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Title: Berserk | Chapter Twelve

Rated: T (language/violence)

Summary: Berserk. Out of control with anger. This is what Natsu was born to be. A warrior soaked in blood. A murderer. This is what Pergrande turned him into. Taken at a young age by the King, Natsu is a soldier of the Royal Army, a creature of rage and violence—a weapon. Lucy is a thief from Fiore with a price on her head. Natsu is sent to kill her. When they meet it isn’t pretty at all.

Word Count: 4532

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{i’ll ask of the Berserks, you tasters of blood}

Natsu inhales sharply as he awakens, his body going stiff as finds himself in an unfamiliar place. Frantic eyes dark around what little he can see of the room, a door, articles of clothing scattered across the floor, haphazard and significantly less that he thinks it should be. He tries to swallow, confusing sweeping through him, but his mouth and throat are bone dry. Squeezing his eyes shut, Natsu tries to remember what happened last night, where he is and how he got here. His mind is foggy, slow as he drifts between worlds like a ghost.

It comes back to him quickly enough once the last tendrils of unconsciousness release him from their grasp. The fight. The blood. Becoming a monster—murderer. That’s what he is. Maybe that’s what he’s always been. The kind of beast His Majesty has always wanted. He’s a—Natsu shakes the thoughts away, relaxing just the slightest as clarity comes back to him, the haze of sleep slipping away from his mind.

Jorah. He’s in Jorah. He made it. They both did.

His shoulders go rigid, muscles tensing when he realizes he can’t feel Lucy’s presence against his back, her warmth along the length of his spine, her breath against his shoulder blades. He was dimly aware of her constant presence throughout the night, always there when he was lying awake, drifting in and out with the pull of the moon. Natsu holds his breath, body impossibly still as he listens, hoping she’s only rolled away from him in the night. He doesn’t look, afraid of what he might find; afraid of what he might not find.

But there’s no heat coming from behind him, no soft sounds of sleep. Natsu knows that she murmurs in her sleep, especially in the early mornings, awake but not entirely. He doesn’t need to look to know she isn’t there. It’s something he can feel deep in his bones. Most of his short life he’s been alone, and loneliness is something engraved in him. Natsu knows when he’s utterly alone.

Lucy is gone. She has been for some time now. Her scent is faint in the musty air, twinges of stardust tickling at his nose when he inhales a certain way. This is the third time her scent has been so faint to him, the first when he was sent to follow her—to kill her, the second only the night before.

For the longest time he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to find her at all. She made so many twists and turns through the town, wandering and walking in circles. Waiting. He would have searched all night to find her if he needed to. He made a promise to her. He intends to keep it. No matter how long it takes him, he intends to keep it, if she’ll let him.

He’s beginning to notice a pattern, one that he doesn’t particularly like. She keeps disappearing on him, leaving him hours behind her, stumbling to catch up. He doesn’t like the faint tickle of her scent in his nose, gone before he can lock onto it. It makes him uneasy, realizing she’s gone. He doesn’t like being able to tell how long or which direction she’s gone. It can be helpful, yes, but he thinks it would be better not knowing.

For a moment, a horrible thought comes to mind, but he banishes it from his mind before it can fester into something worse. He killed a man last night, now she’s gone. Natsu’s teeth grind together harshly, his hands curling into shaking fists. He knows they aren’t related. He knows they aren’t, but it doesn’t stop the stinging in his chest, it doesn’t stop him from folding in on himself.

Natsu sits up slowly, glancing around the room once more, slower this time. He didn’t get much of a look at the room last night, too confused, too tired, too lost. It’s cramped he notices, only about twice the size of his former cell, which isn’t saying much, all things considered. His cell was meant for containment, nothing more. It was claustrophobic, damp, but, oh, did it echo. Natsu could hear everything in that cell. Every scream from his brothers.

Perhaps the Berserk he fought last night screamed once too, before they broke him.

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word count: 2590


“Please be careful over there,” mom said as her, dad and my little sister Julia, took me to the airport. Tonight, Shawn and I were going to Tokyo, Japan, along with Andrew, John, Manny and Geoff. I was to meet them by Gate 3, and we would board when the flight was called. The most exciting thing was that Shawn didn’t know I was coming, because when he asked Andrew if I could possibly go with them he said no. Of course that was a big lie, wanting Shawn to be surprised. “I will be, don’t you worry. I have left to other countries with Shawn before anyway,” I said, the sky fading to black from the late hours of the evening.

“Yeah, but it’s Japan. Japan is different-“

“Dad, tell her I’ll be just fine and nothing is going to happen to me,” I giggled, looking at dad sitting in the passenger seat. “Honey, don’t worry. We trust her, don’t worry,” dad reached across the console and squeezed her hand. They’re still so in love.

The rest of the ride was silent, my nerves building up in anticipation. When we arrive at the airport, I swung my carryon over my shoulder and stepped out of the car, opening the trunk and grabbing my suitcase. Dad took it and smiled, all of us proceeding to the main doors. Walking in, I pulled out my phone and opened Andrew’s contact. He had texted me the gate number last night, but I forgot. “What gate are we going to?” Dad asked. I glanced down at the screen, “Gate 5.” He nodded, knowing exactly where to go.

Dad travelled a lot, most of it involving flying. He swung a left and walked down a hallway, smiling as he looked back at me. He pointed in the direction he was walking in, and I craned my neck, seeing Shawn standing a good distance away with his back facing me. With him, I could see the rest of the crew, Manny, Andrew, Geoff, Brian, John, Karen and Aaliyah. I walked towards him and when I was close enough, I hurriedly wrapped my arms around his torso from behind. He spun around fast, his eyes widening upon landing at me. “Babe, what are you doing here?” He exclaimed, hugging my waist tightly.

Before I could say anything, mom, dad and Julia joined my side. Shawn’s eyes landed on my suitcase, then drifted to the carryon wrapped around my shoulders. He looked back at me, one of his eyebrows raised in suspicion, “Babe?”

“Guess who’s going to Japan with you!” I exclaimed, feeling him immediately spin me around. “What? Andrew changed his mind?” Shawn asked, his award winning smile never leaving his face. “Andrew had his mind made  up from the beginning, he said no, because I wanted to surprise you.” I grinned, standing up on my tiptoes and pressing my lips to his. His arms snaked around my waist as he kissed back, smiling against my lips. “If you guys are done with the PDA, our flight is boarding.” Geoff said from beside us.

Shawn laughed and pulled away, going to Aaliyah and Karen to say goodbyes. I felt a body collide with mine, causing me to look down and see Julia’s six year old body clinging onto mine. I bent down and picked her up, her small legs wrapped around my waist. I hugged her tightly and kissed her head before moving on to mom and dad. Mom wrapped are arms around me, whispering, “I love you so much, please stay safe.”, I just answered the same.

“Are you ready?” Andrew asked. “As ready as I’ll ever be.” I replied, linking hands with Shawn’s and waving to Karen and Aaliyah. Our bags were taken to be put in the plane, leaving me with just my carryon. “Bye guys!” Andrew said as we began to walk towards the gate. We all showed our flight information and all piled down the gate, entering the plane one by one. We showed out ticket to a flight attendant and she directed us to first class. I sat next to Shawn, Andrew and John were together directly across from us and Brian and Geoff were behind us, Manny sitting behind them. I got comfortable, taking my phone and earbuds from my carryon and setting the bag at my feet.

The plane jolted, and Shawn looked out the window, excitement swimming in his big, brown eyes as we moved away from the gate. He grabbed my hand and looked at me, biting his lip. “Guess what guys?!” Geoff said. “What?” Shawn asked, grinning as he already knew the answer. “We’re going to Japan!!!” Geoff and Brian yelled in synchronisation, both of them erupting into cheers. Andrew laughed, shaking his head as he made both Geoff and Brian quiet down. “Is this actually happening?” Shawn asked me, watching out the small window as the plane sped down the runway. “Yeah,” I grinned, laying my head on his shoulder, “this is actually happening.” He squeezed my hand, kissing the back of it softly.

“If you guys keep being gross, I will jump out of the plane, I swear!” Brian said, reaching through Shawn and I’s headrest and playfully thumping him in the head. “Be my guest,” Shawn smirked, “the emergency exit is right over there.” Brian scoffed, sitting back down in his seat as a flight attendant came through and told is to buckle up.

“You guys should rest up, we have a long flight ahead of us.” Andrew said to us, extending out the table in front of his seat and opening his laptop. “Is there a time difference between Canada and Japan?” I asked Shawn. “Yeah, fifteen hours, actually,” he laughed, “it will be early when we land.”

“Oh great,” I laughed, “I have a feeling jet lag isn’t going to treat us well.”

I put in one of my earbuds and grabbed a book out of my carryon, mindlessly flipping through the pages. Shawn grabbed his laptop and opened it, extending out the table in front of his seat, when I got bored of the book, I tucked it away and yawned, stretching my arms over my head. Shawn noticed, grinning sleepily and closing his laptop, “Tired?”

“Yeah,” I replied, “are you?”

“Yeah, I got no sleep last night, then all day today I was restless.” He said. I folded away the table, allowing room for me to slide closer to Shawn and curl into his side. He smiled and folded away his table as well, wrapping his arm around my shoulders and pulling me even closer; if possible. I wrapped my arms around his torso, putting in both of my earbuds before I feel asleep in his arms.


When I woke up, I looked across the aisle and I could see that John and Andrew were both sleeping. Shifting, I saw that Brian, Geoff and Manny were also asleep. Sighing, I look out the window and smile at the view. I turn on my phone and open Snapchat, taking a quick picture and posting it to my story. Shawn was sleeping soundly, his arm wrapped tightly around my waist and his head buried in the crook of my neck. I groaned softly, my arm numb from his weight. “Shawn,” I laughed quietly, “Get off my arm.” He mumbled something in his sleep, weakly pushing himself up and letting me pull my arm free. He laid back down, my arm wrapping around his shoulders. Pushing himself up again, he looked at me with wide eyes, “What’s the time?”

“I really don’t know with this stupid time change,” I said, annoyance could be felt in my voice, “my phone says two in the afternoon.” We left Toronto at 6 this morning, and it was now 2PM. I was exhausted, which explained why I slept for 8 hours. Shawn appeared to be too, assuming that he had slept as long as me too. “Only seven more hours.” He said quietly, leaning forwards and kissing me. “Everyone must have been really tired, I mean they are all knocked out,” I laughed, “we were too apparently.”

Shawn laughed, “I really was exhausted, I still am, but not as much.” He said, looking out the window and too, pulling out his phone to take a picture.

The rest of the flight consisted of pointless and random conversations, staring and completing an essay for my online English course and having a mini jam session to song that were Shawn and I’s facourite when we were younger. Andrew tapped my shoulder and I turned, “Tell him we will land in ten minutes.” I smiled and nodded turning to Shawn and yanking out one of this earbuds.

“Ow,” he groaned, “what was that for?”

“We’re landing in ten minutes.” I smiled, watching as he flashed his perfect teeth quickly before pulling me close to his chest and laying his head on my shoulder. “I’m so excited, and you came, which makes me even happier” He mumbled against my hair.

“I’m glad I surprised you,” I smiled, “I’m excited to be a part of this.” He smiled, packing away any things into his black book bag. “Press will be at the airport, along with fans. We should spend a little bit of time with them, because for the most of them, this is their first time ever seeing you. Shawn just nodded.

As we descended in the sky, the city of Tokyo become more visable. I was quick in taking a few pictures posting them to my story as well. The airport came into view and I grinned, watching Shawn unbuckle and stand up, stretching his probably stuff muscles. I did the same, along with the others. We sat back down and waited for the plane to fully land before grabbing our stuff and stepping into the aisle. We slowly walked out of the plane, my eyes drooping in slumber. I took Shawn’s hand as we walked through the gate, Andrew, Manny and the others right behind us. Exiting the gate was overwhelming, the only thing heard was the fans screams. Shawn beamed, waiting for Andrew for further instructions.

“Go over to press, then take pictures with the fans.” He pointed to an area sectioned with cameras and people with badges around their necks. “Come with me?” He asked. I shook my head, “I don’t want to take away from this.” He smiled warmly, kissing the side of my head before walking towards the press, their cameras flashing madly. They took pictures of him, and we stayed in the back, watching as he moved on to the fans. Eventually he turned to me, gesturing me over. I approached him, many girls reaching out for me.

“Hey guys” I smiled softly.

“Can we take a picture?” A girl asked, holding her phone out as far as she could with the barricade separating them from us. “Yes, of course!” I took her phone and held it out, taking a quick picture and handing it back to her.

One fan handed Shawn a cute white bandana, which I helped him put on. It had his name on it along with other Japanese words. We took lots of pictures along anothers with the press of both Shawn and I. After that, we went to luggage claim and waited for our bags, grabbing them when they came by.
I groaned, hefting mine off the belt and dropping it to the floor. Shawn laughed and held out his hand, trying to take the bag from me. “Easy, I got it.” I laughed, not wanting him to lug too big bags plus a carryon. “Bye, bye guys,” Shawn waved, the fans going into hysterics as we began our journey out of the airport.

Once out, we taxied to a hotel. Getting out, we all clambered inside and sat down as Andrew and Manny went to the front desk. I yawned, laying my head on Shawn’s shoulder and closing my eyes. I felt a laugh vibrate through him, his fingers running through my hair gently. “Stay awake, darling.” He said quietly.

“Gag me.” Brian mumbled.

I laughed, lifting my head from Shawn’s shoulder and flipping Brian off playfully. He acted offended, his hand on his chest as his jaw dropped down. Shawn laughed, pulling me into a standing position as Manny and Andrew came back over. “Okay, we have more rooms than needed, so we going to buddy up. Shawn and his baby; Brian and Geoff; John and I then Manny, who is floor below us. Does this sound good?” Andrew asked. Everyone nodded. He handed out the room keys and we all piled into the elevator, barely fitting in with all of our bags.

“Tomorrow is a day to chill and sleep off jetlag. Breakfast is at nine, but I doubt any of us will be awake by then, so we can just get together after everyone is awake and grab a bite somewhere nearby.” He continued. Andrew pressed the right and nine, the doors swiftly closing.

When they opened, Manny stepped out first. Shawn hugged him before pulling away in time to say good night before the doors shut again. The elevator jolted and I looked at the walls, seeing artwork scattered in weird patterns and shapes. When the doors opened we all stepped out, bid goodbyes and went into our rooms. I dropped my carryon and suitcase, trudging towards a large bed, and flopping down on top of it. Shawn followed my action, his body falling beside mine. He pulled out his phone, and checked the time.


“The time change is screwing me up.” I laughed, pushing myself up, and grabbing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt from my bag. “Same.” Shawn said.

“But bro, you deal with jetlags every time you tour, this must me nothing for you.” I said. “Well, this is the biggest time change I have experienced yet,” he pushed himself up from the bed, “And I’m beyond happy that I’m going through it with you.” He kissed my temple, letting go of me, as I smiled and entered the bathroom.

I got into my clothes, and brushed my hair into a messy ponytail, opening the door, and leaving the bathroom. Shawn had already changed into a pair of sweats, most of his stuff  scattered across the floor. I laughed, watching as he peeled off his shirt and practically dove into the bed. I walked over, and slid in next to him, pulling out my phone and checking the time


Groaning, I put it away and turned on my side, almost instantly being captured in Shawn’s tight grip. He yawned and put his head on my shoulder, his warm breath making gosebumps rise on my skin. I smiled bringing my hand to his hair and running my fingers through it. “Mmm, that feel nice” He said quietly , his eyes fluttering shut. “Then I’ll keep doing it.” I replied. He smiled softly, leaning upwards and placing his lips on me. I kissed him back, his lips on mine sending butterflies through me. Pulling away, he smiled softly and laid back down. I could tell he was fighting to stay awake, his eyes drooping. I laughed kissing the fop of his head, “go to sleep, Shawn.”

“Mhmm.” He mumbled, his arms around my waist, falling limp to his sides. “Sleep tight, honey.” I whispered, before my eyes full shut and I fell asleep as well.

You are my life - Isaac Lahey

hi i love your writing. i was wondering if you could write an imagine where the reader is very shy and keeps to herself. but she is plus size and gets bullied for it. and Isaac or Theo, who secretly likes her saves her from a bully. asked by @artfuck 


a/n i’m so fuckin sorry this took a while!!! this is set when the darach is around and like kira and malia werent there :(




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Sakura called out from her home office.

Normally she would be at the hospital at this time of day,but after receiving an email from Shino about Sarada’s recent behavior and a parent teacher meeting she has to attend next week,she came home early to see what Sarada did.

The girl wasn’t a troublemaker,but she had a sharp tongue,courtesy of Sasuke,and  she wasn’t the most patient kid in the academy.

‘‘Yes mama?’‘ The 8 year old said as her head appeared through the crack in the door,the girl had a very innocent expression on her face,a tell tale sign that she did something.

‘‘Come in I want to talk to you.’‘

‘‘You look kinda busy now how about later?’‘

‘‘No come in.’‘ she said with firmness in her voice that reminded her of her own mother.

‘I should really visit my mother more.’ the pink haired women remarked at the though of how exhausting parenthood is.

The girl gave up on her attempts to run from the confrontation and moved to sit in front of Sakura’s desk.

‘‘So how was school today?’‘


‘‘Nothing new?’‘




‘‘Shino emailed me.’‘

The girls expression fell,all hope of escaping this situation  lost.

‘‘Fine I punched a girl.’‘

‘‘What!? why?’‘ Sakura faintly remembered a girl a little older than Sarada in the hospital with a broken nose.

‘‘She was bullying chou again.’‘

‘‘Who’s chou?’‘

‘‘Chou-chou akimichi,and you always said that I should stand up for my friends so I did.’‘

Sakura felt a swell of pride.

‘‘But chou-chou can defend herself Sarada.’‘

She’s seen the Akimichi,and she wasn’t the type to be fazed by verbal bullying or even physical bullying since that girl was probably the strongest in her class besides Sarada.

‘‘Well she couldn’t,they cornered her,about four girls,they took her lunch and chips,she did try to defend herself,but the girl I punched was holding her back.’’


She was torn between congratulating her daughter or scolding her,cause she knew the feeling of being bullied and of having someone stand up for you.

‘‘what you did was good but maybe next time choose a different approach than breaking the poor girls nose.’‘

‘‘How did you know I-’‘

‘‘Come on Sarada,give some credit,I’m the head of the hospital.’‘


The Uchiha matriach couldn’t help but wonder on her daughter’s new friendship with the Akimichi heiress.

‘‘Since when are you friends with chou-chou?’‘

The girl was pretty much the opposite of Sarada except for the sassy attitude of course.

‘‘I don’t know,she’s always been nice to me.’‘ when none of the other kids spoke to me,she wanted to add, but thought better,since saying that will open a new discussion with her mother on a topic she really didn’t want to talk about.

‘‘You know it’s good to make friends is the academy,me and you’re aunt Ino met there, we used to bicker like kids about the last cookie.’‘ she neglected to mention that  cookie was Sasuke.

‘‘You still do.’‘ the girl deadpanned.

Sakura giggled at her daughters remark.

‘‘Yeah we bicker now more than when we were kids, I think we’re becoming worse than Naruto and you’re father.’‘

Sarada’s bored expression change into an expression of interest.

‘‘Papa and Uncle Naruto used to bicker a lot?’‘

‘‘Yeah they make the smallest thing into an argument.’‘

Sakura often hesitated to talk to the girl about her father, just so her longing to meet him wouldn’t increase.

‘‘Are Papa and uncle friends?’‘

‘‘Yeah,best friends, like me and auntie Ino, just a lot more rude and childish.’‘

Sarada was about to ask another question when the phone on her mothers desk rang.

‘‘I don’t mind,hold on I’ll ask her.’‘

‘‘Hey honey, Chou-chou wants to invite you for dinner as thanks for what you did today,do you want to go.’‘

‘‘Yeah.’‘ the girl responded immediately,excited at the prospect of seeing her friend.

‘‘Then she’ll be right over.’‘

Sarada got up from her chair and headed towards the door.

‘‘Be back by eight!’‘

‘‘Yes mama.’‘ the girl said as she ran out of the house.

Sakura smiled as she talked to the man that was standing outside her office window for the last hour.

‘‘It’s good that she’s making friends,and I was starting to think that she was too much like you.’‘

‘‘Hn,I am not childish,as for the dobe…’‘

Sakura laughed at her husband’s attitude towards the current hokage.

‘‘You know he’s hokage now,he can arrest you for saying that.’‘

The tall man scoffed as he entered his house for the first time in about 8 months,it was 8 months since he last came to the village,8 months since he’s last seen his wife.

‘‘I’d like to see him try.’‘

‘‘Don’t you two dare start another fight, cause I swear I will kill you both myself if you’re still alive.’‘

‘‘I love you too honey.’‘ he said in a very unSasuke like tone.

Sakura laughed again before her expression turned serious.

Sasuke could see the pain in his wife’s eyes, he shook his head to answer her unasked question.

He wanted to tell her he was sorry he didn’t find anything yet,that he would search faster,but no words came out as his wife hugged him.

‘‘When was the last time you got a full nights sleep?’‘ he asked noticing the dark circles under her eyes.

Sakura smiled a sheepish smile as she answered.

‘‘About two weeks,the hospital has been busy lately.’‘

‘‘Is Sarada doing well at the academy? other than breaking a girls nose.’‘

A  proud smirk formed on his lips,he hasn’t talked to his daugther in 3 years,since he started his mission,but he could tell that she is a lot like her mother.

‘‘Well,she’s top of her class but Boruto seems to be catching up to her.’‘

‘‘tch,dobe junior.’‘

‘‘You just don’t like him cause he liked to pull you’re hair when he was little, by the way,Sarada  has been calling him annoying lately,she reminds me of a certain handsome tsundere from my childhood.’‘

‘‘Good, someone else thought you were annoying.’‘

‘‘Baka!’‘ she said as she punched  his shoulder.

Sasuke chuckled as his wife pouted.

A dangerous gleam appeared in Sakura’s eyes before she spoke again.

‘‘You know,Sarada won’t be home for at least two hours.’‘ she said as she started backing her husband into a corner.

‘‘What do you propose we do in this time.’‘ he said as he took his cape and sword off.

‘‘Well it’s been 8 months,and I’ve been thinking about this since I noticed you outside the window.’‘

Sasuke flipped her so she was the one with her back on the wall.

‘‘Well then we’ll see what we can do about that.’‘ he whispered in her ear as she started unbuttoning his shirt.

“woo” don’t “boo” the queen

or you’ll surely meet her wrath. 🙄  Hell I would have been rude like Lana was there too. But I understand the damage and why some of you feel hurt, because snapping at immature Swen was exactly what antis wanted and she delivered. So, once again SQ shippers are the nasty mole in the fandom nobody wants. *Sigh* We can never get it right. BUT! Please try to see this from Lana’s position. How would you feel if people were booing at your response before you could even articulate it completely? She’s human!

I have never appreciated when people “boo” actors who’re just doing their damned job, so yeah… I know it hurts, but it would also help a little if some people could hold back sometimes. Save the “booing” for the writers not the fucking actors. And I also find it unnecessary to ask Lana on her opinions about C$. Just ask her about her own ships or her relationship to her family not the Golden Fuck Boy who can never do wrong.

Pairing: Yang/Blake
Genre: Romance

Takes place about after the characters have graduated from Beacon and are full fledged huntresses. However, there isn’t Team RWBY and all of them are strangers… for now. ;) 

I may continue this if there’s interest/inspiration to do so! Also posted on Ao3 if you want to follow the story there.

Prompt: Person A has the power to see/sense injuries (anything from bruises to broken bones to hypothermia). They meet Person B when they see suspicious or worrying injuries on them as they walk past each other.


“Aw, don’t be so serious!”

The vibrant lights flickered and danced across shifting bodies as EDM remixes blasted from the speakers and bounced off the walls of the club. Bathed in blindingly bright lights, Yang snickered as she pat her boss on the cheek and grinned. “You know I would never hit on my customers.”

“You sure, blondie?” A deep gravelly voice intoned, followed by a long-suffering sigh as Junior turned to look at Yang. 

“I wouldn’t! But once my shift ends…” Her grin widened as she leaned back on the bar and shot Junior a wink.  “Then she isn’t really my customer anymore, is she?” 

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Individual Success Part 2 (Fred Weasley x Reader)

i strongly advise you to go reread part 1 to refresh your memory

“Miss Y/N, it is time you take your medicine.” The nurse from the nursing home said to the lady with the greying hair.

“I have to take medicine?”

“Yes, you do.”

“Oh, okay.”

“And right after you have a visitor.”

“A visitor?” Y/N asked perplexed, she could not think of anyone who would want to visit her.

“Yes a visitor. Fred Weasley.”

“Who’s Fred Weasley?”

And the nurse did not reply, just looking down at Y/N with sad eyes.


“Miss Y/N, your visitor will see you now. Would you like to go meet him outside or shall I get him to come in?”

“Why wouldn’t I want to go out?”

“Well, you don’t like the cameras much.”

“Cameras? Why would there be cameras for me?” Y/N asked.

The nurse led her out to the front door of the home, where two journalists were indeed standing.

“Ex-minister! Y/N-“

“Now now, she is not in shape for questions gentlemen, quit wasting your time here.” The nurse said to them protectively.

“Hi.” A man approached Y/N, a tall man with kind eyes behind the wrinkles on his eyelids, and flaming red hair.

“Hello.” Y/N responded, shaking his hand.

She couldn’t quite grasp it, but there was something in this man’s eyes when he looked at her that made her feel oddly at home.

“Shall we go in?” The nurse came in between them and walked them slowly up the steps into the garden of the nursing home.

The two sat down at a small table. Fred merely looked at her, a small smile on his face.

“So. How are you today Y/N?”

“Oh I’m fine. And you? Um what was it again?”


“That sure is a nice name.”

“Thank you.”

“I love the color of your hair! And it hasn’t faded with age?”

“Us redheads don’t age.” Fred winked.

As much as he smiled, there was some unknown pain in his eyes, Y/N thought. She wondered why.

“So, what brings you here?” She asked the stranger.

“Just came to visit you.” He replied.

“Have we met before?”

“Oh, it’s complicated.”

“Interesting. So what do you do?”

“I used to run a joke shop.”

“A joke shop! How fun.”

They sat there for a little bit, gazing at the afternoon sun.

“It’s awfully boring here.” Fred huffed.

“Yeah. Why don’t you tell me a story?” Y/N suddenly asked Fred.

Fred looked at her.

“I can’t think of any.” He said.

“Anything, just tell me any favourite story of yours.”

“Well there is this one. It’s my favourite story of all times.”

“What’s the name? Maybe we have the book here at the library.”

“Oh no need. I know it by heart.” Fred said with a twinkle in his eye.

“There once was this girl. Who was in love with a boy. They both went to Hogwarts.”

“Is Hogwarts a school? I think I’ve heard of it.”

“Indeed.” Fred continued.

“They were very much in love.”

“I swear to God Fred if you push me-“

Fred picked Y/N up by the waist and leapt into the lake with her still in his arms. Y/N mounted to the surface of the water, sputtering and coughing.

“God, you little-“

But Fred interrupted her probably inappropriate words by planting his wet lips on hers.

“Get a freaking room!” George bellowed a few meters away, interrupting his water fight with Ginny.

“That sounds very cute.” Y/N hummed.

“Oh yes. That couple was very very cute.”

“Did they end up together Fred?”

“Oh, it’s very long and complicated. But we’ll get there my sweet Y/N.”

“So. They were very much in love. But they were both very very ambitious. The boy wanted to start a business. And the girl, wanted to become minister.”

“How good for her!” Y/N exclaimed. “But the boy’s business sounds a little bit risky no?”

Fred smiled.

“Wow, that’s very ambitious.” Y/N says. “And um, this shop you will open, it’ll be just like Zonko’s?”

“Yep. Better.” Fred adds.

“Well, that’s a lot of work for you guys to do then.”


« Eventually, their dreams lead them apart. » Fred continued the story. “So after the boy left school, the girls stayed and passed her exams. However, when she graduated she went straight back home and for a year they did not see or talk to each other. There was a war you see, so as much as they wanted and longed to see each other they could not. After said war, both of their careers were blowing up and they once again could not have seen or talked to each other. They were too busy to even write.”

“Then what?” Y/N asked, captivated by this story.

“Then, the girl became Minister. And the boy opened up his shop. It was actually very hard for the boy, now that I think of it. For months he couldn’t even look at a newspaper in fear of having to see her picture in it.”

“Did he ever get over it?”

“Well, you see he was so depressed that one day his brother came and set him up with an old school friend, Angelina. And they got along very well and decided to be together.”

“So the boy moved on from the girl?”

“No, not really. The girl got engaged; but I think both of them still would never be able to forget about each other. Anyways, so one day the girl walked into the boy’s shop, for ministry business.”

Y/N grasped the golden orange doorknob, pulling it; not showing any emotion.

Counting the Galleons, Fred’s gaze was on the counter in front of him. The little bell on the door gave a tinkle, as someone opened the door.

Y/N stepped in, her head turning to look around before stopping at the cash register.

Hearing the sound, Fred looked up, expecting just another customer.

Their eyes met, and the room filled with tension and emotion.

“After that brief encounter, for some reason fate kept bringing them together. They ran into each other in shops, at restaurants… for some reason they kept seeing each other.”

“And then?”

“Well, one day coincidentally they both visited their old school. Without consulting each other or anything, they just both went on the same day. And they obviously spoke to one another.”

Hello.” Y/N said politely, the tension in her throat killing her.


“How are you?”

“Good thanks.”

“I’ve seen your shop, it really is a phenomenal success.”

“And you too, not a day goes by without me seeing a picture of you somewhere.” Fred chuckled, awkwardly attempting to hide the pain of having to see Y/N’s face everywhere on papers.

“Well good. I’m happy to hear you are doing well.”

“Me too.”

They both just nodded to each other, looking deep into each other’s eyes. They felt their heart give a painful jolt at the feeling of getting lost in each other’s irises.

“Fuck it.” Fred breathed and cupped Y/N’s face to kiss her. Y/N returned it, and so forcefully they backed into the old broom cupboard they used to visit quite often in their student days.

“Oh I’m so happy they kissed!”

“Well actually a little more than that.” Fred smiled his old teasing smirk. “After that, it all went by so fast. The boy couldn’t live without the girl and after realising that fact, he broke up with Angelina.”

“And, the girl?” Y/N inquired.

Fred smiled, his stare piercing into Y/N’s soul.

“What do you think?”

“She left her husband for him?”


“This story sounds familiar.”


Fred looked at Y/N, as if he was waiting for something to happen. But all Y/N did was look down.

“Well, thank you sir. I think I’m going to go take my afternoon nap.”

“I-it was my pleasure.” Fred said, his voice breaking slightly.

Y/N nodded and smiled at him politely as she walked out. Fred sighed. He made his way out to the front door where his family was waiting.

“Well?” George asked.

“Not today Forge, not today.”

“One day, don’t worry.” George said, clapping his twin brother on the back.

“I know. One day, she will remember. Remember me.” Fred said, looking up at a window, the sun reflecting on his glassy eyes.


How they ask you to homecoming

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Archie gets you flowers when he asks you. He comes up to you in the hallway and asks “so homecoming is next week and I was wandering if you would want to go with me?”

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Jughead casually asks you to homecoming. He doesn’t really think homecoming is a big deal but he does want to go with you so when he’s walking you home one day he just asks “do you want to go to homecoming with me?”

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Betty is really nervous about asking you to homecoming. She asks you to meet her at Pop’s one day after school and when you guys are enjoying your milkshakes she says, “So homecoming is coming up and if you aren’t going with anyone yet maybe we could go together?”

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Veronica knew exactly how to ask you to homecoming. She got you your favorite cupcakes and on the inside of the box it had ‘homecoming?’ written on it, “so what do you say, you wanna go to homecoming with me?”

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Cheryl didn’t exactly ask you to homecoming, more like told you were going with her. She knew you liked her so she went up to you at Pop’s and asked, “Are you going to homecoming with anyone? No? Good, so we can go together.”

While everyone is immersed in Ashi’s transformation, I just want to remind everyone that there was another sister who, like Ashi, was thrown off the cliff without taking fatal damage. While the others were impaled and had their necks snapped, she was simply thrown off. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her. Imagine for a moment if the two sisters meet again. The inner turmoil that would come about. The two who have endured so much together now on opposite sides. What if Ashi is forced to kill her a sister she thought had already been dead

Sweet Tears Pt. 1

Jungkook x Reader { Cat Hybrid Au! } (a)(f)(eventual smut)

Warnings: Mature themes, abuse, graphic descriptions, violence

Who could have known that taking home a hybrid would change ones whole life? How could y/n have guessed he would affect her so much? All she wants to do is help, but she doesn’t even know if he’ll let her.  


“Why did it have to start pouring, right when I get out of work?” You say out loud to yourself, walking just a little bit faster with the hope of getting home soon. After a long day of typing up reports, making not one, but two power points for a meeting coming up, and staying over three hours later than you planned at your business, you just wanted to go home. It was dark, and you were freezing in your business attire. Curling up on your couch with some tea and a Korean drama sounded like heaven at the moment.

Your heels splashed through the puddles that were covering the once light gray sidewalk, soaking through all the way to the black tights covering your feet. Passing by a darkened alleyway, a bolt lightning hit the ground, lighting up the world around you. Jumping at the sudden blinding light, you noticed a figure hidden in the shadows. Even if you only caught it for a split second in the corner of your eye, you knew someone, or something, was there.

Stood frozen to the spot, contemplating whether you should check and see what was there, or turn a blind eye and move even faster home, you heard a noise. You turn your head slowly, straining your eyes to see down the pitch black alley, and listened. Another noise sounded through the air, but this time you could hear it more clearly. It sounded like a…whimper? The thought that someone could be hurt, and alone in the pouring rain, compelled you to take a step forward. Slowly, you took your phone out of your bag, and turned on your flashlight.  

Then you saw it. A hybrid boy, hunched over and shivering like there was no tomorrow. His ears laid flat on his head as he stared at you, eyes meeting yours with a glare. You stared back at him, his features hard, warning you not to come any closer. Breaking eye contact, you shifted your gaze to where his hand clutched to his stomach, red staining the area around what his hand couldn’t cover. Instantly, you moved closer to him and grabbed his wrist, removing him from his wound.

“You’re hurt, you need help.” Your eyes were glued to his blood stained shirt, face filled with worry. He flinched at your contact and ripped his hand away from your grasp, the movement causing him to whimper and slip forward.

“I don’t want, or need, your help. Go back home and play with all your little toys, but leave me alone.”  His words came out as cold as he wanted them too, the pain not making his tone falter in the slightest. He moved his right hand to his stomach again, pushing his left on the brick wall he was leaning against before, in an attempt to get up. Every fiber of his being felt like it was on fire. Waves of a burning sensation coursing up and down his body at every movement he made, causing him to lose his grip and fall.

He closed his eyes, and braced for the impact of the wet asphalt ground. When he had closed his eyes for far longer than it should’ve taken him to hit the ground, he opened them to find himself looking at grey. Moving slightly from his position, he looked up to see what had caught him.

There you knelt, knees on the asphalt, holding him as best as you could with all your strength. He had landed on your jacket, now soaked even more than before, if that was even a possibility.

“I want to help you, but you need to help me too.” You spoke again for the first time since he had tried to push you away. He looked like he would pass out any second, and his weight was too much to carry by yourself. You couldn’t leave him alone, no matter what he said to you.

“Please, my house is about a block away. I can’t carry you by myself, but I also can’t leave you here like this.” You looked into his face, pleading him to move. He glanced back at you under hooded eyelids, his instincts telling him it was okay.

Using you as his support, he slowly pushed himself up. His black tail wrapped around his left leg tightly, grunts and whimpers of pain leaving him. Even as he tried to hold the sounds he made back, you could still hear them, making the urge to get him home even greater. You stood up with him, grabbing him so that he wouldn’t fall. Hoping that you could support him enough to relieve him of even the slightest amount of pain.

“It shouldn’t be anymore than a ten minute walk. Hold on a little longer. You’ll be fine, I promise.” You both took slow steps, his weight getting heavier the more he slipped out of consciousness. Tears were stinging his eyes, and pants were leaving his mouth as the pain got worse with every step he took. Your words were the only thing guiding him, all of his senses swallowed in the flames of his pain.

Once finally back at your apartment, you lead him to one of your guest rooms. Carrying all of his weight, and switching the lights on, you set him on the queen sized bed. His eyes were screwed shut, small tears hanging to his eyelashes, as his chest heaved with heavy breaths. Looking at him in the light, you could finally see him clearly.

The ears that laid on the top of his head were black and coated in dirt that inhibited his whole body. The black hair that his ears ran into, was soaked and wetting the white pillow he was laying on. His face was covered in sweat and rain, with a pained expression that drew you back to the situation you were in. Snapping out of looking at him, you quickly moved to his stomach, kneeling on the white carpet floor.

“I’m going to lift up your shirt and look at your wound, okay?” Looking at his face, you asked the question, waiting for his answer. He barely nodded, but you took it as an okay. You lifted up his dark green shirt, eyes widening at the sight in front of you.

His toned stomach was bruised all over. Areas of all different sizes, purple and yellow, could be seen. Tears started to form on the sides of your eyes as you kept looking. Not only were there bruises, but there were scratches and burns too. Scars from what looked like multiple types of knives laid on his body.

You reached out your shaking hand and rubbed over on of the largest scars, tears finally flowing from your eyes. As you moved your fingers lightly over the scar, you felt something wet. You lifted your hand to your face to get a better look.

Red stained your fingertips, slowly dripping to the valley where your fingers met. The world started to move faster as you whipped your head back up to look at his stomach again. Seeing a large gash on his left side, you got up and ran to your bathroom.

Quickly flipping on your light switch, you ran over your marble tiled floor, almost slipping in your tights. Once you reached the sink, you quickly bent down and grabbed your first aid kid, rushing back to his side.

His breathing had gotten worse since you had laid him on the bed. His hands were gripping the white cover next to him as sweat ran down his face. Opening the kit, you reached in and pulled out a gauze and some cleaning alcohol.

“This is going to be extremely painful, but it’ll keep the wound from getting infected.” You whispered the words, not even sure if he could hear you anymore. Slowly, you started moving the gauze over his wound.

He slightly tensed as you first cleaned around the wound, edging ever so slightly towards the actual gash. His breathing was slow, but heavy as a took in large breaths, barely conscious. Moving on to the actual gash, you went slowly and lightly, adding more alcohol here and there. Suddenly, you hit over the deepest part of the wound, causing the alcohol to go straight into his flesh.

His stomach tensed up as screams of pain started to leave his mouth. His ears perked up, and his eyes screwed even tighter together, as his eyebrows furrowed in what looked like excruciating pain. Tears started to not only stream down his face, but yours too as your vision started to become blurry. 

The sight was horrifying, knowing that you were causing him even more pain then he was already in. The sounds of his voice and the knot in your throat that made it hard to breath, made the room start spinning. Your head pounded as you tried to focus on getting the wound cleaned and bandaged, just wanting it to be over.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Was all you could chant as you cleaned the gash on his stomach, the wound deeper than you thought. You stopped moving the gauze, and bandaged his stomach up, tight enough so that the blood flowing out slowed down.

His screams had stopped, but his hands still firmly clutched the covers. His face was dry of rain, but drenched with sweat and tears. You let your head fall lightly on his stomach, head still pounding as a dizzying nausea spread over you. Soft sobs and gasps for air left both of your mouths, chests shaking up and down with every breath.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” Were the only words you were capable of saying, over and over again, softly without fault. It was like a lullaby to both you and the boy who’s name you hadn’t even had time to ask. Him falling asleep to the sound of you voice, and you falling asleep to the rise and fall of his chest, you ended the first night of many more to come.


I let my hands roam from her waist to her hips,  pulling her ass flush against me while she grinds to the music. She laughs when I creep my fingers forward to her thighs, slightly pulling them apart, feeling the skin that’s been hidden under that deliciously short skirt. She looks back at me and I recognize that expression; I’ve got her going. Ah, fuck.

I want to ask her to go home with me but I don’t and, really, it’s the least he’d deserve for bringing us to this fucking club on a Thursday night when they don’t have the strippers here! But I’m an upstanding friend and I make sacrifices for those that I care about so instead of moving further up to see if her underwear matches her bra (that is to say, fucking nonemy god!), I tell her to meet me at the bar upstairs if she wants free drinks and I make my way back up the stairs to where my buddies are sitting.

“Get the fuck out of my seat, bitch,” I tell the girl that’s been butting in to our conversation all night long, trying to get in Yulian’s pants. To his credit, he’s largely ignored her but the night’s starting to wear on and he’s checking her out a little bit when she brushes up against him now. It’s only a matter of time until he yields and lets her in.

Emilia is my friend, too, and I don’t want to be in the middle of her finding out that he went home with some random chick while I was around and I didn’t say anything. Besides, if she sees him and he still does it, then I’m off the hook, right? Also, she might want to have revenge sex and I… Okay, I’m not really a good friend to anyone, but I try.

“Guess who I got to feel up downstairs?” I ask, nudging Yulian in the ribs.

“That blonde you were eyefucking earlier?” He guesses, taking a swig from the over-priced beer they sell here.

“Nah, if it’d been her, I just would have taken her ass home and told you about it in the morning.”

“Okay, who?”

“Emilia!” I sang.

Yulian looks a little hurt, “That’s not fucking funny,” he complains.

Lobito picks his head up from the bar long enough to howl out a mocking, overdramatic, “Emilia!” He lets out a snicker and goes back to hugging his bottle.

Truthfully, we’re both more than a little annoyed that he’s been sulking over her for this long. I mean, I like Emilia, but Yulian used to be fun before he started putting his head up her ass. Plus, I hear she’s batshit crazy, like, she beat the shit out her ex and totaled his bike fucking crazy. And even then, he was still trying to get her to take him back. That pussy must be amazing.

“I’m not trying to be funny, she’s here,” I insist.

“Who’s Emilia?” The Clinger Bitch butts in.

“Chuckles, ain’t no one talking to you. Go away.” She huffs and says something about me being jealous but hovers just over Yulian’s shoulder anyway. She’s persistent, I’ll give her that.

“Even if she’s here, she’s not going to do anything with me. She said I was ‘suffocating’, Katz!”

“Oh my god, because you fucked up! Look, you’ve been crawling up her ass and she didn’t even say shit to you about it until you brought it to work with you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

I mean, you guys were in an area where you were supposed to be doing something,” I cut my eyes back to the woman, who’s now dancing against him, I can’t talk around all these people, especially not around this bitch, “something dangerous, and you get rid of your backup because you’re jealous. I know Emilia can be an asshole, but you were in the wrong there. She was fine with you up until that point.”

“So?” he asks. I can’t believe this guy gets as much ass as he does, he’s completely clueless.

“SO, maybe you should have apologized? I don’t fucking know! What I do know is that she’s obviously more into you than she’s letting on.”

He runs his hands through his hair in frustration, “Should I call her? I should call her. Not tonight though, I’m too drunk,” he babbles. “I gotta take a piss,” he announces and gets up, Stage 5 Clinger moving to follow.

“Yulian!” I shout, “I’m serious! She’s here and if you go off with that bitch I will totally fuck your girl and brag about it in the morning!” He waves me off. “I’ll take your silence as consent! I fucking mean it, you dumbass!”

Lobito peers up at me, his eyes glassy, “You were just fucking around, right?”

I raise my hands in exasperation, “I keep saying I’m not joking! Why does everyone think I’m fucking around?!”

“Hah, she’s not going to go home with you,” he teases good-naturedly.

“You fucking watch. I can talk the panties off a nun!” I boast. If they run into each other, I hope I’m around to watch Clinger get clocked.

Hi. Let’s talk about this review. Fair warning that I am really mad and going to cuss.

I’m not even upset about this as a review. As a writer, I give zero fucks about what this person thinks because they are clearly an asshole.

As a women, as a human being, I am disgusted by this. In this story, Pansy has told Harry that she has had sex with Neville, and that it was casual. That is it. She has never said shit about Draco or any other man. Then, she and Harry, as two consenting adults, almost have sex. This does not make Pansy a “whore.” If she wants to consensually have sex with every guy she meets, you do not get to call her a whore.

What makes this even more fun, is that the opening scene of this story is Harry dipping out in the middle of the night on a Muggle woman who he had consensual, casual sex with and no one called him a whore. “Guest” seems to be okay with having all the sex you want, but only if you have a penis.

If you feel this way about women or any of my female characters, kindly see yourself the fuck away from my stories.

Have a great day. ✌

Just read Tough Life in Andromeda by lokidiabolus, a funny (and at times poignant) Liam/Scott fic that has Liam trying to make Scott understand he can count on him but Scott is making Liam’s mission difficult.

Here’s an excerpt:

Seriously, all his attempts failed. Asking about Sara? She’s fine, just a sleepy head. Give her a rest. About being a Pathfinder? I suck at searching for stuff, what’s your point? The Nexus? Ugh, Kosta, stop ruining my day more than it is already. 

This cracks me up so much. I suck at searching for stuff. 

I saw Ryder as this knight in shining armor ready to save everyone but now I’m just picturing a Ryder who DOES NOT want to be a Pathfinder, absolutely hates every vault he finds, constantly complains about space sodoku, spends his entire time in meetings looking at the clock and would really like everyone to leave them alooooone pleaaaase uuuuuurgh 

I know I know, you must all have thought about a Ryder like that before but not me, not really. So I’m amused. And it surprisingly really works? Because they still get the job done but inside they’re like…. “Why me?”

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My friend just came out to me!! I am so excited for her and her girlfriend! Any advice from here on out? I am really excited for her, but I'm nervous about meeting her girlfriend. Only because her last two boyfriends were mean and I would call them dicks but they are too fake so I like to call them dildo one and two. Any advice you might have either experienced or how you wish people would have handled your experience?

Omg that’s awesome!! Congrats to your friend!!! And honestly? Different people want different things, but it’s probably safe to assume that she would want you to treat her girlfriend in the same way you treat anyone she’s dating, and yet also don’t ignore the fact that they’re gay/queer (because that ignoring it feels weird too). Follow her lead and let her see what you just showed me – that you’re happy and excited for her and her girlfriend but also protective of her being in relationships and you want what’s best for her (aka her girlfriend better treat her right!)!! :) <3 <3 <3

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Probably as good a question as any: are Pearl Strings the braids of a Primarina after hitting such...high notes?

“though it would be nice to meet another Primarina <3″

Sorry I couldn’t post sooner, I was out of the house all day :( and I really wanted to get a post out before I went to sleep <3

why do all of you think kafka’s behavior with his gfs is cute. kafka would be the most annoying boyfriend ever. you ask him a simple “what’s up” and he sends you pics of the torture machine he’s been drawing. you do a casual “guess what I’m wearing ;)” and he answers “I can’t deal with life”. you don’t send him a letter for 1 (one) day and he refuses to get out of bed until he gets a letter. he tells you stories about random women he has one night stands with and never wants to meet you in person. why did milena cheat on her husband for him??? no fucking clue


Discovered happenstansually that @deaddrabbit was only a three hour drive away from me.. so we did an in person art trade (and lunch).

She made me a beautiful series of images that just make me want to cry. Please go follow her–she is truly talented and lovely all the way around!

It was such a pleasure meeting you and getting to know more about you. Here’s to hoping we can do it again!!


Break The Ice

After an accident Gray, a professional figure skater has to take some time off to heal and he’s not enjoying it AT ALL. What he didn’t  expect was meeting Juvia, a swimmer who is sick and tired of her career, even less ending up as her coach. Lucy, an aspiring figure skater wanting to freely express her passion, came to realize it was a whole new experience with a pink haired weirdo and his equally weird blue cat by her side. Somehow they all ended up meeting together in the Fairy Tail ice rink. Figure Skating AU

Now, its Juvia turn! Here is the summary of our collab fic, hope you all like it. Its not a Yoi crossover btw i see a lot of tag comments about it, but it is inspired by yoi :D Also included a clean lineart version if anyone wants to color, tag me if you do :)

Gray Ice Skating Outfit (by mist)

Lucy Ice Skating Outfit (by me)

Tags: @watchmist-art @phantompierce-okamoto


A friend convinced me to go to a bonfire hosted by her club to meet new people but when we got there we scanned the crowd n immediately felt like everybody else was on a different frequency than us n we didn’t want to disrupt the energies so we just went to the beach n now I smell like the ocean