but i wanted to share the cuteness of this moment

Hey y'all i just wanted to share my full Miracuclass Zine ( @miracuclasszine ) piece cause im actually super proud of it !!
It took a lot more time than I was expecting and is generally something kinda different than what I usually do. All of which is why I havent updated Miraculous Night at all lol. (I have a couple pages almost done worry not)

All of the artwork in the Zine is centered around the character’s civilian life & their class and friends outside of their superheroing activities, and features pretty much every kid. The artwork is excellent, and is full of cute and funny moments.

Anyway regardless, yall should definitely look into getting the full zine (more info here: @miracuclasszine ) if you wanna see this & other pieces in their full high quality glory lol,,,, it’s pay what you want, but all donations go towards UNICEF & their humanitarian charity work, so it’s really a good cause.

Watching Supergirl Ep 2x05 with Mom
  • *scenes with Mon-El and Kara*
  • Mom: still don't ship it. He's cute but no. There is no chemistry. I dont want it.
  • *first scene with Maggie and Alex*
  • Mom: that random ladys loss Alex's gain
  • *first scene with Kara and Lena*
  • Mom: aww Lena asked Kara out.
  • Mom: Mike the intern more like Mike the dumbass. Dont be cock blocking my otp. They were eying each other up and you had to ruin it. You broke the moment with your unwanted heterosexual white ass.
  • *Second scene with Alex and Maggie*
  • Mom: well Alex I hate to break it to you but you're gay for Maggie.
  • *second scene with Lena and Kara*
  • Mom: First the office, now her home. Lena is keeping track of her girl.
  • Mom: FYI Lena your girlfriend is Supergirl.
  • *third scene with Kara and Lena*
  • Mom: must be hard lying to your girlfriend, Kara.
  • *fourth scene with Lena and Kara*
  • Mom: Lena, eye any harder after Supergirl will not make you any less gay. I hate to break it to you but there is a big difference of being fascinated and being turned on by someone, Lena.
  • *after Winn and Lena comes out from underneath the stage*
  • Mom: aww Kara is jealous. Sorry Winn but Lena is taken
  • *last scene with Maggie and Alex*
  • Mom: *slowly claps* finally a show does it right. I'm so proud how they are having Alex come to term of who she really is instead just having her jump on Maggie's fine ass. I do love a slow burn and they are doing it right.
  • *last scene with Lena and Kara*
  • Mom: gosh I ship them so hard. Just kiss already!!
  • Me: mom they are not going to make supergirl gay
  • Mom: then please explain to me how these episodes keep getting gayer and gayer.

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why do you think cal chose the crown instead of mare?

Buckle your seatbelts kids because I’ve been thinking about this all day and I have some thoughts I’d like to share

So at first, I was like, “oh my god, how could he???!!? they were in love!!!” But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense.

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Hii! If you want to do an AU then i have a prompt. A muggle au where lily is completely drunk and shows up at james' flat a floor above by mistake since she recently shifted to that building. He takes care of her and then in the morning they share some really cute moments. Please try and write something like this. Love your fics.

This was fun. I know this prompt was given to me weeks ago, but I think you all know by know that I do the prompts at my leisure. Forgive me.

Lily was completely sloshed.

She was new to town and she had let some of the girls she worked with take her out for a few drinks, but then she and this girl Mary really hit it off and Lily started drinking more and more and then there was lots of singing and dancing and flirting with cute blokes. Over all it had been a great night, but now she was trying to navigate the stairs, and they wouldn’t hold still long enough for her to climb them.

So she decided to take a break and make sure she had all of her stuff with her. She sat down on the stairs and pulled out her phone, seeing that she had a message.

[Mary] : Home ?

Lily smiled and texted her back what she thought was the word ‘yes.’

[Lily] : Yrds

She turned off her phone and dug through her purse for her keys, standing up and deciding to stand up once she found them. She pushed open the door to the hallway and started towards her flat. It was three down from the stairs on the right side. She stuck her key in the lock and tried to turn it, but it wouldn’t budge. 

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I just want to fall in love and go on cute little dates and stay up all night watching movies and eating pizza. I want to spoil my significant other and make them feel like royalty. I want to laugh with them, I want to cry with them. To share private moments, and to explore their soul as they explore mine. I want to know what makes them happy, I want to watch their eyes light up as they talk passionately about the things that they love. I want to feel at home with another person. 
I want love. 

Emma’s song

Some day my prince will come >> Regina shows up dressed like a prince.
Some day we’ll meet again >> Regina appears again in Henry’s knighting. 
And away to his castle we’ll go >> Emma meets Regina in her castle.
To be happy forever I know >> Regina wants to wake her to reality.
Some day when spring is here >> Regina and Emma strolling by the lake.
We’ll find our love anew >> Emma and Regina sharing cute moment to go home
And the birds will sing >> Does a Robin butting in count? loool
And wedding bells will ring >> still waiting :P
Some day when my dreams come true >>  Swan Queen?


Thank you Papa Tuan for sharing this with us… A fun n cute moment during the pool party that I couldn’t watch without dread previously. I’m smiling at Jackson 😍😚
Papa Tuan ’s title for the video is “always wanted to do but did not dare. Thank you Mark” haha 😂
Mama Tuan was shouting “I can’t swim I can’t swim” in chinese before she went in the pool.
Jackson asked Papa Tuan : “she’s crying?” in chinese.
Bammie hitting mark for making mama tuan cry haha “you made her cry!”

#jacksonwang #got7 #marktuan #bambam @jacksonwang852g7 😘

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Funny Janto Bits from TW Outbreak
  • Funny Janto Bits from TW Outbreak
  • John Barrowman, Gareth David-Lloyd, Eve Myles
  • Torchwood: Outbreak

Y’all remember how heartwrenching Outbreak was? You just want to feel a bit of happiness again? Well then here you go! Have some cute little moments of jealous!Ianto plus a whole lot of TMI (or at least Gwen would term it that it seems) and fun from the beginning of Outbreak - #NoAngst guaranteed!!

Disclaimer: I own none of this and neither am I making any profit with it, I am just sharing it to the spread the joy.

♫Moondust- Jaymes Young//HP: POA Remus x Student! Reader

Request:  Could I request some fluffy reader x Lupin stuff? But if possible, POA era Lupin, when he’s a professor and you/the reader are a 7th year who has a massive crush on him? Thought it would be cute if he’s noticed how the reader is acting but is fighting his attraction in order to be responsible. Bonus points if he eventually succumbs to her in a moment of weakness and they share a private, intimate moment. :D X

A/N: I’m sorry it took a little longer than I said it would, and I’m sorry it’s a bit shorter than my writing usually is. I’m not sure if this is exactly what you wanted, so I’d be more than happy to rewrite it in a different style if you want me to, please don’t hesitate to let me know (i.e. if you want me to write it as more of a narration)! I hope you enjoy it either way!

Fall of her seventh year swells with confusion. It’s the pitter patter of resisted thoughts through her violet mind, the gleam of the moon resting on her bare legs and the weight that refuses to remove itself from her baffled heart. It’s the array of unfamiliar emotions running through her sapphire veins as she tosses and turns in the still tepid air of a September night, her mind at war with her heart and soul.

It’s the raucous sound of her footsteps as she’s making her way too class, with a heavy mind and a light heart, its velvety chambers woven with a forbidden hope. It’s the uncertain magnitude of the images swirling in the enigmatic beauty of her wonderful mind as she pushes the heavy door of the classroom open and takes an uncertain step into ambivalence.

It’s the purpose her existence seems to have as soon as her eyes catch a glance of the profoundly sad man whose speech booms through the classroom, untold tragedies lurking behind every word he says. It’s the slight tremble of her fingers as her quill moves across the parchment, writing his words like the sonnets the sound of his voice forges them into.

It’s the worried tone in his voice as he asks her to stay behind, having noticed the spilled ink and nervous glances.

“Y/N, could you come here for a second, please,” he spoke kindly, softly, carefully.

“Oooh, someone’s in trouble,” her friend teased, giving her a nudge as she walked out of the door.

She rolls her eyes and slowly turns to walk towards professor Lupin, her heartbeat quick and sweet as cotton candy, her lungs filling with the deep breaths she takes, ready to break through her fragile ribs and float away from the confused mess that she has become.

“Are you alright?” his voice is gentle as the petals of a rose and sharp as its thorns.

Their eyes meet and suddenly he understands the wordless bewilderment, the ink stained fingers, the forceful placement of her y/h/c locks over her eyes so they wouldn’t meet his, so the myriad of forbidden sparks between them at that very moment would remain entrapped, so they could be safe from the consequences of each other.

They exchange a few more words, but they fly in the air, unnoticed like the dust particles illuminated by rays of sunshine.

And then she is the sun and he is a yellow petaled sunflower, his eyes, his soul, his very essence drawn to her, unable to move away. He is Icarus, and he’s only just found his wings and now he will go to her and he doesn’t seem to care as he comes closer to the perilous romance.

He is Icarus, but he is unburnt, he is safe, he is at peace, he is warm in the best of ways, his lips on hers, his hand on the small of her back, the concept of taboo nonexistent in the sanctuary they’ve created simply by coexisting.

And that’s when she knows Catherine Earnshaw said it best: “Whatever souls are made of, his and mine are the same,” because seventh heaven seems insignificant when compared to what she’s feeling and Permetheus is Unbound as soul meets soul on lovers’ lips and there are stars in the sky in the middle of the day, telling their story like a Greek myth.

i love it when people say it doesn’t make sense for caryl to become canon after “all this time” passed and nothing happened. nothing as in understanding each other from start? nothing as in sharing very intimate moments with just each other? nothing as in team family members wondering how one of them will react to bad news concerning the other?

while at the same time calling fight scenes and wanting to leave someone behind cute and otp material or a person seeing through your bullshit, calling you out on it and offering help to get back on your feet immediate soulmates. i don’t tell you you can’t ship other things. it’s awesome when you genuinely support a ship. just don’t say these two aren’t incredibly important in each others life and personal development or that they don’t make sense together. because you look pretty damn silly if you do.

Puppy Love

Summary:  You and your best friend spend Valentine’s Day together. Splendid moments are shared and cherished.

Pairing: StevexReader

Word Count: 1,649

Warnings: Cuteness :)

Author’s Note: Happy Valentine’s Day! I wanted to get a oneshot out for the holiday, even though I may not be able to be on a ton. I hope you guys like this! Also, I am going to try really hard to get Bucharest Chapters going again. I haven’t had time to write this past couples weeks, but I may finally finish the chapter I was working on by next Friday, if all turns out well. Ciao!

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  When you woke up, it only took a moment to realize what day it was, and the fact that the sun had only just begun to rise. You smiled, glancing to your side. There were only empty sheets that were wrinkled.

  He must be going on a run, you thought, dragging yourself out of bed.


  The cool air bit at your bare legs and arms. You found a pair of your lover’s sweatpants on the floor, so you snatched them and shimmied your legs into each pant hole. They were baggy, but you didn’t care. You thought they fit perfectly.

  You strutted into the kitchen, flipping the lightswitch. It was brighter outside, but you still needed to see what you were doing. Next, you found a frying pan, laced it on the stove, and began to crack eggs into it.

  That was when you heard the shower turn off. You didn’t realize it was on until the silence grew more quiet. Oh, well.

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Momotarou + Nagisa = fried rice

I just wanted to share that I was skimming the ova to find a good screencap where these two are in the same shot (I swear it’s the only episode they’re next to each other T.T) and I noticed this really adorable moment

Look at Nagisa’s cute little smile omg, and Momo is so embarrassed and done with him already

Then later in the episode, they become such good buds so fast, I need these two to interact more, please Kyoani

Shoujo Reality

I just wanted to share this lil story of mines where i tried to apply a shoujo manga cliche to my life and how it went wrong. I know how we all hope to life a shoujo manga lifestyle with cute lil romantic moments but in reality… its totally weird….

Ok so basically we’ve read plenty of stories about how the main girl has a huge crush on this dude, and he’s either her best friend, a classmate, or some celebrity. Then shes basically is having this super one-sided relationship with him where she obsesses over him and bug him and always confess her love to him and hes like “No i reject you,” but EVENTUALLY he falls for her right1!??!

SO, I tried doing this to a guy i knew bc obviously IT WORKS SO WELL IN MANGAS RIGHT??? And i wasn’t extra about it like the girls in mangas are but i’d always text him (JOKINGLY) like “I love you!!” and “Hey lover” and call him babe or bb while we conversed over text, and mind you that i’m literally cringing as i do this bc i don’t do this type of stuff but i’m thinking like hey lets try something new and fun. Little did i know the guy was getting SUPER freaked out about it, and he’d tell his homeboys how weird i am.

LONG STORY SHORT. If you want to try applying shoujo manga to your life don’t one-sidedly have a relationship with your crush. THE END LMAO.

Have you guys ever tried applying a shoujo manga moment with your love life?? Share it wtih me! I’m sure we’ve all been there, unless its just me… now you know i’m weird haha. 

•Internet Best Friend•

Hey loves. I’ve been thinking about something for a while and the more I think about it, the more I really want it.

I really want an Internet best friend. Someone I can text, kik, Skype, snapchat, iMessage, etc. all the time. Someone I can just rant to and share stories. Someone I can geek out with over video games and movies. Eventually, it would be pretty cool to send each other cool packages of stuff. (I like to do photography so I could send Polaroids of the countryside around me and cool pictures. Maybe bracelets and cool drawings idk. Whatever you want bb.) I want something that could potentially build up to us meeting and having that really cute moment of meeting for the first time.

I know it’s a lot to ask, which is why I’m kinda hesitant to say anything, but fuck it.

So, whadda ya say?😁 Message me! •Edit: My tumblr messaging has been kinda weird lately, so if I don’t reply there, feel free to kik me! It’s darkarticles .•

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Ok so my crush is this really cute nb person with super awesome curly rainbow hair, and they're so nice and they complimented my hair when I dyed it, and I keep wanting to talk to them (but I'm bad at conversations lol), and we keep sharing little moments and aaaghhh I just want to hold their hand

aaaaaa oh my gosh??? they sound So Cute!! im 100% sure you are not as bad at conversations as you think you are. just talk about something you know you are both interested in, and the conversation will come a bit easier! i hope you get to hold their hand soon!! <3

- Theo

Ok, let’s be honest. This is probably one of the most enjoyable Naruto Shippuden endings that I’ve seen since a long time ago. Since when did we wait for this to happen, finally Ichiraku ramen get some credits in the anime. It’s a symbolic place for Naruto, a place where he shares many things with his friends, it’s a place that brings people together, especially those connected to Naruto. This ending is the proof. Big thanks to Teuchi and his daughter ^^

This ending made me all emotional, not gonna lie. This little Naruhina moment was really… informative and cute :3, with Minakushi moment, it’s not us but Studio Pierrot who want to show to the fandom that we aren’t wrong and that there’s definitively a parallel. Even Ino is fun to watch. Plus, it’s FLOW… Dammit, it’s FLOW!!! This amazing J-pop band who did countless great songs and did so much for Naruto! At this point, I never saw a music band who plays that much for Naruto, it’s their 4th song for Naruto. They’re not SP’s friends but theirs lovers, yeah! A original ending with a FLOW’s song… It’s the guaranteed death combo.

Got me like:

This is just so much to handle… and we got news for Boruto’s movie, they planned everything. Nicely done Studio Pierrot…

Also big thank for FLOW, by far one of the best Japanese music band.This crazy group that makes my body moves on his own! They really got the… flow!! #Badpun (Seriously, how can I put that differently?).

#1354 “Some people are still annoyed by all the Bagginshield thing but personally I find Thorin and Bilbo super cute together. Everyone has the right to ship what they want as well as you have the right to dislike it of course. Since I will never have Thorin for myself, I like to think that he and Bilbo were in love and shared tender moments together where Thorin felt loved and cared. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧