but i wanted to make a drew photoset


“My name is Kira Yoshikage. I can’t remember when or how I died. But one thing I can say is that I feel certain I will not go to heaven.”

Araki: [Dead Man’s Questions] is a work where I drew a character who longs for the peace of his heart even after death, and who continues to grow mentally. This character is the greatest adversary in ’JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4’: a dead murderer.


Today is my 10th anniversary! (…how could you not know) and i’ll be answering asks all through the week. BUT, you have to send any birthday asks you want me to reply today, November 1st, otherwise i won’t take them as birthday asks. Don’t worry if i didn’t get to your ask in this same day, i have many fans (more than Miku. Trust).

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((The illustrations in the photoset are by Smith Hioka, Neru’s creator. If you want to see the full picture he drew for her 10th anniversary please go to his Twitter account and show him some love. He loves replying to overseas fans.))


 Looks like one of the Disney animators is a SU fan.

Ok, some people have commented/messaged (quite hatefully in some cases) that I am stupid for not knowing that this is based on a landmark near LA called Randy’s Donuts.

The reason I drew the comparison to Steven Universe is because both of the donuts shown in the photoset are chocolate with multicolored sprinkles, while the donut shop in LA looks like a standard glazed donut.  If they were referring the original shop, it’s likely they would have kept the color scheme and font while making an animal pun in the title.  Sort of like they did with every other brand in the movie.

And I’m pretty sure if they wanted to use Randy’s specifically, they would have just done it.

You know, like they did in Iron Man 2.


Here is Zen and Yoosung! I messed up on Zen so many times I wanted to die omfg

Up next is 707 and Saeran/Ray~! Afterwards will be MC and Jaehee! (If you didn’t know I already drew Jumin and V)

After Im done making them Ill put them in a bigger photoset 🤘

Drawn by me! Please do not repost anywhere without my permission. I have several social media and blogs so the name you credit me with differs every where! ASK ME BEFORE YOU REPOST.

I had added collage pieces to this sketch page first. Which included the Japanese shipping label, vintage Simpsons sticker, vintage Sailor Moon sticker, the piece of pink paper with artist tape to stick it down. Then i added the green onions on the side and the washi tape and little stickers i had laying around. But i felt it was too empty so i drew the awesome skateboarder Peggy Oki since i want to make a character off of her soon.

Had to upload this page separately from the others because i liked it too much for it to be in a photoset 


Aure (uwaaa//) suggested I can make a new photoset with just these two since we were talking about why only Akashi was in Teikou uniform. I might as well explain it here in case others are wondering. Ahhhh it really isn’t my forte to explain my art, but please bear with me, I’ll keep it short!

Manga mentions ahead.

When I drew Akashi, I was fixated on Chapter 221: …Tetsuya and the next chapters where Akashi says “I did not change(…) There were two people from the beginning.” So when I drew Akashi, I wanted to draw the two people. I ended up drawing two Bokushis but what I wanted to portray was the turning point and the Akashi at the back with his hair just newly cut off is a symbolism that Akashi threw/cut off his Teikou self and moved on with what he has to do. “What are you talking about, I’m Akashi Seijuurou of course…Tetsuya.”

The Kuroko one was originally planned to directly mirror Akashi’s positioning but I was supposed to use this for something and I wanted Kuroko to look formidable like everyone else so I made Seirin Kuroko stand in front with the despaired/bitter Kuroko at the back. Kuroko is moving forward too but he is facing the future while carrying his past self in his heart and becoming stronger from his past failures and seeking change. I had “What is Victory?” in my mind while drawing the Teikou Kurokos. I changed the positioning but I still wanted Akashi’s and Kuroko’s versions to answer/connect with each other.

Akashi is fading away/going farther but Kuroko’s coming after him. That’s all.

EDIT: Akashi is slightly bigger now. 

anonymous asked:

What if you drew Dirk and Jake playing in the snow? :D

I have an old pic kinda like that 8’) maybe I can put it in one of those photosets I mentioned..

Anon:Sunny! In your karezi merstuck AU, I noticed you drew a little crab under the dock where karat was sitting! That was really clever :3

pff thank you B) one of his minions

Anon:ur karezi makes me cry i love it

Anon:hey i just i wanted you to know that i really love your art work and you are one of my fav artist <3

thanks a lot! ;v;

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Along with new FT chapters every week, I look forward to seeing your gorgeous coloring of the manga material. If I may ask, just how exactly do you create these awesome recolours?!

Thank you!!

Oh my, I have so many asks about “how do I do the thing” in my inbox but I suck at explaining so much… 
it just feels natural to me like
1. get the thing
2. color the thing

but my usual process looks like this (let’s go with this Dimaria panel because it actually wasn’t that complicated to color):

1. get the panel. I already erased the speech bubble because I wanted to make that photoset without any words.

2. fix whatever you need - in this case it was just her clothes. They are brown, so I got rid of the black filling. I also don’t like the white outlines behind the characters, so I just drew a lil bit of the guys in the back. But sometimes I have to draw some bigger parts in my own, like the background or characters.

3. fill in the base colors. idk just stay in lines and everything will be cool

4. make a slightly more interesting background (it won’t be that much visible in the end tho)

5. idk, shade the character (remember where is the light source!)

6. aaaand have fun with some layer blending modes like Multiply, Overlay, Luminosity etc.
there are many tutorials explaining how to use the blend modes in SAI, here is a quite good one

so yeah, that’s the thing? Maybe I will make a detailed tutorial or something someday, but this is just to give you a general outline of how I do the thing.