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So, I know that I’ve been MIA for a little while now, not just with fics but overall.

I’ve just been really busy at work and so unbelievably exhausted that by the time I get home and finish other day to day things I’m struggling to keep my eyes open.

But I want you all to know that I miss you sooooo much.

And not only do I miss you guys, but I also hope you know (not just because I tell you ALL the time) that I love you all too. You are my family and I just really hope you believe me when I say that.

So, saying that…..because you’re my family, I’m so excited to share some great news with you.

Later this year, we’ll have a new SPNFamily member joining us all…….

That’s right, I’m pregnant!!

Now I know why I’ve been so tired hahaha

Still don’t know exactly when I’m due, I still need to hit the doctors office. But I’ll keep you updated as I go.

@drfunkulus is crazy excited to be a daddy. It’s still sinking in with me, but I am definitely excited.

Despite all the scary stuff going on in the world, this year has started off pretty good for me, and I hope it stays that way.

Again, I love you all so much. 

Much love from @drfunkulus, me and Baby

Hello everyone! So I’ve decided to let more people in my server!
We got a lot of inactive people and I’m going to remove them and let new people join!

If you want to join: read the rules and contact me trough ask (not private message but ask!) GIVE ME YOUR USERNAME!

(version 1.11 of minecraft)


- BE ACTIVE! Don’t ask me to join, and never be online!
- You need to be following me! (I’m doing this for my followers not random people xD)
- DO NOT STEAL FROM OTHER PLAYERS CHESTS - (we will know if you do)
- You can make a shop and sell anything you want!
- 100% survival! If you are not confortable with it, just don’t join!
- Don’t build your house too close to spawn (this area is for shops)
- Be polite!
- last rule, thats not really one! just write “rose” as a proof that you did read the rules!

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Hey I'm Cedar! I'm new tumblr and I don't know what I'm doing 98% percent of the time, but I just wanted your fanfic is really amazing!!! Also so could you do more hufflepuff headcanons please?

Welcome to tumblr Cedar! I’m glad you found this blog and are enjoying it <3

  • Hufflepuffs have a reputation of being the loudest people in Hogwarts
  • Not obnoxiously loud though
  • They’re always laughing, singing, yelling for their friends to join them at their table
  • The noise they make is a constant, happy thrum that the other students would sorely miss should it suddenly stop
  • Their Common Room is full of cozy nooks
  • Where they like to gather after dinner and play muggle board games
  • Hufflepuffs are quick witted
  • Some of the best pranks not pulled off by a Marauder or Weasley have a Hufflepuff behind them
  • McGonagall tries not to laugh when Hugo is sorted into Hufflepuff
  • That Granger-Weasley brain combined with the Hufflepuff tendency for pranks will only bring trouble
  • She was getting bored any way
  • Hufflepuffs make the best tea in the school
  • Their knowledge of herbs creates the most fantastic blends any students have ever tried
  • They’ve also been known to throw the most punches
  • Or are at least tied with Gryffindors
  • The two houses argue over who fights the most
  • But when a Hufflepuff and Gryffindor are friends you better watch out
  • Because both will not hesitate to fight you if you upset their friend
He Would’ve Loved To See Him

Star Wars (Rogue One) One Shot

Characters: [FEMALE] Reader x Cassian Andor + Han Solo & Leia Organa

Warnings: Rogue One spoilers, alcohol consumption, character death, violence, a lot of crying

Request: “Can you write a Cassian Andor oneshot where the reader is Han Solo’s younger sister. The rebellion wants her to join Rogue One bc she’s really good at smuggling and getting in and out of places. She meets Cassian Andor and they have a short relationship. She survives somehow and finds out she is pregnant with a baby that turns out to be Poe Dameron (I can’t let go of the headcannon that Cassian is his dad). Thanks xx” - Anon

Word Count: 2,434

A/N: I can’t let go of that idea either !! I hope you enjoy the one shot ! I was pretty sad writing it but oh wells.

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If you want to come back into my life after everything, after all the tears and all the hurt and all the heartbreak, that’s fine. I will always love you and welcome you back but I WILL NOT be walked all over. I WILL NOT be treated with less respect than I deserve and I WILL NOT come running after you when you don’t respond to my texts or call when you say you will. I will carry on with my own life and you can join me in it whenever you are ready. x

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talk to me about nightmare plagued sleep deprived keith

yo i’ve had a lowkey headcanon that keith has nightmares/insomnia since last summer so i’m glad we’re finally getting some of that

  • keith walking around the castle at night because he can’t sleep
  • keith training in the middle of the night because he can’t sleep, and coming to breakfast absolutely exhausted the next morning
  • keith with exhaustion headaches
  • the ever popular trope of keith wandering at night and finding lance in the holo room
  • the other paladins noticing how tired he’s been getting lately and making subtle comments here and there like, “hey, you been getting enough sleep?” “you look kind of tired. you all right?” “i think you need to rest, keith.”
  • keith wanting so badly to sleep but he can’t.
  • when he does sleep, he’s shaken awake screaming and sweating from his dreams.
  • lance spooning him at night, trying to comfort him however he can.
  • shiro doesn’t want to let keith join them for any missions until he’s able to rest, because the boy is showing extremely strong symptoms of sleep deprivation.
  • but we all know that keith would go regardless of what shiro says.
  • they manage to pull off a successful mission, another battle won. the paladins get their lions back in their hangars and they all make their way out to go shower off. 
  • employ the trope of the entire group walking off, no one noticing that keith is lagging behind, until they hear a thump behind them.
  • unsurprisingly, keith is lying in a heap on the ground. 
  • after panicking briefly, they affirm that he’s not injured, so his body probably finally just gave up. he has a low grade fever, but that will hopefully clear up with some rest.
  • and because it’s me, of course i have to throw in a what if he got worse instead of better and came down with an awful sickness.

None of these pictures come close to capturing the huge crowd that turned out in Lexington, KY for the Women’s March today. No official numbers yet, but the ballpark estimate I’ve heard was 5,000.

The big cities are grabbing headlines – and I’m glad they are! – but they aren’t the only places where people are joining together in protest. Today I saw all kinds of people come together in a small city in a pervasively-red state to march for justice and equality, and I want others to see it, too.

Keep fighting, y'all. We’re just getting started.

Since February’s approaching, here’s the challenge i’m planning on doing for that month! Well, the prompt list at least, for February i’m gonna focus on my characters as it’s the month many of my characters were originally made, so to celebrate their making i’m doing this~ You’re free to join in if you want, doing these prompts for each day focusing on your own characters! If you do, i’m gonna use the tag #February OC Drawing Challenge ( all in one tag ) and will check the tag in case anyone else joins in~!

Text version of the list below!

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AU where Eurus isn’t a psychopath (I know that’s what makes her who she is but I love her and I just want her to be HAPPY) but is an even bigger sociopath than her brothers, and her parents make sure she gets help to handle her problems rather than just locking her up somewhere

-She eventually manages to join Sherlock and Victor’s pirate game, becoming the first lady pirate on their ship (and shooting and fighting just like the two boys.)

-Sherlock and Eurus growing up having a bond no one else can understand. Playing together, planning experiments together, pulling pranks on Mycroft (Who’s always annoyed by them but secretly loves them and is amused watching them play)

-Victor NOT being murdered but instead growing up being a close friend with Sherlock and connecting with Eurus and they become a three way thing.

-Everyone in their school knows about the Holmes brother and sister genius duo. They think Sherlock is condescending and Eurus is creepy, but they couldn’t care less. They don’t hang out with people but each other and Victor (other kids are just too stupid and slow), making deductions and social experiments in the school yard and laughing while no one understands. Sherlock and Victor kind of drift apart over the years but they keep in touch, and in their grown years, when Sherlock lives in 221B every once in a while Victor comes to visit and calls “Yellowbeard!” to which Sherlock answers “Redbeard!” and they start imitating pirate fights and John is kinda like “wtf”

-Teachers sending Eurus to the school’s council several times after disturbing suggestions of theoretical psychological experiments on human beings in psychology/sociology class. Every time she has to sigh and explain that she’s “Not a psychopath, I’m a high functioning sociopath, my parents had me tested.” Despite all that, she was very talented in getting out of trouble since she was very persuasive. (Which was useful whenever Sherlock got caught smoking in school.)

-Eurus and Sherlock helping each other to deal with their depression and feeling of emptiness that follows their intellectual abilities and mentality. Having long philosophical debates into the night. Eurus and Mycroft taking care of Sherlock when they find him passed out on drugs for the first time. They’re broken and furious and worried. “How could you be so stupid?” Eurus asks angrily. Sherlock answers weakly, “I’m not as clever as you.”

-Sherlock still ends up being a detective because a lot of people become detectives without having their childhood friend murdered so why the fuck not

-Sherlock and Mycroft fighting over who’s the smart one and Eurus is like “Shut up both of you, I’M the smart one.”

-Eurus working in highest most secret levels of the government, alongside her brother. Her talents and flexible morality are perfect for the government’s needs. Whether it’s processing information better than any computer to find out about possible dangers and terminate them, or using her psychological manipulation abilities to make criminals give out information or convince them to get that information for them. Since this use of her talent is unconventional and highly immoral, this specific part of her job is kept secret and outside her ranks is only heard of in rumors and is known as “The East Wind”.

- Moriarty was brought to her after she tracked him as a dangerous personality, and he was the first and only person she’s met who wasn’t only clever enough to resist her methods, but to play back. It was never such a challenge for her to crack someone. (She did eventually of course.)

-Moriarty becoming the Irene to her Sherlock in the way that yes he’s a criminal but holy shit they can’t resist their chemistry and fascination of each other and he didn’t do any verifiable crime anyway

-Mycroft being so exasperated by his two siblings like “can you two stop fucking criminals” and they’re like “lol nope”

-Until of course Moriarty decides to make bringing Sherlock down his personal goal because NO ONE MESSES WITH HER LITTLE BROTHER


Yesterday I hit 666 followers on this blog, when I started this blog for two three weeks ago, I honestly never thought so many people would follow me. After TST I felt that it was time to join Tumblr for discussing, to process the latest episode and of course have fun. I want to thank all 666 people who follow me, you guys are the best, I really LOVE you all!❤✨

To celebrate 666 followers I decided to make a list of my 10 favourite blogs here on Tumblr (I have probably missed someone). If you’re a Mark Gatiss and Mycroft fan I guarantee that you will LOVE these blogs.

High quality GIFs and probably THE best Mark Gatiss/Mycroft tumblr
One of the best blogs here on Tumblr great edits, GIFs and paintings
Nice blog with mostly Mycroft related content
Amazing blog that is very active and makes great Mycroft imagines
My first follower, do I have to say more? :”)
Great blog with a beautiful theme and well-written posts
Every kitchen needs a fridge ❤
Another amazing kitchen-blog
Her URL is everything I need and care about
A very active blog with nice edits
Imagine switching bodies with Thomas in the made
  • Newt: Bloody hell Tommy, you're telling me you're in Y/N's body, and Y/N is in yours?
  • Thomas (in Y/N body) : Yea, it's a weird story, but can we get to that after I take a shower? I'm exhausted and Y/N has dirt and blood all over her body.
  • Y/N: No shucking way! You can't have a shower in my body!
  • Thomas: well then you can't have one in mine.
  • Y/N: aw shucks, fine. We'll go in together and wash each other taking turns.
  • Newt: Bloody hell y'all will!
  • Thomas & Y/N : ....
  • Minho: I think he wants to join and scrub backs too.
BTS REACTION: Their girlfriend imitating them in their MV (dance) but doing an awful job just to make them annoyed

Jungkook: would join you in this crazy dance you are doing because he is a kid and would not get offended because he knows how good he is dancing.

Originally posted by n-c-puns

Namjoon: “I know that I dance like a grandpa sometimes, but I’m way better than you did before”, and starts doing weird dances.

Originally posted by just-namjooned

Jin: “Oh, Y/N, I know that, deep down, you wanted to dance as well as I dance. Don’t worry, your Jin will teach you how to dance.”

Originally posted by jiminrolls

Suga: “No, woman. No, no, no, no. That’s the way I really do it.”

Originally posted by jamless-vibes

J-Hope: He would stop you and start a speech about how you need to put your soul inside the music and music inside your soul. And would start dancing for you.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

V: This poor child would believe in you because your acting is really good. “But I thought I was a good dancer…”

Originally posted by taehyungifs

Jimin: Taking it as a challenge, he would start showing his moves to you, making you feel like a dangerous woman frustrated cause he wouldn’t get this joke.

Originally posted by itsvanillish


TOM: wow these guys really what to see matt.

EDD: we should probably show him what we been doing for the last hour 

EDD: also i think he said that he wanted to join. Since it involved a camera.

EDD: come one tom. let’s go take it up to him

TOM: aw damn it.

TOM: now i have to set up this dumb camera again.

EDD: just take the bloody camera tom…

TOM: that’s probably a good idea.

EDD: did you get the camera?

TOM: yea i got it

EDD: come one then. Let’s go!

TOM: *whispering* we’ve spotted a wild edd and matt in their natural habits 

TOM: the living room.

TOM: the wild edd is approaching the rare ginger matt. He appears to be having a conversation with the majestic creature.

EDD: tom hurry up!

EDD: and stop being werid we can hear you ya know.

TOM: jeez…ok 

TOM: mr. ilikestoruintomsfun  

MATT: Oh wow! are we filming a movie again!?

MATT: can i be the leading star for this one?!

EDD: actually matt, we’re running a blog now.

EDD: and people are asking to see you.

MATT: really!!!? they want to see MEEEE!!

MATT: i mean who wouldn’t but i didn’t even know what you guys were doing and now people suddenly want to see my pretty face!!

MATT: what a dream!!

TOM: almost done….



TOM: you guys owe me a drink.

MATT: i thought you said you were going to try and give up drinking

TOM: yea…but i mean like an actually beverage that doesn’t get me drunk.

TOM: i think…

MATT: well, i hope you do finally give up that habit of yours. You know how bad alcohol is for your skin!!

EDD: yeah! i don’t think you would want terrible skin, right tom?

TOM: i guess so…

TOM: anyways, i think people wanted to ask matt questions and stuff.

EDD: Oh ya! i almost forgot! Matt say something to our audience :P 

MATT: ok!

MATT: hello! lovely people of the internet :) 

MATT: why don’t you guys ask me and my buddy some more questions?

((matt is now available to ask questions))

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Interesting there are no pics of Cait at the match yet. Dying to see her. Too bad sam can't join. Security reasons and what not. Can you imagine if he was marching? Seems that Tobias & JGS are.

I hope we get a picture of her too! Maybe after the march is done she’ll post. I don’t think that Sam didn’t attend due to security reasons probably more that he didn’t want fans searching for him and drawing attention away from the march. Then again he might be there and we’ll never know.

I do love that other cast and crew are tweeting their photos. I’ll keep an eye out if any others share.

hEY! So I reached 500 followers, so im doing a give away!! 


* when the winners are chosen you will have until the next day to reply.* no nsfw
* all of the prizes can have a second person if you want to have a ship* you have to like this post and your entered!!If you follow after this post is up you will not be able to join the raffle


Thank you all for 500 followers, its truly amazing to me, thank you so much~~

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Bones dancing with reader at their wedding?

It was a traditional dance, lots of swaying and spinning with the occasional twirl and spin out only for Bones to pull you right back in.

The wedding had been small to begin with, neither of you needed much anyway, just each other.

He was in his dress uniform but you got to wear a white gown someone had let you borrow, it was a last minute decision so there was no time to wait for shore leave.

“This was the most perfect wedding I could have ever asked for.” You whispered into his neck.

“You sure you still don’t want a big to-do when we get home?”

Bones had reminded you that neither of your families would be there, that they might be upset from no invitation, but you didn’t care. You only needed him.

Others started to join you in the dance, other crew members smiling at the opportunity to do something fun.

“I know you weren’t fond of the idea, getting married again I mean.”

“Sweetheart, it was never a hard decision. I would marry you every day if I could.”

meme-spren submitted
ahhh is the picture showing up my computer’s being squiffy ;n;

i have a ridiculous amount of OCs, this is the best art I have on hand and I wanted to join in OC Sharing Funtimes so this is the OC you get to hear about

her name is Vareya, Vev for short, and she’s the first person in her setting to be brought back to life. Which puts her at the center of an International Incident of Epic Proportions because what do you even DO when stuff like this happens. (some nations’ responses include ‘find a way to weaponize it’ and ‘KILL IT WITH FIRE DESTROY THE DEMON’)

On to her actual personality: Huge dork. Incredibly reckless, incredibly affectionate, usually quite cheerful but recent events have left her in a nearly constant state of ?????. Terrible at science but loves it anyway because it’s THE ACTUAL COOLEST even when she’s not sure what exactly is going on. A filthy memer who never lets jokes die.

she is really cute!! And I love her personality!!!