but i wanted to share that

Bruh, Mark’s video made me so uncomfortable. He didn’t even acknowledge that Felix dehumanized US. The way he says “felix is NOT an anti-semite” almost sounds like he thinks we’re ridiculous for thinking there’s even a possibility that he is. He’s joking, DUH, lighten up. Sorry not sorry man, but as a jewish person, I am very wary of goyim making jokes about Jews. One doesn’t have to consciously, proudly be racist/anti-semitic to say racist and anti-semitic stuff. I know I can say dumb racist shit that I hadn’t even considered might be fucked up but when it’s pointed out to me I apologize and learn. 

“I’m not even defending the jokes that he made, because even he has apologized for them” alright but you’re also not saying that you believe he went too far, that his jokes were inappropriate, or something like that? That would have been nice and made me trust in Mark’s reaction more. Felix is hurting, and I feel for him a little because being a dumbass doesn’t warrant death threats and “go kill urself”, but also? We are hurting??? Mark doesn’t seem to acknowledge that we’re hurt???? Also his whole intense, pissed demeanor is just off-putting but that’s my own hangup about men talking, and I won’t tone police him. Mark buddy I know you’re trying but you didn’t handle this well. 

But Seán, oh man, his video was comforting to me. l felt that he cared that people, not just Felix, were hurt. He was calm and kind and ready to be like “yo I love this guy but he did something stupid and had to face the repercussions, and tbh that’s fair. Let’s all grow from this.” Thank you, Seán.


So allow me to explain. ^^’

About a year ago, near the end of high school, I got into Undertale. And at that time, I had no idea what an AU was. I was just hooked on Gaster. 

So, I made this comic that was kind of like a fan interpretation of what Gaster’s life was life before the core. I called it “Undertale Genesis”. I got pretty far, but then I hit a huge plot hole. You may not see it in what I have posted but trust me… trust me… @_@

Anyway, one of my followers on DA asked if I would be continuing it. (witch was a huge surprise because I thought no one really paid attention to it or cared that much) So I told them, “meh, maybe I guess. One day.” So I went into my Genesis folder on DA…


I have never cringed so much in my entire life. It was so awkward. I can’t even describe…I.., oh my god. 0_o It all looked ok at the time, but going back to it now, just… erk! :U 

But I guess it is interesting to see how much I have evolved. :T

Which bring me to my main point of this post. heheheheh.

I just made a blog with every page of Undertale Genesis uploaded there! heheheheHAHAHAHAHAHAH- wat am I doing? :T

Anyway here it is -_- :  Undertale Genesis

 God have mercy on me plz TT-TT

Funny Teacher Moments

So back when I was in high school I thought I had this super funny teacher and we just got along really well and had a similar sense of humor so I came to respect him and he saw me as one of his favorite students (especially those who could make him laugh). Turns out he had the weirdest habit when he was around his favorite students. He used to chuck chocolate bars at them and I mean full size or even bigger chocolate bars at you and then tell you that he went out of his way to find your favorite.

This one time during exam periods he was standing on one of the upper levels that looked over the auditorium and literally waited for me to stand up to hand in my exam so he could throw a full size chocolate bar at my head. It was white chocolate so I wasn’t mad.

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in relation to the bizarre plus size anon - Lane Bryant just released an ad campaign that features plus sized models and no retouching - you can see their tummies hanging out, and stretch marks, and cellulite. It's beautiful and really body positive!!

literally every lane bryant ad/campaign is ICONIC and amazing and just great on ALL LEVELS tbh so yes yes yes!! also while we’re on this topic, this is a little bit older but pls pls check out barbie ferreira’s aerie campaign (i’m on mobile so i can’t give you a link :((() - it’s barbie in her full curvy glory (body rolls and all) - unedited, unfiltered, BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

also sorry if I’m coming off as at all needlessly mean to funko, I totally do like them as a company, the pop line just isn’t my cup of tea style wise ! But I do totes own a few anyways, and am just very hyped when they have diff products since the pop line is so ubiquitous (I love blind box minis, for example)

This is an unofficial fan blog, and I am mostly posting comments in text rather than tags to make some observations. don’t want to seem like I’m imposing any major opinion.

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im glad that im not the only one that dislike lavender town's song being called creepy, when i was a child i used to go to lavender town only to listen the song??? i felt like it was a cute and yet sad song??? idk it made me feel a lot SORRY FOR RANTING THO i wanted to share this ;v;

yeahh it irks me when people call it creepy

In light of all the drama

Today, since it is a rainy day, will be a major reblog kind of day.  In order to spread some positivity and kindness, lets go and reblog art, positive posts, fan fic, dogs, cats…..anything but drama and hate.

If you want, send me a link to your stuff and I will reblog (no NSFW, gore, blood, hate, drama etc)

Let’s put some positivity back into the tags.

We have an Announcement!!!

Humom is going on a big trip and leaving me here!  Auntie is going to come feed me and force me to take baths, but the house is all mine!

She wanted me to tell you all, starting Wednesday till the 9th of March, we won’t be responding to asks or able to post submissions. So, get your last minute questions and submissions in! (well.. nothing too deep cause she has what she keeps calling “her pre-trip crazy” and has been running around mumbling to herself. So I dunno how good her responses will be but she will do her best!).

Never fear! I’ll still be here sharing quality turt and tort content for you and reporting news from the #turtpocalypse. It won’t be quite as often but definitely every day!

What?! I need my beauty rest! gaw!

Anyway, That’s the news.  Humom says no shenanigans and I’m not allowed to have any parties or while she’s gone.. so don’t come over any time on Thursday and BYON (bring your own noms).  nope.

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Leaving all drama behind, I just wanted to share a opinion about music because thats what should interest us at the end of the day. I can't wait for both 5H and C to drop their album. I've listened to Only told the Moon and I thinks it's so powerful and emotional I really loved it tbh I hope C won't lose herself alone in the music industry cuz that shit is scary af. Tbh, I didn't like her project with Pitbull bc I feel like thats a form of sexualization as well but I'm here to support her music

idk I’m excited for her project with Pitbull 😂😂😂 I’m so ready to get slayed 

I get you are all disappointed and upset, but I’m not here for the hatred of Sam (or MM, or Cait, or anyone else for that matter). 

He can live his life however he wants to and it’s absolutely none of our business. Plenty of celebrities share most of their private lives with their fans and the rest of the world, but likewise, many just don’t and would never even reveal a tiny bit of it. In regards to that, they owe us nothing. 

I’m not asking you how to feel. I’m asking to stop blaming and disrespecting others. To be honest, this kind of thing gets on my nerves and I feel like I may even have to unfollow/block if I keep seeing stuff like that popping up on my dash or in the general tags.  


From @0h–give–me–lovee.tumblr.com

Hi, Meg! First I want to tell you that I love your blog, that I find it super interesting, that I love reading the questions, comments and submissions that your followers make and your answers full of logic and wisdom, always being informed in relation to these subjects, and always sharing your intelligent and mature opinion and willing to listen (well, in this case would be read) what other people think, other points of view.

I feel that blogs like yours are extremely important because you guys remind us that we must be awake, asks us to keep an open mind, remind us that things happen for a reason, in addition to allowing us to see things from a little more objective point of view, so that we do not lose sight of the fact that we are inside a fandom that is also inside an audience that follows a girlband (well, today, a girlband and a solo artist). That is, everything has to do with the music industry, the business, and the media play a fundamental role in all this.

Like you said, there are so many things that literally just don’t add up. I feel the same as you when you say that you cannot stand it when things don’t make sense because I can’t tolerate that either, and that impression of being deceived disgusts me completely.

Thanks for explaining and clarifying in one of your comments the reason why this huge and complex puzzle is so confusing.

For me, you are right when you say that the public break-up narrative is clearly designed more for the general public and media headlines, and that the main audience they are aiming for doesn’t even know the things that we as fans know. I think exactly the same as you: that they do not care if there are things that do not fit for the fandom because they already know they have our support.

It’s true that there are this two ‘lavels’, the fandom and the general public, that sometimes conflict with each other because we are caught in between, just like you explained, and I think this has to do with the way we are involved. I mean, as fans we can see things differently and it’s very easy for us to notice when the things they try to impose as truths are not congruent at all with what we already know, and those things have much less congruence with the solid evidence that we have (for example, those caminah interactions). That bothers us, makes us feel uncomfortable because we are aware that they are selling us a story that doesn’t make sense because there are a lot of things that don’t fit with the narrative, and just like you explained, is basically a story that contradicts itself and is full of holes, like big holes.

It is a fact that we cannot blindly believe in the media because that would be letting us influence and manipulate. As you do, I trust body language and unscripted moments, the ones we can consider spontaneous actions or interactions and not those edited and planned written pieces coming from media sources, especially because we can’t see the reaction of who is supposed to be saying that ‘truth’ or talking about something in particular.

As we don’t know anything that could have happened personally between the girls, I think it is good to consider that there are grays and not just whites and blacks, that it’s ok to not believe that something is completely true or completely false because perhaps it’s rather a partial truth due to the fact that there is something true in it but it is not the pure and absolute truth either.

I share your idea that the only way in which Dinah would suddenly cut off her friendship with Camilla is if something had happened about the exact time of the public break-up so she would have taken that decision as a consequence. Hypothetically speaking, of course, suppose that in an alternative universe like in a fanfic Dinah suddenly took Camila out of her life, the only motive I find as justification would be if something really serious had happened between them, at least serious enough for her to make that decision, because if not then it would not make any sense.

I understand your explanation about the logic of the PR story: that the way the break-up went down must be the thing that made all the girls cut Camila out of their lives or stop talking to her. But just like you, I find it difficult to believe that, especially after almost 5 years of working together, having a friendship between at least some of the girls and Camila…

As each person is different and reacts differently to the situations and circumstances of life, it is possible that maybe we say that we would never behave in a certain way or that we would never do something and then something happens and we find ourselves reacting in an unexpected way even for ourselves. But hey, it’s just hard for me to believe that things happened just like the way it is said it had happened but I could be wrong, of course.

I agree with you that we have to think about the timing. I think it’s the key that allow us to connect one fact with another and make our conclusions because everything happens for a reason, nothing happens just by coincidence and if we find out about something it’s because someone wanted us to find out.

I certainly believe that this great novel is far from reaching its end and that we still have many chapters to read, at least in this volume where we are now.

Wow, this was originally a message to tell you what I think about the things we were all talking about, and in the end it became like huge letter and I couldn’t write this inside of your asks box. I apologize for that, Meg. I just wanted to let you know my opinion regarding these issues. 


Hey - thanks so much for the blog support first of all. I seem to have very similar views to you.

Just to expand on what we are talking about - It is an important point you make that “if we find out about something it’s because someone wanted us to find out”. Sometimes I feel people focus too much on working out what info is true/false rather than thinking about why the info was put out there - why did it reach our ears? This is what is the most telling. In the end, we simply don’t know the truth, but what we can know - just by observing - is how things are being used for publicity. So with the Camila statement about being cut off from the girls - people can argue till the cows come home about whether its true or not, but what we do know is that its the most important line of the article. it is the supposed inside ‘scoop’ - the one sentence that will cause a chain reaction of media outlets to report on both Camila and 5H. The one sentence that will set social media on fire and get hundreds of thousands of people talking about camila and 5H. And then the next day Camila’s collab dropped. I mean come on people - use your heads! It would have been a bit boring (and wouldn’t fit with the narrative thus far) if Camila’s answer was something less dramatic/gossip-worthy. This answer was clearly the most effective publicity-wise (for both C and 5H!).

You get C haters interpreting it as “Camila is playing the victim bla bla bla” - But when we try to understand it from a business perspective (rather than immature gossip) it is pretty obvious to anyone with a brain why that line was put in the interview and why it was likely planned by her team/publicist. This reasoning behind it, and it’s publicity effect, is what then makes me doubt its absolute truth even more than I already do. There are just too many incentives for them to exaggerate/tell white lies/ make everything more dramatic.

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Hi - I'm a non-conservative follower. I'm following you because I like seeing a plurality of views. The article you shared, by Hunter, about millennials being capitalist - I have a quick note. Free markets are compatible with some views of socialism and anarchism, and I think her argument suffers by failing to take this into account. Wanting a universal minimum for people doesn't mean that we dislike innovation - it means we want to minimize exploitation in an otherwise free, unregulated market.

There are free markets that can exist in anarchy, like an open market in the third world. It’s a free market but it sucks.

But free markets in socialism are called black markets so I don’t quite believe you there.  As every defining point of the free market in the Venn-Diagramm above is direct contradiction to socialist policies I’m having a hard time accepting your point without clarification.

“ I think her argument suffers by failing to take this into account.“ As you don’t mention which points you’re thinking of it’s difficult to comment, but let’s go over a few of the points that the author brings up.

“Millennials hate waiting.“ Which suggests quick service.  Possibly this could happen under an anarchic free market but it is a hallmark of socialist economies that the more socialist it is the longer the lines because supply and demand rely on government rules not market cues.

“Millennials love quality“ Again a defining trait of all socialist economies is a lack of quality as the incentives are not there to create.

“Millennials are entrepreneurs.” As Hernando de Soto’s book The Mystery of Capital shows entrepreneurial spirit wither not only in socialist economies but even in an anarchic free market.  Entrepreneurs require the frame work of capitalism.  And this is the central point that I think shows that your premise is faulty, without capitalism (specifically property rights, rule of law, and contract/tort law…things that do no occur merely in a free market) you don’t get entrepreneurs. 

“Wanting a universal minimum for people doesn’t mean that we dislike innovation”  This has nothing to do with whether a system is socialist or capitalist.  (Although a safety net has absolutely no place in an anarchic system.)  You statement suggest that capitalists don’t want to give people a safety net…yet the gods of capitalism, Milton Friedman and F.A. Hayek pushed a system more universal than modern welfare (the negative income tax) while modern capitalists, such as Charles Murray, are pushing the Universal Basic Income.  Capitalists want a safety net, they realize no system can work without it.  The difference is that capitalists want to it to catch people who fall so they can get up, socialist want it to bring about fairness by taking from those who have more.  The goal of one is to help those who need help, the goal of the other is to hurt those who have more.  But just wanting a safety net is not a capitalist/socialist thing.  And believing that capitalists don’t want a safety net is a lie of the left.