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Hey, I wonder what each house would be like as scientists (trying to imagine it myself, but your descriptions are always just so very on point). Have a nice day everyone :)


Probably the chemists - really interested in chemical reactions. Prefer the hands on aspects of science and may also be out in the field getting their hands dirty.


Hufflepuff scientists are the ones who want to make the world better/fix it - look for them studying climate change, immunizations, etc.


Ravenclaws are in all aspects of science - they are in it for the “WHY” and for the “ISN’T THIS NEAT.” They dream of what is out BEYOND us - you may find them in astrology or physics or biology


Slytherins also want to know “why” but they’re more interested in the why of people. Why do people behave as they do, why do we work the way we do. This could be studying the human brain, but you may also see them studying the human body. Slytherin scientists also want to change the world and make their mark.

Of note - obviously this is really generalized and any form of science and scientist can be in any house. 

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

Slytherin confirmed.

-Justin (A Slytherin Psych major)

hi friends, i want to take a moment to address some things regarding the advice i give on this blog.

firstly, i am only one person with one life experience. when i give advice, it’s coming solely from my experience because that’s the only experience i have. i try to be honest as often as possible and only give advice that i, myself, would take.

because of that, i’m not you, and i can’t know your specific life experience. i can’t give you hyper specific advice on what path you should take in life. that’s your decision to make, and it should be made solely by you because you know what’s best for you. of course i will always encourage people to follow their dreams, that’s just the type of person i am, and i hope that i can give some practical advice on how to achieve those dreams. but beyond that, i can’t be put in a position of responsibility when it comes to a major life decision you’re about to make. please understand.

i’m making this post because i get a few accusatory messages here and there saying things like “i can’t find a job in art, so what do you have to say about THAT” or “i cant afford to quit my current career path and switch to art, how does your advice help ME”. i’m not your life coach. i can’t fix your problems for you. i think i give very down to earth advice, but it’s still up to you to put in the time and effort to make good art, to improve your craft, to build your network, and to do things in your life that make it the life you want to lead.

honestly, i sometimes feel like people ask me for advice because i have a high response rate, not because they think i’m actually the best person to ask. and i can understand that. but it’s becoming stressful for me with people coming to me and saying my advice doesn’t work, or asking me these very hard hitting questions about whether or not they should totally change the course of their life.

the posts i make on this blog don’t come with a guarantee. there is no guarantee you’ll get a job in art. and i speak ONLY for animation because that’s the only area i’ve worked in consistently. i cant give you any advice that 100% guarantees a job in art, i can only relay information that worked for me, worked for my peers, and information on the culture and state of the industry. if i say “make sure you have a strong social media presence”, it’s because i see art directors scrolling through twitter at work, not because it’s a magical golden ticket to a job.

again, i’m just one person. i’m just one 26 year old person who only recently got their own life together, so please understand that i can’t be the sole decision maker when it comes to your life and your career. please do not make me responsible for your life. i do stand by every piece of advice i’ve written, but take it only as one factor into what should be a many factored decision. you are solely responsible for your art and your career.

thanks so much for reading.

Strangers in the Night Pt. 2 (Ethan Dolan)

Part 1

A/N: This one is much longer than the first, so I hope it’s a bit more enjoyable!! I’m finally getting into something good (I think). Enjoy :’) ❤️

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Hi Zain :) last time you requested for prompts I sent you one about Jongup showering Himchan with love upon reading some comments ~ never new you got to receive it, since tumblr bugs sometimes. I’m pressuring at all, just wanna know if I should give it a try myself! Thanks a lot dad ❤️

Oh, I’m pretty sure I got it last time! Was it about how so many people seem to think Himchan loves Jongup more than he loves Himchan? Because I really wanted to write that one, but sometimes I get too many prompts and don’t make it through them all. But I’ll gladly do it now! Thank you!


They’re on the couch, watching a new Anime that Jongup has wanted to check out for a while. It’s not as good as he’d hoped it’d be, but he doesn’t feel like abandoning the couch to put on something else. Neither does Himchan. It’s one of their off days, and the weather is horrible. Youngjae is in his room, gaming. They occasionally hear him screaming in either victory or defeat.

Jongup is fumbling with his hands in his lap, having had the same words on the tip of his tongue for the last hour or so. Finally, at the end of yet another episode, he finally turns his head to look at Himchan and let them spill out.

“You know I love you, right?”

Himchan blinks, looking at him with something close to alarm. Then he huffs, in that way he always does when trying to divert attention from his ears going pink.

“Yah, what are you on about,” he mumbles, elbowing him weakly.

“I’m just–” Jongup shakes his head slightly, frowning. “I went on social media, and there were some comments–”

Himchan’s expression changes from embarrassment to protective hyung really quickly.

“About you? Mean ones? Jongup-ah, you know you shouldn’t pay attention to things like that. They don’t–”

“Not about me, hyung, about you,” Jongup interrupts him, frowning even deeper. “About us. That you… like me more than I like you. That I don’t seem to like you at all. That I’m just annoyed. With all the… touching, and stuff.”

Himchan is quiet for a moment.

“Ah,” he says then.

“I’m not annoyed,” Jongup tells him, scooting closer on the couch. He moves a pillow out of the way, the one Himchan has been hugging with his arm, and his hyung easily lifts his arm as if inviting Jongup to take up the vacant spot. Jongup doubts he’s even aware of doing it.

“You know that, right?” He asks, settling down. “Just because I don’t– I’m not like you and Daehyunnie-hyung. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. I just… don’t know what to do, most of the time. When there’s cameras. And I’m sorry–”

His voice rises in volume the longer he talks, feeling more and more desperate to explain himself as he goes on, but in the end Himchan just hums and quiets him with a tight squeeze of his arm. He’s smiling softly.

“Jongup-ah. I do know that. Give me some credit; I’ve known you for over six years. I know you’re not the same person on and off camera. You’re… a much more private person, than some of us,” he chuckles. “And that’s okay.”

Jongup sighs, shoulders sagging in relief. He snuggles closer against Himchan’s side, one hand grabbing the front of Himchan’s hoodie.

“I just wanted to make sure,” he mumbles. “That you knew.”

Himchan hums again, and Jongup can hear the smile on his face. He feels the familiar weight of Himchan’s hand land on his thigh.

“I know.”

*taps on the mic*

*clears my throat*

Rin and Shippo as childhood friends to lovers. 

I really want you to think about this. They understand each other on levels no one else really can; both orphaned at a young age, left to fend for themselves, attempted to steal to live, adopted into the care of travelers, witnessed the horrors of war and demonic evil, and still managed to survive with a sort of innocent playfulness. 

No one really gets why they weren’t turned hard by the world, think they’re naive and childish, but they both know that the truth is they just choose to see the good in life, and never take anything for granted. Life is so boring when you take it seriously. 

It starts at the end of the series with some village shenanigans.  

This,,, got long. Strap in, kids.

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Character Stuffs: Contradictions

We’ve all heard it before, “I want a three-dimensional, interesting character.” Of course, that only makes sense. But how exactly do you make one? Well, that is a lengthy prospect and you can see some of the work I’ve put into characters here and here. Additionally, what I’ve found, and I’m sure many other brilliant writers and readers alike, is that some truly interesting protagonists and characters are walking contradictions. That is to say that they exhibit behaviors and have beliefs that shouldn’t exist in the same person but the do.

In fact, I will use myself as an example. 

I love dark scary things, monsters, violent horror writing, writing sadistic villains, what have you. I also don’t enjoy watching horror movies, I hate being scared and haunted houses, but Halloween is my favorite, I love creepy things, but hate clowns. I love kittens and cookies, but don’t you dare call me cute. I enjoy cuddling stuffed bears and talking in what I refer to as my kitten voice. Adorable yes I guess, but also capable of scaring the crap out of you. Don’t fuck with the fluffy, black puff.

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Ask yourself how the character is already in conflict with themselves, how they contradict themselves daily. 

Building contradictions into characters provides you, the writer, with a place to go when you want to inject drama, conflict, and tension into an otherwise routine occurrence. You can make situations which aren’t necessary life or death feel that way to the character. Take your potentially stereotypical character and twist it up a bit. Gorgeous prom queen who works with volatile chemicals in her spare time and hates dancing. Pilot who is afraid of heights.

When you have a flat character without any pizzazz build a contradiction into their character. It will add internal and external tension.

Think of Gollum/Smeagol. He isn’t wholly evil and he certainly isn’t good. The ring has made him a horrible, suffering contradiction. He has his “hobbit-ness” about him, funny and simple, but the ring has also brought out the much darker side of him, one capable of killing.

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Character contradictions also help to create empathy. The audience starts to care more about a character when they learn their dark actions are the result of a Tragic Backstory. Think about a thief stealing for food, a murderer who watched their own family be murdered, both the victim and the villain. 

Five Places to Inject Contradictions

Names: They have associations and symbolism. When a character’s name goes against their type, it’s saying something. And this might not be observed by the reader right away. You can think of Spike from Buffy, yes it seems to fit that he’s called William the Bloody because he is a vampire but it’s actually a reference to his poet past. Ironic names can be an extremely effective way to pique a reader’s interest, surprise them, or make them laugh.

Appearance. Face, clothes, hair, body type, facial expressions, mannerisms, gestures, and speech tell us about a character. Throw in character contradictions and these little facts become much more interesting. Make the breathy-voiced, buxom blond a doctor, like on Futurama, and we do a double take. Make your millionaire dress in holey jeans and faded tees. He’s sounds a bit like a hipster now, but you get my point.

Motive. What we want more than anything, what drives us, what makes us actually leave the warm heaven that is our beds. Our motivation. The force that drives stories forward and determines plot and character. And of course, motives can be contradictory too. These conflicting desires craft drama. Lying to protect ourselves or others, giving up something or someone we love: our living contradictions. 

History. Knowing your protagonist’s history, or backstory, is crucial to understanding their motives. Subtly inserting backstory into the narrative makes  a character’s contradictory actions understandable. Incongruities can create interest and cause readers to engage more actively. Think about villains whose actions seen downright reasonable when you understand their backstory. A favorite example is Harley Quinn. She is a brilliant psychiatrist but because of what happens to her she enters a violent, dysfunctional relationship with the Joker. She is so smart and can be so independent but still lets the Joker control her.

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Environment: Without a doubt we are shaped by our environments. Nurture always plays a role. Your character will be influenced by their family, friends, home life, work/school, and physical settings. The environments you put your character in can be funny because your characters are so out of place in them, assassins in daycare, villains in self-help circles, etc. Think about My Fair Lady. Or, environment can be a vehicle to explore thought-provoking social concerns and today’s problems. Whether you’re writing oxymoronic characters like wealthy hillbillies or well off criminals, setting contradictions can lend a story drama, resulting in valuable insights for readers.

People, which your readers are in fact, make assumptions based on what we see or know about a person. When you take the time to pair unlikely traits, the rewards can be great. Character contradictions exist everywhere. Incorporate them into the characters you create and your stories will be all the more authentic for it.

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I just wanted to say that you really inspired me !! I’ve thought of the concept of me making a game myself but never got too into depth with it. Ever since I started looking more and more into your content it’s given me more inspiration to continue with the game designs and my artwork in general. Most of my art pieces and my style is inspired by you !! The one and only !! Thank you so much for inspiring me, without your I don’t I would ever ever gotten into even a sketch of a character. 💛 Navi

UUUUUH //rolls rolls// /BLUSHES// (*≧//▽//≦) thankiiies !

im so so so so glad i’ve been able to inspire u !  it’ means A LOOOOT to me !

Game designs is such a difficult thing to do but if you keep creating and practicing, i believe you’ll success ! Neveh give up! ⊂((・▽・))⊃ 

Good luck and HAVE FUN !

You Tell Me

In artistry, the initial image or scene can be aesthetically pleasing to myself and/or to others. But, what is the most gratifying, rewarding thing about art is the meaning that others get from it or that the artist themself gives to it. What the song says about their life, what the piece says about their ways. It’s such a brilliant process. It’s what I want to do in life truly: make things that cultivate comment or discussion or merely attention. Take something that was sacred in one context and make it supplement another. Show that objects may have primary purposes, but they are not limited to those. I want to create art. I want someone to say something about something I made.

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The TS community is truly an amazing one, and I wanted to personally thank you for being such a big part of honestly what is the kindest, most caring and supportive community I've ever been a part of. Once again, I'm truly sorry that some members of Mark's fandom could not respect that. You're amazing, thank you so much. (I did make a post that explained things a bit, I reblogged one of your asks with it if people want to read. It's ok if they don't though, I understand needing to step away.)

You’re impossibly kind! I’m so glad I joined this fandom. It’s one of the best ones I’ve ever been in.

I’m okay! I just need some air to wake myself up so I can get going with the next chapter.


hello! the studyblr community is one i’ve been wanting to be a part of for a very long time but i felt rather intimidated about creating one. but no matter. you can’t let fear hold you down when the wind is blowing. i thought making one will keep me positive and motivated whilst doing the same for others.

here are some revelations about myself:

- the name is franz

- currently 18 (taurus, if anyone was wondering)

- sophomore at uni studying communication (but my heart is in theatre and philosophy)

- citizen of the world (moved around a lot)

- gryffindor (“always”)


so why did i make a studyblr?

- like most scholars, i want to be committed to my education

- give back to this community for all the good it has done to students everywhere (including myself)

- contribute to the endless stream of motivation and encouragement and wisdom

- honestly, i was inspired by @eintsein @briellestudies @hristinasview @elienstudies @thomastudies @studysection @studylustre @studyquill @studie-s @studyrose @studyart @stillstudies @studyflorals @brussellspr0ut @emmastudies @sushi-studies @scholarly @thecoffeedesk @tinkstudies @focusign so thanks, you beautiful sunflowers!

that’s pretty much about it.

happy studying!

(and yes. that’s an actual view from my neighborhood.)

apparently I forgot that tumblr takes everything like way out of proportion so I’mma start from the beginning with the whole “cutting myself” thing…

I promise that I am okay. I mean yeah I struggle with anxiety and depression but I have the right treatment for it. I’m on my meds and I’m actually in a decent spot with my mental health right now so no need to worry about me there okay?

I was making a joke about cutting myself earlier tonight because I wanted to be healthy and the moral of the story is just don’t be healthy. For dinner I was either gonna run to McDonalds or stay in and cook up some beef stew along with having some apple slices. As I was cutting the apples I accidentally cut my finger. That’s literally all that happened. 

You all are so sweet in making sure I’m okay and telling me if I need anything I can talk to you. I’m grateful for each and every one of you and all of you actually HELP my mental state so THANK YOU!!! I love all of you so much! <3

Love, Cass

No one told me it would be a bad idea sooooo 👀 this bitch might make an abo social media au

Who wants it? With Alpha!Jungkook and omega!Jimin. I ain’t got a plot yet but since I literally have a million story ideas in my head I’ll think of one real quick

@theresalynne (still cannot tag you??) anyway listen over extending myself is my MO ya feel. Anyway I think I might do it cause ya know what’s one more thing 🤷🏽‍♀️

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Thats so sad you don't wanna find love D:

…It’s not sad to me though. I’m someone that if I wanted a relationship I would go for it. I would be on online dating sites, and would have asked out the last person I admired/crushed on but I’m not and didn’t because being in a romantic relationship is the last thing I want. I’m selfish and don’t want to have to give one specific person so much of my time and attention when it can be spent on time for myself. I have so much love in my life, I love making new friends and forming new bonds, and those relationships aren’t inferior just because it’s not romantic….

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After a harsh break up with my last gf I wanted to spend some time by myself. Suddenly I had 2 girls I had dated before after me again. I ended up making out with a 3rd one. Why does that keep happening with wlw?

KDJSHFJSDKHFSDFHDSJF YOU GOT GAME BITCHH,,meanwhile im still out here trying to find one (1) girl to kiss me

tell me your gay disaster stories


—It’s always something. Today I was thrown under a virtual bus and accused of giving my full-throated support to an poorly thought-out plan. Fortunately, there is the wonderful thing called screen captures. Throwing me under the bus only stops the bus and ceases your forward motion. Move on, bus thrower.

—One pussy hat down, two to go. I found a pattern that worked with my fumbly fingers—but it takes more yarn than planned. It’s always something. 🙄

—You want me to pay attention to you, pay attention to me. Remember conversations we’ve had, things I’ve told you, little details I didn’t think you noticed. Making me repeat myself is the worst foreplay ever. Just saying.

—ok, weather, get your act together. You’re making me sick. Like…literally.

—Team meeting tomorrow. Fingers crossed the snow and ice will be gone before I need to drive.

How’s that hump treating you? Hope you had a brilliant day!!

okay! some thoughts and goals I want to implement the rest of this month and hopefully continue the rest of the year:

- read!! more!! books!!!!!!

- have some regularly scheduled art time for ask-the-witcher every week

- do weekly warmups from references to Git Gud

- get better about that Duolingo German grind (Ich komme aus Michigan! Ich habe ein Hund!)

- stop checking my phone so often and wasting time and making myself feel bad and yuck

- journal more regularly!!!!

- spread more love and positive vibes 💙

I do love to imagine the ancient Protoss history. The Xel Naga, the Aeon Strife, the Ascencion of Khas and the beginning of Khala. The story of how many different tribes became one great nation of the Firstborn. These times seem exiting, full of legends, that come into my mind one by one and make me want to write them down and draw them. I love to imagine myself as a Preserver - not something that boring like Rohana or Zamara, though. And my stories would have nothing in common with those, that were written by C. Golden and became canon for many people in this fandom.

Khas, as I see him, was something much bigger, than some wild Savassan with his accidental discovery of God’s proportion. And with all their mythological pathos, I almost hear this legend like: “…when he stepped on the ground, every crystal began to shine around him, like the Aiur himself greeted him. Every stone was singing, and every living heart desired to fall into the golden light, that filled his mind, to meet the others there, to stay forever in this sudden extatic unity.”

And, more than that, I’ve always thought of Khala as a very complicated thing, not some curse to “bind them all under will of Amon”. No, seriously, the Great Unity is a great idea. I love it. I’d love to be part of it, because I believe, some wise Judicator would see, what I am born to do here, and I’d finally find myself useful somewhere.

“I didn’t even think I was here to grade you, you were so entertaining in the class!”

“Your English skills are impressive, but what’s even more impressive is how you manage to make it fun and easy for everyone.”

“Our future needs teachers like you, ones who incorporate the art of comedy into education.”

“How you care for the students too is heartwarming. I almost want to be a child myself again because of you. I would have grown up to be better.”

“I am proud of you and am certain you will be a wonderful teacher. You have the full marks from me.”

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Idk marti for whatever reason I seem unable to make any best friends. In most of my classes I literally sit silently for an hour and a half and then move on to the next class. Its not like im weird or smell bad its just that people dont talk to me. The longest conversation I had yesterday was an hour long convo with my dog. I guess its because in high school everyone already has their groups and dont want to accept others into their groups.

been there, done that. i am the worst at making small talk because i’m one of those people who doesn’t feel the burning desire to open their mouth and talk just for the sake of doing it. i talk when i have something to say and that’s what basically made me become invisible, so invisible that some of my teachers didn’t even remember who i was.
and i realised that what i was doing wasn’t really going to help me.
i started uni last year and i somehow found in myself the courage to just say “hi, how is it going?” to the person sitting next to me in class or on the train and that was waaaay easier than i had expected. and that’s enough to start a conversation and it’s very pleasant and it can turn into a routine, like meeting that same person every day and just making small talk. or it can just be nothing other than the two of you being polite.
my point is: just start off with “hi” and a comment on the class you’re attending or on the teacher. you don’t have to look for a best friend, just some people who you can talk to during the day. “regular” friendship is not less important than having a single one best friend. sometimes it’s just nice to have someone there and i’m sure you can find that someone!
also, some people might be struggling too and maybe they’re too shy to start talking and sometimes we have to take the first step and it’s not as hard as it seems :’)

I like being single. I do. I like being able to make plans and not have to consider someone else. I’m a fiercely independent person and I enjoy my alone time. 

But… I wish I had that person, someone who always wants me around. I want to be someone’s favorite person. It’s hard, you know. I hate putting myself out there. I’m not a chatty person, I don’t do small talk very well. If I don’t know you, I’m probably going to feel super awkward. I also feel like I missed the boat on a lot of things I should’ve already experienced.

I just don’t know what to do, but at the same time, I’m happy enough being single. I just… don’t want to be single forever you know….