but i wanted to include all of them anyway

Tosaki’s wedding

Haha okay so: 31.07. Day 7: rest?  | anything goes  | sun

I decided to take this day to draw Tosaki’s wedding (with his fiance, I think her name is Ai?) in a happy ending maybe…haha I don’t know it seemed like a funny idea in my mind XD and drawing all this crap was actually really fun. So this was clearly meant to be ridiculous so, what the hell? I just hope you enjoy and laugh with me at this shit I made. 

Since Ajin is such a dense manga, and I really love the characters, sometimes I just feel like I want to see them doing stupid things together… (unfortunately I didn’t think it’d be right to include Sato and the others here xd except for Tanaka, cuz he’s just a cinnamon roll). 

(Anyway I apologize for the bad quality of some drawings that are next ): when I’ve my computer fixed, I’ll make them well).


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Comforting HCs: Guys (Part 1)

My first imagine! This is gonna be a list of headcanons for all the guys comforting their s/o, since I could say we all need some comfort after that election…
But, anyway, this is the first half of the guys, McCree, Genji, Hanzo, Reaper and 76 (also, I’m not including Torb, Winston or Bastion, please don’t request them), and I will do the girls after. Enjoy!


  • It’s almost like he can sense when you’re sad or scared, even if you try to hide it, and he’ll be there to cuddle for as long as you want (maybe longer, he loves cuddling you) in a second!
  • If the problem he a person, you bet your ass he’s gonna find them and scare them off with his Peacekeeper, if they don’t already recognize him as a notorious bounty hunter. No one hurts his s/o’.
  • If you wanna cuddle though, he’s already on the couch or bed or wherever with a hot drink and your favorite show playing.
  • You’ll how to teach him how to make good tea though, he lives off of coffee!
  • You’ll defiantly be wrapped up in his serape, cuddled into his side or on his lap, metal arm rubbing soothing circles in your back, as he hugs you close to him with his human one.
  • “I know you’re upset, darlin’, this calls for the comfort serape!”
  • If you don’t wanna talk about it, sure, however if you do, he’ll listen intently, and reassure constantly.
  • Makes jokes here and there to try to get you to cheer up. He can’t stand seeing you sad and he’ll try to get you back to a happy state as fast as he can with humor and cheesy pet names.
  • He might sing for you, with some convincing, and he turns out to have an amazing voice, all gruff and low,  but comforting, and his accent makes it even more charming.
  • And of course you get lots of kisses, forehead kisses, cheek kisses, kisses on the back of the hand, like a gentleman (his words), kisses everywhere! The first thing he’ll do when he sees you crying is wipe away your tears and shower your face with kisses!
  • By the end of the day, you’ve probably fallen asleep on him with him humming a song or the tv playing softly in the background, and will wake up feeling much better with your cheesy cowboy to comfort you!


  • Hanzo is a professional assassin, so it doesn’t take him long to notice that something is wrong, if you haven’t told him.
  • The problem is that he’s bad with actually helping people with their emotions, and facing his own.
  • Someone help this grown man who acts like an angsty teen when it comes to feelings. The nervous dragon boyfriend loves you, he’s just bad at saying that!
  • So he might avoid the situation for a bit, but by the end of the day, when you’re all alone in your room and alone with him, he’s right by your side to listen and do whatever you ask of him.
  • Without you asking, he gets some warm tea and puts on relaxing music, relying on his methods to keep calm when an entire yakuza empire was resting on his shoulders.
  • He has you sit down, and cuddles without hesitation. He isn’t touchy in public, and likes to act steely and tough, but he loves cuddling with you, and cherishes moments when you get to spend time together.
  • He talks about the problem much more maturely than McCree and his brother, focusing on listening to you and reassuring you that you’ll be okay, you can get through anything.
  • Lots of terms of endearment, stuff like “my blossom”, “beloved”, little phrases like “love”, “flower” and “heart” in Japanese. He loves to see you get flustered when you don’t know what they mean.
  • You’ll get lots of kisses on the top of your head and forehead while you talk, and he whispers and nickname or a small “I love you” against your hair.
  • Has you go to sleep a little early, he thinks getting a lot of rest always helps, especially if you’re stressed out and will gladly stay with you in the morning.


  • Again, he’s a ninja and assassin, so he can easily tell when you’re upset, but he knows how to handle much better than his brother.
  • He might wait to approach you, if he thinks you need some time to yourself, but if he thinks something’s really wrong, he goes to comfort you right away.
  • And gets you whatever you want- food, a drink, your favorite movie or music, he’s already gotten everything for you so you don’t have to lift a finger.
  • If it’s a person that’s bothering you, he’s sure to take note, and if they continue, he easily scares them away with a flash of his shurikens and adept stealth skills.
  • But, he makes sure to stay with you, hugging you close to him while you cuddle on your couch or bed, and kisses you constantly for reassurance (and because you’re adorable when you blush.)
  • Listens the whole time you talk, he tries to help you solve the problem if you ask him for advice, but it’s mostly jokes and rambling about how much he loves you.
  • Lots of compliments, reminding how amazing you are, even if that’s not the problem.
  • This cyborg just really loves you, and he’ll keep on reminding you of that while he cuddles you, warming up his body to a comfortable temperature for you to snuggle into.
  • Expect massages too, to help you forget about whatever happened and help you relax.


  • Reaper pretty good with reading emotions- you have to be as a military commander and an assassin, so he can tell when something’s wrong most of the time.
  • But he’s also not the best at actually addressing it, and he is a little bit colder than he would be before his “death”.
  • That doesn’t mean he doesn’t care though, he’s not heartless and he really does love you, so of course, he’ll be there to help you through hard times.
  • If it’s a person bothering you well… you probably won’t have to deal with them, whether it be citizen or Talon agent. That doesn’t mean he’ll defiantly kill or hurt them, but they defiantly won’t go near you again.
  • At the end of the day, expect him to come to see you, and stay for as long as you need, he’s not the heartless asshole people make him out to be.
  • He’ll cuddle if you want to, but defiantly won’t be as clingy as the others.
  • He will run a hand through your hair and rub your back though, making sure to remove his claw gloves, or be careful with them as always.
  • Listens as you talk, dropping little comments as you go, some of them being threats if you mention a person, but hey, it’s because he loves you.
  • His words aren’t as sweet as McCree or Hanzo’s, but he does have little pet names for you, mostly endearments in Spanish, and he makes sure to remind how much he loves you, or how great you are if you start to doubt yourself.
  • Always removes his mask around you, cause he trusts you and loves you enough to let you see this monster he thinks he is.

Soldier 76

  • Not the best at reading emotions, even if he is a soldier, and you probably could convince him that you’re not upset, but he notice eventually, and probably get made at himself for not helping sooner.
  • He’s a grumpy old man sometimes, but it’s obvious that he loves you, and he makes sure to comfort you whenever he thinks something is wrong.
  • Like McCree, he sits you down and puts on your favorite stuff on tv, wrapping you up in a blanket and cuddling close. He wants to make sure you’re comfortable.
  • Normally, he’s not a big fan of cuddling for a long time, but he will if it makes you happy.
  • He wears his visor of normally when he’s around the old Overwatch team, but with you, he just feels a lot more comfortable, and not as ashamed of his scars.
  • And in return he reminds how much he loves you, and how beautiful and caring you are when you’re done talking.
  • He wants to help you solve the problem, but when you’re sad, his main concern is getting you happy again through compliments and kisses!
  • Rubs your back and might give you a massage, he just wants you to forget about whatever happened and cheer up, cause he hates seeing you sad.
  • Tries to help you sleep too, as he usually sleeps stuff off when he’s upset, and makes sure to stay with you, and shower you with love again in the morning.


so the majority of you know i enjoy making follow forevers. whether it’s for things like hitting milestones or just for fun, i usually only pick and chose out of my following list to include in them. but this time, i chose to include everybody i follow. and i mean EVERYONE. i did not leave even one person out of this list. i even included people who tbh won’t even see this but i didn’t want to say this is everybody but it be a lie. i filled up six notebook pages, front and back, just to make sure i didn’t miss anyone!

this is my way of saying happy new years (since lots of people i follow made follow forevers for this anyway) and to thank ALL of you for putting up with me as i clog your notifications list full of myself. and of course, to my mutuals who make up about 80% of my following list anyways, i love you all! thank you for following back! i don’t know what i would do without all of you that make my experience on this website worth it. i would of been gone a long time ago if it weren’t for all of the great content here. so as i have named this follow forever (and made one for my mutuals in the past!), here is my love to all of you who i follow and to those who are my mutuals!

❤ ❤ ❤

past follow forevers || blogroll

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Tell my muse an assumption your muse had of them when they first interacted!

Bonus if you include an assumption that developed once your muse got to know mine a little more.

(it’s not even been a week since i posted my 250 followers ff wtf)

aNYWAY i got 300 followers! here we go! 

so i went through all my followers and here’s all my blogs i follow!

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alSO if you want a special porn edition/ all my absolute faves here is a link to them!! 


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It’s cleaning day at the Hawkes house! I’m all up for number 6 with Jay & Anders (maybe gorgeous Carver in the background) <3  - @element-104 (tumblr doesn’t let me mention you aaaaaaaa DDD:)

Didn’t manage to sneak Carver in here but I’ll make sure to include him somewhere else soon! :D Anyway, cleaning at the clinic becomes a daily or almost daily routine that Jay and Anders tackle together when they’re there both at the end of the day - Anders sweeps and Jay scours anything that needs scouring, and in general they just share all the chores! It’s comfy (unless it’s been a nasty day in which case it’s Gross, but they at least have someone to gripe with). ^u^ They do this plenty even before they become an item. xD

(( wowie wow WOW you guys!! i’ve never done one of these little doo-dads before because i’ve never had a blog reach 100+ followers so quickly before! seriously, where did you all come from?!? pls tell me i want to go there with the rest of you awesome people. anyway, this is my trASH way of saying THANK YOU. there are tons of drop-dead-amazing prompto blogs out there so it means a lot that you include thIS PIECE OF CRAP in the lineup. i don’t think you’ll ever know how much i love being a part of this fandom and getting to write/interact with all of you is the highlight of my days. <3 )) 

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YOU GUYS … ARE THE BEST - aka everyone else who i haven’t had the pleasure of interacting with yet! BUT PLS HIT ME UP FAM. 100+ is a lot ok, but i want to make it my goal to write with as many of you as possible! you make my dash an awesome place to be.

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Outlaw Queen

I just wanted to post them all together. Including a watermark-free version of Page XXIII if anyone wants to use it as a background!

I also added all of these as art prints on Etsy, and they’re all available at a special discount all week because of what happened last episode. I know it doesn’t really make up for anything, but I wanted to do something.

Robin and Regina both deserved so much better, and so did the fans.

fangs recs fics

SURPRISE! There is a tumblr fics edition! Also last installment for the fic rec days, it’s been fun!

These are all fics that have been published exclusively on tumblr to keep things sort of manageable. Since a lot of those don’t have titles or are prompts I titled them the way I refer to them in my head for ordering purposes. Sorry about that, I’m not very good with words.

Tumblr fics

Alex dates everyone except John@the-everqueen
Alexander Hamilton/John Laurens, Conservatory AU

Poor John. He’s a demon stay away! And then the demon gets fragile and yeah, there’s no way John is leaving him.

Burr steals bikes – the-everqueen
Alexander Hamilton/Aaron Burr, Conservatory AU

EXPLORATION OF CLASS DIFFERENCES! And what Burr’s decorating choices say about his life.

Eliza dates Hamilton@runawayforthesummer
Eliza Schuyler/Alexander Hamilton, Modern AU, character death

I love how this really shows all the stages in their relationship, even the one after Hamilton’s death. Because let’s face it, she might be alone but that doesn’t mean the relationship ended.  

Eliza has a good heart@shapechangersinwinter
Eliza Schuyler/Alexander Hamilton, Unicorn AU

Alexander Hamilton is a unicorn (but he doesn’t know he is) and Eliza has the best heart. He loves her so much. Part of this au by an amazing anon and the writer.

Hamilton dies - runawayforthesummer
Eliza Schuyler/Alexander Hamilton, Canon Era, character death

See what I put as the title. I AM IN PAIN! That said it’s also very beautiful and I love pain. It’s just that she’s alone and “People keep dying and she keeps living.  She should know how to do this.”NO! See this fic about little Eliza Hamilton and better times to heal.

Hamilton is jealous –runawayforthesummer
Eliza Schuyler/Alexander Hamilton, Canon Era

Eliza has a good relationship with the Reverend and her Hamilton is jealous and petty. Which I guess is an unbecoming trait but also hilarious!

Hanukkah - @theoroark
Eliza Schuyler, Alexander Hamilton, Jewish Hamilton Canon Era

This is a great AU and such a touching fic. Eliza wants Hamilton to feel included and respected! She takes care to make sure his background is kept alive in their family! He’s not alone!

John loves Alex@broromini
John Laurens/Alexander Hamilton, 1980s AU (HIV/AIDS), character death
Part of the One Year universe

This is really quiet and beautiful and you will be in pain because death. For something to dry your tears with see this user’s snapback au moodboards.

Lafayette likes emoji texting@because-cur-non
Gilbert Lafayette, John Laurens, Modern AU
Part of the Revolutionary Fuckboys universe

“il y a un language barrier” but not really! Basically Lafayette being a terror croissant over text which is great for me but not for John.

Lafayette is a good friend – because-cur-non
Gilbert Lafayette, John Laurens, Modern AU
Part of the Revolutionary Fuckboys universe

John comes out, and they go to dinner to celebrate Lafayette. Because Lafayette knows how to get what he wants.

LNY ’14 – because-cur-non
John André, John Laurens, Modern AU
Part of the Revolutionary Fuckboys universe

John André and John Laurens are roommates, and André gets a care package from home for lunar new year. I love how this digs a bit into André’s background, him not being fluent but knowing some characters, and sharing things with John. Also his mom sending new year’s money to John as well hahaha! But yeah, I have a soft spot for the softest bro, so this was extra nice!

Madison still stings – shapechangersinwinter
James Madison, Manticore AU

James Madison is a manticore without a stinger but that doesn’t mean he’s harmless and docile. He still thinks big! And has a sphinx friend to do the big talking! See here for more on docking tails of manticores in this AU (which is FASCINATING, all the POLITICS). 

Maria thinks about Eliza – runawayforthesummer
Maria Reynolds (Eliza Schuyler), Modern AU

Okay this is perfect because I too think about Maria thinking about Eliza more than I should. Because of course Maria would become fascinated with someone who is living a very different life that she has a little window into now. And then when they do run into each other, how Eliza still turns out to be different from what she thought.  See also this post for more Maria thinking of Eliza.

Paris - @sioscribe
Angelica Schuyler/Thomas Jefferson, Modern AU

I don’t know what it is about this ship but they’re so fascinating! YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS PRETENTIOUS PRETENDER ANGELICA! But in the meantime I’ll read all about what’s happening with you two.

Philip looks like Laurens
– shapechangersinwinter

Alexander Hamilton, Philip Hamilton, Shapeshifter AU, body horror

Philip is curious and comes across a portrait of a person whose face he likes. His father is shaken up by it. This AU is so gorgeous and out there, like, shapeshifters who aren’t cute but actually really monstrous because limbs? Everywhere? Also shapeshifting is hard so disasters happen! See here for a thing Philip does that solid-form children don’t.

Pin – because-cur-non
John Laurens, Gilbert Lafayette, Alexander Hamilton, Modern AU
Part of the Revolutionary Fuckboys universe

Lafayette is going to his first American Pride with Alex, and John comes along. Poor John, he’s a bit uncomfortable but he also seems kind of glad he went anyway.

Selkie pelts – shapechangersinwinter
Eliza Schuyler, Angelica Hamilton, Selkie AU
Little Angie turns out to have a stronger connection to the sea than her mother thought she had. So Eliza figures she should have a pelt of her own. Selkieliza is good and horrifying! See also this fic about Seelie court Adrienne visiting Eliza, with a little hint as to how Angie is doing (not so well I just want her to be okay).

Snowballs - runawayforthesummer
Theodosia Prevost Burr, Aaron Burr, Canon Era

Ah, the classic “you should come inside and dry your clothes” scheme! Very clever, Theodosia, very clever. This is really cute, Burr is completely in awe of Theo (as he should be!) and Theodosia is so radiant and knows exactly what she wants. Read the very sweet first kiss sequel as well!
(and then I think of this post and I giggle)

Terror student Ham – the-everqueen
Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, Conservatory AU

Because Hamilton would absolutely be that student taking over the whole thing. I don’t know anything about classical music so I looked up all the pieces (?) while reading and it was so much fun! But yeah, poor Washington, he does not need this in his life.


WEEK 4/14 ❤ Semester started four weeks ago but what’s even more important: Haikyuu season 3 is out 😍 for the lack of fukurodani and nekoma I’ll be including those owls and cats in my bujo.
Weekly spread: So a dutch door layout is new to me, I gave it a try and I really like it so far. I uses the middle, smaller part for the tasks I want to have get done in this week and then I can distribue them on the weekdays (colorcoding shows the priority of a task). Anything else is pretty the same as always, overview of events on the left and a food log :)

Bonus: akaashi and bokuto studying for more motivation (thanks who ever created this, thx anyway to all akaboku-artists 😘)


gif request meme: blufeniix asked favorite character, hero, villain, & minor character + Resident Evil
↳ Jill Valentine
   Chris Redfield
   Albert Wesker
   Josh Stone


Okay so this video honestly put me through so much. Deadass deleted everything off my laptop bc iMovie is trash and wouldn’t let me do anything so if some of these clips look shitty it’s because I had to get them from youtube. But anyway Futurama is my favorite show of all time and it’s so beautiful and I really just wanted to express all of that in this video. I tried to include every relationship within the Planet Express crew that I could, but I’m sure that I missed something. Please like and comment - I really hope everyone likes it :)


Favorite Choreo Sequences: Xiaoyu Yu & Yang Jin, Humility and Love (x)

Graphic Requests: Open

hey, so ! Ive been making these graphics for my blog, and a few testers to go along with them, so why not take some requests ? i still need to make every ball but heal, moon, friend, ultra, and regular- if you want, send me a message off anon to request what pokemon (any) and ball background (any, including ones not shown) that you would like- I will make it for you ! I need to make them anyways for my future giveaways, so ill use this as a little motivation ! 

All should be done by this weekend, and I will message you when it is completed. they are completely free to use, but if you post them anywhere, please make sure to credit me. thanks !

something that makes me really really happy is realizing the number of Muslim girls who signed up for swimming classes recently. I hope this doesn’t sound too self-congratulatory but many of them contacted me after they saw the video of me speaking about learning how to swim for the moth and asked about the process. we all live in a very conservative area and there aren’t many convenient options for women who cover and want to swim. there’s also underlying issues related to bodies that prevented many of us (myself included) from exploring activities that focused on the body-which is really sad and frustrating considering how important, even life-saving, these skills are.
anyway, my sister and her friends are currently taking their first swimming lessons and it’s wonderful listening to them complain about how cold the water is.

i’ll find the drabble (or re-write it) later, but the basics of human!thea is that she started out as an intern back when OW first started (i think she’s around mccree’s age, maybe two or four years older) and then was hired on when she turned eighteen. 

got her master’s in computer science at 15, phd at 20. (actually that would put her right at winston’s age, wouldn’t it? anyways) she and winston worked side by side all the way until overwatch was shut down. she returned to gibraltar with winston all the way until the recall happened.

reaper attacked. she took a shotgun to the back. winston saved her life, but she is now wheelchair bound.

if anyone would like to work in her human verse, i would love it tbh. i would really love some older members of ow who know her (including reaper!!) and have them interact. she’s a lovely tiny woman (4′11″) who just wants her family back together

2(450) followers!

I just realised I never actually thanked you guys when we hit 2000! So (even though its extremely late), thank yoouuu! I also want to say, sorry if you’ve requested a one shot and I still haven’t written it, to be honest I’ve been really insecure about everything recently including my writing and drawing style meaning I’ve had the horrid writers block *lightning and thunder strikes*. Anyway, I’ll try to get them done ASAP and requests for the one shots are always open. Once again, thank you so much for 2000 followers, I love you all <3.

A Sleep Study

Its five in the fucking morning, but why not write a fic about a much better version of my awake perdicament.

I just wanna let Y'all know that I read all of your tags, every single one, and I really like them, so please tag as much as you want.

Anyway, this one’s pretty short but here you go.

Its four in the morning when Derek wakes up to soft contented huffs of warm air against his neck. He doesn’t remember letting Stiles sleep in his bed, probably because what he does remember includes sticking the little shit on the couch where he belongs.

More than likely, the boy wriggled himself into Derek’s space long after the wolf had fallen asleep, entered REM, and begun to dream. It surprised Derek endlessly that he could sleep so comatose with Stiles wandering around his personal space, sometimes even loudly. Anyone else could crack at the joints around him when they walked and stir him awake. He supposed that’s what trust felt like.

Really, he should kick the teen out of his damn bed. Push him away, tell him to fuck off, and stop letting him frequent his loft so often if this is what he was going to do. But, as he lay on his side and stare down at the sleeping form of the offender, he just can’t bring himself to do it.

Stiles is curled sweetly into his chest, nose pressed into his collar bones, sending furls of his breath in every which direction. His hands grip loosely at the nearest fabric they can find, the left taking hold of the sheets, and his right fingers tangled in Derek’s own sweats. He’s be sleep warm, but as usual, his hands are cold.

Derek thinks the boy’s hair is getting a little long, if the way it sticks up in every direction is any indication. He can’t help but run his fingers through it carefully, wondering for what must be the dozenth time how its always so soft. The sent of the sweet chamomile shampoo he uses assaults his nose when he does, and he inhales it deeply. He’s sure he hated it before, his sensitive nose almost always preferring a person’s natural scent, but now it’s comforting in a way he can’t quite put his finger on.

Stiles makes a little sound if contentment in his sleep, so Derek repeats the motion a few times, until he snuggles up closer, jamming his face right into the crook of Derek’s neck.

He resigns himself to counting the moles he can see peaking out from under Stiles shirt, which has ridden up to his waist, since he’s not tired enough to sleep, but too sleepy to get up. He realizes, only after he’s pressed his palm into the soft skin of Stiles’ back and started to rub, that it’s actually his shirt. Not even a clean one, but the one he’d taken off and tossed on the floor before he went to sleep.

He grins toothily to himself at the image of Stiles finding it and tugging it on unabashedly. Likes its not just about the strangest thing in the world to pick up someone’s dirty laundry and just put it on. He supposes if they were lovers it would be normal, but as they are now it makes him itch to tease. Stiles has obviously picked up the need to scent mark himself from the rest of the pack, probably unknowingly, and it’s stupidly cute that this is how he chooses to do it.

He wonders idly when the things Stiles stopped being ridiculously aggravating, and started being cute. He fondly remembers a time when something like this would have him slamming the kid’s head into his steering wheel.

Now though, his violent urges have been replaced with the urge to pet, and rub, and maybe even kiss. He sternly tells his intrusive thoughts to knock it off and let him sleep, but all he gets in return for his efforts is Stiles’ wriggling around and somehow ending up pressed even close to him in his new position.

He pushes himself back and away, not to escape, but because he wants to continue watching the boy sleep. He keeps an arm around Stiles waist, and uses the thumb of his free hand to trace over his face. Thickly lashed Eyelids, turned up nose, soft pink lips, each feature perfect in its own right.

He’s only a little surprised when Stiles chooses to flutter awake just then, all the moving and touching having been pushing it after all.

He blinks sleepily up at Derek, and Derek, undeterred, continues to have his fill of the boy’s pretty face. This should the part where he pushes Stiles onto the floor and goes back to sleep, but instead he leans forward and presses his lips against the pair he’d just been thumbing.

If Stiles is surprised, he’s too half asleep to show it, and after a few more gentle kisses, he scootches closer with a soft smile and returns the treatment enthusiastically, as if they’ve done this a thousand times. Though they haven’t , Derek decides a discussion about this new development can wait until the late morning.

It’s five in the morning when Derek drifts back to sleep, Stiles held tightly to his chest, blissfully warm and sated.

Top 5 Manga Boys

Ahhh i’m trying to finish a bunch of animes so I can post them on thursday so this is kind of a filler post…. Anyway here’s my top 5 Boys from Manga. The list has no order really… probably and i’m not including any that i’ve also watched the anime for. 

Shishio, Satsuki (Hirunaka no Ryuusei):

Ahhh one of my all time favourite manga leads (sort of) ever. God he was attractive… Also one of the only times I actually couldn’t decide which guy I wanted the female MC to end up with… so tragic. 

Mamura, Daiki (Hirunaka no Ryuusei):

I’m telling you there can’t be one without the other. I can’t choose which one I liked better in Hirunaka no Ryuusei. Mamura was so damn cute…. but Shishio was really hot… but so was Mamura….. help!

Miyamura, Izumi (Horimiya):

Could Miyamura just not? The one thing I can’t figure out… do I like him better with short or long hair… One thing I know for sure… his shirt should come off more. 

Yoshida, Haru (Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun):

That adorable idiot.

Suwa, Hiroto (Orange):

Oh man this love triangle killed me a little. I felt so bad for Suwa. Heartbroken.