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Ahh that's so cool that your kwami OC is a golden tiger too c: If you have a ref for your miracusona it'd be fun to draw them together (once I finish my design myself, of course -_-)

I do have a miracusona, actually !!!!! An older design I really need to update since I want to change the type of animal, but here’s one I designed nearly a year ago and never posted:

You seem to like angst alot and ive been following you for a while so HERE YOU GO


- @serendipity-cloudy-dreamcatcher


…now i really want to know the story behind this))

Thank you again for the lovely comments. I will keep working hard and have fun here, too. 

I kinda want to make some friends here, too. <3 Don’t be afraid to say hi. 

oh and…sorry for my strange picture I posted last time. I was in a strange mood…but again…it was still fun to do. _(:3_Z) 

I’m still taking request for Loud House. Feel free to ask me anything. <3

AND DON’T WORRY @the-real-fairy-slayer. I love your long comments. They’re fun to read! Feel free to express as much as you want. I won’t stop ya!


I missed the one year anniversary of this blog, too! It was on February 21st! But, I can say today - that it took just over a year to find 2000+ fellow appreciators of awkwardness :) Glad to see all of ya! 💕 Hope to continue bringing you quality ‘ruto well into the new series, too!

Naruto/Naruto Shippuden may have ended, but the awkwardness will assuredly never end! ;)

some 191 follows forever. YO...

(  Yo…—

Thank you. (ノ≧ڡ≦) ♥!

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Executive Dysfunction Tasks aka January’s UNFINISHED To-Do List

  1. Get a haircut
  2. Prepare Taxes
  3. Post the Poster Giveaway 
  4. Put tiny table together

so this is a heads up, i’m going to start unfollowing blogs that post too many negative posts. so fandom call-out posts, negative text posts, things like that. 

I’m really sorry if i break off a mutual follow when this happens but…blocking tags isn’t working anymore, and my dash has become too negative. this is NOT counting political posts, discussions on actual issues, or text posts talking about mental illness. Only fandom negativity. 

My 82 year old dad fell last night and broke his hip and wrist. Parkinson’s has made him wobbly and unsteady on his feet so he had started tripping and falling recently. Thanks to the cut backs to the National Health Service by our Conservative government he had to wait a few hours for an ambulance to arrive. They have not been able to operate yet because his blood oxygen levels are too low so they didn’t want to risk putting him under general anaesthetic but are considering giving him an epidural instead. We are not allowed to visit him at the moment.

I’m not looking for sympathy- that would probably make me feel worse to be honest. I just wanted to let you guys know because I don’t feel up to socially interacting in any way right now and depending on how things go I might be absent for a while. I have some posts queued and might queue some more because my Sims game is a distraction for me while I wait to get some news on what’s happening… I’ll be back when I feel up to it whenever that might be… take care of yourselves… lots of love, Nina XXX


A rebloggable masterlist with all my works. Will be updated every time I post something new. 

If you want, here you can find my works in progress too.

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Collector  ↠  Devil!Au || Angst || Drabble series

Part 1 ; Part 2 ; Part 3

They all die in the end    Sniper!Au || Angst || (slight) Smut || One-shot


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Down the rabbit hole  ↠  Wonderland!Au || Angst || Smut || Drabble series 

PreludePart 1 

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Sanitarium  ↠  HarleyQuinn!Au || Angst || Completed

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The beautiful creature living in this house  ↠  Horror || Angst || Smut

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Down the rabbit hole    Wonderland!Au || Angst || Smut || Drabble series

PreludePart 1

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Venator  ↠  Vampire!Au || Angst || Smut || Drabble series

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Down the rabbit hole  ↠  Wonderland!Au || Angst || Smut || Drabble series

Prelude ; Part 1

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Are you able to fall asleep at night knowing that when Emma gave Hook the ring back, she couldn't look him in the eye? Or his face when she just walks away? He's just so shocked it hurts me.

The look on his face when she hands the ring back and he goes to take it from her. It’s heartbreaking. He’s having such a rough time with everything lately and he’s just screwed up again and now this is happening to him and… no wonder his instinct to run kicks in. It’s a well-intentioned ‘I’m gonna try and do what she says’ that he takes a little too literally, but damn… yeah, after that, I’d want to run too. 

And of course I so do not blame Emma for not being able to look him in the eye when she handed him back the ring. These two were in such tough positions, and like @seastarved pointed out in her post about the scene, it was such a realistic experience. You could feel for both of them and where they were coming from and why this moment ended up being what it did - they were so caught up in their own feelings, that they just couldn’t express what they wanted in the right ways and it just…

That scene resonates on such a deep, personal level for me, I think. It’s so painful but so truthful at the same time and… ugh… yeah, I’ve been thinking about it a lot since Sunday night.

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Can I ask for your advice? One of my friends ships karam*l and I don't and she asked why and I don't know how to explain that I really want to hurl Mon-ew into the fucking sun without sounding like a douchecanoe, since I don't really think she's noticed that he's horrid (heteronormativity yay). Any suggestions?

peak my masterpost here with links to the good posts about how mon-el is abusive and why it’s a shitty ship. Alternatively his character tag (mon el, mon-el, monel) will have a lot of posts on it that sum it up really well for you. The karolsen, sanvers and supercorp tags also have a fair bit of decent commentary too. There are posts upon posts of the shows statistics showing that he has taken up a ridiculous amount of screen time this season. Seriously, someone edited out all of his parts in 2x16, and that left us with 25 minutes of a 45 minute show left to distribute among the other characters, he’s that fucking screen heavy. 

But basically he’s a gaslighting, manipulative fuck, who owned slaves and lied to Kara about that so that he could get into her pants. He literally complained about not being able to objectify women. He’s not doing anything for the good of the people, even with his heroing he’s stated that he’s doing it to spend time with Kara. He also only started training as a hero in the first place to spend more time as kara to get into her pants, furthering the sexist trope that it’s a woman’s job to make a man better. That doesn’t make you a hero, that makes you a misogynistic twat with super strength. Not to mention that they broke up Karolsen, a healthy interracial relationship, for no reason other than to stick Kara with him. There was literally not one good explanation given for their break up. they spent a whole season healthily building up that relationship only to tear it down when the white boy came in to the picture.

And finally he just doesn’t respect her at all. Not once has he actually listened to. When she asked him to be quiet about the relationship, he lasted literally 10 seconds before announcing it to not just her friends, but to everyone she fucking works with too. Without her fucking consent and after she asked him not to. And in her fucking workplace of all places. When she asked him to respect her, he didn’t. When Winn said he should respect Kara, he listened. That’s classic misogyny. And not to mention the fact that when they broke up, he literally ignored that during The Flash episode and acted like it didn’t happen. J’onn had to call him out for it by saying “I thought you two broke up”. To which Monfuck’s response was “shhhh”. True loves kiss my fucking ass. And he keeps invading her personal/safe spaces. He was just in her apartment?? Without her permission or consent?? When she asked for him to leave her alone?? Creepy as fuck mate.

Even in this episode where he’s meant to be decent: Kara alled him incredible, sweet, kind and selfless. Do you know what he called her? Annoying. He called her annoying.

It’s not a healthy ship and Kara isn’t happy. Melissa even said so herself. 

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Your art is amazing and I love your comic where the paladins go on tumblr and watch their show and stuff haha! But omg, I need more. I need to find out what happens! :D

Yay! I’m so glad you like this chaotic series, a week ago I was so sure that only a few people read it. (I love those few people, they gave me a lot of support!) 

I have the next part already planned, but I’m considerig spliting it in parts so it won’t be too long… I want to show it kind of from Keith’s perspective for a comedy but I also really want to show how Lance is dealing with langst tag and all appreciation posts about him…and how he really feels about sth he’ll say in the next part, no spoilers, I guess it’s gotta wait because the mood doesn’t fit.


So many babies.  Not enough babies though.  Not enough babies.  Too many clones.  …. no girls, for some reason.  Thornton only makes sons at the moment.  xD

…. such a lamb.

I don’t like his face.  xD  Though he might be the least clone-y child Thornton and Morgana have had so far.  Still, at the moment I want to destroy something beautiful.  And fuck that guy.  He lives rent-free.

a psa on whitewashing in the soc fandom

this post could apply to everything, but i’m going to focus on whitewashing in the six of crows fandom bc i’m most active in that one. you’re all probably tired of hearing about this from me but it’s an important issue that’s becoming more and more obvious.

lately i’ve been seeing a lot (and i mean a LOT) of whitewashed inej edits. pretty much everyone is using neelam gill (an indian model), but severely lightening her skin. i hope that most everyone is just applying psds and not realizing how light it makes her skin, but truthfully i don’t know. it also might be the whole grayscale/pastel theme that’s all the rage rn. but either way, it’s not an excuse. i’m not going to link or post specific examples as i don’t want to single anyone out bc this isn’t one person’s problem. it’s a problem with a lot of the soc fandom and other fandoms too.

i’m going to be frank, and this is probably going to come off as rude but whatever. stop whitewashing people’s skin to match your edit’s theme. look at how your psds affect people’s (especially poc’s) skin. i honestly don’t understand why this is such a problem?? just lighten the background to match the rest of your edit. you don’t have to change someone’s skin. sorry if dark skin doesn’t match your aesthetic, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to whitewash.

and another thing, don’t use pics of white hands/legs/other body parts for pocs?? that’s blatantly whitewashing, and while you can’t find as many stock photos without white people, it’s not that difficult to find at least a couple of other photos you can use.

here are some links for further reading/info:

and if you’re questioning whether you edited someone’s skin too much, feel free to message me. i’ll most likely respond in 12 or fewer hours. again, sorry if this post came off as rude bc that’s not what i was intending, but pls, just stop whitewashing bc you won’t look at your psds. just stop whitewashing in general tbh. i also ask that if you see an edit, and it’s clearly whitewashed, don’t reblog it bc then you’re supporting this whitewashed edit, and then other people reblog it. i’ve seen a lot of these edits gain more notes than an edit that isn’t whitewashed. instead, reblog those edits that aren’t whitewashed. whitewashing is harmful and furthers the belief that dark skin is not as beautiful as light skin. don’t do it.

About Me

• loves math & wants to improve
• too shy to ask questions in front of a class
• wants to be successful
• 8th grader

What I’m taking for highschool

- everything AP (biology , math ,etc)
- Athletics
- Orchestra

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Dear Fandom..💌

So here’s the thing.

March has been a tough month for me on every and all fronts.

My friend, Emily, use to love to send cards in the mail. She passed away a few years ago (fuck you again cancer) and I feel the card tradition fading.

I sent out 3 cards in March to tumblr friends. (You’ll know who you are when you get them! 😉) but I want to send more.

If you feel comfortable giving me your mailing address (message me), I would happily post something to you!

No pressure. I send things to my friends in the real world. I just thought I could send some love to this crazy fandom and all you great tumblr folk too.

@a-january-girl @alittlemissfit @allyinthekeyofx @becksndot5 @baronessblixen @campaignofmisinformation @conversationinthehallway @contrivedcoincidences6 @cosmic-files-87 @damselindistressmya @edierone @gillovny1013 @justholdinghandsok @lepus-arcticus @2plumsandagherkin @need-not @sunshinetoday @storybycorey @thethirstisoutthere @xfile-cabinetx @youokay-mulder @mangokiwitropicalswirl @therobbinsnest
@ilove-gillian @crossedbeams @startwreck @sunflowerseedsandscience

Sorry, if I forgot anyone that I have chatted with…if you would like a card, send me a message! 💫☀️💛⭐️🥂

Long live 🐌✉️📮!

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I wanted to ask you why did you stop posting your art om tumbler. I understand that these other sites have given you the opportunity to celebrate your art and all but some people are not able to pay to view your work that they love. I'm not saying that you should stop posting on i am asking you to have understanding for us that we can not afford it. Thanks for the reply I hope you understand Big fan

yes, I understood that I’ve payed too much time for Patreon. I will fix this and, hopefully, the other artists will fix it either. Sorry, that I was gone and forgot about my tumblr watchers. Q_Q