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Dagna has always been one of my favorite characters because she reminds me of myself. I’m a science major who gets so into talking about stuff and gets so excited. I always feel like I have to apologize for getting excited and going on tangents, but the love for Dagna this fandom has makes me feel like people might enjoy my tangents too. It just means so much to me when someone loves something so much that they get through all opposition and hardship to do what they want to.

Heat Part Three (Officer JDM x Reader)


Heat Part Three

Summary: Problems arise in the relationship. Jeff isn’t happy that you’re in danger being a cop. A new flirty Officer comes into the picture making Jeff angry.

Note: This part isn’t nearly as smutty as the first two. I wanted to add more storyline and cop drama. But I promise you this, part four is going to be INSANELY SMUTTY. 

Word Count: 2,235

Warnings: Language & Smut

Huge thank you to @i-am-negan-trash for being my beta reader and encouraging me to post this when I was really doubting myself.

It had been a few months and you and Officer Morgan were dating now. No one in the precinct knew what was going on. You liked it that way. You could imagine the amount of jokes and innuendos you’d have to endure on a daily basis if the other officers knew of the relationship. Jeff felt differently; he wanted to tell everyone. He wanted to remind everyone that you were his girl now. Especially when the guys would try to set him up on dates, and the same went for you. He didn’t like when you’d all go to the local bar with the entire precinct and they would make it their mission to try to get him laid. He wanted so badly to be honest. And there was another problem. Jeff didn’t like you being in danger. This annoyed you because you had to constantly remind him that the job came first and you’d never stop being a cop. It was something he had to get over. He couldn’t stop you from doing your job.

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the foxes as shit i’ve pulled in first year university

a follow up to my the foxes as shit i pulled in high school

Neil Josten: Accidentally cut my hand open on a filing cabinet in the special collections and archives and bled on a collection worth $650,000 (i was actively more worried about the collection, while everyone else was worried about my bleeding hand)

Andrew Minyard: professor told the class that if we didn’t want to be there we could leave. so i fuckin left.

Kevin Day: did shots with my friends on my birthday and then went to a classics seminar on rome and bullshitted my way through it while almost completely drunk (and having not done the readings)

bonus Kevin Day: majored in history

Nicky Hemmick: Accidentally outed myself in a seminar because i couldn’t resist making a gay joke

Aaron Minyard: Skipped every single hall meeting for residence, saw my don everyday and told him i’d be at the next one.  i never was.

Matt Boyd: accidentally said “booty call” in a seminar while making a completely legitimate academic point

Seth Gordon: during a role-playing problem solving thing i just said “oh no i died” and wouldn’t participate for the rest of the activity

Allison Reynolds: used my women and gender studies seminar as an outlet to bitch about the patriarchy

Renee Walker: told my roommate that i loved her and she was like a beautiful hobbit while completely hammered (this was the second week)

Dan Wilds: begrudgingly took on a leadership role in a class because if i hadn’t nothing would have fucking gotten done

Wymack: leave my ringer on on nights i know my friends are drinking and tell them to call me if anything goes wrong - i pretend to be annoyed if they do but secretly im relieved that they’re not in danger

Jean Moreau: made jokes about wanting to die and got talked to by the TA because they were concerned

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I don't want to bother you guys, but do you know if there are any versions of 1.06 and 1.08 that have the subtitles synced all the way through? In every version of these two episodes that I can find, the subtitles are out of sync with the video, in 1.06 from the Halloween party on and in 1.08 in the last scene. My sister wants to watch the show and I want a good version to show her. I don't have the software to make subtitles myself. :(( If not it's okay, we'll just grit through those scenes.

We’re in the same boat as you anon! The subtitle files for those two episodes are out of sync and as of now, no one has corrected them. Sorry about that! However, the hard subbed copies on this Google Drive are in sync. :)

EDIT: Actually you’re in luck! This site has the Subtitle files in sync!

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hi, i send you 147 and i love your cheesy cheeky Klaus 😂 Can i send you 97 as well?

97:  “I don’t need a hero, I need a husband.”

Awww thank you ^^ I’m happy you liked it! And I apologize right now by this drabble..it sucks and makes no sense, maybe? Sorry lol On FF

Also, If you want one!

Puppet Master

“Klaus, you need to get your head off your ass for once in your life!! I can handle myself, I can fight my own battles, all I need is some support. I don’t need a hero, I need a husband!” Caroline screamed, trying to make him understand how she was feeling.

“Caroline, love, I was just trying to help y-”

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My Life (Uncensored) 

For a couple of weeks maybe months, I’ve been struggling with some things. One of them being finding a job in my field. With so much going on in my life, I have to say it’s been tough, I honestly didn’t see myself making a post like this, but I guess I’m feeling a little comfortable in opeinig more about myself and letting you guys see more about me on what’s going on..?. I’m praying to God that he’ll open up a door for me. He knows what I want in life and I know he’ll never leave me alone. Yes, I get scared and think to myself that I’m completely alone, but in times like this is where I need to be closer to him and leave it all into his hands. These pictures are meant to be posted yesterday but since I got quite late from this interview that I had and I had things to do, I forgot. Hoping that this will be the start of a new chapter in my life, by the grace of God. I hope everyone is having  good week so far. Thank God for my spring brake that starts tomorrow.. I need to rest  😪

P.S. Excuse my face.. I was exhausted… I wasn’t sure If I was going to post these pictures.. 

I! am trying to accomplish a task, but it involves decisions that I don’t really know how to make!

My task is to sort through the stuff at my mom’s house and decide which of it I want to bring back with me to SLO and which of it I don’t really care about anymore. This is because…

your local goddess got into a PhD program!!!

Like, for-realsies. got a TA-ship at one place, which means I have the financial ability to go to graduate school!! implying that I’m moving across the country for the next 5-7 years (in a house where I might be able to support myself off of my TA-ship??), which in turn means that I will not be living at my mom’s house like, practically at all anymore. Max is gonna get our room eventually, so I feel like this week is the right time to really move out. Take everything I do want to keep, and either stow or donate the things I don’t care about anymore. I should get some of those plastic container things from costco to stow things in…

Anyway, the real problem is that I’m trying to clear out everything from my designated bookshelf, and we have two boxes of fabric that I don’t know what to do with. I don’t want to abandon them, but I also don’t see myself having a lot of time to sew over the next billion years.

Like, I guess it’s not stressing me out that much, except that it’s probably the last thing I’m gonna have to do to move out!!!!

Might as well be truthful. 

It takes like 50 takes just to take an okay photo to post on here. Most of them look t-e-r-r–i-b-l-e.  Munt face and all.  

And even then, you do it in a way in poses that make you feel like an absolute idiot too.  And then you publish it somewhere and you get this kind of crippling anxiety over, “What if no one likes this”. 

What the hell is the point anyway?  So someone can stroke my ego?  Why do we do this?  Why is there always someone way more perfect with way better photos who look more natural?  What’s the point in all this anyway?  

I want to try and live with as much grace and levity as possible, but I’ve kind of ruined that showing parts of myself and taking photos in the best way possible that makes me feel way too disconnected from reality. 

Also fuck those Instagram guys.  They’re so fucking annoying.

Making patches

I see a lot of people asking others how to make patches, and I see that most of the replies are usually to just use some acrylics and paint your own. This is a totally awesome method, and one that I have used myself, but I rarely see anyone talking about screenprinting as an option. I imagine that part of this is partly due to the material requirements making it seem cost prohibitive, and that it seems like a whole new art form to learn with a bunch of weird chemicals and processes. Because of this I’d just like to take a moment to let folk why screenprinting is both rad as fuck, super easy (if time consuming), and maybe a better fit for what you want.

I started making tshirts and patches in high school by drawing on rags with sharpie, but never really liked how that looked in the end, I was still broke as fuck though and wanted a cheaper alternative than buying from a shop. I also had moral issues with buying band merch not directly from the band, but that’s a different rant/conversation. Anyway, onward after the break!

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theowlisthelimit  asked:

Hi! Are you books translated into German? And if they are, do you have any idea what the title of at least the first one is? I would look myself, but it is living hell to search for translated books without knowing the titles, since you just keep getting the English version back again and again and again.

I really wish they were in German editions! But we don’t have a publisher there as yet.

One of the projects for late this year / early next is to look into the cost of having translations done. I’m not above self-publishing these; I just want to make sure the translation’s good. I have some German publishing sources who can help me with sourcing the right people. It’s just a matter of getting together the necessary cash.

Thanks for asking, though!


Good morning to my beautiful UK fitfam, good evening/night to the rest of you! Just a quick update on my progress! I weighed in this morning at 11 stone 2lbs, or 156lbs, which was a total shock loss to me as my weight loss hit a really weird plateau this week as I had my second period this month 😫 all my girls out there know how crappy hormones are and how much they can really mess things up!

I’ve taken myself off my meds, drastic and probably a stupid idea, but I just don’t want to be on them anymore. So we’ll see how that one goes.

I hit 1000 followers on here last night, having so many of you lovely people around to support me makes a world of difference. Surround yourself with positive energy and wonderful people!!

Busy day today, 3 hour lecture, followed by 4 hours at work, followed by a trip to the gym! Feel free to send me a message and update me with how your day is going you wonderful people x

i frequently convince myself that my warped perception of others made me believe that people from my past were shitty assholes and then i suddenly and vividly remember in the middle of a shower about how one of them did something like steal from a highschooler on welfare and after being confronted about it + having ample opportunity to actually pay them back in any way they just decided to make wangsty posts about it instead. sometimes i’m glad that i never forgive or forget because i wouldn’t want to ever let solid proof of someone being a demonstrable jerk slip my mind

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Forgot to ask but how are going to find his main blog? Imagine what's on there ... gosh

I’m not going to find his main blog, lol. If he even has one/has one with content. If it makes itself known, cool, I’ll take a spin-through, but if it isn’t out there in the ether, I won’t poke for it, cause it’s either something he isn’t using or he doesn’t want known or something. 

Plus I need to save myself somehow, haha.