but i wanted to post it before 2014 so here

So this is actually the 1st page of a Hijack fancomic I did in 2014 right after the completion of Hijack “out of control” fancomic. Sadly my computer crashed and took the rest of the pages with it before I had a chance to post it. The basic concept of the story was about a rich boy (Hiccup) who wanted to go outside to play with the servant/poor boy (Jack). Hiccup and Jack became good friends but eventually Jack’s family had to move. They made a promise to meet each other at the downtown train station once they are both of age AND THEN they lived happily ever after… lol. So anyways here is a throw back Thursday of something that never saw the light of day till now. =)

List of All Stories

So, I finally got around to compiling a giant list of all the stories I’ve posted on here. HOWEVER, I’ve only made it to February 2014 so far. You can find it at http://ezriagame.tumblr.com/list-of-stories. I will continue to update the page when I have time until I’ve listed them all.

What are some of your all-time favorite stories? Let me know!

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I’m low on cash, so gUESSS WHO I"M GONNA SELL!!

That’s right it’s my leatherback costume! I’ll be selling him at fanime 2014 at the artist’s alley though since he’s too big to ship! but I’d like to know if anyone actually wants to purchase the big lug before I decide on bringing him so I’m posting him here.

he’s $750 USD, all handmade and sewn by me. moslty made of foam, antipill fleece,and polyfill. he’s got a paper mache/bike helmet head attachment that hooks up to the back so there’s less pressure on your head. arms are crutches so you have something to lean on! if you want other details please let me know okay! if anyone wants to buy I’ll bring him along to fanime with me and we can discuss payment.

also signal boost if you can!

thanks everyone! :0

Before (taken August 2014) and After (taken November 2015) my 40+ pound weight loss.

***I wasnt sure if I wanted to post this on here because im so insecure about the “before” picture and not a lot of people on here know the struggles I went through the past 5 years. Long story kind of short, after I graduated High School, I was incredibly depressed and my anxiety spiked to a whole new level where I couldnt leave my house without having a panic attack therefor I stayed in and slept all the time, slept through meals, slept through life and lost 15 pounds within 6 months (and for those who knew me in High School know I was already really thin, always was) so it was really dangerous. I hit my lowest point and had to get on medication…which then made me gain 70+ pounds and that made me depressed again and lost all my confidence because I couldnt lose the weight. In Summer 2014 I went and lived in Pennsylvania (HUGE step for me) and went off my medication and started working out and being active again. As of today I am 6 pounds away from losing 50 pounds (and still going!) and im so incredibly proud of myself for getting this far. I still have more to go but I needed to share this achievement. The people close to me and that have been by my side these past few years know what a huge deal this is for me and have been so encouraging I cant thank them enough. IM SO DAMN PROUD OF MYSELF!

2014 Appreciation Post

Hey guys, I started this blog at the beginning of this year and I just wanted to say that the people I follow and the people who follow me are amazing. Thanks for putting up with me this year. I met some wonderful people here because of video games, HTTYD, PJO/HoO, TLoK, OUAT, tv shows, and awesome art so I just wanted to say thanks to everyone before 2014 ends (it’s still 2014 in California).

Anyways, here are the blogs that made my first year on tumblr amazing, and that i loved seeing, whether it was in the beginning, middle, end, or on my dash, or anywhere:

These are not in any order, sorry. (Split into segments to make it easier to read.)

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Also, i know i’m forgetting some people, I just don’t remember/know their usernames now, because of url changes and stuff.

(ps to the people i follow, i’m sorry for the occasional spam of notes from time to time lol)

*casually drops this here*
I know I posted a variation of this before, but I wanted one of just the kiss because I’m conceited because I wanted just this shot!
My boyfriend and I cosplaying Eren and Mikasa at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2014.
(Not sure if the photographer has a tumblr/website. I think the group was deleted on facebook so I’m not sure how to find them!)


Be My Princess Season 2 - Oliver Button [Sugar White Day Event 2014] Jpn GREE

「I want to take you away like this」- Oliver

Henry; Sieg; Kuon; Maximilien; Ivan; Kevin

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anonymous asked:

Hi Emma, (first of all, english is not my first language so I apologize in advance for the writing) I just discovered your blog and I already love you. I'm a larrie of course but I think they were a thing 'til 2014, I really want to believe they are back together but since the hendall's pictures in december it's getting more and more difficult to me. So I wanted to ask you for a link to any of your posts with evidence of an actual current larry, please. Thank you very much, take care :)

Thank you! Well, first of all, I am VERY firm in my belief that Harry and Louis have never broken up, especially not in 2014 considering Louis got the dagger. I don’t have time to go find posts with current evidence, but here are some reasons why I think Harry and Louis are in a relationship currently:

  • Harry arrived in LA the day before Louis’ child was supposedly born and proceeded to stay in LA with Louis for months while he was stuck there for stunts. Harry also went to London days before Louis had to go there for the Brits. Up until last week (possibly), they were only separated from each other for a few days at a time with one exception - when Harry stayed in London after Louis returned to LA in February.
  • Over the past few months, Harry and Louis have consistently both gone MIA for a few days and then popped back up publicly on the same day, suggesting that they were spending that MIA time together.
  • Harry has made several seemingly babygate-related tweets (e.g. “preaching to the convinced,” the tweet before Louis tweeting about the baby for the first time), suggesting that he also has wanted to make commentary and/or reassurance to fans about the situation. There’s no reason to do that if they aren’t in this together - neither Liam nor Niall have done anything like that.
  • Louis posted a picture of him and Danielle on his Instagram for the first time and almost immediately posted a picture with a lot of green (a color everyone associates with Harry).
  • When asked about Larry being real while skyping with an ill fan, Harry’s reaction was reportedly amusement rather than annoyance or sadness when he denied that they were together (which of course he had to do considering they’re both closeted).
  • Harry followed enough Larries on Twitter during the last six months or so that it’s actually quite notable when you look at his follows.

Also, to address Hendall - Harry and Kendall’s stunting was ridiculously fake, over-the-top, and intentional. If you didn’t believe it was a stunt when yachtgate first happened, the “hack” where a teenage girl was able to leak a bizarre collection of Hendall-related photos over the course of days with no legal repercussions should have been a dead giveaway that it was a stunt. Not only was the hack allowed to continue without any intervention, but no incriminating or embarrassing photos were leaked (e.g. no nudes, no drug use), all of the photos pushed (or at least didn’t contradict) the media narratives surrounding Harry, it was a very weird collection of photos for a mother to have saved, and they were taken from a variety of devices, yet were all kept on Anne’s iCloud.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a ton of evidence that Harry and Louis are still together, you won’t be able to find it because Louis currently has a fake girlfriend and is pretending to be a father. All we have right now is subtle stuff, but that doesn’t make it any less significant. What I can tell you is that based on what I know and what I’ve seen, I believe with 99.9% certainty (which is as high as it can be for me without undeniable proof or confirmation) that Harry and Louis are currently in a relationship.


Be My Princess Season 2 - All 7 Princes [New Year Event 2014] Jpn GREE

「Was it conveyed…properly?」- Henry A. Spencer

「I want to brag around」- Sieg Lieben

「…… I love you」- Kuon J. Casiraghi

「Eyes…close」- Kevin Alford

「Is it…up till this point?」- Oliver Button

「I want to know more about you」- Maximilien Levaincois

「Just sit down here」- Ivan Chernenkov

Random event screenshots: Part 1; Part 2

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An early thought before the 2014 ends

I know this is kind of off the line, but I just wanted to share a thought I wrote, dated August 21, 2014. I posted this in my Blogspot. I’ve been thinking, before the year ends, like always, it’s something that can somehow encapsulate everything that happened this year. It’s amazing when you roughly wrote something a long time ago, and when you read it now, your words have somehow become you. So here it goes…


August 21, 2014

When it suddenly stops, we know that it’s over. It will never come back again, no matter how amazing it is. You might have kept it for awhile, but it behaves like a butterfly. It will go seek for places to drop by. It will fly away without you knowing it. Do not mourn. It won’t die immediately. It will just fly away and seek for better things. Stop chasing. It will never come back. You have got to accept that it’s bound somewhere else. It’s for somebody else. It will never come back like how it was before.

Learn how to ignore. Learn from it. If it is painful, then so be it. Just keep on ignoring. This is where you start. Do not get tempted to approach again. You are not desperate. There are better people and better experiences for you. 

If a butterfly flies away it does not mean that something else will never arrive. There will always be a butterfly ready to drop by. They will come if they like you. They will go if they do not. They will stay if you show them how beautiful you are.

~ Archie

Thoughts on "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014":

Interesting is literally the only word I can find to describe this movie initially. There was a whole lot of bad, but a whole lot of good in it too. This isn’t like my general episode reviews; I’m not going to break down each scene individually. I’m looking at the key points of the movie here: the plot, the characters, my favorite moments and the film as a whole. Basically, what they did right and what they got wrong. There’s a lot to consider when saying this movie was “good” or “bad,” so let’s get started and break it all down.

Warning: this post contains spoilers for a lot of the TMNT 2014 movie. If you don’t want to read the spoilers, do not go beyond the cut.

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I was tagged by the lovely brie-basaur to post 6 selfies, so here are my favourites!

2014/15 have been really great years. Before then I absolutely hated my appearance. I would never post selfies, and if I did I would delete them shortly after. I hated myself so, so much. But now I can easily say that I often like my appearance. Some days I even think I’m pretty! I can look at all of these selfies and not see a single thing wrong with any of them. It’s a pretty great feeling ♥

I tag the following, and anyone else who wants to! I’d love to see all of your beautiful faces!

wulfwire, wisteria-spirit, watermeadows, scbbystan, megarah-moon, elfofthewoodlandrealm, magic-spelldust, idontidentify, and no-myth


Six selfies of 2014! I was tagged by korraah

I’m tagging starhealers, masterjinoras, kisekinosedaifan, octaviasnowflake, halesnate, jacesclarissa & anyone else who wants to do this :)

Fic: Mistletoe and Wine

Summary: AU. When people have been hardened by sadness and solitude, sometimes all it takes is for someone to reach out with festive spirit to melt the iciest of hearts, as a primary school librarian and one of her pupils find out…

Rating: G

Word Count: 3,170

Note: I have trouble writing to deadlines so I didn’t take part in the Rumbelle Secret Santa this year. Reading all the amazing fics though, kind of makes me wish I had. So I pulled up this little fic that should have been ready last Christmas (told you I had trouble with deadlines), finished it up and polished it and posted.

So consider this a not-secret-santa gift to all the wonderful people I have got to know on Tumblr who have made my first few months here enjoyable. Very best wishes for 2014, everyone.

Mistletoe and Wine

Mary Margaret Blanchard hated Monday morning staff meetings with a vengeance. Especially during the last week of term before Christmas. Everyone was tired, most people were hungover, and no-one wanted to be there. Mills was even more of a witch than usual, and Mary Margaret could guarantee that none of her colleagues would pay her the slightest bit of attention when she tried to make her announcement. The headmistress had been droning on for the past half an hour; there were only five minutes before the bell went for morning lessons and she had the sneaking suspicion that Mr Booth was already asleep in his chair.

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~Follow Forever~

Happy new year everyone!\(^o^)/

I wanted to do a follow forever before this years ends!
I’m not ready for 2014 but whatever \(._.)/
I hope it’s not too late to post this but since the time here is 22.28 so I thought why not?\(・_・;)

You guys makes my dashboard fabulous thanks!!~ I hope I haven’t done this wrong since this is my first follow forever! Happy New Year! I hope everybody has a good start at the beginning of the year and the whole year~

The bolded ones are my favorites ^w^


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so these 8 selfies have haunted me all of 2014 because i took them and liked them but never found a good time to post them so here they are, Never Before Seen, and i just want to get rid of them and milk them for all the attention they’re worth because i’m sick of them sitting on my desktop 

anonymous asked:

Hi! So for the last 3 months I haven't read any Castle fics because of exams and work etc. and although I've tried to get back into it I just have no idea where to start. I was wondering if you could recommend any fics you think that are a must to catch on? Thank you!!

So to begin I will link you to this post which are the fics I am reading/fics I want to read that are in progress at the moment, so I won’t include them in this list. Also not including any finale fics cause I have all those lists here

Otherwise this list is my recommendations published since April 2014 :)


still our hands match by bravevulnerability

A one time thing by Ky03elk

Not Ready to Make Nice by Liv Wilder

The difference a day makes by honeyandvodka

Matter Out of Place by Polly Lynn

Say Something by ignitesyourbones

Purloin by NellietheMarvelous

Soulmates by stanaticfanatic

Before He Leaves by supermandy77

Perennial by Anonymous033

Attachment Syndrome by FanficwriterGHC 

Learn to Have Been by chezchuckles

Peripeteia by alwayswritewithcoffee

Who Said Only Diamonds Were A Girl’s Best Friend by ilovetoread09

One/Two Shot

Cynosureataraxia, Respite and Inchoate by ColieMacKenzie

burn with me tonight by blue252

Postmortem and Count Me Out by Polly Lynn

for the rest of my life and indelible by airbefore

First Steps by Liv Wilder

but if stars shouldn’t shine and Simple Complication by BerkieLynn

in the end by bravevulnerability

The More, The Merrier by lousiemcdoogle

kiss me i’m bleeding by closingdoors

Handwritten by A Beauty to the Rhythm

Remember Tonight by kimmiesjoy

M-ratio and In surrender by seilleanmor

more than you bargained for by Cora Clavia

if sex were shoes i’d wear you out by tombombadillo

I’ll Buy You A Drink and A Detective and Her Mage by KroganVanguard

Addicted by jam821

Glacial Veins by ninabambina

Actions Speak Louder by sugar free vanilla


It’s almost 2015 here and I wanted to post this before the year ends, it’s been a really cool year for me, joining the One Piece fandom -even tho I’ve been reading the manga for 6 years now, I never actually approached the fandom and I’m so glad I finally did it, I guess I need to thank a certain nerd boy for that- I finally finished college, I got my first job and I could work as an illustrator. I’m hoping next year I can finally finish my thesis and develop my art even more.

Thank you very much for this year, I enjoyed it a lot!! past and new followers, from before and after I joined the OP fandom, all my wonderful old and new friends, and all the amazing artists and people I’ve met, thank you very much for sticking with me in this messy blog, I treasure you all and only wish you the best for this coming year!