And who just GOES to a thing like that? Like… the degree of research and planning that goes into any overnight trip or hotel booking… trying to find the lowest prie, making sure the dates meet, lining up locations and events, etc.

And these guys were just like, hey… here’s 12K, see you there lmao

who does that?

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I finally got a chance to watch Iain and Liz's c2e2 panel and I don't know if you noticed but after the question about marriage it looked like Liz was trying to surpress a smirk. It may just have been my wishful thinking, but I think she didn't want to give anything away and was holding back something. I was wondering if you might have noticed too, or if it was only me ?

Hi Anon!

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Well I’m pretty sure the fandom has about 786 versions of the Fitzsimmons all mapped out on Pinterest somewhere.

But back to you question.  Yes, I totally noticed!  Lil and Iain are definitely hiding something be it an engagement or an elopement (those are my top two with Love Nest and Baby Bomb also in contention).     

So here is Lil’s reaction to the wedding question…if anyone hasn’t seen or wants to rewatch the absolute joy that their panel was HERE is the link.

But we also see them sharing ‘looks’ in their Wondercon Panels, especially when post Framework stuff comes up and the only answer they can give is “If” they get out.   Though Iain slipped more than once and we heard when quickly covered by If.  

I’ve been saying all arc that we have to suffer for our payoff.   And boy have we suffered.  Payoff is coming and based on my take on their interviews and attitudes it will be good.

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Concerning the whole "Jensen said Destiel doesn't exist" thing: I always thought that he has to say that. I mean, we know how some of the more powerful people on the show think about it, and I could imagine that he had to sign something so he wouldn't say "something wrong". I mean, it's still him who decides how he acts out the scenes and if he really believed it does not exist, he could and I think would have acted out many scenes differently.

I…don’t think it’s that complicated. They have NDAs but they drop spoilers all the time. (Looking at you, Mr. “It’s a real eye opener”). They also get very clear talking points at the top of a season and outlines and stick to those, trying not to deviate to much. 

I think Destiel is something the writers don’t ever want to count out, but I also don’t think there’s a vast conspiracy about it or keeping it quiet. 

What I come back to time and again is that when Jensen says “Destiel doesn’t exist” he’s not talking about the subtext that we ALL see. He’s talking about Cas and Dean secretly banging all these years. And he’s right. There’s no secret story about them that we’re not being told. He just doesn’t get that that’s not what we’re talking about.

RFA and V and Unknown dancing with MC

(AN: So I wrote this in school in my free time over the last two days and a girl turned around to ask me for something but glanced down and saw what I was writing and awkwardly started giggling before turning back around. RIP me. I wanted to write this because I was playing a dancing game and also I have to go for a call back tomorrow that involves dancing and I just can’t dance ;;)

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How would the Lost Lighters react to a human who is really good at hiding that their sick, until Ratchet takes one look at them and wonders how they haven't passed out yet.


  • When Ratchet finally gave them a look over he got snippy
  • it’s the “I won’t tell you I worry about you but I’ll lecture the fuck out of you so it’s easy to tell I care” lecture about health 
  • human just wants to lay down pls
  • Rodimus is like “what can we use something? Any tools we can use on them? Do we have anything that can help?”
  • Roddy robot medics can’t help humans they’re squishy
  • Brainstorm starts to try and come up with a machine that has super-regenerative abilities to heal organic tissue. How? Who the fuck knows the guy made a time portal with briefcases the man’s an enigma
  • Nautica gives that cutesy treatment. “Shh, don’t spend your energy, sweetie. Lay down and rest, let us take care of you!”
  • Velocity’s scrambling her brain for some way to help organics. Warmth, right? Warmth and lots of fuzzy things? Do they have anything fuzzy on this ship? Hopefully they do.
  • Rung keeps his distance. Not that he finds the human gross, but he knows crowding them probably won’t make them feel much better.
  • Drift recommends meditation. Stop, Drift, we know you mean well but that New Age stuff isn’t as effective as you think.
  • “What’s New Age?”
  • …Just pat his shoulder. Poor Drift.
  • Ratchet, having spent time with humans, knows sickness can kill them if untreated. He damns his memory for failing him. 
  • “What do you need?”
  • “Sleep, probably. And lots of tissues.”
  • “Tissues?”
  • “I have to blow my nose or else the gunk makes me cough and it’s gross.”
  • “Sounds gross.”
  • Megatron is keeping space because Ew. Disgusting. Gross.
  • Sure his respect for organics has grown but. Ew. 
  • “It’s not contagious, is it?”
  • “No, Megatron. Organics can’t infect techno-organics.”
  • “Thank Primus for that.”
  • Megatron the least you could do is pretend to be concerned like wow
  • Tailgate runs around doing favors and fetching things for the human. Blankets? Will soft rags work? They’re not blankets, they’re for rubbing off dirt, but he made sure to get super clean ones. 
  • They’re huge on the human. 
  • Maximum Coze
  • “What’s the closest we got to tissues?”
  • Cyclonus left. No fragging way. Not interested.
  • Whirl’s going on about how gross humans are.
  • “Why is your nose leaking? Is it some kind of lubricant? Will I die if I get it on me?”
  • “Organics are gross.”
  • “You guys drink the same stuff that you bleed, that’s kind of gross to me.”
  • “You know what - that’s fair.”
  • Ultra Magnus starts thinking up rules people have to follow to make sure the human stays rested and no one disturbs them.
  • It’s not a fucking quarantine case Magnus chill
  • Swerve wonders if watching shows will help distract from the sickness. 
  • Parks and Rec for the human.
  • He willingly sits with them to watch the show.
  • Chromedome joins and so does Rewind.
  • They ask lots of questions about humans and sicknesses and how humans deal. 
  • Trivia Time
  • “Wait, you mean zombies aren’t a thing on Earth?”
  • “No but people like to think about it.”
  • “Tell us a random disease fact!”
  • “There’s a disease that makes you nod uncontrollably and the only way to stop it is to eat something new every time it’s time to eat. There’s no cure.”
  • “What the frag.”

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Im trying to write stories with endings that will surprise the reader. I already have the usual "it was just a dream" ending but i want something more exciting. Any ideas!

Okay, so here’s the thing - 

The “twist ending” isn’t the only way to surprise a reader, or entertain a reader, and definitely isn’t the only way to end a story. There are plenty of other entertaining, valid story endings out there, and thinking that you have to have some big “twist” ending will only lead you to pull things out of nowhere that will have your reader saying…


So stop right there and start thinking more about building the endings into your stories from the very beginning (whether you want them to be surprising to the reader or not). One thing to note - a good “surprise” ending drops hints along the way so the reader can pick up on those hints and so they’re not totally hit over the head by it when it happens. They may be surprised, but with a good twist they can look back at how they were fooled and let everything click into place. 

“Ooooh…he was a ghost all along! So that’s why…”

So, to get a good “surprising” ending? Just look at your stories. Look at what you’re doing with them now. Look at how they’re developing. Look at things like your characters beliefs and how that may play a role in what they do, or don’t do. Look at the world they live in. 

Most importantly, look at tropes and don’t be afraid to turn tropes on their head.

Maybe your main character realizes the “villain” is actually the good guy and they help them in their plan. Maybe your character isn’t actually able to stop the end of the world. Maybe the Chosen One dies and their friends end up stopping the antagonist. There are a lot of interesting things you can do.

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would it be overkill/would u not like it for me to send an ask to the person as well saying like "hi the gif/edit you posted was created by markired (it even has their watermark on it) and it's really disrespectful to try and claim it as your own. please take the post down." or something like that? i won't if you don't want me to but if they're not responding to your message then like,,,,,,,,, if someone else messages them too they might be more prone to feel "caught" stealing u know?

if you want to, that’s okay. i don’t want things to spiral out of control or make them feel bad. i’d just like for them to take it down and then this’ll all just blow over smoothly.

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Do you have any advice for someone who wants to write a Rogue One fic but has only seen the original trilogy & RO? I feel so ignorant every time I think about all the details about the SW universe (like durasteel & vibroblade) & the fact that I haven't watched Clone Wars or Rebels. I try to go to the Wookiepedia but there's so much stuff its... *overwhelming*. I keep getting slammed with waves of "what's the point of writing everyone is gonna think this is trash that doesn't even sound like SW?"

first of all, nonny, I think if you want to write something, you should write it. forget what some grumpy information elitists might think - fandom is supposed to be fun. I guarantee that there is someone out there hoping to read just the fic that you’d like to write. you just have to give yourself a chance :)

(continued under the cut because I rambled a bit)

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Dude, I’m exhausted

Momma is doing fine right now though. We’ve got her pretty much settled, though how we’re gonna be able to get her where she can bath herself is an issue we still need to address. She doesn’t want sponge baths, but we’re trying to figure out how she could get in and out of the bath safely. We’re trying to get her a bench or something. We’ve got a day or two to worry about it. We’re putting in the hose sprayer showerheads just in case we can get her in the tub.

I walked a total of 6.09 miles yesterday running back and forth either taking care of her or running home to pack a new bag and pick up her meds. My husband ran to a local Goodwill that has a special program they run where they basically let you borrow medical equipment at no cost, and then when you return it, you can give them a donation in repayment. That was a HUGE relief, like omg. We were able to get her one of those toilet things that goes over the toilet so she doesn’t have to sit so far down, and it has handles to help her get back up.

Her finance situation is our next concern. She was expecting to be immobile and off work for two weeks, that was what she prepared for, but because the damage was so much worse than he expected or was prepared for, he put her down for four weeks. I don’t know. We’ll have to figure it out somehow. As stressful as it is, I think the worst part is over, and it’s just working out some sort of system for the rest.

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  • Five things you will find in my bag/backpack
    • A laptop
    • A phone 
    • Chargers
    • Colorful pens
    • A planner
  • Five things you will find in my bedroom
    • Sets of encyclopedias that my mom and I have rescued from the library, the ones that the old owners stuck messages like “free to a good home” to and left beside the sliding glass doors 
    • Empty cups and mugs
    • Lots of fiction, so many fictional books. I have a hard time giving them up after I’ve read them. 
    • Scrunchies. Scrunchies everywhere. 
    • A Laundry Chair™
  • Five things I’ve always wanted to do in life
    • Learn another language
    • Graduate from college
    • Learn how to manage my eyebrows
    • Figure out how to dress 
    • Stop feeling so insecure about myself
  • Five things to on my to-do list
    • Study for my AP exams
    • Answer my prompts
    • Meet with my college counselor
    • Bake something for the upcoming bake sale
    • Try to get an internship for this summer
  • Five things people may not know about me
    • I have stretch marks all over my legs and butt
    • I helped found my school’s lit mag 
    • My summer plans are all up in the air because I have no idea what I’m doing at any point in my life
    • I want to go into a humanities field and a STEM field in college- to be the full STEAM taco, if you will- but I also want to be able to sleep 
    • I like being around people but I’m incredible socially anxious, so it can be hard for me to start conversations

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Imagine competitive monty trying to prove he is the best kisser outta the three of them haha. Justin taking turns living at monty's or alex. Monty bragging to courtney " its totally cool that you didn't want a threesome, I found myself two hot people ...a cute blonde and a sexy brunette 😍" . Alex asking monty & justin to the winter formal. justin flashes his smiles and says "of course !" And monty says " yeah count me in ... even though dances are lame, but I am picking out our suits"

Okay but yes Alex would totally be the one to do something cute like ask them to the dance! And Monty is totally into all of them having coordinated suits, they’re totally the schools power couple, they gotta show it.

And Monty just talks about them like it’s never been any other way, and people get a little confused to start with because what the hell is he talking about, Alex and Justin???? But Monty literally gives 0 fucks, and he doesn’t give a shit what others think, he just wants to talk about his boys.

And you can bet that the second Justin shows up at his door he’s got his car keys ready to go beat some ass. And then Justin has to stop him and he calls Alex for backup because no one can calm Monty like cute little Alex can.

And there’s so, so much kissing! And the hickeys, oh god the hickeys.

Thank you for this message I’m in love 😍

Little friendly reminder!

I’m really bad these days at keeping up to date with other people’s stuff. If there’s something you want me to see or read, feel free to tag me! I love reading your fics and I’m just not the greatest these days at seeking them out or finding new things.

So yeah! Tag me in your works, I would love love love to read them!

Also, at some point today, I’m gonna try to work on the Blind!Iggy x Raine first time one shot :) So stay tuned for that!

If you are caring for elders with clinical depression or anxiety and you want to try and keep them a little busy, gardening can really help. 

They will be able to commit themselves to something over a long period and at a pace that suits them. They will be able to see many parables between them and the plants too. 

Getting them out in the garden or taking them to an allotment will give them something peaceful to do. 


Just a PSA guys!! Again, if you haven’t already noticed, I am releasing spoilers, of course tagging them and putting them under cuts, but I will be releasing more as the book comes out, just another FYI!! 

You can always pop into my PM’s or my asks if you want to discuss something, a spoiler, a theory, or whatever :) 

But just a reminder I’m posting spoilers, they’re all tagged and labeled accordingly, so I’m trying my best to be courteous and aware of those who don’t want to see these things! 

I hope everyone has a good weekend and happy reading on Tuesday!! 

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My crush is my best friend and he has the most beautiful smile but tbh i feel so happy when i'm hanging out with him just as a friend i feel like i don't need anything else... maybe im greedy because he's the best person ever and i want to keep him to myself idk. we are really alike and i can talk to him about anything..

who knows if you need something more or not? maybe if the time comes for both of you, it wouldn’t hurt to try

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What do you say to people who thinks that this is Lucifer showing his true colors and s5 was just an act because he was confident of The Plan, and we've been all played. I am starting to believe this is true :(

I try to ignore it because the Lucifer that’s on screen right now is not Kripke’s Lucifer. For a major part, I understand that he’s angry and more terrifying than season 5, and how could he not be? He’s tired of being used and thrown around in the garbage can like a broken toy. But honestly? There are limits to that. Meaning that if Lucifer does something horrible to his own son, like try to kill it or mistreat it? No. That’s just straight up bad writing.

I don’t blame Lucifer for wanting to fuck shit up after being betrayed twice. What is he supposed to do now that he’s out of the cage and roaming free, hm? Doesn’t mean that it’s right of him to do, but he has no purpose whatsoever. God abandoned him again and he is a lost and angry child. (And tbh, most of the time I just blame it all on the bad writing this season)