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Hello lads,,,,, I’ve scrubbed this blog of all photos of me n references to where i live for Safety Reasons and I’ve made a smaller, secret blog where i can post photos of myself and of the city,,,,,,msg me if you want to follow it n I’ll give you the url

Almost There!

Added a link to the Masterlist in the description for convenience! Also this blog almost has 1000 angels (oops I meant followers my fingers slipped)??? It honestly means SO much since I’m… going through a lot lmao. Anyway!! On to the good stuff! I wanted to give something back, so I have a few ideas in mind. ^^ But please feel free to add any ideas you might have, and I’ll keep them in mind for the future! Thank you soooo much for everything!! You’re all so sweet and wonderful and you spoil me with your creative requests lolol. Take care of yourselves! ^^

If you’re gonna sit here and talk shit about Candice Patton but yet you don’t want anybody to voice an opinion different then yours…please just shut the fuck up. No one has time for this childish bullshit.

          - ̗̀  THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT ADRIAN PT. 1 !

001. lying /  adrian lies all the time. he is fake as fuck. 100% half the shit he says or does is to keep on this “performance”. most of the time he just wants to see people’s reactions. & he will carry on a story , a lie , a facade for however long he can: until he gets bored , or until he gets called out. 

002. stealing / it’s his side hustle. its one of the first few skills he was taught in the circus. he steals as easily as he breathes. it’s second nature to him. if he finds something he wants , off someone or something , he’s going to take it. 

003. games / games as in , he’ll speak in different accents with someone for a long time just because he wants to. because he can , really. 

004. cats / he loves his cats barnum & bailey more than he loves actual people. his phone bg is of his cats. his ringtone for a while was of his cats meowing. they bring his soul such d e l i g h t. 


cinnamon roll /ˈsɪnəmən rəʊl/ 
   1. Salim from American Gods


this was a lot funnier in my head

Link and his cute Zora bf!

( i will make this into charms soon i think, if enough people are interested! ^ v ^ )


Welcome to a world without Light.

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Young girls (and boys) need more heroines like Jyn Erso: complex, messy, morally gray, angry, unsmiling, volatile women who fight and struggle and feel deeply without feeling the need to apologize for it.

We have enough heroines who are cinnamon rolls, too pure for this world and plenty of heroines who are stoic bad-ass archetypes out for revenge or whatever. We need more Jyns: ordinary women in extraordinary circumstances who don’t exist to be likable, who can be angry and wrong and passionate and sad and apathetic and selfish and righteous all in the same story. 

And I say heroines because heroes have plenty of these characters who are admired and loved and understood. There needs to be more heroines like Jyn because there should be no one (or only two) right ways to be. You don’t have to be a virgin or a whore nor a damsel or a warrior. You can be somewhere in between, too.