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The Boss’ son

Will hated his boss with a passion. He was a jumped-up know-it-all who sent everyone out to work for rip-off prices and tried every method he could to cut corners. Will had been working for the company since he was 18 and had garnered a reputation for himself as a hard worker and a highly skilled construction man over the last 11 years. He now managed a team of men who both respected and liked him. But one year the company was sold to Terrance, the new boss and things had started to slide very quickly.

One morning, Terrance announced that he would be introducing his 21 year old son into the world of business starting from the very bottom by working with Will and his men for the next few months before moving up to bigger and better things. Terrance had no idea how to sugar coat things.

Kyle was a tall and lanky young guy with a long trendy hairstyle that did not look right with the construction worker clothes he was parading around in. Will hated him instantly. He had a surly look on his face and looked like he’d never be strong enough to do the sort of work the other men had to do on a daily basis. It also made Wills blood boil with anger that his friend Gary had been fired last week to cut costs; clearly just an exercise to make way for Kyle.

Kyle was just as useless as Will had expected. He was lazy, weak and had a superior attitude to everyone else. Will tried to be nice. He was looking around at other companies for work, but he still had a mortgage to pay on his own, so he couldn’t risk upsetting the boss too much.

Will was a strapping guy. He was 6′2 and bigger than any of the other men in his team. He’d been in construction work for 12 years and spent his leisure time in the gym building more muscle. He liked to keep his men well fed to improve morale and he usually found that the guys would grow stronger and more bulky after some time working with him. It all helped to make his team the best performing in the company.

Will was sure to be nice to Kyle, but he didn’t mind when the other guys played pranks on him or called him names like ‘whippet’ to denote his scrawny physique.

Kyle was not keen on hard work. He’d pick the least energy consuming job he could and was awful with any other jobs he was given. In the end, Will settled for a quiet life, giving Kyle the simplest job he could find. Something he couldn’t fuck up. Kyle was clearly just counting down the days until he could move up the company ladder and on to bigger and better things. Maybe the guys who were mean to him were forgetting that Kyle would be their boss one day.

The meaningless jobs grew more and more meaningless. Kyle was useless. Will would often leave him in charge to guard the tools if they were in a bad neighbourhood and enjoyed the time with his other men instead. It made Will angry that he’d lost a competent worker to pay for useless Kyle to be here.

However, Kyle would happily tuck in to all the food with the guys. For a guy who barely did any work, he sure built up an appetite. Will would find himself sending Kyle off to collect food for the guys and see an extra bag of food Kyle had bought for himself. Like Will, a lot of the guys on Will’s team were in to body building and so they ate frequently throughout the day to keep their muscles fed. Kyle seemed to think this was just a regular thing for working men and tucked in to his grub alongside them.

It wasn’t long before the results started to show. Kyle’s ass started to develop some shape and he had the beginnings of a little double chin. His nipples started to show under his t shirt and he filled out his uniform a little better than he had before. Unlike the men who usually worked under Will, none of the extra weight was muscle.

The guys picked up on it straight away. ‘Terrance’s boy is looking a bit fatter isn’t he? one laughed. ‘Ha, yeah, I’m not surprised though, he eats like a fucking pig and doesn’t do any work’, commented another.

‘Guys’, said Will. ‘Just leave him be. He’ll be out of our hair in a few months and he can get as fat as he wants. We’re just keeping Terrance sweet. In fact…’ Will stopped, suddenly allowing his evil streak to shine through, ‘we should just take advantage of it. Nothing will show Terrance what a lazy bastard his son is than having him gain a few lbs’.

The guys laughed and looked across at Kyle who was sat by a bucket cleaning tools across the site. ‘I say, let the guy eat’, smiled Will. ‘What do you say guys?’

Over the next few weeks, Will made sure his men stopped for plenty for food during work time. Kyle greedily ate at every stop. The guys sniggered to each other as they watched Kyle tuck in. They’d leave some of their food or offer it to Kyle, grinning at each other as he accepted every time.

The results were almost instant. Kyle’s ass started to develop some width to it. His stomach looked like it was getting doughy underneath his shirt and his face was softening up well. The guys even conspired to have Kyle change a load of lightbulbs across the site so that they could see his exposed gut as he lifted his arms in the air; sneakily taking pictures with their phones. Not only did Kyle have a soft little belly, but two chunky love handles were starting to bloom as well. The guys were in hysterics talking about it all.

As Kyles work pants started to get tight, Will made an effort to get him new ones. ‘Look at those biceps!’ he said, walking by Kyle one morning. ‘You can tell you’re a construction worker now. You’re really starting to pack on some muscle like me and the boys. I think you’ll need a larger size outfit for these guns. Here’s a medium. Well done man!’

Kyle grinned to himself and smiled like he genuinely thought he was one of the boys. The guys were a bit annoyed at Will when they could no laugh at him struggling to do up his pants after going to the toilet. However, Will was just trying to stop him realising how fat he was getting and going on a diet. He told the guys about what he had said about Kyle’s biceps and advised the guys to do the same. Now that Kyle was seriously chunking up, they had to do all they could to stop him going on a diet.

By the time the six months was up, Kyle had gained at least 40bs of fat. He had a chubby little ass and a belly that was actually starting to round out into a proper gut. The guys had been called in for a full team briefing. Will expected that this was where they would be told that Kyle was getting his promotion. In reality, the future looked much more bleak.

Terrance wanted to take the company in a different direction. Rather than taking on extensive projects, the company would instead focus on smaller scale work and split up into smaller teams. Will would no longer be working with the team he had grown so fond of over the years. He watched as his team was split before his eyes, leaving only him in the middle of the room. Was he about to be fired?

‘And what about me?’ he asked Terrance, hatefully.

Terrance looked at him as if he was the stupidest guy he’d ever met. ‘You’ve got Kyle of course’.

Kyle was taking a sick day, something he liked to do at least once a fortnight. Will clearly failed to hide the frustration in his face.

‘Hey’, bellowed Terrance. ‘I chose you because I know he’ll learn a lot from working with you one-to-one, so don’t give me attitude. I also want you to shape him up a bit. That kid has grown pretty fucking fat working with your boys over there.’

Oh, you think he’s fat do you? thought Will. Ha! He’d show Terrance. Will was going to make sure Kyle was the softest, plumpest construction worker Terrance had ever seen. I’m going to really fatten up the lazy fucker he thought to himself, determined. What Will didn’t expect was the slight boner he had in his pants as he thought about taking control of Kyle’s body so consciously at the front of his mind.

‘Hey buddy!’ he greeted Kyle warmly the next day. ‘It’s you and me. Isn’t that great?’

‘Yeah, I guess so’, said Kyle sounding like he wasn’t bothered.

‘I’m hungry, let’s head for some breakfast.’

‘Yeah, I’m up for that’, said a work-shy Kyle.

Will made sure to eat plenty in front of Kyle and then burned it off taking on the extra work whilst he found the most menial job for Kyle that would stop him burning off the calories. Will also punished himself each night in the gym and found that the extra calories and workouts made him look more pumped than ever. Kyle would always out eat him anyway. It was the one thing he was actually good at. And so it was that Kyle grew steadily softer as Will grew larger and more ripped than he had ever been in his life.

It was around this time that Will started to realise that Kyle was developing a crush on him. He sometimes caught him starting at him when he had his shirt off and would always go red faced and shy when Will asked him about girls. Will didn’t mind and quickly realised that he could use it to his advantage.

‘Damn you’re strong now Kyle. I can’t get over how you lifted that bag of cement like it was nothing. Must be those big strong thighs of yours huh?’ Kyle swallowed it all, thinking he was more hunk than chunk. Will would always comment on his manly appetite and say how good he was at eating, like it was a competition.

Kyles small belly started to roll over his pants. His nipples bloomed into round, juicy moobs and his ass widened further. Will really enjoyed the effect he was having on him and his cock started to swell with pride with the increasing dominance he had over Kyle’s body.

‘What do you want to eat this morning?’ asked Will.

’Nothing, I’m not hungry’, said Kyle in a sulky voice. This was clearly the day Will had been dreading.

’What’s the matter man? That’s not like you.’

‘My dad told me I was turning into a fat ass. Had a huge go at me last night.’

Yes, you are turning in to a fat ass thought Will to himself, feeling the thrill of him having annoyed Terrance by making his son into a fat little porker.

‘You’re dads a dick’, said Will bluntly. ‘He has no idea about construction work’. Will pointed to a guy across the street who was skinny and underfed looking. ‘See that guy over there? That’s what you used to look like when you came to work for us. Does he look like he can carry a bag of cement like you can?’

‘No’, said Kyle, quietly.

‘No way. You need to be big and muscular to do our type of work. Big men, with big appetites, like us. So if you think you’re going to diet and go back to looking like that scrawny little shit over there, you might as well resign now. I’d rather have my partner who can down 5 cheeseburgers, like you did the other day’, nodded Will like he was still genuinely impressed by Kyle masculinity. ‘So what do you say buddy?’

‘Yeah, I guess so. I think you’re right. My dads an ass. He’s never worked in construction in the way we have.’

‘Yeah, that’s more like it’, cheered Will. ‘Fuck him!’

‘Fuck him!’ repeated Kyle.

‘Ata boy’, smiled Will, slapping Kyle’s belly and taking the wheel. ‘So where are we going for breakfast?’

Kyle never mentioned dieting again. Will felt himself getting hard as he imagined Kyle going home each day just a little fatter than the last. His dad forced to watch as his son slowly turned in to a fat pig with absolutely no control over what Will was doing to him.

Will became more flirty with Kyle. He constantly complemented him on his big shoulders, wide chest and thick thighs. Kyle took it all in, not realising that Will was actually complementing him on how damn soft and fat he was growing. He’d take his shirt off at any opportunity he could and took pleasure in Kyle trying to avoid being caught watching him. He also encouraged Kyle to take his shirt off and always chose something to complement him on when he did so: ‘Look at those guns big guy’; or ‘No one’s going to mess with you big man.’

Kyle had a proper belly on him now. It swelled over his pants and provided a shelf for his moobs to sit on. The contrast between Will’s hard body and Kyle’s soft flab made Will so damn horny it was hard to keep his hands from grabbing a roll of Kyle’s fat as he sat next to him each day in the van.

‘See that guy over there’, pointed Will one day whilst they were parked up tucking in to a mountain of fast food. ‘I’m not gay, but I could totally get a man crush on him. What do you think?’

‘Um, yeah’, said Kyle, somewhat caught off guard.

‘He’s got the big arms and shoulders, like you I suppose. But…nah, actually. If I was going to give up fucking girls for a guy, he’d have to be a bit burlier than that. I couldn’t hack being with someone who couldn’t eat like we can. You know what I mean?’

Kyle was stunned into silence.

‘Ha! Relax man, I’m sure even you’ve had a man crush in your time! Its all good’, he laughed as he patted Kyle on his fat thighs and watched as Kyle had to adjust himself to avoid showing a semi he was probably getting at that very moment.

Will played up to Kyles crush more and more over the coming weeks; patting his ass playfully and holding eye contact just that little bit too long. Kyle seemed to respond by showing off just how bulky and manly he was by eating more than ever before.

‘Fuck Will! What have you done to Kyle?’ whispered the guys from Will’s old team as they met up for a staff briefing a couple of months later. ‘He’s fucking huge!’

‘I know’, grinned Will, ‘I’ve turned him into a fucking pig. You should see how much I’ve got him eating in a day now. Poor fatty has to wear XL’, he laughed, feeling his cock stiffening.

The guys were stunned by the transformation, staring at Kyle from across the room.

‘It’s pure lard as well’, said Will, enjoying the opportunity to speak out loud about what he had been doing to Kyle over the last 9 months. ‘There’s a fucking huge gut under that shirt!’

The guys patted him on the back and sat back in their chairs to marvel some more.

Terrance came out and announced that the company’s previous redirection into smaller scale projects was working out less profitable than he had expected. Big surprise there, thought Will. As such he would be reforming the old teams to take on larger work from next week. Will was overjoyed. His old team back!

‘And, I’m pleased to announce that my son Kyle will be moving up the company to work as part of my junior staff. I’m sure we can all congratulate him on his hard work over the last 15 months.’

There was a half-hearted clap from the crowd, but Will suddenly realised that he was actually going to miss Kyle more than he ever thought he would. He was too stunned to clap. After tomorrow, Kyle would no longer be with him every day.

Will made sure their last day was extra fattening. Kyle ate every meal like it was his last and Will felt a deep dread in his stomach that he would never get to enjoy watching the fatty pig out any more.

‘Hey, since you’re getting this promotion, why not come over to mine to celebrate tonight? Have a few beers with me?’

‘Sure!’ spat, Kyle with too much enthusiasm. ‘I’d love to!’

The day was over pretty fast and before Will knew it, Kyle was at his door ready to celebrate his promotion.

Will was already shirtless and wearing tight little shorts so that Kyle could see more of his body than ever before. He took Kyle straight into the back yard where he had a barbecue going. Will had no neighbours so it was a nice private space to be in.

‘Smells great’, said Kyle, his mouth already watering. ‘I didn’t know we were doing food.’

‘Ha, come on, its us, of course were doing food. You don’t get big and bulky like us without enjoying your food right? Take your shirt off man, it’s roasting this evening.’

Kyle obeyed and sat himself in a chair with a cool beer in his hand.

Will watched as Kyle ate and ate. He was sure to wear his sunglasses so that Kyle could not see him checking out his round, spherical gut as he spoke to him the whole evening, growing hornier and hornier.

‘So have you thought about your man crush yet?’ asked Will as the conversation about the best beers started to dry out.

’Ha’, laughed Kyle nervously. ‘I guess, I have’. He was on his fifth beer and feeling more than a little confident. ‘I guess he would have to be a guy like you. You know, muscly and strong looking. Nice face, a bit macho.’

Will pretended to be more drunk than he was and laughed without a care in the world as he said casually, ‘Fuck man, don’t say that, you’re giving me a semi here, look!’ And he spread his legs.

Kyle took the bait. ‘I mean it though’, he pressed. ‘I’d do anything to be with a guy like you.’

Kyle had played his hand too early and all of the power now lay in Will’s hands.

‘Anything huh?’ he said standing up and moving to stand over Kyle, who looked up almost concerned about how Will was going to react. ‘Stand up for me.’

Kyle did as he was told without question, standing there as Will slowly began to circle him.

‘Well, you’ve got a cute ass on you’, whispered Will into Kyle’s ear, grabbing a handful of soft flesh. ‘Take your shorts off so I can see it properly.’

Kyle obeyed, taking off his shorts like it was the most natural thing in the world. Will pulled at the waistband of Kyle’s underwear and peered down at his naked ass, all soft and round.

‘Mmm, yeah that’s one cute ass you’ve been hiding from me.’

He continued to circle Kyle.

‘And I know you have a nice manly appetite, so that’s one thing checked off my man crush list. A nice thick chest’, he continued, stroking Kyle’s fat moob. ‘But, oh dear, what’s this?’ he asked moving his hand down to lightly stroke Kyles fat gut.

‘What’s this?’ repeated Will more loudly as he stared through his sunglasses into Kyles submissive eyes.

‘It’s…it’s my belly’, said Kyle, unsure of the correct answer.

‘Yes, it is’, said Will harshly, grabbing a roll and jiggling it. ‘This…’ he continued. ‘This belly is not quite what I’m after.’

‘You want me to lose weight?’ asked Kyle, red faced.

‘No, I don’t’ said Will, pressing his abs into Kyle as he leaned in closer. ‘If I’m going to stop fucking girls to screw a guy, he’s going to have to have a belly that’s much, much bigger than this.’

He moved back slightly and looked at Kyle square in face. ‘And when I say bigger Kyle, I mean fatter, much, much fatter’. He slid his hand down under Kyle’s belly to grab Kyle’s hard cock, starting to stroke it up and down. Kyle melted instantly.

‘You think you could do that for me Kyle?’

Kyle nodded as he closed his eyes to enjoy the pleasure of being touched by Will.

‘You think you could grow a big fat belly for me Kyle?’

‘Yes’, he breathed. ‘I’d do anything for you.’

‘Good. Because…’ said Will, taking Kyle’s hand and placing it a foot in front of his gut, ‘…I want your fat belly to come out to here. You understand that Kyle?’

‘Yes, anything’, breathed Kyle.

Will pushed him harshly back into his chair. Will once again towering over him, he pulled his shorts and underwear down, revealing his hard cock before moving his groin in closer to Kyle’s face for him to suck him off.

‘Open wide, fat boy’, demanded Will, shoving his cock into Kyle’s mouth which he greedily took.

‘Plenty more of this to come when you grow that belly fatter for me Kyle.’

‘Mmm’, moaned Kyle as he tugged himself off with Will’s penis in his mouth.

‘I want to see you eat and swell up and grow…fatter and…fatter and…’.

Will exploded into Kyles mouth, making Kyle do the same.

Will stood there for a short while before pulling away and peering down at Kyle.

‘Did you enjoy that?’ he asked, sternly.

‘Yes, I really did.’

‘Good. And you know what you need to do if you want that again, don’t you?’ said Will, talking a roll of Kyle’s fat belly in his hand.

‘Yes, sir. I do.’

Better Babysitter (TG/AP)

              Jimmy and Kyle were sulking in their room, waiting for their annoying babysitter to arrive. Their parents had gone out for the night and called the babysitter over on short notice. The boys hated their babysitter; she never let them play video games or watch the movies they wanted to, and she always made them go to bed super early. They’d do anything to get rid of her, and thankfully Kyle had swiped a shriveled monkey’s paw from the flea market his parents had taken them to last weekend. He had heard the old woman selling the monkeys paws talking about their wish-granting abilities, so he grabbed one when she wasn’t looking and planned to use it to get rid of their current babysitter. He pulled it out from beneath his bed and showed it to his brother.

              “Hey, Jimmy, check this out. This thing is supposed to be able to grant wishes, so I’m gonna wish for a new babysitter!”

              “Haha, okay,” Jimmy said, scoffing at the thought. He was younger than Kyle, but he considered himself more realistic than his older brother. “Well, what’re you waiting for? Make the wish.”

              “You just watch, little bro,” Kyle said, holding up the monkey’s paw. “I wish we had a babysitter that let us do whatever we wanted!”

              The words of Kyle’s wish echoed in the room, surprising the boys. Suddenly, the monkey’s fist closed and disintegrated into dust. The dust slipped through Kyle’s fingers and began to swirl around the room before enveloping Jimmy. Jimmy screamed as the dust moved faster around him, tearing his clothes and transforming them into a plain, white garment that looked suspiciously like a dress.

              “What’s happen- ack!” As soon as Jimmy opened his mouth, the dust flooded into him and caused him to cough and gag. He fell onto his back as he caught his breath again, sputtering out puffs of dust with a few coughs. “What did that thing do to me?”

              “I, uh, I don’t know. Are you okay?”

              “Yeah, I think. But what’s with my cloth- ooohhhh!” Jimmy began to moan as he felt his chest begin to tingle. The two boys looked at Jimmy’s chest as it began to expand. He threw his arms up as his bones began to crack, growing longer and wider, and leaving him with a torso that looked like it belonged to someone much older than he was. His moans grew louder and more feminine as two mounds of flesh began to protrude from his chest. With a sudden burst, he thrust his chest forward as two sizable breasts grew beneath his enlarging nipples. The boys stared at Jimmy’s ample new cleavage as Jimmy continued to moan, his new breasts sending unknown pleasures coursing through his maturing body.

              “Why is this happening?” Jimmy screamed, noticing how much older, yet girly, he sounded.

              “I don’t know! I’m sorry!” Kyle yelled in panic. “I’m so sorr-“

              “OW!” Jimmy yelled as his legs began to ache. He kicked his legs out in pain as they extended slightly. He felt another tingling coming from his crotch as it began to retract between his legs. It felt uncomfortable and pleasurable at the same time. His heart began to race as his thrashing body caused his breasts to bounce and jiggle on his chest. The sensations coming from his crotch and chest began to blend together, sending more orgasmic feelings coursing through his body. He couldn’t help but moan even more as he continued to grow older and sexier. He felt his boy parts slip between his legs as a fleshy clit took form, growing damper by the second. His legs were still aching though, and combined with the pleasure coursing through his body, the sensations flowing through him caused him to convulse and kick his legs violently as they snapped and extended. Each kick added a few inches to his height, while at the same time inflating his ass. He felt his behind grow enough to raise his lower back off the floor, his spine cracking and taking on a feminine arch as he grew.

              He looked at his brother as he continued to grow older and more feminine. He wanted to cry for help, but as he opened his mouth, all that came out was a feminine moan.

              “Hu…huuuuuuumph…” Jimmy moaned between breaths. Kyle couldn’t help but notice how sultry his little brother sounded now. Kyle himself was just hitting puberty, so seeing his younger brother turning into such an attractive specimen was making Kyle exceedingly confused and uncomfortable.

              “Jimmy, I’m so sorry…” Kyle said on the verge of tears. “I shouldn’t have stolen that thing. This is my fault.”

              Jimmy wanted to say something to his brother, but he felt his face beginning to change as his mind began to grow foggy. He felt his hair grow down his neck and tickle his back, turning a dark blonde in the process. His eyes widened and slanted as they took on a sultry, alluring appearance. His lips thinned out as his nose cracked and shrank a bit, planting itself cutely about his mouth. His face tingled as makeup applied itself to his mature new face. He had aged well into his twenties in a matter of minutes, and as his new reproductive system flooded his body with new hormones, he began to have entirely alien thoughts. He felt his new clit grow damp as memories of cute guys hitting on him entered his mind. His memories of being the best student in school became memories of being the sexist girl in school. He wanted to fight it, but as images of jocks fucking him in the locker room after school flooded his mind, he began to give in. His clit was so wet and so sensitive, and as he slowly began to rub it with a manicured hand, his name began to fade. Jimmy slowly turned into Jade as memories of going to college and meeting her boyfriend formed in the new girl’s mind. She quickly came and screamed in orgasm as Jimmy embraced his new identity. The new girl leaned up and stood over Kyle. She stared at the young boy ogling her exposed crotch and smirked.

              She only took this babysitting job for the easy money, and at least this little brat never gave her any trouble.

              “My boyfriend is coming over tonight, so I’m gonna go get changed.” She said with an authoritative tone. “You can play video games or watch TV or whatever. I don’t care. Just don’t bother me unless it’s an emergency. And don’t tell your parents, unless you want me to take your video games away.”

              “Ji- Jimmy? Are you still in there?” Kyle said hesitantly. “Please, little bro…” Jade didn’t respond. She simply walked into another room and began to change into a bikini for her boyfriend. This kid’s parents were loaded and had a pool in the backyard, so she and her boyfriend were going to have a ball with their private pool for the night. She loved her job, and while Kyle was still confused and traumatized by what he just witnessed, at least his wish was fulfilled. Just not exactly how he expected it, or wanted it, to be.  

Best Friend (Adam Cole One Shot)

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Submission for @wrasslesmut‘s 14 Days of Valentine’s

Sexy times with the baybay ahead =) I hope you all enjoy <3

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Must Be The Season Of The Witch (part 1)

Summary: All you wanted to do was scare your friends on Friday the 13th. You didn’t know that you’d actually wake the dead.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: just be prepared

A/N: o k a y so this is kinda based off of AHS season 3, the whole bringing Kyle back and all that jazz but it won’t be the same storyline entirely, so I guess this will be kinda fucked up lmao. I hope you guys like thissss, I wanted to try something a little different.

This is an AU btw, like ya boi doesn’t have the metal arm and such. He’s just a normal dead boi.

“Is this even legal?” Sam questioned as you walked through the dark cemetery.

You roll your eyes. “Stop asking dumb questions, of course it’s legal… at least that’s what I keep telling myself to make me feel better.”

Sam gives you a pointed look but you ignore it, continuing further into the graveyard, making sure not to step on any graves.

“If I had known we’d be doing so much walking, I wouldn’t have agreed to come.” Clint whined as he watched his footing.

“Aw lighten up you old sap.” Wanda teased. “We’re just out here for shits and giggles. You’ll be back in your precious frat in no time.”

“Yeah. I just wanted to do something fun and spooky on Friday the 13th. We usually stay home and binge watch scary movies but this year I thought I’d switch it up.” you shrug.

“There is absolutely nothing fun about being in a cemetery, where dead people are, on Friday the 13th, Y/N.” Sam scoffed.

“Listen,” you turn to your friend. “Don’t make me throw you into an open grave, just enjoy the night before we die.”

Sam’s eyes widen. “WHAT?!”


You continue walking until you get to an open spot and you smile. “Here.” you plop down on the grass and watch as your friends follow your movements.

“So what exactly are we doing?” Clint questioned as they all arranged to sit in a circle.

“Yeah, you didn’t tell us what we’d be doing. All you said was we were gonna be doing some crazy shit.” Wanda adds.

You smirk. “We, my friends, are going to be awakening the dead.”

Just as you say that, a loud crushing thunder comes from the sky and Sam gives you a look.

“And I’m out of here. Have fun getting fucked up.” he stands up to leave and you shrug.

“Okay, just don’t call for help when the zombies dig their way out of their graves and corner you to eat your brain.” you say nonchalantly.

Sam immediately sits back down. “That’s not funny, you know zombies are real.” he huffed.

Clint and Wanda stifle a laugh while you pull some papers out of your bag. “Anyways, let’s get started.”

You lay the papers down in front of you and pull out the candles, lighting them before passing them around. Once that was done, you look at the papers and clear your throat.

“So before anything, we have to join hands.” you hold your hands out for Clint and Sam who gently grabs your hand before linking up with Wanda. “And don’t let go.”

Everyone nods.

“Okay, now we can begin.” you look down at your papers and began reading the spell that was on it. As you were doing so, thunder boomed from the sky above but you kept going, your voice never faltering once.

The sky then lit up with lightning, startling a very superstitious Sam yet he kept his hand interlocked with yours and Wanda’s, not wanting to know what would happen if he let go. As you were finishing up the spell, you look up at the sky and shout the last words.

“Awake! Awake!”

Overwhelmed with the shouting you were doing while saying the spell, you breathed heavily as the four of you waited for something to happen. The skies cleared so that you could now see the bright moonlight and the thunder and lightning had gone away as if it never happened.

You look around at your friends who waited in anticipation yet nothing happened. After a few minutes, you all let go of each other and Sam scoffed.

“That was lame.”

“It really was.” Clint agreed. “What a bust.”

“Where’d you get that spell anyways?” Wanda asked, blowing out her candle and the rest of you do the same.

“…reddit.” the three gave you a blank stare. “What? Where else was I gonna get a spell like that?”

“Uh, from some witchcraft book or some legit website?” Clint responds and you roll your eyes.

“Yeah!” Sam exclaimed. “I was really looking forward to seeing some dead person come alive.”

“You were just complaining about how you didn’t want to be here, Sam.” you point out and Sam sticks his tongue out at you, prompting you to do the same. “Besides, I just wanted to scare you guys and mission accomplished… well, mission accomplished for Sam.”

Your friend flashes you his middle finger and you smile, blowing him a kiss.

“Alright, enough of this dumb shit. Let’s pack up and leave. I hate cemeteries.” Clint sighed as he gathered the candles.

You put away the papers you had printed out and took the candles from Clint, shoving them in your bag as you all stood up.

“Well, this was fun.” you say, dusting your pants off. “Maybe we should-”

Loud thunder and a flash of lightning filled the sky once more and your friends screamed bloody murder. You flinch and shake your head.

“Jesus, will you calm down? It was just a little…” you trail off when you see that your friend’s eyes weren’t on you, but behind you.

Slowly, you turn around. An audible gulp could be heard from you and you silently pray that someone who worked for the cemetery was behind you. Yet when you turned around fully, you caught sight of a disheveled young man. He couldn’t be much older than you.

His dark chocolate brown hair was a mess, probably terribly knotted. His skin was pale and he had a look of… death plastered all over his face. You noticed that he had a large scar running horizontal across his neck but when you tried getting a better look, he backed away slightly. The mans clothes were torn and dirty and he looked at you, so confused. For a minute you thought he got lost or maybe someone was chasing him but when you looked behind him, you saw a dug up grave and gasped.

The spell. It worked.

You woke the dead.

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abigailgorman: DAY 6: SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU SMILE. I went to Glastonbury last year and Bastille were performing. James took a video of Nikki interpreting to them, and it went viral. They saw it and Kyle, the keyboard player, wanted to learn sign language. I taught him for a while until I moved to Denmark. I passed the reins onto my mother who has been teaching him for a while. Today, I caught up with him and his bandmate, Dan, for a catch up and I am SO impressed with how well he is signing now. This is the kind of thing that makes me happy. People learning sign language. 😁

I’ll Be Your Favorite Drug // Kyle Spencer

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A/N: As requested, pre-death Kyle! Sorry this is garbage.

Side note: I’m not messing with backstories, really, until I get caught up on requests. So going forward it’s basically going to be porn with minimal plot.

Warnings: Fuck you guys, you already know what to expect.

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heyyyyyyyy could I have a sirius imagine with prompt 2 and 10? thanks bro you're the best and all your other prompt imagines are really good

I hope this is alright? I’m super tired, sorry. 

2. “Please don’t cry. I can’t stand to see you cry,” and 10. “Just leave me alone.”


She is crying. (Y/N) (Y/L/N) is crying. And it’s fucking horrible.  

She’s crouched in an abandonded hallways, catching all her tears in her hands, hair discheveled and cheeks rosy. She sobs, and it bounces of the corridors, it ripples through his ears, it shatters his heart.

He’s quite lost for words.

“(Y/N)?” he whispers, and he thinks he’s never been this quiet before. She makes him quiet. She makes him a version of himself that he thought he’d never be. In a good way, of course, because everything about her is good. She’s too good for him.

Just leave me alone…” she whispered, the remnants of a sob still lingering in her words and it hurt him more than if she had shouted it.

Sirius, however, was not one to listen.

He sat beside her, unsure if he should touch her because it somehow seemed like he would be breaching her personal space if he did.

Please don’t cry. I can’t stand to see you cry…”

A sob tore her throat, splitting through the air. It felt like a punch to his gut. He winced. “I’m sorry about Kyle,” Sirius breathed in a soft voice, “If he makes you cry, he doesn’t deserve you…”

(Y/N) shook her head. A little gasp wobbled on her lips. He wanted to sacrifice his lungs so she could breathe.

“You don’t get it,” she croaked, “I’m not crying because of Kyle. I’m crying because of you.”

Bewildered, Sirius tore himself away from her side as though he were evading something that emanated off her. “W-What did I do? (Y/N), tell me, please, so I can make this right and not be such a fucking idiot all the time!”

(Y/N) shook her head, but a small smile tugged the corners of her lips. Relief grew through his ribcage like weeds.

“It’s nothing you did per se… I-I just…I wish you’d just stop being you that way I wouldn’t love you as much as I do.”

His heart stuttered over the words ‘love’ and ‘you’. This was the last thing he expected her to say, and yet, she had said it and caught him completely off guard. (Y/N) loved him. His feelings weren’t unrequited after all.

Sirius decided that it would be okay to hug her. So he did. He wrapped his arms around her and cradled her in his arms, her tears soaking his shirt. They stayed like that for what felt like an eternity, because time seemed to cease whenever he was around with her. He kissed the crown of her head, breathed in the scent of her hair.

(Y/N) gazed up at him, eyes swimming in tears, and then he kissed her. It was such a gentle, soft action of the lips, a simple movement of craning his neck and catching her lips with his own. He held them there, memorizing the taste, allowing it to melt over his tongue. Even Honeyduke’s finest would taste like ash in his mouth now, because her lips were sweeter than anything he had ever eaten.

They parted, but his eyes remained closed as he tried to memorize this moment in his mind. Then, his lids peeled back and found that she was no longer crying. Her cheeks were blotchy, eyes red, lips swollen, but she still looked beautiful. Everything about her was exquisite. A painting of the stars.

“I wasn’t expecting that,” she sniffled and he smiled.

“Neither was I, to be honest,” Sirius admitted. A small tear still stuck to her cheecks and Sirius wiped it away. Then he remembered why she was crying. “Now, let’s go get our revenge on that pathetic excuse of a man…”

(Y/N) smiled, and Sirius knew he was in trouble.

I Said I Love You

Notes- Kyle takes you out for breakfast early in the morning and shares how he feels with you.

Words- 528 (Kind of short)

Originally posted by ta-ta-tate

Your fingers were intertwined with Kyle’s as you walked down the sidewalk. Kyle had spent the night with you and woke you up early asking if you wanted to go get some breakfast with him. Of course you agreed to go. You were letting him lead you around seeing as you were still half asleep. “So what are you in the mood for today,” Kyle sweetly asked you.

 “I’m fine with anything as long as it’s food.”

“Well, that just knocked out all of my options.” You punched in the arm as both of you laughed at his dumb little joke. You decided to eat at a small cafe with outdoor seating.  You picked a table where you had a perfect view of everything going on around you. A waiter brought menus, two mugs, and a coffee pot to your table and dashed back inside the restaurant. “ Coffee is the best part about going out to eat,” you stated as you poured the dark liquid into your cup. 

“I knew you’d say that.”


“Coffee is on of your favorite things, second to me of course.”

“I’m glad you think so,” you jokingly responded.Kyle placed a hand on his chest, “Ow, I think you just broke my heart and crushed my soul.” You couldn’t help but laugh at Kyle. He was adorable and always wanted to have a good time. He’s very seldom in a bad mood.  The waiter walked back to your table and pulled out his small notebook, “What can I get both of you today?”

“ I want pancakes and bacon,” you said to the waiter.The waiter glanced at Kyle,” Biscuits and gravy, please,” Kyle said.The waiter walked away stopping at another table before going to put your order in. 

“Is there anything you want to do after we eat?”

“There’s nothing I can think of,” you said,”but I’m sure we could find something.”

“We could go stare at a wall together.”

“That we could.”You slid your hand across the table, letting Kyle take it. He began to play with your fingers. You felt your phone vibrate, so with your free hand you pulled it out and looked at the message. It was your mother asking what you were doing today. As you started typing a response, you heard Kyle say something but weren’t pay close enough attention to make out what it was. “What’d you say,” you asked as you sent the text.“ I said I love you.”

“ I love you too.” 

 “Good because if you didn’t that would have been embarrassing,” Kyle flashed his dimples when he finished talking. You hadn’t been dating long, but  you really did love Kyle. He was sweet and funny and always tried to make you happy. You hoped that you made him feel the same way. When your food arrived you both scarfed it down without any hesitation. Kyle paid for your food and you both got up to leave. 

As you began to walk down the street Kyle said with a giggle,”So which wall are we going to go stare at.” You shook your head and kiss him on the cheek.

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Kyle Spencer (requested)

(I wanted to try out the reins of post death Kyle since his character is a bit complex seeing as even when Fiona fixed him he was a little slow, so I hope this is decent)

It had been a rough day you were having, and all you wanted to do when you got home was sleep. Your bones were aching, your skin was dirty, and your head was throbbing from customers yelling at you at work. And it was going pretty well and all, your plans for rest. You even got a full five hours of sleep. And then–


You opened your eyes groggily as you heard the noise on your window, shifting in your cloud like sheets.


Your vision was blurry for a second before you blinked and saw the shape of a man by your window. You would have screamed and fled your room as fast as you can, but you didn’t because of the mop of curls on top of the guy’s head. It was Kyle, your boyfriend of three months. Kyle was a special soul, and you had met him at coffee shop while on break from work. He wasn’t like the men you had dated before, Kyle wasn’t the best at everything, and he was slightly slower than normal, but you had fallen for him all the same. He was guarded at first, but then he softened up, and you would think he was a puppy and you were his owner, the way he got all excited when you met.

Kyle was throwing rocks at your window even though he only stood a few feet away, stopping and placing his hand over his mouth when they thumped harshly against the glass and you could hear muffled giggles. You knew he had gotten the idea from all of the old 80’s movies you had binged three days ago and the thought made you smile sleepily. His sweet gesture did not change the fact that you were still dead tired, though, and that your limbs were like lead weights. You groaned and rolled over so you were facing the window on your stomach, but let your eyes drift shut. Behind the glass Kyle frowned before getting an idea and picking up another stone, but throwing it so hard a small crack appeared in the glass.

Your eyes snapped open and you let out a groan, getting up and dragging yourself to your window. You rubbed at your eyes lazily before shaking your head at him.

“Kyle stop that, you’re going to break my window.” You sighed before putting your fingers under the window and yanking it up so he could crawl in. He did so noisily and clumsily, stumbling and landing on your floor in a heap.

“Sorry, Y/N.” He apologized, a few seconds after pulling himself up. He walked over to you and hugged you before placing his lips on yours with a light playfulness. When he pulled away he grinned. “Go on adventure with me.”

You yawned and wrapped your arms around his soft torso, which was covered in a navy blue sweater, inhaling his intoxicating scent. “Kyle, I had a long day at work, baby. I need a little more sleep. Can we go in the tomorrow?”

Kyle frowned and pulled away, placing his hands on your shoulder and looking down at your disappointed expression. He had been warm and honestly you were so up for cuddling at the moment. “But it’s so nice outside. I want to go right now.”

You sighed, knowing that it was hard to convince Kyle when he wanted something enough. But you just didn’t think that it was a good time, because you also had work in the morning, and sleep was a necessity.

“Kyle, baby we can go tomorrow. I’ll take you to the aquarium, your friend Queenie told me you’ve never been there.”

You thought that it would make him happy, but he seemed to be getting upset, like he really did want to go right then and there, and that was all he wanted.

“NO!” Kyle yelled slightly. You flinched back, but you already knew that Kyle was a bit uncontrollable when he was angry, so you didn’t step down. He seemed to know what he did and spoke softer this time, going forward and wrapping his arms around your shoulders. “Please, Y/N. I want to go on an adventure right now.”

You looked at his puppy dog eyes and pouted lips and sighed, knowing that since the moment he threw rocks at your window that he had won. You couldn’t stand making Kyle sad. “Fine.” You sighed.

Kyle cheered and kissed you sloppily, picking you up and spinning you around.”Yay! Can we go to the woods? I heard there’s an ocean there we can see fishes in.”

You giggled at Kyle’s cuteness and nodded, knowing the stream wasn’t far from the woods, which were conveniently located near your house. “Kyle, baby, it’s a stream.”

“Ocean.” Kyle persisted, before tugging at your pajamas. You were wearing a matching set of Disney pajamas, that you had to admit were kind of embarrassing. “I like them, but I don’t think they’re good for woods.”

You nodded and pulled away. “Yeah, let me just change really quickly and we can go see the sleeping fish in the ocean.”

You started walking to your closet but were quickly stopped by Kyle when he spun you around roughly and kissed you softly, cupping your cheeks in his hands. He pulled away after a few seconds and grinned. “I love you, be back soon.”

You grinned as well and pecked the tip of his nose, causing him to cross his eyes. “I love you, too, Kyle. I won’t be too long, darling.”

Fifteen minutes later, after crawling out of the window of your room together, (because Kyle insisted) you were nearing the stream, hand in hand with Kyle. He had been pausing frequently, making the trip longer than planned, pointing excitedly to sleeping animals and birds.

You were nearing the stream when Kyle suddenly gasped, letting go of your hand and wrapping his arms around you in a protective manner. You followed his gaze and saw a pair of glowing amber eyes staring at you two from a branch. You immediately knew it was an owl when it hooted softly.

“Woah! That’s a big, scary bird!” Kyle said, pointing to the owl. “It’s the only one awake. Don’t worry, Y/N, I’ll protect you from it.”

You giggled but were interrupted by a loud yawn, that caused Kyle to look down at you. “It’s not scary, Kyle. It’s an owl, it won’t hurt you unless it feels threatened. It’s the only one awake because it’s a nocturnal bird.That means when everyone’s awake he sleeps and when everyone is asleep he’s awake.”

(owl: did u just assume my gender)

Kyle looked back at the owl while you stared happily at his face. The faces that Kyle pulled when he heard new information were the cutest things you had ever witnessed; sometimes he would scrunch his nose and furrow his eyebrows, and sometimes he would bite his lip and widen his eyes as wheels turned in his head. You tip toed and kissed the edge of his jaw, giggling before pulling away. “Alright, darling, let’s get to the ocean.”

At the word, Kyle’s eyes lit up and he followed eagerly, waving at the owl as he did.

The stream was glistening in the pale moonlight like liquid diamonds, with slivers of shadows passing and twisting under it’s surface. The scent of moss was heavily perfuming the air, and the water sloshed a lullaby. Your eyes were growing heavy just being in the place. You walked to the small wooden bridge at the end of the trail you had been following even though the water was about knee deep, looking at the long slice of water that cut through the woods. The woods were so beautiful, and you could spend hours there, and it had excited you when Kyle had suggested coming here.

“Isn’t it beautiful, Kyle?” You asked without looking at your boyfriend.

“FISHES!” Was Kyle’s reply followed by a splash.

The noise made you spin around quickly, your sleepiness diminishing into sheer panic. Kyle was sitting in the middle of the stream, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration as he tried to catch the panicked fish in his palm. You sighed but couldn’t help the grin that formed on your face at his expression. You got on your knees on the bridge, placing your hands on the edge to keep yourself from splashing into the water.

“Kyle, baby, what are you doing in the water?” You asked. And then a small joke came to mind, and you giggled. “All of these fish and you only managed to catch me.”

Kyle looked up and grinned at you, before reaching his arms out and wrapping them around your shoulders, and before you could protest, into the water with him. A small squeal left your lips as he planted kisses all over your face, the cool water seeping into your jeans and sweater.

“I got the best fish.” He giggled before kissing you on the lips, wet and open, but still full of love. “I love you, Y/N. Thank you for bringing me even though you were sleepy. My girlfriend fish.”

You laughed loudly and kissed him back. “Oh, what would I do without you, darling? I love you too, Kyle.”



p.s thank you anon for requesting this i loved writing it

also: two requests in one day!! MY BAD CHEM GRADE WILL Be a bummer but i dont regret it 


It took all of five minutes but Kyle was finally able to get the information he needed. He didn’t know what Coach Larson was doing but he knew something was happening. All he had to do was get to some kind of authority and he’d be able to rat him out. However Kyle hadn’t realized there was a mop bucket sitting right behind him.

His small lithe body tripped suddenly sending him to the ground. “Shit… Shit… Shit…” He cursed himself. By the time Kyle was able to even get his bearings, Coach was already standing in front of him.

“See anything interesting?” His voice boomed with authority.

“No… Coach, I didn’t see anything,” Kyle lied. Maybe all he had to do was act innocent and then coach won’t suspect him of anything. Before he could even say more coach started laughing.

“Course not! Scrawny kid like you ain’t never seen nuthin. Here. Let me help you out.” He leaned over giving Kyle his hand.

The thought that he was getting off scott free shot through his head. Maybe Coach didn’t really notice. But Coach isn’t that dumb. He always knows when one other players is lying to him. ‘Other players?’

“Well I gotta get going,” Kyle smiled. “Sorry to bother you.”

“Not a bother at all,” Coach’s laugh was creepy. “Love to see you around here more. Can’t imagine you find a better place than ole Coach’s.”

It didn’t take Kyle long to want to leave. He headed for the locker room door. Something kept telling him to stay though. He rubbed his hand through his thick well-trimmed beard. “What was I doing?” He asked himself. His hands scrapped through his thick hair making it stand up a bit. “I know I was supposed to do something.” His thoughts started slowing down.

Everything seemed to be a little different. And his shirt felt so tight. That’s why he couldn’t think. His shirt was practically strangling him while riding up his waist showing off his sweet Adonis belt. “How’d I even get this thing on?” his laugh was deep and shallow.  “But, I know how to get it off.” He quickly tightened all the muscles in his chest and shoulders. The fabric quickly tore apart. Laughter erupted from his chest. “Stupid shirt.”

Kyle looked at himself in the mirror. “There was something I was supposed to do…” he pondered. “There was something I was supposed to tell about coach. He was doing something…” His thoughts started to get a little more groggy. He couldn’t think straight. All he could do was admire his amazing body. Slowly his hand found its way to his chest. He started rubbing and feeling the tight muscle.

“Damn,” he flexed, “Making some gains today. Gotta tell coach. He’ll want to know. That’s what I’m supposed to do. Tell coach bout my gains. So he stops thinking I’m that scrawny ass fuck that started out a couple of years ago.”

Coach Larson stepped around the corner holding a blue notebook. “That’s right Kyle. Tell me all about your gains.”

Prompts: “I accidentally called you my girlfriend today” + “Your lips are getting really close”

Characters: Peter Hale x Reader

Requested by @mona-stay

I’ve done the first prompt with Stiles as well if you want to read it here

Three Prompt Starters you can Request from:  One - Two - Three

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

“What did you do?” 

Peter looked up at the sound of your angry voice. You came stomping into the loft and stood in front of him for a good minute before you spoke. Your eyes were full of pure venom.

“I have no idea what you could be referencing” he said nonchalantly

“You said something to Kyle what was it?” Kyle was a guy you were interested in. You had gone on a date with him and thought he may have liked you. But when you saw him today he seemed scared of you, when you asked him what was wrong he just said something about Peter as he was practically running away from you.

“Who is Kyle?” he said still trying to act innocent while pretending to read. You grabbed the book out of his hands and threw it across the room causing him to give you a slightly shocked look “I was reading that”

I finally found someone who was interested in me and you scared him away. Tell me what you said so I can fix it.” you hated him. At least you tried to convince yourself of this. You had crushed on Peter for a long time. Even when he was the bad guy, but he never showed any interest in you, so you gave up. But for some reason he was trying to ruin your relationships now.

He sighed as he stood up “I may have accidentally said something that made him no longer interested” 

“What. Did. You. Say?” this was going to be the last time you asked him.

Sighing he cocked his head “I accidentally called you my girlfriend today” he said as though it was an easy mistake to make.

“You accid- how do you accidentally call someone your girlfriend in front of there possible future boyfriend?!”

“I may have ran into Kyle today and wanted to warn him to be nice to you since you were my friend. That so happened to be a girl. I must have gotten tongue tied. I apologize” he said walking over to the other side of the room and picking up his book. He turned to see if you believed him, but only found you looking even angrier.

There was no way in hell he got tongue tied “Bullshit. You did it on purpose,and he was scared so I know you didn’t just talk to him. Just tell me why your trying to ruin my relationship”

He scoffed “I would hardly call it a relationship, you only went on one date”

You glared at him taking a few steps closer “It doesn’t matter! You have no reason to get yourself involved in my life. And you have no reason to scare people away just because you can. You have never showed any interest in my life before why-why…your lips are getting really close

In the process of you trying to yell at him he walked closer to you until he was standing directly in front of you. He smirked at your anger as he slowly leaned in. “You’ve always surprised me y/n. You’re the only one brave enough to challenge me” he smirked at your frozen frame as he glanced at our lips “You’re smarter than half of the people in this town, yet you never realized how I feel about you. I suppose I have to be more obvious then” he finished his sentence by pulling you forward and kissing your roughly.

You thought about pulling away but you stopped yourself, instead you leaned into the kiss. After a moment he pulled away. You looked into his eyes “I still hate you” you tried to sound convincing.

He just smiled at you “Whatever you say sweetheart” he pulled you in again kissing you more gently this time. He may have gone around it the wrong way, but at least his plan for getting you to learn about his feelings worked.

After finding Kyle in his mum’s bathroom rocking back and forth after killing her, he had been even more withdrawn. His violent outbursts were getting more frequent and to be honest, it scared you. You didn’t know what to do sometimes, so you just had to make sure he didn’t hurt himself too badly, not that it mattered with him being technically dead, but you hated seeing him banging his head against the wall, or hitting it with his fists. Showing him love and kindness must have been working though, as a few weeks later the violence became more sparse.
“Kyle, I’m going to go get some food. I’ll be back soon okay?” You say to him as he sits in the corner of your room on the floor. He looks up expectantly at you, like a puppy, and you can’t help but smile when you look at his face. He nods, then when you go towards the door, he follows you.
“No, you stay here Kyle. I’ll be back real soon.”
He tilts his head, not quite understanding, then smiles and opens the door.
“Kyle, where are you going to stay when I go outside?” You ask. He points to your bed and you grin at him and nod. You go out of the door, then he shuts it and you rush outside to be as quick as you can, not wanting to leave him on his own for too long, as he gets agitated.
As you’re walking around the aisles in the local shop, picking up food and bits for Kyle, you feel someone hovering near you. When you move, they move, and a part of you feels scared to see who it is, but you take a deep breath and turn to look at who is following you.
“Kyle!” You exclaim as he stands there, smiling widely at you, “what are you doing?”
“I… I… You!” He stutters.
“You wanted to come with me? Oh, Kyle, okay then, is there anything you want?” You ask, gesturing to the shelves. He looks at everything as if he’s a baby seeing the world for the first time, it’s all so magical and new. He looks at some cards that are stacked on the opposite side of the aisle and picks one up.
“You!” He says excitedly, pointing to a heart on the card.
“Aww, Kyle! You’re so sweet,” you smile, picking some other things up. He puts the card back, then follows you around the shop until you’re done, and helps you bring everything home. When you get inside, he looks at you confused as you put everything away.
“What’s wrong?” You ask.
“I… I…” he starts, then bangs the table with his fist annoyed.
“Hey, it’s okay, take your time,” you soothe, placing your hand on his gently. He looks up at you and smiles, then clumsily lifts his other arm up to put his hand on yours. He slaps it down accidentally, not having much control over his limbs, and you wince a little, then he scrunches his face up to start crying.
“No! No, no, you didn’t hurt me. I’m okay,” you smile, reassuring him, and stopping him from crying just in time. He looks at your hands and concentrates really hard on curling his fingers around your hand.
“Argh!” He shouts, not being able to do it fast enough for his liking. You chuckle lightly and he calms at the sound of your laugh. Eventually all of his fingers have gripped onto your hand and you hold his back.
“You did it!” You beam at him. He smiles and laughs, happy that he’s achieved something.
“Do you want to practise some words?”
Kyle looks at you excitedly and nods, making little grunts as he does. You go upstairs and you dig out the cards you’d made for him with simple words on. He’d learnt a few, but it was difficult for him to put them into sentences, so you laid them out on the floor for him to make the sentences up so you could see what he was trying to say. He sits cross legged on the floor as you lay out the cards in front of him, then he grabs at cards. The first one is ‘I’ then ‘you’, and he desperately searches for the other one he wants. He grunts as he can’t find the one he wants, and hovers over ‘want’.
“I want you?” You ask. Kyle shakes his head and frowns. Then he goes to ‘need’, but shakes his head again and starts to get frustrated.
“NO!” He shouts.
“Shh, Kyle, it’s alright. Take your time,” you say softly. He looks at you and has a sad face, so desperately wanting to tell you something, but not being able to.
“Can I show you a sentence?” You ask with a smile. He nods fervently and you get the cards in a line to say ‘you are special’. He looks at the words, mouthing them as he tries to make sense of it, then looks at you with a wide smile and throws his arms around your neck to hug you.
“I… I loo.. ve… you!” He stutters, face buried in your hair.
“Kyle! You said it!” You say happily, squeezing him tight, “I love you too!”
He pulls back, the biggest grin on his face you’d ever seen, finally happy that he said what he wanted to say.
“I… love… you,” he says, quicker this time. You clap and laugh proudly as he says it over and over again, each time getting quicker.
“Well done Kyle,” you congratulate when he stops saying it and sits there with a proud smile on his face.
“Now, I’m going to bed, you can have the light on to do more words if you want,” you explain. He looks at you blankly, processing what you just said, then shakes his head with a smile and goes into his corner, where he stays every night. You know he can’t sleep, but you don’t like him sitting up all night, so always make him lay down with a pillow and a blanket covering him. At least that way he looks comfortable. Once he’s settled, you place a soft kiss on his head then climb into bed, leaving a dim light on for him, as he doesn’t like the dark.
“Night night Kyle,” you whisper.
“Night… night,” he replies, looking up at you with a soft smile.

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I'd love to hear your height headcanons for the main 4 + craig's gang

Oh BTW I have changed 1 I already posted and I might end up changing stuff again in the future. I’m indecisive.


  • Tall but not like freakishly tall. Around 6'0″.


  • “Dude wtf how are you so tall, like. What.” Around 6'4″.


  • Shortest of the main 4. Thinks he’s short, but he really isn’t. Around 5'9″.


  • Not too much taller than Kyle, but always teases him about it. Around 5'11″.


  • Gets teased by tall people about being short, but is personally very content with his height. Around 5'5″.


  • Is mad that Kenny is taller than him. He’s still crazy tall though. Around 6'2″.


  • Frustrated with how, though he is quite tall, he still appears chubby despite not weighing excessively much. Happy with his height, but not with his overall build. Around 5′10″.


  • Not tall, not short, Around 5′6″.


  • Though he’s not remarkably tall, Cartman still states that ‘there’s something about him that screams basketball player.’ Around 6′0″.


  • Being on crutches makes him seem shorter than he really is, mostly due to posture. Around 5'11″, stands around 5'8″.

Why do I want them all to be so tall? Why…

Get Away

Notes- You get a frantic call from your boyfriend Kyle, which leads you both to come to the conclusion that leaving is what’s best to do. 

Words- 603

The floor creaked as you paced back and forth as the time inched by. Your boyfriend, Kyle Spencer, had frantically called you to ask if he could come over and talk to you about something. That alone made you nervous. He’s not one to get scared easily and everything about that conversation led you to believe he was. You were brought out of your thought when you heard the sound of a car door being slammed shut. You peaked out your door and watched Kyle walk up your sidewalk. “Hey,” he greeted as he stepped inside of the house. As you shut your door you asked,” What’s wrong?”

“Pants on dogs. Dogs should never be obligated to wear pants.”

“Ky, the real answer.”

“Can we at least go sit down somewhere,” he asked looking down at the ground.

“Yeah,” you took his hand and led him into your living room. You sat down together on your couch and watched Kyle take in several deep breaths. “There’s something I want to tell you, but I think you’ll want to leave me after you hear it.”

“Tell me it,” you said as you clenched your fists.

“There’s more of a reason for why I don’t want to go home than me just not liking it. My mom she… she abuses me. I’m like her little toy or something.”

“Does she hit you?”

“And other stuff,” Kyle bit his lip,”She always wants sexual stuff from me.”

“That’s awful,” you could feel your heart drop in your chest.

“I never like do anything back, but it’s easier just to let her do it because when I try to get her to stop it only makes it worse.” Tears began to form in the corner of Kyle’s eyes and slipped down his cheeks. You wrapped your arms around him and pulled him close to you. His arms slipped around your waist with his head buried into the crook of your neck. Your head rested on his as you rubbed circles onto his back, letting a few tears escape from your own eyes. Kyle raised his head up to look at you, but left his arms around you. You felt a soft kiss press against your forehead before you heard Kyle finally speak again,”I’m sorry.”

“Kyle, none of this is your fault.”

“But I dragged you into this as soon as I asked you to date me. You deserve more than someone who has my problems.”

“I love you, every part of you. Your past and things like that are just what made you, you.”

“I love you too, Y/N” You laid back on the couch and beckoned for Kyle to lay down with you. His head came to rest on your chest and his body soothed yours with warmth. Both of you stayed like that for a while without even moving, just enjoying being next to each and knowing that you both were safe in that moment. “You know,” you started,” We could always just leave here.”

“Are you serious?”

“We only have a couple more weeks left of college and we could leave.”

“I could just sign up for college wherever we go until I get my engineering degree.”

“We wouldn’t even have to tell anyone where we’re going to,” you said.

“How would we do it?”

“We could wait until late one night and shove as much stuff into your car as we can and just go.”

“You better decide where you want to go then,” Kyle said to you. He pushed himself up onto his elbows and began to passionately kiss you.

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Some Friend

Prompt: Kyle O’Reilly is the reader’s best friend, and the guy she’d always had a crush on, after breaking up with her long time boyfriend and friend of Kyle’s, Adam Cole, they finally start to admit their feelings, but how will Adam react to it?

A/N: Random idea I had, and first Kyle imagine ever. Enjoy?

Word Count: 2,329

Tags: @originalbish98 @thegenericluchadora @theprestigious0ne @dorkyvillain @reigns420 @sheaxdevitt @laziestgirlintheworld @i-ship-it-okay @breakfastwiththesun @wrestlingismyguiltypleasure (Am I forgetting anyone..?)

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CRAIG: …Clyde, why are there people asking about last week still?

TWEEK: How do they know what happened?!

CLYDE: Ah yes, that.

CLYDE: Well you see,

CLYDE: They kept asking and I didn’t have anything else to answer, and you know I am very dedicated to this blog, and…

CLYDE: And at the time, that time being last night after you got my ass grounded, I thought it might be a good revenge plan against you and Tweek.

CLYDE: But it wasn’t! I didn’t do it to make you guys mad. I just thought maybe

CLYDE: Like…

CLYDE: Maybe it might be a cool story to tell people?


CLYDE: Don’t get mad.

CRAIG: Dude, I told you like a billion times not to tell people about that! You don’t even know what was going on, you probably made half of it up!

CLYDE: No, no no don’t worry! I only told what happened up to a point!

CRAIG: The fact that you said anything at all is already bad, dude!

CLYDE: Why are you so mad about it? I never even understood why! You just got so mad over the subject, when it was really all just super funny!

CRAIG: That’s why!

CRAIG: I don’t need to be the laughing stock of the entire school, okay? Neither does Tweek!

CLYDE: No, it’s okay!

CRAIG: How is it okay?

CLYDE: I didn’t even mention that whole butt sex speech or anything! I promise! I knew that was the part you were mad about the most.

ERIC: Hey guys, I couldn’t help but notice you were screaming about butt sex and about what happened last week. 

ERIC: I can’t believe you’re still angry about that, Craig.

CRAIG: I’m angry because you’re a douchebag!

ERIC: Whoa, relax man! It’s over and done with. You really need to learn to control your anger, it’s becoming a real problem nowadays.

CRAIG: You’re one to talk, you bipolar drum of lard.


ERIC: You see? I let that one pass right by me. None of your words can hurt me because I’m just a really chill guy.

WENDY: Eric.

ERIC: What.

WENDY: Please, move your ass out of my seat. You’re crushing my notebooks.

ERIC: This is a free country Wendy! Last time I checked I can sit wherever I want!

WENDY: Yes, but I don’t want to be in the middle of whatever… this is.

ERIC: Ugh, fine.

ERIC: Tweek move over.

TWEEK: Oh god.

ERIC: Wow Tweek you’re such a fat pig, I can barely fit into this seat with you here.

ERIC: …There we are.

ERIC: Okay, so anyways, aside from Clyde screaming about butt sex, I’ve also been hearing you guys mumble about a blog?

ERIC: As you may know, I’m super well known and stuff on the internet, so I’m surprised I haven’t heard of your guys’ blog.

ERIC: Or, is it just not popular enough?

ERIC: Because, you see, small little internet factions tend to go unnoticed by people of my stature.

CLYDE: Oh, do you want the blog name or something–

CRAIG: Clyde.

CLYDE: What.

CRAIG: With the stuff you’ve been putting up, I don’t think it’s a very good idea to share that with him. With anybody we know.

CLYDE: But Eric said he’s popular on the internet, maybe he can–

CRAIG: No. He’s not. He’s lying.

ERIC: Huh. Quick to jump to such insane accusations today, aren’t we Craig?

ERIC: And Clyde, what makes you think I’d just grant you the power of my internet fame all willy nilly like that? Fame comes with a price, my dear friend. And that price is no less than one hundred dollars.

ERIC: That’s just my starting price.

CRAIG: We don’t care that you have three whole followers on twitter, Cartman.

ERIC: Oh yeah? And just how many followers do YOU have?

CLYDE: I think the only people who follow Craig on twitter are all of us.

ERIC: I meant your blog, dumbass.

CLYDE: Oh, uh…

CLYDE: I don’t know?

ERIC: Hahaha, wow, how long have you had this blog? You don’t even know how to check your follower count! What a dumbass, right Tweek?

TWEEK: N…no?

CLYDE: I made it yesterday afternoon.

ERIC: Jesus Christ, Clyde. 

ERIC: And just what kind of stuff are you putting on the blog?

CLYDE: Mostly stuff about… well.

CLYDE: You probably don’t want to know.

CLYDE: But I made a post about tacos earlier, and that was pretty great.

ERIC: Why wouldn’t I want to know?

CRAIG: It’s none of your business.

ERIC: Are you guys hiding something from me?

TWEEK: So what if we are! You’re hiding stuff from us!

ERIC: Hey hey hey! I thought we were done talking about last week!

ERIC: You guys think it’s funny to talk shit about me on your blog and then not even show me the blog? How would you like it if I–

KYLE: What are you doing, Cartman! You’re supposed to be making sure nobody’s following us!

ERIC: I am, Kyle, lay off.

KYLE: No, you’re sitting here talking doing jack shit while Stan’s trying to make sure those guys back there stop chasing us!

ERIC: Kyle, you have to get those hairs up your ass taken care of. They’re making you super irritable.

ERIC: And besides, they haven’t been chasing us for like, fifteen minutes now.

ERIC: I kept an eye out for like thirty minutes and then their car hit a pothole in the road and they ran straight into a tree. It was fucking hilarious. Didn’t you hear me laughing earlier?

KYLE: No, I’ve been busy helping Stan and Kenny!

ERIC: With what? They have this handled. You’re the one doing nothing here. We’ve been driving into the middle of nowhere for like forty five minutes and all you’ve done is look out the front window.

KYLE: Why didn’t you tell us that they stopped chasing us!

ERIC: I wanted time to pass to make sure they weren’t gonna follow us on foot, stupid!

ERIC: Did you expect me to tell you right when they crashed so we could stop a hundred feet away from them?

ERIC: Do you want everybody in this bus to be brutally murdered or something? What is wrong with you.

KYLE: Nothing, I just–

ERIC: No, no, you don’t need to say it.

ERIC: As soon as we get back to town, we’ll have a doctor remove those hairs from up your ass. They’re clearly causing some sort of mind rage or something.

ERIC: Until then, just try to keep your anger under control, okay?


ERIC: Ahah! But you didn’t deny that you do have hairs up your ass! I know deep down you want us to help you, Kyle! Don’t let the hairs take control of your body! You have to fight!


KYLE: We’re stopping the bus! Come on!

ERIC: Ugh, fine.

CLYDE: Do you understand anything that’s going on right now?

TWEEK: I understand that Eric’s ass smells like dusty cheetos.

CRAIG: Yeah you gotta stay away from that.

CLYDE: Does this mean that we can finally get off the bus?

CRAIG: Hopefully.

CLYDE: Finally.

CRAIG: Oh yeah, also I’m not letting you go about sharing that shit on the blog.

CRAIG: As soon as I get the chance, I’m gonna whoop your ass. I hope you know this.

CLYDE: I know what I signed up for. But the people wanted answers. I finally delivered them.

CRAIG: [sigh]

CRAIG: If you weren’t my best friend I’d hate you so much right now.

CLYDE: I understand.