but i wanted to post a selfie

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would you ever post a selfie?(or have you? :o)

ehhh im not really comfortable with that mainly because I don’t really like that I look like my assigned gender too much and I don’t really want people getting confused or assuming- maybe when I’m a little more happy with how I look tho!


@amandadalton33 tagged me to post lockscreen, homescreen, last selfie and the last song I listened to,


Tagged me to post a selfie so I decided to do both tags at once, thank you all for tagging me 💕

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Hi hi! I was tagged by @lesbiseok to do this bias selfie tag! ^^

Keeping it simple and no quotes or song lyrics haha Also, I used Jinnie a lot, so I decided to give some love to my u.b #1 and u.b #3 💕

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🌘 🌑 🌒

tagged by @ringdingdongenthusiast to post a selfie ^^ (im posting two because i dont want a giant ass pic of me blown up on my dash aslngdlsg sorry)

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Name of the game is:  post your lock/home screen, the last song you played and your last selfie.

My current lock/home screen is this AMAZING Page of Swords tarot card of my Beatrix Tabris done by the amazing and talented @justanartsysideblog

The last song was “Empire” by Of Monsters and Men.

And a rainy-day, floof hair selfie! 

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As always feel free to ignore! :) (And if you don’t want to post a selfie, go ahead and post … the last still life? pet picture?) 


@louder-than-love tagged me to post my lock screen, home screen, my most recent selfie and the last song I listened to (I’m pretty sure I posted this selfie before, but it’s the most recent one soooo…)

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It’s late so that’s why I’m posting this! If you wanted to see the guy behind the dick, then here you go 🐒 was pretty petrified to post this b/c I never take selfies! I kinda like this pic so maybe I’ll make it my profile pic too? Let me know what you think 😅


what happens when a fairy princess falls for an actual greek goddess:a lesbian love story coming to theatres near u