but i wanted to make a drew photoset


“My name is Kira Yoshikage. I can’t remember when or how I died. But one thing I can say is that I feel certain I will not go to heaven.”

Araki: [Dead Man’s Questions] is a work where I drew a character who longs for the peace of his heart even after death, and who continues to grow mentally. This character is the greatest adversary in ’JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4’: a dead murderer.

artnokuma replied to your photoset “I’ve always wanted to try drawing a fusion…so my first choice was the…”

Shall I redraw this?? Looks so coot ;w;

@artnokuma Hi! Redrawing is a bit…um…
I don’t mind exactly, but I’d prefer it if you just drew your own interpretation of it;; I’m not too comfortable with people “redrawing” my stuff, as in replicating exactly what’s already there

I hope that makes sense! Sorry if I’m putting you out or anything :0

If you just want to draw the fusion by himself, I am so down for that! I’m flattered you like this dork’s design hehehe 0w0
Just please be sure to credit me for the design! I’d love to see it when it’s finished. You don’t mind tagging me in it do you? :D

anonymous asked:

Along with new FT chapters every week, I look forward to seeing your gorgeous coloring of the manga material. If I may ask, just how exactly do you create these awesome recolours?!

Thank you!!

Oh my, I have so many asks about “how do I do the thing” in my inbox but I suck at explaining so much… 
it just feels natural to me like
1. get the thing
2. color the thing

but my usual process looks like this (let’s go with this Dimaria panel because it actually wasn’t that complicated to color):

1. get the panel. I already erased the speech bubble because I wanted to make that photoset without any words.

2. fix whatever you need - in this case it was just her clothes. They are brown, so I got rid of the black filling. I also don’t like the white outlines behind the characters, so I just drew a lil bit of the guys in the back. But sometimes I have to draw some bigger parts in my own, like the background or characters.

3. fill in the base colors. idk just stay in lines and everything will be cool

4. make a slightly more interesting background (it won’t be that much visible in the end tho)

5. idk, shade the character (remember where is the light source!)

6. aaaand have fun with some layer blending modes like Multiply, Overlay, Luminosity etc.
there are many tutorials explaining how to use the blend modes in SAI, here is a quite good one

so yeah, that’s the thing? Maybe I will make a detailed tutorial or something someday, but this is just to give you a general outline of how I do the thing.

Ok but consider this…. Ventus pom.  

I drew this several months ago but never posted it because I wanted to make it into a photoset with more puppy Ven drawings. And that never happened. Maybe I’ll get around to it soon