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Why don't you understand love?

There’s this quote from an unknown author which really hit me, it said “I gave you all the love I could have used to love myself.” It strengthened my feelings as regards loving one’s self first before really loving anyone else. To understand love, one should know what it is and what it isn’t. To understand love is to know how it should make you feel: secure, content and happy – and what you shouldn’t feel: jealous, paranoid and scared. To love another is to know that to love another is to love yourself because you’d want to be able to love him the way you love yourself; captivating and liberating.

*P.S: Love is hard to understand.

i’m not even sorry for my one direction spam today because even though they aren’t together anymore they once meant everything to me. there were days where i couldn’t bring myself to go to school, to get out of bed, and their music and goofy videos motivated me. they helped me make friends with other people who loved them, because i was always too afraid to talk to others. they kept me smiling when i couldn’t do it for myself, they kept me wanting to see another day just hoping that one day i could see them, their concert was the happiest few hours of my life and there was nothing but positivity, i’ve made so many amazing friends from all over the world because of them. ive stayed up all hours of the night, clicked refresh over and over again on music videos, watched a livestream that lasted a day, dealt with loosing a member, and i’m still here even if they aren’t. they helped shape me into who i am, as ridiculous as it sounds. they’ve created my best memories. thanks for seven years boys. one band, one dream, one direction.

Why the sg cast fiasco makes me upset:

I’m gay, anyone who follows my blog can notice in 0.3 seconds but I’m not out in real life. All my life I’ve had to keep quiet when someone makes a homophobic joke, when my family makes homophobic comments, when my whole class debates if I should have rights or not. When I point out I want a character to be lgbt+ I get laughed at. When the orlando shooting happened my classmates laughed and joked about doing the same, meanwhile, I had to suck it up and cry quietly in my place. Through all this my only get away has been books, shows and movies, more specifically shows like supergirl. I have no one to talk to about it so seeing myself in this shows really helps. I looked up to this people, but they just alienated half the fandom and made me feel like my feelings aren’t valid, like wanting and wlw relationship is the farthest thing from realistic and they just brushed it off like a joke. This “harmless jokes” are something I have to endure every day and they hurt as much as a straight up homophobic comment.
That being said, I don’t want people sending them hate or death threats, I wish them well, I just want them to understand what they did wrong and for them to apologize.

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So I'm going to the doctor soon to see about anti depression/anxiety meds and I'm not sure how I feel ab it I was recommended them from my therapist at my recovery center but I just don't know the side effects or if it can do something bad to me, it's stressing me out, my mom thinks that they could be beneficial and my dad doesn't want me on them idk what to do, or what there going to asks me ab at the doctors

At the end of the day- it’s your choice.

For me, I never wanted to take medication… my psychiatrist would bring it up at each session but never push it. He let me make the decision for myself. One day I decided to let him write up a script for the anxiety medication since it was an as needed medication. I figured it would be there if I needed it but I didn’t have to take it. After a few more weeks, I let him write the script for mood stabilizers and it took me a few days before even getting that filled and I still didn’t even start taking them until I saw him again and asked a few  more questions about them.

There are a lot of options for medication, anyone prescribing medication for you is only doing do because the benefits outweigh the possible side effects. Ask all the questions you need. Do your own research on the medications they’re suggesting and ask more questions. Make your own decision. If you decide to give medication a shot, it’s not the end of the world if you end up hating it. You tell whoever prescribed them what you’re not liking about them. They can change the dose, they can give you a different medication, they can help you come off of them safely. 

I personally think medication can be SO beneficial, esp. during recovery while you’re still learning healthy ways of coping. Again, in the end, it’s all up to you. If nothing else has been working, why not try something new like medication? Maybe it’s just what you need to give you that little extra to get through some days.

Some Changes

Since I’m reopening slots here in a few days, I wanted people to be aware of one big change: payment is now up front for all commissions. I find myself stressing and overworking near the end of the month to make sure things are done on time and that’s mainly due to the fact so much time is used for sketching + communicating + waiting for approval/payment.

So my normal way of confirming slots will still be the same: you’ll get an email and I’ll confirm a few things but I will be sending an invoice right away so please be aware!

I can understand this is a big change from my usual way of sending a sketch for approval BEFORE payment but this will make things a lot smoother for me in the long run, so I thank you all for understanding. :) 

I also made some minor changes to my commission form to hopefully make it a bit more streamlined and easier to understand. I know I say it a lot but thank you for sticking with me and supporting me and helping me figure this out you all are the best T_T

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My sister has a CW-verse Captain Cold pop figure that I keep threatening to steal, since he's pretty much my favorite of the few characters I like with DCTV. Recently I was in her room and on my way out I pretended to make a play for the figure. She asked me if I wanted one so much, why didn't I just buy one for myself? My answer to her was, "As in sure he'd agree, things are so much better when they're stolen," followed by me turning off the light and dramatically closing the door behind me

You just made me think of the (coldflash) fic “Tastes Better When It’s Stolen” :)

Honestly though I’m thinking you should sneak the pop figure out of her room and have it go on some adventures. Take a picture of it in the freezer (the snyptid’s natural habitat) and one of it stealing like… freaking cookies like oreos or something. If you have a pet, have it facing off against the pet. If you have snapchat, put little captions over the photos like “Snart vs. the giant meta-puppy” or whatever. A whole series. And one with you of course, maybe to start if off like “I stole him so now he’s teaching me his ways of thievery”. Hell, each photo could be a lesson in stealing.

Gosh now I actually want someone to do this and to see the final product. 

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YOU WATCHED THE PERCY JACKSON MOVIE?!?!?!?!!?!?!???!?! I was scrolling through a tag and I saw your comic from right after you finished the first book and the tags mentioned that you watched the movie and I pity you. That movie sucked, it was horrible and completely inaccurate and to make sure you don't get attacked by the fandom, one of the forbidden things is mentioning the movies. (Maybe to hate on them occasionally) that art is also really good, you're a good artist.

I DID! i watched it with a friend after i finished the 1st book and B O I.

i knew it was bad beforehand, but getting to actually watch it… i wanted OUT the first 20 minutes but i told myself i was going to watch it so sat through the 2 hours long fuckin hellhole movie

…..and i mean besides from getting everything wrong (like i was surprised EVERY single thing was wrong) i was Shocked they didnt include clarisse?? why would they just? take her ? out? i mean ares, okay, he’s a piece of shit he’s Cancelled. BUT CLARISSE.

writer 1: hahhh you know what dude fuk clarisse but her attitude is kinda what we need right? annabeth will be annabeth AND clarisse 
writer 2: duuude thats fuckin tight. fans are gonna love it like no one likes clarisse anyway right

no writer 2, fans are not going to love it. and i love clarisse with my entire fuckin heart how could you do this 2 me

AND THANK YOU!! right now im halfway through the last book. i really loved these books a lot omg

edit: @ the reply i got about chiron: FUCK YEAH like i was like: poseidon talked to percy like how many? 5 times in the entirety of 5 books and the movie wants to make it seem like poseidon is #1 Dad. fuck you… you even have the audacity to do a second one

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Have you read any Cu fics you liked a lot/would rec to people? (Bless this blog btw)

I very rarely read fic especially about my favs bc I have canon too far up my ass so if I see one obscure detail that’s wrong I immediately get the urge to close the tab. this is why i gotta git gud at writing myself so i dont have to rely on others to make the content I want to see lmao

anyway, coffeefic by olox @derpcakes is very very good, it’s not cu-centric but he’s there a lot and I’d rec it just in general. it’s a 5 arc 70-ish chapter emotional rollercoaster that started as a diarturia coffeeshop au but spun wildly out of control to involve pretty much the entire fsn and fz cast. it’s got some incredible character development and is very clever in how it references canon events in a magic-less context. there’s also spinoffs and side stories and the like AND even more stuff coming up including a cu-centric arc (that i read the draft of and can confirm is very good) because olox derpcakes is the new kinoko nasu or something

it’s not posted online but if you shoot olox a message she’ll gladly mail it to you

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i always end up feeling left out

i do once in a while, too! but i just constantly remind myself that one day i will find my kind of people. those people who will walk not behind or before, but beside me. those people who will ask for my order in the cafeteria because they want to know my opinion on things. those people who will check on me once in a while and make me feel that i really matter. it’s probably a funny way to cope with the loneliness but it works, somehow! one day we will meet our people and we will be genuinely happy 💖

Fated: Part Two

Part One

This is based on This Imagine that I came up with myself. A few people wanted a story from it sooo here it is :)

Gender: Any

Words: 2,190

Triggers: None

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This does not take place at any specific point in the series - just sometime while they live in the bunker.

When you woke up the next morning you almost forgot about what happened. Almost. Getting ready in the morning you stared at the name on your arm ‘I really need to get rid of this’ you thought to yourself. After getting dressed, making sure your sleeves were rolled down you went into the kitchen to get some coffee. Seeing Sam sitting at the table you gave him a simple “Morning” as he nodded his head at you in acknowledgment.

As you made your coffee your mind was buzzing. ‘The removal spell has to be in the same book, they can’t just give a spell and no way to reverse it’. When should you go look? Sam and Dean are both here, so you can’t do it now without them asking about it. Though you could just play it off as boredom. You were too busy trying to find a way out of your predicament you didn’t even hear Dean come in. Jumping when someone taps your shoulder you turn quickly.

“Jeez, what the hell are you thinking about in there? I’ve been saying your name for like a minute” Dean said slightly worried.

Trying to play it off you just laugh “Sorry, I guess I’m not entirely awake yet” you walked past him sitting across from Sam. 

Dean gave Sam a questioning gaze. Sam only responded with a raise of his shoulders. They both knew something was up with you since last night.

“You sure your okay?” Sam asked kindly.

Looking at him you smile “Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks Sam” he smiled at you in response giving Dean another quick glance. Dean just stared at the back of your head. He wasn’t buying it. 

After you drank your coffee you wandered into the book storage. You grabbed the same book and turned to the page for the soulmate spell. You read it over multiple times and read through the next few pages. No reversal spell. You decided to take it to your room to look through entirely, it had to be in there somewhere. Glancing out to see if Sam and Dean were still out there, Dean was gone and Sam was distracted you quickly went into your room and started to look through it. 

After you got about halfway through the book there was suddenly a knock on your door. You quickly shoved the book under your pillow as Sam opened the door “I think we got a case”.

“Okay, I’ll be out in a second” he nodded his head as he closed the door.

Sam didn’t show it but he saw the book partially sticking out from under your pillow. He was only getting more worried now. What were you hiding?

Keep reading

I just need to say that I absolutely literally love @venreenaholt so much for giving me her actual number and getting in a call with me for several hours to talk me through some serious problems and make sure I was okay and not feeling all crappy about myself.

And so I want everyone to know how amazing she really, truly is.


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So, sometimes, ill do things such as paint my toenails or my nails and itll just be a small treat to myself. But ill go out in public and get compliments and itll make me so uncomfortable that i hide my hands and just wish i could go home and take it off and i dont want anyone to acknowledge it. Idk, am i the only one? Im not sure what this is.

I don’t like painting my nails so I’ve personally never experienced this, followers?

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5 things you will find in my bag:
-hand lotion lol it smells nice
-My melody lil mirror (compact mirror?)
-sonic wallet fufufu
-lots of lipsticks/chapstick

5 things you will find in my room: 
-lots of plushies and toys oof
-a collection of cute backpacks bc I love lil backpacks lol
-Christmas lights and a lava lamp oof
-makeup dropped everywhere
-clothes I need to fold lol

5 things I have always wanted to do: 
-dye my hair!
- maybe one day work w/ the sonic comic team lol
-be happy with myself ya YEET
-learn how to make good digital art lol
-hopefully stop being shy :’-)

5 things that make me happy: 
- SILVER!!!!
-drawing something and it actually looking aight
-making new friends
-seeing the ones I love happy !!
-hugs hahaaaa

5 things I am currently into: 
-sonic hmmm
-Steven universe
-DBZ (it just sorta happened?)
-uhhhh that’s all I could think of lol I’m boring

5 things on my to do list: 
-get a job lolllll
-cry bc school is starting again hhh
-check on my people in tomadachi life!!
-draw this idea I had

I tag uhhhhhhhhhh
@nova-fuller @apeculiarartist
@sa2ration @bloopist
@casinostreet @edgethefluffhog
If u guys want ofc!!!

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(1/2) Hey. I'm one of the people who unfollowed you recently. I want to say sorry and also explain myself. The season 12 was the last straw in a long series of frustrations as a cas fan. It left me actually hating the show. The thing is, life is hard enough and when I watch a show, I don't won't it to make me more miserable. So I've decided to say goodbye to canon spn completely. I still love the characters and most of all Cas but from now on I'm only interested in fanon works.

(2/2) Your blog is awesome. I agree a hundred percent with everything you write, but it also drags up all that I want to leave behind, now that I’ve quit the show. I simply need to protect myself from these negative feelings. I have enough of those in real life. Please, keep doing what you’re doing! Be a loud voice on behalf of all Cas fans and never take the shit that the spn writers are presenting us lying down! :)

Thank you for this lovely message (and sorry for being so late to reply) don’t be sorry it’s ok, you have the right to and actually that post wasn’t about people like you, thinking back about it i shouldn’t have said anything, as people have the right to follow or unfollow however they please, but i just meant massive unfollows after defending cas rants/photosets i saw surprised like “this is a cas stan blog the whole purpose of it is to love cas but also defend him” 

reading this and i can tell you, A LOT OF CAS STANS feel that way including me,  you are right, if something makes you more upset than entertained you should leave it behind, it’s all fiction and while it’s heartbreaking to see something you love for so long be ruined/treated badly it’s not worth sticking around to feel even more bad about it

thank you so much ♥ I’m happy to hear this, but yes you are completely right and honestly? i’m in the same position, i no longer care about canon at this point and just try to make edits

you’re amazing and as long as we can that’s exactly what we’ll do, your support means a lot thank you ♥♥♥

I was getting tired of my phone background, so I made a new one ^_^ feel free to use!

ALSO I wanted to make myself a ref for Frisk’s outfit so here it is in full

BraTsu Drabble - Hooky
  • Natsu: *sluggishly making his way through the woods* Jeez... Feels great that we won and all, but having to walk myself home is a pain in the ass. Everyone's injured, boohoo, what about Natsu?! Grr. >__>
  • Happy: You could've stayed with Luigi~.
  • Natsu: I'm getting this weird vibe from her, though. She looks at me like Erza looks at strawberry cheesecake. But I'm not gonna be on the menu! :P
  • Happy: ... I guess that's one answer for her~. Might not be the one she wants, but oh well~.
  • Natsu: You're saying weird crap again... >__< Eh? *sniff sniff* What's SHE doing here? How'd she even find our place?!
  • Happy: Who ya smellin', pervert?! ^_____^
  • Natsu: I am... NOT A PERVERT! -_-* *kicks open the door to their house* I know you're here, come on out! >__<
  • Brandish: *lazily swinging in the hammock* Hey~.
  • Happy: 0.0 Brandish is here?!
  • Brandish: Yes, Mr. Fluffy-Wuffy... I am here~.
  • Natsu: How'd you even find us?
  • Brandish: Guildmate told me~... I needed a place to stay.
  • Happy: Why aren't you returning with Alvarez?
  • Brandish: *deadpan* Zeref is dead. Grandpa is dead. Lady Irene is dead. Do you even know who's going to be at the top of the pecking order now? >__<
  • Happy: Not really. You guys were our enemies for a while. ^^;
  • Brandish: Invel's going to be in charge. I always hated him and his rules. >__>
  • Natsu: So you're playin' hooky? o.o
  • Brandish: Until he comes find me 'n Mari, yeah...
  • Natsu: ...
  • Happy: ...
  • Brandish: ...
  • Happy: ...
  • Natsu: ... Wait, is that the girl that pissed me off that you shrank?
  • Brandish: Yeah~, but I sorta threw her at that all-female Guild you guys had and said to hell with it~. She might visit sometimes.
  • Natsu: ... Oh. So you're staying... here?
  • Brandish: You are gloriously warm, live away from the city, and your hammock is comfy~. What do you think?
  • Natsu: *too tired and aching to argue... for now* Fine... You can stay, I guess...
  • Happy: Whipped~.

So I decided to draw a little to calm myself down, and it turned out okay. It’s definitely not my best work, but I have to learn one way or another. :) my picture on the left, and my reference/inspiration on the right. Mine is a little more alien like, since I didn’t want to draw the eyes. :) Let me know what you think! (If something looks weird, give me advice on how to do it better instead of criticizing it.) I may make it digital later on. x

Btw, sorry the picture isn’t the best quality.


I just realized that college starts in less than a month and im kinda terrified?? Like, im gonna be in a new town by myself, and im going to have make a whole new group of friends. But like, what if NO ONE wants to be my friend? what is my roomate thinks im annoying? what if everyone thinks that i dont belong there?? I dont know how to handle any of this.